Author: Autumn Queen
Story Title: One Night Long Ago
Characters: Ares/Cupid/Iphicles
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Cupid casts a spell on Iphicles.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex.

I do not own these characters, but if the fates allow, I will own Ares one day :>

NC-17. This has male/males sex scenes. You have been warned.

Characters: Ares, Studmuffin of War, Cupid, Winged God of Desire, Iphicles, Mortal King of Corinth.

Archive: Autumn Queen's Fantasy Archive, anyone else, ask first.

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One Night Long Ago
by Autumn Queen

Ares was pissed.

"CUPID," he screamed. "Get down here!"

"You yelled?" Cupid looked at the BBGoW. He looked really pissed. 'Oops..... he he.'

"How dare you mess with my favorite mortal?"

"Which one?" Cupid smiled.

"You fucking know which one!" Ares screamed again. He was quickly losing patience. "Iphicles! You put that ....that .... spell on him, and now ...." Ares lowered his eyes to the floor.

"Yeeeesssss?" Cupid was having a tough time not laughing at him. He looked so cute. Who would have thought it, the GoW looks cute.

"HE WANTS YOU!" Ares yelled.

"Oh no, he doesn't. He wants BOTH of us." Cupid grinned.

Ares looked up. "Really?" his smile turning wicked.

With a snap of his fingers, a very confused and VERY naked Iphicles appeared in front of the GoL and GoW.

"Hi sexxy...." Ares purred.

A thunder clap was heard in the distance. Iphicles turned in the direction of the voice and saw Ares, the God of War lounging on his throne. Actually draped would better describe it. Ares was running his hand back and forth on a rather impressive bulge between his legs, his smile growing wider at Iphicles' response.

Iphicles looked at Ares, damn him. Ares smiled. Iphicles was already hard. Ares made a motion for Cupid to come forward, and get on his knees. "Wanna play?" Ares asked Iphicles. He licked his lips and started to move forward. Iphicles shivered, he wasn't sure if it was from the cold, or the anticipation of having Ares' strong hands on his skin.

Cupid looked over his shoulder. "Come here, kitten, we'll warm you up." Cupid made a motion and his clothes disappeared. He bent down in front of Ares and began to unlace the front of Ares' pants one lace at a time. Cupid could see Ares' cock quivering under his fingers. One more lace, more quivering. Finally, Ares breathed out so slowly as Cupid took out his godhood and ever so slowly licked the head of his now weeping cock. "Oh by the fates..." Ares groaned.

Iphicles was really getting hot watching this, the way Ares groaned, the way he unconsciously moved his hips against Cupid's lips. He ran his hand down his chest, placing it on his now swollen member. He jerked back and forth, savoring the pleasure. A soft moan escaped from his lips as he imagined thrusting his cock up Cupid's ass. He looked up again, and Ares was now fully undressed, the firelight from the altar and candles illuminating the muscles on his chest. One bead of sweat dripped down his throat to his chest. He could see Cupid moving faster and faster on his cock.

Ares reached up, and wiping his hand down his face, he looked over at Iphicles and laughed. "Are you still cold? Come here.... Cupid has been a bad boy, why don't you help me punish him, my pet..." Ares reached up to smack Cupid on the ass.

Iphicles couldn't take it anymore. He moved forward and grabbed the bottle of scented oil that he had given Ares on his return from Egypt. He opened the bottle and poured it on his cock, letting it drip through his fingers and onto his cock and Cupid's ass. Cupid's breathing was becoming labored. He could sense the mortal king behind him, and then he felt the tip of Iphicles' cock on him, demanding entry.

Ares was watching his lover's face when Iphicles' cock entered in Cupid. Cupid let out a slow breath, and continued to suck on Ares faster and faster.

Iphicles felt like he was flying. He never wanted this feeling to stop. He bit his lip and closed his eyes, enjoying totally the feeling that was threatening to overtake him. "By the Gods..."

"Yes..." Ares called out, and smiled.

"Oh, Ares this feels so good..."

Cupid was sucking so loud on Ares' cock that Iphy could hear the slurping sound. When he opened his eyes and looked at Ares, he didn't seem quite so smug anymore. In fact he looked to be in the throes of passion. "So close..."

Slurp... "Oh Gods, Cupid." Slurp... "I can't take it..." Ares moaned.

He opened his eyes and looked in Iphicles' eyes. "Yes......." Ares came in Cupid's mouth, shooting his come down his throat. Cupid sucked and licked the God dry, greedily drinking down his juices.

Iphicles felt himself getting closer and closer when Cupid pulled away from him spun around and said, "Your turn." Cupid smiled mischievously. He grabbed the bottle of oil, pushed Iphicles to his knees, and poured the oil on the beautiful mortal's ass, rubbing in the oil quickly. He grabbed the king's hips possessively and then, looking back to make sure Ares was watching, he plunged in Iphicles' ass. Iphicles let out a moan of pure pleasure.

"Tell me you like it," Cupid ground out. "Tell me you like it!"

"Ohh yesssss."

"It feels good to have my cock sliding in and out of you, doesn't it? You little whore, tell me how it makes you feel!"

"Gods.. Cupid... I" Iphicles was being pounded by the winged God of Love, and By The Fates, it felt good.

Ares watched this with fascination. He was shocked the first time he heard Cupid speak like that. He smiled to himself. Who would have thought such a soft spoken little godling would turn out to be so loud in bed.

"Are you going to come for me, your majesty?" Cupid could feel him getting close.

"Ohhhh yes......." Iphicles moaned.

Ares stood up and walked around in front of the little show. So, he liked it rough? Two can play at this game - or three as the case may be. "You want me to suck you off, sire?" He grinned like a cat.

"Oh yess.. Ares, please put me in your mouth, please..."

"I don't think you mean it. Ask me again. Beg me." Ares laughed, but he was already hard again.

"Yes, oh please, my love. suck me, fuck me. Anything. I just want to feel you."

Ares' laugh was deep. "Alright, my pet." Ares kneeled down in front of Iphicles and Cupid, pushed Iphicles back so he was kneeling up, took his now oozing cock in his mouth.

Iphicles screamed. It felt so good, being fucked by Cupid and sucked off by Ares. He felt the waves of pleasure coming closer.

"Come for me, damn it!" Cupid groaned, his voice strained this time, he was so close Ares could hear it. Iphicles reached down, and took Ares' swollen cock in his hand and started to jerk on it.

It was too much for Cupid, he lost himself in the sensation. He shot his seed in Iphicles with a loud moan. Iphicles shot his seed down Ares' throat, and Ares, with a loud growl, shot his seed all over Iphy's chest.

They all collapsed in a heap on the floor. Ares waved his hand and they were surrounded by warm, fluffy, down-filled blankets and sweetly-scented pillows.

"Still mad, Uncle?" Cupid asked sweetly.

"I am getting over it," Ares stated calmly.

Suddenly, there was a noise and a commotion at the front door to Ares' Temple.

"Shit, I forgot to lock the door..." Ares jumped up, but it was too late.

Caesar burst in. "Ares. Lord of War. Hear me......" Caesar looked up at the throne area. "Hi. Bad time?"

'This mortal is so smug,' Ares thought to himself. 'Well, we can fix that.' With a mental thought he locked the door.

Ares, Iphicles and Cupid looked at Caesar and all three smiled.

"Come in my conqueror, tell me of your concerns." Ares patted the blanket between him and Iphicles, and smiled at the Roman.

~The End?~

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