Author: Oshun Anat
Story Title: Ares with a Cherry on Top
Characters: Ares/Cupid/Strife
Rating: R
Summary: Cupid and Strife use Ares to decide which ice-cream topping goes best with sex.

Ares, Cupid and Strife aren't mine (damn it!), they belong to Renaissance. I'm not making any money off of this, so don't sue, yada yada. You can find more stories by Oshun Anat at Firesong's Vale

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Ares with a Cherry on Top
by Oshun Anat

"Don't do it man . . . I've got a more powerful weapon than you do," threatened Cupid, aiming the can of whipped cream at Strife.

"No way, man. Everyone knows that chocolate is more powerful," replied Strife, while targeting Cupid.

The two had been at a standstill for the past several minutes, after starting the Great Ice Cream Topping Debate, and a full out War was about to start when Ares popped into the room.

"Strife! I need to talk to . . . what is this?" he asked his nephews.

"Strife said that chocolate was a better topping than whipped cream, and I totally disagree, Uncle Ares," said Cupid.

"And this is important because . . ."

Strife and Cupid looked at each other, eyes widened in shock.

Cupid looked at Strife. "You mean he doesn't know how important this debate is?"

"Uncle, how could you *not* know why this is important?"

"Why should I know?"

"Because this debate settles the question of what is the best topping to play with during sex."

"Huh?" replied a still confused Ares.

Strife looked at Cupid mischievously. "I guess we'll just have to show him."

With that Strife and Cupid pounced. Cupid grabbed Ares and floated up off the ground so that Ares wouldn't be able to struggle as much. Strife conjured up a pair of Hephaestus' chains and with Cupid's help chained their uncle to the floor. Then, with a thought, Strife removed his uncle's clothes and began to draw abstract patterns all over Ares' smooth chest with the Hershey's syrup, making sure that the whole body was covered.

"You can't do this!!!" yelled Ares.

"But we are! What do you think Cupid?" asked Strife.

Cupid made a slow visual inspection of his uncle, paying particular attention to the half-erect cock that was covered in a particularly interesting design.

"Very nice indeed, but it needs something else . . . . Stand back Strife."

He shook his can of whipped cream once for good measure and then began to cover the chocolate patterns with whipped cream, adding a few designs of his own.

Conjuring up a mirror, he held it above Ares and said, "What do you think?"

Ares couldn't believe it! His tanned muscular body was covered with enough chocolate and whipped cream to make a sundae lover sick, but he couldn't help but like it. But there still seemed to be something missing, and he said as much.

"I know what we forgot, Strife!"


"The bananas!"

"Of course!"

Cupid conjured up several bananas and placed them on his uncle.

Strife admired the handiwork, but decided to make an addition of his own. He called up a cherry and stuck it on his uncle's nose.

"There. Perfect!" Strife and Cupid stared at their creation, very proud of themselves.

"I guess that settles the Great Ice Cream Topping Debate, Strife," announced Cupid.

"It does? Who won?"

"Both of us. Chocolate and whipped cream are nice by themselves, but they taste even better together!" explained the love god.

"Of course . . . so what do we do with our sundae?"

"What you do with any sundae, Strife. You eat it." With a grin, the two young gods began to eat their delicious snack, and from that day forth never argued over which was the better topping.

The End

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