Author: L.B. Anderson
Story Title: The Limousine Ride
Characters: Mel/Janice
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This is a brief story of our favorite girls uber partners, Mel and Janice. In this tale the girls settle in for a casual Limousine ride and decide to get a little personal.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex

Mel (Xena's twin) and Janice (Gabrielle's twin) belong to MCA/Universal/Studios USA. No copyright infringement is intended. I made Korona up all on my own, so she's mine.

The following story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between two women. If you are not (18) or older and are offended by girls getting their groove on then, STOP READING NOW! This is not for you.

Note: Once again I'd like to send a shout out to my girl Jennifer for editing the tale.

After reading this you will no longer wonder why stretch four wheel liners have tinted windows.

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The Limousine Ride
by L.B. Anderson

Mel watched as the people praised Janice for uncovering Dahak's temple where supposedly the reported rift of Gabrielle and Xena began. She had nothing but infinite pride for her partner. It had been three months now since they had become lovers and Mel couldn't have been any happier.

As the pair approached the door to leave for the evening Janice reached back and took a hold of Mel's hand and pulled her to her. "Come Love, you are as much a part of this as I am. Had it not been for your expertise in translating the Ancient Greek language we wouldn't be here today. AND, you enhance my image when you are near." Janice gave her shy southern belle a loving smirk while entwining their arms. Mel lowered her head shyly and cupped her flirtatious smile.

While the couple issued their final salutations to the crowd a sparkling black tinted windows Limousine pulled up to the curb. Their driver's name was Korona and she was about as intoxicating as the drink itself. She had golden brown skin, thick cold black hair creatively cornrolled, curvaceous body and a enrapturing personality. Her presentation was nothing more than professional as she swung opened her door, donned her hat, and proceeded to open the rear car door for her mistresses.

"Ladies," she directed at her occupants for the night.

"Shall we?" Janice gave her a half smile and said, "'K,' your timing is always impeccable," while sliding into the back seat pulling her tall, dark and absolutely stunning partner.

"Thank you Ma'am, and good evening Miss Mel."

"Hello Korona, How are you doing tonight?"

"Just fine Ma'am," Korona replied while closing the door.  Once she was seated, she placed the car in drive and pulled slowly away from the curb.

"Ladies, I thought you might need a soothing beverage once you were out. So, Miss Janice, I took the liberty of getting your favorite, Chardonet. Please," Korona paused while pressing a button upon the dashboard, "Enjoy your selves."  The panel on the back of the seat opened to reveal a cleverly disguise miniature refrigerator.  The wine was housed in a gold plated bucket of ice while the glasses sat on each side of the pail chilling."

"Thanks 'K.' You're right, I am kind of thirsty."  Mel reached for the glasses and Janice followed retrieving the wine corked bottle.

"You know Janice I can't get over how debonair you look tonight.  I love the two piece double breast waist length jacket and pants to match.  But, I have one question."

"What is that lover?"

Mel stared down at the crouch of her lover's pants where she had been wanting to bury her hand all evening.  "The slacks seemed to have as many buttons as the jacket.  What if...well you know...I was feeling kind of frisky.  How would I get in them?" Mel inquired while adjusting her glasses.

Janice took another sip of her wine and said, "Simple, my vivacious Southern belle," she responded.  The little explorer then reached down and snatched the double breasted panel open revealing the golden glistening playground Mel had been wanting to play in since they left their room.  "I had the seamstress to try out this new adhesion sewn in clothing."  Janice smiled wickedly at her partner.  "Is this satisfactory," she teased.

"Ooh yeah," Mel purred as her usually sky blue orbs took on a darkening tint. She took one last gulp of her wine and placed the glass in the cup holder on the door. She then leaned into Janice and began planting wet tender kisses up her usually invincible partner's neck, starting at the shoulder.   Once she reached Janice earlobe she gently sucked it into her mouth.  "J." She whispered.  "I've been wanting to get up in you every since we left the hotel. Mel's right hand lifted Janice's left leg and placed in patiently upon hers, before coasting softly down the muscular limb.

Janice was so turned on by her partner's seductive southern nature that she couldn't avoid kissing her. She swept her natural colored wet lips teasingly across Mel's causing her to gasp hungrily.  Within a matter of seconds Mel had claimed Janice's lips in a possessive moaning manner.

Mel's head swirled and dipped as she applied slow tongue dipping, lip sucking, whimpering opened mouth panting and tender mouth nippings upon her suave partner's verbal articulator. Just as her hand reached her silky honeyed patch, Janice pulled away.

"Hold on to your place, sweet lips. I just have one request to make of the driver before we go further."

Mel pulled back and said, "Awright, but don't make me wait too long. I've always wanted to have you while riding in a limousine."  Mel's determined gaze left no room for negotiating as she leaned back slightly and moved her hand back a taste.

"Ow, my mighty lioness," Janice whirred while gazing upon Mel's uplifted erect golden glistening peaks.

"Korona," she called out,  "shut it down."

Korona winked and hit another button on her dashboard panel.  Mel watched as a large pitch black glass slid closed, offering the couple total seclusion.

"Now, where were we?" Janice questioned while pulling her partner down for an urgent kiss and sliding further down into the seat.  Mel quickly returned to her feverish exploration of her partner's heated body.

"Tell me Janice does the top open up like the pants?"

"They sure do, my ambitious transcriber."

Mel reached up and yanked the jacket opened. "Oh luver," she wailed at the view. Janice's usually contained bosom popped free and stood at attention.  Her nipples were red hot and pulsating for attention.

As if second nature, Mel's hand slid down between Janice's legs and cupped her treasure while lowering her warm watery mouth upon her partner's left breast. Janice wetness was evident as her juices pooled out into Mel's hand. The little explorer growled, arched her back and threaded her fingers in her lover's shining black locks. Mel moaned from her partner's unspoken urgency, but she wanted to take her time. She been wanting this woman all day and damn if it was going to be over in just a few minutes.

Mel allowed her fingers to coast gently over Janice's power beacon while running just the tip of her tongue around her partner's erect nipples. Janice could feel her mouth run dry as spoofs of her lover's warm breath flowed mystically over her sensitive knots. Mel could feel her own nature rising from her panting lover's encouraging coo.

"Sweet lord almighty 'J,' open up some more so that I can go inside."

Janice immediately propped her feet up against the window's side ledge and pressed down on Mel's stimulating caress. The little explorer was finding it hard to reason on anything at that moment. Mel was erasing her partner's scruffy demeanor with each graze against her throbbing pit.

"Go get what you want, Mel," she panted.  "Oh mighty Isis," pants and gasps, "you know...I can't anything."

Mel growled un-lady like and sucked Janice's entire right nipple into her mouth. Yet, she wasn't completely satisfied. Her hand swept artfully over Janice's pleasure knob and plunged into her.

Janice cried out and encouraged her lover to give her more. "Oh please."  Mel gaze lovingly into her partner's eyes and claimed her lips.

The mighty lioness continued her casual plunging. Sliding in and almost out of Janice, fanning her inner fires. Her fingers dipped and twirled sensually about her partner's snapping orifice. Mel was so hypnotized by her lover's seething warmth that she didn't notice Janice's frantic hunching. She watched Janice strong limbs flex and relax as her seething opening sucked desperately at her soaked digits.

Mel then looked into her little lover's pleasure gripped features and asked her, "Who do you belong to?"

" please...not now."

"NOW," Mel demanded firmly. Every since Mel found out she was the actual descendent of Xena the Warrior Princess her love making techniques changed slightly. She was more aggressive and withholding at times. This simply drove Janice mad with need for her.

"Tell me who you belong to, Or..." Mel ceased her appetizing strokes.

"OH NO...MEL PLEASE, YOU KNOW I'M YOURS.  Baby, please don't stop. Take me, you know I'm yours."

Mel smiled triumphantly and drug her partner to the floor of the Limousine. In a matter of seconds she had increased her speed and depths, quickly sending her closed eyes partner over the ledge of completion, screaming her name.

Mel watched her partner as she glowed from fulfillment and smiled while slowly withdrawing her pleasure seekers. She then sucked her lover's sweetness from her fingers and whispered, "that's right, my little grave hunter, you are mine and will always be."

Janice opened her eyes and took in one last deep breath before slamming Mel fully upon the cars floor. "There is always some form of appreciation issued after every great performance, my dormant tigress. Allow me to demonstrate my meaning."

Janice slid down between Mel's outstretched limbs and gasped from the view. Mel wasn't wearing any underwear. The mere presence of her drizzling love fountain encouraged her lover to take a dip.  Janice jerked Mel's legs open and ducked in, sucking uncontrollably at her throbbing clit.

Mel screamed from the movement and grabbed hands full of her partner's hair, pulling her closer to her. "Oh J. baby...Oh yeah...just like that." She panted while rocking her hips in a spellbinding circular motion.

Janice quickly redirected her attack upon her love's flushed opening. She plunged her tongue fully into Mel, slamming her lip covered teeth against her power beacon.

Mel arched her back and yanked Janice more firmly against her. The sensual stirring motions instinctively turned to desperate hunching. "Sweet Artemis, J. Take me...take me there."

Janice couldn't verbally respond to her partner she was otherwise occupied.  The little anthropologist continued to plunge her tongue in and almost out of Mel. Poetically quenching her urgent throes while spanking her power knob heedlessly.

"Oooooh...JAAAAANICE," Mel screamed as her climax seized her body and made it spasm uncontrollably against her partner's face.

Janice softened her assault and allowed her lover sanction before pulling completely away.

Mel slowly opened her sightless eyes and took in several deep breaths. "Hot dang, woman, you sway me,"  she gasped while rising to a sitting position. She then reached over and kissed Janice tenderly upon the lips before they both fell exhaustedly upon the limousine seat.

Korona sat observing the motion of their ride. Several minutes after the rocking stop, she lowered the window. Both women looked as if they had been in a fight. Their clothes were either gaping open or hanging aimlessly from their bodies. Their hair was tossed precariously around their face and shoulders, and their lipstick was smeared and mushed together to form a new color. Korona turned her head and gazed out the window, stifling a hearty chuckle.

"Uh ladies, you may want to tidy up a bit before we arrive at the Waldorf Hotel."

They both jumped and stared at each other before falling back laughing.

"I guess you're right, K. Set us up," Janice called out.

Korona shook her head amusingly and flipped a switch on her side panel. This time a mirror rolled up and a vanity tray dropped down revealing a make up tray with various color of lipsticks and blush. The women quickly re-groomed and sat back for a couple of glasses of wine before departing their rolling hump nest.

"Say J, when is our next Limo ride? I rather enjoyed this one," Mel asked pushing her glasses back up to her eyes.

"Soon my love, soon. I certainly enjoyed it as well."

Both women leaned into each other laughing.

Korona lowered the mirror and alerted the women that she was pulling up into the hotel's driveway.  The pair thanked the driver and checked their clothes once more before getting out.

Their departure was just as elegant as their entrance.

"Thanks K, you're a life saver. Whenever we are in town we're going to ask for you."

Korona dipped her head honorably before retorting. "And, I shall happily respond, Miss Janice.  You ladies enjoy the rest of your evening."

Mel winked at Korona and graciously took her hand, sliding her a hundred dollar tip.

"Thank you, Miss Mel," she said watching the couple walk hand and hand into the hotel.

"Now there goes a pair of real classy women," Korona finished while tilting her hat back and closing the rear door to the car.

*Boy, what a ride huh? I guess there is something good to be said about limousines. Until the next limo expedition, I bid you adieu.*,/i>

Written and Copyrighted by: L.B. Anderson
May 7, 1999.

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