Author: lucath
Story Title: Xena & Gabrielle & Dax & Brook
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/f, Gabrielle/f, f/f
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Gabrielle go fishing with Amazon friends. PWP.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sexual relations.

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Xena & Gabrielle & Dax & Brook
by lucath
© 1998

Xena and Gabrielle had spent the day with their Amazon friends, Dax and Brook, fishing, naked, in the lake by the waterfall. At first the atmosphere was happy and relaxed as the friends teased each other and indulged in rough and tumble horseplay on the grass, rolling around on the grass pretending to wrestle. A favourite game was ganging up on the smaller, slender hipped, deliciously blonde Gabrielle, tickling her to hysterics, all the time the three tall dark-haired goddesses noticing how the droplets of water sparkled on the soft down of her glowing, golden skin, how exquisitely formed were her round breasts with their rosy nipples.

Like Xena, Dax and Brook were magnificently tall, with shining hair and strong, slim bodies, flat bellies and smooth flanks. Dax was a classical beauty with a soft voice, deep blue eyes, darker than Xena's sky blue, but not as green-blue as Gabrielle's; and Brook had even darker eyes with a strong, almost masculine jaw, high sculptured cheekbones like Xena, powerful shoulders and small rock hard breasts.

After supper Gabrielle lay enfolded in Xena's arms, under their rug, watching the flickering firelight playing on the naked bodies of their two friends, who were laying close by with their heads against each other's stomachs. Like the other pair they had been gently kissing but now that one of them had turned around Gabrielle was fascinated to see that as they each bent their upper leg in response to probing fingers they began to lick each other's slits and suck at each other's clitorises. Gabby felt Xena's hands deep between her own legs, but was unable to move her eyes from the other girls. As they writhed together, gasping and moaning, Gabby felt her own vulva swelling and throbbing.

She felt Xena's fingers slide inside her then as she folded the thumb into her palm the whole heel of Xena's hand slid inside her and she shouted the name of the god Hymen as waves of wild sensations crashed over her. Half in a dream she felt Xena's tongue lapping up her surging juices. Then Xena's sweet-salty mouth was on hers, and she ravenously chewed at Xena's tongue, savouring her own delicious sex. Emboldened, Gabby formed her own little fist, much smaller than Xena's, and easily inserted it into her lover, and with a cry of delight pumped her deliriously as the contractions in Xena's pelvis tried to squeeze her hand out.

Suddenly, as Xena was fervently responding to her kisses she felt the touch of Dax and Brook on her body. One of them was again eating her and the other was squeezing and biting her breasts and sucking hard on her nipples, making her cry out into Xena's mouth, although Xena continued to kiss and caress her while the fair girl struggled in her arms with yet another orgasm.

Exhausted, she watched as Dax and Brook took Xena, and then she found the strength to roll back to them to savour the many fluids of her lover's climaxes. As Xena's arms and thighs closed around her once more, Gabby nestled her face into Xena's warm neck and firm breasts, enclosed them perfectly in her hands and slept too.

The End

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