Author: Jenx
Story Title: Between Friends
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle/Ephiny, Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/f (Marnie), f (Trilee) & m (Larion)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ephiny has been driving the Amazons nuts with her bad mood. Luckily Xena and Gabrielle show up to celebrate the Regent's birthday - and they suggest a relaxing evening to take the edge off. But when the three start playing Truth or Dare, things get dangerous...
This rating is for explicit f/f/f and m/f sex.

Xena/Gabrielle/Ephiny/Solari/Eponin/Argo are owned by MCA/Studios USA and Renaissance and I am only borrowing them for a little fun. No copyright infringement is intended.

This story contains loving scenes between women and is rated NC-17 for explicit sex. There is also an explicit male/female scene. If this subject offends you, don't read any further. There is no violence in the story--just lots of pleasure. Hope you enjoy.

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Between Friends
by Jenx
August 3, 2000

Xena guided Argo down the narrow mountain path leading into Amazon territory. A shrill cry caught her attention and she glanced up watching an eagle gracefully circling overhead. His huge wings were barely moving as the bird allowed the wind currents in the mountains to glide him through the air. The warrior smiled as she watched. There was something about eagles that always fascinated her. They were the ultimate predators. Swift, strong, fierce, never killing for pleasure, but only to survive. "Look at that wing span," she pointed out to her companion.

Gabrielle glanced up and watched the eagle as he soared. "He's a big one." With another screech, he flew down toward the valley and out of sight. "Looks like rain coming," Gabrielle observed as she noticed large dark clouds on the horizon moving towards the mountains.

Xena studied the approaching storm. "With luck, we should be able to reach the village before it gets here." Argo snorted noisily. "I know girl. I don't like being in a cold rain either."

Occasionally, Argo's hoofs slipped on the loose pebbles and jagged rocks, but she quickly regained her balance. This particular path was not traveled that often because of the danger of rock slides knocking the unwary off the trail and over the steep cliff to certain death far below. There was much easier access to the Amazon land from either the northeast or southeast, but Xena and Gabrielle were trying to make up some lost time.

In hind sight, it would have been better had they walked through with Argo along this section of the trail, but they had no way of knowing that a recent slide took much of the path with it until they were upon that area. Now they had to stay on the horse and have faith that Argo wouldn't slip.

The lumbering downward gait was causing Gabrielle to lay against Xena's back. "You know, we need to get some padding for your armor, Xena." The bard shifted slightly against the warrior, although, holding on to Xena was a pleasure no matter what the circumstances. The bard tightened her grip while breathing deeply of the familiar aroma of aged leather and the spicy scent of her partner as she surveyed the terrain. It would not be a good place to fall.

Xena read the tension in the bard and placed one hand over Gabrielle's smaller one and squeezed gently to reassure her. "Don't worry, Argo is handling it just fine."

"Maybe she is, but I'm not," the bard sighed. She picked up on a previous conversation to take her mind off the heights. "We still haven't decided what to get Ephiny for her birthday." She shivered slightly as a blast of cold wind blew past them. "I think you were right about the cloak. I should have taken you up on that." The warrior had warned her of the cool winds on the pathway. She hated to admit that she should have done what Xena said...again.

"Told you so," her dark haired companion muttered softly.

"Hey, I heard that!" the bard complained.

The warrior chuckled. "Sometimes you're so stubborn, Gabrielle." Argo's right hoof slid causing them to sway slightly. "Easy girl," she said to the horse as she patted her thick mane covered neck.

"Ohhhhh," the younger woman groaned. "This is not my idea of fun."

Xena cocked her head toward her shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." the bard replied as she pulled her long blonde hair back off her face and tried to relax. Still thinking of Ephiny, she said "There's always some kind of weapon, but that would be a last resort."

"The Amazons already have good weapons. Why not some leather item?" Xena turned her head slightly. "They make excellent leather crafts to sell or barter with the centaurs and men from the surrounding villages..."

"Xena," the bard interrupted, "believe me, Ephiny has a leather everything. I know, I've spent a lot of time in her hut."

Uh oh. Leather? Ephiny? Xena turned around as much as possible. " much time? Doing what?"

"Not that!" Gabrielle laughed as she slapped Xena's shoulder playfully. "But you know," she added in a low teasing voice, "All those times you left me there I had to find something to do." Chew on that for a while.

"MmmUhh, I'll have to be sure not to do that again," the warrior grumbled. No way am I leaving you alone again. You're mine, mine, mine.

Argo slid a little again causing the bard to grab onto Xena tighter. One hand was over the armor on Xena's left breast. She moved her other hand to the right breast and hung on.

Xena couldn't help but smile. "Ya know, I love for you to touch me, but I just thought you'd like to know that there are three Amazons watching us from the rocks ahead." She chuckled as the blonde released her breasts and moved her hands down to circle her waist instead.

Gabrielle looked up trying to see the warriors, but couldn't spot them. "Are you sure they're up there?" Even as she said it, she knew that was a silly question. Of course they are. My warrior doesn't miss a trick. She again brushed the long blonde hair out of her eyes. "We're probably the only travelers on this path for a moon or so."

"More likely a few moons," Xena answered. "Anyone foolish enough to try and sneak through the territory this way would meet death for sure. The sentries would spot them long before there was any danger to the village, and this trail isn't passable at all during the winter months."

Both were silent for a few minutes as Argo's sure hoofs took them further down the mountainside. The bard laid her head against Xena's shoulder and snuggled into the silky black tresses. She loved the way Xena sometimes tickled and inflamed her body by dragging her hair across sensitive areas. She was looking forward to some quality time with her partner in the safety of the Amazon village.

Finally, the trail widened considerably and Gabrielle breathed a sigh of relief. "Maybe we could take Ephiny to one of the neighboring villages and wine and dine her." The wind blew a few strands of Xena's hair into Gabrielle's eyes and mouth. She gently pulled the hair over silently wishing it was other hairs that were tickling her lips...short, curly, moist....

Xena's voice broke her train of thought. "And just who would be in charge then with both Queen and Regent gone?"

"Oh yeah," the bard answered softly.

"Besides, Gabrielle, the necklace you got her in the last village is a good gift. Quit worrying so much." Xena raised her head and savored the blowing of the wind as it almost caressed her face. It smelled clean and fresh.

"It's just, well, I wanted to get her something more personal, something different that no one else would." She shifted her hold loving the feel of Xena's tight abdomen resting under her hands. "I want her to know how much I care about her."

"Well, I doubt that she has the same necklace, so it is something different." Xena tilted her head slightly as she heard the faint sound of movement in front of them.

"I know!" Gabrielle said excitedly. "We could let her go on a holiday while we stay there in her place."

"Ummm, do you really want to baby-sit a village of Amazons? Sometimes, it's like having a herd of Joxer's around."

The bard had to laugh just thinking of that picture. "I bet Ephiny would clobber you if she heard that."

"Are you kidding?" Xena asked. "She'd be the first to agree."

While the warrior and Gabrielle were talking, Xena's sharp hearing tracked the muted scrape of boots sliding along a rock. "We have company," she warned softly. As Argo rounded the last bend of the mountain pass, the three Amazon sentries dropped down in front of them wearing the unique masks designed individually by each warrior.

Xena and Gabrielle both raised their arms with hands clasped over their heads. The sentries would have already identified them, but it was always a good idea to keep to the traditions.

All three moved their masks up to reveal their faces. "My Queen," greeted Marnie, a tall slim, but muscular woman with bright red hair and sparkling green eyes. She looked toward the Warrior Princess. "Xena, nice to see you again."

Xena detected the soft glint in the sentry's eyes. She had spent a long, intense night of pleasure with Marnie back when Melosa was still Queen. Xena might have been interested in a replay if her and Gabrielle weren't lovers now. "Marnie," she answered in her deep contralto voice.

Gabrielle caught the look between them and mentally added another notch to Xena's libido. She certainly did get around, or at least she used to. The bard was confident that the warrior's roving ways were now a thing of the past.

"Queen Gabrielle," Marnie said respectfully. "I trust your journey was pleasant?"

"Well, the journey was, but not the ruffians that tried to stop us along the way."

Immediately alert, Marnie's warrior instincts took over as she surveyed the path which her Queen had just traversed. They hadn't seen anyone following, but maybe they missed something. The other two Amazons tensed ready to defend their Queen. "You were attacked? Where? Are you all right?" Marnie asked in a rush.

"Easy, Marnie," laughed the bard. "It's all in a typical week for us. They were just a few bands of cutthroats looking for easy pickings."

"Bands?" the Amazon asked concerned. "How many bands?"

"Oh, three different ones I guess, of course, there was the assassin too, and the dim witted thug that challenged Xena to a fight." The bard shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, I lose track after a while."

"And it wasn't near Amazon land," added Xena knowing that the sentries would be looking for followers any moment now. "They were no threat and won't be in the future."

"That's good to hear," the redhead replied, relief in her voice. "If you're ready to go, Pelish will accompany you into the village." She indicated the youthful Amazon at her side.

Both Xena and Gabrielle glanced at the slim warrior. She appeared to be 15 or 16 summers old with very short dark hair. She had only been with the Amazons a little over a year. Gabrielle remembered being introduced to her a few months ago.

Pelish blushed from their scrutiny. She quickly mounted her horse, a young roan mare with a white face, one of the few horses the Amazons owned. They didn't have a need for many horses and normally only used them for the furthest sentries out from the village where there were few trees. "Please follow me Queen Gabrielle," the sentry said shyly with a wave of her hand. She was more than a little intimated by the famous duo who rode behind her. Their legend was spreading more and more every moon.

Xena glanced over at Marnie as she urged Argo to follow. She felt the bard pinch her on the side, but hid her reaction.

"Always a pleasure, warrior," Marnie said with a slight tilt of her head.

Xena gave her a rakish grin and turned back toward the open country before them.

Gabrielle slid her hands down on her muscular thighs caressing her possessively. "Remember, warrior, you're mine," the bard whispered softly for Xena's ears only.

"Always," Xena said in a velvety purr while gently squeezing the hand on her leg. The warm breath on her neck from the young woman warmed her heart as well as her center. She had plans for Gabrielle later that night...perhaps this afternoon too if she could maneuver the Queen away from Amazon business. It had been too long since she had ravished her partner properly.


Solari stealthily slipped behind the healer's hut, keeping close to the wall only to find Eponin all ready hiding there. "You too, huh Eponin?" she whispered while listening for the Regent. "What has gotten into Ephiny lately?"

"I think that's the problem, Solari, nothing has gotten into her," Eponin answered rolling her eyes. "She needs to get laid, get drunk, or kill something."

They were discussing Ephiny's waning patience and growing foul mood. It had started about a moon ago, and seemed to be getting worse the closer it was to her birthday. All the warriors were starting to duck out of sight whenever she was around.

Right then the object of their attention was standing on the other side of the hut. "Where in Tartarus is everyone when I want them?" Ephiny growled loudly. "Solari! Eponin!" she yelled. "Damn." Muttering to herself, she strode off toward the weapons hut to check on the missing warriors while listening for any clue. She was certain they were avoiding her.

Eponin and Solari exchanged a long suffering look. "You'd think she would be anticipating her birthday celebration with a better mood," said Eponin.

"Is it her time of the moon?" Solari asked with a scowl.

"No, I asked Delora and she said it was next week." Delora was the village healer and as such would know when her cycle came. "I tried to get her to talk to Eph, but she said to just leave her alone and let her work out whatever was bothering her."

"Well, we can't keep hiding from her. It's just making her angrier and..." she trailed off as she heard someone call that Queen Gabrielle was coming. "Thank Artemis," she said with relief. "Maybe the Queen can get her to relax a little."

Both warriors peeked around the hut just in time to see Ephiny standing a few feet away, with elbows out and her hands on her sides glaring back at them.

"Later," growled the Regent for their ears only, before turning to greet the Queen.

Eponin and Solari's expressions clearly spoke of their impending doom. "We're dead meat," Solari sighed as she walked out to see their friends.

The Queen was lifted down off Argo by Xena who jumped down beside her as Pelish took Argo's reins.

"May I give your horse a rubdown, Xena?" the sentry asked with reverence to the tall imposing warrior.

"Sure Pelish, Argo would like that."

Gabrielle quickly closed the distance between her curly headed friend and grabbed her in a heartfelt hug.

"Eph, I've missed you." Gabrielle truly loved her friend and Regent and enjoyed their time together. Over the years since traveling with Xena, she had spent a lot of time at the Amazon village and they had become very close.

Ephiny was equally glad to see the Queen. With a tight embrace, she said, "I've missed you too." She looked up to see Xena grinning while watching them. "Xena, that goes for you also."

"It's good to see you, Ephiny."

"What brings you here?" the Regent asked looking from one to the other.

"You of course, silly," Gabrielle replied. "Your birthday is tomorrow. You don't think we'd miss that, do you?"

"Oh that," Ephiny answered with a scowl. Her temporary good mood just vanished.

Xena and Gabrielle exchanged a questioning look. "Eph is everything okay?" the bard asked studying her friend's face, noticing for the first time the signs of fatigue around her eyes.

The Regent forced a thin smile meant to reassure, but failing miserably. "Sure, everything's great." Her expression alerted both the warrior and the bard that wasn't true, but she obviously didn't want to talk about it now.

Ephiny mentally shook off the blues. "Well, I bet you're hungry and tired." She smiled warmly this time. "I'd ask if you wanted to eat or rest first, but I know better."

"Yep," Xena quipped. "Food first. I've been listening to Gabrielle's stomach growl since dawn."

"Hey," the bard said with a grin as she poked Xena in the ribs. "Mine wasn't the only one." She laid her hand on Ephiny's arm. "Wanta join us?"

"Nah, I've got something to do first. I'll see you after you eat."

"That won't be for a while then," commented Xena dryly.

"Would you lay off about my eating." Gabrielle grabbed Xena's armor and tugged.

"Although, if we don't eat soon, I may faint."

The banter between Xena and Gabrielle continued as Ephiny watched them stroll toward the food hut. Out of the corner of her eye, she spied Solari and Eponin trying to slip past. "All right, you two. My hut. Now!"

The two warriors slumped their shoulders and headed toward their punishment. Maybe if they were lucky, the Regent would send them both to a remote area on sentry duty for a few days.


Xena and Gabrielle were just finishing their late lunch when a gloomy Solari shuffled into the hut. She slipped down beside her Queen on the bench with a long sigh.

"Solari, is everything okay?" Gabrielle asked with obvious concern as she put the last bite of nutbread in her mouth.

The Amazon glanced at the bard with a grimace. "Well, if our Regent would stop yelling at everyone, it would be great."

"What's with Ephiny?" asked Xena as she picked a large crumb off the green halter top and put in between the bard's waiting lips.

"Damn if I know, but she's had a burr in her britches for days." She picked up an apple from a basket on the table. "She's grumpy, moody, and she's not sleeping. Sentries have seen her at night doing sword drills for hours. And if we say anything to her, she bites our heads off." She took a bite of the fragrant apple and a little juice spurted out on her lips. She licked it off and talked around the chewing. "We want to have a real celebration tomorrow, but if she stays like this, all the warriors will be begging for sentry duty."

"That's not like Eph," the bard said with deep concern in her voice. She plucked up an apple also and drew in a long breath enjoying the delicious aroma. She decided to eat it later and grabbed one for Xena too. They might need to recoup some energy later after they made up for some lost one on one time.

Solari seemed to be thinking something over. "Gabrielle, please keep her busy for a while or take her somewhere. Give us some time to get things ready for her birthday tomorrow. Maybe you can find out what her problem is and get her in a better mood."

"Well, uh..." Gabrielle stalled. She had been planning her own type of celebration tonight. One that involved lots of kissing, touching, and licking various body parts. She and Xena hadn't made love for a couple of weeks as circumstances always seemed to get in the way. She looked over at Xena to get her reaction.

The warrior's first impulse was to say no. She really needed some time with Gabrielle, but seeing the look in her partner's eyes, she nodded. "Sure, why not?" Damn. Well, I guess there's always tomorrow.

Solari brightened immediately. "Thank you," she sighed in relief. "We all owe you two big time." She took another bite of the crisp tart apple.

Gabrielle turned toward Xena reading the disappointment in the warrior's eyes. "You sure it's okay with you?" I need you as much as you need me.

The tall woman gave a half grin. "Oh, I'll survive, I guess. What do you suggest we do?"

Solari jumped in. "I know. You can go to the hot springs in the caves just east of here. It's only a few candlemarks ride and still safely within our territory. That would be a perfect spot."

"I know the place you mean," Xena answered. "We're quite familiar with it, huh Gabrielle?" She nudged the blonde with her elbow.

The bard smiled as her face turned a bright shade of red. It was where Xena and her were first intimate with each other. A very special place indeed. She looked over at Solari. "Why don't you pass the word around for everyone to stay away from there tonight. She pointed a finger at Solari. "No problems, no worries, and no interruptions. Maybe one night of peace and quiet is all she needs." Maybe that "herd of Joxers" comment wasn't that far off.

"Great! Take some wine and get her to chill out." She finished off the apple and threw the core in the basket on the floor, then wiped her hands on her leathers and rose to leave

Gabrielle and Xena joined her and walked out the door. Suddenly, all three jumped back a step as dozens of chickens ran through squawking and clucking, feathers flying all over, and right behind them came Eponin and several younger Amazons trying to catch the fast moving birds.

At the same time, Ephiny stalked around the corner of the food hut.

"Solari! Those chickens are loose again! Weren't you supposed to see that the pen was fixed properly this time?" They had escaped through the gate earlier that morning due to a bent gate latch.

"Whoops," breathed Solari softly. "Those damn chickens." She took off quickly to escape Ephiny's wrath. "Ahhh, I'm on it! I'm on it!"

The Regent glared at the escaping warrior before joining her friends's side.

"Chickens, huh?" Xena asked, her eyebrow raised, a smile curling her lips. "Amazons..."

"Xena," Ephiny interrupted with a growl, "not one more word. Not one word about chickens, feathers, Amazons or anything!" Seeing Xena struggling not to open her mouth, Ephiny glanced at the bard.

Gabrielle was trying not to laugh as she made a motion of turning a lock on her lips and tossing the pretend key away.

Ephiny looked from one to the other. Xena pursed her lips resisting the urge to say what was on her mind, but her dancing blue eyes conveyed her thoughts.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Ephiny couldn't help but smile at her two friends. Come to think of it, it was funny seeing all the warriors running after the chickens twice in one day. "All right you two," she chuckled softly. "You know I've really missed you both."

"Good," Gabrielle answered. "Because we wanted to have some time with you. How about joining us and going to the hot springs?"

"Why not just stay here and use the bathing tubs?"

"You know how crowded and noisy it is in there. Wouldn't it be nice to have some peace and quiet and a little wine and good company?" She was grinning as she nodded her head up and down. "C'mon, it'll be fun."

Ephiny started to decline, but it did sound like fun. She could use some time to think about something besides the day to day problems that demanded so much of her time. Surprising herself, she agreed. "Okay, when do you want to go?"

"Well, it will be dark soon, so why not go now? Maybe we can beat the rain."

Ohh, hot chickens. Oh yeah. "Okay. I just need to grab some things and meet you at the stables." She left her friends and took off toward her hut.

Xena heard a ruckus and frantic chickens appeared from behind the stable with Amazons scrambling desperately to herd them toward the pens. One lone chicken feather floated down to perch on the tip of Xena's nose. She blew it off with a sigh. "Amazons."

Gabrielle turned toward the warrior. "Hey, I'm an Amazon," she asserted with mock outrage.

"Yes, but you're my Amazon," Xena replied in a low growl.

Gabrielle smiled back and was about to say something when she heard a soft hissing noise. They turned to see Eponin peeking around the corner of the building. "Xena, can I see you for a moment?" While talking, she was looking all around as if the dreaded fire breathing Regent could suddenly sweep down on her.

A hand on the warrior's arm brought her face back around to her partner. "Go on, Xena. I want to pick up a few things before we leave."

"Okay, but hurry. I don't want to get caught up in a storm."

"No problem. I'll meet you in the stable."

Xena focused on Eponin who was motioning for her to come around the building. "Okay, what's up?"

"Solari told me that you and Gabrielle were taking Ephiny away for the night." At Xena's nod, she added, "Believe me you have the thanks of the entire village. Here," she handed over two full wine skins to the tall warrior. "I think these might come in handy."

Xena took them with a chuckle. "She's been a real bear, huh?"

"You don't know the half of it." Eponin shook her head. "She gets too uptight, ya know. I mean, we all love Eph, but sometimes she just needs to stop and smell the leather. Know what I mean?"

"I get the picture." Xena hefted the two skins. "Well, we better get going." Xena nodded in Eponin's direction and walked over to the stable passing through a parade of Amazons clutching chickens. Upon entering the wooden building, she found that Ephiny was saddling a white dappled mare. She finished and leaned down to pick something up. She turned toward Xena and held up two wine skins. "I thought I'd..."

She trailed off as she saw that Xena was also holding up two skins.

"Eponin," Xena said with a wry grin.

"Hey, you guys ready?" Gabrielle asked as she walked in. "I brought some food and..." she trailed off as she looked from Xena to Ephiny as they both held up their wine skins. "Oh." She sheepishly held up two more wine skins. "Solari."

Ephiny rolled her eyes. "I don't know whether to laugh or be angry."

"Laugh, Eph. Ya know they love you." Gabrielle said. Just then a low drum of thunder echoed through the valley.

"Let's get a move on before we get caught in that storm." Xena saddled Argo and attached four of the wine skins and a bag of cheese and meat that Gabrielle had picked up from the food hut to Argo's saddle and led her out of the stable. Ephiny trailed behind leading her mare with the other two skins attached to her saddle.

Argo nickered and tossed her mane. "I know, girl," Xena leaned close to the horse's ear and whispered so Ephiny couldn't hear. "Believe me, I don't want to get wet either."

Xena mounted and leaned down to help Gabrielle up in her usual spot behind her. Ephiny brought her horse up beside them and they rode out of the village toward the caverns.

They smelled the rain before they felt it. There was a crisp clean rush of chilled air that blew around them. Thunder was rolling in earnest now as lighting bolts could be seen in the distance. They picked up the pace slightly and hunkered down for the deluge. Rain started pouring down on the riders. They could barely hear each other as they tried to keep a steady but brisk pace. Since there was no life and death urgency, they kept the pace safe for their mounts. Soaked clothes and bodies were better than losing a horse.

By the time they reached the caves, they were chilled to the bone, shivering and shaking. The small rocky entrance was only big enough for two unmounted horses to walk side by side, but once they were in, it opened into a second cavern which was large enough to hold several horses. Argo and the other mare had plenty of room out of the weather. Gabrielle set about lighting the torches while Xena and Ephiny unsaddled their mounts and rubbed them down to get the cold water off their coats. There was fresh hay stacked, and a trough which gathered rain water from a flue that ran to the outside. Right now it was full and overflowing, so Xena closed the small door which cut off the flow.

The Amazons kept the hot springs supplied with blankets, soft linen towels, fresh torches, and flint rock and wood to make fires for cooking. The hot springs were deeper into the cave, but even in the cavern where the horses stayed, the warm air could be felt.

The three soaked women soon were walking through the adjoining tunnel and into the familiar cavern. A warm mist surrounded them wrapping them in it's pleasant embrace and filling their lungs with the aroma of spices and the tang of minerals.

They stood looking at the inviting hot water only momentarily before all started tossing off wet leathers, boots, gauntlets and all. Amazons were raised in an environment of openness, so public nudity was commonplace for them. Gabrielle would probably never get completely used to it, but had come a long way from the shy farm girl that she used to be and didn't even give a pause tonight.

Xena lowered herself into the hot water slowly enjoying the sensual feel of the water as it pulled her in. Gabrielle sighed deeply. "Oh, this is heavenly."

"Mmmmmm," was all that Ephiny replied as she closed her eyes letting the hot water sooth away the shakes. For a several minutes, all were quiet listening to the bubble and hiss while the warmth reached into every cell of their bodies.

"This was worth getting rained on," murmured Ephiny softly.

"Ya think?" asked Gabrielle with a smile.

The Regent smirked as she used her hand to swoop a large splash of water up into the blonde's face. She burst out laughing as Gabrielle spurted and shook her head.

"Ahhh, you're going to regret that," threatened the bard with twinkling eyes. Soon they were splashing each other in earnest as Xena got a face full by accident. She grabbed Ephiny and pushed her under the water with one hand while reaching for Gabrielle with the other. Soon the bard was pushed under also. Both came up gasping and spitting and then fell on Xena together. The warrior princess was dunked by both and rose out of the water quickly. Her expression had Ephiny and Gabrielle in stitches.

They finally settled back down soaking up the relaxing warmth. Xena grabbed one of the wine skins and took a long pull before passing it to Ephiny. She took a deep drink also and handed it to Gabrielle. For a while, they enjoyed the wine and caught up on their lives since the last time they had gotten together.


Some time later, after drinking four skins of wine, consuming most of the food and periodically drying off, they found themselves back in the water feeling the effects of too much of the grape. Xena had just won another round of twenty questions and Ephiny was tired of losing to the warrior.

"How about somethin' more interesting?" she asked Gabrielle as she poked her in the ribs. The bard was sitting on the left of the Regent and Xena on the right.

"Whata ya mean?" Gabrielle asked as she tried to focus on her friend. For some reason, she was getting blurred around the edges.

"How about Truth or Dare?"

Gabrielle choked on a swallow of wine. "You want to play Truth or Dare with Xena?"

"Sure, why not?" Ephiny looked to her right at the warrior. "You up for a little game, Xena?"

"I can play any game you can, Amazon," she answered confidently.

Gabrielle glanced back and forth between her friends. "Wait, I'm not sure this is a good idea..."

"WHY?" asked Xena and Ephiny at the same time.

"Because ya both are too damned compet, ah complet, I mean com-pet-i-tive," she finally said carefully.

"And you're not?" Ephiny and Xena chorused.

"No," Gabrielle answered. "I'm just....I...well." She trailed off and glanced at her friends with a perplexed look. "What was I saying?"

Xena and Ephiny started chuckling at their obviously drunk friend. "Ok, this is my idea, so I get to go first," said Ephiny. She turned toward Xena. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare," Xena answered smugly.

Oh, I'll wipe that smug look off your face. "Okay, I dare you to sing the Amazon lullaby."

Without missing a beat, Xena began softly singing the lilting tune of the song passed down from Amazon mothers to their babies. Ephiny looked at the warrior in amazement when she had finished. "I didn't think you'd know that."

"I've got ears." Xena answered.

"Believe me, Ephiny, she doesn't miss much," Gabrielle laughed.

"Okay, little miss bard," Ephiny said playfully. "Truth or Dare?"

Oh no, I'm not singing. "Truth," she answered quickly.

Ephiny got a devious look on her face. "So, my Queen. Tell us about the first time you ever masturbated."

The look on Gabrielle's face was priceless. Both warrior and Regent burst out laughing. "Come on, Gabrielle." said Xena. "Ya gotta answer."

The effects of the wine made the bard more daring than she normally would have been, but still that wasn't something she wanted to share with both of them at the same time. "Uh...well...okay. Uhh, let's see." She licked her lips nervously. "It was on Summer Solstice and I was home in bed." She stopped talking as if that was the answer.

"Go on, Gabrielle," encouraged the Amazon. "That is just when and where it happened. Ya gotta tell us about it."

The bard looked from the curly haired friend to Xena hoping for help, but her lover was giving her a rakish grin. She wouldn't mind telling Xena, but she was shy about telling Ephiny and Xena together. Nothing to do, but bite the arrow and spill her guts.

With a slight blush, she avoided her friends' eyes and took a deep breath. "I went to the Solstice festival with my family, but was supposed to meet my best friend, Trilee, there. She was two summers older than me and my parents didn't like her because she had a reputation for being wild. Everyone said she was easy, and I guess she was, but she treated me like an equal, not like a kid. She always encouraged me to tell stories and go for what I wanted and not what my parents wanted."

"And..." Ephiny pressed to keep Gabrielle on the subject.

Gabrielle gave her a mock glare. "Anyway, I saw her earlier going toward the stables with Larion, a young man we knew. I went off to find her, and I decided to sneak up on her, you know, just for fun. So...when I got near the stables I opened the door quietly and slipped in. I just stood in the shadows for a few moments. I didn't see anyone and thought I must have missed them when I heard a rustling noise coming from one of the empty horse stalls near the back. I crept over into the stall beside them and hid behind some bales of hay. That's when I saw Trilee and Larion. They were laying in the hay and they were naked. Larion was kissing and licking her breasts and when I saw that I froze. I knew I should leave, but I couldn't move for anything." She took the wine bag and took a small sip to wet her throat. She remembered that day so well.

"I could see them clearly by the moonlight coming through the window. Her nipples were hard and I saw her shiver, and I remember thinking that was weird since her skin was glistening with a sheen of sweat. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavy. I was transfixed, stuck there as if my body wouldn't move. Larion started licking his way down her chest and tummy. He kept moving down her body and I was shocked when he moved his face over her uh...the...private area. I couldn't imagine what he was doing, but I watched mesmerized as he...ah...used his fingers to open her slowly, spreading her thighs wider and then he slowly ran his tongue over her...ah...I mean..."

"Yeah? Her what?" Ephiny asked grinning.

Gabrielle frowned at her. "You know, her private area."

"And that is called...?" Ephiny encouraged her. You are so cute when you're embarrassed.

Gabrielle's face turned red and she seemed unable to continue.

"For a bard, you're short of words there, aren't you," teased Ephiny. "You can't even say it."

"I can too," Gabrielle asserted.

Xena and Ephiny glanced at each other and then the bard as they waited for her to continue.

"Ya know, Xena," Ephiny said, "I think we're going to have to help her out."

"Yeah, it looks that way," Xena answered. "How about 'pussy,' Gabrielle?"

"Yes," Ephiny said as she looked at Xena. "Or she could use 'snatch.'

"Or 'honey pot,'" Xena added.

"Hmmmm, how about the 'love tunnel'?" Ephiny suggested chuckling.

Xena rolled her eyes. "Try 'hot box.'"

"Ok guys," Gabrielle tried to interrupt. It didn't work. They were ignoring her completely.

"'Silk cavern,'" Ephiny continued.

"Cavern?" Xena grinned. "Just how big is it?" As Ephiny laughed, Xena added, "How about 'silk canal'?"

"Better," Ephiny agreed, "but she could use 'flower garden.'" That got a groan from Xena.

"Guys!" Gabrielle tried again louder beginning to get irritated. They're ignoring me!

"Don't forget 'cunt,'" Xena threw back wiggling her eyebrows.

"Who could?" Ephiny replied with a leer. "'Wet glove.'"

Xena shook her head. "'Love hole'" Xena was on a roll.

"'Hair hole.'"

Xena winced at that one. "Oh, that was nasty, 'sweet spot' would be better."

"Or 'love spot.'"


"Twat did you say?" Ephiny threw back.

"Guys!" Gabrielle tried to interrupt again. I'm going to kill them both.

Ephiny came right back with 'muff.'

Xena was not about to be beat. "'Center.'"

If I kill them here where could I hide their bodies? Gabrielle was gritting her teeth now.


"STOP!" hollered Gabrielle who now sat with her arms crossed over her chest looking vexed. I could make it look like a murder/suicide.

Xena and Ephiny looked at their friend and put on their best innocent expressions. Then Xena whispered, "'Bush.'"

Ephiny whispered back, "'Rubyfruit Jungle.'"

"'Jungle book.'"


Ephiny looked over at Xena and both of them burst out laughing. The blonde looked from one to the other. Not to be outdone by Ephiny, Gabrielle stared her in the eye and repeated, "Pussy! All right? Pussy, pussy, pussy. Is that better?"

Xena and Ephiny grabbed their sides laughing as Gabrielle shook her head and sighed, "Warriors."

Finally Gabrielle couldn't hold back any longer and she joined in the laughter. Remembering what Ephiny had said, she asked, "Flower garden?"

Ephiny shrugged her shoulders. "It's as good as "honey pot."

"Hey, "honey pot" is a good one," Xena shot back. "Gabrielle is as sweet as...."

"Xena!" the bard interrupted.

Ephiny gazed at her friend a moment thinking. I just bet you are finger licking good at that.

Mentally shaking her head, she tried to get that picture out of her mind. "You know, Gabrielle, we haven't forgotten that you haven't finished your turn," the Regent pointed out.

"Yeah, right, what she said," Xena agreed as she took another swig of wine.

Okay, you guys want a story. I'll give you one. Gabrielle was just drunk enough now to make these warriors sweat. "Okay, let's see where was I? Oh yeah, I remember. Larion was just starting to lick Trilee's PUSSY," she emphasized daring Xena or Ephiny to interrupt.

When she was sure her friends were going to behave, she went into story mode. "I felt this strange feeling between my legs. It was a little frightening at first and my stomach felt funny. I wanted to run away, but I still couldn't move." Gabrielle was speaking softly and putting a sultry sound into her voice. "Larion began to rub her around her clit. Then he took her hand and put it there and had her rub herself while he watched. She seemed to be really enjoying what she was doing, and she was moaning softly. I remember being able to detect her scent in the air and the smell was so enticing.

"About that time, there was a noise outside the window and I got scared and backed out of the stable and ran away. I went home and I knew my family wouldn't be back for a long time, so I went straight to bed. I didn't understand what I was feeling, but I took off all my clothes. Before I really realized what I was doing, I started slowly running my fingers over my nipples like Larion had done to Trilee. My nipples got so hard. I felt like I was itching or something between my legs and I let my fingers gently brush up against the soft downy curls. I was surprised to discover that the hair was wet." Gabrielle paused to slowly lick her lips. She didn't look at her friends, but she knew they were both listening intently.

Ephiny watched Gabrielle's tongue as it moistened her full lips and felt a tightening in her loins. For a moment she imagined those lips on her nipples. Oh oh, Xena would kill me if she realized what I was thinking.

Gabrielle continued, speaking softly. "I opened my outer lips and slid my fingers up and down the slick folds. It was the most exhilarating and frightening moment. I didn't know why I was so wet or why it felt so good, but I wanted more. Without really understanding it, I kept imitating what Trilee was doing. I put my fingers on my clit and began to rub faster. My breathing was coming in gasps, and my nipples were so hard."

She chuckled softly, "I remember wishing I had another hand so I could squeeze both nipples and touch myself at the same time. I didn't know anything about orgasms, but I found that it felt incredibly wonderful to rub myself faster and harder on that one area...on that small little muscle." She shivered slightly as she felt her groin area tightening in response to her growing arousal. She had no idea that it could be so erotic to tell someone about this.

"I used one hand to pinch and pull on my nipples as I increased the pressure on my clit. Suddenly, I felt this fantastic wave sweep through my pussy and explode in my mind sending my whole body into a sensation of floating away." She closed her eyes a moment remembering. "I laid there as the feeling slowly dissipated, and I knew that I needed to feel it again. That scent was in the air again just as it was in the barn. I brought my fingers up to my nose and smelled that wonderful aroma." She demonstrated as she brought her fingers up close and sniffed them gently. "And then, I put my fingers in my mouth and sucked off all the juice, just like this." She slowly slipped one finger in and as if she was savoring a wonderful taste before sliding that one out and another one in.

Ephiny shifted slightly trying to ease the clenching of her center at the erotic display before her. Oh Gods, I'm never going to get to sleep tonight.

Xena wasn't faring much better. I'm going to take her now, right here, Ephiny or no Ephiny.

Knowing that she had both warriors in her spell, the bard continued. "That exquisite nectar just made me start that strange itching again. I put my fingers down between my folds and slid them up and down rubbing the juice over my clit as I began anew. With just a little more contact, I came again even harder than the first time."

She trailed off remembering that time of discovery and again had an incredible spasm from her center that was desperately needing a little touch right now. She glanced over at her friends with a wicked grin. "And that, my friends, was my first experience with masturbation."

Xena's eyes had taken on a dark smoky appearance that Gabrielle recognized very well. Ephiny had the same look of desire in her eyes as she quickly glanced away. She picked up the wine bag and took a long swallow before she handed it to Xena. Neither said a word.

For a few minutes, all three were starring anywhere but at each other. Gabrielle cleared her throat. "Okay, now it's my turn to ask." Both warriors seemed grateful to move on to a safer topic and adopted stoic expressions to hide their sexual excitement. "Okay, Ephiny. Truth or Dare?"

Huh? Truth or Dare. At the moment, the Amazon was having trouble thinking. "Truth," Ephiny said hoping her voice sounded normal.

"If you could have your choice to kiss anyone, anyone living that is, who would be the person you would most want to chose?"

"Ahhhh," she hedged, obviously not comfortable. Who thought of this game? Damn.

"Fess up, Ephiny," Xena said as she poked the Regent in the ribs.

"Well," she drawled looking over at Gabrielle with a smirk. "Xena."

Me? The warrior gaped at her surprised. She figured the Regent would pick Gabrielle. "Why would you pick me? Gabrielle is a damn good kisser."

"Oh yeah?" Ephiny asked intrigued.

"No, Xena is the best kisser. Believe me!" Gabrielle interjected.

Ephiny looked from one to the other thinking either one would be fine with her. Then as her body began reacted to her thoughts she squirmed uncomfortably. Damn, just kill me now. The bard was getting more into the game and looked toward Xena. "What about you Xena. Truth or Dare?"

Uh oh, this game is getting dangerous. "Dare." She didn't want to have to tell any uncomfortable truths.

"Okay, I dare you to kiss Ephiny."

"What?" asked Xena and Ephiny at the same time.

"Is the Warrior Princess hesitating?" Gabrielle asked with a grin. "And I don't mean a peck on the lips. I mean a real kiss. Show her how good you are. Come on Xena, do it, do it, kiss 'er. Show 'er how good you are!"

Kiss? Ephiny? Naked Ephiny? Xena wasn't about to back down from a challenge, but really this game was definitely getting too dangerous. With quick look at the bard to make certain she meant it, she turned to the Regent to see if she was willing.

Ephiny was staring at Xena's full lips anticipating how delicious they would taste. Oh yeah, I could really go for some one on one with her. She shrugged and smiled slightly indicating she was agreeable.

The warrior slowly leaned over and lowered her head down. Their lips touched softly at first, then Xena increased the pressure as her arm encircled Ephiny's warm wet waist. Nice. Very nice.

As hard as she tried not to, Ephiny couldn't help but moan softly. She pressed herself against the warrior harder trying to get as much contact as her body demanded. She felt Xena's tongue dancing along her lips and she parted them to invite her in.

Xena filled the Regent's mouth searching out all corners and mapping the unfamiliar territory enjoying the taste of the wine and the Amazon. It had been a long time since she had kissed someone other than Gabrielle.

Ephiny could feel Xena's breasts rubbing against hers sending a surge of white hot heat straight between her legs. Xena's taste was every bit as good as she always suspected it was. She noticed Xena shiver and wondered if she too felt the pull as much as she did.

Xena drew back slowly surprised by the intensity of the kiss and the obvious effect on both of them. She couldn't help but notice the Amazon nipples were taut and she wondered what they would feel like between her lips. She had always thought that Ephiny would be a passionate partner in bed. When she realized where her lustful thoughts were taking her, she mentally clamped down on that path. Xena looked at Gabrielle worried that she would be angry at her, but all she saw was a big silly grin on the bard's face.

"Not bad, right Eph?" the bard asked as she poked her with her elbow.

Ephiny seemed to have lost the ability to speak. She was afraid that if Gabrielle knew how turned on she was, so would be angry at her. She nodded rather than risk speech. Her heart was beating much too fast. Get a grip woman. This is just a game.

Xena decided to give Ephiny the same experience with Gabrielle, so she could make an informed decision as to which kissed the best. "Truth or Dare?" she asked Ephiny, her voice noticeably husky.

Damn her voice is sexy. Ephiny gaped at her a moment. Truth? No, no more of that. "Ah, Dare."

"I dare you to kiss Gabrielle."

"Kiss? Gabrielle?" These two are going to kill me.

"Yep! You up to the task, Amazon?" Xena challenged with a grin knowing what buttons to push with Ephiny.

"I can do anything you can, Warrior." Determined to show Xena up, she took Gabrielle in her arms and brought her head down. As soon as their lips touched, a deep shudder ran through the Regent's body. Gabrielle's lips were soft, deliciously so. Oh sweet Artemis. She lost herself to the sensations and taste as the fire between her legs begin sizzling through her veins. Gabrielle parted her lips allowing their tongues to meet in a sensuous dance.

Gabrielle was soaking up the flames that were coming off the Amazon. As their breasts pressed firmly together her nipples hardened instantly. She was beginning to get caught up in the passion. She felt Ephiny's hand resting on her thigh and desperately wished it would move up higher. What am I thinking? No, bad bard. Bad thoughts.

Xena watched completely entranced. There was no jealously, no feeling of betrayal. If anyone had told her that she would be able to watch Gabrielle kiss someone else and not want to behead the person, she would never have believed them. Why don't I want to kill Ephiny? The more she thought about it, she realized that Ephiny was no threat. Both herself and Gabrielle cared deeply for Ephiny. She was a good friend, and Xena was secure knowing that Gabrielle loved her more than anything in the world. Of that, she had no doubts. The more she watched, the more aroused she became. She wanted to put her fingers to work to stop that raging itch that was getting very hard to ignore.

Gabrielle pulled back gazing into Ephiny's smoldering eyes wondering where these feelings were coming from. Ephiny chanced a quick glance at Xena just to make certain that she wasn't going to use the chakram on her. She was surprised to see that Xena was starring at her with undisguised lust.

"It's too damn hot in this water," the Regent whispered harshly as she got out and grabbed a towel. She stepped over to the blankets as she patted the moisture off her face. Her hands were shaking and she kept her back to her friends afraid that her face would reveal her desires. She tried to think of a way to take matters into her own hands so to speak and get some relief.

Gabrielle and Xena watched Ephiny for a moment before looking at each other. Xena whispered softly, "are you as turned on as I am?"

Gabrielle nodded slowly, then she suddenly grinned impishly. "I just figured out what we can give her for her birthday."

Xena starred as her eyebrows rose higher and higher. "You're not suggesting..."

"Sure, why not?" She glanced quickly at the Regent who was still standing by the blankets with her back turned. Gods, she has a cute butt.

Xena smirked as she followed the bard's line of sight. She took Gabrielle's chin and turned her so they had eye contact. "I know we've had a lot to drink, and I just want you to be sure you know what you're suggesting."

"I'm feeling pretty good, Xena, but I know what I'm saying. I can't believe what I'm saying, but I do understand what I'm saying." She paused for a moment with a perplexed look. "Did that make sense?" Then without giving Xena a chance to answer, she asked, "Could you do this without having any jealousy or anger with me or her?"

Xena nodded her head amazed at her certainty that she could. "Yes, right here, right now, I could. Can you?"

"Yeah," she blushed. "Shared with you, I could, but I'd feel more comfortable if you take the lead."

They kissed softly, whispered words of love and with affirmative grins, they both got out of the water and slipped up behind their friend.

Ephiny glanced around and saw both their glistening wet bodies and shivered as a wave of desire burned through her body. Do they have any idea just how beautiful they are? She turned her head back hoping they didn't see the hunger in her eyes. It's going to be a long night.

Xena and Gabrielle walked up to within inches of the Regent and she turned around curious as to what they were doing. Gabrielle put her arm around Ephiny's waist leaving no space between their bodies. "Eph, you know we love you, right?"

Damn, they probably want to be alone. "Yeah," she answered. To her dismay, her nipples stiffened instantly reacting to the closeness of her friend's bodies.

"Ephiny," Xena began, "we'd like to give you something special for your birthday. That is if you want it."

What is she talking about? I sure know what I would want! The Regent was starring at Xena as she felt Gabrielle tentatively nuzzling her throat and placing soft kisses on her ear.

Suddenly, comprehension hit her and her knees went weak for a moment. "You mean..."

Xena gave her a rakish grin. "Yeah." Come on, Eph, don't turn us down.

The Regent drew in a gasp as Gabrielle slowly ran her tongue over her ear lobe. She didn't need any more convincing. "Oh Gods, yes," she rasped. Yes, yes, yes...definitely YES!

Xena took one hand and Gabrielle the other and they drew Ephiny down on the blankets putting her in the middle. Ephiny took their hands and kissed one and then the other on the knuckles. "You two won't have any regrets over this tomorrow, will you?" Gods know I love you guys too much to screw things up. Oh, please don't change your minds!

"We won't regret it, Ephiny," answered Gabrielle, speaking for herself and Xena.

Gabrielle's face was the closest, and the Regent tugged slowly, bringing Gabrielle's lips to hers afraid that this was a wine induced dream and she would wake up too soon. The bard's soft lips parted and Ephiny sighed knowing that Ambrosia couldn't possibly be any sweeter. She moaned slightly as she felt Xena's lips tracing her earlobe before placing soft kisses under and around her ear. Her heart beat faster as Xena licked along her throat trailing over the pulse point sucking and tasting.

Their faces ended up close together and Gabrielle gently broke off from Ephiny's mouth to greet her soulmate with a deep mind numbing kiss. Xena and Gabrielle both slid their hands lightly over Ephiny's arms as the Regent ran her fingers through the long silky black and golden hair that was caressing her body.

Xena encouraged Gabrielle to lightly slide her lips around the rosy areola of the Regent's breast before licking at the puckered flesh. The nipple was rigid and waiting for the satiny soft lips to embrace it. Xena turned to look in Ephiny's smoldering eyes before descending to take the full parted lips passionately. Gabrielle felt the Amazon arch her back as she slowly suckled on the swollen nub. Xena broke off the kiss and took Ephiny's other nipple into her mouth ravishing it with expert precision. All rational thought was leaving Ephiny as her senses were beginning to overload. She gasped as both bit on the nipples at the same time and a whimper escaped her clenched teeth. Both the bard's and warrior's hands were constantly moving, a touch here, a caress there as their mouths gave loving attention to the breasts beneath them. Ephiny couldn't remember when she had been touched so thoroughly and lovingly.

Xena broke off her ministrations and began a slow descent down the muscled body stopping to sip the water out of Ephiny's belly button before continuing to savor the smooth wet skin. A light sheen of clean smelling sweat mixed with the water covering her abdomen and Xena lapped at it like a hungry kitten.

Gabrielle raised up to kiss Ephiny and the Amazon grazed her lips over the bards but continued down to the full creamy breast where the Regent's hungry lips begin worshiping it. The Queen groaned as Ephiny nibbled and sucked at the large erect nipple. Ephiny's hand drifted over and past Gabrielle's toned abs and with her finger tips, she begin to gently brush the curly moist hair guarding the bard's treasures.

Ephiny jumped as Xena's tongue parted her soaked outer lips and tasted the waiting honey. Xena drew her tongue along the length of the slit drinking deeply pleased at the amount of sweet fluid greeting her. She used her fingers to open Ephiny and plunged her tongue inside. Ephiny was moaning as she continued her assault on the bard's breasts, going from one to the other while her fingers crept through the golden curls and slipped along her folds through the warm wetness.

Gabrielle parted her legs more to give the questing fingers more freedom as she turned her head to gaze into her friend's eyes. They starred at each other a moment still astonished that the flames of arousal in both eyes were for each other before Gabrielle threw caution to the wind and brought her lips down to kiss Ephiny hungrily, tongues and teeth clashing as they both tried to take more and more. Ephiny felt as if her body was immersed in liquid flames and was quite certain she would not survive this night. She would burn to ashes before morning.

Xena continued her oral assault on Ephiny's center as she watched from her vantage point to observe her friends' kissing. Ephiny's excitement was evident in the renewed flood of moisture flowing onto Xena's eager lips and tongue. The warrior wanted to share the sweet bounty with her partner, so she raised herself up and crawled up the Regent's body and gently inserted her head between the two.

Gabrielle's emerald orbs met the flashing azure of her soulmate's gone dark with desire and her body trembled in response. Xena's ravenous mouth took Gabrielle's roughly, the intoxicating smell and taste of Ephiny sent sparks of searing heat straight to the bard's saturated center. Ephiny's fingers left their warm cocoon as she brought her fingers to her mouth to taste them. She saved one for Xena who was watching her as she devoured the bard's essence on her sap coated finger. Xena leaned over as Ephiny raised the other finger to the warrior's mouth. Xena sucked it in greedily bathing it with her tongue. The warrior found Ephiny's lips for another searing kiss that sent a pulsating surge into her dripping center. Panting, they broke off the kiss trying to bring much needed air into their lungs.

"Xena," breathed the Amazon huskily, "I want to taste more of her."

Xena understood the Regent's hesitation as this could be dangerous ground if any unexpected jealousy crept in. With a slight twist, she met her partner's eyes to assure herself that Gabrielle was still willing. Gabrielle nodded also being careful of Xena's feelings. "C'mon," Xena said as she motioned for the bard to bring herself over the Regent's face and helped her lover lower herself down with her knees straddling Ephiny's head.

The warrior watched for a moment as Ephiny used her finger to open the bard's drenched pussy. Ephiny smiled as she remembered what Xena had said about Gabrielle's "honey pot" deciding she was right on the dinar with that remark. She swirled her tongue around her Queen's opening before plunging inside. Her eyes closed in ecstasy knowing that candy couldn't be anywhere near as sweet.

Xena scooted down between Ephiny's legs where she could enjoy the nectar waiting for her. She admired her lover's rear as the bard undulated while the Regent drank deeply sending Gabrielle higher and higher. Ephiny pushed two fingers inside and used them and her tongue expertly to drive Gabrielle into a frenzy. Xena renewed her licking on Ephiny with a passion deserving of the Warrior Princess. She thrust two fingers into the blazing furnace and alternated licks with sucking on Ephiny's clit. Gabrielle and Ephiny's moans intermingled as the feast continued. Xena could feel the Regent's hips moving faster as she plunged two more fingers inside and happily pleasured the Regent with a wild abandon.

Gabrielle felt Ephiny scream her release into her pulsing pussy bringing her own climax ripping through her body and her cries joined the Regent's to echo through the cavern. Xena gave the Amazon a minute to catch her breath, then again pushed her fingers in and out to bring another loud cry of pleasure. She left her fingers there for a moment then slowly withdrew her hand and happily licked up the Amazon's musky essence with a purr.

Ephiny lay gasping as wave after wave coursed throughout her body. This was the first time she had been to bed with someone she truly cared for since Phantes. She had her share of sex, but no one had touched her heart since then. She was momentarily overcome with the emotional release and Gabrielle sensing this, lay down half on and half off and gently kissed the tightly closed eyes lids before bathing the Regent's face in feather soft kisses. Ephiny opened her eyes to see smiling emerald eyes gazing down on her. "I love you," whispered Gabrielle. She moved slightly as her soulmate joined them and kissed Ephiny softly.

Gods, I love them both. She struggled for a moment not to say something truly sappy and finally settled on a comment she could live with. "You two are the best." Ephiny looked from one to the other before raising her eyebrow much like Xena. "Well, I think someone got left out here. Gabrielle, why don't we give this warrior a taste of her own medicine."

"Mmmmm, I think I could go for a taste of warrior."

The Amazon grinned at her. "I'm not sure that's what I said, but it works for me." Xena let herself be flipped on her back by the Regent and soon found herself the recipient of two sets of lips exploring her face and throat. Gabrielle was nuzzling her left ear while Ephiny's tongue was darting out across the full swollen lips getting a good taste of herself at the same time. Xena's mouth opened and she sucked in the probing appendage bringing a moan from the Amazon. The bard captured a fully erect nipple between her lips and teased the tip with her tongue. She felt Xena shudder as she sucked harder.

Ephiny left that delicious mouth to attack the other breast. Xena's full breasts were perfect as the rest of her body. Large florid areolas highlighted the full nipples and Ephiny didn't miss any of the skin, bathing all with her tongue. She inserted her knee between Xena's muscled thighs wet with her excitement and slid it up to meet Xena's fiery sex. She ground the knee against Xena as both Gabrielle and her continued lavishing Xena's breasts with their loving attention.

Xena was rocking her center against Ephiny's knee feeling herself flying to heights that would make mere mortals dizzy. Ephiny couldn't restrain herself any longer, and she licked a path straight to that wet, fragrant furnace waiting for her ministrations.

With reverence, Ephiny used her tongue and fingers to open the folds and dipped her tongue in. Xena jumped slightly as she responded to the probing muscle wanting more of the exquisite contact. Ephiny complied and begin a quest that every part of Xena's center was caressed by her mouth.

Xena was beginning to lose herself to the sensations. Gabrielle replaced her lips with her fingers as she used both hands on the hard nipples, squeezing and pulling as she raised her head up to Xena's. Their eyes met and locked as Gabrielle whispered softly, "I love you." That combined with Ephiny's talented tongue drove her off the cliff and sent her soaring over the abyss.

Ephiny slowed the movement of her tongue waiting for Xena to catch her breath, then plunged three fingers in deeply as she sucked on the swollen clit. Within seconds, Xena raised her hips off the blanket with an exploding orgasm, moaning her release into the warm cavern. Ephiny crawled up and after kissing Xena and Gabrielle softly, lay down resting her head on Xena's shoulder as all three drifted off to sleep for a brief respite.


They awoke a short time later to begin a new round of Ephiny ravishing. After their moans and cries of pleasure had filled the cavern repeatedly, they lay in a contented heap. Ephiny was on her back, her arm resting on Gabrielle's neck who was sound asleep with her head on the Regent's abdomen. Xena lay on the opposite side resting her head on her elbow as she watched Gabrielle sleep.

Ephiny glanced over at Xena. "I think we wore the kid out," she said with a smug smile. She gently ran her fingers through the sleep tossed hair which was fanned out over her.

"Yeah, I think we did. So much for the advantages of youth, huh? answered Xena with a grin. "I've never seen anyone who could sleep as sound as she does."

"Well, if I had you around all the time, I could sleep a lot sounder." She twirled the golden locks. "Nothing much gets by you."

"I hope nothing ever does," Xena answered soberly.

Ephiny turned her head to face Xena. "You know, if anything ever happened to you, I would be there for her. I'd guard her with my life."

"I know, and I appreciate that."

The Amazon raised her other hand to gently stroke the warrior's cheek. "That goes both ways, Xena. I'd be there for you too."

"I know, Eph. Thanks." She leaned over to kiss the Regent softly. "Happy birthday."

Ephiny smiled slightly. "Best birthday I've ever had."

A murmured question came from the now half awake bard. "Same time, same place, next year?"

Xena grinned. "Oh, I think we can arrange that, huh Eph?"

"Damn straight," Ephiny answered as she yawned. "Now I have a reason to look forward to my birthdays instead of dreading getting another year older. I've been so grumpy lately that everyone has been hiding from me."

"So we heard," Xena said answering Ephiny's yawn with one of her own.

"Well, I'm going to be apologizing to a few friends when we go back, but I bet I'll be in a better mood next year." Even as she spoke, her breathing evened out and she began drifting off.

Xena chuckled softly as she joined the other two in a well deserved sleep.


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