Author: L.B. Anderson
Story Title: A Baby
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This is a brief story of our favorite couple having a quiet evening at home. The warrior jokingly mentions the desire to bear a child for her lovely bard, but is surely delusional when it comes to the little Queen's influence.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

Xena, Gabrielle and the rest of the series characters are the sole property of MCA.  No copyright infringement is intended. Characters such as Myah and Kolina are my own creation.

The following story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between two consenting adult women.  If you are not old enough (18) or are offended by this type of material, stop reading now. 

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A Baby
By L.B. Anderson
Jan. 13, 1998

Xena shut the door behind her as she entered her and Gabrielle's hut.  It had been two years now since their joining and the warrior felt she couldn't be much happier.  She relieved the queen's guard for about a candlemark since there was no need for her at the present.  Memories of her and Gabrielle's joining ceremony began to flash in her mind.  She smiled to herself as she unconsciously started to undress.  She had never wanted to hold and kiss Gabrielle as much as she did that night.  It was that night that changed her entire outlook on life.  She had found her true soul mate, and not even she would've imagined it being Gabrielle.  An innocent, farm girl, turned bard from Poteidaia.

Xena lied across the bed after removing every inch of clothing from her body.  Including her boots and knee guards.  <Gabrielle will be here in about another candlemark and I don't want any objects in my way when she arrives>. The warrior thought mischievously.

She laid her head across her folded arms and envisioned their wedding ceremony.   Hercules, Iolaus, Autolycus, Salmoneus, Palaemon, Vidalis, Cyrene, Toris, Hecuba, Cecrops, and Lila were all present.  Gabrielle's father sent his apologies stating he wouldn't be able to come because of some pressing business he had to attend to.  In reality Xena knew it was because her father was not pleased with her selection in mates.  <From the time you laid eyes on me you hated me didn't you Herodotus.  I wasn't the one you wanted your little girl to be with, was I?  But I AM the one she fell in love with and you resent it, don't you?  It doesn't matter now, she's mine and no one is going to take her from me, ever>. Xena thought angrily.

Xena closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to help her calm down.  Her mind quickly retrieved where it left off.   She wore a long leather dress designed by Gabrielle's mother.  The front dropped down into a V design; ending slightly passed her navel, which easily revealed the peaks of her amply tanned breasts. The torso part of the dress displayed all of the warrior's pleasurable assets leaving nothing to the imagination.  <Except of course what my back and nipples looked like>. Xena thought to herself while smiling.  The lower part displayed pleated slits and a banana handle shaped dagger in its holster.  The gown although sleeveless and truly revealing did come with Hecuba's special designed jewelry.  Gabrielle's mother designed her choker, which donned a moon shaped emerald in the center and a single tear dropped pearl. Two upper gold bracelets designed in the same format as her chakram.  A bracelet made of ivory for the right wrist and an ankle bracelet made of golden baby links.  Several times she had to slap Solari's and Eponin's hands because they were in that touchy and probing mode, which bugged the Hades out of her.  She had never in her life displayed so much flesh.  But it did have its pros as the warrior thoughts soared toward the reception where she recalled a more that anxious bard secretly caressing her champion's aching mound, almost bringing her to an restrained climax at the banquet table.  <Damn, did I get to thank Hecuba for that dress?> Xena joked while turning her head on her crossed arms to the left.

Gabrielle was escorted in by two of her royal guard trainees, Myah and Kolina.  Her young guards wore a white two piece outfit with matching coiling arm bracelets, halter-tops and skirts that bored a split on each side easily revealing their firm young thighs.  The ensemble also included long strapped sandals and matching cape.  The queen's outfit remained hidden until she approached the steps of the platform where her champion waited.

Once she approached the steps, the royal detail halted and her escorts removed their capes.  Gabrielle gazed lovingly up at Xena patiently waiting for the young warriors to finish.  After handing their capes to Cyrene, which was on the front row to the left.  The amazon pair approached their queen, Myah in the front, Kolina in the back.  Myah slowly unzipped her queen's cape, and very professionally opened it.  Kolina hands met Myah's slightly above the queen's shoulders and snapped the garment completely open initiating a gasp from the attendees on the podium.  Xena had yet to see what her mate look like because Myah remained standing in front of her. Kolina took a small step back from her queen and neatly folded her cloak before passing it to Hecuba.  The attendees behind the queen grew restless.  They were dying to see what the bride looked like. Yet Kolina wasn't about to reveal the queen completely until her champion had approved.  She held her post as Myah stepped to the right of the queen and executed an about face parade rest movement.  Opening her legs into an extended stance while sharply clasping her hands together across the small of her back.  This position allowed Xena to view her bride leisurely and at her own disposal.

Xena grabbed both Solari and Eponin's hands as her queen stood before her awaiting her approval.  The grasp was so firm that Solari whimpered from the force.  Eponin simply shielded a well-placed nudge to the warrior's side, initiating prompt release.  <By the gods, what have I done to deserve her>?  The warrior questioned as she stared openly at her partner.  Gabrielle was radiant in every sense of the word.

Xena stepped around her escorts to get a clear view of her queen.  The talented bard also wore a two piece white composite.  However it revealed way more than what her escorts displayed. Gabrielle's hair glowed astonishingly like the hues of the setting sun.  She wore a three-linked pearl choker with a sapphire stone neatly forged in the center.  Coiling pearl beaded upper arms bracelet.  A strapless midriff top held closed by concealed hooks behind another moon shaped sapphire stone.  Her full perky breasts peeked invitingly over its meager restrains.  Threatening to pop out at any time.  The queen's entire body glowed from the sparkling scented oils massaged upon her pretty flush skin. The skirt was nothing more than two flaps covering her front and back with high strapped leather underpants.  To finish off the regal outfit she wore long strapped sandals.  Gabrielle's whole presentation was nothing less than supreme.  Her eyes gleamed with harbored anticipation as her stared seized and humbled her mighty mate from the minute their eyes met.

Xena descended the stairs slowly as her proud gaze held her queen's in silent appreciation.  As she approached her Queen Gabrielle could feel the evident admiration her mighty partner had for her.  The queen's response, a simple smile, as she held her lover's glance.  The small queen's champion examined her attire once more before ordering the sentry in the back of the queen to post. Kolina stepped to the left of their queen before her and Myah executed an about face, parade rest movement simultaneously.  Quickly extended their stances and bringing their hands sharply up behind their backs, quickly resting them upon the small of their backs.  Xena took her wife's hand and gently twirled her around so that all could see her stunning bride.  The sight brought the audience to their feet as murmurs of bewilderment floated among the darkness.  <Gods she was bewitchingly beautiful that night.  I could see myself ripping that meager outfit from her shining body and taking her right there>.  Xena smirked as she rolled onto her back bringing her long legs into an inclined position and resting her head upon her crossed arms behind her head.  <Psst, if her father thinks he hate me now, I could just imagined what he would have done if I would have acted on my urges.  She made my body ache for her the moment I saw her and that skin-tight outfit made my need rage the rest of the night.  How did I get so lucky>?

Just as Xena began to indulge herself in other activities that happened that night, she heard her bard draw near.  She adjusted her body so that her elbows supported her and awaited her partner's arrival.

Once inside, Gabrielle gave her a coy smile and said, "looky, looky, looky at my delicious-licious cookie."  Xena smiled while seductively beckoning her little queen with her poking finger.

Gabrielle licked her lips as she gazed upon her warrior's luscious body. As she positioned herself on the side of the bed.  Xena ordered her to take off her clothes.  Without giving her champion's words another thought the small Queen began to strip.

Xena's eyes visibly caressed ever part of her young lover's body before opening her legs and allow the bard to gaze hungrily at her drenched opening.

"Gabrielle," Xena drawled as she easily captured her wife's attention with her eyes.  "I want to have your baby."  Gabrielle thought for a minute, then chuckled as she saw the playful smirk and traditional raised eyebrow movement her champion routinely issued with a dose of her very dry sense of humor.

"Well," the bard retorted while resting a bent knee upon the side of the bed and crouching between the warrior's thighs. "I better get busy then, huh?  That is going to take a lot of preparation and practice.  And, If I say so myself practice do make it perfect."

The little talented bard held her lover's gaze as she ran her tongue down the warrior's left inner thigh, over her bulging clit, into her pleasure hole, which initiating a sensual thrust from the warrior, and up her right thigh.  "Oh gods," Gabrielle whispered while straddling her warrior's left thigh, "mother has never prepared a meal as exquisite as that.  I'll have to dropped down there later to sample some more."  Xena was enjoying her partner's unethical method of foreplay.  It was making her more and more ready by the seconds.  Yet, she let her bard continue with her tauntingly sexy techniques without disturbance.

Gabrielle's fingers then cascade gently over Xena's silky pleasure zone while rocking her scorching clit back and forth against her warrior's powerful thigh.  "Sweet Artemis, this…feels…good."  "BUT," the small queen panted while pulling away, "this feels better."  She then proceeded to ever so leisurely inserted two of her fingers into Xena's throbbing sugar bowl.  "Ga-bri-elle," Xena whispered as her head fell back and her hips began to stir invitingly.  "Feels, good doesn't it?"  The bard asked temptingly  "God's yes," Xena returned. Gabrielle yanked back on Xena's hair, bit down into the warrior's shoulder and plunged her fingers deep into her champion.  Xena screamed incoherently while her thrusting became more forceful.  Without warning Gabrielle ceased all movement.  "Ga-bri-elle," Xena's voice tremble from pent-up desires.  "Don't do this."  The bard began to pull away from her now frustrated partner.  "DON'T DO THIS TO ME GABRIELLE," Xena's voice rose with a pleading tone, "PLEEEASSE," the warrior drawled.

"If you calm down, we can continue."  Xena took a couple of deep breaths and laid back.  "Now," Gabrielle purred.  "I want you to go back."  Her warm breath caressed the inside of her partner's left thigh as she approached her anxious prey.  Xena could feel her pleasure knob throb with anticipation.  "Way back."  Gabrielle whispered while flicking her tongue teasingly against her lover's tensed thigh.  "Picture yourself as that fierce, heartless warlord that all men feared.  All women desired and adolescents admired."  Gabrielle's face rubbed lovingly along her champion's thigh while whirling her tongue up and down it.  Xena could feel her seasonings ease out of her pleasure bowl and run over her buns.  Unexpectedly, Gabrielle gently guided her crowd pleasure into her partner's seething grove. "Um," she mumbled while easing it in and out of her mate.  Xena's breath caught.  Her fingers clinched fiercely at the covers as her hips jerked in a sporadic method.  "Gabrielle," she panted.  Just tell me the plot of the stories.  Pleeeaaassse...don't make me wait."

Gabrielle smiled at her willing protégé and crawled up her body chanting, making sure each part of her body touched Xena's at all times.

Artemis, Goddess of the Amazons, my mate and I request a miracle of thee.
Her womb lies barren, and a child is what we wish.
As my hands caress her body,
Anoint our love…and plant the seed.

Gabrielle began to run her fingertips over her lover's body.  Playfully pinching her rosy pink nipples short of eruptions.  She then patiently lowered her head and snagged one of Xena's nipples between her teeth before suckling it.  Xena arched her back and let out a lingering moan.

Gabrielle's warm wet negotiator moved from one erect peak to the other, applying the same love and attention.  Xena's hands cradle her little queen's face and hungrily claimed her lips.  Gabrielle's hand began to travel again until it reached Xena's honeyed dam.  She dipped in causing her mighty warrior's back to arch and legs widen.

"Imagine you've entered a tavern and all eyes are on you.  Up walks this child like barmaid that looks exactly like me."  As Gabrielle seductively told her story her pleasure seekers continued to massage her warrior's inner depths.  "She doesn't seem to fear you.  Matter of fact your greatness; your beauty and your eyes intrigue her.  She guide you to a secluded spot in the back of the tavern just as you prefer."  Xena's hips move sensually against her bard's gentle strokes.  She moans her appreciation as she follows her lover lyrical voice into her tale.   "She offers you a seat and ask you what would you like? You look into those glittering green spheres and say; "I'd like you."  Xena moaned.

"Ah, I love it when you join in on my stories.  Continue my love."   "I then lift her onto the tables end and spread her legs."  "Oh baby, this is better than I could imagine.  Please, tell me more." Gabrielle mutters as if out of breath.  "I then lay her back against the table top." " OOh...Gabrielle.  I like this."  "I know lover that's why I thought of it.  Please, get to the plot of the tale."   "Yesss," Xena hissed, as her candy slit continued to suck and release Gabrielle's love digits.  "I then pull up her dress and remove her under pants.  Now I can smell her.  She smells oh so sweet."  Gabrielle lowered her mouth upon Xena's erect mounds again.  But her management is every so light.  She tries to sustain her mate until the end of the story.  Hopefully sending Xena into a rigid release and well-deserved sleep.

Xena is enjoying the tenderness of the lovemaking.  She's in no hurry either.  Her eyes are closed but relaxed.  "I lay claim to her sugar pit with a hunger she's never experience...Oh, Gabrielle."  Xena's love juices pools into Gabrielle's hand and flows over the sides, as her little queen continued to poetically move in and out of her.   "Don't stop baby, tell me more," Gabrielle encourages.   Xena's movements were becoming gradual now.  "I suck and plunge into her liquids until she's writhing under me.  OH!" Xena pants.  "Her fingers are locked in my hair.  I continued to drive her higher and higher with my tongue.  GABRIELLE!"  "C'mon Xena, finish it."   "I want to make her mines."  Xena growls.  "Make her yours baby.  Take her."  "OH YEAH," Xena screams.  "I KNOW SHE'S CLOSE.  I CAN FEEL IT."  Xena spat. Engulfed by the smoldering flames possessing her body.  "I reclaim my height and plunge my fingers deep into her tightness, removing every trace of virginity."  Xena's movements are frantic now as she pictures herself taking the virginal barmaid and staking her claim.  "I shove 'em in hard and deep...OH GODS.  SHE SCREAMS MY NAME GABRIELLE.  OH YEAH.  I CONTINUE TO TAKE HER UNTIL HER BACK LOCKS IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION...OH GODS, SHE'S COMING GABRIELLE. YESSS, GABRIELLE TAKE...ME.  AAAAAHH."  Xena's goes rigid, jerks then collapsed.  She is spent.  The little queen withdraws her dripping fingers and tastes her lover.  "That's my girl.  Nighty, Nighty love."

Gabrielle eased down on the side of Xena and wrapped her limbs around her champion.  Suddenly, the whole room began to glow.  Gabrielle looked around and noticed that all the candles were just about burned out.  "What's going on?"  Her first instinct was to wake her partner, but she didn't.  Instead she pulled herself onto her elbow and observed the glistening figure approaching the bed.  Her heart began to lurch with anxiety.

"My chosen one, your plea I did hear. And for the two of you I shall plant what is dear. It shall be of you and the warrior princess. In her womb there lies a seed. This I give to both of thee, and your love for her will last throughout eternity. Be happy my queen. You and your warrior will inherit what is rare for many. And that is a gift from the gods."

Gabrielle smiled and thanked her goddess while wrapping herself back round her mate. <Boy, do I have a surprise for you when you awake up>.  Gabrielle thought as she drifted into the rims of Morpheus.

The End

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