Author: John Doe
Story Title: Heads or Tails?
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Gabrielle play a little game where nobody loses (but some cheat!). PWP.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sexual relations.

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Heads or Tails?
by John Doe

"Heads or tails?" asked Xena.

"Heads," answered Gabrielle.

Xena wasn't surprised. Gabrielle always picked 'heads'. The warrior tossed the coin.

"Tails. You lose."

"OK. You sit down, then."

Xena pulled up her skirt before sitting on a big rock nearby. She opened up her legs, letting Gabrielle get an eyeful of her nakedness. The bard kneeled down in front of her companion and Xena bent over to give her a kiss. After their lips parted, the young woman began to cover the warrior's inner thighs with a succession of tender kisses. Meanwhile, her left hand had started to delicately rub her lover's sex.

"Well, it seems my warrior's already wet," remarked Gabrielle, obviously pleased.

"And you seem very thirsty. You should help yourself to a good bumper," replied the taller woman.

"Your wish is my command, Mistress," said the bard with a smile.

Gabrielle's tongue then went straight to the lower part of Xena's slit before very slowly going up, meticulously licking the warrior's juices. She did it several times in a row, letting her tongue stroll along her lover's sex.

Xena was moaning. Her fingers were deep inside Gabrielle's hair. She wanted to make sure that her tongue stayed where it was, but, overwhelmed as she was by violent waves of pleasure, she also needed to get a firm grip on something.

Gabrielle, fully aware of the effect her tongue had on her love, slowed down, its tip sliding between Xena's lips, increasing the warrior's pleasure. In fact, increasing it so much that it led Xena where Gabrielle had wanted to lead her.

"Gabrielle!!!" yelled Xena, as she was submerged by a formidable orgasm.

The warrior, exhausted, fell down on the bard's back.

"Hey, I'm not through with you yet," said Gabrielle, who was still between Xena's legs.

"Oh, darling, let me.... Let me catch my breath, will you?" finally managed to reply the warrior with a faint voice.

"Of course, love. Besides, I've got something to do."

Gabrielle helped her companion to sit on the ground, her back against the rock. The woman from Poteidaia then stood up and removed her skirt. That being done, she sat down in front of Xena and began to masturbate before her eyes.

The warrior looked on as Gabrielle's hand moved frenetically between her own legs.

"Sweetheart, would you mind taking off your clothes? I'd like to see those wonderful watermelons of yours!" said the bard after a few moments.

"If you wish."

Xena showed her lover her naked breasts. "Do you want me to...give you a hand, so to speak?"

"No, thanks, darling. Just sit there and rest. I'll take care of myself."

Gabrielle kept at it, looking at Xena's naked body and, most of all, looking at Xena looking at her.

Unlike with her warrior, she wasn't taking her time. Her hand was moving with all the speed she was capable of, and she was moaning and groaning.

Xena, in spite of her exhaustion, had began to play with her clitoris, her eyes riveted to her lover's crotch.

Gabrielle, utterly excited by her own mix of voyeurism and exhibitionism, soon came to a climax.

The warrior, whom this little scene had reinvigorated, said after a little while: "Gab, I'm ready for some more."

"Here I come, honey."

The bard spread the dark-haired woman's legs wide open and went for her clit. She took it in her mouth. Her tongue ran all around it. At the same time, she slid a couple of fingers into the Warrior Princess's vagina. Once again, she could feel -with great pleasure- her lover's juices all over her face.

Then, she let go of the clitoris and pulled her fingers out. Instead, she thrust the full length of her tongue into Xena's slit. The warrior shrieked.

But Gabrielle thought her tongue was not enough so she grabbed one of Xena's breasts with her hand and started kneading it while rubbing her lover's clitoris with her thumb.

Once again, Xena soon reached a climax and, once again, it was devastating.

Though just as tired as after a battle, the tall woman nevertheless gathered enough strength to crawl next to her bard. She then masturbated her until she, too, could reach a second orgasm.

"I love you," said Gabrielle, after she'd gotten over this last climax.

"Ditto," replied a smiling Xena before reaching out to give her bard a long kiss.

The two women then put on their clothes: they had to hit the road. But, as Xena was getting dressed, a coin fell from one of her pockets. Gabrielle picked it up.

"Darling, you've--" The bard didn't finish her sentence. There was something weird with this coin. "But....It has two tails!"

"Er....Yes. I got it from Salmoneus." Xena was giving a wry smile.

"I now understand why I was almost always losing!"

"Sometimes I used a regular coin..." replied Xena, faintly.

"Oh, that was too kind of you!"

"If....If I promised to go down on you for a whole week, would that set matters straight?"

"Well, I suppose it would. But you'll have to start by rubbing your breasts against my pussy."

"I will, I will!" said a suddenly more relaxed warrior.

"OK. Let's get on our way, then."

"Yes, darling."

Xena looked as if she'd been caught shoplifting.

'Just look at her,' thought Gabrielle to herself. 'She seems so ill at ease. Hades! Now, I feel guilty about my little trick. I'd known almost from the start she was using a two-tailed coin. I didn't mind. I just LOVE going down on her. But, when I picked up the coin, it hit me that I could get something out of my 'discovery'. If it's great to give, it's also great to receive! But I didn't think she'd be so uncomfortable about it... And I hate to think I made her suffer, as little as it may be... I want her to feel good again.'

Gabrielle kissed Xena. "I love you, honey," said the bard.

Xena gave her a big smile. The warrior's eyes were shining.


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