Author: Autumn Queen
Story Title: Forced Affair
Characters: Ares/Qui-Gon
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Crossover with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. PWP. Ares captures Qui-Gon.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex and bdsm.

Well, Rob Tapert and George Lucas own them. I want them. Can we work something out guys? :D

NC-17 M/M Sex Scenes. Some Bondage.......

Archive: Autumn Queen's Fantasy Archive, m_a, Eiluned's Slash Annex, anyone else ask first.

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Forced Affair
by Autumn Queen

"Be Mindful off the living force, my young padawan." Master Qui-Gon Jinn spoke softly to his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"Yes, master."

"Be at peace."

"Yes, Master." Obi-Wan suddenly grew tense. The Force was ....... unstable. "Master?" Qui-Gon felt it too.

"Wait here." Qui-Gon walked out in the hall, and looked around, no sign of anyone coming down the training halls.

He listened........ nothing......... Then he was gone..........

Obi-Wan ran out into the hall.

Qui-Gon's life force was gone.

But that was impossible.

What happened?

He began to frantically search for his beloved Master .............

High up, on another plane of existence, Olympus stood. Qui-Gon hit the floor hard, landing, face first on his hands. Staring down and dazed a minute, it didn't take him long to recover his senses. He very quickly became aware of two things: one, he was not at The Jedi Temple anymore; two, he was cold. He looked down, he was cold because he was naked. No clothes, no lightsaber. Then his eyes caught site of something new.

A pair of black boots in front of his eyes. He looked up. The man was completely dressed in black. He was tall, almost as tall as Qui-Gon. He was a beautiful creature, of that he had no doubt. He continued his journey up the man's legs, to his hips, where hung a beautifully ornate sword, up further still to that muscular chest..... to his eyes......... Those were not the eyes of a mortal. Dark and deep, beautiful in a celestial sort of way.

Qui-Gon got no feeling from this man at all. Dead silence like a black cloak thrown over his eyes.

"Who are you? What are you?"

The man made no sound. Just looked at him, with those eyes. Qui-Gon was not one to give into fear, but this "man" was not ordinary. "I asked, what I am doing ...." as Qui-Gon attempted to stand, the black booted foot came down hard against his back. The man in black hissed.

Uh oh........ Before he could finish his next thought, he laid chained to a bed. Now, how did he get here? The man in black came in the room, a slow smile spreading on his lips.

This was different. With a wave of his hand, the man in black stood before him, naked. What a sight to behold. His body was perfect. The man was obviously a warrior, but not a scar covered his body. His long black hair, curled down the sides of his face. He was strong, dark skinned, Qui-Gon couldn't take his eyes off his "sword." Not the one from before. No, this one did not hang down, but stood straight out. Qui-Gon unconsciously licked his lips, all rational thought fleeing from his mind. An overwhelming lust took hold of his mind with such power he had never before experienced.

The man leaned down over him and claimed his mouth, kissing him brutally. He tried to back away but the man kept pushing him back down into the bed, pressing against him harder, and harder. Qui-Gon felt himself getting hard and harder. He couldn't help it. This feeling of utter helplessness was a completely new sensation. An arousing sensation. The man in black was running his fingers down his belly now, so slowly, he felt himself buck up towards those powerful hands. Hips rocking. A slight moan escaped his mouth and the man lay on top of him.

The man in black spread his legs open with his thigh, and pressed close to Qui-Gon. The wondrous feeling between his legs increased. Qui-Gon pushed back against him, his cock growing hard, his wrists straining against the chains above his head. The man kept possession of his mouth, while his finger slid up inside him. He moaned again, he couldn't help it. Two more fingers up inside him. Oh, how he wanted to slide his hands down this man back, rake his fingers down until he could grab his ass and force him inside him. But he remained powerless.

The pleasure of the moment quickly became torture as the man continued his relentless kissing, forcing his tongue around inside Qui-Gon's mouth. Without a word, the man leaned up and smiled. He got to his knees, Qui-Gon whimpered at the loss of physical contact. Torturous as it was, his body was craving this man's touch. The man began to crawl up his body, and soon was hovering over his face, his cock mere inches from his mouth. Qui-Gon opened his mouth, taking it in wholly. Sucking and lapping at it like a piece of candy.............

Qui-Gon's moans grew louder, as he tasted the man's juices. The attacker then pulled back.

Again...... this time Qui-Gon did groan.

The man flipped him over, and up on his knees.

Then Qui-Gon heard something unravel.

It flew past his head for a second, then


up against his ass.......


The lashes weren't hard, just teasing........


That one was harder......... He felt himself get harder, if that were at all possible. He longed to touch himself, but his wrists were still bound, so he bit the muscle of his upper arm.


By the ancients, he was enjoying this ..........


He moaned, he was so hard, so turned on he thought he would explode if the wind blew right. No more cracks of the whips, he felt the man grab his waist and pull him up close. He slammed into him then, making Qui-Gon take him fully. He slid in and out of him, faster and faster, the moaning coming loader, his climax coming faster.....

{You are mine}

The thought was put into his head.


He was being driven, hard. His cock swelling even more, Qui-Gon could feel the man deep inside him, he spread his legs open more. Pulling back on his restraints, he came closer and closer ...........

{Give yourself over to me}

A strong hand came around and cupped his balls. That was it, he lost it then. He shot his hot load all over the bed. At the same moment, his lover lost his battle for control too ...........

Qui-Gon moaned and passed out.

When he woke, Obi-wan was leaning over him. Mace Winduu stood behind Obi-Wan. He caught a quick glance of someone familiar in the shadows, a whisper of a memory. Black leather?

"Master? Are you alright? I was very concerned. We found you in the plaza, collapsed. Your life-force ........ it just disappeared before. What happened?"

Qui-Gon looked around, shook his head. "Something wonderful." He fell asleep. Smiling.........

Obi-Wan looked at Master Winduu who was also smiling, "Master? What is wrong with him?"

"Nothing, my young padawan." Mace pulled at him, backing him away so his Master could sleep.

"Come. Someday you may learn of it yourself."

From the shadows, Ares, the God of War smiled to himself. Yes, Obi-wan would be next.........

His laughter filled the Aether..........

~The End~

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