Author: wilma3 (ann logan)
Story Title: Searing the Wounds: Part Two
Characters: Xena & m, Xena/Gabrielle, (m & various f)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A lonesome rancher faces his desires for Xena.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

Xena: Warrior Princess and Gabrielle are characters belonging to Studios USA/Network MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended. No money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/female sexual relations and implied female/female sex.

This story follows Searing the Wounds: Part One.

You can read more of ann's work at her fan fiction site Adventures with Xena: Warrior Princess.

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Searing The Wounds: Part Two
March 6, 1999 © Ann Logan

I awoke to a kitten cry echoing from the dark shadows across the living room. It was lighter but night still held strongly. As my eyes focused, I noticed the front door barricaded with the birchwood bar I hung through brass slats, hours ago. Perhaps my dreams prevailed, again.

I sat up, slipping on my heavy woolen garb. The stone fireplace crackled with straining bright flames fighting stray gusts barreling down the flute. Another blizzard? As I came to my feet, I stretched and cracked a muscle pinch in my lower spine. Another kitten cried, then giggled.

Mischievous quietness held my breath for yet another playful churble. With Gabrielle and Xena housing my bedroom, my neck tendons tugged like haswer rope. My curiosity mounted. I froze, listening for details.

Faint tumblings squeaked the dove-joints of my double-size bed. How long had they engaged this giddy revelry? Tingles crawled up my legs. Briefly, someone cooed. By the gods! I tip-toed to a portal trap and freed the lock to view the night. Stark gusts wrapped tightly about my lungs.

Gabrielle crooned in a whisperish voice, "Let me on top."

The bed joints squeaked and settled. Blasted, they must be taunting me. I crept to the closed door, making certain my shadow cast far in front of the crack beneath.

Xena spoke in a sultry tone, "You'll pay for that."

"Mmm," rumbled from Gabrielle, escalating into an extended, "Oo!"

I bit my cheek suppressing a moan. Another gust whistled through the open portal. But, I only heard the bed rock in timed bucks. My desire saw sluice feminine nectars pouring in anticipation of a master. A master like . . . me.

Crouching low, I crawled for a peek through two rotted planks at the base of wall. A black cloth filtered my view. Not to worry. Plucking a splinter from the door, I stabbed at the cloth until it fell.

Ah, the Amazon warrior lie on the bed, exposed. A lamp brightened her kohl-powder eyes raised to the light as if to replenish. Her glistening breasts heaved with two imperious rose-colored knolls yearning for affection. A man's affection.

She leaned forward as if in answer to my prayer, puckering then slowly glided her tongue to massage her upper lip. Only a snore replied.

The living room chilled with the strongest ocean gust blasting through the open portal and knocking over a chair. I stared at Xena gazing at the door then squinting as if into my mind. Pulling back, I tried to stand but a charlie sprang up my leg. I bumped against the wall. Damn!

The door opened. And, Xena stepped out, wrapped in a small blanket I kept from my wife's hope chest. She was immediately fixed on my eyes. All the world's bounty adored hers.

I fumbled for an excuse, "I heard a noise."

"I've castrated for less." Her brow arched as she lay a finger to button my lip. "Follow me," she whispered, partly annoyed.

Xena strolled past the open portal and stopped before the fireplace, drawn to the wild flames dancing to and fro. I was not far behind, enjoying the Junoesque view. As she dropped the blanket, a keen spangle of thrill raced from my eyes to my loin.

She licked her fingers, one by one, cooing in saucy whimpers. Then, she pulled her longest finger from her sucking lips, arching up her firm breast forward. Her moist hand slid across her smooth cheek, descending across her neck, then lingering a jagged path to her buxom torso.

"By the gods," I leaked in a husky whisper.

Gradually her hand teased the tip of her dark feminine abyss. How I'd love to be her hand stroking the silky curls. Despite the gusts from the open portal, I steamed with deeper angsts of turpitude. My purple shaft cried to be inside her, over and over.

Xena drew a rich breath as if feeding a famished thirst then parted her long legs slightly. I must be dreaming. Watching her finger sink then delve, I felt a shudder race across her shoulders and down my spine, feeding a delicious reservoir flooding my tortured member.

"Xena," I said with a sensual plea.

She glanced to me as if amused, a tigress tormenting her prey. With her other hand, she massaged a breast aiming the nipple to me. Her lips puckered in dark red folds.

The mighty warrior deigned to her knees then whispered, "Taste me."

Hurrying from a puddle of my annoying clothes, I lunged like a fledgling tackling a slave in a haystack. Xena shifted aside, letting me fall on my painful extension. It was a good governor for the moment.

She moaned, "I give as I receive." Her heavy breath tickled my ear. "Whether pleasure or pain, I always deliver."

"Be still, woman." I rolled to my side.

"Shepherd," she said like a sphinx. "Beware of the rules you choose."

"Are you afraid of a sensual man, warrior woman?"

"Prove it," she whispered, kneeling with her arms pulling innocently behind her, a dare.

"As you wish," I said, crawling to stand on my knees.

I moved my hairy chest to harshly tickle her delicate breasts to attention. Her eyes sparkled like crystals captivating the flames of the fires behind me. I moaned, a deeper tone, one my wife often adored.

"By the gods, you are beautiful."

Xena blushed, enjoying my palms cruising the hot silky curves on the outside of her thigh. She smelled of a salty musk with a Springtime scent. As I kept exploring, she began her electric touches wavering long briny fingertips along my sides.

The world shrank to two. Xena, deadly soft, kneaded my inner thighs. Leaning forward, I extended my tongue cajoling her rose-colored nipples. This was a sexual battle, I wanted to win. She flinched as her tips ripened into hard sensitive seeds. I turned her aside, driven to cover every curve of her milky skin.

The fireplace flames darted outward, second to our passion. Icy ocean gusts added to her shivering caresses.

"Yield to me," I whispered.

"Not yet," she crooned.

Sharp nails faintly scratched the run of my spine, circling slow then fast, lending no hint to an expected taction. As I shifted again, her hands clutched the mounds of my arse. We pulled closer, giving into animalism.

"Oh, warrior," I shouted, desirously.

Stretching my lips wide, I suckled her breast, plump bladders of intoxicating flesh. Her skillful fingers probed front and back, toying with my masculine fruits. By the gods! Even as I bit her shoulder in folly, she wouldn't pull away from equal passion.

"Oh God," I groaned, burying my mouth in her breasts.

"Keep going," she said.

She pulled me on top as she declined to her back. Her glistening hips shifted away from the fireplace, rising with gentle undulation.

In a sizzling husky voice, she whispered, "Please me."

My taut cock wagged against her thighs scissoring beneath. Our breaths hastened in our heat. Tension makes the kill. I lowered my frame. Like nothing before, my body shivered to complete the acts to lay my seed. Then, a strange thought entered with a frosty breeze.

I saw Xena arch her back, so certain her attractions were the zenith of mine. Make her beg, I thought, moving my hungry cock south of her moistened temptation.

"Come on," she insisted.

I kissed a path to her sensitive belly then lapped my tongue back to her nipples. She was confused, shaking, trying to keep her hips from bucking off the woodplank floor. My hard cock bucked but I was winning this contest.

She growled, "Shepherd?!"

Perhaps, I'll need a saddle, I thought, clamping my hands against her birthing sides. Crimson fever filled her cheeks. I ascended gingerly with patient kisses. Suddenly, her hands gripped my ears pulling me up to meet her watery gaze.

"Take me," she groaned.

"Not yet," I whispered, kissing her forehead.

"Not yet?" she said, puzzled.

Kissing my throat, she surveyed my saturated, purple shaft with her skillful, moisten fingers. Then, she descended to my sticky balls throbbing and lifting. "What are you waiting for?"

Her look of privation seemed so amusing. I feint a thrust of my cock within the edges of her feminine folds then prompt my elbows straight pulling myself clear.

"What's wrong?" she whispered.

Hovering above her hungry bodice, I bared a stretched grimace of a smile. "Did you dream of me?"

As she reached for a kiss, I averted her affection.

"Did you long for what I can give and Gabrielle lacks?"

It was unusual the way Xena diverted a passionate anger, calming into a neutral pose. I gazed at her crystal-blue eyes, light-hearted yet probing. She drew a calming breath then watched me retract to my feet. (Not once did she fail at gazing into my eyes.)

Her demeanor was ice. "So, you're a super stud?"

She rolled to her side, letting her raven locks dangle along the sides of her cheeks. Her breast hung like ripe fruits wanting to be plucked.

I whispered, "A little tension usually heightens the moment."

She crawled up, meeting me face to face. "Oh, it has," she said, determined on a new tactic.

"Xena, I'm sorry, if I . . ."

Her strong grip clutched my penis then jerked to the side. All the flames in Hades could not compare to the blistering pain. When she let go, I crashed on my nose. My hands cupped to protect my throbbing agony.

"One way or another," Xena said.

My eyes flooded with acid, my lungs straggled with bristle. Xena pushed me to my back, pinning my arms beneath her knees. With a sudden thrust to my temple, I felt my cock stretch in spangled anguish. By the gods, I wanted her to kill me. Then, the warrior's skillful pelvis straddled my pride, gradually swallowing me inside of her.

"That's better," she whispered.

Feeling a new draft whirl across my face, I drank crisp salty airs drenching chills from head to toe. Xena rocked side to side, my master, a witch showering her fingertip punches to numb my arms thinking of fighting back. I watched her ride, a ululating melody. By the gods, she was the most beautiful.

Her voice took to an undulating serene song, the lark surging down my soul then withdrawing like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves. I closed my gaze, become the sand to take her storm building to give and retract, rinsing then washing me away.

I cried with the groans split pleasures and pang. A gushing thrill flooded my mind to match the torment of my loin. We were close, so akin to lust's agony to ecstasy. Xena's obsidian gaze glistened as we merged stronger and faster together.

She lurched forward, poking my shoulder. I rolled to the top, taking control, nipping her shoulders. My hands spread her thighs wide then my wanton member thrusted deep, thrusting and shifting to attend every hungered sect of her dripping sex.

I reached below, adding a finger to probe for a pea-size swell, inside her (a place the Amazons mentioned to tease me.)

"Yes," Xena cried, escalating to an orgasm.

My denied dreams erupted in her pulsating canal. I pounded fierce, staccato thrusts, pleasing myself within her avid shrills of pleasure.

When my rate slowed to a halt, Xena tugged me into an intractable kiss, stealing the last of my breath and will to exact a lover's revenge.


The following day, a tickling breeze itched my nose with a scent of pine. As I stirred, an afternoon sun met my waking thoughts. I studied craggy walls of a dry cave with several holes revealing the sky. A vast campfire sat in the nook of a carved boulder. This was a holy place, an Amazon holy place.

I pushed several layers of bearskin aside then discovered I was naked. A thin clear wax covered my torso with a minty-scented ointment. Swells were in many places. My only exit was a recessed tunnel, blocked with oak-sapling bars.

Xena's voice echoed as she spoke from outside, "Rest well, Shepherd?"

I marched to the door, unabashed to display my shriveling condition. She licked her top lip, gazing at my form then grinned. I saw behind an army of amused Amazons standing in ankle-high snow.

I yelled, "What punishment is this for the one who saved your hide?"

Xena spoke a degree above a lullaby, "No punishment at all, Shepherd."

"Release me."

"No, this is the safest place, I can leave you," she explained. "Your home was overrun, last night."

I stared at several Amazons reluctant to pull away. It was apparent there was more to Xena's purpose.

I asked, "Is there nothing left of my bounty?"

"Up in smoke."

"Blast the thieves!"

Xena whispered, "The Amazons asked for a stud and I thought you might do."

"I am not a male cow to be milked for warring harlots!"

"No, you're not," she said with enthusiasm. "You're a bitter young man who needs a life change."

"That's for me to decide, Xena!"

"I'm sure you will," she said. "It's an awful thing to be without food or shelter in the worst winter we've ever seen."

I stared at her, knowing her reasoning was impeccable. My life, apart from close neighbors, left little options when my hardships were many. No cattle meant no food or surplus to make needed trades. I was never a great hunter and wished I'd mastered the sea. But, wishes don't fill a famished stomach.

"If you stay here," Xena said. "The Amazons pledge to help you rebuild, in the spring."

I jostled the oak bars fastened in place by thick brass chains. "And if I refuse?"

"I told them, your foolishness would subside."

She strolled away with a grin that knew me better than I, myself. One hundred Amazons wanted a stud and I came endorsed by a queen, Gabrielle. By the third round of sensual mating, I petition a life-long love to Aurora, my new bride.


The past year has been bliss, keeping my wife near her wonderful people. She told me, during pillow-chat, Xena torched my former home to stop a festering hatred I'd have never yielded. I wanted to anger but knew the roaming warrior saw better. Xena and I seared the wounds. Isn't it odd how frequent the greatest pleasures start from the harshest pains?

The End

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