Author: Jenx
Story Title: Peaches & Cream (Revised)
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Xena and Gabrielle stop in a village for a little fun. There is no violence to people or animals, but a couple of peaches died gloriously.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex and sex with fruit ;)

Amazon Ice Awards
Winner of an Amazon Ice Award

Xena and Gabrielle are owned by MCA/Renaissance and I am only borrowing them for a little fun. No copyright infringement is intended.

This story contains loving scenes between two women and is rated NC-17 for explicit sex. If this subject offends you, don't read any further. Also, if you are looking for a deep meaningful story, then keep right on looking. Yeah, it's another of those Plot-What-Plot tales. Hope you enjoy.

NOTE: I've made a few subtle changes to the story since posting it on Ashera's website--nothing major--just improved the flow of the story. May 6, 2000

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Peaches & Cream (Revised)
By Jenx

Gabrielle took a deep breath drawing in all the enticing aromas of fresh succulent fruits and savory ripe vegetables. She turned her head left and right looking at all the vendor stalls lining both sides of the busy road. With a huge smile she turned to her companion. "Xena, this market is better than the one in Athens."

Xena couldn't help but grin at the eager bard. Gabrielle loved her food. "That's because there aren't as many wealthy people buying it all up." She watched Gabrielle pick up a ripe tomato and sniff it with a delighted beam on her face. "Ya know how the rich love to put on a feast."

"We just have to buy some of these juicy tomatoes. Oh, and look at the apples...and the grapes...."

The tall warrior grinned at the younger woman. 'Doesn't take much to keep her happy', she thought to herself. 'Just keep her well fed and well loved.'

Gabrielle noticed Xena's expression and blushed a little. "I know, I know. You're thinking about my big appetite."

The warrior leaned forward slightly. "That's not the only big appetite you have," Xena purred softly, just for Gabrielle's ears.

The blush deepened to a crimson glow which looked so good on that beloved face that Xena marveled yet again at her lover's beauty. She was radiant. 'Aphrodite eat your heart out'.

Gabrielle never tired of seeing her warrior's face light up when she looked at her. Xena had come a long way from the sullen, grumpy, impatient ex-warlord she had been when they first started traveling together. "Me?" she asked leaning closer to Xena. "When the Gods handed out lust, you went through several times."

"Is that a bad thing?" Xena asked arching an eyebrow.

"Not for me," Gabrielle answered with an exaggerated leer, her green eyes twinkling as she turned around and began the process of getting the most for her dinar.

Haggling was the bard's speciality, so Xena was content to watch Gabrielle work her magic. The comely young woman behind the stand had already come down in price twice, but Gabrielle was still working her down on the cost of the tomatoes. Xena glanced around the stand when her gaze fell on the cucumbers. With a lecherous grin, she pulled her partner closer. She motioned with her head at the long green vegetable. "Pick out the size that you like."

Gabrielle didn't get the joke for a moment until she saw the roguish glint in those bright azure eyes. She poked the warrior in the ribs. "Behave yourself." she whispered as that crimson tide quickly rose again in the cream colored cheeks. "Honestly, I can't take you anywhere."

"I guess I should pick them out any way. I think I know just what you need."

Gabrielle was totally embarrassed as Xena picked up a couple of the large green vegetables and started squeezing and examining them. The action did not go unnoticed by the attractive brunette selling the produce.

"I bet I could find the perfect one for you, warrior."

Xena glanced up into deep brown eyes that were traveling slowly up and down her body. There was no mistaking the lust in that gaze. Xena couldn't help but return the rakish look. The woman was about Gabrielle's height, long, curly brown hair, expressive brown eyes, and large breasts that strained at the low cut top she wore.

Gabrielle's eyes flicked from the flirting woman to Xena and she grabbed the cucumbers out of her lover's hands. "I think not," she said in a growl pulling Xena away as she tossed the vegetables down.

Xena shrugged at the woman and turned to Gabrielle with an impish grin. "I was just looking."

"Yeah, that's the problem," she said rolling her eyes. She wasn't really upset. She knew that Xena was just having a little fun.

Gabrielle worked her bartering skills and purchased four tomatoes, four apples, and some grapes. The were about to leave when she noticed the squash at the next table and stepped over.

Xena started to follow her partner when she spied two very ripe peaches in a basket behind the stand. She glanced over at Gabrielle who was busy with the vendor at the next table. The warrior asked the brown haired woman if the peaches were for sale. With a knowing look, the flirting merchant picked up the peaches and leaned over the table. "Anything for you."

"Put them in a bag for me?" Xena asked softly. She glanced over to make sure Gabrielle was still haggling and handed over a couple of dinars.

"For you, they're free." She motioned to the bard. "Is she yours?"

"Actually, I'm hers." the warrior answered. Blue eyes met brown eyes in complete understanding.

The young woman smiled seductively. "Enjoy the peaches."

Naturally, Gabrielle glanced over just in time to see the two women with their heads close together and grinning at each other. She felt green-eyed jealousy starting to burn through her body and quickly joined the warrior's side. With a defiant look at the woman, she proclaimed, "She's mine!"

The vendor shrugged, "Hey, you can't blame me for trying."

The bard turned to her warrior. "Xena, let's go."

"Yes Ma'am," she answered quickly stepping up to the blonde's side with a smirk. She knew that Gabrielle wasn't really angry at her, and it felt good to have her "claim" her. 'That's my bard,' she mused silently.

They strolled through the crowded market place as Gabrielle took in all the displays. Xena watched her, content that Gabrielle was happy. They had planned on just passing through the village and camping on the road, but Xena wanted to make sure they were more protected to introduce Gabrielle to the wonders of the peach. "I think we should splurge a little and get a room at the inn."

Puzzled, the bard asked, "I thought you wanted to reach Amphipolis by noon tomorrow?"

"There's no real need to hurry. Mother's birthday isn't for three more days. Besides," she leaned over and spoke close to Gabrielle's ear. "I've got something special planned."

Xena's warm breath on the blonde's ear made her shiver as a wave of desire flashed through her veins. The shiver didn't go unnoticed by the warrior who took the opportunity to flick her tongue across the enticing earlobe.

Gabrielle was surprised that Xena did that in broad daylight in the middle of the village. Generally, Xena shied away from any public displays of affection, but she had that mischievous grin that she reserved solely for her soulmate.

They entered the inn as Xena automatically surveyed the room and the customers for any sign of danger. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, Xena spied a balding man with a dirty apron tied around his bulging belly. Figuring him for the proprietor, she approached him. "We need a room with a bath."

When the warrior didn't immediately ask the price, the innkeeper figured he could charge higher than usual. "That'll cost you 11 dinars."

"Eleven?" Gabrielle exclaimed looking at the man as if he had sprouted horns. "You can get a room in Athens for less than that. Oh no, we'll give you five dinars."

"Five? No way." That was his regular price and he intended to make more of a profit. "Ten dinars, no less."

"Six and you throw in breakfast tomorrow", the bard countered feeling an agreement coming up.

"Seven and you have a deal."

The bard slapped her hand on the bar. "You've got it."

Xena watched in amusement as Gabrielle did it again. Although she herself wouldn't have quibbled about the price, she knew that her partner loved the whole process of bargaining.

The innkeeper took the dinars from Gabrielle's outstretched hand. "It's the last room on the left upstairs. Do you want the bath now?"

"Yeah...," Gabrielle started.

"No," Xena spoke up interrupting her. "We'll let you know." At the bard's questioning look, the warrior just motioned to go up the stairs.

They were happy to see that it was cleaner than most of the inns they had stayed at. Fresh linens were on the bed and there was only a light film of dust on the wood. Gabrielle leaned her staff up against the wall, and sat down on the edge of the bed. She opened her bag and took out a large red tomato running her fingers over the tender skin. "Mmmmmm, this is going to be great." Before she could take a bite, Xena grabbed it out of her hand and put it back in the bag.

"You don't want to eat that now," Xena said with a wry grin.

"Xena, I'm hungry," the bard protested. "We....."

The warrior laid her hands on Gabrielle's shoulders to gently pull her up into her arms, and pressed her lips to the bard's which silenced her next remark. The bard's body immediately responded losing her train of thought as Xena's soft lips parted and she licked at the entrance asking to be let in. The younger woman placed her arms around the muscular body and deepened the kiss until their tongues began a sensuous dance, tasting, exploring, and entwining.

The warrior pulled back slightly. "Were you saying something?" she asked with a smirk.

"Ahhh, I don't think so," Gabrielle said as she pulled Xena's head back down and crushed her lips to the warrior's. She slipped her tongue into the welcoming mouth stroking and caressing.

Xena reveled in the younger woman's tongue sliding into her hot depths. As Gabrielle started to retreat, Xena sucked her tongue in deeper savoring the sweet taste of her soulmate.

Xena broke off the kiss and stared into the smoky green eyes. "You are so beautiful, Gabrielle." Her voice was hoarse with desire.

The bard watched as Xena began slowly untying the green top while leaning down for another long passionate kiss creating a smoldering fire burning through the smaller woman's body. As they parted, Gabrielle pulled on Xena's armor. "This has got to go...and everything else you're wearing," she said breathlessly.

Xena smiled as she begin to take off her bracers. Gabrielle helped with the armor and then quickly discarded the rest of her own clothes and boots tossing them haphazardly across the room. Xena laughed softly. "Eager aren't we?"

Gabrielle looked at Xena with a devious glint in her eyes as she put her hands on her breasts and began caressing herself. "Well, I guess I could start without you..."

Xena watched spellbound as the bard squeezed her nipples between her fingers and thumbs and slowly twisted them back and forth. The warrior set a record for removing her garments. The room was littered with clothing, boots, and leather.

Gabrielle was still amazed at the addicting power she felt during their love making that she could cause so much desire in her partner. It filled her with daring. She slowly slid her hand down her abdomen, through the blonde curly hair and she dipped her finger between her wet burning folds. She covered two fingers with the liquid fire and brought it to her breasts and began painting her nipples.

Xena forgot to breathe for a moment as her entire body responded to the teasing show. She felt a long shudder travel down to the center of her core as her muscles contracted. She quickly drew the bard closer, wrapping her lips around the honey covered bud sucking off every drop. The taste and aroma of Gabrielle's nectar was intoxicating. Only after she thoroughly cleaned the nipples, did she remember the surprise. It took some effort on her part to finally stop and gently push the bard backwards to sit on the bed. "Lay down," she said panting.

It took a moment for Xena's words to register. The bard's hard nipples ached for Xena's mouth and tongue. She watched as the warrior rummaged around tossing clothes until she found her boot and slipped out her dagger. Gabrielle wondered what Xena was doing as she retrieved her leathers and the small bag that was attached.

The warrior slipped out two beautiful very ripe peaches. "Xena," the bard said perplexed. "This is a strange time to decide to eat. I mean, isn't there something else you might have an appetite for? And, why couldn't I have a tomato if you're going to eat anyway?"

"A tomato just won't work. Not the same consistency." she replied as she quickly peeled both peaches. She placed the dripping fruit on the bag and laid them on one side of the bed nudging her partner over toward the wall.

"Well, if you insist, I can always eat." The blonde started to pick one up and Xena gently slapped her hand.

"Ah, ah, ahhhh...hands off."

"You mean I don't get any?"

"Ohhh, you are definitely going to get some." The double meaning didn't escape the bard and she grinned wantonly.

"Lay back."

"Okay." Gabrielle wasn't certain what Xena had in mind, but was all for it, whatever it was. Her lover got on the bed and sat on her knees beside her.

Xena's eyes traveled the length of the bard's body still amazed that it was all hers. She had to remind herself to take it slowly. Part of her was tempted to take the bard quickly, but she wanted Gabrielle's experience with the peach to be very special.

The blonde watched as Xena picked up one of the peaches and slowly licked the succulent fruit. Juice was already covering the warrior's hand and she leaned over and slid her fingers into the bard's mouth to clean the liquid off.

Gabrielle carefully sucked each finger, her tongue bathing them in fire. Then as she licked the palm, she saw Xena's eyes close with her mounting desire. When the bard stopped, Xena leaned over to kiss her deeply, the peach taste clinging to the sweet mouth. She brushed the long blonde hair back and brought the peach to the parted soft lips.

"Want a taste?"

Gabrielle nibbled on the sticky fruit. "Mmmmmm, that's good."

"Okay, just relax and lay back. Now close your mouth." Xena took the peach and placed it against her partner's lips gently turning it in her hand to cover the lips with juice. Laying down beside her, Xena slowly ran her tongue across the bard's mouth back and forth tasting the delicious flavor.

Gabrielle delighted in the sensation of the firm tongue tracing her mouth as her lips parted and her tongue darted out to entice the other into her own mouth. Xena willingly followed, as their tongues once again caressed and explored.

The warrior watched Gabrielle's face as she took the peach and slowly slid it down the young woman's throat and across from shoulder to shoulder leaving a wet, sticky trail behind.

Gabrielle tingled loving the feeling of the fragrant warm peach painting her with the thick juice. It was a sensuously exquisite feeling. Then as Xena's lips and tongue replaced the peach, her breath caught in her throat The tongue drew long slow strokes, then quick little touches that tickled wonderfully.

Xena was enjoying the taste and texture of the bard's body as she shivered with her growing desire. She saw Gabrielle's eye close when the peach slid down between the bard's full breasts. She used the peach to caress the breasts covering all but the nipples with the liquid. Gabrielle moaned softly and her heart beat faster as a fire began to rage between her legs.

Taking her time, Xena completely cleaned the breasts, but without touching the nipples which were aching for the warrior's mouth.

"Xena," purred the bard panting. "Please...more."

With a deep growl, Xena covered the smaller woman with her own body. Their mouths joined in another searing kiss that sent tendrils of fire blazing through their veins. The bard rubbed her breasts against Xena's feeling the nipples graze together.

Xena moved down the bard and took the dripping fruit and glazed the hard nipples taking her time, rubbing as Gabrielle moaned.

She captured a hard bud sucking, licking, gently biting savoring the essence of the fruit and Gabrielle. Xena switched breasts to begin her assault on the other nipple which begged for attention. The peach aroma filled their senses with promises of ecstasy. Gabrielle reveled in the sensations created by the warrior's mouth

Xena raised up and brought the peach to Gabrielle's mouth as the bard licked and sucked her fingers around the delicious sticky fruit. They kissed, their passion raging, neither able to get their fill. The warrior glided the peach from the throat down across the bard's abdomen stopping to fill her belly button with golden liquid. Everywhere the juice ran, Xena was there, tasting, drinking, sucking up the wonderful fluid.

The bard was turning her head from side to side, the flames from her hot center driving out coherent thoughts. She wanted to grab Xena's hand and press the peach against her, but knew that Xena wouldn't let her do that.

The exquisite sucking around her navel made her arch her back. Then the tongue dipped in to completely absorb the juice.

Xena slid the peach down lower coming across the bard's pelvic area and down between her thighs all the way to the knees. Juice ran and dripped down the thighs to mingle with the bard's own juices coating her as she anticipated Xena's probing tongue.

Xena was thorough, and licked up all the excess as the bard's thighs opened wider letting her clean the inside of her legs. The older woman got a taste of the mingled liquid and felt her own hot center pulse with desire as the firestorm surged through her veins.

Taking the peach, she lightly touched the bard's folds, but did not enter. "Gabrielle," she breathed hoarsely, "what do you want?"

"What?" Gabrielle asked unable to think clearly.

"What do you want me to do with the peach now?" For emphasis, she barely brushed the outer lips with the fruit.

"I...Oh Xena, please, press it against me. Cover my pussy with the juice."

"You mean like this?" While speaking, she opened the bard's folds and pushed the peach against her saturating her with the sweetness. The combination of golden essence dissolved Xena's control and she replaced the peach with her mouth, drinking in deeply of the ambrosia.

Gabrielle arched her back pushing herself against Xena's tongue as the moisture flowed in increasing waves. Xena raised up, her eyes smoldering and brought the peach to her mouth biting off the part covered by the bard's wetness. Then, she dipped it in again coating her thoroughly and brought the peach to the bard's mouth. "Taste it, Gabrielle. Taste yourself."

The bard opened her mouth and bit into the peach bringing another moan as she licked the fruit quickly trying to catch every drop. Xena dipped down and again slid the peach up and down the bard's lips finally centering it over the engorged bud pushing, twisting, circling her as the excess juice ran down between the cheeks of her buttocks.

Xena put the peach to her mouth inhaling the fragrant perfume. Then she bit into the fruit eating the succulent flesh covered in the bard's cream. Then tossing the pit on the floor, she moved between the blondes legs, pushing them open further. She placed her hands under the cheeks, opening the bard more as she buried her face in the moist jungle. Between the combined juices, Xena coated her face sliding up and down parting her even more. She used her hands to lift the bard's rear and slid her tongue between her cheeks to clean off the juice.

Gabrielle was murmuring incoherent words as Xena drove her higher and higher. She slid her finger inside the bard sliding up the velvety interior. The delicious wine flowed to coat the warrior's hand as she drove her fingers in deeper. Xena sucked the bud then used her tongue to apply pressure as she slid another finger inside. She found Gabrielle's magical spot and brought her fingers up and down never ceasing.

A groan began deep in the bard's throat as Xena felt her tightening up on her hand. An intense blast of flame shot through Gabrielle causing brilliant explosions behind her eyelids as she peaked. Xena's fingers were gripped by the raging climax holding her inside tightly.

The warrior waited patiently as the bard regained a small degree of awareness, then pressed her fingers against the silken cavern walls. With only a few thrusts, Gabrielle again came crying out with the wild sensations burning through her. She raised slightly off the bed and then fell back completely spent.

Xena slowly brought her fingers out and licked the excess ambrosia off. She wiped her mouth on the sheet as she drew herself up to lay against the bard drawing her into an embrace.

Gabrielle finally began to breathe normally again and gazed into her lover's face. "That was incredible," she said still breathless.

Xena grinned at the young woman still awed by the power of her love. "Still hungry?"

"Yeah, but not for a tomato. All I want now is peaches and cream."

"Well, you've got the peach," she indicated with her hand, "and I've got all the cream you could want."

Gabrielle chuckled as she pressed her lips against her partner's erotically flavored mouth.

Peaches were now on the top of her favorite food list.

The End

Hope you enjoyed the story. If you have any comments you can E-mail me at

P.S. Do yourself a favor and share a ripe peach with your lover.

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