Author: Killian
Title: Caitlin's Chronicles
Characters: f/f, (Queen Marga/f (Caitlin))
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Killian reminisces about the first love of her life, Caitlin.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex and bdsm.

The characters belong to MCA/Universal, Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sex and bdsm. Do not read the story if these subjects disturb you.

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_____ *** _____

Caitlin's Chronicles
by Killian
© 2001

Part 1 - First Sight

I lay in my bed, tucked in on this chilly night, restless and lonely. I have never felt more loved and cared for, here in my home at the Inn. I have grown to truly cherish my family, and my fondness is growing swiftly for each of our newer K/kindred. It is hard for me to believe that I could ever again truly achieve a deep sense of home, once my other homes were lost to me. But it has happened. I belong somewhere. I belong here. A hint of a smile comes to me, and I nuzzle down deeper into the quilts that cover me.

I lay here, curled up inside of myself, staring at the fire as it slowly burns down. My thoughts go to her again this night, as they have over and over recently. I thought I had put out that often intense fire I carried inside for her, yet, it never died. And lately, with everything that has happened to me, she seems to be calling to me, calling to my spirit. She was my healer. She was so many things. 


My first Warrior. My first true love. My first heartbreak. Why do you call me?

As I stared into the fire, I could feel my body ignite to the sound of her name. I could see her face, and smell her scent as if it clung to me now. My body ached for her, and I found myself responding as if she were exploring me yet again. Her fingers were weathered and callused from the sword, and the rough use her life demanded of them. But on me, on my skin, they were like feathers. A hand slid against my cheek, and I fell into her once again.

Caitlin. I closed my eyes, and while her hands found me again, I went back to that day. The day she entered my world, six years ago.

_____ *** _____

"Stop it, Hildy. You know I am the fastest runner in the tribe. I'll just beat you again if you push me."

"HA!" Hildy laughed. "You just got lucky that last time cause I had a twisted ankle. You aren't fastest Killian, you aren't anything. You aren't even an Amazon yet. So I wouldn't go bragging about anything if I were you!"

I pushed Hildy down, and pounced on her.

"I will be an Amazon soon, you just wait." I tried to punch her, but she rolled out of my grasp.

"You'll NEVER be an Amazon, Killian! Nobody wants you. Even the raiders didn't want you after they got through torching your family."


This time I connected.

"Shit!" Merris shouted, pulling me off of Hildy.

"Will you two stop it, there gonna kill us if they catch us fighting."

I shook myself out of Merris's grip.

"I may not be an Amazon yet, but I can beat your ass in any race you set!"

"Fine, bitch!" Hildy spat from a bloody mouth. "I will bury you."

"Ok, to the boundary then!" I stared at her with all the anger I held deep in my heart.

"NO! NO!" Merris was practically hysterical. "You know we aren't allowed to go that far! It's dangerous. That is out of bounds!"

"I don't care! I am going. How about you Hildy? Chicken?"

Hildy took off like a shot. I was right on her tail. Merris came running after us, hoping to keep us from going through with this dangerous plan.

Off we went, running for our lives, not caring about anything other than beating each other. I was not gonna let that little Amazon bitch beat me. Never. I blew by her and just ran and ran.

Maybe nobody did want me. Maybe the Amazons didn't either. But I was gonna make them want me, make them see me as more than the cast-off orphan most of them took me for. Hildy and Merris were born Amazons. They didn't know what it felt like to be all alone. To be nothing. To be hardly noticed, and just taken in because that was the thing to do. the Amazon way. Oh I was grateful that it was the Amazons who found me, and not some rotten villagers. But they still treated me like the unwanted orphan. Well, most of them did. I felt like most of them just didn't notice me at all.

So I ran. And I cried. The only time I cried at all was when I was alone. I learned quickly not to show weakness. But I cried now. I couldn't stop the tears. I wanted so to belong. I wanted to be wanted, and to be needed. It was like an ache I couldn't ease. I couldn't see where I was going, as the tears streamed down my face, but I didn't care.

Still I ran. Finally, I came to our boundary mark. I crossed it with glee. I felt invincible. I had survived death already when my family was killed. I believed I had a protector up there watching over me. I believed she loved me, and cared for me. But she was the only one. I knew they would kill me if they caught me, but they wouldn't.

I ran on until I came to a beautiful small lake. Wildflowers covered this side of the shore. Boulders, and rough rocks surrounded the other three sides of the water. I sat in the middle of the wildflowers, feeling very satisfied with myself.

Race me will you! Bitch, I thought.

I sat for a long time wondering if I had lost them, until finally, Hildy and Merris came puffing up to meet me.

"You cheated! Whore!"

Hildy jumped on me, and we rolled around for a bit, fighting. I kicked her off of me, and ran at her. We both ended up in the water, splashing and kicking about.

Merris jumped in and pulled Hildy off of me.

"Look!" Merris said. "Killian beat you fair and square. Now we better get back home before they find out we aren't decorating for the Festival.

"I'm staying here for a while." I stated flatly.

"This is a pretty place, and I am not afraid. I think I will even go skinny dipping."

I began shedding my wet things, dripping out of the water long enough to drape them on some rocks.

"Fine! I am staying too then!" Hildy snorted, shedding her clothes and draping them as I had.

"This sucks, you two. You know we are gonna get killed when they find us." Merris sighed, but began slowly stripping off her clothes as well.

"We might as well set our clothes out to dry before heading back, or we will really be in trouble."

I was content to splash around and revel in my newfound freedom. After some time the three of us forgot our anger and just played like kids in the water, splashing, and jumping from boulders, making huge splashes in the crystal clear water.

Suddenly the water got very still. I looked up at Hildy, who was looking at the shore with terror in her eyes. There on the shore were several scruffy looking men. Boys, really. They smiled at us through broken teeth, as they picked up our clothing and sniffed at them. Then they shredded them.

"You girls having fun?" One of the older ones sang out with a smug voice.

Merris screamed at the top of her lungs. The boys just laughed. I went over and hugged Merris, and Hildy joined us as we moved as far away from the shore as we could.

"You girls are a little out of your place, aren't you? I bet them Amazons of yours ain't gonna be happy to find you out here, are they?"

We stayed silent.

"Hey!" The older one stated. "They don't know you are out here, do they?"

Merris squeaked. I shoved my hand over her mouth to keep it shut.

"Well, well boys, looks like we got us some runaways. Ain't that just the luck? Now, if you all will just come on outta there, we won't make this too rough on ya."

"Bite me!" I said

"What she said!" Hildy stated boldly.

"AWKA!" Merris squeaked from behind my hand.

"Well, that's too bad. I didn't feel like getting wet, but if you insist."

The arrow came from nowhere, pinning the oldest one's sleeve to a tree. Then a second arrow nailed another boy through the pant leg, to another tree. A fierce cry sounded somewhere near, and all hell broke loose. The boys suddenly looked very much like boys, and grabbed at the arrows as fast as they could, trying to break free. A third arrow came sailing in and embedded in a tree just above their heads, causing the boys to rip their clothes free, and run like hell in the opposite direction.

Another cry came, this time much closer, and the boys vanished just as quickly as they had appeared.

The three of us stood, frozen in place deep in the lake. We clung to each other as a horse and rider made their way into the clearing. The figure wore a dusty brown long coat, with a full billed hat on his head. Many pelts hug from the side of the richly black hued horse. I noticed two white stockings, and a white slash of color across the bridge of the horse's nose.

I stood with my friends, paralyzed with fear, but somehow drawn to this figure. I saw the sword, and the longbow, and new we were in the company of a Warrior. I only hoped he was not going to take from us what the boys were trying for earlier.

My breath caught as the Warrior took off her hat, and steeled her gaze upon us. A woman. A beautiful woman. Black hair hung just below her collar. Her eyes, the boldest blue I had ever seen, pierced me right through the heart. She stood tall in her long coat, as she gazed fiercely upon us. I was taken, right then and there. My heart, no matter what happened next, was hopelessly linked to hers. I knew this. I knew I would be a part of her.

I shuddered in fear and anticipation.

The Warrior flung off her coat with a flourish. She kept her uncompromising gaze fixed on us as she hooked her coat on her horse's saddle, and turned her loose to graze. My mouth went dry, and my knees got shaky. I didn't know what was happening to me. Her build was muscular, and sleek. She wore deerskin leather pants tucked into knee high leather brown boots. Her Breasts was ample, and covered with a tan leather vest filled out by the most amazing setting sun, sky blue puff sleeves, bound by fine darker brown leather gloves. She wore two braids with leather and some shiny things framing her weathered but youthful face. A face that was very focused on us with displeasure at the moment.

"Up here, in front of me. NOW!"

She spoke with an authority that made us move under no control of our own. In seconds we three found ourselves standing naked and wet in front of this Warrior, side by side, awaiting further instructions.

"You," She pointed at Hildy, who was our oldest. "What are you three doing off of Amazon land? Don't you know how dangerous that is, girl?"

"It was her fault!" Hildy sputtered. "She ran out here, and we........just came to make sure......she"

"THAT'S A LIE!" I shouted.


It came quick and sharp. More meant to shock than to hurt.

"Did I tell you to speak, girl?" Her eyes fixed on me, and I swore my body shrunk into the sand where I stood.

"No, but I um....."

"Then don't. When I want to hear from you, I will tell you."

She raised an eyebrow tempting me to open my mouth. I took this moment to become smart, and bit down on my tongue to keep it obedient.

The Warrior turned her steely gaze upon Hildy.

"And If you choose to lie to me again lass, you will feel my belt directly. Now tell me your story."

Hildy thought better of lying this time, and told the warrior everything, from our reason for racing, down to recalling the history of her twisted ankle. She was afraid to leave anything out.

The warrior was silent for long minutes after Hildy finished. She looked right through us, as she seemed to be considering many things. None of us even dared to breathe.

Finally, she spoke. "You knew what you were doing, and still you left the safety of your land. I am sure your leaders will want to deal with you when I return you to them. But since I am a woman who takes care of my own business, and you are my business now - I'll deal with you myself, first. I think you need a good lesson taught to you to make you think twice before going where you don't belong again.

We breathed, sucking in air with fear and trepidation. I was mesmerized by her voice, and knew I would do whatever she bid me too. I was afraid of her, yes, but somehow very calm in the safety of her presence.


She was looking directly at me. She took a step closer to me, and pulled her knife from its sheath. I felt myself go still, wondering if she might cut me as punishment. She held the knife close to me for a minute, staring darkly into my eyes.

"What is your name, girl?"

She turned the knife around and used the handle to tip my face up to look at her. I was shaking so bad I forgot my name. I just stared at her with my mouth open.

"Killian. I am sorry to speak," Merris stammered. "Her name is, Killian."

"Killian is it?" Her eyes seemed to momentarily twinkle. It broke the spell.

"Yes Ma'am, my name is Killian."

"Well then Killian, take this knife into that stand of trees, and cut me two switches."

I took a shaky step back, and she had to reach out and grab hold of my arm to steady me. She did not miss a beat.

"I want each of them this big." She held up her pinkie. "And I want them as smooth as your delicate cheek."

She ran a finger down my cheek in a fluid motion.

"I want the only marks on that beautiful behind of yours to be my doing, and not from a nick in the switch. Do you understand me, Killian."

This last part was said as her hand grasped my chin.

"Yes, M'lady... Um...Ma'am.. Um...." I close my eyes as visions of swallowing my tongue danced before me.

"Caitlin. You will call me Caitlin, girl."

"Yes, Caitlin." I wanted to fall into her name, but knew I better do as I was told instead.

"Go. Now."

I went quickly into the nearby trees, not even noticing that I was stark naked. I just wanted to please her, and I would do anything to accomplish that. I had never wanted to please anyone before, or wanted to do what they told me. I always resisted doing what I was told before, usually with a lot of attitude. But this was different. I didn't have time to figure it out, but I knew I felt kind of sick to my stomach, and doing what she wanted made me feel better.

I found the branches, and made switches as quickly as I could. I felt this ache in my center as I thought of her using them on us, and it confused me. But mostly I thought I better make them smooth, or else.

In no time I was back with the group, holding two smooth long switches, and handing them shakily over to a very serious Caitlin, who had positioned the other girls by a pelt covered boulder that stood about waist high. I took a look at the boulder, and back up at Caitlin. She gave me an eyebrow raise,

"Killian, you will hold this for me."

"Yes, Caitlin." I quickly replied, as I took the spare switch into my shaking hand.

"Alright girls, let's do this."

_____ *** _____

Part 2 - First Discipline

Killian's Perspective}

Caitlin took one switch, and left the other in my hand. I was afraid to do anything, like slide my hands down its smooth sides, as I had done back in the woods, when I was getting the switches. I was confused by the strong ache I had in my groin, and my growing wetness.

Back in the woods, when I was alone, I had just instinctively touched myself, and found that I was very swollen, and dripping wet. I almost shrieked at the feeling. I wanted more. I wanted her to touch me there. I had slipped my fingers around and slid them in and out a few times, back there, until I felt my knees might give out. I just didn't know what had come over me. I had seen sex before, when we peeked into watch Darlia and Fennel, but I had never felt THIS before.

Caitlin's sharp commands brought me back into focus, and back into the present.

"All right."

She tapped the switch hard a couple of times against her now bare palm, making us gulp.

"As I understand it, you three willfully left Amazon Land, putting yourselves in grave risk. Is that not correct?"

"Um, yeah, well....." We mumbled.

"But -- " Hildy started.


Caitlin had been pacing, but stopped and shot us all a glare, pointing the switch directly at each one of us.

"Listen up, and listen good. When I speak to you, I expect the truth in return, and I expect it to out of you clearly and without self pity, or whining of any sort. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, Caitlin!" Came the clear answer from three chastened girls.

We were still so scared we were unaware of our naked forms in front of this Warrior. She seemed not to notice either as she carried on with our discipline. I have never responded to being chastised by a superior before, yet I was compelled to behave exactly as this warrior wanted me to.


Caitlin pointed at Hildy.

"You are the oldest, so I hold you responsible for allowing this to happen."

"B..But...she..." Hildy protested.

"Being the oldest is hard sometimes, girl. These two are your responsibility. The sooner you learn to accept that fact the better off you and your tribe will be. Do you hear me?"

Hildy bowed her head at this truth, and flushed with shame. I saw the blush as it covered Hildy's chest and neck.

"Yes, Caitlin. I hear you."

"Good, then this lesson will not be wasted. Ok, lass, bend over there."

The Warrior pointed to the fur covered boulder.

As I watched Hildy bending over to take her switching, I thought how kind it was of Caitlin to put down the fur for us to bend over. Perhaps she is not as scary as all that.


Hildy shrieked and jumped up, hopping around in obvious pain.

"Girl!" Caitlin barked, bringing Hildy to an abrupt stop.

"I have cuffs in my bags over there. If you move a muscle again, I will get them, and I will double your punishment. Your choice."


Caitlin took a step towards her bags.

"NO! I will... I can....... Please, I will stay, I can stay on my own. Please."

"Your choice, girl. But no more warnings, and that goes for the lot of you."

She made eye contact with me, and I found myself standing a little taller, wanting to please her. Wanting to show her that I would take what she knew I deserved.

Caitlin gave Hildy quite a thrashing. 10 strong strokes. The tall Warrior mercifully put her arm down on Hildy's back to hold her down for the last five. The Warrior did not draw blood, but each welt was raised, red, and looked like it hurt like Hades.

I could not believe I was almost looking forward to this. I must be losing my mind. I have never wanted to be punished by anyone before. I fought it, always. Which always made matters worse, but I didn't care. I thought, they aren't going to get me down, not me, not ever! And now, I was practically ready to crawl over Merris to get closer to this warrior. I was so wet and throbbing I could barely stand it. I was definitely losing my mind.


I jumped.

"Yes?" I managed to squeak out.

"I called your name three times, lass. Have you suddenly taken deaf?!"

"No! Um... I...."

Damn, I thought. I so did not want to disappoint her any further. I looked up to see Merris standing next to Hildy, her bottom covered in hot red welts. How did I miss that?

"Never mind, lass. I am fairly certain you will not be daydreaming through this. Bend over. Now."

"I..I'm sorry Caitlin," I said as she grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me towards the boulder.

She raised an eyebrow at me, and her lip twitched ever so slightly. I could have sworn later that she had almost smiled at me.

"I am sure you are, but sorry ain't gonna make this hurt any less."

Suddenly, she was gripping my chin and looking deeply into my eyes.

"You brought this on yourself, Killian. You know that, don't you."

I tilted my chin up, squared my shoulders, and looked this amazing apparition directly in her deep blue, now nearly black, eyes.

"Yes, Caitlin." I whispered. "I did this, and I deserve what's coming to me. Thank you for being here to help us. I am ready."

Another lip twitch. I was so happy that I had pleased her, I forgot what was happening.

A strong hand on my back shoving me hard across the furred boulder reminded me.


I cried out, and clung to the boulder, willing myself to stay in place.


The pain was searing. Tears sprung to my eyes, but I did not move. The throbbing in my center was so intense I swore I might explode right here.

Again, and again her strong arm brought the switch down on my bottom. At some point I noticed a firm gloved hand pressed into my back, and I thanked Artemis, because I was just about to jump out of my skin from the pain of it. I wanted that hand inside of me, stroking me, touching me. I closed my eyes and focused my shaking legs to keep me upright for just a little longer. What was this warrior doing to me. I had never felt this way before. It was overwhelming.




15 strikes, and it was all over.

The Warrior grabbed a hold of my arm and jerked me erect, to stand beside my sisters. Hildy looked chastened. Merris looked stricken, and grabbed for my hand. For my part, I was crying hard, but trying to be quiet about it.

"Killian, here, got the most because it was her foolishness in the first place that started all of this. I'll give you this. You all took your whippings well, and I will be sure to say that to your Queen when I get you back there."

I smiled inside, hearing her praise. I did not care what the Queen was going to do to us. All I cared about at this moment was that I had pleased this Warrior in front of me. Nothing else in the world mattered.

She caught my eye briefly, and I swore I could see that twinkle again.

Caitlin walked over to her horse and returned with more skins. She threw one to each of us, along with a piece of twine.

"I expect your Tribe will be happier to find you girls clothed when I bring you in. I don't want to get an arrow in my gut, even before I have a chance to explain.

Since you've nothing to cover your feet, you will all ride."

"But we can't, I mean we.....," Hildy trailed off as she grabbed her sore backside.

"I won't have your feet cut up just to spare your sore backsides. Up. Now."

Caitlin had laid furs down across her mare's back for us to sit on. It still hurt like blazes, and I cried as hard as the others all the way back. Yet also I found the sensation to be most incredible as I sat, bare assed, rocking back and forth on this giant horse. Her horse.

As I watched the tall back of this Warrior walking her horse the several miles back to our homeland, I knew my young life had changed forever.

I was hers.

Now I would just have to convince her of this.

_____ *** _____
Part 3 - Dilemma

Caitlin walked, strode really, at the head of her horse, Dancer. The tall warrior found herself in a bind, and not pleased with what her heart was trying to make her do.

Look, she said to herself, roughly. I get in; I turn these girls over, I'm done with it, then I get on to my business. The upcoming festival is what I need to sell these pelts. Three, four days most. I get provisions, do my business, check in with Queen Marga, and then I am out of here. End of story. Period. The Queen will be enough to deal with, let alone dealing with anything or anyone else.

The last time these two women had met, the Queen's gratitude for Caitlin's aid moved rapidly into enjoying the pleasures of the flesh. It was to Marga's credit that when the warrior had to go, she knew enough to let it happen without protest. Warriors were warriors, and Caitlin was one of the best she'd ever seen. Yet she was a loner, and not interested in living the Amazon life.

"Too cramped, and too many people in my business," Caitlin had said, their last day together." Yes, thought the warrior, In and out.

Caitlin sighed as she found herself inexplicably turning back again to check on the girls. The young women. Killian. Dammit. Caitlin caught those clear, intense brown eyes locking with hers. The tough warrior's heart jumped a few beats. You are in trouble, warrior, Caitlin chided herself. You are in deep trouble.

Caitlin slowed the horse as they crossed into Amazon land. She wanted to live to turn these girls over, and knew any sudden movements would be met with a quick arrow in a very uncomfortable place. Sure enough, the warrior heard a whistle.

Hildy started to jump down when she saw they were spotted.

"Stay put." Caitlin commanded.

"But . . ." Hildy started to protest.

Caitlin did not look at the girl. "I said stay put, and I meant it. You are in my care, and I am not through with you yet. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, Caitlin," chorused the three subdued voices.

Caitlin knew she should turn the girls over to the search party, but for the life of her, she just could not bring herself to leave it at that. She gathered that Killian was treated differently by this tribe than the other two girls, and she wanted to see for herself just what the story was. It was probably foolish to care about this girl, knowing she was going to be leaving in three or four days anyway.

Caitlin eased herself into a pose of nonchalance as four Amazons dropped down from the trees, forming a circle around them. She thought, I will take them to the Queen, make sure she knows what happened, and be done with it. Period.

Killian struggled with all the complicated sensations she was feeling as their party made its way into the main village. Caitlin had ordered them to remain silent when the front guards tried to question them. The short version was that Caitlin had saved their lives. When looked to for confirmation, the girls nodded mutely. The Amazons did not seem entirely convinced, but one of them seemed to know Caitlin, and took her word for it.

Now they were being led through the main part of the village, which was in the process of being decorated for the upcoming Festival. Decoration's Killian and her comrades had been supposed to help with. Platforms were being erected, drummers practiced their routines, and colorful cloth seemed to be draping off of everything.

The small party headed for the Queen's quarters, with all the Nation's eyes on them. Suddenly Killian felt very self-conscious in her fur pelt wrap, knowing that everything showed from the sides. Her bottom, sore and aching as it was would soon be on full display.

Had Caitlin turned them over to the search party, Killian knew she would be on the receiving end of several harsh beatings when they heard what she'd done. She would have kicked and spit and fought her way out of each of them, only to have the next one be worse than the last, until finally she would be left exhausted and aching, squarely at the foot of the Queen, awaiting her majesty's personal choice of punishment.

It was probably just wishful thinking, but Killian couldn't help but wonder if Caitlin was protecting her, by taking her directly to the Queen. Perhaps the warrior just wanted to be proper about it. Still, for the first time in Killian's young life, she felt protected by someone. It felt good.

The entourage stopped in front of the Queen's royal hut. Queen Marga stood waiting for them. The Queen was shorter than Caitlin, and had a shock of red hair that was dazzling. She was the tribe's best warrior, and was a well respected, no-nonsense Queen.

At the sight of Caitlin, Marga quietly remembered their history. Several seasons ago, Caitlin came to the aid of her small, hunting party, when the Amazons had been about to be ambushed by slavers. The two warriors now clasped arms. Caitlin had almost forgotten how stunning the Tribal leader was, especially decked out in full regalia, like she was now. Caitlin lifted an eyebrow in acknowledgement of her former lover's majesty. Marga nodded slightly in return, then spoke:

"Thank you, Caitlin, for rescuing my unruly girls. I can assure you, they will pay dearly for their foolishness. Did any of them give you any trouble?"

It was not lost on Caitlin that the Queen looked directly at Killian when she said this. "No, Queen Marga. I found them swimming in the lake due east of your land. They were being seriously hassled by a pack of boys, who tore up their clothing, and were advancing on them in the water."

"I see," said the Queen, with a slight smile. "I wondered how they came to be adorned in your finest furs."

"Yes, well, It was the best I could do under the circumstances," Caitlin stated coolly, raising one eyebrow. "Anyway, I dispatched the boys, and took it upon myself to teach these three a lesson, since they had become my responsibility."

"I see. Very well. YOU THREE. DOWN HERE. AT ONCE!"

Before Caitlin could say anything, the three girls were standing in front of the angry Queen. Caitlin wanted to say more, to do something, but it appeared that the Queen was taking charge of the situation now. She ought to let it go, Caitlin thought. Let it go.

Queen Marga looked the girls' over sternly. "Turn around, all of you, and lift the fur covering your bottoms."

Caitlin worked her jaw to keep from saying any more. Hildy and Merris complied immediately. Killian just stood there, with her chin lifted in defiance.


It came hard and fast. Killian went down like a sack of flour.

Caitlin hadn't had time to react, and now stood with her hand on her dagger. Ready, for what, she did not know. Caitlin was surprised by this overwhelming need to protect this girl.

Get it together, Warrior, Caitlin jabbed at herself.

Slowly Caitlin took her hand off the dagger as she saw the Amazons around her doing the same. Dammit Caitlin, the warrior cursed, you are gonna get yourself killed if you don't watch it.

Queen Marga reached down and grabbed a handful of Killian's hair, then jerked her up. "I said to turn your butt around, and let me see it. NOW."

As Killian turned around, she caught a glance of Caitlin's profile. She could see the muscles in her face working overtime, as she touched the knife in her belt. Killian wondered if what the Queen was doing to her bothered the warrior.

Wishful thinking, she told herself. Just do what the queen tells you, and let the fun begin. Killian bent over with her sisters, and lifted the fur.

A murmur came up from the crowd at the sight of the nearly naked young disobedient girls, and their well-striped asses. Many in the Tribe had spent an afternoon combing the countryside looking for these girls, frantic that they had been kidnapped. Now the growing mob was angry, and wanting some action taken. Seeing that Caitlin had already given them a good whipping did little to please many in the crowd, especially where Killian was concerned.

Queen Marga felt the energy of the growing mob as she studied Caitlin's handiwork. The Queen took the other woman's arm in thanks.

"Nice job, Caitlin, you punished them well."

"Thank you, Marga. When someone makes themselves my business, as these three did, they will always answer first to me, directly."

"Yes, I understand that, Caitlin. These young women were very lucky you came along when you did. Especially since we were having no luck in finding them. They could easily have been raped, or worse. You have my word that you can name your reward."

"But now . . . "

The Queen grabbed Killian's arm and smacked her fiercely on the behind, causing her to yelp in pain.

"They will answer directly to ME!"

The crowd nearly cheered, with a few hoots rising from the barely controlled women. Many in the crowd were from other tribes, and Marga's tribe wanted to show that they knew how to handle disobedience.

"Face me. Now!"

The three young women turned hastily around, jostling each other as they tried to comply with their Queen's orders.

"All right, since you are underage, and not yet full Amazons, your custodians will decide your punishment. Will the custodians of these girls please come forward?"

Merris' mother stepped forward, glancing angrily at her daughter.

"What say you, Gerta?" The Queen asked.

"I say it is my right, and my duty, to punish my daughter, if it pleases her Majesty."

Gerta had seen how harshly the Queen punished unclaimed girls, and she would not subject Merris to that. Merris would be paddled and restricted to camp. Sufficient for Gerta, and far kinder than what the Queen would have her endure.

Second to step up was Annka. She was four years Hildy's senior and half-sister by birth. She had taken to raising Hildy when their mother was killed in the spring attack a season ago.

"What say you, Annka?" The Queen asked. "Do you think you are mature enough to handle something such as this?"

"I do, my Queen," Annka stated with confidence. "Our mother was strict with us, and taught me well how to discipline. I can promise you that tomorrow I will give Hildy a whipping she will never forget, and she will be restricted through the next season to chores and studies. I know, my Queen, that it has been hard for us since our mother passed, but I can handle my sister. And I assure you, I WILL."

Marga had considered punishing Hildy herself, not trusting Annka's maturity. However, a queen tried to build confidence in her warriors, and Annka was turning out to be one of her best. She would give her a chance.

"Alright Annka, so be it."

Finally, all eyes rested on young Killian. Everyone knew that no one claimed the lass. And no one would be claiming her anytime soon. Just too much trouble.

Killian had lived in the large dormer off in a bunk by herself, since she first came to them as a small child. She was quick tempered even then, and intense. She was about 7 summers old, or so they guessed. The girl made quick work of the few adults who tried to take her in, in the beginning. If Killian's verbal assaults didn't stop them from caring, her intense brooding did. So over the years, this young woman, who could be as playful and light as the wind one minute, only to become a tornado the next, had learned to stay mostly to herself, and raise hell to get attention. Any kind of attention was better than the desperate loneliness she felt most of the time.

Queen Marga waited, longer than was necessary. The crowd began to jostle around for a better view. The Queen waited long enough to see the embarrassed blush creep up Killian's face. Marga knew that blush well, and exploited it, for her own satisfaction.

The Queen loved the girl in front of her, but knew she would make a lousy Amazon. Not because Killian wasn't brave enough, or skilled enough; On the staff alone, she was competing at a master level. Marga had seen Killian defend other girls, when an older girl was bullying them. The Queen saw much in the young woman that was admirable.

Yet Killian was trouble, and had trouble following her. She didn't take orders, and hated the people giving them. She was a loner, not a team player. So Marga had resigned herself to discouraging the girl at every turn from taking the Amazon right of passage. She had managed to scuttle Killian's attempts to participate in the challenge in each of the past two Festivals, yet had not figured out a way to keep her out of it this year.

"Killian. It is apparent no one is going to step forward and claim you. Therefore, your punishment will be left to me."

Queen Marga took hold of the young woman's chin. The queen had warmth in her eyes for this girl, but her voice was hard.

"I know you are to blame for this foolish and dangerous excursion, and I assure you, you WILL soon regret it. And," The Queen whispered quietly, so only Killian, Caitlin and those close could hear. "If you think I am going to let you compete in the right of passage this round, young lass, you better think again."

The Queen let go of Killian's chin, gave the crowd a stern look, and struck her again, hard, knocking her to the ground. Killian gasped, from the pain, but more from the shock of the Queen's hurtful words.

"No, please, My Queen!" Killian begged.

"PASHA!! The whipping bench, restraints, and the leather strap. NOW!"

The crowd surged, and shouts of encouragement could be heard. The Village loved to watch Killian soundly punished, and they were about to get their wish.

Caitlin was about to become unglued. She'd left her significant mark on Killian this day, thinking the Queen would wait until at least tomorrow to punish her further. Now it appeared that that was not the case. It seemed that her friend, the Queen, was going to make an example of this young woman, with a punishment far harsher than her misbehavior warranted.

Caitlin's jaw worked as she saw the implements the Queen requested brought into view. She watched as the girl was dragged, kicking and screaming, towards the bench. In the process the pelt was ripped away to reveal a heated, beautiful, curvaceous body, covered in a fine sheen of fear sweat.

The fighting and writhing lass, sputtering every expletive known to the free world, caused the crowd to grow more restless. They wanted a show.

As Killian was being forcibly restrained, Caitlin took a breath, settled her shoulders, and came to a decision. She stepped forward.

"Queen Marga," Caitlin began, and the noisy crowd surrounding them grew silent.

The Queen was feeling the leather strap, checking how supple it was, thinking of how much she was going to dread using it on this recalcitrant whirlwind of a girl. She looked up, clearly not interested in being interrupted.

"Caitlin. While I thank you for your interest, perhaps what you need can be addressed after I am finished here?" The Queen stepped into place, preparing for the first strike.

Caitlin stepped between Queen Marga and Killian's shackled body. The look on Caitlin's face made those standing near take a step back.

Queen Marga's brows furrowed in consternation. "Caitlin, step aside. We will deal with your reward, after Killian is punished. Now, if you don't mind . . ."

"But you see, my friend." Caitlin stood her ground. "The fact of the matter is, I DO mind. I mind very much."

_____ *** _____

Part 4 - Protection

"Caitlin, I have had about enough of this. Punishing this disobedient girl is my duty, and I will honor it!  Now step aside, or I will have you removed."

Caitlin got very still, dropping her voice to almost a growl.

"Marga, you don't want to be doing that."

Killian couldn't believe what was happening. From her disadvantageous position, she could make out several Amazons reaching for their weapons, with a few stepping forward a little, awaiting the Queen's call for help. Killian was about to call out to warn Caitlin, when the girl noticed Caitlin moving into a more defensive position. Killian was beside herself with confusion. Why would this woman put herself in harm's way for her?

The ankle bonds held the lass spread out and feeling very vulnerable in the face of all this attention. Queen Marga had punished her before, so Killian had been prepared for what was about to happen, even though she was definitely not looking forward to it.

Killian thought the Queen was generally not too cruel in dealing with her, considering her penchant for disobeying every rule the overworked Queen set before her. But, having someone, anyone, standing up for her, this made Killian feel uncomfortable.

The girl tried to keep her breathing steady as she watched her Amazon sisters getting angrier and angrier. Killian knew that the minute this warrior left the territory, these women would come after her, and exact their punishment, however they saw fit. Killian was aware that she was thought of as disobedient, and disrespectful. She didn't mean to misbehave, it just happened sometimes as a result of rules she thought unfair to her.

Killian fought with her feelings. How could she be upset with this warrior for protecting her? Since it had never happened before, the girl just did not know what to make of it. What Killian mostly believed was that this woman was a bit crazy to stand up to the Queen like this, in this crowd.

Killian pulled at her bonds, wanting desperately to cover herself, or to be anywhere but where she was. Sweat glistened on the young woman's body and dampness moistened her swollen clit. Killian felt ashamed at how aroused she was, and confused. This had never happened before Caitlin's punishment by the lake. And now Caitlin was touching her hip as she semi-crouched in a defensive posture, while the tall warrior argued with the Queen. The girl wondered, could Caitlin could feel their connection too?

The Queen sighed. In knowing Caitlin as well as she did, Marga knew this warrior not to be frivolous in any behavior. The girl had obviously gotten under Caitlin's skin, and now she was going to have to deal with it. Marga ran a hand through her gorgeous hair, as a feeling of resigned bemusement took her over.

"Caitlin, Caitlin. What am I going to do with you?"

The Queen backed off a step from the warrior, looking to ease the tense standoff. The crowd started to rustle around in confusion. The Queen knew her tribe well, and also did not want any bloodshed. The next few minutes would be a test of her leadership.

The Queen carefully handed the strap to one of her lieutenants.

Caitlin narrowed her eyes at the gesture, but kept her posture ready for a fight.

Killian gasped, not being able to stop herself.

A sharp slap descended upon her bottom from somewhere in the front of the crowd. Everybody jumped as Caitlin's hand was at the perpetrator's throat, even as Killian screamed in pain. Caitlin lifted the offending Amazon off of the ground, her eyes pinning the culprit with a searing glare. Weapons came out of sheaths. Bodies shifted. Still, Caitlin held her prey about a foot off the ground, with the hapless Amazon turning blue under the choking location of Caitlin's fingers.

Queen Marga came forward and silently placed a hand on Caitlin's arm. The Queen could feel the muscles bunch under her touch, but after a long breath, Caitlin let the woman down. The Amazon choked and coughed, falling to one knee. Caitlin stepped back, ready for all takers to come at her. The restless crowd surged.

"STOP!" Queen Marga shouted.

Everyone stopped.

"I will not have this! Amazons, you will stand down this instant. Now! Renna, that means you, STAND DOWN."

The Queen's voice got very quiet, so everyone had to be still to hear her.

"I am perfectly capable of handling this situation, without having the entire Nation go berserk. Now, let me handle this. That is not a request."

The crowd settled down and Queen Marga turned her focus back to the stubborn Caitlin.

"What is this about, Caitlin?"

The Queen knew what it was about. She had seen the look in Caitlin's eyes when she looked at the teenager. She was smitten. It was as clear as the pain the Queen felt in her heart, when she acknowledged that she missed this difficult warrior.

"My reward."

To any one else, Caitlin appeared emotionless as she said this. But the insightful Queen noted the flare of Caitlin's nostrils, and the clenching and unclenching of her fists. Caitlin was unsure why she felt as she did, but Marga could see that this warrior's heart was gone.

"Your reward. Ok, you have most certainly earned it, Caitlin. Can you elaborate for me?"

The Queen put her hands up to quiet the crowd.

"I want my reward in two parts. I will tell you part one now, and the second part in private."

Caitlin's jaw was clenched as she warily listened to the renewed unruliness of the crowd.

The Queen again hushed the crowd and turned to catch Killian's eye as she once again faced Caitlin. Killian had the same look in her eye that Caitlin did, but the Queen was sure the lass had no idea what she was feeling. Killian blushed when she noticed the Queen watching her watch Caitlin.

Oh, you do attract trouble lass, Marga thought as she again ran a hand through her thick red tresses.

"All right, Caitlin, tell me the first part."

Caitlin stepped back until she felt herself making some more contact with the girl. Caitlin didn't want to look at Killian for fear of losing her composure, but she needed to be near her, and let the lass know that she was there. Killian flinched at the deeper connection, not expecting it on her hip. Then she realized what Caitlin was doing, and leaned into the touch. It took enormous control for Killian to not cry at this moment.

"I want my reward to be that I get to punish this lass myself. Tomorrow."

The Queen already knew this was coming, so she had decided not to escalate things in public by taking issue with Caitlin for questioning her Queenly dictates. But when they got into private, this warrior was going to getting a dressing down that she would never forget. The Queen put up her hands to quiet the rumblings of her tribe.

"How do you plan to punish her?"

Caitlin hadn't expected the Queen to be so agreeable. She suspected Marga was biding her time until she got her alone, then she would let her have it.

"I plan to use my belt on her for a sound whipping, while she is bent over… that table on the Festival stage. If she resists my punishment in any way, I will have her bound as she is now, and administer the whipping there." Caitlin stopped, then thought again, and in deference to the Queen spoke, "If it pleases the Queen, this would be part of my reward."

The Queen paused, putting her hand to her mouth in thought. The crowd of Amazons grew quiet, while Marga assessed the size of Caitlin's long and wide belt.

Killian held her breath, and fought with the sensations the contact had stirred in her, and the distinct jolt her center got when Caitlin announced her intentions. Killian found herself wanting this, wanting Caitlin, not the Queen, to punish her. And if it helped, which she knew it wouldn't, she would have begged the Queen to make it so.

"That table is the Queen's ceremonial table. It is only used for special events."

"Oh," Caitlin looked fiercely at her friend, "I can assure you I will make this punishment special."

She added a nearly arrogant eyebrow raise, and deferential nod.

"Your Majesty."

The Queen and the warrior stared each other down for long minutes.

Finally, the Queen shook her head and spoke.

"All right. I will allow it."

The Queen's words were greeted with gasps and something close to rage from her Tribe. Shouts of disapproval filled the edgy air. A few of the Tribeswomen could be heard saying it was not right for the Queen to allow this outsider to meddle in Tribe business.

Killian began crying, unable to stop the tears from flowing in her state of overwhelm. Even Caitlin felt her legs almost give out on her, shaking her legendary poise, if only briefly. The proud warrior had never felt feelings this intense for another before, and it was taking its toll on her.

The Queen let the rumbling go on for a few minutes, knowing it was best to let some of the tension out now. This decision was not going to be received well by anyone, and Marga knew that there would be trouble keeping Killian in one piece for some time to come. The Queen did love this girl deeply, but she swore the girl was cursed with trouble.

Nala, from the Tribe spoke up, "Your Majesty, it is not our way to let a youngster who flaunts our laws to not be punished within the Tribe."

The Queen knew Caitlin better than anyone present, and from what she was seeing, telling her friend "No" would have caused a mini war to erupt, and Killian may not have lived through it. This was the only decision. Now it was time to regain control.


Caitlin wondered if the rule among Queens was that you must have a healthy set of lungs on you. This Queen certainly did.

The crowd got grudgingly quiet. Killian could feel the tension and actual hate being directed at Caitlin, and at her. Two outsiders, Killian thought. I will never belong to them. Caitlin already feels more like family than most of these women I have spent some 10 years with. Killian sobbed at the realization of this. The girl wanted so much to belong. All her life, it was all she had ever wanted, and no matter what she did, it just never happened.

Caitlin felt Killian crying through her connection, and wanted nothing more than to scoop the girl up into her arms and ride out of here, making this girl free, and doing anything to take away the pain. Caitlin's heart ached as she reached up and put a hand on Killian's back, attempting to soothe her.

"All right, this is how it is going to be. Killian will be unbound and taken to the lockup, where she will stay until I call for her to be brought to the square tomorrow to receive her punishment from Caitlin. She is to be guarded, and left alone by the Tribe."

"IS THAT CLEAR?" The Queen's hazel eyes were piercing as she looked over her people.

A perfunctory assent rose from the gathered Tribeswomen. Most did not like this choice, but believed in the Queen's authority. Some on the other hand barely tried to shield their disappointment in the Queen, thinking her soft on her former lover, Caitlin.

"Betta, Brigid. You will undo young Killian and take her straight to lockup. She is to be left there unshackled, and unharmed. See to it."

The two Royal guards saluted, and began the work of unbinding Killian. Caitlin started to help, not wanting to let Killian out of her sight for even an instant.

The Queen had other plans though. She touched Caitlin on the arm. When she had the warriors' full attention, she spoke.

"Caitlin, you will come with me." The Queen put up a hand as Caitlin started to protest. "We have much to discuss my young friend, and I would consider it a favor if you would assent to my wishes in this regard."

The Queen could read Caitlin's hesitation about leaving Killian to the Tribe even without the stolid warrior voicing it.

"Caitlin, I have put my two best Royal Guards on taking Killian to lockup. Surely you can spare a few minutes to settle things with me."

Caitlin took a long look at Killian, who was upright now and fully naked. Caitlin was momentarily taken aback by the beauty of this girl. The lass had true fear in her eyes when it became clear she was going to be taken away from Caitlin. The warrior was torn by her loyalty to the Queen, understandably, her duty to explain herself, and the very real knowledge that the girl might not be safe until she herself was by her side.

The warrior walked over and cupped the girl's cheek.

"I will be right behind you, Killian. I will explain things quickly to the Queen, and then I will come see you. Alright?"

Killian was choking back tears now, trying to look brave, but failing miserably. All this girl wanted was to throw herself in this strong warrior's arms, and have her make it all better.

"I will be waiting for you, Caitlin. Please don't be long."

"I won't, lass. Stay strong."

Caitlin would later say she didn't know what got into her, but she leaned down and kissed the girl on the cheek, causing another stir through the Amazon Nation, and nearly making Killian faint. She would have dropped to the ground, if not held up by the guards.

The weary Queen just shook her head. This was going to be a fine mess to sort out for Killian's good, and for the good of the Nation.

_____ *** _____

Part 5 - Rescue - by Killian

The Queen dismissed her guard; she wanted this conversation to be very private. Caitlin followed her into the Royal hut and was now pacing back and forth.

"I have missed you, Caitlin."

The warrior stopped pacing and turned to look at her friend. Though she tried, Caitlin could not unclench her jaw, or take the sting out of her look.

Marga simply nodded.

After a deep breath, the Queen regained her composure.

"Caitlin, I appreciate your saving my girls, but I can't allow you to come in here and disrupt my Nation because you have feelings for one of them."


"Look. Killian is a wild seed, Caitlin. You don't want to get mixed up with her."

Caitlin took up her pacing again.

"Too late."

"Dammit, Caitlin. This girl is trouble. She has been since she came to us. I love her, but even I can't control her. What are you going to do with her?"

Caitlin sighed and sat down, putting her head in her hands.

"I don't know."

"Let me take her off of your hands Caitlin, you can have a different reward. If you want, I can pay you twice what you want for your furs, and you can be on your way. I have dealt with Killian for eight years. She won't obey me, or any of us, but she is not your problem."

"I can't."

"Why the hell can't you? You just met her not five candlemarks ago! I think I know how easy it is for you to say goodbye." The Queen bristled at her own words. "Just do it."

"Marga," Caitlin stood, blew out a breath, and faced the Queen. "I didn't deserve that, and you know it."

"What is it then, Caitlin? Why this girl?"

"I don't know. I just know she needs me, and that you have to let me do what I need to do. Marga. You know me. Let me do this. I have to be with her. I can't explain it."

"Fine. I know there is no talking to you when you have your mind set, but let me warn you now, Caitlin. This girl will be nothing but trouble for you. If you can get her to obey you, then I will give you anything you want. But mark my words, It WON'T happen."

Caitlin stood with her eyes closed for a minute, thinking. After a few beats, she opened her eyes, and looked right through Marga.

"It will happen, just let me……"

Caitlin heard the scream first, almost before it occurred. She shot a look towards Queen Marga.

"Gods be damned to Hades, I knew I shouldn't have left her."

Caitlin didn't wait to hear what Marga's reply as the warrior launched herself out of the Queen's chambers, heading for the Amazon jail.

Two guards stood at the door of the jail, holding spears crossed at the center. Caitlin was on a flat out run when she barreled through them, knocking the door down in the process, and heading inside to find several Amazons surrounding Killian.

"What the fu……..," Caitlin's fist connected with the Amazon's face before she was able to finish her sentence. An elbow silenced Amazon number two, and a high kick set Amazon number three sprawling into the wall.

Caitlin turned to see Killian on her knees, still naked, with her arms tied behind her back. There were lash welts covering her chest, stomach, and shoulders, with several slap marks on her face. Caitlin crossed to the girl and pulled her to her feet, cutting her free in the process.

"I'm sorry, Killian."

Caitlin held the girl's face in her hands, and was captured again by the purity, and power she found there.

"Look out!" Shouted Killian, her eyes fixed behind Caitlin.

The guards had regained their bearings and bounded through the entrance, rushing Caitlin from behind and knocking her forward into the far wall.

Killian jumped on one of the guard's backs, screaming bloody murder.

"Leave her alone, you banshees!"

Caitlin pushed off of the wall, sending everyone sprawling backwards.

Renna, one of the attacking Amazons, connected on a punch to Caitlin's eye before Caitlin had a chance to grab her arm and pull it out of its socket.

Marta, the guard Killian had jumped, pulled the enraged girl off of her and tossed the young lass across the room, right into the hands of Queen Marga.

The Queen struggled to maintain a fierce hold on Killian as the girl tried to rejoin the fight.

"ENOUGH!" Shouted the Queen. "Stand Down, Amazons!"

Everyone stopped where they were and looked at the Queen.

Killian took this moment to squirm out of Marga's grip, running to tackle Nala.

Caitlin grabbed Killian in mid-flight, and pulled her into her arms.

"Let me go!" Killian seethed, "I'm going to kill them."

"No," stated Caitlin, as the warrior moved to get a better grip on her charge, "It's over, Killian."

"Centaur Dung!" Shouted the girl as she struggled to get free. "She let them beat me! She knew they would. I hate her!" Killian spat her words at her Queen.

Caitlin grabbed hold of Killian's arms and pushed her back against the wall roughly, bracing her there with her forearm.

"Killian, you will show your Queen respect."

The Amazons pulled themselves together and were gathered around Marga, watching with disbelief.

"To Hades with you, Caitlin. You left me too." Killian shook with anger, locking eyes with the powerful warrior.

Caitlin set her jaw, pulled the girl from the wall, and delivered several well-placed swats on her behind.




Caitlin pitched her voice low as she placed her lips on the girl's ear.

"Killian, you will show me respect, and apologize to your Queen. Do you hear me?"

"Bite me," Killian hissed.

Caitlin's lips descended upon the fiery lass's mouth, effectively closing off any more expletives. The warrior kissed Killian deeply, lingering long, until she felt her body soften, and her lips respond feverishly.

Renna started to speak, but the Queen held up her hand to silence her Amazons. The group watched in fascination as Caitlin released Killian from the kiss and unceremoniously pulled her over to a knocked over chair. The Warrior set the chair upright, sat down, and yanked Killian across her lap.

The spanking that followed was fierce and unrelenting. The welts on Killian's bottom glowed anew as Caitlin proceeded to redden the girl's ass with fervor. Again and again Caitlin's hand came down, causing pained grunts and more flailing from young Killian.

Finally, when Caitlin felt Killian give out and slump across her lap, the spanking ended.

Caitlin pulled Killian to her feet, gently wiping tears from her reddened eyes, and whispered firmly into the girl's ear.

"Killian, I am right here. I am not leaving you. Now, I want you to apologize to your Queen for your behavior."

"But Caitlin, her…she…."

"Right now."

Killian swallowed, and considered her options. She looked up at the stern warrior, bit her lower lip in consternation, and slowly nodded.

"Say it. To her." Caitlin held Killian around the shoulders, and directed her to face the Queen.

Killian looked at her Amazon sisters, four of whom looked like they would require serious medical attention. The girl looked into the eyes of her Queen and suddenly turned shy. She tried to turn away, but Caitlin's firm hands on her shoulders would not allow her to move. Killian licked her lips trying to stall. A low rumble from behind her made her think twice. Killian blew out a breath she didn't know she had been holding.

"I…. I'm…. sorry my Queen. I didn't mean to cause trouble. I didn't think. I am sorry."

Queen Marga took a few steps until she stood in front of Killian. The Queen took her bruised and tear streaked face in her hands.

"I accept your apology, Killian. We love you, even when we are very frustrated with you."

Killian began to cry. She never thought she would hear her Queen say this. She was sure her Queen did not love her.

Caitlin released Killian into Marga's arms. The Queen hugged her young charge. It had been a long time since Marga had felt anything but intense frustration with the girl. It felt good to see another side of her.

Caitlin and Marga exchanged glances across the head of Killian.

Marga reluctantly smiled, knowing what it was that Caitlin's smile was referring to.

"Caitlin, I want you to think of another reward the Amazons can offer you. Punishing Killian tomorrow is due you for putting yourself in harm's way to save her, and the others."

"And Killian," the Queen took the girl by the shoulders, "you still must go through your punishment tomorrow. That has not changed. You put yourself and your sisters in grave danger by leaving Amazon land today. You will have to pay the price for your misbehavior. Do you agree?"

"Yes, my Queen. I am sorry. I truly am. I accept what you think should be done with me."

"Good girl. That is a good start." Marga hugged the still crying girl again.

The Queen's gaze shifted to Caitlin, who stood watching Killian.

"So, what other reward can I give you?"

"Let Killian take the Amazon Rite of Passage."

Killian gasped, as did several of her Sisters.

Queen Marga silenced her warriors with a lift of her hand.

Killian stepped out of her Queen's hug, and stood staring wide-eyed at Caitlin, who managed to curl her lip slightly into what could pass as a smile.

"Caitlin, you can have whatever you wish, gold, a new sword, anything. Are you sure you want to give all of that up for this?"

Caitlin looked directly into Killian's deep brown eyes, and got lost there for a heartbeat.

"I am sure, Queen Marga. I have never been more sure of anything."

Killian was speechless, which for her was nearly a miracle.

Marga fixed Caitlin with a resigned shake of her head.

"Fine Caitlin, if that is your wish, I will allow it. But Killian, look at me girl. I will rescind my ok if you misbehave in any way between now and then. Do you hear me?"

"Oh yes, my Queen!" Killian nearly jumped out of her skin with excitement.

"Alright then, but you listen to me, Killian," Marga fixed the girl with a stern stare. "I will not have any of your shenanigans. One slip by you, and I pull you out of the challenge. End of story. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes ma'am." Killian replied solemnly. "I hear you, and I will behave. I promise. Thank you so much my Queen, thank you, thank you!"

Killian could not help herself; she ran to the Queen and hugged her tightly. Marga had no alternative but to return the hug.

The Amazons grumbled behind her, and Caitlin smiled a sly smile in front of her.

Marga simply sighed, and knew that she could never stay mad at Caitlin for this. The warrior just had a way about her.

"Now, Killian, I will leave you in Caitlin's capable hands while I deal with your Sisters' disobedience. If I am not mistaken, this Warrior has some more business with you."

Marga smiled over Killian's shoulder at the amused Caitlin. The Warrior raised her eyebrow, as she took Killian back in her arms from the Queen.

"I am sure you can keep her safe, Caitlin, but I will post my Royal guards at the door just in case."

Marga looked sternly around at her disheveled crew, and pointed to the door. No one met her eyes as they all began to file out.

"I am sure I can keep her safe," Caitlin said as Marga exited.

The tall warrior turned Killian around in her arms to face her.

"And I will keep you safe, Killian, I promise."

The kiss was more expected this time, and Killian responded hungrily. Caitlin picked the girl up and carried her to the pallet, laying her down tenderly. Killian winced as her backside connected with the bed.

Caitlin whispered as she brushed a hair off of Killian's forehead, "That's what you get, lass, for being so feisty."

Killian smiled for what seemed like the first time in her life.

"I will have to remember that, Caitlin."

The warrior removed her sword, and stepped out of her clothes.

Killian's breath caught at the beauty of the strong woman before her. She had never seen anyone as striking, and the girl had seen all of her Sisters in their full glory. Killian held her breath and swallowed a few times as Caitlin approached her.

Caitlin very gently laid herself on top of Killian. The girl's breast welts were hot against her skin.

"Does this hurt you, Killian?"

Killian smiled, "No, Caitlin, you feel soft."

"Soft?" Caitlin raised her eyebrow in mock indignation.

"Whoops. Is that not a warrior kind of thing to say?"

Caitlin's lip curled up again in a sultry smile.

"I do have a reputation to think of, lass. Just don't say I am soft in public, got it?"

"Got it."


Caitlin descended slowly upon Killian, capturing her mouth in blissful exploration.

Killian moaned into Caitlin, closing her eyes at the rush of sensation coursing through her.

The warrior slid her thigh between Killian's legs, smiling at the wetness she felt there. Caitlin slowly placed the palm of her hand on Killian's stomach.

She jumped at the sensation.

The warrior nibbled at Killian's ear; "This is your first time, isn't it."

It was not a question.

Killian began to cry. She turned her head away from Caitlin, trying feebly to hide her shame.

"Shhhh. It is all right. I've got you. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Killian, look at me."

Killian swallowed and looked up into intensely beautiful deep brown eyes.

"Yes," Killian whispered. Her face was the picture of pure need and innocence.

"I am sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry for. We all have to have a first time. I am honored to be yours."

Caitlin kissed her softly and deeply.

Killian responded with eagerness.

The warrior kissed her neck, whispering, "Killian, I want you to tell me if anything hurts, or is uncomfortable for you. Do you promise me?"

"Caitlin, I…….Oh Sweet Artemis."

"You have to promise me, lass, or I just may have to stop."

Killian couldn't see the warrior's smile.

"NO! NO! Caitlin, I promise! Don't stop. Please! I need you."

"Good girl. Shhhh….. I am right here."

Caitlin took Killian's mouth again, sliding her tongue in slowly but firmly, as she slipped her hand into Killian's sweet core.

The girl's moan was captured by the warrior's lips. Caitlin slid her fingers softly around her soaking center, bringing the girl off the bed with pent up need.

Killian hadn't known this kind of ache before, and it nearly overwhelmed her. She knew only that she needed Caitlin to touch her, and a lot. Killian's need got the better of her, and she began again to cry in earnest, quietly. Tears slipped down her cheeks.

Caitlin slid her hand out and circled the girl in a protective hug.

"What is it? What is making you cry? Did I hurt you?

"No. No." Killian tried to catch her breath.

"Caitlin, I just……..I just….. Oh Zeus! I need you so much it hurts! I am sorry, Caitlin. I can't seem to control myself."

Caitlin laughed as she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh sweet lass. It is ok, I've got you. What you are feeling is perfectly normal. It is ok; I am not going anywhere. You can need me all you like."

"I can? You don't think I am too strange?" Killian buried her head in Caitlin's shoulder.

"Not strange, Killian. Wonderful. I am thrilled that you want me so. Now trust me, ok? Let yourself go. I have got you, and there is nothing you can do wrong. Do you trust me Killian?"

"Yes, Caitlin. I do."


The warrior decided to start Killian slowly in the art of making love. Caitlin wanted her to feel safe and secure. There was plenty of time to teach her more.

Caitlin kissed Killian deeply, taking her tongue and sucking it in gentle rhythm as she circled the girls swollen center with two seasoned fingers.

Killian nearly screamed with emotion. The lass exploded with her first assisted orgasm. In Killian's heart the sensation seemed to go on forever. Her butt and back were fully off the bed reaching for the touch of her lover. Aching for this to continue. And continue it did. Caitlin brought Killian to several more crests, as the girl gave her warrior everything she had.

Finally, Killian dropped on the bed, nearly faint with exhaustion. She had never felt so sublime as at this moment.

Caitlin wrapped her up in her arms, holding her and rocking her slowly until the trembling had fully subsided.

Caitlin was very pleased with herself, and could not keep the smile off of her face. This young one was beautiful. She was going to be a challenge, but Caitlin thrived on challenge.

"Killian," Caitlin soothed into her ear after a bit. "I have to get up for a minute, to get dressed. I need to protect you through the night, and I will do that better if I am dressed. Do you understand?

Killian looked worried.

"You are not going to leave me here, are you?"

"No, lass. I am staying right here beside you until they call for you tomorrow. I am not leaving your side. I just need to be prepared if something happens."

"Ok. As long as you don't go anywhere. You said it was ok to need you, right?"

Caitlin smiled deeply, making Killian nearly melt.

"Yes, you can need me all you want. I am right here. This is where I want to be."

Killian watched Caitlin with fascination as the warrior donned her deerskin clothing. When the warrior picked up her belt to put it back on, Killian gasped at the sight of it, remembering what was still in store for her.

Caitlin took the belt and handed it to Killian. She recoiled.

"Take it. I want you to feel it. I don't want you to be afraid of it tomorrow. Take it, please."

Killian took the belt into her hands, and felt the wide leather. She snapped the belt a couple of times, and started to tremble.

Caitlin took Killian in her arms, taking the belt from her and holding her close.

"Killian," Caitlin smoothed her hair. "I promise you I will be there for you before, during, and after your punishment. I will only give you what you deserve, and no more. Then when it is over, I will take you to my own hut, and treat your welts, helping you heal in every way I can. And I will not leave you."

Killian couldn't look at Caitlin as she spoke. "How severely do you think I deserve to be punished, Caitlin?" Tears rolled down delicate cheeks.

Caitlin tightened her hold on the girl, kissing the top of her head in reassurance. She turned Killian around and held her by the shoulders, capturing Killian's gaze with her most compelling look.

"I will not sugar coat it, Killian. I think what you did deserves a strong punishment, and I am going to give it to you." Caitlin pulled Killian tight to her. "I promise you, I will do my best to give you a fair, and sound whipping, and no more. And I will be there right after, to do what I can to minimize the damage. It will be painful for you to sit for several days, but you will surely live, my feisty girl."

"Now, how long has it been since you have slept, Killian. You were up early today I expect. Did you sleep at all last night?"

"No, Caitlin. I was too… "

"…busy planning for trouble, no doubt. Well, I am putting you to bed right now. No lip from you either."

Caitlin raised her eyebrow in challenge to Killian's mouth, but smartly, it chose to remain closed.

Caitlin propped herself up into a sitting position at the head of the bed and pulled Killian up to lie between her legs. The lass sprawled an arm over the thigh she used as a pillow, and fell quickly into a deep sleep.

Caitlin looked down at this new being in her life, and smiled, shaking her head. You have done it this time, warrior. You got it bad. Hook line and sinker. Snagged you are. What are you going to do?

_____ *** _____

Part 6  Coming Home - by Killian

Killian's perspective}

I felt her heart beating beneath me. Strong, steady thumping under my ear. The smell of her leather intoxicated me, and I felt I might just swoon from her scent alone.

"Good morning, lass." Her voice rumbled into my ear.

I smiled.

I started unbuttoning her vest.

"Mmm, feisty this morning, are we?"

I growled and went to work with renewed fervor.

She chuckled under me, and took hold of my hips, sliding me on top of her.

"Ohhhh." I uttered as the ache between my legs now lay straddled between her thighs.

She held my hips, and slid me towards her as she lifted her leg slightly, causing lighting bolts to shoot through my core.

I dropped my head to her chest, grabbed at her vest and moaned into her breasts.

"Sweet Gaia."

"No. Sweet Killian."

She lifted her hand to my chin and brought it up to meet her warm lips.

I had never tasted such sweet nectar.

Her tongue probed for entrance and I opened to her.

Her knee rose ever so slightly, and her left hand pressed into my backside.

I felt like I might jump out of my skin. I rubbed against her now, devouring her with my mouth. I had to have her. I wanted to be inside of her, to live inside of her.

She let me climb, and ride her with my adolescent surge of passion.

Her right hand slipped between my grinding legs, and found my hot center.

I nearly bucked off of her, but her left hand kept me firmly in place.

"Oh Goddess!" I cried. "Sweet, sweet Goddess!"

I felt a finger slip inside of me. Then it stopped. I tried pressing myself into it, wanting it to fill me.

Her lips snuck up to my ear.

"Lass, this might hurt a little. Then it will feel better. Do you trust me?"

I stopped, momentarily confused by her suggestion of pain.

"Yes, I trust you Caitlin."

"Ok then, sweet one. It will not hurt for long, then you will find ecstasy."

She found my lips again, and began intensely kissing me, sucking me into her aura. I forgot myself and began grinding again. Her finger pushed in hard and I winced. She kept her left hand pressed into my butt, and lifted her knee higher, urging my hips to ride.

I did. Soon her one finger was joined by another, and her thumb circled and pressed into me, driving me wild.

I rode her hard, with abandon.

Suddenly, I saw stars, throwing my head back in an explosion of sensations.

"YES! Yes. Lass." She coaxed.

Tears began streaming down my cheeks, as I pumped into her, wanting more, and getting it.

Again, I arched, and ached out the word "C-A-I-T-L-I-N."

I fell onto her chest, heaving, and covered in a fine sheen of sweat.

She tenderly removed her hand and flipped me over, covering my body with her own.

"You are mine, lass." She seductively whispered into my ear. "You know that."

My center still ached, and she slid her knee into me, pressing with expert tenderness.

I started arching into her, and feeling myself about to explode again.

Her hand once again slipped between my legs, and found its' mark.

"You are Mine, lass." She said again, as her thrusts grew more insistent.

"YES!" I screamed, as I felt her arch into me and explode along with me.

"Yes. Caitlin. Yes."

I dropped back down onto the pallet, wrung out, but tingling all over.

Her damp head dropped down onto my shoulder, and she lie there on top of me, unmoving.

I suddenly began to cry convulsively.

Caitlin slid off of me and took me into her arms, pulling me to her, stroking my hair tenderly.

"What is it, lass? Shhh, I've got you."

I cried incoherently for several minutes. Grasping at her, and holding on for dear life.

She tightened her grasp, and covered us with a blanket, all the time uttering soft cooing sounds to my inconsolable self.

Time passed, and I finally gave out. All that was left as I lay spent in her arms, was the shaking. My convulsions were erratic now, and slowing to a stop.

"What is it." She asked again.

"I am yours," a whisper, almost lost on her.

"Yes, Killian."

She hugged me closer.

"You are mine. You are mine, Killian. If you will have me."

"Oh yes. Yes. Yes! Caitlin. I wanted you from the first minute I saw you. I was yours then. I am yours. I am….."

Caitlin smiled, and I felt it through her whole body. I hugged her tightly.

I belong, I thought quietly, and astoundingly. I, Killian, belong.

_____ *** _____

Part 7 - Escape

Killian's Perspective}

I don't know what got into me, but I had to get out of there. I begged Caitlin to let me run away. I didn't want anything to do with this day. I didn't want to face my Sisters, and I didn't want to be punished by Caitlin. I didn't want to go through the Rite of Passage, and I didn't want to be an Amazon. Right then all I cared about was getting away. Anywhere. Away from everyone. I was going crazy.

I broke away from Caitlin, and ran out the front door. The Guards had not had time to rebuild it, and since Caitlin was with me, they were not watching the entrance very closely. At least not from my side.

I ran for the forest as quick as I could. I was grateful that they had brought me some clothes when they brought our breakfast. I didn't know how I would make my way in the world if I had remained stark naked. I knew I had to get away, and I knew it couldn't be with Caitlin. She had heard what a problem I was, and it was just a matter of time before she would tire of me too. I couldn't bear the thought of that, so I ran.

Now I am fast as lightning. Fastest one in the whole tribe maybe. No one can catch me when I am gone. No one, that is, until Caitlin. I was sure I had left her in my dust long ago, when suddenly there she was in front of me. I nearly ran smack into her, but I was quicker than that, and shot past her on an alternate route. I couldn't believe that she had gotten ahead of me, but I wasn't going to let that happen again.

I darted this way and that, trying to make my trail make no sense. They thought me crazy, so damn it I was going to give them crazy. I didn't care. Caitlin was better off by letting me go, and if she didn't know that now, I wasn't going to wait for her to find out.

Through the forest I ran, not caring that I was getting scraped and clawed by the mighty underbrush that surrounds our land. I was just about to the border, and I was certain that if I could make it past this next bend that it would be impossible to catch me in open ground.

I didn't make it that far.

Caitlin appeared out of nowhere, snatching me up by my skirt into the trees. She was above me, that banshee. She had taken to the treetops and outpaced me easily. She wasn't even breathing hard.

I was caught speechless, and momentarily helpless to do anything.

Caitlin grabbed a hold of me around the waist, and tumbled us down to the forest floor. She held me off of the ground, seemingly knowing that my thought was to explode up and away the minute she set me down. Instead, she threw me over her shoulder, and began to walk back towards the village.

When I got what she was doing, I found my spark, and began fighting furiously with her to make her drop me.

She kept walking, seemingly oblivious to my ranting, and pulling of her hair, and pounding of her back.

All at once, she stopped and I was flying through the air. I hit the water before I realized we had made it to the village creek. I went under and came up sputtering and spewing water, and yelling more invectives at this crazier than me warrior.

Caitlin had followed me into the water and now grabbed me by the elbow and hauled me out. I was too much in shock to kick her, but I later wished I had. She strode us over to a boulder, sat down and pulled me over her lap. My arms were roughly jerked behind my back with one hand, while she yanked my britches down with the other.

She spanked me hard and long.

I thought I had felt the worst of what she had to offer, but as my backside felt more and more on fire, I changed my mind. Again and again she came down with her hand, burning it into my flesh. Somewhere in the middle of it, I realized she was still going to be whipping me today, and how in the Hades was I going to live through that.

I started rethinking my earlier attempt to run. It didn't look so wise in my current position.

Caitlin didn't tire of spanking me until long after I tired of receiving the spanking. I thought she may stop if I stopped fighting. She didn't. I thought she would stop if I started really crying. She didn't. I thought she would surely stop when I began begging in earnest. No. Not then, and not for what felt like a long time after.

I finally gave up trying to get her to stop, and gave up period. I wasn't going to get her away from me, and I knew that.

That is when it stopped. It was like she read my mind. Just when I came to the realization that I was going to be stuck with her, she let up. I was past heaving with tears at this point. I was spent, and worn out. And more sore than I had ever been in my young life.

She seemed to sense that. She turned me over and held me close in her arms. She actually rocked me. I couldn't believe it. I also couldn't contain my grief. I opened up and wailed into her shoulder. I cried and cried. I knew I was no good for her and told her so.

She merely hugged me tighter, and said over and over again, "You are mine Killian. I will never leave you. I want you, and I love you."

I told her she was making a mistake, and to get out while she could.

She laughed.

I couldn't help but laugh too. A little.

"I am too, bad for you. You wait and see, Caitlin. You will regret this. Ask any of the Amazons. They will tell you."

"Killian," She soothed me as she wiped my tears away.

"I keep my own counsel, lass. You are who I want. I wanted you from the first second I laid eyes on you. I will never regret that. If I have to turn you over my knee every day for the rest of our lives to prove it to you, I will. But you will only be left with a sore butt, and I will still want you."

Again she laughed. A full throated laugh.

I stopped crying. I think I smiled.

"Every day for the rest of our lives?"


"Even if I get sick and am near death?"


"Even if I get bitten by a snake, and break my leg?!"

"Even then." She was rocking me again, and smiling into a nearly constant chuckle.

"Wow!" It was all I could think of to say.

"Yup. You are stuck with me, Killian. Your backside will thank you if you get used to that sooner, rather than later."

I shook my head and let her hold me a while. This was going to take some thinking on.

After a time I began to breathe again. I sighed deeply into her arms.

"Ok," I said. "Ok."

"We could clear that up."

She stood me on my feet, and I pulled up my britches, slowly.

"Caitlin," I whispered. "What of my punishment?"

She put her hand on my face, and gently lifted my bangs out of my eyes.

"My sweet one, you will have to go through with it, you know that."

"I know," I said quietly.

"I can tell you this, lass. I warmed you up pretty good. It will actually make it hurt less. Do you trust me?"

"Yes, Caitlin, I do."

"Then trust this when I ask you to not fight me, and I will get you through it quickly, and with no more pain than you just felt. Ok?

"Really?" I was shocked.

She smiled at me and hugged me close, kissing the top of my head.

"Yep, I promise. You won't sit well for a few days, but I think that will just help you focus on training for the challenge."

"Caitlin, you think the Queen will let me do it now, after what I have done?"

I snuggled in close to her, and forgot why I ever thought I could be away from her for a minute, let alone forever.

"I understand why you ran, lass, and I will see that your Queen understands too. I promise."

"Now we better get back. You have a punishment to take, and training to start with me, if you are gonna kick Amazon butt in a few days."

"You are gonna train me?! Wow! Did Queen Marga say you could? Do you want to? Aren't I too much of a pain? Won't you-"

_____ *** _____

Caitlin knew how best to shut up the chatty girl. Her lips were soft but urgent against Killian's.

The strong warrior backed the girl up against the nearest tree. Her kiss became deeper as a hand found its way beneath Killian's waist band.

Killian moaned hard into Caitlin's mouth as the Warrior slipped two fingers into her and pressed up into her center with her knee. Killian was wet and throbbing beneath Caitlin's masterful urging.

The dark warrior's thumb barely grazed over the protruding nub when Killian let out a groan, and begged for release….

Suddenly everything stopped. Caitlin stepped back from Killian, and gave her a stern look.

"That will have to keep you until your punishment in through."

"WHAT?! You have got to be kidding me!" Killian was incredulous.

Caitlin took another step back, crossed her arms over her chest, and gave Killian that infernal raised eyebrow, a sign she had learned meant, ‘Don't push your luck, lass.'

Killian caught her breath, and looked up at Caitlin mournfully.

"You know my mind will not be on the punishment Caitlin." She pouted.

"I know, Killian. I know. Now get moving before I lose MY resolve."

_____ *** _____

Part 8 - Justice

Caitlin's perspective}

I knew I was going to have to be hard on her. She needed it.

She had pushed so many away for so long by misbehaving, then turning banshee. It was going to take a lot for me to get through to her. I had to teach her that I am with her now, I love her, and I am not allowing her to behave in a way that endangers herself, or anyone else. She needs to hear that message, and I intend to keep sending it until she does.

She stood facing me now, disheveled and subdued, on the raised Festival stage. Queen Marga stood next to me, and the Amazon Elders stood behind us. Before us were gathered her entire Amazon tribe, and two other tribes who had come in for the Festival. Scattered in the crowd were a few women traders like myself. Off to the side, in manacles and neck collars, were the punished Amazons who attacked Killian and myself in the cell. Their backs were bare and the raised welts of the whip stood out in sharp contrast to their tanned skin. Marga had brought them up close to the stage, where we had to pass them, no doubt to remind me how fierce Amazon justice can be. And to show Killian that disobedience, even if it is directed at her, will be dealt with severely.

Killian looked at me now with those intense and haunting brown eyes of hers. She silently pleaded with me to take her away from this, and make her punishment a private affair. She knew I could not do that, and I knew she could not help but ask. She was trying to be brave now that we were here, but I could see that she was trembling. Her breathing was shallow, and her eyes fought off tears.

The Queen addressed the assembled crowd.

"Turn around Killian, and face your Sisters."

Killian spared me one last glance. I tipped my chin at her and winked. I wanted her to know that, although I was soon going to be severely punishing her, I still believed in her. She seemed to change her demeanor after that. As she turned around I saw her stand up straight and lift her head. She looked almost regal in the morning sun, with her long auburn hair blowing back slightly in the breeze. This was the lass I had come to love, and I stood behind her, proud of her courage, in the face of what was about to take place.

"Fellow Amazons, and honored guests. We gather today to witness the chastisement of one of our own. This young woman has disrespected her tribe, and disrespected me personally. It is our duty as a tribe to see that she is punished for her misbehavior, and taught proper respect for our ways."

"Since it was Caitlin who rescued Killian, and the other girls, at some risk to her own safety, I am going to allow her to discipline Killian instead of me. The punishment will be meted out as we discussed yesterday: A severe whipping, while laying over my ceremonial table, using Caitlin's ample belt. If Killian in any way resists this punishment, she will be tied to the whipping block, and given twice the punishment she has coming to her."

Killian looked shocked at Marga's last words. She had told me she would not resist me, but I think the consequences of doing that were driven home to her, by her Queen.


"Yes, Queen Marga."


"Thank you."

"Killian, face me."

Killian turned. As tears welled up in her eyes, she took a deep breath, and swallowed. I was struck by the intensity of her beauty, along with the fragileness of her defiant demeanor. I had to catch my breath before I could begin.


Killian grimaced, but kept her eyes locked onto mine. As far as I was concerned there was no one there except for her and me . I think from her expression that she felt the same way.

The lass removed her top, exposing lush and erect breasts. She folded the cloth carefully and laid it beside her. Next, she pulled down her britches from under her skirt. This too, she carefully folded, and laid on her top. Never taking her intense gaze off of me, she moved to undo her skirt, exposing her nakedness.

The crowd began to whisper and rustle when they noticed her already heavily reddened behind.

I, for my part, broke eye contact long enough to take in the intoxicating sight in front of me. She seemed proud of my longing gaze, even widening her feet for me to get a better look at her lush mound. I looked back up when I saw the glistening wetness slipping down both of her legs. She seemed to be trying to fall into me, and make the outside world disappear. She succeeded.

Now came the hard part. If she was going to bolt, it would be now.

"Kneel in front of your Queen."

Killian's eyes took on an angry stare, nearly becoming black. She didn't move.

"Now, Killian."

She was warring with herself, it was plain to see. This act would be extremely humbling for her, and I knew she was rarely made humble, even when disciplined by her Queen. This was the keystone to the lesson, and my commitment to her.

Finally, her eyes softened, and she gave me a brief nod before kneeling to face her Queen.

The first battle for her soul was won.

"Apologize to her for your misbehavior."

It was one thing for me to get this lass to apologize in front of five Amazons, but this was her whole tribe, and then some.

She looked at me darkly, and worked her jaw.

I rose my eyebrow at her, and waited.

"I, um, I…I…"

Her struggle gave me knots in my own stomach.

"Mmm… Queen…"

"Look at her, Killian."

Killian made two fists as she kept her eyes focused on the ground.

Again we waited.

As she struggled to lift her head, I saw the first tears trickle out. I knew this must be killing her to have to go through this so publicly. My heart ached for her, but my resolve was steadfast.

Killian raised her head, and looked into her Queen's eyes. I was pleased.

"My Q..Queen. I… I…"

Killian looked at me with distress. She needed my help.

"You can do this, lass." I spoke softly enough that only those close by could hear. "I know you can. Just say what is in your heart."

"Go on, Killian. You can do this."

"Ok. If you say I can, Caitlin."

I wanted to take her in my arms right then, and forget this whole thing. Instead I pointed her toward the Queen again.

"My Queen. I am so sorry for what I did. I was upset that you were keeping me from the Amazon challenge, and I just….I just….. got so mad……. I am sorry. I am sorry I disobeyed you, and even sorrier for getting Hildy and Merris in trouble."

At that, she hung her head again.

"Please forgive me," She said to the platform.

Queen Marga took her chin, and lifted it up so Killian could see her warm eyes.

"I forgive you, Killian. I want you to know it takes a brave woman to face up to her misdeeds, and accept the consequences. I know this is very new for you, and equally as hard. I am proud of you."

Killian couldn't help herself, she reached out and hugged the Queen's leg's, sobbing deeply.

Marga looked at me, and nodded her approval, as she patted Killian's back.

After a time, Killian's crying ceased, and she let go of her Queen. She looked at me for further instruction.

"Turn around, Killian, on your knees, and face your Sisters."

Killian looked at me, horrified. I felt for her, but she needed to go through this.

"Killian, do it. Now."

I could see her face get ashen as she struggled to turn and face her Sisters, naked and on her knees.

"Now. Apologize to them for your flagrant disrespect and misbehavior."

I saw her turn red in embarrassment. She was trembling more now. It was too hot out for it to be the weather. I couldn't see her eyes, but I suspected she was looking through the crowd for a friendly face. I picked out Killian's friend Luna in the crowd, waving. Killian saw her too, and smiled.

Killian looked back at me. I am not sure if it was for reassurance, or a hope that I would stop everything and spare her.

I nudged her with my head, to turn back around, and do what I had instructed.

I had to smile. She lifted her head and looked out on that crowd, shaky and covered with a fine sheen of sweat, but I could see her spark clearly.

She intoxicated me so. I wanted to just leave all of this behind, take her somewhere private, and ravish her for hours. Come to think of it, after this, I was going to do just that. She was so raw and so deeply compelling to me as she kneeled before her tribe. My whole body ached to touch her.

"My Sisters. I didn't mean…. I couldn't help…. Um……."

I saw her close her eyes as she tried to gain composure.

She sighed deeply, tilted her feisty head back, set her jaw, and opened her piercing eyes.

"My Sisters. I have misbehaved, and got not only myself, but two others, into danger, where we may have gotten really hurt if Caitlin had not happened upon us as she did. I know I don't follow the rules well."

This garnered a few cackles and hoots from the crowd. Marga waved them quiet and put her hand on Killian's shoulder, instructing her to continue.

Killian was shaken again, and fought to find Luna in the crowd..

"I am truly sorry my Sisters. I will do better. I promise. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I hope you can one day, um… forgive me."

There was a buzz, and quiet chatting amongst the women. A few heads nodded in agreement.

Killian stayed kneeling there, knowing better than to move without permission.

Another round won.

"Killian. Stand up, and come here."

"Yes, Caitlin." She said as she got to her feet, and came to me.

She stood before me so open and trusting. Her eyes looked steadily into mine without a hint of defiance. Her lush body called to me, her nipples erect, her mound shiny with her own dew. I was in awe of her at that moment.

I took a deep breath and focused on what I must, what she needed, me to do.

"Killian. Remove my belt."

Her hands were trembling as she reached up and fumbled with undoing the looped end of my belt. When she got to the buckle, she hesitated, and looked at me. She stood so close, I wanted to reach down and take her lips with mine. I didn't.

I raised my eyebrow, just to get myself back in charge.

She swallowed and finished undoing my belt. She handed it to me, her brown eyes reverent.

I took the belt from her with our eyes still locked. She raised her head, and stood up straighter, letting out a breath. My heart jumped a beat witnessing her trying to put on a brave front.

Two of the elders brought the table forward. It was ornately carved oak, draped with a silk woven cloth of Artemis with here bow. Marga stood near it at the center of the stage. She motioned for me to continue.

"Bend over the table, lass."

She closed her eyes. She was trembling and breathing in short bursts. It looked to me like she was willing herself to obey me, and not run.

I waited.

After a few deep breaths, she opened her eyes. Her trembling was still there, and tears were threatening, but the resolve in her eyes was stronger.

"Yes, Caitlin."

She laid herself over the table and grabbed a tight hold of its edge.

Her bottom rose before me, tinged with a deep blush. I longed at that moment to have the pleasure of just caressing this ass for a long time. My own center contracted involuntarily.

I took a minute to let her think about her situation. She shifted uncomfortably against the table. I knew her head was spinning with trepidation. That was just how I wanted her to be.

I wound the length of the long belt around my right hand a few times, pulling it tight as I did so.

I placed my left hand at the small of her back to hold her steady. I then took one last look at Marga, who nodded.




I wanted the first few blows to shake her up, and get her attention. By the sound of her anguished gasping, I had succeeded.

Over and over I came down with the belt on her butt and thighs. She made involuntary bursts of noise each time I struck a blow, but otherwise stayed still.

At ten strokes I was just getting warmed up. Her grunts were getting more pronounced now, but still she did not move, save for the trembling.






At 15 her breathing had become labored, and her legs started to really shake.

Still, I did not let up.






At twenty strokes she was sobbing. She tried to stay still with gallant effort, but it was clear to me that she needed my hand to hold her in place.

She had welts covering most of her butt and thighs now, but I knew she still needed more.

I was beginning to wear out myself. This would be over soon, for both of us.

Five more strikes, and I was finished.

She cried hard, but she did not beg. I was proud of her.

I held her in place as I lifted my head to Marga.

"It is done," said the Queen to the deathly silent crowd.

Nearly everyone, including me, let out a held breath. The crowd began shifting and murmuring approval.

I think they hadn't expected me to be so hard on Killian, considering my strong feelings for her. I believe I was correct in my assumption that I must be hard on her, or she would risk more attacks just as vicious as the one in the jail.

I held Killian in place across the table until I heard her sobbing cease, and her breathing return to normal. When that was clear to me, I took her by the arm and stood her slowly up, being sure to support her on her shaking legs.

The lass was dazed, but she managed to look up at me with relief in her eyes.

I looked at Marga again.

"Are we through here?" I asked tonelessly.

"Yes, Caitlin. Killian is free to go. You did well."

"It needed to be done."

I bent down and put Killian over my shoulder.

Marga put up a hand to quiet the rustling gathering.

"There is food and drink awaiting you, my friends. You need only turn around and enjoy."

I crossed to the steps, and walked down them, holding Killian carefully.

We passed directly through the crowd as it parted respectfully before us.

I headed straight for my cabin, at the back of the village.

_____ *** _____

Part 9 - Atonement

Caitlin's Perspective}

I made haste across the long distance between the Festival stage and my cabin. Marga had done me the courtesy of giving me a secluded place for my stay during the Festival. She knew I preferred not to be burdened with the constant chattering of the Amazons. I swear, some women just don't know when to shut up.

The scent of Killian's sex, as she lay slung over my shoulder, made my knees wobbly. I had to make love to her soon. It took all of my energy to not take her right on the Festival Stage. I can't say I have never been turned on by punishing someone before, but never like this. Never so powerfully. It is like she has cast a spell on my soul, and now every thing about her drives me wild with desire.

I kicked the door open to the cabin and took her inside. I set her down by the bed. Her hair hung about her face in a disheveled mess, but her eyes pierced me as they fell upon mine.

I was gone the second our eyes met.

She couldn't stand, but it didn't matter. I took her lips as if I might never touch them again. I consumed them with my own.

I held us both up as our tongues warred for territory. I was more powerful, but she returned my passion with an intense fire that was all her own.

Her hands started unbuttoning my deerskin vest with an almost desperate urgency. I held her as she worked. First the vest. Then my shirt. I thought she was going to just rip it off at one point, as her fingers fumbled with the buttons. She hesitated, and a quick look at my raised eyebrow made her slow down, and regain her ability to undress me properly.

Her lips were on my breasts before my shirt was fully off. I groaned as she tried to hungrily devour me. I let her go with it awhile. I threw my head back as she bit down on one nipple, and pulled. Sweet Athena, she was talented.

I pulled her up by her hair, and reclaimed her mouth as my hand explored roughly between her legs. She opened for me as much as she could, on her rubbery legs. I slid my fingers urgently into her as I pressed my other hand against her very welted backside, to brace her. She groaned deeply into my mouth. I was unsure if it was from the pleasure or the pain, or both, but I kept up my penetrating kiss, and my deep exploration of her swollen center.

Killian was panting now, and arching hard into my fingers. Her eyes were closed tightly, and her head thrown back as I sucked rhythmically on her tongue.

She was so close. So, so close…

As she was just about to crest, I eased off inside of her, and cut off the kiss.

She had a new lesson to learn.

I pulled my hand from inside of her and gave her a sharp slap on her raging behind. I held her by the shoulders at arms length, and looked at her sternly.

"What?" She gasped. "What did I do?"

"Hear me, Killian. While you are with me, you will never, and I mean NEVER, not even when pleasuring yourself, climax without asking my permission.


"Never. And if you disobey me on this, I will punish you well."

"But, Caitlin. I…"

I watched as Killian struggled with giving me so much power over her.

"I will have your word on this, Killian, or I stop right here."

"But Caitlin --"

"I will have your word, lass. Now. Do you trust me?"

"Of course I trust you, Caitlin!" She was getting frustrated.

"Then trust me with this." My eyes softened. "I will give you what you need, what you desire, with this act of trust, Killian. I promise you, I will never violate your trust."

"Ohhh, ok," She whimpered.

"Your word."

She swallowed.

I took a hold of her mouth with mine and kissed her deeply, as my fingers slid in circles around her clit.

She moaned, hard.

I put my mouth to her ear.

"I will have your word."

"Yes. Yes, Caitlin, you have my word." Her eyes were pained as they locked with mine. I knew she needed this, even if she didn't.

"Good girl." I smiled my most sensual smile, and pushed her down on her knees.

"Unbutton the opening to my leggings. Slowly."

Killian unbuttoned my buckskin britches with near reverence. When she was finished, she looked up at me curiously, her eyes wide.

I gave Killian my best swaggering smile, and arched eyebrow..

"Pull it out."

She tenderly reached in and pulled out the length of my leather dildo.

It stood at attention, staring her in the face.

"Put your hands on my hips, and take it into your mouth."

"What?" She looked up at me with her mouth hanging open.

"It won't bite you. Do as I say. Now."

I closed her mouth, and gave her my most serious look. I knew I needed to get her past the first fear, and my best way, was making her more afraid of me, than it.

"Do it," I growled.

She cautiously took it into her mouth. She didn't know what to do, so she started to lick it.

I pulled away and walked behind her.

"Up on your hands and knees. Now."

She obeyed, while trying to turn her head around to see what I was doing.



"Keep you head forward unless I tell you otherwise. Do you hear me, lass?"

"Yes, Caitlin."

I slid my hand into her slick wetness, from behind.

She moaned deeply, and put her head on the floor.


Her head shot up.

"Good girl."

I rubbed her slick canal slowly, as I licked an especially bright welt on her upturned ass.

She jumped.

"Don't move until I give you permission. Hear me?

I felt her trembling body stiffen.

"Yes, Caitlin, I'll try."

"Good girl. I am proud of you. You are doing well."

I worked her into an arched cry. She wanted to come so badly I could taste it.

"C..Ca..Caitlin. Can I-"

"No, lass. Not yet."

I heard her moan with frustration as I slipped my hand out of her and returned to stand in front of her.

"Sit back and look at me."

"Yes, Caitlin," she panted.

I took my now lubricated hand and began to stroke the dildo until it glistened.

Our eyes were locked the whole time.

"Good. Now suck it. Slowly."

Those haunting eyes were on me as she took in my length.

She gagged when I grabbed her head and pressed farther.

"Easy, lass. Easy. I won't choke you. Just relax."

I stroked her head as she took me in, pressing the base against my own swollen mound, making me shudder where I stood. This woman had captured me like no other. Her brown eyes were piercing me. I could not look away from her. I wanted her, I needed her like I needed breath. It was dizzying.

I clenched my ass cheeks and grabbed hold of the sides of her head as I came, fiercely. I held myself suspended between us as the shudders took me over.

Oh Goddess, how she affected me.

I started to back out of her mouth, but the feisty lass bit down, and held me in place.

I looked at her sternly.

She returned my look with defiance in her eyes.

I was forced into a crooked smile. Sweet Athena, I was so taken with this girl I could barely see straight.

She grabbed a tighter hold on my hips, and began rhythmically sucking, and pressing the length into my center.

I closed my eyes, and let my head fall back. I was in total ecstasy. I came again, with a vengeance. I am sure they heard my cry of K-ill-i-an, all the way to the Festival Stage.

I would take some ribbing over that tomorrow.

Right now, all I wanted was to give this girl my soul, and everything else on this earth I could get for her. She owned me.

This time when I stepped back, she let me go. Tears were brimming in her eyes as I pulled her to her feet and took her into my arms. I held onto her as if she were mine to protect forever. She was mine. She had given herself to me, and at this moment, I felt the intense depth of that offering.

When I kissed her this time, it was like I had been opened to a brand new world. One I had until now, never known existed. I can't explain it. It was like she had made my soul larger, and more able to feel its existence. I was throbbing all over. I nearly passed out from the intensity of it.

For her part, she was crying, and trembling so hard now, she really could not stand any longer. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the pallet. I laid her down on her side and told her to stay right there, leaning against my legs. I reached over her and grabbed all the pillows I could get my hands on, and piled them in the center of the bed. I lifted her to lay across them on her stomach. I knew she was going to be unable to lay on her back for days.

I untied, and slipped off the boots she had been wearing, and undressed myself the rest of the way. The welts covering her from low back to knees stood out in sharp relief to her tanned skin. I had been careful not to break the skin, but I am sure that was no comfort to her right now.

I reached over to my bedstand and grabbed the tin of ointment I had had Nyla, the Amazon healer, make up for me when I knew I was going to be the one punishing Killian. It was also when I outfitted myself with my leather piece.

While the salve would not make the pain leave, it would go a long way in helping her wounded backside heal much sooner.

"Shh now, sweet one, this should feel cool against your skin."

She moaned loudly as I began to work the salve into her welts. I moved slowly with my right hand as I slipped my left hand under her, and into her wetness.

She gasped.

"Shh, little one." I said as I began kissing her back.

I rubbed the cooling salve into her welts, pressing her over and over again into the hand that held and stroked her center. When I had covered all of her welts with a generous amount of the ointment , I wiped my hand on the bedding, and replaced my hand with my body.

I spread her legs with my own, and very slowly entered her from behind.

She groaned loudly, calling my name in a cry that was both pleasure and pain.

I rocked against her, fucking her slowly, as my fingers ground around her swollen nub. The heat of her welts pressed against my legs, urging me further, and faster.

She turned her head impossibly to the left, calling out for me.

"I need you, Caitlin. Kiss me, please. Kiss me."

I reached down and kissed her as deeply as my position would allow. It felt like she needed me inside of her everywhere. I gave that to her.

As my thrusts grew more rapid, I could no longer hold onto the kiss.

I let her go with my mouth, just in time for her to start begging me in earnest to let her come.

"Please, Caitlin. In the name of Artemis, Please, please…… let me!"

I leaned close into her head, and deepened the pressure of both my fingers and my thrusts.

"Yes, lass, come for me. Come for me, now!"

She exploded with a scream that nearly brought both of us up off of the bed. She forced her hips into my hand over and over again, willing the orgasm to linger.. I slowed the pace of the thrusting down to almost a whisper, pulling her farther and farther into herself. She held her breath, then a strangled sigh escaped her parted lips. .

I helped her ride it and ride it into several orgasms. She was insatiable.

Every time I thought she was done, having collapsed into the pillows yet again, she would begin to move, almost imperceptibly at first, then with greater energy, until she was fully thrusting into my hand and grunting into the bed, arching into space, grabbing that elusive fire, and claiming it inside of her once again. She was astonishing to me.

Finally, Killian did collapse for good. She lay, nearly dead weight against my hand, sweat pouring off of her, her welts freshly reddened from my contact. A silly, and very cute smile spread across her damp, hair-strewn face.

I could not love this girl more at this moment, if Aphrodite herself came down and put a spell on me.

I removed my leather piece, and pulled out several of the pillows supporting her. I rested her on just one pillow, and went back to work with the salve, having had a lot of it come off onto me during our lovemaking. This time I was more thorough, and gentle with her.

I lay down behind her and held her close to me, as she slept. I had promised I would see her through this, and I planned to. I was going to wait on her hand and foot for the next two days, until the swelling went down, whether she liked it or not.

I had a feeling her feistiness would rear up after two days of being cared for. I am sure I would have to threaten to turn her back over my knee, to get her to let me take care of her, but that is just what I would do.

Killian is my responsibility now. Gaia help anyone who tries to get in the way of that.

_____ *** _____

Part 10 - Training

"You're not focusing!"

"I am too focusing! It is that gods-be-damned MOVE you're doing that is throwing me off!" Killian's face was flushed with exertion and anger.

Caitlin hadn't broken a sweat, but her face was contorted in the frustration brought on by teaching her young charge.

"Look. When I do this," Caitlin swung the staff for the tenth time in a wide arc. "You do this."

The warrior feinted left and jumped, spinning and landing to the right of Killian, knocking the staff out of her hands. Again.

"Ouch! Centaur hooves! You did that on purpose!" Killian rubbed her sore hands together.

"Yes, I did. And watch your tone, lass."

"Or what!" Killian had had enough. They had been practicing this one move for at least two candlemarks, and all she had to show for it was sore hands and aching muscles.

Caitlin pitched her voice low. "Ki-lli-an."

Killian set her jaw defiantly. "I am never gonna get this stupid blasted thing anyway, so why are you MAKING ME!"

This last part Killian yelled.

"You will get it, Killian, if we have to stay here until dawn to do it." Caitlin's voice was controlled and measured.

Their eyes locked in silent battle.

"Now, pick up your staff, and let's try this again."

"No." Killian folded her arms over her chest, and jutted out her chin, acting much more defiant than she felt.

"Killian. You will pick up your staff and you will do it now." Caitlin's voice made Killian take a step back.


Caitlin closed her eyes, and ran her tongue over her teeth. It had been five days since Killian's big punishment, and Caitlin had been true to her word. The tall warrior had waited on Killian hand and foot, making her stay in bed for two days, while the constant application of ointment did its magic.

For the last three days, Caitlin had been working with the girl on the upcoming Challenge. Testing her weak points, and strengthening her strong points. They had made love only once, three days ago. Since then, Caitlin had been making Killian save her energy.

Killian was a good student. A very good student. The warrior had been able to teach her things in these last two days that took weeks for her old troops to pick up. Caitlin was so impressed, she was pushing her charge to win the challenge, not just make it through until the end..

But now, they had reached an impasse.

Killian spread her legs, trying to match the warrior's powerful stance.

Caitlin nearly laughed at the girl's attempt to show power. It took all of her energy to keep the stern look on her face. Caitlin smacked the end of her staff on the ground, more to distract Killian than anything. The older woman raised her eyebrow when the girl jumped a foot.

So, she is not as certain of her actions as she wants me to think, Caitlin thought to herself, as she fixed her steely look on the defiant girl. The warrior took a deep breath, and made a decision.

Caitlin advanced on Killian so fast that she had no chance to run. The big warrior grabbed the girl's arm and dragged her along with her.

Killian hadn't expected this. She hadn't expected anything; actually, she was too busy being frustrated. Now she realized what was happening, and she dug in her heels and tried to get out of her lover's grip.

To no avail. Caitlin had a firm grasp on her wrist, and her powerful arm kept Killian in tow.

Killian watched in horror as she was dragged to a boulder. She started to sputter and plead.

"Caitlin. I am sorry. I shouldn't have… Um… I was… Oh! Centaur poop! I didn't mean -- "

Caitlin hauled her in front of the boulder.


"But, Caitlin." Killian absently put her hands up to protect her butt. "I am… I can't…. I-"


Killian looked at Caitlin. She wanted to kick herself for being so stupid. She saw that "look" in Caitlin's eye, and knew she had really blown it. Her backside still hurt a little from the last punishment. She shook her head, and dropped it into submission as she took off her clothes.

"Okay, Caitlin."

"Okay, good. Now, turn around."

Killian swallowed, and pleaded one last time with her eyes.

Caitlin raised her eyebrow sternly when the girl took too long.

Finally, Killian obeyed.

"Bend over."

"Yes, Caitlin."

Killian bent over the boulder and gripped it.

Caitlin began to remove her belt.

Killian closed her eyes in dread.

"You have been asking for this, Killian."

"I know," Killian said in a whisper.

The touch startled her. But not as much as the sound of Caitlin's belt, dropping to the ground.

Killian tried to stand up, out of instinct, but a strong hand pushed her back down.

"Did I say you could move, lass?" Caitlin murmured in her ear, as the warrior's hand slid from her ass to her center.

Strong legs kicked Killian's legs open.

Caitlin's hands found Killian as she expected to, quite ready for her touch. The warrior wasted no time in exploring the lass' wetness, bringing an aching moan from her charge.

Killian's head was reeling.. She barely had time to register anything before Caitlin had her worked into a near frenzy. She swallowed, and grabbed at the boulder, this time to steady herself from all the sensations.

Caitlin's touch was masterful, coupled with the pressure from her body; Killian was quickly on the verge of exploding.

She nearly forgot herself in her state, but as Caitlin slowed her urgent rhythm, Killian quickly remembered her instructions.

"Caitlin! I am sorry. Can I? May I? Will you? OH Zeus! PLEASE...!"

"No, Killian." Caitlin abruptly stopped her movements.

Killian groaned, and tried to press herself into the boulder for release.

"I said NO, Killian."

Killian was panting now, but she held still.


She never saw it coming. The shock of it would have made her lose her footing, had Caitlin not had a strong hand on her back.




Ok, Killian was focusing now, on the heat building in her backside, and in her pulsing sex.


"Do I have your attention now, lass?"


"YES. YES," Killian stammered.


"I am right here with you." Her breathing was becoming quite labored.


"Good," Caitlin said.


"You and I are going to have a little talk."


"And I want you to pay close attention."


"Can you give me your attention, Killian?"


Killian was sweating now, and really feeling the fire, both inside and outside of her nether regions.





"Now, Killian. Do you want to take the Challenge?"


"Yes, Caitlin. I do, very much."


Killian bit her lip in response to the rising pain.

"Good, lass."


"Now, do you want my assistance?"


"Oh, yes, Caitlin. Very much."


"Ok, lass. In that case, are you willing to consider obeying me?"


"Yes, yes. I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me, Caitlin." Killian was panting now. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, but she held her tongue, and didn't cry out.

I know what got into you, little one, Caitlin thought to herself.

"Good girl. I am glad we had this talk. Now…" Caitlin slid her hands around to the front of Killian's body, as she pressed into the smaller woman's behind.

Killian moaned loudly as Caitlin took a gentle hold of her breasts, and started to massage them.

The dark warrior took great care as she attended to Killian. She kissed softly down Killian's back as her hand slid into a very swollen opening.

Caitlin knew she could have taken the lass roughly and made Killian's head swim, but this was to be a lesson in focus, not power.

With strong, slow movements, Caitlin began to penetrate Killian with one hand, while circling her clit with the other.

When Caitlin felt Killian's body trying to press into her, she admonished the girl. "Killian, just feel me. Stay still. I've got you."

Caitlin smiled when she heard the first sobs. She knew Killian was trying so hard that she had overwhelmed herself. The warrior's heart ached for this girl, who wanted so much to please her.

Caitlin was determined to take some of the weight off of the young one's shoulders, and knowing her as she did, she now realized that not attending to her intimately was a mistake. Killian needed Caitlin's strong hand to help her focus. The warrior promised both of them at this moment, that she would never forget that again.

Caitlin pressed her body against her lover as she felt Killian peak.

"Come for me, Killian. It's ok. I've got you."

Those words acted on Killian like a balm. The release she had was deeper and more explosive than she could remember.

Her cry of "Cait-lin," came from deep within her, as her crest went on and on and on.

When Killian was spent, the warrior took her in her arms, and slipped down to the ground, holding her on her lap. Killian tucked herself in, and stayed for a while in the very deep place she inhabited. Caitlin just sat with her, occasionally stroking her hair, and kissing the top of her head.

Finally, Killian stirred. She lifted her head to look at Caitlin, who smiled, and wiped the tears from her face with her knuckles.

"Are you okay, lass?"

"Yes, Caitlin. I actually feel good. Is that strange?"

Caitlin laughed. "No, Killian. Not strange. Wonderful, just like you are."

The warrior took Killian's chin and lifted it to her mouth, kissing her with a softness the warrior didn't even know she possessed until now.

After a time, the two lovers stood. Killian took a few minutes to dress herself, and wash her face in a nearby stream.

Caitlin dusted herself off, and crossed to pick up their staves. When Killian got to her, the tall warrior lifted an eyebrow.

"Are you ready to continue, Killian?"

"Yes, Caitlin, I am."

And so they did, with Killian finally, masterfully, blocking Caitlin's difficult parry.

Caitlin chuckled.

Killian just sighed, and thought how very completely she had met her match.

_____ *** _____

The End

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