Author: Jess and Oshun Anat
Story Title: Love and War: A Study in Light and Dark
Characters: Ares/AU Ares (God of Love), AU Ares & f (Cara), Cupid & f (Jenna) & AU Cupid (God of War)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mary Sue. Two of Ares' and Cupid's worshippers show up at the right time. Work in progress.
This rating is for explicit m/f, m/m, and m/m/f sex, and mild bdsm.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

NC-17 for m/m, m/f; blood, violence; you know, the good things :))

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Love and War: A Study in Light and Dark
An Oshun Anat and Calayis Production

In each of us there are two natures…
It is the curse of mankind…that these polar twins
should be constantly struggling…

--Robert Louis Stevenson (Jekyll & Hyde)

* * *

Ares, God of Love, righted himself and tried to figure out what had happened. The last thing he remembered, he'd been in his temple, waiting his lover's return.

Suddenly thunder cracked and lightning flashed and the Love God found a portal entrance within the walls of his Temple. Before he could think of a reaction, he found himself sucked into and through to the other side.

He looked around at his current surroundings. It was dark, moody, and gave an aura of danger. Armaments lined the walls and torches added light to the chamber.

Maybe the portal had been a hallucination. At first glance, it looked like the temple of—

"I told you that you would pay for your interference," a loud, rumbling, yet oddly familiar voice said from behind him.

The Love God turned quickly to find himself face to face with himself, only in black leather. Ares, God of War.

"Lucky for me, the portal opened into your temple so I didn't have to search for you. More's the pity," the War God continued.

The Love God stood indifferently. "What do you want with me? Why have you brought me to your world?" he asked.

The War God gave his counterpart a smirk. "I told you. It's payback time. If you hadn't interfered, Hercules never would have found the hidden gods and now I would be the top god here." He stalked up to his throne and sat down quickly, before continuing. "As it was, the gods got free and returned back here and nothing has changed, except they all agree to be angry at me."

"Ares," began the Love God. "You can't hold onto this anger. You must see the good, and feel the love. I know you have it within you."

"Love!!" the War God bellowed from his seat, sitting upright. "I don't want love . . . . I want domination. I want to have all the power. And you ruined that."

The Love God didn't like the angry tone Ares' voice was taking. It would take all of his abilities to keep this War God from blowing up completely.

* * *

I'll have you, and own you
Be hard and cold to you
I'll be your dark angel
I'll be your worst nightmare

--Inkubus Sukkubus (Vampire Erotica)

* * *

"What in Tartarus?" roared the dark god who'd entered the now abandoned temple just as his lover had disappeared. The fury in him rose to explosive levels and it showed throughout his whole body. He rushed to the place where the portal had been and found the wall not what it seemed. He thrust his hand through and fought against the powerful force on the other side in order to pull it back out again.

"May the gods help whoever took you from me, Ares!!!!" proclaimed Eros, God of War. He squared his shoulders and leapt through the gateway.

The trip was like nothing he'd every experienced before. He was pulled quickly through the gateway and struggled for his control. All too soon, he found himself stepping out of the other end and the portal entrance closing behind him in a flash.

Quickly he took stock of his location. With its heart and bows, flowers and beads, he could swear it was Ares' temple, and yet, there was something different about it. There was no glitter-framed mirror; no leather-covered couch. Eros began slinking through the chamber, upheaving much of the contents, looking for clues.

A shower of light caught his attention. Eros turned to face the arrivee, and was surprised in the least to see an almost mirror image of himself. Drawing his dagger from his belt, he rushed the other god, fury ablaze in his eyes.

Cupid had barely time to register his attacker, let alone react, before he was slammed back into the wall. "What in Zeus' name?"

Eros held Cupid's throat with his strong hand, while holding his dagger just above his chest. "I am Eros, God of War. You must be the God of Love. Is it Eros as well, or do you go by Cupid?"

"Cupid," he strangled out. He gasped for breath as the pressure increased. He couldn't manage anymore words as Eros spoke again.

"Where is he?" he seethed, his grip unwavering; the point of the dagger almost puncturing Cupid's flawless skin.

Cupid struggled for breath. "Who?" he asked innocently, but only served in angering the other winged god, who tightened his hold even more on Cupid's throat.

"Don't play stupid. I know all the tricks. I want to know where Ares is . . . . MY Ares," he growled. "He came through that portal right ahead of me."

Cupid had had enough, and gathering all his strength, pushed into the chest of this interloper. Eros, surprised, fell back a few steps, shocked at the strength as he was forced away. Cupid coughed and tried to speak, but it came out in raspy blurbs. "It… wasn't me. If anything . . . it was . . . my Ares who brought yours here."

Cupid's answer and the tone in which it was said, hinted at a bit of jealousy on his part. He'd tried to talk the War God from going after the other Love God, but apparently he'd had failed.

Eros backed away, still holding the dagger in his hand.

"Why would your God of War want to bring another God of Love here?" he asked bluntly.

Rubbing his throat, Cupid answered slowly. "For the God of Love's interference in Ares' plan to become the ruling god here. He's probably looking to pay him back for it." Cupid knew that was what Ares' had planned, but didn't tell Eros.

"Not if I can help it, he won't," growled Eros, sheathing his dagger. He looked straight at Cupid, his green eyes cold and calculating. "You know this world. Where would the War God take him?"

Cupid moved forward and around Eros. He crossed his arms across his chest as he thought. "Well, there's really only one true place Ares would want to take him." He cringed at the thought. "But I'm going to come with you."

"Sorry, Blondie. I work alone. Why should you come along?"

Cupid closed the gap between them, until they were only a foot apart. They stood in similar stances, only Eros had his hands resting on his belt. "This involves me as well," continued Cupid. "If I go, I can help you get your Ares back. Then you can take him and return to your own world."

Eros thought for a few moments about Cupid's words. Finally, he relented. "Very well. Come with me then, but remember, I'm the one in charge, " he said. "Now, where are they?"

Cupid walked past Eros and into the middle of the chamber, just in front of his altar. He turned, and spoke over his winged shoulder. "Ares' favorite place: His Hall of War."

And in two brilliant flashes of light, they were gone.

* * *

The days were endless,
We were crazy-we were young
The sun was always shining-we just lived for fun

--Queen (These Are the Days of Our Lives)

* * *

Two women dressed in simple white dresses slipped into the Halls of War. Cara, the younger of the two, had been the one to suggest venturing to Ares' temple. Her friend, Jenna, always the adventurous, couldn't resist taking up the challenge.

They had both heard the rumors of the liaison between the Ares, God of War and the Cupid, God of Love, but neither had fully believed them. Their curiosity had gotten the better of them, and they were determined to find out once and for all. While both were devoted to Ares and Cupid, Cara preferred Ares, while Jenna was partial to Cupid.

"I can't believe we got in!" whispered Cara.

"I'm telling you, show any guard what you've got, and you can get into anywhere," replied Jenna.

"What do you think the chances of them being here are?"

"Ares is a fairly good bet, this *is* his Temple after all. As for Cupid.... let us hope the Fates are smiling on us.

* * *

He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight

(Holding Out for a Hero)

* * *

The Love God put his hands out in front of him, keeping the War God at a distance. "Now, I think we can work something out. I don't want to fight you. I am a lover after all, not a fighter."

The War God didn't back down. "Well, I guess that'll be all the better for me." Before he could make his move, two flashes of light appeared in the middle of the chamber.

"Cupid!" the War God barked.

"Eros!" exclaimed the Love God.

"Cupid, what in Tartarus is going on?" the War God yelled, coming down from his throne.

"Ares, this is Eros. He's the God of War from *his* world," said Cupid pointing to Ares, God of Love.

Before he could add anything further, Eros stormed up to the War God. "How dare you come into my world and take what isn't yours!" he bellowed, his black wings fluttering with emotion. "I have lain siege to kingdoms for less."

"As have I," retorted the War God. "And I'm sure you're also familiar with a little thing I'd like to call payback. If it wasn't for the lover here, I'd rule this world."

"Yes, yes I've heard. And I don't care," countered Eros. "I've found who I came for and now we're leaving."

"Not so fast," said Ares, deadly serious.

* * *

The two women worked their way down the hall, making sure to stay hidden in the shadows. At the end of the hall, they came across the great wooden door, which led into the inner chamber—the throne room. They could hear angered voices coming from within. Cara tried the handle, only to find it locked.

"Now what do we do?"

"Well lucky for us, I've been taking lessons from this very cute thief," replied Jenna. She reached into the pouch tied at her waist. Within seconds, the door was unlocked and they quietly moved inside.

"Not bad," said Cara. "What did you say his name was?"

Jenna smiled. "It's Autolycus. Shhhh, now or they'll hear us." They pressed themselves against the wall as they peered into the main room of the temple.

"Jenna . . . do you see what I see?"

"You mean, am I seeing double? Yes, I am."

The two women stared at two pairs of twins. They recognized Ares and the Cupid, but could not figure out why there was a white-clad Ares or a black-winged Cupid. They were standing all together and the resemblance was unbelievable.

The white-clad Ares was clean-shaven and carried himself loose, but assured. He was just as muscular and tall as the God of War, but didn't give off the same ominous presence.

The black-winged Cupid was a stark contrast to the God of Love. In addition to the black wings, he also had dark brown hair that framed his face. Rather than the heart tattoos on his biceps, he displayed two swords dripping with blood and engulfed in flames. He wore black leather pants and boots the color of the darkest night, and a dagger at his waist. Instead of a quiver of arrows on his back, he carried a silver handled sword.

"That's because they aren't from this universe."

The two women jumped at the deep voice that had interrupted their thoughts. They had been so involved in the difference of the two unfamiliar men; they hadn't noticed Ares' disappearance from the group.

"I think we've been found out, Jenna . . ."

"It would look like that, wouldn't it?" Ares continued on. "I'm afraid that I can't let spying in the God of War's temple to go unpunished . . ."

A split second later the three of them ended up on the other side of the door, with one of Ares' hands on each shoulder. "Look who I've found." He smirked.

The black-winged Cupid spoke up. "Don't you have guards around your Temple, Ares? If you do they must be pretty lax . . . . Mine would have never let these girls in…"

"Oh, be quiet, Eros. I'll deal with them later. Don't you think we should do something about these two first?" The argument between the four gods was put aside for now.

"'These two' do have names, you know," Jenna spoke out bravely.

"My dear, Jenna," began Ares. "I know of you and Cara all too well," he said smugly. "And he's right, we do need to deal with you both."

"Oh yes. They must be taught a lesson . . . I don't believe you have introduced us, Ares. I'm Eros, God of War. The other Ares you see there is the God of Love where I come from."

Cara and Jenna shared of look of incredulity at the thought of Ares being the God of Love.

"That's enough introduction, don't you think?" asked the winged Love God.

The white clad Ares then spoke up as well. "Yes, let us get on with the punishment . . . but they are so over dressed."

"Easily taken care of." With a thought the two women were naked. Cara and Jenna stood there shocked. This wasn't exactly how they'd planned their day to turn out. The four Gods then began to circle them like sharks, studying their victims.

Bemused by the whole situation, Ares said, "So who wants whom?" The winged gods spoke up simultaneously. "I want *her*" while pointing at Jenna. Eros grabbed her and pulled her into his arms, his chest molding to her back.

"Sounds good to me." Ares looked at his twin. "That means Cara is ours."

Cara shivered at the purr in his voice. The Love God spoke up. "Very nice, Ares. It is nice to see that you have such beautiful worshipers." Stepping up behind her, hands circling her waist, he began to nibble on her ear. "You are going to love this . . . now where should we begin?"

The War God started at her chest, first rubbing the nipples erect, then pinching them. At her gasp of pain, he thrust his tongue into her mouth, demanding to be let in, for her to surrender control to him. Meanwhile the Love God's hands began to trace the small of her back, slowly working their way down to her firm ass.

Feeling her tense as he caressed her, he slapped her gently, saying, "Relax . . ."

Soon the God of War began to grow very impatient. With a thought, he removed both his and his counterpart's clothes. At the sudden contact two hard erections against her hot skin, Cara gracefully sank to her knees and began to lick the salty liquid that had been gathering on the tip of the War God's cock.

Noticing his twin's oblivious lustful expression, the Love God walked around from behind Cara to where his twin was. Coating his finger with oil by thought, he began to stretch the War God. Bucking at the sudden intrusion, he tightened the grip in her hair and began to fuck her warm mouth faster as the one finger became two, then three.

Ares removed his fingers and placed the head of his cock at the War God's entrance. Thrusting into him slowly, he hissed as the hot, tight flesh surrounded his member. He heard his twin growl "Faster!" and pulled almost all the way out before thrusting with all his strength back in.

The sensation was too much for the War God. Pushing Cara down onto the floor, he entered her roughly. She bit down on her lip to keep herself from yelling out in pain. He kept ramming into her again and again, the force of the Love God on him making him lose all control. His hands moved down to her swollen clit. A few strokes with his calloused thumb was all it took to send her over the edge. She came, screaming Ares' name.

Feeling her spasm sent Ares over the edge. He bit her on the shoulder as he gave a part of himself to her. Finally the Love God could no longer stand it. He came too screaming out his twin's name as his nails dug into the War God's muscular back.

It was minutes later before Cara realized that the Ares had pulled out. She sat up, and focused her gaze on what the Cupid's were up to with Jenna.

* * *

Jenna had watched the whole scene between Cara and the two Ares' with both shock and wonder, all the while being acutely aware of the two hard, hot bodies pressing against her own. Quickly Eros ridded himself and Cupid of their leather clothes.

Eros' breath was hot on Jenna's neck as he stood behind her naked body, his cock pressing into her lower back. He held her upper arms as she watched her friend fall into ecstasy with the other two gods.

"Do you envy her?" Eros questioned, purring into her ear, nibbling her ear lobe and sending shivers down her body. She didn't answer him, but pressed herself back against him as if to say yes. Jenna turned her bright green eyes up to Cupid. He grinned and brought her into an embrace, sandwiching her between the winged gods.

Cupid's cock, too, was hard against her body as he nuzzled her cheek. The stubble from his beard scratched her cheek further arousing her. He glanced back at Eros and the two smiled to themselves.

Cupid brought his head back to face Jenna and planted his mouth on hers. Jenna's hands went up to his chest, almost as if to try and stop him; but he pressed on, forcing his warm wet tongue into her mouth and tangling with her own.

Jenna was completely lost to the feelings sweeping over her. Finally, she wrapped her arms around Cupid and pulled him in close. She felt Eros begin to mark her neck and back with hot kisses, seeking to enflame her all the more.

Eros' hands moved in between her and Cupid to fondle her breasts and rubbed each nipple to rock hard pebbles. He started to alternate his kisses with teasing licks from his tongue. He wasn't used to not dominating his sexual encounters, but he had to admit, he was enjoying himself.

Jenna moaned into Cupid's mouth and his heated kiss became more insistent and urgent. She lost herself in the arousal. She barely registered the loss of Eros' hands on her breasts until she felt his fingers caress her hips before moving between her trembling legs and finding her slick clit.

Bucking wildly into Cupid, Jenna's world became a haze, filled with only these two winged twins—so alike yet so different. Unable to control himself any longer, Eros pulled her away from Cupid. Jenna opened her eyes, groaning at the loss. Eros pulled her to the floor to a half-sitting, half-reclining posture.

His hands never left her clit as he nuzzled her neck. Eros looked up at Cupid, flushed and breathless. "You want her, don't you, Cupid? You ache to take her and make her yours."

Cupid dropped to his knees in front of the two. "By the gods, yes." He took Jenna's hands and pulled her to his lap. Grabbing her hips, he lifted her up only to bring her back down on his hard, glistening cock.

Jenna cried out but was quieted by Cupid's mouth once again on hers. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around his waist, and using her leverage, pushed him on his back, his snow-white wings fanned out beneath him.

"I want to take *you*," she gasped, her voice filled with passion. "I want to make you mine." Her hands wrapped in his dark blonde hair as she dipped her head to Cupid's neck and licked his collarbone and up the side of his neck, eliciting a moan from Cupid.

She suddenly found Cupid in shadow as Eros embraced her from behind, his black wings spread out around her. "And I'm taking you," hissed Eros in her ear. She shivered as his voice sent electricity through her body. "You're already mine." His slick cock, by thought, was now coated with perfumed oil. In one quick move, he pushed into Jenna.

A strangled cry erupted from her and she bit down hard on Cupid's neck, but not hard enough to break the surface. Cupid screamed in pain, in pleasure, his hands reaching up to tangle themselves in Jenna's long hair which cascaded from her shoulders to drape over him.

Eros wasted no time and began moving in and out of Jenna, the movement pushing her along Cupid's cock, achingly hard within her as well.

Faster and faster the three bodies moved as one. Eros' dark wings fluttered around Jenna. Cupid resumed Eros' attention to her breasts only this time, Cupid used his mouth. Capturing her right breast, he began to suck with insistent pressure.

It was all becoming too much for Jenna and a desperate cry erupted from her lips. Her skin was covered in a sheen of sweat and she slid against the chests of both gods. Eros sensed she was nearing the end and snaked his left hand onto her clit, rubbing his callused thumb against the most sensitive part of her body.

A flash of white light from behind her eyes blinded Jenna and she came, violently and hard, and cried out Cupid and Eros' names. She shuddered as the orgasm rocked her body. The two gods continued their movement, both nearing their own ends as well.

Cupid came first on the heels of Jenna's own climax, her internal muscles milking him as he let forth his immortal seed deep into her. He released her breast only to once again possess her mouth, stifling both of their moans.

The spasming and shuddering of his twin and the mortal woman were too much for Eros. He thrust into Jenna and, biting down on her shoulder came ferociously, adding his own seed to Jenna. Blood filled his mouth as his teeth sunk into her skin.

They collapsed onto the cool grey floor in a heap of feathers, skin, arms, legs, and sweat. Jenna gasped for breath as she cuddled against Cupid. Eros licked the wound on her shoulder, but didn't heal her. He liked the idea of her being marked by him for a while.

Jenna caressed Cupid's neck where she'd bitten him, now a bruise in stark contrast to his bronze skin. She slowly began to be aware of her surroundings once again, remembering that Cara was in the temple somewhere with the twin Ares'.

"What a little firebrand you've got there," the War God's voice cut through the haze. He left Cara and the Love God's side, to join Jenna, Cupid and Eros.

Looking at Cupid, he spoke again. "Why don't you and the other Love God play with Cara. Eros and I are going to have a little fun with Jenna here."

In a flash, Cupid disappeared only to rematerialize at Cara's side. The girls looked at one another, both sharing similar looks of surprise and anticipation.


Disclaimer: No Wanton Girls were punished against their will in the writing of this production. However names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

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