Author: lucath
Story Title: Xena and Gabrielle Surrender
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Gabrielle enjoy one another. PWP.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sexual relations.

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Xena and Gabrielle Surrender
by lucath
© 1998

Xena gazed softly down into the sleeping face of Gabrielle, her eyes misty with love, and she smiled gently as she thought of their frantic passion of the last few hours. Gabrielle's face glowed in the flickering firelight with a soft, warm blush on her creamy, slightly tanned cheek, which was covered with a fine, peachy down. Xena, moisture glistening on her brow and throat, leaned closer to the girl sleeping in her arms and brushed the slightly parted lips with her own, the tip of her tongue tasting again the mingled juices of their sex still fresh on the fair girl's mouth.

Gabrielle's golden lashes nestled deeply over her cheekbone and she sighed gently as she slept enfolded in the strong, slender arms and thighs of her lover. The girl was also slender and strong but slighter and shorter than her magnificent tall, dark-haired companion. Sweat trickled down her superb cleavage between her full breasts - her waist was tiny with a hard, flat stomach and muscular shoulders and legs - soft and vulnerable, yet powerful and full of energy.

Xena however, was undeniably the most magnificent woman who ever walked the earth and her high cheekbones, long shining black hair, athletic figure, firm breasts and endless legs were truly remarkable, but what struck you most of all was her unbelievably light blue eyes. They fixed you with a brave, defiant glare or melted you with the most seductive look in the world, leaving every man, woman and beast a quivering heap in her wake. The past few hours had been an oasis in a life full of adventure and danger.

When she and the girl came together in the setting sun all of the past disappeared and nothing existed except them, their throbbing, yearning bodies and their adoration of each other.

They had watched each other constantly setting camp, seeing the flexing of thighs, the heaving of breasts, the rippling of sculptured backs, until they sat close together eating fruit and the succulent fish they had caught earlier - laughing gloriously, naked by the waterfall.

Xena ate ravenously and Gabrielle saw the juices running down her chin - after a while she couldn't help herself - she knelt between Xena's thighs and began to lick around her mouth, her chin, her lips, her tongue. They chewed at each other's tongues, lips, voraciously, as if their lives depended upon it. Xena put her hands on Gabrielle's shoulders and forced the short green top down to her waist and her exquisite breasts with their rosy nipples burst into sight. Xena's lips travelled from Gabby's mouth down her neck, over her collar bones and swelling mounds to the mouth watering hard tips she had been aware of all afternoon with such longing. Gabrielle moaned, such a pent-up moan of delight that she was shocked into reacting herself.

Immediately as Xena was standing naked and indescribably beautiful before her, she cast aside her own short skirt and what little else there was. The sensation of their soft, warm skin sliding over each other's bodies was almost too much to bear. Xena's eyes again filled with tears as she regarded this fragile, beautiful, miraculous creature that owned her heart and soul - her sweetness and purity of heart was the thing that touched and moved Xena the most. Her amazing sexuality equalled that, and she felt an immense release as she realised that fulfillment of her being was moments away.

From Gabrielle's luscious breasts Xena's mouth explored every contour of Gabrielle's perfect body - the scar above her left breast where Xena had extracted the poison arrow, the hollow of her belly, her golden mound and her hot, moist vulva, already swollen with anticipation. Xena's tongue delved deeply into Gabrielle, adding her fingers as she rubbed the delicious clitoris, already on the verge of orgasm - within a very short time Xena's face was drenched with Gabrielle's juices as the girl writhed in ecstasy.

Xena retraced her steps kissing Gabby's body every inch up to her mouth, and to her great joy she felt Gabrielle's finger searching down to her pulsating slit. As they kissed she felt Gabrielle savouring the taste of her own liquids from Xena's lips, and the touch of her hands between her legs was more thrilling than she had even dreamed. She gasped in a way that she had not since Marcus passionately took her, and she melted into oblivion as the spasms built up, and overflowed the dam of desire.

Xena had already come to orgasm by the time Gabby's tongue had ran over the contours of Xena's exquisite throat, feeling her pulse, her lightly veined breasts, prominent wine coloured nipples and abdomen. She drifted in and out of heaven as the girl renewed her pleasure with her gentle caresses and occasional, uncontrollable bites. Xena, head thrown back, grinned, flashing her dazzling teeth as she imagined the sensual depths and violent urges underneath the reasoned, innocent surface of the girl she loved. One day she would explain the things to Gabrielle that she wanted her to know - meanwhile the tension between them was gone and they were as two sides of one coin. The knowing had taught the naïve and the uncomplicated had taught the complex - the meeting ground was love and desire.

Xena rested her head back down on her own shoulder, drenched in Gabrielle's golden silky mane, and breathed in the sweet, warm breath of her soul mate, and then she also slept.

The End

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