Author: Kelly
Story Title: Private Time
Characters: Ares/Joxer
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Joxer pays the price for a fantasy.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex and bdsm.

The characters belong to MCA/universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story was a response to "A Joxer 'n Ares" challenge on the Joxerotica mailing list.

This story contains explicit male/male sex.

You can find more stories by Kelly at The Joxerotica Archives, at Ksmithares, and at her own site Court of Slashqueen.

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Private Time
by Kelly

Joxer sat quietly on the bed, his hand swiftly rubbing his cock. Ares was nowhere in sight, and Joxer had awoken horny, as always, and decided to take matters into his own hands.

He caught his bottom lip between his teeth as he moaned out a version of Ares' name. Closing his eyes, he saw the god tied spreadeagle before him, cock hard, hips raised in offering to Joxer.

"Not a chance in Tartarus, my friend."

Ares' voice shook Joxer out of his dreams, and his eyes snapped open. Ares stood before him, hands on his hips, bare from the waist up, foot tapping the floor impatiently. "But if you would have told me you were into bondage..."

A quick flick of Ares' wrist, and Joxer found himself tied to the bed with soft silken scarves, just as Ares had been tied. His cock, deprived of it's stroking hand, quivered and jumped for a touch.

Ares smiled, eyeing his handiwork. "Now... what am I to do with you, Joxer?"

~Um...fuck me?~ was the first thing that popped into Joxer's mind, but he clamped his teeth on the urge to say it.

"Oh, I'll get to that later, have no fear," Ares said snidely.

~Damn you and your mindreading!~ That thought didn't get a response.

Ares stood over Joxer, arms crossed, watching the mortal fidget in his bonds. ~You REALLY asked for it this time, Joxer...~ Ares sighed. ~But you do make SUCH an appealing picture.~ Contemplating Joxer like this, the god found himself getting harder and harder. Almost idly, Ares vanished the molded leather pants and let his cock spring free, stroking it with automatic strokes.

"No fair!" cried out Joxer.

"What's not fair, little mortal?"

"You said... you promised you'd fuck me and now you're wasting it!"

Ares smiled, evilly. He put more of his attention onto his strokes, caressing and fondling his cock as Joxer's eyes were glued to it. His hand pumped with long strokes, his thumb rubbed his head, spreading the welling precum over himself until he glistened. As Joxer's breathing quickened, so did Ares' strokes to his cock, and Joxer began to grunt as his hips thrust into the air.

Without warning, Ares flashed onto the bed, and in one hard thrust, pushed himself inside Joxer. The mortal cried out, and came hard, spraying the god with white streaks.

Ares ran his fingertips through the semen on his chest, and rubbed it on Joxer's nipples then his own as he thrust into the mortal's tightness. Joxer began to almost chant Ares' name, and the god took the still hard cock in his hand and started to stroke it in rhythm to Joxer's voice.

The god's orgasm came in a white rush of fire, spreading through both bodies, and Joxer's throat tightened with a scream of "ARES!"

When Joxer blinked again, he found his arms and legs unbound with Ares lying half on him with their legs intertwined. "Next time YOU wear the ropes, Ares."


The End

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