Author: MerryAngel
Story Title: Three In A Bed
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Gabrielle & Ares
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Gabrielle allows Xena an opportunity with Ares.
This rating is for explicit f/f and m/f/f sex.

I just borrowed the characters of Xena and Gabrielle. They belong to Renaissance/MCA/Universal/Studios USA, and are used without permission. Bacchus has always belonged to himself and he owns the Bacchae, heart and soul. No copyright infringement is intended. The rest of the tale is mine with all copyrights thereto.

Yep. Xena and Gabrielle are in love with each other. There is a bit of lesbian sex and a bit of hetero-action. If you are under 18, or it is illegal in your state/province, or you don't like this type of story then please move on.

PWP Disclaimer: This is a plot? What Plot? story. Basically Ares, Gabrielle, and Xena being adults in Xena's bed on her grandparent's farm.

Timeline: This takes place between 'The God You Know' and 'You Are There'. It makes a reference to 'Old Ares Had A Farm'.

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Three In A Bed
by MerryAngel

The days in Rome had been crazy, sexy, making both hot for each other. They were lucky to find this inn when they did and stayed for a few nights. Xena laid sated in her lover's arms, her head resting on Gabrielle's shoulder right above her heart. Both were drifting in and out of their thoughts. The Bard broke the silence, "Xena, I know you love me. We've been lovers for years. But I also know you love Ares. You're afraid that if you make love to him, that I'll be hurt... I won't lie to you, I will be jealous..."

Xena looked up into her lover's eyes to convey her answer. "Gabrielle, you are all I need..."

"Xena, let me finish," Gabrielle interrupted. "I can't deny you your chance to be with him while he's mortal. It could result in a child for you. Maybe we could get another chance at a family. You've missed so much of Eve's and Solan's lives. Your chances to be a mother are..."

Xena rolled onto her back and pulled Gabrielle into her arms, holding her tight against her bare skin. "I understand what you are saying, Gabrielle. But what about you? If Ares and I had a child it would be his and mine. You know he would want to be a part of its life. And what about a child for you? I saw how you were with Solan when you first met him and how you loved your baby Hope, then how fiercely you protected Eve..."

Gabrielle leaned up and silenced her lover with a kiss. It quickly deepened to passionate. Gabrielle pulled away breathless. Once she regained her breath, she continued, "We could let Ares live out one of his fantasies." She kissed her warrior's collar bone. "Remember when we were at Caligula's?" She moved to her soulmate's neck, sucking and licking a path to a luscious ear. "He said he had fantasized about this in many different scenarios?" Xena's breath picked up as Gabrielle found a particularly sensitive spot behind her ear. "I think he meant the both of us..." Gabrielle pulled back and could see she was getting through to Xena's lustful side. The one that wanted her two loves at once. Her beautiful blue eyes darkened and glazed over as she envisioned the scenario. Gabrielle returned to the collar bone and moved down, kissing her way to a very alertly aroused breast.

Gabrielle was her best love and of that her soulmate had no doubt. They had lived and died for each other for countless years. Surviving fire, earth and Ice.

Even as highly aroused as she was, Xena found the strength to pull her lover back to face her. She wanted to be sure of what she was hearing and have her lover know her answer without any doubt.

"Gabrielle, what exactly are you proposing? If it's what I think it is and we're together, I'd be willing to entertain the idea..." Xena grinned wickedly to her love.


Ares stood on the porch of his old farm, looking at the women like they'd grown three heads each. "What? Is this some sort of trick? I've wanted you, Xena, for years. Now, you're saying that the only way I can have you is if Gabrielle is with us? What's she gonna do, watch?" He turned to the Warrior Bard. "Are you into watching, Gabrielle?"

"You're missing the idea, Ares. We want you for one night. The two of us and you. And it'll be a night you won't soon forget." Xena stepped closer to him, acting to kiss him.

"We go as a team..." Gabrielle said as Xena moved in front of him, kissing his stunned lips and the bard moved behind him. "...Or you don't get either of us."

Xena stepped away and Gabrielle stepped in front of him, caressing his face. "What is your choice?"

Xena stepped up behind Gabrielle and began caressing her and kissing her neck. Gabrielle leaned back into her warrior. Both smelled Ares' answer as his manhood thickened in his leather trousers, his sexual essence very strong. Watching the two women turned him so far on he would have peaked had they gone any further. "Well?" Xena asked in her deepest, most sultry voice.

"I... I... I think... I could... handle that..." Ares stumbled out.

"Inside. Now. I need to feel you, love you," Gabrielle breathed hotly in Xena's ear. Xena led Gabrielle into the shack with Ares following them - entranced by the beautiful pair.


They entered Xena's room from her grandparent's farm, Ares' new place of residence. "Remember the last time we slept here? The three of us?" Xena intoned as she and Gabrielle began divesting her of the armor. Ares just stared as Gabrielle kissed the exposed skin. Xena beckoned him over. With Gabrielle between them, working on her lover's left breast, sucking it as though a baby nursing, she kissed Ares.

She slowly slid the vest off his shoulders. Their lips stayed locked as he caressed her right breast and Gabrielle's back. The small bard moaned into Xena's skin, causing vibrations that created goose bumps along her skin.

Gabrielle slid the leather bodice off her lover, taking all underwear with it. Ares pulled back for air, he didn't know a mortal had to breathe or how long he could go, in this aroused state, without it.

Gabrielle stood as Xena stepped out of her clothes. "Gabrielle, get on the bed, love. I'll be there in a minute." The bard, still fully dressed, obeyed and waited for her lover's return.

Xena and Ares stood face to face, her naked and him half naked. Xena's eyes slid down his hot body. She smiled, that feral, lustful smile, and slowly descended his body. She licked his chest and raked her teeth over his nipple. His breath hitched and his head fell back, arching his chest more into her mouth. Her tongue played with his navel on her way down.

Gabrielle couldn't stay still on the bed. She started to remove her clothes and join her lover when Xena's look stopped her. They had played this game of Mistress and slave many times and the bard/slave knew not to upset her mistress, less she be denied her pleasure.

For her reward for obeying, Mistress Xena stepped to the bed and lay her body along her lover/slave's. She cupped the younger woman's sex through her underwear. Sliding the garment to the side, she dipped a finger in for a taste. Gabrielle's breath hitched much like Ares' had.

She returned to her previous task of disrobing Ares. With her teeth, she unbuckled his belt and tossed it aside. Next her tongue snaked out and ran along the edge of his leather pants. His stomach muscles contracted at the sensation. With one tug, Ares' large shaft was released, expanding a little more. Xena smiled up at him then over to the watching Gabrielle. She knew this was turning on her soulmate because the look on her face was pure lust.

Xena knew Gabrielle had to get into a different mind set to do this but was pleased her love could give them this chance.

Xena moved Ares around so she could see Gabrielle as she pulled Ares' trousers and undergarments down at the same time. She eyed her bard as she licked up the inside of Ares' thigh. Ares and Gabrielle squirmed at the same time for different reasons.

As Xena lapped at Ares' scrotum, Gabrielle groaned wistfully while Ares moaned in ecstasy. The blood rushed further as Xena took his penis fully into her mouth, sucking and tonguing the god-turned-mortal's manhood. Just as he thought he couldn't stand it anymore and was about to cum, Xena withdrew.

He groaned in frustration and tried to move her head back where he wanted it, but she pulled back and stood up. She signaled the bard/slave to her side. With just her eyes, she commanded Ares to strip the bard.

While Ares worked on undoing the top, Xena slid behind her lover and caressed her neck. Kissing her way from the neck and shoulder juncture to the sharp jaw line to the luscious lips slightly parted from arousal.

Gabrielle noted the slight tang on Xena's tongue from her previous activity with Ares. His essence didn't taste as good as her partner's, but was not as bad as she had feared. They fiercely fought for dominance in, first Gabrielle's mouth, then in Xena's.

As Ares got the top off the bard, he took her breast into his mouth and savored the differences in taste. Xena made him move on, with a slap to his head, as she took over, kneading both breasts with her hands and continuing to kiss Gabrielle.

Ares unwrapped the belt from the bard's waist. The skirt dropped without it, revealing Gabrielle's lace panties. Ares took his cue from Xena's example and traced Gabrielle's underwear waist band before slowly gliding it down the shorter legs. He noted the strength in them as he traced a path up to her forbidden zone. As he was about to reach his destination, he felt Xena's gaze from over Gab's shoulder.

"On the bed, Ares," both women commanded in unison. Gabrielle was about to make her warrior ready for his elongated flesh. But the warrior had something else in mind first...

She knelt behind her bard and turned her around. She wanted to watch Ares, watching them. All three knew it would heighten the experience. Xena traced her tongue up one thigh and down another, lovingly caressing the bardic rear as she went.

Ares' mouth dropped open as he watched "his" warrior tongue the reddish blond mound. The lower lips parted willingly for her serving mouth and fingers.

Gabrielle's moans pushed the warrior into a state of eagerness. The warrior bard's fingers flowed into Xena's hair, her palm pushing Xena's head harder into her mound. As the lapping tongue of the warrior pushed the bard higher... "Xena, I'm almost there... Oh, Xena! Harder... faster..."

Xena obliged and brought her warrior bard to an earth shattering climax. She fell into the warrior's arms as she screamed her love's name.


The warrior cradled her lover in her arms, stroking her sweaty bangs from her eyes. Gabrielle calmed from her warrior's loving.

"Stand up, love," the bard commanded gently.

Xena stood and parted her legs to just wider than shoulder width. Gabrielle sat up on her knees and began her journey toward her feast. They both knew it was going to take a few minutes and Gabrielle's whole hand before Xena was ready for Ares' shaft.

Xena ran her hands through Gabrielle's short, blond hair. "Make me cum, my love," Xena commanded in her Mistress voice. Gabrielle shuddered in aroused bliss, remembering her trip to Elysia a few moments ago. She dipped her tongue in Xena's navel once before going on with her journey. She parted the neatly trimmed nether lips, revealing a glistening mass. Gabrielle's tongue teased the aroused flesh in front of her. Xena moaned and held her love's head in place. She let her tight grip loosen up a bit.

"OOOOHHHH, Gabrielle!"

Ares' intense moan made Gabrielle pause, causing Xena to growl at him and tighten her grip on her lover's head, who resumed her work to bring her warrior to climax. As Xena started to soar, Gabrielle plunged three fingers into the deep canal of her mistress. On the next thrust she added another finger until her whole hand was working inside Xena.

The pumping action caused the muscles on the bard's arms and back to ripple under the skin. Ares was torn between watching Gabrielle's back and Xena's ecstatic face. He knew only her battling Bard could bring her to this level of climax.

"I'M CUMMING... GABRIELLE!" the warrior screamed in pleasure.

Gabrielle pulled out as Xena slumped to the floor, resting in her bard's arms. As Xena caught her breath, Gabrielle returned her hand to it's favorite place, continuing to stretch the flesh of her lover's.

"Do you think you're ready for this?" Gabrielle asked Xena as she placed a kiss to the warrior's sweat-soaked forehead.

Xena could only nod. "Ares, help me get her on the bed," the bard took over. Ares jumped to her side and lifted the warrior into his arms. All three descended to the bed, hearing it creak under their weight. Ares laid Xena in the middle as he and the bard brought her back to a high state of arousal. He accepted that Gabrielle was running the show. "Lay on your back, Ares," she commanded as she continued to kiss, lick and suckle her warrior.

He laid down beside Xena, caressing the breast nearest him. Gabrielle crawled over Xena and bent down to whisper in her ear, "I love you, Xena. This is your chance for a family. For children. Take it. Mount him, love."

Gabrielle pulled back as Xena - seeming to be in a trance - followed her bard's command. She sat up and looked over at Ares then straddled him. As his long spear shot into her, she hissed but both stayed and waited for the next command. Gabrielle caressed her lover's hair and back. "Okay, love, ride him."

Xena began moving up and down, allowing the thick member to enter her repeatedly. Ares was moaning as his ecstasy rose to a new height. This is what he always wanted. And now that he had it, he wanted more. His hips joined Xena's in rhythm, causing her soft grunts to become harsher.

As Ares continued pumping into the warrior, he realized that Xena wasn't letting him cum. He didn't understand how that was possible but she was doing it. She was waiting for her mistress's command. Suddenly Xena had become the slave and Gabrielle the mistress. He looked at Gabrielle for permission, pleading with her with his eyes.

The Bard swirled her fingers around Xena's clit. Teasing her warrior's bud, she commanded, "Cum for me... cum for me, my love."

"Oooooohhhhhh, Gooooddddssss, Gaaabbbrrriiieeellleee!"

With Xena's release, Ares came with a vengeance. Finally his seed shot through her and she came again. Her inner muscles contracted hard around his manhood, making him wish he could cum again. His penis shriveled out of Xena, as she slumped against his hairy chest. Gabrielle pulled her over into her arms and cradled her.

"Thank you, Ares," the Bard said as Xena slept in her arms. Too choked up to speak, Ares simply nodded and turned over and went to sleep.

Gabrielle laid back and moved Xena so that her head rested on her shoulder. She closed her eyes and allowed sleep to claim her.

The End (for now)

Maybe there will be more if my muse inspires me and people want to see more. Was Xena impregnated with that shot?

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