Author: L.B. Anderson
Story Title: A Different Side of Meg
Characters: Meg/f (Amber)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This is a brief story of Meg (Xena's twin) and her new love. Meg had never imagined loving another. hat is until her eyes fell on Amber, one of her employees in her bordello. After their first night together Meg can't seem to pull herself away for the tantalizing morsel. One would say she's rather hooked...on a different kind of love.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex

Xena, Meg and Gabrielle belong to USA Studios MCA.  No copyright infringement is intended.

The following story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between consenting adults.  If you are not (18) or older and are offended by girls getting their groove on, then STOP READING NOW!  This is not for you. 

Note:  Mom and Sweetness are characters used from my story, Warrior...Tramp...Madam, and are mine, as well as Amber.

Also, I'd like to thank Jennifer, my new editor/pal, for editing and proofreading the tale for me.

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A Different Side of Meg
by L.B. Anderson

The Gangs all HereÖ

Meg sat casually chatting with one of her girls at the breakfast table. After Xena and Gabrielleís visits Meg decided that having the girls socialize at the morning meal was a great idea. It was fun too. There were times when they would end up having a food fight. Of course, they were all chastised by Mom and then made to clean their mess up, including Meg.

Megís eyes traveled down the table until they clashed with the most sparkling set of chocolate spheres she had ever seen. It brought a smile to her face. And, of course the object of her desires returned the sentiment.

The day was to pretty much be as usual, a hump here, a hump there. Yet Megís mind continued to drift back to the brown sugar she fell in love with the instant she laid eyes on her.

There was a time when Meg felt that being a whore was the only way people would accept her. But then she met Amber through Xena and Gabrielle when they interviewed the golden beauty for Megís new staff. And ever since then, Meg had been snagged like a worm on a hook. She just couldnít seem to get enough of the little brown sugar's love.

Mom and the rest of the girls were ecstatic. They had been trying for years to get Meg to try other avenues, especially after listening to her describe Xena and Gabrielleís relationship and how she envied them. Her friends could see the longing in her eyes, and each time their hearts sank a little bit further. They hoped that she would meet someone to fill the void in her heart. That was until Amber took her by the hand and gave her what she craved; honest love.

"So Meg, is it to be business as usual today?" Sweetness asked.

Meg looked down the long dining table at Amber and shot. "You know Sweetness," she stated, while gazing lustfully at Amber,  "I think we should take the day off.  What do you say?"

Sweetness said, "sure I can find a few things to do."

Meg gazed back at Amber and returned, "I can too."

After breakfast...

"No," Amber squeaked as she dashed through the house with Meg in quick pursuit.

"Come here woman," Meg commanded playfully.

Amber giggled frivolously and darted upstairs.  Meg followed, taking the steps two at a time.

The gang looked on in extreme amusement.

"I don't know why she's playing so hard to get!"  Sweetness smirked.  "She knows she wants Meg to get up in that."  The girls cackled in agreement.

"I'm going to get you girly," Meg growled, gaining on her prey.  Just as Amber reached her bedroom door, Meg grabbed her from behind, and yanked her to her.  Both women gasped as her hips dipped in a circular motion, grinding her now throbbing clit purposely against Amber's fleshy bottom.

"Listen woman, I'm going to take you into this bedroom and have my way with you.  Do you have any questions?"

Amber raised her arms, draped them hypnotically around her lover's dark mane, covered neck and returned,  "I have only one."

Meg continued to grind against Amber, moaning for more.  "And what would that be, my chocolate dove?"  Meg muttered, while placing succulent kisses up and down her lover's neck.

"What will you do when my Mistress catches us?"

"Well, if she does, I'm going to have to beat the snot out of her. You are mine and Iím not taking any interruptions.  And that includes your 'so called' Mistress. Anyway, by the time I get through with you, you will beg me to be mine."

"Hmmm," Amber mumbled, as Meg cupped her breasts and kicked in the door.

"Take off those clothes and show me what I am about to claim." Meg demanded.

Amber sauntered over to the bed and slowly removed the obstructing threads. Meg gasped from the staggering view. Amberís full golden breasts broke free from the restraints and bounced invitingly against her chest wall. Her nipples had already darkened to the sultriest brown and were standing erect.

Meg could feel her mouth water from her caged desire. Her eyes traveled strategically down her partner's golden body, visualizing all the things she wanted to do to her. Meg groaned as her extended stance allowed her mystery oils to flow freely. She couldn't wait to feel Amber's soft fingers caress her heated love mound. She always knew just how much to give Meg and when. Meg focused on Amber's full hips and glistening sandy patch as the African beauty slid up on the side of the bed and waited for Meg's approach.

Meg ripped open her silk house robe and licked her lips.  Amber chuckled provocatively, issuing a silent challenge to her mistress.

Meg took a flying leap and slammed Amber to the bed.

"Oh Mistress," Amber gasped. "Whatever shall I do with you?"  She inquired quizzically.

Meg rolled over onto her back and said, "whatever you wish my little honey roll."

Amber groaned before snagging Meg's lips in a hungry vice grip.  Meg whimpered from the contact.  Amber was so aggressive at times and she loved it.  Of course there were times when her techniques were so stirring and passionate it left Meg crying.

Amber continued to nip and suck at Meg's lips while slipping her leg in between Meg's.  The kiss grew almost violent as Meg grabbed Amber's firm ass and pulled her toward her.  Meg's hips began to move on their own accord, grinding heedlessly against Amberís strong thigh.  "Please," Meg urged as her eyes slammed shut.  "Take me! Take me now Amber.  I canít wait any longer."

Amber could stand no more.  She slithered down Meg's body like a stalking python.  Zooming in on her area of urgency.

Meg bucked and growled when Amber soft wet lips clamped down on her moist opening. Meg immediately began to rock her hips in a slow circular motion. Amber followed her Mistressís sensual pattern, swirling and dipping her succulent lips around and around her aching clit.

"By...the...gods, Oooh Amber...please...don't stop." Meg panted. Amber shifted and slid just her fingertips up her lover's statuesque body until they reached her rosy nipples. Meg's body went rigid for the tender caress. That is until they found their mark and latched on like a snapping turtle. Meg screeched, and jerked her hips against Amber's love drenched lips, increasing the pressure of the succulent kiss Amber was presently applying to her itching love knot.

"Oooh Amber...take me...Pleeeaaase," Meg screamed.

Amber dragged her arms back down Meg's body. She then wrapped one around her lover's dancing hips and eased two of her pleasure seekers deep inside her. Meg's movements became frantic. She was battling for completion and Amber was enjoying it. She loved how Meg looked in the throes of passion, her body glistened from the tiny beads of perspiration popping out all over her.  Her body bucked feverishly against her partnerís buried face, hammering for release. Meg released an invigorating scent right before climaxing. Amber simply relished how her love's oils flowed into her mouth seeking refuge as she came.

Meg cried out again, begging for more. Amber drove three of the pleasure seekers into Meg and added a poetic twist. Meg clawed viciously at the sheets as her climax approached. Amber's head stirred artfully up and down, round and round and side to side, manipulating Meg's clit unmercifully.  Her fingers caressed and massaged Meg's slick depths with precision, causing Meg to scream out her name while reveling in the spasms of her powerful release.

Amber watched as Megís body plopped to the bed and her swaying ceased. Meg whimpered and reached for her. Amber pulled gently out of Meg and slipped back up her love's body.

"I love you," Meg panted, resting her face against Amber's clammy neck.

"I love you too, your majesty," Amber gasped, fighting for breath.

As soon as Meg was able to breathe normally she rolled Amber over onto her stomach and topped her.

"Open up, beautiful."

Amber slid her legs wide, allowing her Mistress to use her at her leisure.

Meg lowered herself atop of Amber and slid both her hands into position. Amber raised her hips slightly allowing Meg's fingers to rub her throbbing clit and enter her from the back.

Just like Amber's passive beginning, so was Megís administration.  Meg was loving and gentle. Meg massaged her partnerís clit with soothing circular strokes while her right hand continued to slid in and almost out of her partner's seething groove. The tamed kneading and calm inserting was simply enchanting. Amber was panting, whimpering and drooling from Megís captivating stirrings.

"Oh baby," Amber cooed, falling prisoner to her lover's gradual love methods. Meg loved playing in Amber.  She was so warm and wet. Meg even memorized every contour and hot spot inside Amber. She knew just how to hit them to make Amber jerk and whimper if she wished. And she knew when she plunged in deep and coiled her fingers, Amber would squeal and her muscles tightened. Meg could never get enough of those feelings or the way Amber writhed against her. It always set her loins on fire.

And just like clockwork they both would find themselves moving in the ancient rhythm of lovemaking. Hips swaying and caressing, bouncing and plunging, convulsing...then stilling.

Amber's head popped up from it's resting place, as Meg's pumping and hunches reached the level of no return. They both screamed as Meg's hips and fingers led them to the edge of reality and dropped them into the sea of ecstasy. Amber's body locked as her screams of fulfillment echoed throughout the room and drifted out into the house corridors. Meg followed as her hips ducked and held, spilling her pleasure flood upon Amber's already coated backside. "Sweet AM," she yelled, before falling motionless upon Amber's body.

The pair laid entangled in each other's love, gathering their strength.

"Well, I guess we finished in time," Amber gasped.

Meg chortled and breathlessly stated, "Oh my little one I am far from being through with you. Give me a few minutes then we can start again."

"Well," Amber gasped breathlessly. "I guess my Mistress will have to catch us then, because after what you just did to me I definitely want an encore."  The little golden beauty retorted with an encouraging snicker.

Meg grunted and smacked her sweetly on her backside. "I told you when I've finished, you would be mine." Meg then wrapped her arms around her exhausted partner and vowed silently to herself to never let her go.

Written and Copyrighted by: L.B. Anderson
May 20, 1999

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