Author: lucath
Story Title: Mortals Beloved
Characters: Xena & Marcus, Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Gabrielle & Marcus
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A short PWP set during 'Mortal Beloved.'
This rating is for explicit m/f, f/f, and m/f/f sex.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

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Mortals Beloved
by lucath

As Xena declared her love for Marcus their mouths locked in ravenous kisses.

A few feet away Gabrielle stopped pretending to snore and held her breath listening to the sound of their gasping breaths and the crashing of leather wrenched from their sweating bodies. As Xena fell back on the ground enfolding Marcus in her long powerful limbs, Marcus thrust inside her welcoming body. Gabrielle felt her heart rise in her throat with excitement.

She and Xena had been lovers for several years but Xena had made no secret of her old passion for Marcus. He had been brought back to life for 48 hours and Gabrielle was happy for them both that once more they could love each other again.

Xena had left Gabrielle in no doubt at all that she had all her love these days, body and soul, and had proved it many times - day after day. Gabrielle knew that her unwavering devotion and desire was, now, equally reciprocated.

In the firelight, through half open eyes Gabrielle saw the huge black, godlike, muscular back and legs thundering into Xena, her pale but lightly tanned thighs enveloping his glistening buttocks, her arms enfolding his head and her own thrown back in ecstasy. She was struggling not to scream with pleasure and her gleaming white teeth were bared, her sky blue eyes were closed as she floated on wave after wave of delight. She had forgotten what sex with a man was like now that her delirious couplings with Gabrielle fulfilled her in every possible way.

Gabrielle experienced Xena's animal lust at first hand, night after night, but a completely new sensation overcame her as she watched the thrashing couple in the midst of orgasm.

Slowly she crept closer, then brushed the dark, damp hair from Xena's noble brow and kissed her. Xena's mouth tasted of Marcus as she drew on her tongue and the smell of sweat and sex radiating from their bodies was intoxicating.

Xena smiled softly without opening her eyes and pulled Gabrielle closer to her. In her mind's eye she could see the familiar image of the firelight flickering on the fine golden down which covered the smooth curves and hollows of Gabrielle's perfect body. The girl's lips travelled down over Xena's glorious throat and shoulders as she slipped out of her own brief top, and chewed gently at Xena's hard erect nipples. Xena's body was firm and smooth, hot and sweating, as Gabrielle's fingers found the swollen, hot, wet, furlined honey pot.

Gabrielle was now completely naked and Xena let out a huge sigh of satisfaction as she felt the small, strong fingers tease her clitoris and g spot still pulsing from Marcus' massive organ.

Xena lifted her beautiful head to kiss Gabrielle's soft, round breasts - that she adored - and rolled the golden haired girl on to her back.

Gabrielle closed her eyes in anticipation of Xena's caress. She felt Xena's tongue in her mouth, on her face, neck and her vanilla scented, blue veined breasts, and as her long fingers slid inside her yearning vulva she cried out in complete happiness. Gabby writhed in pleasure as she felt Xena's mouth travel the length of her muscular little body and her tongue begin to lick at the juices now streaming out of her body.

Xena drank hungrily at Gabrielle's sweet, sour, salty sex as she felt the girl coming to orgasm, and her own body once more shuddered in throbbing pleasure.

Suddenly Gabrielle was aware of Marcus behind Xena and that as Xena was drinking at her golden fountain Marcus was rhythmically sliding his glossy shaft in and out of Xena's pumping depths. Gabrielle laughed with delight as she felt Xena's teeth bite harder into her mound as her spasms mounted and the hot flush began to rise over her buttocks.

All at once Xena pulled her up in her arms and Marcus fell back, his massive phallus still rigid, and twisting around Xena seated herself astride it, easily sliding it inside her.

Gabrielle was impelled by Xena's insistent grip to kneel across Marcus' face, and she moaned as she felt his hot, wet mouth sucking hard on her streaming pussy. Xena and she had made love like this often, using the pommel of Argo's saddle, but sensing the excitement of Xena's kisses whilst she came with Marcus inside her was an incredible experience. She felt Xena's arms around her loosen slightly as the orgasm built and Marcus' deep licks inside her softened as he too, released his desire into Xena.

She wanted Xena to have all the happiness in the world. There could never be too much pleasure to hide the pain.

In the morning they had to rescue Hades' Helmet of Invisibility and Marcus would return to the Elysian Fields where he would watch over Xena and Gabrielle always, meanwhile the cloak of star studded night was all the invisibility they needed, locked in a threeway tangle of love.

© 1998

The End

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