Author: lucath
Story Title: The Hayloft
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, various f/various f, (m & f)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Gabrielle enjoy corn on the cob, and Gabby reminisces about their stay on Lesbos. PWP.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

The characters belong to Renaissance Pictures and USA Studios and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

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The Hayloft
by lucath

Gabrielle: Amazon Princess tenderly washed the gracefully inert, naked body of Xena: Warrior Princess. Xena was laying face down on the straw feigning sleep as her mate sponged the sweat and grazes from her long, strong yet slender limbs, the long swoop of her finely muscled back and the high, rounded hills of her powerful buttocks.

Gabrielle was admiring the perfection of her lover's impressive physique and softly brushed the shiny, long dark hair away from the shoulders where she began to massage the tiredness away. With a groan Xena rolled over without opening her eyes, and Gabrielle started to bathe Xena's arms and legs, her long neck and sculptured shoulders, her magnificent firm breasts with their hard, wine coloured nipples, her ribs and smooth belly and finally her dark, furry mound of glorious delight.

Xena was secretly watching Gabrielle between half closed eyes, their dazzling blueness hooded from sight by her lovely lashes. She tried not to smile as she saw the sunlight glinting on Gabby's long, golden tresses as it shafted through the gaps in the walls. She noticed how the muscles in the girl's back and shoulders flexed as she moved - Gabrielle was smaller and more fragile looking than Xena, but she was strong, athletic and beautifully built. Xena watched the curve of her slender belly, hips and buttocks as she worked and she carelessly brushed her hand across the smoothness of Gabrielle's thighs.

Gabby turned to look down at Xena and Xena opened her eyes to gaze upon the girl's superb, full breasts with their large, rosy nipples. The tiny golden hairs on Gabby's arms and neck were catching the shafts of sunlight, making her glow in a haze of beauty.

Xena lifted her exquisite face to kiss the gorgeous mouth of her beloved, and she in turn responded, sliding her tongue deep into Xena's mouth, exploring the cavern of sensuality, and pressing her body down onto her soul-mate with all the fire and passion in her.

They sucked hungrily at each other for a long time, rolling back and forth, then Xena pushed Gabby up with her own body and pulled the girl's legs around her. Their kisses grew even more fevered as they sat in each other's arms, breasts to breasts, belly to belly and moist, pulsing vulvas, throbbing together.

As their excitement built, Gabrielle remembered the thrill of Xena urging the huge, hard pommel of Argo's saddle up into her vagina. Gabrielle's fingers felt in the straw for one of the large corn cobs and disengaging her mouth from Xena's beautiful throat, she began stripping the outer husk away.

Xena threw back her magnificent head and laughed, showing her dazzling, perfect white teeth, as Gabrielle squirmed around inserting the shiny gold cob between their pussies. Gradually it slipped into each of them as they once more forced their hips to meet. Xena's hand reached down to rub their clitorises and Gabrielle had trouble staying upright as the waves of warmth and pleasure began to wash over her. Xena's free arm still held her tightly and their moans were stifled by their kisses.

At last it was Xena who fell back, her teeth bared in a grin of delight, feeling the release of her juices gushing down between her legs, mixed with those of Gabrielle who lay her flushed, lovely face on Xena's belly.

In the barn below them, Argo snorted his approval into the hay. As Gabby drifted in and out of sleep her dreams went back to their idyll on Lesbos - images floated through her mind of the orgy when they had spent three magical days in a round robin of hot, slippery Lesbian sex.

About fifty couches were arranged in a large circle around a huge hot tub. Pairs of women, and sometimes three or four, coupled, embraced and writhed in heaps like copulating snakes on the couches and in the steaming tub. Some were seen out in the fresh, cool courtyard pool, where its large erotic fountain of three girls indulging in cunnilingus, sprayed crystal clear water over them.

After an hour with one partner, those who had drawn the short-half straws were supposed to move to the couch on the left - if that couple hadn't finished their climaxes you were allowed to participate until they had. The time to stay with a partner or partners was extended to four hours for semi-rest during the heat of the early afternoon, when many slept, swam and cleansed themselves; and the early hours of the morning similarly.

From time to time the naked women drifted to the tables of delicious succulent fruits, pastries and exotic, blood-warming dishes, constantly replenished by ebony eunuchs - there were only voluntary ones on Lesbos. The eunuchs massaged aromatic oils into their glistening bodies, when the women became exhausted with orgasms, but sometimes the Lesbians asked them to massage them sexually also. The heady scent of the oils and the wine, mixed with the incense and grass burning night and day eventually rendered them incapable of further action and then they slept.

© 1998

The End

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