Author: Narcissus
Story Title: Our Boy in Blue
Characters: Ares/Iphicles, (Ares & Aphrodite)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Uber. Ares, a motorcycle cop in the present day, does a favor for Aphrodite and meets a man who looks like Iphicles. PWP.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/male sexual relations.

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_____ *** _____

Our Boy in Blue
by Narcissus
© August 2001

"You're just time away.
Long ago I reached for you and there you stood.
Holding you again could only do me good."
--Carole King, "So Far Away"

For what felt like the hundredth time, Ares used the sleeve of his dark blue uniform shirt to wipe the sweat from his forehead. Even parked in the shade cast by an enormous pine, it was damn hot in Georgia in July. Shit, it wasn't even noon yet.

He could, of course, use a little godly razzle-dazzle to cool himself. He had when he'd first arrived at his stakeout spot. But he'd allowed himself to become vulnerable to the heat as the rendezvous time neared. He'd always found it important to pay attention to the little details when impersonating a mortal. So, if some kinky mortal had a fantasy about being fucked by a motorcycle cop in Georgia in July, he assumed that meant said kinky mortal wanted to be fucked by a hot, sweaty motorcycle cop.

He speculated, not for the first time, about why mortals wanted to live here in the summer. The countryside was attractive enough, he supposed, if a little parched and brown as it baked under the summer sun. Always the military strategist, he imagined what it would be like to stage a battle among the rolling hills and pine forests. Most warriors would melt in the heat; a ready source of water would be an essential element of the battle plan. Good thing there were small lakes and streams throughout the terrain. Might be fun to cool off in a nearby lake when he was finished with this little drama.

He glanced at his watch again. It should be show time any moment now. Ares caught a glimpse of himself in the rear-view mirror attached to the bike's handlebar. He turned his head for a better look. He looked good. But then, he always looked good. He gave his reflection a cocky grin. Cheeks a bit flushed from the heat; hair dried and curling once he'd removed the helmet. Navy blue uniform clinging to his damp body. Lower legs encased in tight, black leather boots. The mortal with the cop fantasy was in for a treat.

The bike, though, that fulfilled his fantasy. Whatever else you could say about this era, he gave it points for invention of the motorcycle. He bounced a little on the bike's seat as he remembered the rush of power he'd felt between his legs as he'd raced down the deserted, two-lane highway. His body hummed with pleasure as he remembered the speed, the wind rushing past him, the powerful engine's deep, delicious purr.

A drop of sweat trickled down his side. He hoped the mortal liked his fantasies a little moist. By Hades, that was probably part of the kink. He wondered how much longer he'd have to wait. And he wondered, once again, how he'd ended up here. And why.

Well, why ask yourself stupid questions. How was easy; its name was Aphrodite. Why was a little more complex, but the bottom line was that he was a sucker.

_____ *** _____

He'd been working on the computer, checking recent dispatches on ethnic conflict in the south Pacific, when she'd materialized in his private office. Running a Pentagon consulting firm was fun work; he could make a fortune for the family by advising the military on conflicts he started or manipulated. It was even more fun when Zeus, who couldn't make money if his godhood depended on it, had to come ask for an advance on his allowance.

As usual, 'Dite was dressed in her own idiosyncratic interpretation of office wear. He doubted it would pass most business dress codes. Slit to here, slashed to there, it consisted mostly of wisps of transparent, glittery fabric in her signature pink, revealing far more of her luscious body than it concealed. Which was, of course, exactly the way she wanted it. Running a multinational makeup and fragrance business, while acting as its muse, hadn't changed her a bit.

'Dite, hips swaying, mouth tinted a luscious rose, crossed to his desk and plopped into his lap. The scent of her perfume, provocative and mysterious, warned him that she was here to ask for yet another favor. Her arms slid around his neck, as her bottom caressed his groin. A little pink tongue lapped with careless skill at his earlobe. "Ar, baby", she whispered in a husky voice guaranteed to raise a mortal cock from the dead. His immortal one wasn't immune either. He was certain she'd placed herself on his lap in a position guaranteed to provide him with the perfect view of her generous, divine breasts.

"'Dite. I'm busy. Go away. Now."

"Oh, Ar. Aren't you glad to see me?" Her bottom moved in a provocative wiggle against his semi-aroused cock.

"I'm delighted to see you." His tone of voice made clear the sarcasm. "But I'm just a little busy here. Wars to run, mortals to subvert, the usual. Besides, I thought I told you to materialize elsewhere, where you can be sure no mortals will see you, and then walk into my office. Did you lose your brains down your cleavage again? One of my assistants could have been in here."

"Meanie. Party poop. You used to be a lot more fun. Besides, you could, like, just make the mortal forget." Dite's hand waved in the air as her lips assumed her patented, guilt-inducing, cock-raising pout.

"Give it up. Just tell me what you want."

"See, I need this itsy bitsy, teensy tiny, little favor. It's for one of my very favorite mortal worshippers. The sweetie, who's just cute as a button, has this little fantasy.and you've just gotta help me, Ar."

He wasn't surprised. Several years ago, 'Dite had decided she was bored once again, so she'd started arranging these little fantasy fulfillment experiences for some of her favorites. Somehow, he ended up acting as star stud in a fair number of these little psychodramas. When he'd asked her why it was always him, the answer was typical 'Dite. "Well, the rest of the family is, like, a drag; you fuck really well; you always look way cool in the costumes; you can follow a script; and you're pretty much sex on a stick."

Now he liked fucking mortals as much as the next god or goddess. No, that wasn't quite true; no one could beat dear old Dad in that department. Aphrodite was one of the very few members of his family he could tolerate for more than a few seconds at a time. And there were some definite benefits to doing favors for his sister. Nobody gave a better blowjob. 'Course she'd had plenty of practice over the eons.

But he'd done more than his fair share of favors for her, and he was getting tired of the lame costumes and the phony scenarios. Besides, he had a few conflicts he needed to work on. People were trying to make peace in the Middle East, for Strife's sake.

"No way, kiddo. Not this time." Ares stood up and set his sister on her own two dainty feet. The feet were adorned with what 'Dite had told him were called "fuck me shoes," so she swayed for a moment as she tried to regain her balance.

He'd stuck with his refusal through all the usual eyelash batting, bosom heaving, begging, and offers of exotic sexual favors.

So, of course, that's when Aphrodite had brought out the big guns. After all these centuries, she'd found an Iphicles lookalike. And she'd let him have the guy's address if he'd just do this little favor for her.

Iphicles-the most beautiful, stubborn, frustrating mortal he'd ever known. He'd offered the idiot immortality by his side, the only such offer he'd ever made in his very long life. Iphicles had put him off with some bullshit about it not being his fate. Ares had trashed his palace, threatened his kingdom, and finally disappeared from the king's life for two long years. Nothing had changed the man's mind. Ares had finally been forced to accept his refusal. After all too few good years, he'd had the privilege of watching the stubborn son-of-a-bitch grow old and die. Since then, there'd been thousands of others. None of them had been quite the same. Aphrodite kept telling him that it must have been love. But then, she tended to see everything through the pink haze inherent in her job title.

_____ *** _____

So here he was, sitting on a dusty, backwoods road in the broiling heat, when he could be starting a war or tormenting a mortal, on the off chance that Aphrodite knew what she was talking about. Shit, even if the guy looked like his Iphicles, he'd probably turn out to have the personality of an asshole. Another drop of sweat rolled down his face. It was hot enough to boil a pot of lentils on the highway.

An approaching mechanical hum warned him that an expensive car was coming his way. Show time. He put on the helmet and kicked the bike into life. Yep, dark blue Lexus sedan traveling way over the speed limit. As it sped past him, he pulled out onto the highway.

Like the superb general he was, he'd checked out the terrain and planned his campaign carefully. He knew exactly where he wanted to pull the car over. He bided his time, and then turned on the bike's siren and flashing lights. The car slowed almost immediately. He followed close behind and then signaled for the car to turn in at his chosen spot. The mortal behaved exactly as expected. Ares grinned; he loved it when a plan came together.

Ares had selected a narrow private drive, well shaded by tall pine trees. Clumps of bushes and wilting wildflowers provided some privacy from the highway. Ares added a few more bushes here and there so the mortal would feel screened from any curious eyes. He hoped this chick was a real babe. Lately, 'Dite was always hooking him up with women. It'd be nice to be wheedled into fucking a guy once in a while.

He parked his bike behind the car. The mortal was evidently impatient to continue on her way; she'd left the motor running. He got off the bike, removed his helmet, shook his hair, and checked his gun and nightstick. The mortal had rolled down her window. Following his script, he strolled to the car and leaned to look inside wearing his most intimidating face.

He'd never been more grateful that he was a god. He was very afraid that if he'd been mortal, he'd have fainted. As it was his legs buckled slightly, although Ares permitted nothing to show on his face. Looking out the car's window was someone who looked exactly like Iphicles.

Well, perhaps not exactly. The hair was a slightly more subdued dark reddish-gold. And some expensive stylist had provided an expert cut. The eyes were hidden behind a pair of designer sunglasses. But the lips, those begging-to-be bitten, fuck me lips, were Iphicles.' What he could see of the broad shoulders, dressed in a well-fitted casual shirt, looked very familiar. He wondered if the man would smell the same, taste the same. A storm of emotions roared through him. He settled on anger mixed with a little lust. Those he could deal with.

What the hell was 'Dite pulling here? Was this her idea of a joke? Payback for some unknown offense? Was this guy here because he wanted to be fucked by a motorcycle cop or was 'Dite just setting him up to make a fool of himself? If this blew up in his face, he'd yank out every blond curl on her head. Slowly.

"Officer, look, I know I was going a little fast, but." The voice was the same too. Ares remembered what that voice had sounded like when his cock was buried in the king's ass, and the king begged him for more. He'd never imagined that he'd hear that voice again.

Unfamiliar emotions stirred deep inside again and threatened to overwhelm him. That would never do. What the fuck. Might as well carry on with the planned program. He could fuck this mortal for old times' sake even if the mortal hadn't asked for it. After all, he was Ares; he could make him want it. "Turn off the engine, please. Let me see your hands at all times. Show me your license and registration. Do everything slowly." Ares pitched his voice so it was a sexy but slightly menacing growl.

The man complied while continuing to plead his case. "Look, officer, it's very important that I get to River Road Resort no later than 1 p.m. I've got to make this photo shoot. My career depends on it. If you would just."

As Iphicles' twin passed over the documents, their fingers brushed. Ares felt the thrill down to his groin. He noticed a slight tremor in the mortal's hands, now resting on the steering wheel. "Remove the dark glasses, please. Photo shoot? Are you a model or something?" Ares inserted a note of contempt into his voice to further unsettle his quarry.

"I'm a photographer. Or I'm trying to become a photographer. That's why this shoot is so important. I've been a model, but I need to move on to something else. Before I got out of the army, they used me for recruitment ads and posters, and things just kind of took off from there. But I hate being treated as just another pretty piece of meat. This job has the potential to really jump-start my new career. I'll slow down. How about letting me off with a lecture?"

Was it Ares' imagination or was the mortal starting to babble to hide his own nervousness? "You were in the army?"

"Yeah. Rangers. Were you in the military too?"

Maybe this Iphicles lookalike wouldn't turn out to be an asshole after all. Guys in the Rangers weren't pansies. "Yeah, you might say that." Ares glanced at the license and felt another shock. "Ephriam Klees?" He could barely keep the disbelief out of his voice.

"Yeah." The mortal's beautiful lips parted in a slight smile as he rolled his eyes. "My mother really loved old fashioned names. I had to learn to fight early to shut up the assholes at my elementary school. I ask friends to call me Eph. At least my name's better than the one she dumped on my brother." As Ares raised an eyebrow, the mortal continued. "Horatio. No decent nickname for that one, is there? I call him Hor just to irritate the hell out of him. It's perfect 'cause he's such a self-righteous son of a bitch. Uh, pardon my language, officer."

Time to get on with the script. And get a better look at the guy's body. Ares performed a little godly magic on the registration papers. "These papers aren't in order. Where did you get the vehicle? Is it stolen?"

"What do you mean they're not in order? That's not possible." The man was starting to look a lot less cool and immaculate as he searched frantically through the glove compartment. "There must be some mistake."

"Please. Open the door and step out of the car. Slowly. No fast moves." As he spoke, Ares rested his hand on the butt of his gun to add a bit more menace to his performance.

The man opened the door and got to his feet. Ares took a deep breath. His cock gave a little anticipatory twitch. The guy's body was familiar too: just a bit shorter than Ares' own; broad shoulders, heavily-muscled arms, narrow at the waist and hips, long, strong legs. Same athletic grace of movement. Pity he couldn't see the guy's ass at this angle.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to check you for weapons and drugs. Face the car, please, put your hands on the hood, and spread your legs." His quarry moved into the position and placed his hands on the hood of the car. He gave a little gasp of pain and jumped backward, colliding with Ares, as the heat of the car's hood bit into his hands. Ares shoved the man back into position. The man's breath hitched, but he didn't resist. Ares allowed himself a moment to enjoy the view. The position showed off the strong muscles of the mortal's back and a memorable, shapely ass.

Ares stepped forward, close to pressing his own body against the length of the man's, and placed his hands on the narrow hips. Again, his world tilted slightly on its axis. The mortal smelled of some expensive cologne, perhaps one of Dite's. He recognized sandalwood and a hint of mountain air. But underneath that was a smell that was pure Iphicles. He'd never been able to define the scent; he'd just been content to drench his senses in it. He could barely control the urge to rip off the man's linen trousers and sink his cock deep into that ass right now.

Moving slowly, allowing his fingers to register the texture and shape of everything they touched, he began patting his captive down. Past waist and hips and down the outside of his legs. Then back up and around to pat the well-developed muscles of the chest and abdomen. The man's nipples were erect, either from desire or fear. Then down the back, lingering over the globes of the ass, and caressing the insides of the strong thighs. Straightening back up, Ares decided that it was time for the next move. He leaned forward so his prey could feel Ares' erect cock pressing against the cleft of his ass through the double barrier of their clothing. His lips were only inches away from the sensitive spot at the base of the man's neck. For a moment, he rested there to see how Iph--no, Eph--would respond.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you in. We need to check out those registration papers. You could be a drug dealer or a dangerous criminal." He whispered the words into the sensitive ear. He wanted to bite the lobe. Hard.

A tremor rippled down the man's spine. "Please, officer. That would take forever. Can't we work something out. Perhaps there's something I could do for you." The mortal's hips moved a fraction of an inch so Ares' cock was pressed more closely against his bottom. Good. If this guy wasn't into a cop fantasy, it looked like he was a slut.

"Are you trying to bribe an officer of the law? Ares grabbed his prisoner's arms at the elbow and spun him around so his ass was pushed against the car and they were face to face. With those lips only a few short inches away from his own, Ares wondered how much longer he could hold out before he had to lick them and bite them. See if this man tasted the same as the king he remembered. Ares glanced down to see a hard cock pushing against Eph's trousers. Whether it was the fantasy or Ares' own body, something was turning the guy on. "There are severe penalties for attempted bribery."

"No bribery, officer. Just a little attempt to work things out." The man's voice shook a little.

"Okay, then take off your shirt." The mortal's fingers fumbled at the buttons as he hurried to obey. When the shirt was off, he dropped it on the car's hood. The man's eyes were looking down at the baked grass beneath his feet. Ares grabbed the man's chin and forced Eph to face him. Eph's eyes swam with some emotion Ares couldn't interpret.

Ares permitted himself a few moments for visual appreciation, then traced the fingers of both hands from the shoulders down over the pecs and onto the well-defined abs. The man's nipples were so hard. His fingers pinched first one, then the other to excite them further. The man's beautiful lips opened in a little moan, whether of pain or desire or both. Again, Ares felt besieged by that storm of emotions.

Ares re-gathered his slipping control and ordered Eph to his knees. The man knelt in front of him, eyes focused on Ares' bulging crotch. "You know what to do. Take me in your mouth." Shaking fingers unzipped his uniform pants and found his rock hard cock.

Ares looked down into the sensual face. For a moment, the man gazed up at him, eyes full of lust and some other unrecognizable emotion. Then Eph focused on the stiff cock thrusting out from Ares' uniform pants. A pink tongue slid from between the full lips and licked slowly around the head of Ares' cock. Warm hands cradled and weighed Ares' balls. The tongue lapped slowly at the sensitive spot at the base of the head, then slid all the way down the shaft. The man's tongue savored his length from balls to tip, as if he'd been given a sweet, cold popsicle on a hot summer's day. Those succulent lips nibbled their way up and down the root and then rubbed against the head's wet slit.

The pink lips parted further and a warm, wet mouth engulfed Ares' cock. By Hera's tits, it had been too long. 'Dite might have better technique, but she didn't have Iphicles' lips. He'd waited forever to see those beautiful, swollen lips wrapped around his aching cock.

Looking up to watch Ares' reaction, the man sucked Ares' entire cock into his mouth. His tongue performed a skillful dance around the head. Ares groaned and slid his cock out a little ways. Eph sucked harder. Ares' hands, which had been relearning the texture of the silky hair, fisted to hold his partner's head at the right angle. Ares fucked the man's mouth with barely restrained greed.

Ares wished he could slide in and out of this mouth for days. But there was another place he wanted to be. He pulled his cock out of the man's mouth. Eph had caught a bit of pre-cum on his tongue. While Ares watched, Eph's tongue licked the full lips, leaving them glistening with a tantalizing mixture of saliva and cum.

"Give me more," the mortal whispered.

"I'll give you plenty. Stand up and lose the pants." As the man stood, dry red-brown dust drifted up from his knees in a cloud.

"I've got condoms in my wallet." Eph began to reach for it. With a thought, Ares wiped all worries about safe sex from his mind. He'd waited too long for this. Nothing but skin on skin would do.

Eph fumbled with his belt, then pulled down his trousers to reveal royal blue silk boxers. Ares licked his own greedy lips.

"See something you like?"

"Not bad. But I think I'll see something even better. Pull down the boxers." The mortal obeyed. Trousers and boxers both pooled at his feet, but Ares had eyes only for the man's swollen cock. Same cock, it seemed. Later he'd see whether it smelled and tasted the way he remembered. For now, he tested its texture with callused fingertips. The mortal swayed where he stood, his eyes riveted on the sight of Ares' hand caressing his cock. Cum leaked from the head, and Ares rubbed the liquid into the man's engorged tip.

Ares spread the man's shirt over the still-hot metal of the car's hood. It would provide some protection for his hands and chest. "Turn around. Assume the position. Spread your legs apart a little more."

Eph kicked trousers and boxers off one foot. When his conquest was sprawled out over the hood to his satisfaction, Ares draped himself over the man's body-arms stretched over arms, holding the hands where he wanted them, chest pressed against back, rigid cock nestled in the warm cleft between the cheeks. Ares' lips teased the skin where neck ended and curved spine began. He wanted to trail kisses all the way down that spine. He felt surrounded by the man's remembered scent.

With a thought, Ares' cock was oiled and sliding gently up and down between the well-muscled cheeks. He used his fingers to tease the sensitive opening. He gave one cheek a little slap so the skin would tingle and his partner would be open and relaxed. His hand slid around to the front of Eph's body and found the dripping cock. Ares pumped the organ several times, then slid his own cock deep inside the man's willing body. Yes. Sweet. This was where he wanted to be, inside this heated, welcoming flesh.

The body beneath his arched, and the man moaned his pleasure. "Please.I want this. Please." Eph's hips rocked back and forth, drawing Ares' cock in and out of his body and pumping his own cock into Ares' fist. Ares thrust harder and harder into the bucking body, pressing it into its metal support, and bit down hard on the succulent skin where neck joined shoulder.

Eph moaned his pleasure and came all over Ares' hand and the still-warm metal of the car. Ares milked his partner's cock of its final drops and thrust again and again into the heated, gripping passage. Ares brought his hand to his own lips so he could taste his partner's cum and was overwhelmed with memories of warm summer nights, the scent of ripe olives and bursting grapes, and a king's bed draped in silken fabric. He'd wanted to make this last, but the scent and the taste and the feel were too much. He came with a shout, pumping his seed into his lover. He felt a rush of pure power all the way up his spine.

For a moment, the only sounds were the hum of insects in the hot summer sun and quiet rustles from the trees overhead. Ares rested his chin on Eph's sweaty shoulder and massaged the man's come into the overheated skin of his abdomen and chest. That was one way to forget about the temperature. He'd never allow this man to leave him. At least until he was ready to let him go. His teeth nipped the man's shoulder in a mark of ownership. "See what happens when you break the speed limit."

He pulled his slightly softened cock from the man's body and turned his partner so they were face to face. He bit gently at his partner's lower lip.

Eph was still catching his breath. "It's been a long time since I've done it, or been done, on the hood of a car. Most people go for the back seat."

Ares smiled. "I'm not most guys." He stroked over the chest and flicked at a nipple. "There's a pond not too far away. Let's see how talented you are at washing my feet.and other body parts." He nipped the lower lip again, then soothed the bite with his tongue.

Eph's eyes spoke regret. He leaned forward and placed a kiss at the base of Ares' strong brown throat. "Can't. I really do have to be somewhere. God knows what they'll think of a photographer who shows up with dusty pants and reeking of sweat and semen. The models will be too self-involved to notice, but let's hope the magazine editors have a sense of humor."

Ares' hands tightened on the man's biceps, holding him in place.

"Look. I do have to go. But I don't think the payment I gave you today is nearly enough to make up for my crime." The beautiful lips parted in a grin, displaying strong, white teeth. "I'd like to see what you can do with a pair of handcuffs."

_____ *** _____

When Aphrodite materialized in his office the next day in a shower of rose petals, Ares wasn't at all surprised. She was a born meddler. This time she was wearing some miniscule excuse for a skirt, lace top stockings, and a see-through blouse in the signature pink. When she hopped onto his lap, it became clear that she'd decided panties didn't coordinate with the outfit.

"Sis, did you ever hear about the theory of leaving something to a guy's imagination?"

"Been there, threw out the t-shirt." She wiggled and jiggled a little for emphasis. "So, spill it, bro. How's Iphicles II? Isn't he a sweetums?"

"Guys don't refer to other guys as 'sweetums,' babe. We had a very stimulating encounter."

"Stimulating? Ha! I bet you're already in love."

"Not a chance. I did what you asked me to do, and a great time was had by all. That's it. Whose idea was the motorcycle cop gig anyway?"

Aphrodite leaned forward so her generous breasts rubbed against his chest and her blonde curls tickled his cheek. "Well, that was my idea. But he described his ideal guy to me, and it was you. I can't believe you two aren't, like, attached." For a moment, she stared into his eyes. Then her bud of a mouth drew up into a pout. "He was so hot for you, and you were so hot for Iphicles. And I wanted to do something nice for you because you're always doing favors for me."

Aphrodite removed herself from his lap and crossed the room with what was, for her, admirable restraint in the swaying hips department. Her eyes, when she turned back to him, brimmed with tears. "I was so sure you'd be perfect for each other. I just wanted to do something awesome for my favorite brother."

Damn, damn, damn. If anyone ever found out how good 'Dite was at manipulating him, he'd have to kill them. "Okay. He's got a job as photographer for a fashion layout in Guadalajara. Guess I'll get to practice my Spanish. Ole!"

Aphrodite flew across the room and gave him a big, scented hug. Then she vanished as petals of some tropical flower drifted through the room. Ares smiled wolfishly and reviewed his plans for making sure that his new friend, Eph, returned from Mexico with no telltale tan lines.

The End

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