Author: The Huntress
Story Title: One Way Ticket: Book One
Characters: Iolaus & f (Karen), Hercules/Iolaus & f (Karen), Hercules/Iolaus, Ares & f (Karen)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Modern woman time-trips to Ancient Greece courtesy of the Chronos Stone, and discovers she has a purpose there. Mary-Sue.
This rating is for explicit m/m, m/f, and m/m/f sex, violence, and non-consensual sex.

Characters from Hercules the Legendary Journeys belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures; I'm just borrowing them and will return them (eventually)...Then again I may keep Iolaus; Other characters are purely mine - I'm just having fun.

Note: This story takes place in the series timeline or thereafter. Iolaus never died. (Extremely Proud Member Chorus of Denial)

This story contains explicit male/male, male/female and male/male/female sex, violence, and non-consensual sex.

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One Way Ticket: Book One
By The Huntress


Karen could not stand one more minute. "Lets go back for a visit," Sharyn had said, "We'll see our friends and be back in the sun before you know it."Now she was sorry she had agreed. The weather was cold,the air was smoggy, and Karen was reminded why she left New York for Florida.

They were in the Natural History Museum, at an exhibit that was recently unearthed in Greece. 'It's the only good thing about our visit', Karen growled to herself. She had always enjoyed (and believed) the stories about the gods and the myths about Olympus. Now,standing in front of what was said to be the first temple of the god's to be found, she could only stare.The building was magnificent, huge and imposing. It scared her a little, and she didn't know why.


Karen spun around and nearly flattened Sharyn with her fist. "Don't sneak up on me like that.Next time I could hurt you. You should know better."Karen's fists had been known to cause much damage.

"Sorry," Sharyn said quietly, standing beside her to look up. "What is it?""Who did it belong to?""Did they really commit human sacrifices on the altar?"

Sharyn's questions were starting to get on Karen's nerves. "Read the display!!" she snapped.

Sharyn read aloud:"'Herein lies the temple of Ares, God of War. Only those with the heart of a true warrior may enter.'"Well that's you for sure," Sharyn giggled.

Karen was still uneasy. The museum was heated, but she had a chill, and goose bumps as well. They walked up the steps and into the temple. Looking at the artifacts, Karen found herself drawn to a huge sword in the center of the altar. 'The Sword of Chaos', she thought to herself, remembering the story of Ares from the books.

Sharyn was beside her again. "It says that whoever wields this sword shall control mankind's bloodshed". She looked rather confused. Seeing her eyes Karen sighed, and explained as best she could.

"If I remember correctly," she started, "legend has it that this sword belonged to Ares and with it he wielded the powers as the god of war. It's said that without it mankind would fall into total chaos, and anarchy."

Sharyn began to walk further into the temple. Karen was very uneasy. 'Something's not right here', she thought to herself, following her friend further in.

They stopped at another display. This one had a large green stone mounted on a stand. 'Unknown artifact', the display read. Sharyn found herself walking to the stone and picked it up. "NO!!" Karen yelled, suddenly remembering what the stone was.

She was too late. As soon as Sharyn picked it up it started to glow. Karen grabbed it from her, but it was too late. Bright light exploded around her, there was a high pitched squeal, and then nothing but darkness.

Authors note: The Museum of Natural History has always been one of my favorite places to visit.


Karen awoke with a headache. No, not a headache, the feeling that a herd of elephants were marching through her head. She looked around, and she was still in the temple. But no sign of her friend. She got up, walked out, and froze in her tracks. The air was clean, and there were no "city sounds". She knew she had been right about the stone. Then she heard a voice.

"Who are you? What are you doing in the temple??!!"

Karen spun and came face to face with an armor clad man, his sword drawn. She thought quick, and prayed that her studies combined with some bluffing, would work.

"Is this not a temple to the great Ares?I have come with an offering from my village." The sword was lowered.

"Yes, this is one of great Ares temples. but this temple is for warriors only, not peasants making offerings." She bowed as she backed up.

"I'm sorry," she said meekly. "Please don't hurt me." The warrior backed up and let her pass, not hearing the sigh of relief.

'Now what', Karen thought to herself. 'I'm somewhere in ancient Greece, tired, hungry, and I have a migraine. I have to find clothes to wear. Jeans and sneakers are not going to cut it.'

Wandering around the town, she soon came upon a clothesline with warrior "leathers" hanging off of it. She hoped they would fit, snatched them, and ran off. She got lucky. They were a perfect fit. Next came a pair of boots from a woman who took them off to squash some grapes. Lastly she swiped a scabbard and sword from an unsuspecting soldier who was drunk. For the first time she was glad she had learned to use a sword from her grandma. She had always thought that sword fighting was an archaic and useless art, but not now. She knew fists and kung-fu kicks might not be enough against a sword. Dressed, and armed she proceeded out of the town.

She walked til her stomach rumblings forced her to think about food. Spotting a stream nearby, Karen remembered some of the other things her grandma had taught her, like catching a fish with your hands. Wading into the water she spotted food swimming by her. She reached out, and, amazingly, caught it. She had caught two more when she heard a sound behind her. Karen whirled, drawing the sword,ready to fight. She found herself looking into the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

"Whoa, I'm harmless,"he said, gently pushing the sword point away from his chest. She looked at him with trepidation.

"That's what they all say," she growled.

"Yes, but in my case it's true." He said this with such a look on his face that she started to giggle, and put the sword back in the scabbard.

"I have a fire going over there and if you'll share your fish, I'll share the fire. I'll even clean and cook the fish." Karen nodded and followed him. She felt safe with this man, and she didn't know why. Maybe it was his eyes. Her mother would have described them as "friendly eyes," with no malice or evil in them.

He tried to make conversation while he cleaned the fish.

"What are you doing out in the middle of nowhere all by yourself? Are you lost?" She didn't answer, so he let it go. Soon the fish were done and she watched him while they ate, waiting for him to make a move on her. When she saw he wouldn't she spoke.

"I'm travelling, I'm not sure where I'm going, but I'll know when I get there." She thought it would confuse him and he would leave her alone, but he answered her with a smile.

"Looks like we're travelling to the same place.If you like you can share my fire for tonight. I promise to be a good boy." He said this in such a tone and with such innocence on his face that she laughed and agreed.

When Karen woke in the morning, she was alone, the man gone. 'But he kept his word', she thought, 'he was a "good boy."'

She then heard a voice behind her.

"Well now what have we here?" the voice said. She knew by instinct that this was trouble-it followed her everywhere, even in the past.

"Leave me alone,"she said.

"I don't think so. A pretty thing like yourself needs a man. Or two." Then she noticed the other man standing over her, holding her sword.

"Looking for this?"he laughed menacingly, and advanced toward her . She got up and backed away from them, but found herself against a third man. He grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her.

She struggled, thinking she could take them on, but all of a sudden she was tackled, and one of the men was sitting on her legs so she couldn't move. The man started to spread her legs, and she prepared herself for the violation, when he was knocked to the side.

Looking up Karen saw the stranger from the night before. He quickly dispatched the other two before she even had a chance to get up, and the three men took off into the woods.

"And I thought I attracted trouble." he said, helping her up.

She smiled at him. "Thanks. I guess I owe you one. Or three."

He smiled back. "No problem. Rescuing damsels in distress is my business."

"Thanks again. I should have introduced myself last night. I'm Karen." The stranger looked at her with that smile again (it was turning her legs to jelly).

"Likewise. You're very welcome. And I'm Iolaus."

Chapter Disclaimer: Iolaus' reputation as a flirt was not harmed during the writing of this chapter. However, the soldiers who lost their clothes and sword to Karen were vaporized by Ares.


Karen walked with Iolaus enjoying the fresh air and quiet. It was peaceful here, made more so by the presence of this man. She didn't know anything about him, only that he had saved her from a rape, and had not asked for anything in return.

They made camp at sundown, near a lake rife with fish. She looked up at him while they ate. He started to blush, and at first she wondered why, until she saw the bulge in his pants. His cheeks got even redder, and Karen grinned. She had never seen a man blush when this happened. The men she knew tended to become "all hands" at this point.

A sudden downpour sent them picking up their stuff and running to a nearby cave. She was amazed that Iolaus managed to start a fire quickly with the few sticks in the cave. Seeing her surprised look he remarked "old hunters trick" and smiled that smile again. She found herself shivering as her clothes were damp. Iolaus noticed and looked at her sweetly.

"You can take them off and dry them by the fire. I won't look and you can wrap yourself in the blanket til they dry." Knowing that she was safe based on the night before, she did just that. He turned back when she said she was done.

"Your turn," Karen said, handing him the other blanket. She turned around while he stripped, fighting the intense urge to turn and look. When he was finished he sat next to her and started to talk. Nothing in particular, just babbling. She couldn't help laughing.

"What is it?" Iolaus asked with a grin.

Karen explained. "I'm always the one who's told I go on and on about nothing. I guess its nice to know I'm not the only babbler in this world."

A sudden crash of thunder sent her into his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and felt her fear.

"Don't like storms, huh?" he asked quietly. She shook her head. More thunder and she buried her head in his shoulder.

Iolaus stroked her hair and spoke softly. "Shhh...Its're safe...I'll take care of you."

She looked up at him, a calmness coming over her. She knew she was truly safe in his arms. He leaned his head down and his lips met hers, gently, and yet with a passion she had never known.

She fell asleep in his arms, knowing she would have good dreams this night.

Chapter Disclaimer: No "Old Hunters Tricks" were misused during the writing of this chapter.


Karen opened her eyes slowly, hoping that the previous day hadn't been a dream. The blue eyes looking at her told her it had not been.

"Morning sleepy head, ready for food?" Iolaus looked at her with a big smile. Her stomachs rumbling gave him the answer.

It was still raining hard, but the thunder had stopped. She stood up, forgetting that she was naked, and the blanket fell away, revealing all. Iolaus blushed and looked away.

"What's the matter, never seen a girl naked before?" Karen asked with a grin, as she picked up the blanket. He didn't answer, just handed her some bread and fruit that he had in his pack. She walked over and sat next to him.

"I want to thank you for last night. Ever since I was a child I've had a fear of thunder. I don't know why."

"Glad I could help."

"Do you think it's going to rain all day?"

"Probably. You know you could put your clothes back on. They're dry now."

"You could too you know."

Their eyes met and Iolaus found himself taking the blanket from her and spreading it on the ground. He lay Karen on top of it, and laid down next to her. His kiss was gentle and questioning, but when she responded, it became forceful and lusty. His tongue met hers and she was convinced she had died and gone to heaven.

He rolled over onto her, breaking the kiss to suck on her ear lobe, which made her moan. She felt him smile as his tongue found its way down her body, stopping to lick her nipples, so gently and yet with such force that she thought she would cum right then.

Continuing on his lips and tongue finally met with the inside of her thighs, while one hand took turns kneading each breast and the other began to stroke in between her legs.

She moaned as a finger found her clitoris and played with it, teasing her. Just when she thought she would cum (again) he stopped.

He looked up at her with a grin and with a sudden, swift motion put his mouth (and that luscious tongue) on her wetness. She found herself weaving her fingers in his long,blonde curls, pushing his face harder into her, and her mouth suddenly spoke, with a passion she didn't know she had.

"Oh yes, yes, harder, suck it, do whatever you want just don't stop!! Please!!!"

Iolaus pushed her to the edge again, and removed his mouth, eliciting a whimper from her. He then licked his way back up to her mouth, kissing her in a way she didn't know was possible.

"Is this what you want?" Iolaus asked, teasing her with his cock, rubbing it over her clit ever so gently, not quite touching her. Karen's voice found itself again.

"Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, ohhh, pleaaassseee!!!"

With a quick thrust he was in her, and she was in ecstasy, a pleasure never before known. He lifted her legs so that they were over his shoulders, and began to thrust harder. She was moaning and he was groaning, and in a few minutes they were both in the thrall of an orgasm, the likes of which neither had ever experienced.

They lay there, for what seemed like an eternity, neither one wanting to break the contact. Iolaus finally rolled off of her, and their eyes met again, both wanting and needing more.

Karen rolled on top of Iolaus and began to kiss him in the same way he had kissed her, starting at his mouth, and working her way down ever so slowly. When she reached his cock, she licked it clean, then took each of his balls into her mouth, giving each special attention. She then returned to his shaft, which was already hard again, and put her mouth over it, taking it all the way down her throat.

Iolaus gasped, this woman was amazing. The gods had only given him average height, but they more than made up for it in length and width. It wasn't often he was with a woman who could take him all the way in like this.

Karen knew when he was ready and sucked harder. He spilled in her mouth, and she swallowed what she could. That which dripped out was quickly licked up by her tongue. He grabbed her and pulled her to his mouth, kissing her, wanting to taste himself on her.

When the kiss was broken, they looked at each other, both seeing a want and need that they had never had before.

Karen smiled, gave him another kiss, and got up. The rain had stopped.

"Guess we should get going, huh?" She picked up her clothes, and began to get dressed.

Iolaus followed doing the same. At that moment they heard a soft, playful voice coming from the mouth of the cave.

"Having fun without me?"

Iolaus looked up. "Herc, what are you doing here?"

"Looking for you. The storm was pretty bad and I was worried. I should have known you'd find a way to keep warm and dry."

Karen looked up at the tall, muscular man standing there. "Well," she said "Aren't you going to introduce me?"

"Oh sorry," Iolaus stammered. "Herc this is Karen. Karen this is my best friend Hercules."

"Hercules??!!" replied Karen, just before she fainted.

Chapter Disclaimer: Iolaus' size was not disputed during the writing of this chapter. Hercules', however, demanded equal time (and he'll get it in the next chapter).


Karen awoke to the sound of two voices.

"Just great Herc, you made her faint."

"What do you mean me??!! All you did was introduce us."

"Yeah, well the sound of your name did it."

"Well maybe I should change my name."

"Very funny. For once I'd like to have a woman faint at the sound of my name."

"Well maybe you should change yours."

Karen sat up, feeling dizzy. Iolaus came over to her and smiled.

"Herc tends to cause that to happen to women when they meet him-it's a half god thing." She smiled back.

"I'm sorry," she started, looking embarrassed, "It's just that where I come from Hercules is considered a myth, not a real person. It was a shock."

"Well then it was just a 'myth-understanding'," Iolaus said with a grin. Hercules and Karen both groaned at the pun.

She stood up, trying to regain her balance, and found herself in Herc's arms as she fell over. "Maybe you should rest a little while longer," He suggested.

"That's okay. If I don't get up now I'll end up staying horizontal for the rest of the day."

Iolaus leered at her playfully. "That's okay, I don't mind."

Karen returned the leer. "Well I do. I'd like to see more of this place. By the way, where are we?"

"On the outskirts of Corinth," Hercules told her. "My brother Iphicles is king here and I am sure he won't mind one more person staying in the castle."

"Castle, huh?" Karen grinned from ear to ear. "I've never stayed in a castle. Does it have a moat? A drawbridge? Is there a dungeon? A tower? A princess waiting to be rescued?"

Hercules laughed.

"What??" Karen asked, unsure if she should be insulted or not. He looked over at Iolaus.

"Oh no!! She's another one of you. Just what I need: two days walking with two babblers." He said this with a smirk, and Karen realized he was joking.

"Well lets get going." She said as she picked up her stuff. They walked til it was getting dark out . When they made camp, Karen was starving. "What's for dinner?"

"How about rabbit?" Iolaus suggested. Herc nodded, but Karen was appalled.

"Rabbit??!! I am not eating anything that is cute and cuddly."

"Well you did this morning," Iolaus replied, and she knew what he was referring to.

She looked straight at him. "Yes, but I didn't kill you and cook you."

"Alright, I'll get some fish." Iolaus said, walking to a nearby lake. Hercules studied Karen.

"What did you mean when you said I was a myth where you come from?" He asked curiously.

She looked into his eyes, and spoke quietly. "I don't want to talk about it."

In truth she was afraid if she told her story, she'd be locked up as a crazy woman. That thought was bad enough in her time, but she knew it would be worse here. Before he could ask her more, Iolaus returned. They sat eating, making small talk. Karen noticed Herc and Iolaus looking at each other, but she couldn't place the look in their eyes.

Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. The eyes they were making at each other were the same as the looks she and Iolaus had given each other that morning.

She spoke slowly and carefully. She didn't want to insult them if she was wrong. "Um, do you guys want some privacy? I could take a walk down to the lake, and even sleep there."

The two men looked at each other, smiling, and then looked at her.

Iolaus moved closer, leaned over and kissed her, gently lowering her to the blanket. Before Karen knew it, he had stripped her, and himself, and was moving over her the way he had earlier. He pulled her up so they were both on their knees, facing each other.

Iolaus continued to kiss her, and she didn't notice that he had motioned Hercules to join them. Herc quickly divested himself of his clothing and kneeled down behind her.

Both men knew if she didn't want this they'd stop immediately.

Karen leaned back as Iolaus kissed her hard, and realized what was going on. She moaned, leaning onto Hercules, as his lips moved on her neck.

Iolaus was kissing his way down, and the feelings his tongue had previously given her returned with a fury.

Hercules shifted and Iolaus was able to lay Karen down flat on her back.

While Iolaus' tongue played in her wetness, Hercules moved his mouth over hers, his large hands massaging her breasts, causing her to moan with ecstasy. She turned her head and got a look at Hercules' cock, and her eyes lit up like a solstice tree. Reaching out with her hand she took hold of it, and pulled it towards her.

Hercules understood, straddling her upper body, not putting any of his weight on her, and took her hands in his. He teased her, running the tip of his cock on her lips, and when she tried to take it, he pulled away.

Karen was in agony. The tongue on her clitoris was making her gasp with pleasure, and she knew she had to have Hercules in her mouth.

She lifted her head up again, putting her mouth on his cock, but before he had a chance to tease her further, she sucked it in.

Herc's eyes went wide, and his thoughts were the same as Iolaus' had been-most women could not take him in the way she was.

Her only thought before she threw herself into the passion was that Hercules' manhood was in proportion with the rest of him.

Iolaus removed his mouth, and replaced it with his cock. She screamed as he thrust into her, then moved her attentions back to Herc.

Both men were fucking her now, and she started bucking like a mad horse, taking Herc all the way down her throat, laughing to herself at the shocked and surprised look on his face.

Karen felt Iolaus tense, and then he was cumming inside of her, followed by Herc doing the same in her mouth.

They all fell asleep together, a satiated pile of bodies.

Chapter Disclaimer: Thumper was not eaten during the writing of this chapter, but Charlie the Tuna was. And Hercules was happy he got equal time with Karen. (and so was she!!!)


As usual, Hercules was up at the crack of dawn. He looked over at the woman next to him and at his best friend, lying on the other side of her, his arm protectively around her. He smiled to himself, thinking about the night before.

He and Iolaus had been lovers for almost two years, and even though they still enjoyed women, this was the first time they had shared one. And this one was different.

Her name was Karen ('a strange name', he thought), and she had been the first person (outside of family and close friends), to realize that what went on between Hunter and Demigod went beyond friendship. She had offered to sleep by the lake so they could have "some privacy." They had declined, opting to be with her instead.

She had also made a statement that had confused and bothered him - "Where I come from you're a myth, not a real person."

Where was she from that she believed this and did others think the same? He pushed the thought from his mind. Obviously, her parents had not worshipped the gods. 'Good people,' he thought to himself.

His experience had taught him that most of the time the gods were a hindrance more than a help. And even when they helped it frequently turned out bad.

Rising up he moved quietly so as not to wake them. He headed to the lake to wash up. He was about to jump in when he heard a slight noise behind him. He didn't need to turn around to know it was Iolaus.

"So what do you think of her?" Iolaus asked. "Isn't she something?"

"Oh yeah." Herc replied, and then jumped into the water. Iolaus followed him in. They washed quickly as the water was freezing.

Coming back onto land they dried off, spread out a blanket, and sat looking at one another.

"I missed you," Hercules said, reaching out to *HIS* hunter.

"Me too big guy."

Before Iolaus could say anything more Hercules leaned over and kissed him, his tongue burying itself in Iolaus' mouth.

Iolaus moaned, returning the kiss with passion.

Suddenly Iolaus broke the kiss.

"How much did you miss me," Iolaus said, grinning seductively.

"How about I show you," Herc replied.

He grabbed Iolaus again, planting a deep kiss on his lips, gently pushing him down on the blanket. His tongue began to lick its way down Iolaus' body as if it had a mind of its own. Stopping at the nipples, he sucked each one to a peak, while his hands roamed the rest of the hunters body.

Iolaus was without speech at this point, and could only moan as he felt the godly tongue work its way down to his cock. Hercules licked and nipped around the hardness, kissing the inside of Iolaus' thighs, sucking his balls, and avoiding all direct contact with the place Iolaus wanted him most. He wanted Iolaus begging for him, and he didn't have to wait long.

"Herc please."

"Please what?"

"You know what!"

"Tell me."


"Tell me!"

"I want you Herc."



"Yes Iolaus. Tell me what you want from me, and if you say it nicely I'll give it to you."

"Your mouth"

"What about it?"

"I want it on my cock, I want to fuck your mouth, and cum down your throat!!" Iolaus was close to losing it.

"And then what?" Hercules said, a slight grin coming over his face.

Iolaus was breathing hard now. "I want you to flip me over and fuck me, show me I still belong to you, show me how much you love me!!" Iolaus was panting by the time he finished.

Herc smiled at him. "That's what I wanted to hear."

He moved his mouth onto the sweetest part of Iolaus, sucking hard. Gods, how he'd missed this man.

Iolaus was pumping furiously into Herc's mouth, when he tensed and gave a shout.

Knowing the hunter was about to spill, Hercules removed his mouth, and stroked Iolaus, catching the sweetness of the hunter in his hand. Iolaus rolled over onto his knees, spreading his legs and Hercules used some of Iolaus to coat his cock.

He took his cum-soaked fingers, and pushed one, then two into the hunters tight hole, gently massaging the opening, preparing him for the pleasure that was to come.

"Now Herc!! Please!!" Iolaus moaned, thrusting his ass up against the fingers inside of him.

Herc slowly sheathed himself into his "home" and when he was all the way in, he pulled back and thrust hard.

"Oh yeah, harder, deeper, show me how much you missed me!!"

The hunter was writhing against his lover, and Hercules wrapped his hand around Iolaus, grabbing his shaft, and started to pump him in time with the thrusts. The feeling was sending Iolaus into the throes of an unbelievable orgasm.

They came together, shouting each others names, and collapsed on the blanket. Hercules rolled off of Iolaus slowly, and the two faced each other, kissing deeply, and still moaning.

"I guess you did miss me." Iolaus said with a grin.

"Just a little," smiled Herc.

A voice was suddenly heard by both. "Is this a private party, or is everybody invited?"

They looked up to see Karen standing there, wearing nothing but a big smile. Two pair of sex-drugged eyes looked at her, and she had her answer.

She walked over to the two naked men, kneeling down beside them. She had watched them touch each other, love each other, and it was one of the most beautiful sights she'd ever seen.

She leaned down and ran her tongue along Hercules' lips, tasting Iolaus on them.

Iolaus leaned over and she felt his hot breath on her ear. "Make love to him," he whispered. "Make love to him and let me see you pleasure him."

She looked at Iolaus, then at Hercules, and a seductive smile formed on her face.

She bent over, taking possession of Herc's mouth, and pushed her tongue into it with such force that he gasped.

Iolaus, in the meantime, settled himself against a nearby tree, so he could have a clear view.

Karen straddled Hercules, and proceeded to give him a bath with her tongue, starting at his forehead, and slowly working her way down, not missing an inch of the demigod's body.

When she reached his cock, she looked up at him and smiled.

She ran her tongue up and down his shaft, her hands playing with his nipples, pinching them lightly, and then harder when he moaned. She gently ran her tongue along the slit of his cock, and when that brought another moan, she took it all the way in.

He started to fuck her mouth, and she teased him, bringing her mouth up again, licking softly. She repeated this motion a few times, until Hercules grabbed her arms and pulled her on top of him, sliding his cock into her wet pussy.

She sat astride him, riding him, as he played with her breasts, kissing and licking her nipples, and pinching them as she had done to him. She groaned at the sensation.

Pleasure, pain, and then pleasure again.

Meanwhile Iolaus had stroked himself hard again, and walked over to them.

He leaned over them, putting his cock in Hercules mouth, letting Hercules tongue lubricate it. After a few minutes of this, he pulled out, and walked behind Karen.

Kneeling down, he spoke to her gently, not wanting to frighten her. "Let me make love to you. Let me share in this pleasure."

She was a little scared, never having been touched in this way, but he hadn't hurt her yet, and she had no reason to think otherwise. The feel of her ass pushing back at him gave him his answer.

He rubbed his fingers along her wetness, and slowly massaged them over her cheeks, spreading her tight hole, and then gently pushed a finger in. She tensed, and Iolaus felt it.

"It's okay baby," he crooned softly. "If you want me to stop or it's too much for you, just tell me."

As he spoke, he was fucking her ass, first with one finger, then two.

"I won't hurt you. I promise."

A moan escaped her lips before she could stop it, and she pushed back again. His fingers were removed, replaced by his cock.

He started to push in and she tensed up again, this time with a whimper. Iolaus continued to whisper to her, as he slowly pushed in.

"Shhh. Relax. I'm going to make you feel so good. Breathe gently. I won't hurt you. I could never hurt you." His eyes met Hercules, who understood.

Herc pulled Karen down to him, kissing her, his tongue playing in her mouth, distracting her while Iolaus filled her.

Iolaus pushed all the way in, massaging her back, relaxing her. He pulled back and filled her again, and this time she pushed back at him. She pulled her mouth away from Hercules, panting.

The feel of both cocks inside of her was too much.

She heard a voice and was shocked to realize it was her own. "Oh yes. That feels so good. Fuck me!! Oh Yes, its so good!!."

She didn't know which one of them she was talking to, but it didn't matter. She was beyond words now, aware only of the two men inside of her, bringing her feelings she had never before known.

Iolaus was pumping her hard, and she was pumping Hercules, and the next thing she knew she was cumming, screaming incoherently. She felt both men tense, and they exploded in her, both shouting her name. Iolaus came out of her gently, and she rolled off of Hercules.

She found her voice again. "That was...that was..." She had no words. She smiled at them, and that was all they needed to see.

They both kissed her, and they walked back to the camp, getting their stuff together, heading to Iphicles castle.

They didn't see the leather-clad man who had been watching them. "Well little brother," he said to himself. "If you're willing to share with your sidekick, you'll certainly share with me. And if you're not willing, it doesn't matter anyway."

With that thought, the God of War laughed, and vanished in a cloud of blue sparkles.

Chapter Disclaimer: Hercules opinions of his Olympian relatives are purely his own and do not reflect the authors feelings. Iolaus, on the other hand, is playing it safe and keeping his opinions to himself for a change.


The sun was high when the trio arrived at Iphicles castle. Introductions were made, and a luncheon was served.

Iolaus smiled as he watched Karen examining all the meats.

Hercules noticed it too, and after the remarks she had made about rabbit, he suggested the venison. That made her turn a pale shade of green, so he suggested the beef.

"Beef!" she smiled. "As in cow?" Hercules nodded and she attacked it with gusto.

He laughed, seeing that she could give Iolaus a run for his money in the eating department.

Iphicles in the meantime was listening to Iolaus tell him how he had met the woman.

Karen heard some of the conversation and it brought a smile to her face.

"Iolaus, what is it with you? You find women everywhere. I'm king and I don't get as much as you!"

"What can I say," Iolaus replied with a smirk. "Blondes have more fun."

The day was long. Hercules and Iolaus were chatting it up with some of the castle guards (whom they had known since Jason had been king), so Iphicles took Karen on a tour of the castle.

She grinned when she saw a room that looked like a torture chamber, complete with pendulum and a rack. "Oooh, a playroom," she giggled.

Iphicles laughed hard. "I've never thought of it that way," he smiled. "Actually this room is no longer used. Corporal punishment and torture are no longer part of this kingdom. Jason's father stopped it. He felt that prisoners had enough being locked up in a cell, and needed nothing further to make them pay for their crimes."

Karen smiled back at him. "He sounds like he was a very wise man," she said sincerely.

"He was," replied Iphicles.

"So how did you become king? Don't you have to be born a prince, or something like that?" Karen was confused. The books she had read about ancient Greece had never mentioned that Iphicles was royal, or for that matter, that he had ever been king.

Iphicles told her the story of Jason's marriage to his mother, and why Jason had to give up the throne.

When he was finished, she sighed. "Oh, how romantic. He gave up a kingdom, a title, and a throne all for love. How long have they been married?"

She noticed the downcast look in his eyes and was sorry she'd asked the question.

He noticed the look crossing her face, and smiled softly at her. "My mother died last year," he said quietly.

"I'm sorry," Karen said, taking his hand in hers.

"It's okay," he told her, "life must go on. We can't live in the past."

She decided to ask another question. "So where's your queen? A good looking king like you must have a gorgeous wife."

The same look came over his face. "Rena died two years ago."

Karen suddenly had tears in her eyes. "I'm so sorry. I can't even ask a question without upsetting you!!"

She took off running, not looking where she was going.

She heard Iphicles coming after her. "Karen, come back. It's okay." She rounded a corner sharply, and ran straight into a wall.

The last conscious thought she had was Iphicles picking her up.

She woke to a quiet, gentle voice talking to her, a hand in hers.

"Please wake up. It's my fault. I should never have brought you here. If anything happens to you...." The voice stopped as she opened her eyes.

Iolaus was sitting next to her, with tears in his eyes.

She found her voice. "Why are you crying?" she asked as she sat up. The look in his eyes spoke of fear.

He hugged her tightly. "I thought...I've been unconscious for three days. I didn't know what to think." Iolaus started crying again.

She pulled away from him, wiping the tears from his eyes. "It's okay. It'll take a lot more then a wall to kill me. Three days you say?" He nodded, his tears subsiding. "That's why I'm so hungry."

He smiled at her. "I'll get you some food." He started to rise, and Karen took his hand.

"Thank you Iolaus. I promise not to go anywhere til you get back." She smiled at him, and he bent down, and kissed her gently.

"I'll be back shortly," he told her.

Iolaus saw Hercules and Iphicles on his way to the kitchen.

"She's awake, she's hungry, and she's beautiful," he said to them, a huge smile on his face.

The brothers stared at each other. Iphicles broke the silence, saying "He's in love."

Hercules agreed. "I haven't seen him like this since he first told me about Ania." There was a tone in his voice that Iphicles noticed.

"What is it baby brother?" He asked.

Hercules shook his head. "I don't know. There's just something about her."

Iphicles studied the look on his brother's face. "Do you want to talk about it? You know I'll listen."

Hercules smiled. Iphicles had changed quite a bit since their mother had died. They were closer than ever before, and they were finally having a true brother-to-brother relationship. He knew Alcmene would have been proud.

He answered his brother quietly. "Not now Iphy. Maybe later."

Iphicles started to laugh.

"What is it?" Herc asked him.

Iphicles spoke in between his chuckles. "You haven't called me Iphy since we were little kids."

Herc joined his brother in the laughter and they went to the kitchen to help Iolaus.

Karen was waiting for Iolaus and the food when a man came into her room. She eyed him carefully, and he noticed her look.

"Don't worry," He said. "I'm Pyretus, the kings healer."

He walked over to her and started rubbing her head.

"Ow. What is wrong with you??!! That hurts!!"

"I just wanted to make sure," he told her. "If there was no pain I'd be concerned."

"If there was no pain?!! What kind of doctor are you??!!"

He leaned towards her again and reached out. She grabbed his hand. "Touch me again and you will know the true meaning of pain."

"Okay, alright, I won't touch you again."

Karen relaxed. "Good!!"

He sat on the edge of the bed. "Would you care to talk about it?" He asked her.

"About what?" she replied.

"About anything. That's one of the reasons I'm here."

"I thought you were here to torture me." she said, smiling slightly.

"That too. So you are a "friend" of Hercules." He put strange emphasis on the word 'friend'.

Suddenly she didn't like his tone. "Yeah, I'm a friend of his. What's it to you? Do you have a problem with that?"

The healer got up and stared at her. "Oh yes, I have a big problem with that." His tone of voice was changing. Karen thought it sounded evil.

She looked at him, anger in her eyes. "And why should that be a problem to you??"

"Because my sweet," he said, his tone now most definitely evil. "Any friend of my brother is an enemy of mine."

Karen was scared now. "What do you mean brother?"

He took her hand in his and she tried to pull it away, but his grip was too tight.

"Just what I said. My brother. I am Ares. And when you're feeling better and have more strength, we can have the same kind of fun you had with him and his little sidekick by the lake."

She stared at him, a feeling of shock and terror coming over her.

Iolaus, Herc, and Iphicles were walking back to her room when they heard the scream. They burst into the room not knowing what they would find.

Karen was huddled in the corner, her eyes wide with fear, filled with tears. "He's going to come for me," she said in-between sobs.

Iolaus tried to touch her but she pulled herself as far into the corner as she could. He spoke to her gently, not understanding this. "Who? Who's going to come for you?"

She looked up at all three men and spoke, her voice shaking.


Chapter Disclaimer: Just for the record only Hercules can call the King of Corinth "Iphy". If anyone else does they'll be hung for treason.

Authors note: I don't know if they had cows in ancient Greece, but it's only a story so it doesn't matter.


It took the three men over an hour to get Karen out of the corner. She sat huddled, hugging herself tightly, sobbing. She was totally terrified of what was going to happen.

Ares had threatened her, telling her that he had watched her, and Hercules and Iolaus making love, and that when she had her strength back, he was going to have her too.

They got her to get back into bed to rest by promising that she would not be left alone for a moment.

She was still unsure but Hercules calmed her. "Iolaus, Iphicles, or I will be with you at all times. We won't let Ares take you anywhere."

"And how will you stop him??!! He's a god!! If he wants to take me there's nothing you can do!!!" Karen was sobbing again.

Iolaus sat on the bed next to her and held her close. His voice was soothing to her. "I told you that I would never let anything happen to you. I always keep my word."

He got her to eat some food and she fell asleep to his voice, and his hands in hers.

Iolaus woke at dawn, looking down at Karen. Her brown curly hair was a mess, frizzed out like his had been after he had been struck by lightning. It made him laugh.

She opened her eyes and stared up at him. "What's so funny?"


"Then why were you laughing?"

"Your hair."

A look of horror crossed Karen's face.

"What about it? Did it turn white? Oh no that's what it did didn't it??!! They say absolute terror can do that to a person!!"

Iolaus saw she was about to start crying again and spoke quickly. "Your hair didn't change color. I was just thinking that it looks the way mine did when I was struck by lightning. From here to here."

He made a motion with his hands, and she gave a small laugh. He smiled at her. "Now that's a sound I like to hear."

"I guess I need to take a bath, and wash my hair, huh?"

He looked at her with an even bigger smile. "I thought you'd want one so Iphicles had one prepared for you. Come on, I'll walk you."

They went into the adjoining room. Karen's eyes went wide.

Iolaus saw the look. "Pretty big isn't it."

She laughed loudly. "Big, now that's an understatement if I ever heard one."

He helped her strip off her clothes, and helped her into the bath. She was still weak from all she had been through, but she protested anyway.

"I can do this myself. I've been taking my own baths since I was three."

"I'm sure you have," Iolaus said to her, "but I'm not going to be responsible for any accidents that might occur. You're still not up to par, and I want you to be careful."

She couldn't argue with that, so she let him help her wash. His hands were so gentle, as he washed her body, and so nice when he helped her wash her hair.

When she was all clean she spoke. "You know you smell pretty bad. You could use a bath too."

She said this while leering at him, her tongue moving over her lips, moving her eyes up and down his body.

"I'll take one later." He said to her, moving away to get her a towel.

She grabbed his hand before he could move away, and started sucking his fingers, one by one. Karen heard Iolaus start to breath heavier, and she looked up at him, want in her eyes. "Please Iolaus. I need you."

He looked down at her, and nodded, smiling back at her.

He shrugged off his vest, and removed his boots, while Karen was undoing the belts on his pants.

He got into the bath with her, and she took the washcloth and began to clean him, slowly washing each part of his body, as if it were a ritual cleansing. She skipped over one part of his body, saving it for last.

He was hard now, and she rubbed the cloth up and down his shaft, eliciting a soft moan from his lips.

He took the cloth from her hands, and held her to him, feeling her body against his. He kissed her, running his tongue along her lips.

He stood up and took her in his arms, and carried her to the bed.

He laid her down gently, and suddenly she giggled.

"What is it?" Iolaus asked.

She smiled at him. "Nothing except that we're both sopping wet, and now so is the bed."

She got up and Iolaus reached over and grabbed a blanket, spreading it over the now wet sheets. "Better?" He asked.

"Much." She replied.

He laid her back down and began kissing her, starting at her lips, moving down to her neck, and when he got to her breasts, he licked and kissed each one, as if making love to them.

He continued down, and when he got to her pussy, he slowly and gently licked her clit, sending a pleasure wave all thru her body.

He kissed his way back up, doing everything he had done on the way down, and by the time he reached her lips again, she was thrusting against him.

He looked into her eyes and slowly pushed himself into her, giving her the pleasure he had given her before. He kissed her mouth hard, while his hands rubbed up and down her arms, making her moan.

Karen arched her back, and Iolaus knew she was about to cum, and for a brief moment he considered teasing her. But after what had happened he knew it was a bad idea, so he thrust harder, and they came together.

He rolled off of her gently, and he turned to his side, looking at her.

"What is it?" She asked him with a playful grin.

Iolaus looked at her in a way that no man had ever looked at her before.

The words he spoke were ones she never thought she would hear.

"I love you." He said it with such clarity and calmness of tone, that she knew he meant it.

She was about to say the same to him when her brain connected back to her body.

"No! You can't love me!! You don't even know me!!" She jumped up, and moved away from the bed, away from him. She moved to a sofa, sat down, and started to cry.

He walked over to her, and knelt down in front of her. He looked up at her with a small smile, taking her chin in his hand, and looked in her eyes.

"Karen, when someone says 'I love you' you're supposed to smile, not cry. What's the matter?"

He knew she felt the same way about him. He had seen it in her eyes.

"You don't understand," she told him, crying even harder now.

He sat down next to her and took her in his arms. "Whatever it is, we'll face it together. You're not alone. You'll never be alone again."

She looked up at him. "I don't belong here."

Iolaus looked at her confused. "What do you mean?"

"Just what I said. I don't belong here." She was getting more hysterical by the moment.

He held her tighter. "Shhh, it's okay, I'm here, talk to me. Explain it to me."

She couldn't look at him now. "I'm from another time. Another place."

He stroked her hair, and rubbed her back, trying to calm her. "I don't understand," he said to her. "Another time, another place?"

"Yes. As near as I can tell I'm from 2000 years into your future, I'm years from my home and my friends, stuck in a primitive time, and in love with a man who probably thinks I'm a lunatic now."

"I don't think you're crazy," he said gently. He knew time travel was possible. He had done it himself to save Hercules.

She looked up at him, hearing the sincerity in his voice, and knew he wasn't humoring her. "You believe me?" she asked him, her tears slowing. "Yes I do. Now all we have to figure out is how you got here. I'm going to get Hercules. Maybe he can find out from Zeus what happened and how you came to be here. I'll be back in a minute."

He pulled on his pants and started for the door.

She grabbed his hand. "Iolaus please don't leave me. What if Ares comes back?" She was starting to shake.

He held her close. "Okay. We'll go together. But your clothes are by the tub. I'll get them."

She smiled at him and nodded, feeling better now. He knew the truth and was not going to leave her.

The moment Iolaus walked to the other room Karen felt the hair on the back of her neck rising. She turned and saw the God of War.

"I see you have your strength back. Lets go play shall we."

Before she could say anything, he grabbed her arm, and they disappeared.

Chapter Disclaimer:Ares was a bit miffed that he only had one small scene, but the author promised him he'll be busier next chapter, so he's happy now.


**Note to Ares Worshippers: I left a footnote for you at the end of the story.**

Iolaus came back into the bedroom with Karen's clothing. He didn't see her.

"Karen, I have your clothes. If you want to play hide and seek we'll play later." He said this with a grin.

She didn't answer. He started looking all over the room, under the bed, in the closet, but she wasn't there.

He was worried now. 'She wouldn't have walked out of the room,' he thought to himself. 'She was too scared of Ares.'

He walked out into the hallway and started calling her name. When she still didn't answer, he began to panic.

He ran into Iphicles and explained the situation. Iphicles looked just as worried.

"Maybe she went somewhere to hide," he thought out loud.

Iolaus shook his head. "She wouldn't have left the room because of Ares."

"I'll have the guards search the castle," Iphicles said, "lets go find my brother."

They found Hercules out in the garden and quickly explained all. He looked at them, the worry in his eyes matching theirs.

"I agree with Iolaus. She was too scared to go anywhere."

Iolaus was looking worse. "Are you saying that Ares has her?!" He was furious, his hands clenched into fists.

Hercules spoke again, putting his hand on Iolaus' shoulder.

"I don't know Iolaus, but I intend to find out." "Zeus!!!" Hercules voice boomed thru the garden. "Zeus!! I know you can hear me!! I want to talk to you!!! Now!!"

An unassuming man appeared in front of them. "I'm not deaf Hercules," he said to his son. "You don't need to shout."

Hercules was fuming. "I want to talk to you."

Zeus looked into his son's eyes calmly. "So I gathered. Now what can I do for you."

The three men started talking at once.

"One at a time," Zeus told them.

The brother's looked at Iolaus, who faced Zeus and started to speak. He told him the whole story, from the day he met her, to what had transpired that morning.

Zeus himself looked worried, which didn't make Iolaus feel any better. He waited a moment and spoke. "I haven't seen Ares for quite a while. We had another falling out and I haven't been able to locate him."

Iolaus grabbed the god by his shoulders.

"What do you mean you can't find him!!! You're the king of the gods...he's your son...can't you "feel" him out!!"

Zeus gently took Iolaus hands off of him, speaking in a quiet tone.

"Iolaus, I'm telling the truth. If Ares doesn't want to be found, I won't be able to find him. He has done this before. He has places to hide where the eyes of even the gods cannot see."

"So we just sit around and hope he doesn't hurt her and hope he brings her back. Is that what you're saying??!!" Iolaus eyes were on fire, the anger in them so great that even the king of the gods was taken aback.

In all the years he had known his son's best friend, he had never seen him like this. He knew Iolaus to generally be a calm and peaceful man, not one to get angered like this. It hurt him.

"Iolaus, I'll speak to my children. Perhaps Aphrodite knows where he is. Don't worry. We'll find her."

And with that he vanished, leaving three men standing alone, all looking like frightened little boys.

When her head stopped spinning Karen found herself in a dark room, on a large four-poster bed, her hands and legs bound to the corners. She felt a chill, and realized she was naked.

'Oh great,' she thought to herself. 'So many gods and I get the one into bondage.'

She heard a voice from the darkness.

"Comfy?" the voice asked. She knew from the sound that it was Ares.

"What do you want? Why have you brought me here?" Karen tried to sound calm, but her voice was trembling.

He came over to her and sat beside her. His voice spoke, calmly, but with a menacing tone. "I brought you here to have some fun. And I think you know what I want."

He stroked her brow, and it made her shiver. He stood up and spoke again, in the same tone. "What say you give me what you gave my little brother and his sidekick?" It was more of a statement then a question.

He waved his hand and his clothes were gone. He crawled up on the bed, and straddled her, the way Hercules had.

But unlike the gentle demigod he put his weight on her, making it almost impossible for her to move.

He kissed her on the mouth, and she bit him, drawing blood. He touched his lip, and saw the blood.

His eyes got red. His voice spoke, slow and methodical. "That, little girl, was a very big mistake!!!"

He smacked her across the face, leaving a hand print on her cheek. "If you want to do this the hard way, then that's the way we'll do it."

And with that statement he bent down and put his mouth on her breast, biting one nipple while he pinched the other. It was the most painful thing she had ever felt, and hard as she was trying not to, the tears started flowing.

"Ah, I see you like it," he said, a vicious smile on his face. She was pulling at the ropes, struggling.

"I like 'em feisty," he said, moving his cock up to her mouth. "Do for me what you did for my brother."

Karen clenched her jaw shut, but he pinched her nipple again, hard. She opened her mouth from the pain and he put his hardness in her, grabbing her by the back of the head, pushing into her mouth til she was choking.

He fucked her mouth for a while, and then stopped, removing himself. She took a deep breath, not knowing if he was going to continue.

He then covered her body with his own, and thrust into her so hard she thought she would burst. She was dry inside, and she was feeling pain she never felt before. Writhing against him, trying to get him off of her was only making him fuck her harder.

Karen was in agony. She knew that she was being torn inside, and prayed that she survived. She felt him tighten up, and he pulled out of her, cumming all over her stomach.

He looked down at her, and smiled. The smile reminded her of a vampire going for a throat.

He spoke to her, his voice deep. "Now wasn't that fun. We must do this again some time."

He waved his hand and the ropes tying her were gone . "I'll see you soon," he said.

She saw him give another motion with his arm, and the next thing she knew she was back in the bedroom.

****Authors note to Ares Worshippers: I spoke with Ares regarding his behavior in this story, and he understood that this being a (mainly) Herc/Iolaus story, he had to be portrayed as evil. Actually, he said he found it a challenge. I promised him that if I ever write another fanfic (and if this one is ever finished), I will portray him as we know and love him-a sweet man who loves chocolate covered cherries, sunflowers, and long walks on the beach.****


Night had fallen in Corinth, and three men were pacing the throne room in the kings castle.

Iphicles, The King, his brother, Hercules, and the man known as the 'Golden Hunter', Iolaus.

All three looked exhausted, and Iolaus, whom Hercules had once described as "the bravest man I've ever known," had a look on his face that Hercules had never seen before. Fear. He had seen Iolaus scared, but never like this.

One week before Iolaus had met a woman by the name of Karen, who had proceeded to capture the hunter's heart. He had found out that she was not from this time, but from a time in the future. Zeus had confirmed this but did not know how she had gotten there, nor how to send her back.

But the question was moot at this point. Ares had taken her. Where, they didn't know. Zeus couldn't find him, and none of the other gods knew where he was.

Hercules and Iphicles were more concerned about Iolaus at this point. The hunter was blaming himself for all of this, he kept saying if he hadn't brought her to Corinth she would be okay. Nothing the other two could say to him could bring him out of it.

A sudden scream brought the three men running upstairs.

They came into the bedroom where Karen had last been and found her on the floor, naked and bruised badly, but alive.

When Karen opened her eyes she saw Hercules sitting next to her.

He looked at her, and smiled. "Hi, welcome back."

Karen just stared at him, than lowered her eyes, and looked away.

Hercules continued speaking.

"We were all scared that we wouldn't ever see you again. Iolaus hasn't slept since you disappeared. The only way we got him to sleep now was to tell him he'd be no good to you if he couldn't stand on his feet. He was ready to collapse."

She still wouldn't look at him. She was aware that they all knew what Ares had done to her. He had raped her, violated her, and given her such pain, that she didn't think she would ever be able to recover.

And Iolaus would never want to touch her again.

No man would.

The door opened slowly, and Iolaus came in. A look passed between the two men, and, as usual, they understood each other without words.

Herc got up and walked out of the room, leaving Iolaus to sit beside Karen.

She still wouldn't raise her eyes, she didn't want Iolaus to see what was in them. Hurt, pain, terror, all the emotions she had felt with Ares.

Iolaus took her hand in his. He spoke to her in a soft tone. "I still love you, you know. Nothing is going to change that. Ever."

She finally turned and looked at him, and the tears came. She found herself telling him all of what the god had done.

"So much pain. Why??!! I didn't do anything to him. I didn't do anything to anyone. Why me?? Why?"

Iolaus did the only thing he could. He took her in his arms and held her.

"It's my fault," he said to her. "I shouldn't have left you. I should have taken you with me to get your clothes, I should've..."

Before he could finish, Karen pushed him away and looked at him with venom in her eyes. She started to scream.

"Yes!! It was your fault! You knew what could happen and you left me! You promised you wouldn't let anything happen to me! I hate you, I hate you! Go away and don't ever come near me again!!"

She turned away and buried her head in the pillow. Iolaus knew better than to leave. He knew the pain she was feeling.

He had endured a gang rape while being held prisoner by a vicious warlord and he knew if he left she'd never recover. Hercules had taught him that, when Iolaus had tried to push him away.

He would stay, and take all the anger she threw at him, knowing that she had to get it out. He spoke to her again, in the same tone.

"I know how you feel Karen. The pain will go away. It will take time, lots of time, but I'll be here with you. I'll help you fight it, help you heal."

She looked at him again, the same look in her eyes. "How could you know? You weren't taken away by a sadist and hurt like I was. You can't know how I feel."

He looked into her eyes and spoke, in an even softer tone.

"Four years ago Hercules and I went up against a warlord who was terrorizing small villages along the coast. We were separated, and he didn't know that I had been captured. I was stripped, beaten, and...."

He paused, searching for the right words before continuing.

"....used by the guards for their fun and games. By the time Herc found me I might as well have been dead. I couldn't walk for almost a month, and the thought of being with someone, loving someone, had become alien to me. I thought no one, male or female would ever want to touch me. But Hercules wouldn't give up. That's the way he is."

Iolaus paused again, taking a breath, before continuing.

"I cursed him, hit him, and blamed him for everything that had happened. I told him it was his fault, if he couldn't find me he should have known where to look. It took quite some time. I finally realized that he wasn't at fault. But neither was I. There was nothing he could have done. Even if he had known where I was, it would still have taken him time to get me out. Either way the end result would have been the same."

By the time he finished, he had tears in his eyes.

"I won't leave you, and I don't hate you. I will always be here for you, to hold you, calm you, and I'll make the bad dreams go away. It'll take lots of time, but we'll do this together."

He looked into her eyes, and he didn't see the anger he had seen before.

Karen reached out to him and he took her in his arms, holding her tightly.

She started to cry again, but this time the tears weren't from the pain that Ares had caused.

This time it was for their love.

Unseen by both, two figures watched, both smiling.

"They were made for each other," Aphrodite said.

Zeus looked at his youngest daughter and nodded in agreement.

"Then why do you still look worried, father?"

"Because," Zeus began, "we still don't know how she got here?"

"Why does it matter?" She asked, not understanding.

"Because time is being tampered with. If she is here then there are greater forces at work. Possibly evil, possibly good. I don't know. But I intend to find out."

And with that, the two gods vanished back to Olympus.

Continue on to Timeline - the prequel for Book Two

Authors note: I hope everyone has enjoyed this story so far. I promise to continue it ASAP. They'll be more guest stars....Maybe Xena, Gabby, Joxer, Auto, Sal, and Jason, and more Iphy. Oh, and let's not forget the residents of Olympus. (I might even work Jett in-I have a soft spot for the guy....What can I say, he loves his brother)...And of Course Hercules, Iolaus, and ME!!! My thanks to all for the feedback and the support. And especially to Sarah Saint Ives who has given me confidence to write. I'd also like to thank the Nobel Committee for selecting my work..(ooops, getting ahead of myself) Thanks again.

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