Author: lucath
Story Title: The Wedding
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Gabrielle go to Poteidaia to attend Lila's wedding - and take advantage of the bed. PWP.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex and for bdsm.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sexual relations.

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The Wedding
by lucath
© 1998

Soft afternoon light filtered through the shutters of the almost bare whitewashed room, bathing the bed in a honey coloured glow. Rarely did Xena and Gabrielle sleep in such a bed with linen covers, but while they were in Poteidaia attending Gabby's sister, Lila's wedding, they luxuriated in the unaccustomed sensation of the cool material on their hot naked bodies.

Xena drowsily gazed at the blonde peach down that covered the lightly freckled skin of Gabby's cheeks and limbs - the thin cover was draped across her belly, her arms and legs lay in voluptuous abandon, and her round, blue-veined breasts glistened with pearls of sweat. Xena leaned to kiss their rosy pink tips, licking the warm salty skin over the swelling fullness, down into the hollow of the sculptured collar bone and up the pulsing throat to rest in the tender hollow under the ear.

Gabrielle murmured softly "Xena..." turning her face towards her lover, and their lips met tenderly, slowly. Xena took the petal of Gabrielle's soft, sweet lower lip between her own and sucked deeply on it, while slipping the tip of her tongue between Gabby's white teeth to explore the hot inside of her mouth. Gabby, rousing slightly drew Xena's tongue into her mouth and sucked on it, her passion starting to rise yet again.

They had been making love in this room for two days since the wedding, and most people believed that they'd left after the three day feast. Hidden in this limbo land time hardly mattered, until such time as someone should seek them out to right yet another wrong.

As they kissed, their mouths still burning from the most recent kisses, Xena's hand travelled over Gabby's hard muscled belly to seek the streaming, still wet furry slit, to rub again the swollen clitoris of her lover and slide her long slender fingers once more inside the delicious irresistible body of her beloved, still throbbing from the force of Xena's mouth on her vulva and drenched with the juices of their lovemaking that had saturated yet another sheet, cast aside. But with a sudden effort Gabrielle rolled Xena on to her back and leaned over her, she lowered her full breasts into Xena's mouth to kiss and squeeze their tender tips. Then she dropped down to chew hungrily once more, on Xena's own hard, dark crinkled nipples set on their exquisite creamy mounds. With both hands and her mouth she feasted with ever more intensity on those delightful breasts, but then her hand soon had to move over Xena's fabulous strong, smooth body, towards that pit of all desire, lingering on the grassy knoll of her pudendum, she began to lightly finger the moistness of Xena's labia, pressing harder and harder on her clitoris until Xena was unable to suppress her moans of delirious pleasure.

Gabby's tongue followed the fragrant folds of Xena's pussy and sucked hard, nibbling with her teeth on the erect clitoris. Her fingers pushed deeper and harder inside Xena's vagina, the muscles bulging in Xena's long legs and her wine red lips pulled back from her dazzling white teeth as she arched her back and threw back her head, as she felt the tingles of her orgasm beginning. Twisting slightly, Gabby sat astride Xena's face allowing her to drink once more of her heavenly juices which, like Xena's had begun to surge out in waves. Xena's slender, supple arms folded around Gabby's rippling flanks and her sweet-sour waters soaked Gabby's face and hot waves of orgasm flooded over her buttocks, she groaned ecstatically as she climaxed with her lover.

Next day:

The friends left Poteidaia far behind and leading Argo along the woodland path, they emerged onto the clifftop high above the bay of white sands and slowly rolling breakers. The sky was as blue as Xena's eyes and the sea was as blue-green as Gabrielle's. They stood breathing in the salty air and Gabrielle slowly began to unlace her bodice, then her belt, then stood as perfectly formed as a goddess, with a luminous fragility, motionless for a second before plunging down the steep path and across the vast sands towards the white crested waves. Xena's beautiful face broke until a wide smile, in no time she was out of her brief leather garment (her amour was on Argo's saddle) and flew, whooping her famous cry, after the tiny receding blonde, marvelously developed figure of Gabrielle.

The sight of Xena, naked, bounding across the sands, her endlessly long legs and slender arms powering her lithe supple body was enough to quell armies, as it often had done. This was a sight few men had seen, not even Marcus or Ares - it was a sight to turn strong men to stone and strong women to insatiable desire - for women. Her firm breasts and rippling back and thigh muscles vibrated with the shock of the massive strides and holding off her flying cartwheeling summersault until Gabrielle had plunged into the rollers, she unleashed her inhuman strength into the dive far beyond Gabrielle and surfaced in front of the laughing girl in time to catch her and kiss her deeply, the salt in their mouths and on their faces adding to their own warm, sweet saliva. They gasped breaths as they kissed and sank, luxuriating their hot sweating bodies in the cool ocean.

During the year that they had become lovers, Gabrielle often instigated their lovemaking and could be as powerful and dominating as Xena, who just as often enjoyed the submissive, recipient role. On this occasion, to the not-so-casual observer, it seemed about evens, as between bouts of laughter, splashing and kissing, they struggled to press themselves closer than ever to meld, to fuse, to become one.

Suddenly as these things happen, the laughter stopped, they became serious their eyes looked deep into each other's soul, they arms around each other Xena pulled Gabby's powerful legs around her waist and planting her feet in the sand and her back against the smooth rock, her iron thighs braced under the girl's buttocks, she fingered gently over the girl's warm, silken body, her round breasts rosy crinkled tits and hard belly, down among the marine-like fronds of her mound and into the creamily moist lips of her vulva.

Gabrielle gasped, almost cried out with relief as Xena began to release the pent up passion and desire inside her intense little body. Xena's fingers knew well the path to take on this journey of delight and replay the traces of her clitoris, the thrusts inside her throbbing depths until eventually she shuddered, stiffened and relaxed in her arms. Floods of hot, wet juices pumping rhythmically into Xena's fist.

Xena withdrew her hand and licked the honey sweetness of her lover watching the girl's half closed eyes as she drifted in and out with the waves of pleasure crashing over her as the sea spray. Their mouth met yet again searching for each other inside the hot wetness of their depths.

Leaving the water, they slowly, wordlessly climbed the path back to Argo and lay on the coarse grass as she chomped unmoved beside them. They seemed to doze for an age but it was only a few minutes until Gabrielle was unable to rest any longer and leaning on her elbow kissed her lover every inch from her beautiful mouth, over her exquisite throat and breasts, nibbling the rosy nipples, down over her undulating belly and flanks and onto her thickly matted pussy. Using her fingers and tongue she worked diligently as Xena's thighs fell apart in careless abandon - juices poured out of her as she felt the throbs inside build to an intolerable level and Gabby's tongue licking and sucking them as fast as they gushed out of her, only served to heighten the power of her orgasm. Argo whinnied softly as Xena screamed Gabrielle's name into the noise of the rolling surf and Gabrielle lay her face, as she always did, on the creamy warmth of Xena's belly.

That night:

Xena stood magnificently tall and naked washing herself as the firelight flickered patterns and shapes across the rounds and hollows of her body. Rivulets of waters ran down between her firm breasts over her flat belly and haunches, trickling between her thighs. Gabby admired the long, rippling muscles of her back as she moved slowly, gracefully and the powerful muscles of Xena's buttocks drew her eyes in constant fascination. Xena hearing a soft laugh, turned to look at Gabrielle and nearly laughed out loud at the sight of her lover who was wearing Xena's tight black shorts and metal breast plate. Gabrielle's full breasts and hard rosy nipples pressed through the intricate tracery of the breastplate and trying to control the smile playing around her lips and eyes, suddenly cracked Xena's whip, startling Argo - this time Xena did laugh.

"Get down, bitch," giggled Gabby, "let me teach you a lesson. You need to be brought to heel, and learn to obey your mistress."

Xena, thoroughly amused by this uncharacteristically sadistic attitude of Gabrielle's, obediently sank to her knees, "Beat me, mistress," she breathed, "make me feel the weight of your strokes". Gabby hesitated for a while, stunned by the beauty of her companion as she crouched like a panther, her long supple limbs bent ready to uncoil like a spring. But Xena didn't move as her eyes followed her lover until she stood behind her, then she felt Gabrielle's hands softly caressing the contours of her back and hips. For many minutes Gabrielle luxuriated in the feel of Xena's warm, silken flesh, leaning forward she cupped Xena's red tipped breasts in her hands, marvelling as ever at their feel as the hung lightly in her grasp, lightly running her fingers over the crinkled nipples. Xena groaned slightly feeling the excitement surge up inside her and little pulses begin deep inside her belly, and a soft throb amongst the dark down between her legs.

Gabrielle's hand moved back over Xena's hips and she slowly began to rub that hot, already wet place as Xena's back arched under the rhythmical strokes. Eventually she felt the fingers slip inside just when she thought she could stand it no longer and the spasms built to such an extent then hot waves rushed up through her body and out to her extremities. Gabby felt the muscles of Xena's orgasm contract around her fist and the sweet juices of her lover's passion streamed into her hands. Then to Xena's surprise (at Gabby's inventiveness) she felt the cool, hard, slim shaft of the whip penetrate gently inside her swollen burning depths. Gasping with shock, she moved her hips against the dildo-whip and rekindled the shuddering pulses of her climax.

Mightily pleased with herself, taking the initiative and having Xena silently do her bidding, Gabrielle stood and lightly cracked the whip across Xena's glistening flanks. The lash fell softly, like a kiss and with a bound Xena leapt to her feet, grasped the whip from Gabby's hand and pressed her hard against the wall with her body. Xena's thigh pushed hard onto the soft mound covering the pubic bone between Gabby's legs, feeling the moist heat through the thin material and sinking her mouth into the fine skin of Gabby's throat.

"Getting rough, are we?" she whispered.

Gabby winced slightly as the metal breastplate cut into her soft, full, blue veined breasts and the rosy nipples, protruding against Xena's, ached for release. Xena immediately sensed Gabby's discomfort, slackened her grip and kissed her deeply, sipping every drop of sweetness from the girl's lips and tongue that she could. With brisk fingers she unbuckled the harness from Gabby's burning breasts and slipped the shorts down. Kneeling before the one she cared about more than any that had ever lived - or breathed - she kissed the exquisite red-marked tits and tenderly licked the thrusting, throbbing nipples. Her lips travelled over the muscular belly to the dripping hollow of delight and gently lifted Gabby's thigh onto her shoulder, as she drank lustily from the jelly-like pool of ambrosia dripping silently into her mouth. In one movement she picked up Gabrielle in her arms and lay her on the straw. Gabrielle sighed in contentment as Xena renewed their lovemaking, lasting until the sun began to rise between the breasts of the mountains.

The End

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