Author: Tim Wellman
Story title: Rain
Characters: Xena & m (Samuel)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Rain forces Xena into a stable where she meets a handsome young man and... well, you know :-)
This rating is for explicit m/f sex

Xena is not my creation, the name and character belong to MCA/Universal/Studios USA. This story does not intend to infringe upon that copyright and/or trademark. This is a piece of fan fiction and no attempt to prosper is intended. This story is copyright 1998 by me, Tim Wellman, and may not be reproduced or archived without my permission. It may be cataloged on fan fiction link pages without permission.

This story contains heterosexual erotica (but hopefully not pornography) involving Xena and a young man. Read only if you're of legal age and maturity. No violence, no plot.

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by Tim Wellman

Xena walked slowly into the village, a hard rain pelting her body, drenching her leathers. Her whole body seemed to slosh with each step. The light of day was fastly fading and the lights burning in the town stable were a welcome sight. Gabrielle had stayed behind as Xena scouted ahead to find the next village, but the storms had started, making a trip back impossible until the next morning. She lead Argo into the village, hoping to find someone to board her and her horse for the night, or at least to hide from the rain for a few hours.

"Hello!" she shouted into the open doors of the stable. "Anyone here?" There was no answer as she pulled Argo through the door, found an empty stall, and quickly removed her saddle.

She looked around the place and shook the water from her hair, and began removing her armor, piling it in the stall beside her horse, then stood in her wet leathers, wondering just how alone she was. "Yoo-hoo? Are you sure no one is here?" There was no answer. She peered into a few stalls to satisfy her mind a bit more, then sat down on an old stump the blacksmith had apparently used as an anvil and undid her boots and kicked them off. She wiggled her toes and smiled, then stood up and took one more look around.

"Well, seems empty," she said. She walked to her saddle bags and pulled out her blanket, then stuck her thumbs into the top of her leathers and pulled them down over her breasts. The wet, rough leather had rubbed her nipples into hard, sensitive nubs that stood out dark and erect from the creamy white skin of her breasts. She quickly pulled her leathers past her hips and slid them down her legs. As she stepped out of them, wet droplets of water in her thick, black mound glistened in the torch light. She gave it a quick rub with her fingers, knocking the water away.

"Is someone in there?" A voice called out for the street. Before Xena could wrap the blanket around her, a young man walked into the stable, holding a small sword, brushing the rain from his arms. When he saw the nude vision in front of him, he dropped the sword to the ground. "Er... a... I thought..."

Xena turned beet red, then quickly wrapped herself up like a mummy. "I thought... uh... I asked if anyone..." She looked down and her nipple was still showing over the hem of the blanket. She quickly covered it up.

The man tried not to notice, but couldn't help staring at the goddess standing before him, her face speckled with drops of rain, her long, tanned legs uncovered by the short blanket. He was in his early 20's, maybe, younger than Xena by many years, but his body belied the youthfulness of his face, made even more child-like by the wet curls of dark blond hair falling into his deep brown eyes. He was at least 4 inches taller than Xena, built like Hercules, and as he smiled it seemed to Xena that his whole face shined in easy beauty, usually only allowed to the gods. "I'm sorry," he said, picking up his sword. "I watch the stables for my father and thought I heard bandits."

"No... not a bandit," Xena said, unable to take her eyes off of him. "Just me." She smiled. I needed a place to put up my horse for the night..." She tried to remember which horse was hers and ended up pointing to several wrong choices before recognizing Argo. "My horse...." She smiled again. "I didn't mean to use the stable without paying, I'll give you the dinars, just tell me how much."

The man smiled again then walked to greet her. "My name is Samuel," he said. He held out his hand and Xena grabbed his wrist in a firm handshake. "Father usually charges 5 dinars for a night."

"Reasonable," Xena said. "I'll just get it... the money is in...." she paused again, and pointed to several horses. "It's in my saddlebags... wherever they are." She suddenly noticed she had never let go of his hand. "Oh, sorry... I guess the rain beat what little brains I have left right out of me." She smiled and pulled her hand away, allowing her fingers to cross his palm and trail to the tips of his fingers. "That sounded sooo stupid, didn't it?"

The man couldn't stop smiling. "You have a beautiful voice... uh..."

"Oh, Xena."

"Xena. My name is Samuel..." he paused. "... as you already know because I just told you, didn't I."

"It seems the rain has effected us both," Xena said with a smile. A shiver ran down her spine as the warmth of the waning day suddenly gave way to a chilling breeze.

"Oh, let me start a fire in the forge," Samuel said.

Xena watched him as he threw in several handfuls of hay, then tossed a few smaller logs onto the budding embers. "I'm just passing through here. I left my friend behind in the Amazon village."

"Amazons? I thought they hated strangers." He quickly had a blaze going and Xena eagerly stepped close to it and warmed one hand, tightly holding the blanket around her with the other.

"Well, my friend has connections."

Samuel turned and looked down into her sea-blue eyes with a smile. "You're never going to get warm and dry like that."

Xena frowned and tried to figure him out. She wasn't used to people who wanted nothing more from her than the simple enjoyment of the moment, but for the life of her, she could see nothing in his eyes but unquestioning innocence. She smiled and turned toward the fire. Holding both hands out toward the flame, she allowed the blanket to fall open. She starred into the fire without speaking.

Samuel dropped his eyes, but couldn't help taking in the beauty of Xena's breasts, slightly swaying in the firelight as she leaned in. He took a deep breath and heard Xena's breath quicken.

"So, I've never seen rain this hard," she said, trying to take her mind off what was happening.

Samuel brushed the wet hair from Xena's neck, then stepped behind her and began drying her body with the blanket. "Yes, it rarely rains... but when it does...." His hands wrapped in the cloth, he rubbed Xena's breasts, reaching under her arms. He felt her body move into his as he kissed the side of her neck, his hands moving to Xena's abdomen, pulling the blanket from her shoulders. He continued to dry her, dropping to his knees as his hands slide down her muscular legs. He kissed the small triangle of her lower back and Xena felt electricity shoot through her body. She was getting wet again.

"Hopefully the rain will let up by morning," she said in pants, mouth open, eyes open wide. She felt Samuel's hands, now, without the blanket. Felt him trace his fingers up her ass, then across her sides. She laid her head back on his shoulder as his hands found her nipples, fingers slowly twisting the hard nubs, tugging, rubbing as he softly bit her neck. She felt the heat of the fire caress the front of her body, felt him behind her, holding her tightly, and felt another kind of fire begin to burn between her legs. Her breathing was steadily increasing as she felt Samuel's hand leave her nipple and trace a line to her abdomen, finding her dewy mound. He played for a moment, twisting her silky hair with his fingers, then slide his hand down until he cupped her core in his hand.

"Rain..." he mumbled into her neck, feeling her clit pressing against the palm of his hand. He rubbed softly, gently increasing pressure to the sensitive area, listening to each breath Xena huskily released.

She felt him back away from her and she stood for a moment, nude, her juices flowing down her inner thighs, nipples throbbing, then felt his hands on her hips, felt him push her slightly forward, then felt the tip of his penis slide between her legs as he pulled her close again. He worked his hard shaft between her legs, teasing her, caressing her clit, then he pushed her away again, and this time, when he pulled her ass to him, his penis slide deeply into her.

Xena gasped out loud, closed her eyes, and reached back, digging her nails into his ass. "Rain..." She felt every movement now; he started slowly, sliding in and out of her wetness, the sound barely audible over the rain. She rode every thrust, holding on to him, pushing him deeper, feeling his thickness press against her walls.

He gradually increased his movements, pulling Xena's ass toward him with every thrust, rougher, with each thrust he grunted; with each thrust she moaned. Her tightness gripped his penis, as if milking it until he could hold back no longer.

Xena felt his cum shoot into her, filling her up and slowly oozing out of her, clinging to her. She screamed out as her orgasm exploded inside her, sending lightning-like bolts of pleasure through her body, a slight release of juices flowing from her, washing her clean.

Samuel stayed inside her for a moment, and pulled her body up to him, arms around her waist, planting kisses along her neck, up to her ear.

Xena felt his breath on her cheek, felt the warmth of his strength as he slipped out of her. She turned in his arms and kissed him, her lips finding his, meeting; her tongue seeking out his. They stay locked in embrace for several seconds, then backed away, staying in each other's arms. Xena smiled, then kissed him cheerfully, quickly on the lips. "Don't you ever talk about anything but the weather?" She smiled and Samuel let out a chuckle.

"Well, you do owe me 5 dinars for the stall, remember." Xena cocked her head and Samuel winked, then pulled her into another hug that would last the night.

The End

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