Author: Tareena
Story Title: The Coziness of a Cave
Characters: Xena & Hercules
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After parting with their companions for a short while, Hercules and Xena meet up. It is cold and rainy and Xena is soaked to the bone. The only shelter is a cave. To warm up they have to share body heat.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

The characters belong to MCA/Universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

Yes, there are depictions of explicit consensual sex between a man and a woman. If you are against this, under 18, or this is illegal where you live, then PLEASE leave now. I believe that Gab and Xena are friends and nothing else, so be aware of that.


The Coziness of a Cave
by Tareena

Introduction:   Gabrielle and Xena had to go separate ways for a while as Gab had to help her Amazons get through some tough negotiations with the Centaurs. Due to Xena's previous connections with the Centaurs, she had decided to go her own way for a while because her presence would not help negotiations. Hercules and Iolaus also had to split up as Iolaus' mother was dying and so he had to go and see his family and Hercules had heard of the predicament with the Centaurs and decided to try and help so they too parted ways.


It was an awful day. The sky was bleak, looming storm clouds on the horizon. The weather had turned cold and Xena, normally unaffected by the weather, was shivering and wearing a long fur coat. Argo's breath came in snorts and Xena had decided to ride her to keep them both warm.

Nearby, Hercules was trudging along, also cold and hungry. He was desperately looking for some shelter because the storm clouds foretold a wet and rainy night ahead.

When she turned around a bend in the road, Xena could see a faint path amongst the grass. Deciding to follow it, she dismounted and led Argo through the trees. The path led to a clearing. Off to the side, Xena could see a crystal clear lake and to her relief there was a cave, unoccupied, which provided shelter for her for the night. She set about unsaddling Argo and left her to graze knowing that the horse would stay put. She then went into the cave, assembled the saddlebags and unrolled her bedroll and started to remove her armor and leathers. Standing just in her shift, she realized that she needed some firewood and cursed herself remembering that Gabrielle wasn't here. She was about to get some firewood when she heard a noise outside. Grabbing her sword she ran out and climbed into one of the trees. Below, she could see a man walking straight for the cave. She jumped out of the tree and landed on him, successfully pinning him to the ground. She held her sword to his throat and looked into his face.

"X…. Xena?" A bewildered and somewhat shaken voice said.

"Oh, gods," she muttered as she realized who she had attacked, "Hercules? I'm so sorry, I didn't realize."

From where he was lying and the way she was leaning over him, Hercules had a perfect view down her shift, which revealed ample cleavage and high breasts. He swallowed…. Hard and tried to avert his eyes. Xena quickly stepped off him and offered her hand to help him up. He took it and they stood, looking at each other. Xena was blushing slightly and Hercules was embarrassed because of what he had just seen.

"I'm terribly sorry, Hercules. I guess I just got caught up in the moment."

"That's alright. Umm…. Xena aren't you cold?"

"I was. I have just started to set up camp in that cave. Would you like to join me?"

"I don't have anywhere to stay, so yeah. Thanks."

"Pleasure. I've just got to go and find some firewood, make yourself at home."

"Thanks, Xena."

They went their separate ways, Xena off into the forest and Hercules into the cave to set up his bedroll. Hercules started to make a fireplace with some stones and soon heard the pitter-pattering of rain outside. Looking out to confirm his suspicions he saw the heavy rain-clouds dropping their load and no sign of Xena. He was just about to search for her when he saw a bedraggled, sopping wet figure come running through the trees. He then remembered that Xena was dressed only in her shift. She ran over, clutching an armful of firewood. Hercules took some firewood as Xena ran inside, out of the rain.

"Damn…. I didn't think it'd rain until later tonight," she cursed as she dropped the remaining firewood.

"Are you okay? I'll get the fire started while you get some dry clothes."



"This is it."

"What do you mean?

"I mean, this is all I've got."


Realizing the implication of her words Hercules looked up at her. Her hair hung by her face, stray strands clinging to her forehead and cheeks. Her scant shift was wet through, making it stick to her body. It outlined her large breasts and protruding nipples and stuck to her toned stomach and thighs. He tried to pull himself together and control his increasing arousal.

"I…. I'll just light the fire and then, you can dry off. Okay?"

"Thanks, Hercules. I'll see what we've got in the way of food."

They both set to their tasks and soon Hercules was rather frustrated.

"Xena, I don't think this wood is going to light. It's wet through."

Xena sighed, "Oh well, I tried to keep the wood dry but it was a little difficult. This is all I could find, Hercules." She said as she handed him some bread and dried fish.

"Sorry, I was hunting when the rain hit, I didn't manage to catch anything." She said apologetically.

"Apart from a cold." He said sympathetically as he noticed her shivering and blue in the lips.

"We don't have a fire, but you're going to have to get warm somehow."

There was an uneasy silence around the cave as neither said anything. Hercules realized that the only way for Xena to get warm was for them to share body heat. He felt strongly for Xena but couldn't admit his feelings for her. He was sure that she felt nothing for him and it would ruin their friendship if he said anything. He didn't think he could control his urges if he had to sleep next to her.

Xena also realized this. She felt strongly for Hercules but also was afraid of confessing her feelings. She wasn't a person that had a way with words and she was sure that if she did confess it would come out, not as she had hoped and she would just confuse her predicament and make a fool of herself. So, unaware, they both kept quiet.

Hercules looked over at Xena, she was shivering, nonstop now, her lips were blue, hair was wet and hung limply around her face and she had goose bumps on her arms and legs and it was obvious, through her shift that her nipples were protruding. Hercules took a deep breath and realized that he couldn't put himself above Xena.

"We…we're going to have to share body heat, if we want to get through the night." He said, trying to sound confident and unmoved but failing miserably.

Xena was happy that he had said something first and bent down to get her coat. Hercules once more got an eyeful of ample cleavage as she bent down and quickly looked away in embarrassment.

"I…. I'm going to have to take this off, Hercules." Xena said uneasily.

"I know. Sorry." Hercules gushed as he realized that he was staring at her. He turned around so he was facing the cave wall.

Smiling slightly she started to remove her shift, then her underwear. Hercules blushed furiously as he heard a dull squelch as they hit the ground. She picked up her coat and wrapped it around herself.

"You can turn around now, Hercules."

Silently he turned, averting his eyes.

Xena sighed and picked up her hairbrush from inside one of her saddlebags.

Hercules raised his eyes and for the first time saw Xena as an incredibly beautiful, feminine woman. He loved her spirit, fire and courage but he had never seen her as overly physically attractive but looking at her now, brushing her hair which was tossed over one shoulder and dressed in her fur coat, instead of battle leathers, she looked gorgeous. He quickly realized the implications of his thoughts and tried to push them out of his mind.

Xena was standing, brushing her wet and knotted hair. Looking at Hercules she saw a sensitive and kind man. He was blushing, obviously from the reality of their predicament. She too had to struggle to push these thoughts out of her head.

Hercules stood and pulled Xena's bedroll so that it was laying next to his. He then sat on the edge of the bedroll and looked up at Xena. Silently she stopped brushing her hair and moved over to sit next to him. For a few moments they just sat, not touching and motionless, until Xena moved over so she was sitting, her side and shoulder touching Hercules'. Hercules realized that he was going to have to comfort her somehow. If he kept ignoring her like this she might get the wrong idea. He tentatively reached out his hand and placed it around her shoulder. The fur coat was thick and warm but he could feel her shivering through it. Her hair was wet and she looked more like a ghost than a person, with her white goose bumped skin, blue lips and limp hair. He pulled her closer to him and spread his coat around her shoulders so that it enveloped them both. She leaned into the warmth of his body and rested her head against his chest. He jumped slightly at the contact and the arousing sensation of her head against his chest. Thinking he jumped because of her cold, wet hair against his skin, she pulled back.

"Sorry," Xena said quietly.

Hercules smiled and gently pulled her head back to his chest. He wasn't quite sure what made him do this but he didn't care. His beautiful Warrior Princess was leaning against his chest. He looked down at her. The coat had slipped and he had an unobstructed view of her breast and he could see part of the dark circle of her nipple.

Xena felt Hercules tense, she wasn't sure why, but when she raised her head to look at his face, searching for a meaning, she saw a bright blush apparent on his features. She could feel a cold breeze on her left breast and looked down, to see that the coat had slipped a considerable way to the side. Realizing the source of Hercules' embarrassment, she quickly pulled the coat back and sat up, away from him.

"I…. I'm sorry."

"It's all right, I didn't see anything."

Xena nodded, unconvinced. For a while, neither said anything, Xena, uncomfortable in the awkwardness of the situation, eventually said, "Well, goodnight."

She laid down on her bedroll, facing away from Hercules and tried to fall a sleep. She closed her eyes but soon could feel someone watching her back. She opened her eyes but could still feel the effects of their gaze. She immediately suspected Ares but lacked the tingling sensation in her veins that determined his presence. Her senses were completely unstimulated, apart from her incessant shivering. It was then that she realized she could not feel any warmth from where Hercules should be lying. She sat up, careful to keep the coat wrapped firmly around her and turned around. Hercules was seated by the wall; his gaze firmly fixed on her. She looked at his face and saw his gorgeous features and suddenly had to control herself to prevent any further urges. She crawled on her knees; over to where he was sitting.

"Can't sleep?" she asked innocently.

Hercules turned his gaze to face her. Their eyes locked and she could see raw need and love. She gasped as he moved his head forward and claimed her mouth with his own. He quickly pulled away, mumbling something incoherent.

Xena was breathing heavily, not just from shock but from arousal at the sensations he had provoked within her. She leaned towards him and gently pulled his head around to face her. She saw a look of pain and regret in his eyes. Suddenly realizing that he must feel the same passion for her that she did for him, or at least hoping that, she brought her mouth close to his, so that their lips were touching. He stiffened and she opened her lips. He did not act for a moment but then, slowly opened his lips and gently probed with his tongue, in her mouth. She met his tongue with hers and heated passion overcame them both at the simple yet incredibly erotic sensation of being with their long time fantasy. When the kiss finally ended they stared into each other's eyes.

Finally Hercules said, almost in a whisper, "I love you, Xena. I always have. I've just been to scared to admit it."

He looked at Xena hoping that he wasn't dreaming and saw tears in her eyes. She smiled, that incredibly heart-warming smile and said in a shaky voice, "I love you too, Hercules."

The tears rolled down her cheeks unchecked. He froze suddenly hoping that he hadn't done anything wrong. In a worried tone he said, "What is it? What have I done?"

Xena smiled, "It's what you left unsaid for so long. I love you so much. I always have found you attractive, not just physically, but you were kind and caring towards me and when others just passed me off as the cold hearted Destroyer of Nations you gave me a chance and you literally saved my life. I'm just so happy that you feel the same way I do."

Hercules realized that he was witnessing Xena pouring her heart out to him. From a different woman, tears wouldn't mean much but from Xena they meant everything to him. Once again their lips met, but this time, Xena allowed herself to fall back onto his bedroll so he was laying on top of her. She ran her hands over his back as they kissed. He ran his hands over her arms then pulled his mouth gently away from hers. Smiling he parted her coat slightly, to reveal a thin line of skin. Hercules extended his tongue and ran it up and down the revealed skin sending shivers through Xena's body. He parted the coat a little more to reveal a little of her right breast. He licked from her cleavage, up her breast and back down again.

His actions were stirring bodily responses Xena had not felt for a long time. She was already incredibly turned on and trying to thrust her chest towards Hercules. Sensing this, Hercules placed his hands on her arms to hold her down. She groaned in frustration but he smiled. He lowered his head and pushed apart the coat a little more and repeated the licking process. Unable to stand the sweet torment any longer Xena groaned and thrust her hips.

Because Hercules was lying on top of her, her hips and sex came into contact with his groin causing his already excited member to swell and push painfully against the restraints of his pants. Now it was his turn to groan. However, he lowered his head again and licked the nape of her neck. Xena, almost bursting with need, decided to try a different tactic and wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed…. hard. He groaned deep in his throat and let go of her arms to undo his pants.

She took advantage of this and dispensed of the coat. Hercules swallowed and grimaced as he saw Xena's naked form lying under him and felt his eager member pushing against his pants.

Xena smiled and sat up to help him with his pants.

Now both naked, Xena could see Hercules' huge cock straining forward. This sight sent another bolt straight to her core causing her to groan and buck. Seeing her reaction to his body Hercules also felt a surge of desire and felt as if he would burst right then.

Xena noticed Hercules' anguish and predicament and decided to remedy the problem. She rolled over, on top of Hercules and kissed him deeply. Surprised, all Hercules could do was groan at what this luscious woman was doing to his body. Xena sat up and moved her hand to his nipple and started to rub. She could feel his member jump against her buttocks. This caused her to get considerably wet and Hercules' eyes grew wide as he felt moisture on his stomach, where she was sitting.

Realizing that neither could last much longer, Xena moved down Hercules' body and took his penis into her hand. Hercules let out a deep throaty groan and closed his eyes. Seeing that he was about to come, Xena lowered her mouth to surround his awaiting organ and started to suck and lick.

Overcome by sensation, Hercules placed his hands on Xena's back and pushed down, she could feel every time she gave him pleasure because his grip would increase. Suddenly, using every ounce of self-control he had in him and then some, Hercules rolled over, to lay on top of Xena. He smiled seductively at her and started to roll her nipple between his fingers. She squirmed and gasped. He replaced his fingers with his mouth and started to lick her now rock-hard nipple. Xena thought she would die from desire. The pleasure she was getting from Hercules' hot, wet tongue was indescribable.

When she started to thrust her hips Hercules moved downwards. He licked a way down to her center, leaving her skin tingling wherever he touched it. He moved his fingers downward and spread her folds with them to reveal Xena's throbbing and swollen core and her sex-slick with moisture. This sight turned him on and he lowered his mouth and breathed on her clitoris, causing her to buck into his face and groan incoherently.

Sensing her orgasm was near and knowing he couldn't last much longer, Hercules climbed on top of her again and looked into her face for assurance. Xena was radiant, her face was a mask of pure pleasure and she spread her legs for him. Assured, Hercules slowly lowered himself into her.

Xena couldn't imagine any sensation more delicious than the feeling of Hercules' huge cock buried inside of her.

He started to thrust; slowly at first but increased his pace when she wrapped her legs around him and gripped his buttocks to egg him on. He was pounding into her now, Xena matching him thrust for thrust when he felt her inner muscles tighten, squeezing his tortured cock and they both came, screaming each other's names as his seed spurted inside of her.

They fell asleep that night, Xena on Hercules' chest, with his arms wrapped around her and their warm coats acting as blankets for both of them, not that they needed them-the body heat and arousal was enough to keep them warm through this cold night.

They were both the happiest they had ever been. With no secrets between them and pure love as their guide they enjoyed their lives and Xena ended up fathering three children by Hercules, two girls and a boy. They were very happy children as both parents doted on them and cared for them very much-each in their own way. All had the good characteristics of both parents, strong minded and determined but kind and caring and they were blessed with strength. The little boy had blue eyes and blonde hair, as did the middle girl. The eldest however, had the likeness of her mother, beautiful, radiant and stubborn with raven black hair and those piercing blue eyes. She could out-fight any boy in the village and was the pride of her parents. She went on to continue her mother and father's work, doing good where she could and helping the innocent. Both parents lived long lives and died within three weeks of each other, once again having love as their guide.

The End

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