Author: Kristy (Sarsel)
Story Title: Night Thoughts
Characters: Xena & Ares, Xena & m (Corhonus), Meg & m (Corhonus)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Even the Warrior Princess has needs.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex and bdsm.

I don't own any of the characters except Corhonus. Don't sue me, I have no money.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/female sexual relations and bdsm.

This is too funny really. Not the story but this question I asked Lasca while writing it:

"would it still be cool if Xena just took charge, flipped him over and fucked Ares to kingdom come? Because I'm thinking it might be out of character."
Yea, sure. Enjoy the story.

Author's Note. This story takes place after 'Eternal Bonds'. Xena has left baby Eve with her mother in Amphipolis and traveled with Gab to do something important. They are no longer being chased by Gods. They're traveling home now. This story is inspired by watching 'Key to the Kingdom,' 'Eternal Bonds' and reading a very naughty Joxer/Meg/Autolycus story at and time spent at the IHG club. Enjoy.

Dedication: Well it should go to Lasca for all her help but she gets the next one (guess why Las!). This one is going out to Skkye, Something Royal and Eris. The first two for writing great fic I read while writing this and Eris for being a wicked RPGer.

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Night Thoughts
by Kristy

Another evening like many others. A small campfire, a few cooking instruments on the ground, two bed rolls on each side of the fire. Gabrielle was all tucked into her bed roll and fast asleep. She'd rolled onto her stomach and her head was angled uncomfortably. Her mouth was partially open in sleep and she was probably drooling all over her simple pillow. To top it off, she was punctuating the silent night with some particularly hideous, nasal snoring. Xena, lying comfortably on her back on the other side of the fire, toyed with thoughts of using her own pillow to smother her friend. It wouldn't take long. 40 seconds to a minute of holding the pillow over her face before she was gone. No more snoring. Oh hell. She couldn't do it even if she really wanted to. The bitch would probably manage to get drool on Xena's pillow while she struggled.

Xena smiled quietly. No real need to tell Gabby what she thought of at night alone. She doubted the blond would find it as amusing as it was intended to be. Oh well. It was sad really. Recently there had been a few things that Xena couldn't tell Gabrielle. Maybe she would eventually, but now was certainly not the time. For instance, she couldn't have awakened this morning and said "Gee Gab, know what I did last night? Well it all started out innocently enough with me lying in bed thinking up clever epithets to use when I tell Ares to show himself. You weren't there but you might have heard me, back when Eve was born. Ares showed up in the cave where Joxer was hurt and I said 'I smell a rat....come out rat'. I was kinda proud about that one.

Anyway, to prove that any biting remark is good, you have to judge by the reaction you get. So I can easily justify thinking about Ares' reactions okay! But pretty soon I was saying some pretty elicit things that were getting some pretty passionate and responses. Now I know what you're going to say 'Xena...oh how could you?!' but you know Gab, those thoughts aren't really that bad, but ohhhhh *EG here* let me tell you, they sure got bad in a hurry after that. And pretty soon I had one don't really want to hear this do you?"

Nope. Sharing certain stories with Gabrielle was not a good idea.

Xena closed her eyes, smiling again at her thoughts and allowed herself to get back to some rather creative dreams.

The next morning the heroic duo cleaned up their camp, mounted their horses and continued their trek home. They enjoyed a general conversation on common topics. Xena tried to hide a smile behind pursed lips when she thought of the things she might tell Gabrielle to liven up the conversation. By late afternoon they'd arrived at a very familiar village. They knew it well because it was the location of Meg's Tavern. The woman who was often mistaken for Xena was an incredibly kind person and a welcoming host. Unfortunately Xena and Gabrielle usually didn't spend the night in the rooms above Meg's tavern. Although Meg insisted they could use those rooms, Xena didn't want to interfere with Meg's primary source of income by taking up a bed. Another minor concern was the remarkable resemblance between Meg and Xena making it less than prudent for them to sleep under the same roof. Mistakes do happen after all, and even though Xena could easily make any intruder who thought she was Meg see the error in his ways, there was the possibility of an assassin or abductor thinking Meg was her. It wasn't worth the risk.

But they were always willing to join Meg for a drink and a meal in the downstairs portion of her tavern. When they walked in that evening the place was totally alive. The majority of the tables were filled. Every seat at the bar had a man sitting in it, trying to flirt with the red headed, bar tending twins. Several other girls were scattered about the room chatting to customers and one older girl was up on a small stage singing a lusty song. Xena's sharp eyes soon spotted Meg sitting with a middle aged man at a back table. She didn't look that occupied so Xena went over to interrupt. When Meg saw Xena coming towards her, she jumped up and let out some kind of feminine shriek of joy before throwing her arms around Xena. The man she'd been sitting with turned to look and his face took on a look of mixed awe and joy. "Hey Meg, you and her gonna be bartending together? Cause if you are, I'd like t..." Meg casually threw her foot back and tipped the man's chair, cutting off his lewd proposition as he was falling backward onto the floor and landing with a crash.

Meg released Xena from her crushing hug and put an arm around both Xena and Gabby's waist's, leading them to a table. Xena and Gabrielle sat down and laughed fondly as Meg stomped her food on the wood floor and hollered, "Bessy get off the man's lap and get us some ale," before sitting down. Meg absently stuck a hand in her nest of hair to scratch something while she looked at her two traveling friends with a huge smile on her face.

The ale quickly arrived as the three women began talking. Xena inquired how business was going. "Oh, just great," replied Meg. "And I gotta thank you, Xena. Every time you do something really special or big, I get this big flood of business that lasts for a couple of weeks. I guess they like the way we look or something." Meg rubbed her wrist across her nose. "And the money is really great and all, but it can be a little exhausting.

Gabrielle almost spit out all her ale at Meg's remark. Xena only smiled at her identical friend. "Glad I could help out Meg. I knew my fighting skills were helping people out but I never guessed my outfit did too." Xena took a hearty swig of her ale.

Meg went into a small fit of choking laughter and spilled some of her ale in the process. Her laughter died away after a few seconds and she rested her arms and ale against the table, leaning forward to say something. "Actually, I gotta ask you a favor about that, Xena. Do you happen to have an extra piece of armor or something I can have? The last know the one I wore when I pretended I was you to get the baby? Well anyway, it kinda got ripped, like, to pieces, and it's a pretty big money maker ya know, so I was hopin...."

Gabrielle almost spewed ale again. "Meg, how did you manage to 'rip' armor like that? It's armor for Zeus' sake," asked Gabby incredulously. Xena couldn't help a grin and turned away so Gabrielle couldn't see it. She had a feeling that Gabby wasn't quite ready for what she was going to hear.

Meg's face lit up with a big smile, enjoying telling a story almost as much as Gabrielle did, although they were quite different genres. "Well, this was about a month ago or somethin,' and this guy comes in. Big warrior guy with hulken arms and real pretty eyes. Anyway, he sees me and before I get to say 'polish yer knob' he drops a couple handfuls of dinars on the counter and drags me upstairs. Well I find out later that he's some big war guy who you busted up down in Thrace or something around that time and I guess you left a bit of an impression." Meg's voice hushed down on the last part of her sentence. "So he gets me to my room and we fall down on the bed. Well, I kinda sensed why he was there so I broke off and told him I'd be right back. I got all decked out in the costume and brushed the hair and went back in. Well the sight must have almost blown his top because he grabbed me and pretty soon I was on my back trying to get the right pitch of that yiyihi cry thing you do. So I mentioned his hulky arms, right? Well he had a pretty good grip of me there and after a while the things just kinda flew apart."

Meg made a wide arm gesture to get the image across. Gab almost vomited from the image, nearly losing what little ale she'd managed to swallow. "And I didn't really care right then 'cause the guy was very well 'endowed with weaponry' if you catch my drift. But was sure as Tartarus upset later." Meg smiled proudly at having completed her story.

Gabrielle just sat there in a state of shock before she progressed to some kind of fit, keeping her from breathing when Xena said, "Shouldn't be a problem, Meg. I've gotten a bit hippy and haven't been wearing the leather for a couple months. The furs are a bit warmer. I'll let you have the armour in exchange for the drinks and dinner."

Meg smiled and her and Xena shook hands over the deal. Xena let out a sigh of relief. She didn't want to go around announcing that the reason she was "a little hippy" was because she'd just had a baby. Xena adored her sensitive friend and wasn't going to go causing unnecessary pain.


Corhonus had already begun to move his army and he wasn't pleased about it. Once he'd been and up and coming player in the society of warlords. He'd been building a solid reputation for ruthlessness and for victory - but most importantly, survival. As he went about forging his name, he, like so many aspiring warriors, pledged his sword to Ares. Corhonus cursed that day now, even though at the time it had been the greatest moment of his life.

At first it had made no real impact on his life. His small group of soldiers fought hard knowing they were fighting for the glory of Ares, but that was it. Until one campaign where he had laid siege to a small castle. He had suffered crushing defeats but had returned to the scene and eventually left the tiny kingdom in ruins.

It was a small yet miraculous victory to the God of War, and the indifferent god began to pay more attention to Corhonus. Although a mighty warrior and competent commander, the mortal lacked the passion that made for great generals. He would not become Ares' favourite and conquer the world like he hoped. Instead Ares used his fabulous resiliency for his own purposes. Corhonus' army was increased and Ares led him to moderate victories; each time increasing the warlord's knowledge and testing his abilities. Henceforth, when a certain situation called for tenacity and courage in the face of certain defeat, Ares called on Corhonus.

And no mission had brought about such constant defeat as Corhonus had bared than this one. A slightly aged man now, although very physically fit, Corhonus had spent the last eight years of his life chasing the Warrior Princess for Ares. Usually nothing too confrontational. If there were skirmishes near Amphipolis, it was his job to take care of them for Ares. If the god was feeling hostile to the Princess, it was Corhonus's men who were sent to attack. On two rare occasions he had led massive campaigns to capture Xena or disrupt her plans and each time he had been sure to protect his identity. Ares didn't want Xena knowing about him, because an unknown spy is far more useful then a known one. He had to admit, the God of War had made a very good choice in choosing him to pursue this hopeless task. Any man with self-respect would have given up long ago. But it took a brave and crazy man to say no to Ares and Corhonus wasn't quite off his rocker yet. Maybe if he'd shown a bit more recklessness earlier in his life he wouldn't be his God's private dating service now. Corhonus growled under his breath at his wasted life and continued on his current mission.

No, he wasn't off in direct pursuit of Xena. He had to do something to recover from each crushing defeat and this time it was a small mining community that had a wonderful tendency to dig up diamonds. A quick victory and a supply of diamonds would replenish his stocks so he'd be ready when Ares' next whim hit him.

Fortunately, his choice victim was very close to a favourite stop of his. Seeing as his career was ruined, thanks in part to the Warrior Princess, whom he'd spent the last eight years tracking, Corhonus was very familiar with watching the Princess from afar. Such constant thoughts mixed with resentment, and the tight leather uniform she wore, had led Corhonus to develop some rather perverse fantasies dealing with Xena. Occasionally violent but primarily dominant and pornographic in nature. The thought of the proud and powerful woman writhing beneath him in pleasure was enough to restore much of his lost manhood. Making a woman beg for his cock held a lot of appeal, especially a woman whom his God couldn't even obtain. It was one of the few pleasures Corhonus ever got out of life these days and the whore in the tavern knew how to bring it to its peak.

Soon enough the moderately sized army was camped outside of Ricona, the mining village. Corhonus had slated the attack to begin in two days while they made final preparations. Villages like this were becoming old hat to the army and Corhonus left his Lieutenants to make the plans. He had a swift three hour ride before he reached the tavern.

Xena had just left the tavern to go take Argo and Gabrielle's horse to the stables, leaving Meg and Gabby to chat. The conversation was almost nonexistent before they found something to talk about. Gabrielle told Meg what her and Xena had been up to, going into quite a bit of detail on how they had escaped from the Gods. Thankfully she didn't explain why they were being chased and Meg accepted that they'd just fouled up another evil plot. That was Xena and Gab, saving the world. Her idols.

It was about this time when that horny warlord entered the tavern and pushed his way up to the bar, commanding the bartender's attention. Meg spotted him immediately and ran her fingers through her hair. Lois, one of the bartenders pointed to Meg and the man turned around and walked towards them. Gabrielle kept her head down and didn't look at the man hovering behind her looking at Meg. If it really was someone who had dealt with her and Xena before, Gabrielle certainly didn't want to see him licking his lips over Meg.

Meg gave a little 'see ya later' wink to Gabby before rising and leading the man upstairs. Normally Meg wasn't that obliging to a man's time schedule, but if he had an army to care for then she guessed he was in a hurry. And the colour of his dinars were excellent.


Xena took a quick stroll around the village and picked up a few supplies from a vendor before heading back to the tavern to collect Gabrielle. As she left the vicinity of the vendor, a ragged boy came racing through the streets, knocking things over and pushing people out of his way. As accidents happen, the speedy boy collided right with Xena and the force of his harried pace almost knocked Xena off her feet. She righted herself and put a very hard clench on the boy's shoulder so that he couldn't run off on her - and to thoroughly impress on him that he'd crashed into the wrong person.

The boy was very much out of breath and terrified of Xena's angry gaze, and whatever he was running from. Xena relaxed the pressure of her hand and removed the murderous glare from her eye. The boy obviously hadn't meant to hit people. He was just running from panic. Xena tried to assure him he was safe and asked him why he was running.

"Th.....The warlord Corhonus is going to raid our village ma'am. Everyone is terrified and we have no defence." The boy stopped talking, gasping for air. He'd been sent to find anyone to help fight or evacuate the village.

Xena extracted any information she could get out of the boy and hurried back to Meg's tavern. She had to formulate a plan to stop the attack. Even though the warlord would probably just go for the diamonds, you never knew, and she had never heard of a Corhonus before. She needed to save the villager's lives and their livelihood. She hadn't realized it before but a warlord's attack not only ruined the people, it destroyed their economy and more people died of starvation and poverty in the following years than during the actual battle. She had to stop the army before it marched in two days.

Xena stormed into Meg's and headed straight to the table where she'd left Gabrielle and Meg. Only now Gabby was alone looking peculiarly disturbed. Xena came up to her. Gabby heard her and turned her head, rolling her eyes at Xena's unspoken questions.

"She had a I think it was the warlord guy she mentioned."

Xena stopped to think for a second. It wouldn't be too much of a coincidence could it? How many warlords could there really be in one region. According to Meg, it was someone she'd dealt with before in, where did she say? Thrace? Xena didn't recall anything of any importance happening near Thrace in the last few months, although they had passed through the area. And the name Corhonus didn't sound familiar at all. Xena wanted to get a look at this guy and figure out whether she knew him or not.

She took a seat at the table that offered her a good view of the stairs, but concealed her enough in the corner that she wouldn't be noticed in a casual sweep of the place. She took the last of Meg's ale that wasn't finished and sipped at it while staring at the stairs. "How long ago did they go up, Gabrielle?" she asked.

Gabrielle thought about it and said, "I guess about 20 minutes ago. They should be down soon, right?" Gabrielle was impatient and uncomfortable and a bit outraged when she thought she saw Xena smirk.

Xena had tried really hard to hide the facial twitch that Gabby's words brought. Gab was a wonderful traveling companion, brilliant conversationalist and her best friend, but they certainly had different opinions and experiences of dealing with men. Xena was fairly certain that Meg wouldn't be down for at least another hour. Xena didn't mind waiting but knew that Gabrielle was getting antsy, so Xena explained the full situation to her and commented that it might be helpful to evacuate or support the terrified villagers. Gabrielle was off for the village like a shot, just like Xena knew she would be. Xena relaxed in her chair and ordered another mug of ale, content to let Meg and whatever his name was to finish in their own good time.

Eventually a man wearing armor came down the stairs, followed a few minutes later by Meg. Xena knew it was the man she was looking for and knew he looked familiar, but it took her a few moments to place him. Where she'd seen him was nowhere near Thrace. He'd been leader of a small army they'd passed about three years ago. They hadn't been attacking anything specifically and were just in transport so Xena hadn't really cared about them. She had however spied on the camp for a few hours to learn their plans. She knew he was a follower of Ares, like most fighters, but little beyond that. His army wasn't overly large, and was in fact quite modest. Why this man would have a specific thing for her, she didn't know.

When Meg came back down with tosseled hair and wide eyes she sat back down with Xena. Xena hid back a smile. She understood and really liked Meg. Where Gabrielle had serious morality issues dealing with their friend's prostitution, Xena accepted it as her friend's life and in that respect, had more in common with Meg than she did with Gabrielle.

When Meg was seated, Xena got serious and began asking Meg questions about the man she'd just been with. The few words that he had spoken to Meg revealed very little. He seemed to have been involved with her actions at times when she'd never known of him. This was deeply troubling for Xena and she very much wanted to discover the meaning behind it. She needed to get this man alone for an interrogation. Xena had ways of making people confess everything and she needed information. The bonus was that, without a leader, the small army would probably forget about attacking the village and disperse.

Xena considered leaving right now and attacking the warlord before he reached his army. But it was quite a distance between the two villages, and with night fast approaching, she felt that Corhonus would have hurried back to his camp. Even Argo couldn't catch a horse galloping full out with that kind of head start. She also had two days before the scheduled attack, giving her plenty of time for a more planned interruption.

Xena excused herself from the tavern, promising Meg that they'd join her for dinner in another hour. Xena decided not to return to the woods for the night with an army near by and booked two rooms at an Inn on the other side of the village. With Gabby taking care at everything at the other village, Xena decided that a hot bath would be an excellent way to kill the next hour and ordered one brought up to her room.

Xena was soaking in the large tub when Gabby opened the door. From first impressions, Xena would have said that the work hadn't been overly fun. Gabrielle was dirty, messy and looked extremely tired. She almost managed to glare at Xena as she walked in. Xena smiled and got out of the tub. The water was still warm and Gabrielle gratefully and wordlessly stripped down and sank into the water. It took Gabrielle about ten minutes of silent soaking before she could complain to Xena about the village. It was a horrible pit with a few boxes of low quality diamonds sitting in the caves. Gab had spent the last two hours dragging said boxes out of the mines and up on to carts so they could be shipped away before the army attacked. Then, on her way back she'd encountered a small group of the army. They'd given her a hard time and she'd had to fight all five of them before coming back. It was hard work and Gabrielle was exhausted.

Xena sat on her bed, wearing her leather shift and brushing her hair as she listened to Gabrielle. "Well, do you feel like having dinner with Meg over at the tavern? You know she has a really good cook in the back. Might make you feel better." But Gabrielle was almost asleep in the tub so Xena finished dressing. She also took her old armor to give to Meg. Xena could have another like it made soon. Just right now it wasn't very practical for feeding Eve while they were traveling.

Xena walked over to the tavern, thinking of the best time to ambush the warlord the next morning. Assuming that he'd come back to visit Meg, which he said he would, it was just a matter of timing between here and there. It would be easy enough since he was alone and Xena was almost disappointed that there wouldn't be a challenge.

Xena entered the tavern which was being dominated by approximately twenty very large and heavily armoured men. Some were drinking ale and others were starting conversations with the pretty girls. Xena spotted Meg coming out of the back. Apparently the men had just arrived. Xena motioned to Meg but Meg's attention was centered on the same man who'd already been there once that day and who was now heading upstairs to wait for Meg.

And then Xena realized the predicament. He was visiting again that night and probably wouldn't return until after the attack. Xena didn't really like the risk of taking a man on in his own army camp, and an ambush of twenty armed men ready for battle would be a bloody and useless fight. The recent knowledge that this man had been doing something regarding her, made Xena especially curious and she didn't want to wait for answers any more. She needed to attack Corhonus alone when he wasn't expecting anything.

Xena interrupted Meg who was willing to accept Xena's plan. They went into the back room and Xena got dressed. The armor fit well after all that time and it felt good to be wearing her favourite materials again. The plan would be simple. Xena would go into the bedroom, pretending to be Meg. She'd wait a bit until Corhonus was vulnerable and then reveal her identity and forcefully demand answers before anything went too far. Xena left her sword and chakram downstairs and debated where she could hide her other weapons. Meg was thoughtful enough to tell her about the dagger that was kept under the bed, against the headboard that could easily reached with one hand in almost any situation, or any position for that matter. Xena decided to forget the other weapons and rely on that dagger instead. Even if the dagger wasn't there, Xena doubted she'd need any weapon beyond herself.

She entered the room and gave the man standing there her best "Meg" smile. He somewhat smiled in return and reached for her. He didn't talk at all but was deeply appreciative of Meg's new wardrobe. His hands began roaming over the leather. Xena smiled to herself. This was going to work fine. She just wanted him to be a bit more vulnerable and distracted. She'd let it continue for a few brief moments and then give him a glimpse of the awful truth. Xena almost sighed contentedly, in part because of the hands on her body, but mostly in pleasant expectation at the horrified look on the man's face when she broke the news to him. It wasn't a kill, but it was a hearty blow that Xena could still revel in.

When the hands reached her back and began undoing the leather, Xena wanted to freeze but maintained a relaxed body position. It was alright, she could still do what she had to do naked. She certainly had no moral dilemma about keeping her clothing on and she was definitely unashamed of her body. She'd just thought that she'd still have it on when she reached for the dagger under the bed. Meg had said she kept the costume on for almost the entire event the other time. Xena gave a sexy and inviting smile and assisted Corhonus in removing all her clothes. He growled in appreciation and commenced with some serious foreplay and fondling.

Corhonus pushed her insistently down on the bed. All his attention was focused on her body, for which Xena was glad. She hadn't intended for things to go this far originally, but she just couldn't quite bring herself to stop him. The dagger was under the bed when she needed it but right now the man's hands were squeezing and bruising some of the right places and Xena was very hesitant to end it. These opportunities didn't come around all the time. The man never needed to know it was her. He thought she was Meg, and although the plan was for her to reveal her identity...Xena was sure there would be another time and place for her to stop his attack.

But as for his current attack, Meg was right about his strong arms. The muscles were rippling as he kneaded her bare breasts. He squeezed and pinched and dragged his heavy thumbs over her hard nipples. Xena couldn't hold back a loud moan of pleasure as he manipulated her heavy tits. Corhonus leaned down over her and pushed his hot mouth over hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth for a hard and feral kiss.

Xena let go of some of her self control. She'd decided that there was absolutely no reason to stop the pleasure that the man was bringing her. Admittedly, he was nothing extra special, but it had been years since she'd allowed any man near her. Part of turning off her dark side of murder was the ceasing of casual sexual flings which she'd enjoyed all her young adult life. Now she was given the opportunity to enjoy another meaningless sexual encounter without the implications. The man thought she was Meg and Xena's reputation wouldn't be damaged.

With her decision made, Xena began getting really involved. Propping her body up, she grabbed the man's shirt and brazenly pulled it apart, revealing a hairy and muscular torso. As Corhonus' hands continued to squeeze and fondle her body, Xena ran her hands along his upper arms, chest and stomach, occasionally digging in her nails and leaving long, red scratches. Corhonus, pleased by Meg's unexpected aggressiveness, took extra effort to please her. Before he'd made her cum with his gripping hands and plunging strokes but if she wanted more, then he'd do it to hear her warrior scream. He shifted his weight off her upper thighs and moved his mouth to her quivering breasts. Taking one rocky nipple in his mouth and purposely ignoring the other, he began to suck and lick it. Xena's hips bucked when she first felt he wet mouth touch her and she wrapped her strong legs tight around his hips, locking her ankles together. Corhonus got the message and bit down on the throbbing nipple, giving it a final suckle before moving to the other one.

Xena was panting hard and ground her wet mound against the bulge in his pants that she was tightly pressing against, telling the man exactly what she wanted and exactly what he could have. Not an overly stupid man, Corhonus nipped the second nipple before rising off the horribly aroused tramp beneath him. The legs that had been squeezing him hard released so that he could undo his pants. He quickly removed his belt and lowered his pants, letting his hard cock rise to new heights. But before he entered her hot warrior sheath, he tested the waters with two of his fingers.

Xena's hips rose straight off the bed as he fingered her moist depths and she almost cried out as his thumb rubbed against her throbbing clit. She was very ready for the good hard fucking he would give her and gave him a dangerous smile.

Corhonus pulled his hand away and gripped her hips. He had to enter her now. No more playing. His cock grew even harder at the smile he'd received. The look was pure Xena violence and was exactly what he'd wanted from her. He'd have to give Meg a few extra dinars for such a brilliant impersonation.

He was about to spear her on his cock when a flash of blue light appeared next to the bed and he was hit by a small bolt of lightening. The blast effectively threw him off the bed, to the ground. When he opened his eyes, they widened further in terror as his lord Ares stood before him. Corhonus quickly tried to pull up his pants and cover himself, thinking that his God hadn't enjoyed the thought of him fantasizing over his girlfriend. He didn't dare glance at Meg who'd remained quite still on the bed, watching their actions before her.

"I told you to follow her, you imbecile, not fuck her!" bellowed Ares.

Corhonus' eyes bugged out and he managed to choke out, "'s just...a whore...Meg?" and gestured to the naked woman on the bed whom he'd been enjoying. But his terror of Ares brought a sinking feeling to his stomach and a flow of blood to certain extremities over the thought that maybe she wasn't who he thought.

At this Xena pulled out a sheet and covered herself, as the man was so blatantly staring at her. She also chose that moment to address Ares.

"Follow? You've had him FOLLOWING me? And let me guess. Not just following but interfering and harassing and keeping his identity secret so I couldn't trace it back to you, you smug asshole!" Xena was working herself up to a fury at Ares and had gotten off the bed to yell at him, sheet clutched tightly behind her back.

The tirade clarified everything to Corhonus. HE'D been fucking THE Warrior Princess. He'd actually done it. And he'd fouled up Ares' charade and his career was even more over. But the overwhelming thought screaming through his mind was that the great Warrior Princess was wrapped in a sheet, covered in his sweat, in front of him. The fury burning in her eyes at Ares now pushing him over the top and he felt it, unbelievable but true, as his hips jerked and his mouth opened in shock, terror and incredible pleasure. He shot his load of cum in his pants. The great tension that he'd built up playing with "Meg", and had been cut short by Ares' appearance, was now let loose. And as humiliating as the moment was, it was possibly the greatest of his life.

Ares was disgusted at his pathetic follower and smirked. It really was horrible, and the man should first be put out of his misery, lying on the floor ejaculating, and second, killed for the horrible fault of touching his Princess. Both goals could be easily met. Ares gathered a larger firebolt in his hand and prepared to launch it at Corhonus. He made sure Xena knew what was coming and she didn't cry out to stop it. With that he released the ball of energy and Corhonus died happy on the floor.

Xena was definitely uncomfortable. She'd managed to take a simple interrogation and turn it into a horribly embarrassing situation involving the God of War, and had also cost a man his life. Now she was standing in a room that smelled distinctly of sex, wrapped in a bed sheet, alone with Ares. It wasn't where she wanted to be and took immediate steps to rectify it. She bent down and picked up her discarded armour with her free hand and with a glance at Ares, moved behind a screen Meg had set up in a corner.

Ares glared at her silhouette behind the screen. How dare she screw, or try to screw his follower and the just glide away from him. Ares was still extremely angry and not dealing with the whole situation well. He was also feeling violent and stormed across the room, picking up the fragile screen and throwing it across the room. Xena had just managed to get her shift half on and her breasts were very bare as she glared at him. She quickly moved to pull the straps up but Ares stayed her hands. Xena immediately went to push him off but Ares held her with his godly strength. Xena was rapidly becoming furious.

"Take your farking hands off me," she demanded. Ares was just as furious and his eyes bore right into hers.

"Really Xena, I knew that you'd been celibate for awhile, but I never took you for that desperate." Ares's hands, while still maintaining a confining grip, grazed down her arms and his thumbs rubbed against her breasts. Xena shivered at his tone of voice, his quiet sarcasm telling her exactly how mad he was, and his bruising hands displaying his intentions.

Xena struggled to push him off again before he went any further. He still held her tight.

"Really, that pathetic excuse for a warrior managed to get you that aroused. I can't believe you ever let him touch you. You really must be slipping." Ares paused for a second, staring at her breasts, heaving in...anger? Ares kept on with his taunting. "You must be glad I killed him for you. After he knew who you were, he'd have told everyone, you know? Everyone would have known that the Mighty Warrior Princess was just a horny tramp in a tavern." Xena's leg flew up to injure him at that comment but Ares quickly picked her up by her arms and threw her across the room, watching as she landed against the opposing wall with a sick thud and a moan of pain. Ares was above her immediately and he dragged her up off the floor before shoving her down on the bed.

Xena's upper body was on the bed and she looked up at Ares, wishing she could claw his face until his god blood flew over her hands. Her legs were hanging over the edge of the bed and Ares moved between them, prying them open with his knees. He reached down, grasping the bottom of her leather shift and made it melt right away into nothingness. He smiled for the first time at her naked body beneath him and looked up at her face, knowing exactly how much hatred he'd see there. He reveled in it and leaned over her body, pinning her arms with his above her head.

"Maybe if you're that desperate you won't say no to me again. I'll admit, I've wanted a bit of revenge for the cock tease you pulled back at Amphipolis. All this using your body as a weapon again, Xena? Thought that was all behind you. But I guess you're still as cold blooded as you were back then as a warlord, huh Xena? Cold blooded, but definitely still hot. And with Corhonus having warmed you up already, you should be thanking me for coming down to offer some relief." Ares sneered at her, saying anything hurtful he could think of to punish her or make her angry.

Xena sneered right back up at him. "Wouldn't have needed you at all if youdda been a minute late. Corhonus could have finished his own work then." A ball of fire formed in Ares' eyes at how close they'd come to joining before he'd interrupted. He swooped down to claim her lips in a brutal kiss, impressing his dominance over her; His Warrior Princess. Xena tried rejecting the kiss but both his hands and his face were keeping her down. She couldn't close her mouth and she made a futile attempt to bite him but his weight bore down on her and she tried concentrating her struggle to her legs. She flexed her powerful thigh muscles to release them from the stretched and revealing position he held them in. He gave only slightly and Xena's attempts to kick him off her were failing. Soon she found her struggling was becoming automatic as her attention kept being riveted back to their mouths. His kisses and effective control of her body left her unable to resist to any great degree. His kisses were violent and possessing, and without intending to, Xena felt her mouth respond. Her lips met his hungrily and her tongue collided with his with spectacular violence.

Ares' hands released her wrists and he readjusted his weight right on to her body. His powerful arms wrapped under hers and around her back as he crushed her onto the bed. Without thinking, as she was quickly moving beyond thought, Xena moved her bruised arms up to his face and ran her fingers through his locks before pulling his head down forcibly on hers.

Ares was consumed by his passionate fury, which was rapidly becoming more about passion, but knew enough to tell that she wanted him and was involved more in kissing him than in escaping him. With that thought he released her thighs which were soon wrapped around his lower back, accepting his body weight resting against her pelvis. Ares felt his body fall between her open thighs and against her soft, naked flesh. He brought his knees up on to the bed and pushed them both away from the bed's edge.

Ares' kept his heavy weight on her and removed his hands from her back, running them up and down the sides of her body, scraping the exposed sides of each flattened breast. He really wanted to rise and begin licking and biting those breasts but was reluctant to stop their kisses, knowing she was very vulnerable to his insistent mouth and not wanting to lose her cooperation. This would not be another Amphipolis.

But soon he felt her squirm beneath him again, in pleasure this time. Her hips were arched off the bed, using her powerful muscles to lift not only her lower body weight, but his, her gyrations actively communicating her desire for him. Ares released her bruised lips and watched as she ran her tongue over them as she gasped for breath. Her hands were holding on to his arms firmly and Ares smiled at the wonderful sight. One of his hands left her upper body and began stroking her moist folds, making her moan, which brought a vicious smile to his face. He abruptly pulled his hand away and balanced himself on his other arm above her body. He rose off her completely and looked down at her as she glared at him, questioning why he stopped and scared that she knew the answer.

"Not planning on throwing me out now, I hope? No baby, no war, no mommy outside to save you now, Xena. Just me now. What do you want me to do, Xena?" he asked in a dangerous whisper.

Xena looked up at him with passion-glazed eyes. She hated him so much at that moment, and her own traitorous body. This was supposed to be her bargaining chip, an option he'd given her when they were first being chased and that she was now carelessly throwing away. 'Throwing it away my ass,' she thought. Ares wasn't accepting, he was taking. She'd had no way out since he first looked at her lying on the bed. Tartarus! She'd known this moment was inescapable since their discussion up in the tree. But just because it was unavoidable, didn't mean that she was going to admit to a delicious sense of foreboding every time she saw him. And it certainly didn't mean that she would ever tell him that she wanted him with her for any reason beyond the purely physical.

Xena looked straight up in his eyes, her own filled with passion but clear now. She wasn't about to take anymore of his dominating shit with a smile tonight. She reached up and clasped her hand to the back of his head and pulled him down so her lips were against his ear. With the silkiest and most sensual voice she had reserved for Ares, she said, "I don't want YOU to do anything. Just lie there," before throwing his body weight straight up and around before sitting on his muscular chest. And in that fluid motion, Xena also reached toward the headboard and pulled out a rather nasty looking blade and pressed it against Ares' throat. And before he could dismiss her threat as idle, she resumed her lusty purr. "Now, we don't actually know how the Twilight's affecting that supposedly immortal body of yours, but you've pissed me off just enough that I'm willing to experiment."

Ares immediately went still, now lying in a position very similar to the one he held Xena in moments before. He kept his arms well above his head to avoid the dagger and watched her every move, scared once again at the Twilight's unknown possibilities. Xena kept the blade steady at his neck and reached behind her with the other. He couldn't see what she was doing but soon enough he could feel it. Her experienced hand deftly undid his leather pants and his godhood brazenly reached for Mt Olympus. With that done, Xena bent low to maintain the dagger's position, while stretching her lower body back to sit on his freed cock. As Xena slid her weight down over him slowly and rose off again in the same way, she kept her eyes on Ares' face who was looking right back at her, a little bit terrified and unsure, a little bit angry but ready to give her the fucking of her life.

With that Xena pulled the dagger away and threw it to the floor. Ares rose off the bed to a sitting position and grabbed her head once more for a brutal kiss. Xena slid her body up and down his stiff member and Ares' hands immediately found her buttocks and lifted her and arched into her to compliment the rhythm she'd set. Xena kept herself impaled on Ares as she straddled his waist. She released his mouth and arched her back, turning her face to the sky as she moaned and gasped. Xena then grasped his head in both her hands and brought it to her face for a kiss that didn't end. They're tongues plunged in and out just like the rest of their bodies. Soon Ares' grip on her ass tightened as he began taking control of their strokes. Each one went deeper and longer as they both felt themselves near the peak. Their mouths separated slightly in their passion and Ares bit down on her lower lip as he exploded in his Princess. Xena welcomed the sensation of pain as she felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over her, and they both collapsed onto each other when it subsided.

When their breaths returned to normal, Ares thanked the cosmos that eluded even the Gods for the creation of this perfect woman whom he loved and almost understood in her likeness to himself. He carefully reached up to stroke her hair, damp in places from the perspiration. But as soon as his hand touched her in loving gesture she shoved it off and lifted herself from the bed. Before he could reply with answers or questions, she was gone out the door.

Xena crossed the street without acknowledging anyone. Meg's own questions ignored as she pounded down the stairs and out the door. Xena calmed her racing heart and loud tread as she approached the room she was sharing with Gabrielle. Xena quietly opened the door and made her way to the second bed in the room. She quickly crawled under the blanket and rested her head on the pillow.

Then a groggy voice emanated from the other bed. "Xena?" Xena took a calming breath and tried to keep a steady voice for her reply. "Yea, Gabrielle?"

"Did you deal with him?" a still somewhat sleepy and blissfully unaware Gabrielle asked.

"Yea, Gabrielle, I dealt with him," replied Xena, thankful that the room was dark.

No, there were definitely some things that she couldn't tell Gabrielle.


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