Author: lucath
Story Title: The Saddle
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Gabrielle make use of Xena's saddle. PWP.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sexual relations.

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The Saddle
by lucath
© 1998

The lovemaking of Xena and Gabrielle was always tender and passionate, their love was deep and abiding. It was deep in their souls, their hearts and minds and bodies. So different - Xena, tall, magnificent, with glossy dark hair, powerful, supple limbs and body, a warrior and Gabrielle, smaller but strong yet fragile, with golden hair that blazed in the sunlight, a poet.

They were hardly ever apart and as they walked through the forests and hills leading Argo or sitting together astride him, they constantly touched, with their hands, fingers, arms, legs, bodies, lips, during conversation or relaxed silence. They slept in each other's embrace, ate from the same plate or piece of food, and drank from the same cup. They washed each other's bodies and brushed each other's hair with such obvious pleasure and devotion it was a delight to see.

Occasionally Gabrielle fell asleep suckling at Xena's surprisingly delicate breasts while Xena thought with regret about Solan. Her large nipple often burned through her leather bodice when she thought of Gabrielle, and Solan. When she caught the girl in her arms after she was violated by the flames of Dahak her feelings were that of lover, sister, mother and friend in her single desire to protect Gabrielle from all harm. The damage at Dahak was something neither of them could have foreseen.

One evening they had enjoyed the gift of a bottle of wine and their lovemaking had been particularly frantic - Xena turned and reached for Argo's saddle that she had been leaning against. Gabrielle didn't notice the action as she was still giggling with ecstasy as her final orgasms died away. She opened her eyes sensing Xena's movement and saw that she was kneeling in front of Argo's saddle, on the ground, the large, leather pommel resting between her muscular thighs. "Sit in the saddle", Xena whispered urgently. Gabrielle still smiling, obeyed and knelt across the saddle facing Xena, whose magnificent light blue eyes were blazing with all their smouldering fire. She reached forward caressing Xena's proud breasts and their hard red tips, still damp with sweat and saliva, then stared in amazement as Xena gradually slid the round ended pommel up inside her still wet, swollen vagina. Xena groaned softly with the pleasure and the pain of the hard penetration, and as the point reached that magic place she sighed and began to shudder. She held Gabrielle so tightly the fair girl gasped and their mouths yet again met hungrily, violently, biting, sucking, gasping and their passion renewed itself.

Xena slowly drew herself off the soaking wet pommel and lifted Gabrielle into her place. They had now changed positions and she again pulled Gabrielle hard against her, biting the girl's beautiful breasts and rosy nipples. Her hands held Gabrielle's buttocks, pulling the labia apart as she eased her down over the pommel with small pumping movements, and it slowly penetrated the young woman's vagina. Gabrielle almost screamed as she had never been penetrated with anything so massive and solid! She could hardly believe the different sensations she was experiencing, pleasure, pain, delight, aching, pulsing, throbbing... As Xena's tongue again found hers the orgasm once more flooded over her, then Xena lifted her gently off and laid her back onto the blanket.

Normally their lovemaking was filled with tenderness and love, but tonight they were simply rutting like wild animals. What had precipitated their mood neither knew or cared about. The only time Xena had hurt Gabrielle was a stinging blow across her cheek when Xena had been chained in a prison, but Gabrielle had never once reproached her friend, feeling that in a way she had been sharing Xena's anger and pain. Gabrielle's naivete in China would cause them both far more than mere physical pain.

Softly Xena licked Gabby's sore, swollen, streaming, thumping vulva and after gently bathing the girl's exquisite body she applied her healing salve. In the morning the girl would have no soreness or bruising - only the memory of yet another dazzling, earth shattering experience under the guidance of her mentor, the Warrior Princess.

The End

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