Author: lucath
Story Title: The Amazon's Breast
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Ephiny, Xena/Gabrielle/Ephiny, amazons & centaurs, (Xena/Lao Ma)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Gabrielle help relieve the lactating Ephiny, while Gabrielle muses about the ritual mating practices of the Amazons and the Centaurs.
This rating is for explicit f/f and m/f sex.

The characters belong to MCA/Universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit f/f sex.

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The Amazon's Breast
by lucath

The freshly oiled naked body of Gabrielle flexed and twirled in the firelight as Xena, similarly anointed, watched, and hummed a traditional tune to accompany her lover's dance. The girl's eyes were closed as she undulated her rippling, muscular body in front of Xena, and she didn't hear Xena silently get to her feet and with one stride of her unbelievably long legs, come to stand behind her, enfolding her in her arms and cupping her full breasts and thrusting nipples in her long slender fingers.

Gabrielle continued to gyrate to Xena's humming and, eyes still closed, rested her flaxen head back on the tall woman's gleaming shoulder, the warm musky scent of the massage oils filling their senses. Mingled with the special herbs and plants they had added to the campfire, Gabrielle began to feel slightly drugged.

Xena hands slid down over the girl's flat belly and began to lightly twirl the soft down of her pubis in her fingers - Gabrielle moaned slightly and bent her knees a little to allow Xena's finger to slip into her slit, already pulsing and slippery, and rub the erect nub of her clitoris. Unable to concentrate on dancing any longer, she turned in Xena's arms and their mouths locked hungrily, their tongues delving deeply, their teeth searching for some soft lip to chew.

Gasping for breath Gabrielle sank to her knees in front of her magnificently naked lover, whose glistening, supple body shone like copper in the soft light, and pushed her face between those wonderful thighs, already soaked with her own sweet, pungent juices, she held the powerful hips close to her head, and probed voraciously with her tongue.

Xena lifted her leg onto Gabby shoulder allowing her to lick her throbbing clitoris and suck the sweet nectar seeping from the burning depths of her body and running into the girl's mouth, washing over her face and neck and dripping onto her heaving breasts.

Xena arched herself back against a tree as she came, her orgasm surging over them both in massive, red hot shock waves and she pulled the girl's head deep between her legs, feeling the white teeth press hard into her dark furry pussy.

Gabrielle lay on the ground between Xena's legs, still vibrating with passion, her own orgasm rising, her thighs slick with her essence, until at last she felt Xena's mouth close over her vulva, the long tongue squashing down on her clitoris and forcing into her vagina - unable to bear it any longer, she came with the force of a huge dam bursting, or of the unassailable Xena of old sweeping across conquered lands.

Suddenly Xena was aware of a sound and springing to her feet she cartwheeled to the edge of the clearing where she discovered Ephiny, who had been watching afraid to move, her eyes wide with the enjoyment of the frantic coupling she had just witnessed, her body shaking with desire.

"Ephiny, I could have killed you, what are you doing here, " Xena laughed.

"It would have been worth it..." she replied, only half joking. "The little one (her centaur baby) sleeps all night now and my breasts are like volcanos ready to erupt, and just as hard!"

Xena understood what Ephiny wanted. As a girl she had fed at the breast of Queen Melosa herself, building her strength to fight, growing taller than most males. The milk of the full breasted Amazon is especially rich for when they mate with Centaurs, the creatures grown very fast, almost able to stand soon after birth. Young Amazons share the breast milk of their lactating sisters until they are full grown, for they know it increases their strength far beyond that of other females, and many males! This is how they get their name.

Gabrielle gradually became aware that Xena was seated on a rock, facing the now naked Ephiny, and feeding tenderly from her heavy, pendulous breasts. Once the milk had started to flow it oozed in a continuous stream not only down her belly and between her legs, but over Xena's chin and throat and around her own breasts; little white rivulets trickling through the hair of her mons Veneris and into her still burning slit. Their hands gently massaged the breasts, dispersing the lumps of collected milk and helping to express it into Xena's mouth.

Gabrielle found herself beside Ephiny stroking the blue-veined marble of the engorged breasts, imagining the feeling of suckling your offspring, the intense sensation of nurturing the tiny fruit of your loins. She'd heard Xena and Ephiny tell of the ritual mating practices of the Amazons and the Centaurs. For years they'd been at war, but since they'd learned to live in harmony together young Centaur were instructed by older Amazons how to mount and copulate with the comparatively frail women. The simplest way was for the woman to lie on a tall pile of hay and the male Centaur would have to spend many hours holding, kissing, caressing the girl, using his hands and mouth on her cunt to ensure that it was fully open, swollen with passion, and enlarged enough to take with ease the fist sized Centaur cock, without hurting his Amazon mate.

Young girls daydreamed of their Centaur mate. They were not permitted to mate until they were nearly thirty years old, because they needed to hone their physical skills without the encumbrances of pregnancy and suckling, and they needed to be fully mature and sexually experienced to delight in tumultuous sexual intercourse with a Centaur. Of course, it was normal for them to take female lovers from a very early age. They made love often with many other girls and women for pleasure, but only with men or Centaurs when their bodies told them they wanted to breed.

Girls played with each other, and summer squash, to educate their bodies and stretch their vaginas during orgasm, until they could comfortably fist each other. By the time they were fully ripened women they couldn't wait to be mounted by their chosen Centaur. The Centaurs themselves were driven to a frenzy, waiting to be chosen by the goddess-like Amazons, and they distracted and prepared themselves by exercising, grooming and learning subtle arts of lovemaking, for the best lovers were not always the most handsome. The most successful Centaurs knew poetry to make a hardened Amazon melt, he knew sexual techniques to drive her to delirium, then tip her over the edge into orgasm with just a final flick of the tongue, long before they'd begun coitus and penetration with his phallus.

Xena's movement brought Gabrielle back to the present with a jolt. She stood and kissed Ephiny, and Gabrielle knew that it was so that Ephiny could enjoy the goodness and flavour of her own milk, so Gabrielle also started to take milk from the gourd-like breasts and transfer it into Ephiny's mouth. She loved Ephiny as her best friend rather than her lover, but this highly erotic process was starting those earthquakes in her pelvis again and she pressed her thighs hard together to squeeze the swollen tissues before they turned inside out entirely.

She found that she was feeding from Ephiny's thick nipples continuously, spell-bound by the sweetness of her body, and intoxicated by the scent of their sweating bodies. Ephiny lay back on the earth and Xena began to relieve her thumping vulva by sucking and licking the oyster-like folds.

Gabrielle without hesitation squatted above Ephiny's face, to allow her to receive Xena's actions in kind, and at last released those feelings which seemed to have risen to an even higher plateau of sensation.

At last Xena took the crescent shape ivory object from close to the fire and slid the warm, ancient, exquisitely carved double-ended dildo between Gabrielle's seductive labia; tenderly she massaged the implement inside her lover; gently she brought her back to climax; eagerly she sat astride the proud twin end projecting from Gabrielle's seething body; with immense relief she felt the warm organic tissue slide inside her.

She came. She straddled her lover's hips and she came again. Ephiny was moved to tears, not by the eroticism of the moment, but by the breathtaking, wordless love and desire communicated between these women, even in the wild throws of sexual gratification.

Weak, for once, Xena rolled onto her back bringing Gabrielle up in her arms to lay between her monumental thighs. Gabrielle, by some primaeval force, began instinctively to pump her lover; leaning down to kiss the dark red nipples; Xena's thighs relaxed further apart; she was coming, and coming, and coming; Gabrielle could contain herself no longer - she flipped her legs outside of Xena's, pressed down HARD on the mutual dildo and brought herself off, yet again, on the smooth, hard, ivory erection protruding from between Xena's magnificent thighs. Lao Ma had taught Xena much about spiritually, but also much about carnality. She taught Xena that, aside from the soul there was the flesh (Xena's flesh she worshipped!) that we occupy every day - that flesh needed nurture, love, consecration, tenderness.

As she fell asleep in Xena's arms, her lips pressed to that sculptured throat, she was aware of the climaxes rippling through Xena's body as Ephiny lightly chewed Xena's labia and sucked her final juices, in gratitude - and reverence.


The End

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