Author: EM Hamilton
Story Title: Unspoken at Midnight
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Gabrielle have trouble expressing their feelings.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex

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These characters don't belong to me, I wish they did, but they belong to the rich b******s at MCA/Studios USA/Renaissance Pictures and Rob Tapert and Co. I'm only using them for fun and to bring a smile on a certain someone's face, I don't wanna make any money out of it, and I'll put them back when I'm finished.

Sex: You bet there is, I mean whatever you can't watch on late night TV you can read here. If your under age (18) then please leave now, or if you live in an area where love is illegal, MOVE, because this is a story of two women deeply in love with each other, and they aren't afraid to show it.

Authors note: This was written solely and only for my good friend Marriann, for her birthday, so happy birthday, it wasn't the same writing without you... (I'm so shit at writing plots). Hope you enjoy it though.

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Unspoken at midnight
by EM Hamilton

"Xena, can we stop for a bit?" Gabrielle gasped. The bard was evidently tired, they had been walking since sunrise and now it was almost dawn. Her feet had been scorched dry and red in the sun through her leather boots, and the rough rocks they were travelling on just made it that little bit worse.

'I told you.' Xena looked down at her friend with some empathy, she couldn't bear to see her companion in any pain, but it would be worth the effort and labour if they got to the local village tonight. At least then they would have a warm soft bed, and a hot bath. "Why don't you stop being so stubborn and ride up here with me," Xena suggested, slowing Argo down even more to barely a trot. The bard just kept her pace, and ignored her partner's comments.

"Why do we have to get to the village tonight?" Gabrielle complained. "Why can't we just camp out here... it's such a beautiful night." She looked up at the evening sky. Oranges and pinks swarmed the land by the horizon, golden rays of the sun descending past the hills. The air was moist and warm, but there was also a cool breeze flowing gently, so it was pretty close to perfect, in fact, as close as perfect gets.

'Yeah it is kinda nice,' Xena considered for a moment. The view was seriously breathtaking, but she wasn't talking about the sunset. It was her companion that was taking away her breath. She looked hard at the younger woman, but when she realized she was staring, she looked away at the landscape again. In the evening light Gabrielle looked even more spectacular than ever. Her pale red hair a definite honey color, and the thick streaks given off by the sun reflected off her bare skin to form the most purest golden. Her entire being glowed, and eyes so purely green, grew even darker almost matching the shade of the earth far beyond.

"I knew you'd see it my way." Gabrielle finally smiled when realizing that Xena's expression hadn't changed for several moments. She assumed she too was deeply lost in the beauty of the evening. Gabrielle drew a deep breath and stopped, as if to say that this was enough. Xena still lost in her thoughts traveled a good meter before realizing that her partner was left behind. She then stopped abruptly, shook herself out of her trance and turned to see the bard sitting cross-legged on the sedimented ground.

"Gabrielle!" Xena raised an eyebrow, but the bard took no notice. "What are you doing?" she asked almost chuckling at her annoyed partner.

"Xena , you said that we could . . ."

The tall raven-haired woman stopped her before she could finish. "I didn't say anything, come on lets go." Xena knew that Gabrielle would be the one who would appreciate it the most when they got to the inn, and that she wouldn't have to find food again and the bard wouldn't have to cook it. "Come on Gabrielle," she tried again. Her voice softened slightly. "Please."

How could Gabrielle refuse such a solemn plea. She was barely able to refuse the warrior anyhow, but those puppy eyes, well those were just irresistible. She quickly got up and shook the dirt off of her skirt and caught up with Xena.

"Are you sure you don't want to ride?" Xena offered again.

"No, I'll end up being even more sore than I am already," Gabrielle fluttered, grabbing a hold of her staff properly. The warrior gave her a look, as if to confess that she should have stopped and listened to the bard. Gabrielle needed to rest now, not later.

"Are you sure?" Xena asked with genuine concern.

"Look, Xena, I'll be fine." Gabrielle sounded incredibly annoyed and there was even a hint of anger in her voice. Xena suddenly felt really bad. Why did Gabrielle put up with her? All that she had given her since they had met her was pain and distress. Day in and day out of infinite walking, risking her life with every step. For who? For Xena? For herself? She didn't have pretty clothes and expensive things that someone like her so justly deserved, but she barely ever complained, excepting all the hardships thrown on her as fate. They weren't her fate though, they were Xena's. As the guilt washed over her, she decided against the inn.

"I'm sorry, Gabrielle" Xena apologized softly, she stopped Argo and slid off. "You're right, it is a beautiful evening, and I'm really tired too."

The bard's face beamed with delight. Xena smiled back at her reward and she knew she had done the right thing. " Let's just camp here"

They found a spot quickly. It was a secure place next to a flowing stream and with considerable shelter from the natural forces. Gabrielle set up the campfire and Xena went to catch their evening meal.

As Gabrielle lay out the bedrolls she fell into thoughts of Xena. The warrior was growing soft. She gave Gabrielle her way more than ever. Xena was barely able to deny her of anything, as too was she to the warrior's requests. Could the warrior possibly feel even close to what she felt for her? Was there such a possibility? Gabrielle shook the thoughts from her mind, denying her the chance to explore the darkest part of her consciousness once again. Her feelings for Xena ran deep, far deeper than she would ever let the warrior know, and Xena would never feel anything for her, she knew that. Their friendship had blossomed into full bloom and Gabrielle wasn't going to risk it all for a whim. Sometimes she almost thought she could see love like hers in the warrior's eyes, but it would be gone again before Gabrielle could tell for sure. Sometimes you want something so badly you can almost see it come real, you only end up seeing what you want to see. She took a deep breath of realization and gripped Xena's bedroll.

She noticed there was still a trace of the warrior's scent on it, and held it even closer to herself. That musky aroma, neither strong nor weak, just there. Gabrielle breathed it in, swallowing her warrior by the lungfull. Her eyes closed tightly, fingers clutching the object close to her chest. She lay back on the ground as she felt just the smell of her friend overpowering all senses, singeing every alert nerve end. Her entire being tingled with a warm sensation, but no place was warmer right now than between her legs. Thick liquid released from her center, flowing down her thighs. As her own scent rose, it mingled in the air with Xena's, bringing her even higher. She moved her hands across her bare stomach, dreaming her hands were another's. Running her fingers along the lines at which her skirt met her skin, slipping under it for brief moments.

Xena was on her way back, when she spotted Gabrielle laying cuddled up beside the fire, with her bedroll tightly clasped in her hands. Oh how Xena longed to be that roll, to be held close within the bards soft arms. To feel that magic touch, every time she came into to contact with the younger woman her entire being was set ablaze with hidden desires. Xena found it difficult to stand, her knees becoming weak at the sight, and she leaned against a tree branch for support. A twig cracked beneath her foot, and Gabrielle was instantly brought back into reality. The bard turned around quickly when she became aware of her surroundings, frantically checking for the warrior princess, searching for her. Then in the trees to her far left she saw her. Gabrielle's heart sank instantly. What had she seen? How much had she seen?

Xena stood her ground, but when she found Gabrielle staring straight at her she knew there was no point in trying to hide. For the first time in her life she didn't do a very good job of being discreet. Slowly, cautiously she walked into the campsite clearing. Gabrielle was turning a crimson pink, all the blood shooting to her face at the sight of the raven-haired beauty who had driven her so wild just moments ago. She too slowly got up into a seating position, but kept her eyes on the fire.

Xena cleared her throat unable to say anything. Should she say something, was it right...? Who was she to say anything? She took a seat beside the fire opposite the bard after planting the rabbit that she had caught on the split. Gabrielle didn't move a muscle, she wasn't sure she could, her entire form which moments ago was on fire was now chilled like a block of ice.

Silence filled the air, an empty silence, hollow and intriguing. Xena opened her mouth as if to speak and Gabrielle moved up to the fire a little to hear, but nothing. The warrior stopped when she realized that she had nothing to say, just taking an empty breath of air into her lungs again.

Gabrielle couldn't stand the rift that had formed within just moments. "Xena?" she breathed into the night air, still staring into the fire. What was she about to say did she even know what she was going to say? The warrior looked up at the bard, searching for her eyes, but without avail. The bard didn't continue, she was supposed to be the one who knew what to say, she always knew, but all her words were gone now. All lost on the picturesque woman sitting opposite her.

"Gabrielle?" Xena whispered back questionably after several moments passed without another word. Xena got up to turn the split, bringing her closer to the woman she dreamed of, the distance only half a meter from her beloved. She looked at her over the flames, Xena wasn't sure if it was the bard or the fire that was burning her skin at that moment, but whatever it was, it was the only thing stopping her from going wild. And it was graciously welcomed.

Gabrielle looked up at the split to see Xena's clear blue eyes gleaming through the heat of the fire. Dark blues deeper than the ocean itself. Their eyes met as one and it was a connection even greater than the horizon witnessed by both of them that evening. The earthy greens of Gabrielle's eyes merging with the sky blues of Xena's. Like the horizon you couldn't tell from where one ended and the other began, so different yet inseparable.

Gabrielle's lips quivered unable to form any words, slightly parted and wet with yearning. She wanted the warrior to walk through the fire and fold her in her strong embrace. To make deep passionate and unmerciful love to her. To bring her to that point of no return, and then bring her there again and again. She wanted to be overpowered and swept off her feet, she wanted the warrior to rip the clothes from her and take her then and there in the moonlight by the hearth of the fire. She broke away from the warrior's gaze when she realized what she had been thinking. Could Xena see it in her eyes?

"Gabrielle?" Xena tried again, stepping back from the fire and back to her seat.

"Yeah?" the heated bard managed, before she saw that the rabbit was done and removed it from the split.

" Um... you were going to say something?" Xena regretted saying that as soon as it was out. What was she doing? Was she trying to make the bard uncomfortable? Why didn't she just come out and say she was sorry for walking in on her while she was . . . busy. No, even better why didn't she just say she wasn't sorry and in fact, she wanted the bard to continue. What are you doing Xena, she just gets that little bit closer and you push her away?

"Was I...?" Gabrielle asked awkwardly, trying not to sound interested. She just needed to get away, to go and think somewhere quietly. Without the pressure of this gorgeous woman constantly on her mind.

Gabriele passed some of the rabbit over to Xena. She felt the warrior's hand on top of hers, not forceful, but gentle and with care. The warrior didn't want to lose her friend, and things were way too hot right now, she just needed to tell Gabrielle that everything was okay, and this was the best way she knew how.

"We are okay . . . . Aren't we Xena?" Gabriele managed hesitantly. She wasn't sure where she found the courage to ask her heart out, but it was out now.

The taller woman smiled softly and gripped the younger woman's hand. "Yeah," she breathed back. "We're just fine."

They both sat back in their positions and ate in almost silence. This was different silence though, it was whole and content, and all the hidden thoughts were timidly buried beneath it. Concealing their true feelings from each other, quite effectively.... but not completely, however.

Gabrielle would occasionally peer over the fire to look at Xena eating, her teeth tearing away at the soft meat, her fingers sliding over it before pulling at it with her mouth. Xena's tongue roaming over the flesh. Then Gabrielle would look away again when Xena would realize. The warrior too would do exactly the same and catch a few moments to slip a glance at her bard. Each friend unable to fully take in the beauty of the other, but soaking in as much as they could momentarily.

After the meal Xena went to her usual sharpening of her sword, as Gabrielle put ink to quill with their recent adventures. They still sat on opposite sides of the fire, allowing them physical separation, but a clear view of the other. The sound of Xena's constant stone against her sword was like a soft rhythm in the night, and Gabrielle had many times asked Xena to sharpen her sword. The regular pattern of scratches helping her to write, like sensual music to her ears. Without even looking up she could feel her warrior with her, and that was an unexplainable contentment in Gabrielle's heart.

When finally Xena put the stone aside and placed her sword back in it's sheath, the bard too packed her parchment away. "I'm glad we stopped here actually," Xena admitted, slipping into her bedroll.

Gabrielle didn't say anything, and just smiled at her friend, as she slipped into her own. Xena felt empty when the bard didn't want to talk. The usually chirpy woman, didn't say a word, and Xena knew she had to do something. She wasn't much of a conversationalist, but gods she was going to try . . . for Gabrielle's sake.

"Gabrielle, it's okay you know," Xena tried with the least intimidating voice she could.

Gabrielle tried to pretend she didn't know what the warrior was talking about. "What's okay?"

Her actions betraying her words. Even though the night was warm Gabrielle huddled her entire body together, like a scared child.

Why was the bard trying to make this even more complicated than it was? Why was Xena even bothering? It was a rhetorical question though, and Xena really knew why. She couldn't bear to see her bard uncomfortable, she would have carried her all of the way to village if she had wanted to go, she would gladly lay all of her pride before the younger woman's feet if it meant that she would just smile. The normal cherub was full of woe and Xena of all people couldn't bear to see it. Her heart bled with regret.

She noticed that Gabrielle wasn't going to talk about what she had witnessed and decided a change in conversation was needed. She lay on her back and stared straight at the night sky. It was the first time that evening she had actually taken time out to see what Gabrielle had been so enraptured with. The sky was beautiful. It's beauty faded in comparison with that of the bards, but it too was amazing.

"You ever wondered what stars are made of, Gabrielle?" Xena asked indiscreetly, but as soon as the question had been asked, she recognized it immediately as something regularly asked by the bard.

Gabrielle chuckled softly as Xena's feeble attempt at starting conversations. "Xena . . .?" she smiled turning her head towards the warrior, just able to make out her form from across the fire. "I've asked you that same question about a billion times, and you've never had an answer."

The warrior was proud of herself now, she had got the bard to speak, not much, but it was a start. "Yeah, I know. But I wanted to know what you thought." Was she really saying this? The words came out from Xena almost incoherently.

"I don't know. Maybe they're just smaller suns," the bard quibbled, "or maybe they're another form of Elysia, just in the skies." Gabrielle's mind running free from all the thoughts that had been crowding her before. Now it was just the possibilities of the stars. She stared long and hard, quickly turned to her friend and then looked back into the night again. "You have to tell me today, Xena," Gabrielle continued.

"What?" the warrior resisted, trying to keep the bard talking for a bit longer.

"What are stars made from?" Her voice displaying a tone of need, it was a silent request asking more from the raven-haired woman than just the stated question.

"I don't know..." She paused and turned to lay on her side, she could see the bard clearly from this angle. The honey haired woman lay still waiting eagerly for her friend's answer. "I always thought that stars were people who became too great for the earth."

"You mean like the gods?" Gabrielle inquired, not truly understanding what Xena had meant.

"No . . . like lovers." She was letting on too much, but at this moment the warrior didn't care. All her walls of resistance came crumbling down. "Whenever a true lover becomes separated unjustly, they wait for each other in the skies . . . ," she breathed deeply, "and there they remain as one forever."

Gabrielle's smile broadened as she turned to try and see the expression on her companion's face. "I've always wondered what it would be like to be star," she confessed. The night was catching up on them and Gabrielle was becoming sleepy as she yawned out some more of her thoughts. "Do you think I'll ever be a star?" She yawned again. "And shine light into the lives of others?"

The warrior could not resist, but to answer from her heart. "You do Gabrielle," she whispered, "and you are." And with that each friend drifted off into the claims of Morpheus. Never had such an uneasy sleep fallen upon either of them, as this one did. Minds still filled with thoughts of the other, and hearts still imprisoned by possibilities.


I can see her now, her clear form shimmering in the moonlight. She's waiting for me, I can tell. She tangles a few of her ebony locks provocatively around her fingers and licks her lips to provoke me even further. I walk over to her, and she leans against a tree branch with one arm, stretching fully, pushing her lush breasts into the cool night.

"Gabrielle," she breathes hoarsely, leaving her leaning position and walking over to me. Her strides are long and there is a certain wave in her walk tonight. Her hips swaying in a perpetual time. I can feel my temperature rising. I quiver slightly and she leans over to me and cups my chin in her hand. Slowly, ever so slowly she lifts my head up to hers, our eyes meet and I am lost for words. My breath is labored and unsteady, and I cannot control it.

"Are you scared?" she asks with the same deepness, but with a touch of concern too. I open my mouth to speak, but she moves her hand around to my cheek and my eyes and mouth instantly close again. Her soft touches tingle my skin, and where they have already passed I am set on fire. Her other hand reaches for the back of my head, her fingers twine in my hair and I feel her head coming closer towards me.

"Xena," I whisper, my desire dripping from my words. She looks at me with the look of a child, that look that no one, but me has ever or will ever see upon her face. Pure innocence. I shake my head no in her hand, but it's a lie. I am scared . . . more scared than ever in all my life, but I trust her, and I want this. I pull her head closer to me, and our lips meet.

I can feel her overpowering me, the kiss is strong and I can barely breathe through it. I moan softly into her mouth, and she deepens the kiss even further. I want to pull away to breathe, but I can't, she's got a hold on me. When finally we break apart I gasp heavily. She watches the rise and fall of my chest and I want her touch me. As if she knows what I want, she reaches in for another kiss, this time even stronger, I think I will die now in her arms. She pushes me towards a tree and I comply willingly.

I am pinned against the tree behind me and her strong arms leaning either side of my body against it. With her teeth she quickly tears away at the laces of my tunic, loosening and pulling the garment from me without haste. Her hand runs over my exposed skin like an ice cube. I feel bare, but she fills that void instantaneously and takes my breast in her mouth. I gasp and whimper feebly at her sweet torture. Gods don't let this moment end. "Ungh....Xena." I breathe heavily, needing her, wanting her even more. She suckles harder on the erect flesh, and begins kneading the other breast with her hand. I arch my back further into her touches, and she applies even more force. It's sweet pain, sweet sweet pain.

"Gabrielle . . ." she hoarsely says my name, and I want to hear it again. "Gabrielle . . . . I need to hear you." She lifts her leg against hip and I clasp a hold of it quickly. The touch is ecstasy. Her mouth loosens over my breast and she licks under it seductively, weighing it on her tongue gently.

"Xena . . . " I beg heavily, my breast heaving against her tongue.

"Yes, Gabrielle . . . . Yes."

"Xena I need you." All but a desperate plea is what I can manage, and I know this will only drive her further. "Please, Xena"

Her hands rub against my thigh, I moan loudly at the contact, my head is pushed back on the tree reflexively. She runs her hands under my skirt, and pulls my undergarments down, leaving the skirt in its place. I step out of it quickly, and she runs one finger softly over my folds as a test.
Her fingers are cold to the touch in my most warm moist area.

"Turn around," she orders me, and holds me by the shoulders to show me what to do. Her lips claim my neck, and she suckles on the soft flesh. I move my head to give her more access and she bites down gently. Her hands reach from behind me now and cover both of my breasts. They hook on tightly as she still carries out her ministration on my neck. I have given myself to her now, my senses have all shut down letting her take and pillage all that she wants of me.

She releases one hand and rips away my final cover leaving me completely naked before her. Complete surrender. She pushes her body around mine from behind me, and I can feel her cool leather clad breasts pushing into my back, her smooth muscular legs pressing against mine. I cannot stand up straight, even though I am pushing most of weight back on to her able shoulders. So I lean on the tree in front of me with my hands to stop me from falling down.

She runs her fingers on my hips roughly, and I toss my head back further against her. Both of her hands come around over my legs, to join just on my apex. I breathe her name heavily in appreciation.

One hand fondles with the soft curly hair, drawing lazy figure eight's, and the other reaches down further. She rubs against the moist skin before she parts the surrounding lips and enters. I gasp loudly and she pulls out, only to return with two fingers.

"Gabrielle . . . you're so wet."

I push back against the tree more, my head thrashing madly against her broad shoulders.

Her other hand claims it's home back around my breast again, and starts to play with it. Her hands speed up quickly, deeper every time, and I groan deeper, pushing my hips into her motions. She pulls her leg up to steady herself and places her foot on the tree, with a bent knee moving against my side.

" Xena . . . . Ungh," I yell. " Harder."

She does so, adding a third finger, my inner muscles are clamping down against her fingers, my wetness pouring over her hand.

"Harder...hmmm." My jaw clenching shut tightly. She pushes in harder with each stroke, and she's speeding up. I am near the edge and with one final almighty thrash and squeeze of my nipple simultaneously, she brings me over the edge. My body stiffens, and my hips buckle frantically. My legs fail me and she pulls me into herself with one arm. I'm still pushing against the tree, but all my weight is on her now. Sweat pours from my brow, and she blows on it gently.

Her hand still moves inside me, slowing down smoothly, so I won't crash back to reality too fast or too soon. I start to regain my breath, and I turn my face up towards hers. She brings her head down, and our lips join together. The contact this time is sweet and long. It sends my center throbbing again, and I pull away.

"Xena . . . . Please," I breathe against her neck warmly, " . . . again."

She turns me around completely and lays me down, back first. I am still weak, and a layer of sweat has formed against all of my skin. Gods she is so beautiful, her perfect form, those toned muscles and her leather. Hmmm that leather . . . . I close my eyes again, and she knows that I cannot assist her, my body completely drained of all its energy.

She bends my knees, and finds her way between them. My body aches for her touch again, and she starts with her tongue against my stomach. I wince slightly when she parts my legs. Her tongue travels down, over my curls and to my center. She rubs the sides of my thighs with her colossal hands. Then one by one she takes my folds in her mouth sucking on each one gently.

Soft whimpers release from my core, as I start swaying my hips against her mouth. She groans and I am lifted to a higher plane instantly. Her tongue is far softer than her fingers it's a completely new sensation, soft and caring. I feel her tongue enter me briefly and she strokes against me gently. My body goes rigid and I scream her name into the cool night. I have cum much faster than I thought I was going to. She's amazed too, but continues, my senses numb, barely able to feel anything, but still alive and aware somewhere. My most active spot starts throbbing against me and she pulls it into her mouth. My breath comes faster as she licks me clean of all liquid. Then as her lips come over my entire center and she reaches for the erect knob, places it into her mouth and with her teeth she pulls hard.


I am flying in colors and swirls of shapes and patterns. I can feel her on me, steadying me, I have never had such a powerful climax wash over me before, but it is all irrelevant. She keeps the G spot tightly imprisoned in her teeth until I start to collapse back on to the floor. No one can do to me what she can, and as I gradually open my eyes as if I were just born into the world and were opening my eyes for the first time. She gives me a wicked grin, and she knows that I love her.

My center is still throbbing hard and her mouth is soaked over with my juices. All dripping onto my face as she reaches up to me for a kiss. I can taste myself in her mouth, and the taste is new, but sweet and sour at the same time. I am overwhelmed, her power . . . her strength . . . her love . . .


Her golden locks brush across my face and I know I am okay now. I feel secure in her arms, protected and most of all wanted. I open my eyes, and she smiles. Her sweet cherubic smile, those perfect lips, and the sparkle in her deep green eyes. I am in Elysia.

"It's okay," she coaxes me and pulls my face closer to her chest. She strokes my cheek, her small hands barely able to cup all my face altogether. I hold the hand and bring it to my lips, gently kissing. She looks at me, and her smile broadens.

But there is something else in that smile. I sense of pain, and her eyes start to well up.

"Gabrielle...?" I whisper concerned and fearful. "What is it?"

She shakes her head and looks away, her hand still in my own. I'm afraid, was it something I did? Emotions running wild through my mind. Slowly she turns her head back around to me, her eyes bleeding tears, which drip over my face. I let my emotions show on my face, hiding nothing from her.

She pulls me into a fierce embrace. My body trembling in her gentle arms. What was happening?
When we break away she looks straight into my eyes, searching for the truth in my soul. She can see it, but I'm not afraid to show it to her like so many times before. I need to feel her gentle touch, to be engulfed by her warm embrace. To be able to cry freely in her arms and not feel ashamed.

I want her, the gods know I do more than I've wanted anything in my life. But I won't force her, I can't rush her. I want it all in good time, to savour every drop of sweetens she has to offer, and to try and give her all that and more back if I am able. Am I able? Do I deserve her? I know I'm not, but when she smiles at me like an angel, I fall from my stand compelled to give her all the love I have hidden for so long. To fill and complete every hope and dream she has.

She cradles me like a newborn babe in her arms and I am grateful. Humming gently as if to rock me to sleep, and I close my eyes again, the soft voice intoxicating my veins. She flows through me like my own blood, just the sight of her greater than the air that I breathe. With her I feel whole and complete and without her I am nothing.

Her lips lean down to me, and I can feel her warm breath on me. My eyes instinctively open and I am forever lost to her mercy from that moment onwards. I didn't know it then, but I have always loved her. Even before I knew her name, I wanted to know who she was, to be with her, some higher force pulling me towards her. I remember I purposefully went to her parent's farm to catch a glimpse of her, even though I didn't understand it at the time.

Our lips seal together, a bond far greater than any other, and far stronger than any god could ever try to break. I am hers as she is mine, the truth of the matter crashing down on me. After so many nights of dreaming and wanting and hoping I am in her arms . . . finally. A silent tear slips down my cheek and she smiles painfully at the sight of it. With great care she wipes it away, and runs her fingers through my hair. Her petite fingers stroking my heated skin, sending a shiver through my worn out and drained body.

I want to give myself to her, but I don't know if I can... will it make a difference to our friendship? She has seen a lot of the dark side, but some parts she may not be able to accept or understand. I'm not sure I can anymore either, but will she accept me still? "Gabrielle, . . . I want . . . ?"

She places her finger on my lips and hushes me. "It's okay, Xena. I know." Her soft words, so careful, always what I want and need to hear. The finger trails down my face, rubbing slightly at the dried tears. Then lower down to discard me of my leathers. She leans down again, her lips reaching down to mine. The kiss is deep, but sweet. As her tongue enters my mouth, she claims my own tongue between her lips and sucks gently. I moan hard and my hips rise from the ground. Her tongue runs up and down the length of my own and soft whimpers leave my mouth.

She is slow and caring, just as I will be with her. My passion is heightening with her every move. "Xena . . ." she manages, her slips still sealed to mine. I can feel her warm breath inside my mouth, and I like the way my name feels against the inside of my mouth. "Xena, . . . I want you."
She continues pulling my armbands from me.


"I want to feel every muscle, to know every valley and dip of you, to make love to your mind and soul, to lick every inch of your beautiful body, till you're dry . . . . To hear my name from your mouth when you release . . . and then do it all over again."

I gasp at her words, they circle in my mind repeatedly like in a whirlwind, and I am an observer waiting to be carried away. It is beyond any control you can ever have. I don't want control over my bard, I love the way she resists me, and it makes me higher than I could ever dream of being.

I now lay naked before her, feeble and helpless, but protected all in the same moment. Her hands are even more skilled than mine are, I can see now. I barely knew when the garments were removed until they were all gone. I get up and kneel down in front of her. I start to remove her tunic, the offending garment, which I detest usually. But I have learnt through the years has it's advantages. It shows off her ample cleavage and toned abdomens clearly. Her muscles have formed vigorously and well through the years we have been together, and she works hard to keep her body looking the way it does.

I slide the top off of her shoulders and she gets up on her feet. My face is in alignment with her sex. Her heaving breasts rising and falling, she helps me remove the skirt and the remainder of her clothes and she settles back down with me. My face sliding past every inch of her flesh as she does so.

She lays me down, and lies beside me. Half of her smaller body, sliding over me. Our breasts meet, soft flesh compressing together heavily, air exhaled from within each chest exciting each breath. She strokes the skin on my chest and with prolonging slowness, she makes her way down to my need, not wasting time to make me higher. I am already heightened to a maximum point; all I want now is to feel her inside me. She strokes her hand over my sex and as her fingers enter I press my body against hers.

As her fingers work against me I know I cannot subside much longer, and my eyes close.

"Xena, look at me," she pleads, and I lift my head staring her straight into her emerald orbs.

"I want to see you, to see your pleasure." Her fingers pump slightly harder and as her thumb rubs against my clitoris I leap over the edge. My entire body erects and I am momentarily still, I push up with my hips from the ground, taking her with me, as she still lay on top of me. Her weight only adding to my pleasure. Pleasure like only she can give me.

She rests her head on my shoulder and strokes my stomach to wash away the after effects. I slow my breathing and I need to tell her how I feel. I want to show her too, but I know what words mean to her, they are her power and her strength.

"Xena, . . . I love you," she breathes against by bare breast. I inhale deeply, and clear my head of all thoughts, but her.

"Gabrielle . . ." I need to say more.

"Yes," she patiently waits.

"Gabrielle, . . . I always did, I do now, and I always will till the end of time," she waits in baited breath, "love you," I confess, from the deepest part of me. And she knows how hard it is for me to trust so freely as she resides on my shoulder again.


As morning breaks, the sun starts to seep through the clearing, first into the eyes of the warrior and then her bard's. They rise, but say nothing . . . . All thoughts still deep inside them. Both Xena and Gabrielle try to act normal after seeing such a vision, all the details still clear in their minds, sharp and focused. The younger woman yawned fully with her arms and kept her back towards the warrior who was adjusting her armor back on.

Both thinking exactly the same thoughts yet unable to admit it to the other.

"Sleep well?" Xena asked with some discrepancy, and her usual stoic nature, which gave away nothing.

The bard nodded, "hmm . . . . Yeah, . . . how about you?"


They started packing up the camp, and tidying their belongings together.

"Gabrielle . . . ?" The warrior looked up from the burnt out fire. Gabrielle looking straight through the beautiful woman's soul.

"Yes?" she quickly replied. Almost too quickly as if she'd been expecting her to say something. Standing bolted to her stance and waiting eagerly.

"Nothing." The warrior shook it off. "Let's go."

THE END.....for now.

Okay, I might as well write the episodes for the show, but with some of these scenes, I think it might be a little too blatant. So heh heh heh heh. All right I need to seek help, I know...! But if you understand why this was written then let me know (apart from being for my friend's birthday) at

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