Author: Lace Priest
Story Title: What's The Question?
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Gabrielle wonders whether Xena has any advice for her sexual problem. First-time story.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex

These characters don't belong to me.... etc., etc......

Subtext: Of course! And plenty. This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sexual relations. If you're under 18 etc. etc., you know the rules.

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What's The Question?
by Lace Priest

"You know Xena, as close as we are...." A pause.


"Well, I think,... I mean, we've seen each other naked, we've come back from the dead for each other....." Another pause.


"There are some things we never talk about."

Now what? Xena shook her head as she mused to herself. "Gabrielle, what are you getting at? This better not be another attempt about my past, you know how I feel about that." She answered roughly, not looking at the bard.

"Uh, noooo." Was drawled out.

Xena sensed Gabrielle hesitating and fidgeting. Hades! What was that girl thinking about now? She stopped polishing her sword and walked around the campfire to straddle the log Gabrielle was sitting on, facing her, mindlessly appreciating the blanket underneath her. Gabrielle refused to look at her. "Come here." Xena pulled Gabrielle to her so that she could wrap her arms around her waist, settling her in a comfortable spot between her legs. "What do you want to talk about?" She whispered, worried that it could be something serious.

Gabrielle shuddered, Xena's voice by her ear were causing tingles to run throughout her body. Wow! How can her voice suddenly drive my body nuts? She looked down to the warmth she felt on her belly. Always impressed by the strength in Xena's hands, she started playing with the strong fingers around her waist, feeling the warmth spread all over her. Coming to herself, she answered. "Forget it, it's too embarrassing. I can't do this, I guess there are some things we just weren't meant to talk about. I.... Just go back and keep polishing your sword or something. I'll live." She said shyly.

Xena noticed Gabrielle blushing furiously. Now she was curious. "If you don't tell me, little one, I'm going to tickle every spot on your body, including the personal embarrassing ones." She waited a heartbeat and moved her fingers as if she was going to carry out her threat.

"Ok, ok, stop, I'll tell you, I'll tell you!" Gabrielle giggled. "Just give me a moment to gather myself." Gabrielle felt Xena's hands return to her waist. She had mentally cried at the loss, suddenly having felt cool air hit the area. Those wonderful hands felt really good there. In fact, she felt really good right where she was and she leaned back further, increasing the contact. She idly started playing with Xena's fingers again. I wonder why I never noticed how good she felt before? She covered her face with her hands and took a deep breath. What had she gotten herself into?

"Come on, I got ya." Xena whispered, pulling her tighter, relishing the bard's unique sweet scent.

Gabrielle let herself enjoy the feeling of Xena's arms around her and she closed her eyes. Now for the question. She braced herself, imagining Xena flinging her across the camp in shock or worse. "It's about sex."

Xena had been enjoying the sensation of Gabrielle playing with her fingers when her question startled her out the pleasant haze. Sex? "What about it?" She asked a bit too loudly, feeling suddenly nervous.

"Well, you know, I only have my one experience with Perdicus... and I... well.... I don't know what to do...." A long pause.

The warrior waited patiently.

"Xena... do you masturbate?"

Xena was floored. Of all the things that has ever occurred to Gabrielle, this one topped them all. "Uh.. well.... uh ...why do you want to know?" Xena closed her eyes, it seemed that the temperature had just gotten hotter.

Gabrielle had felt the hands tighten around her waist. Well, at least she hasn't flung me anywhere, thinking that the tree directly in front of her looked painful. "I think there may be something wrong with me. Be...because I don't know how to get myself know...uh, get 'there.' And I was wondering if you me or something." She cringed. Surely this last request would get the warrior to start swinging.

Xena briefly wondered what she meant. Then she chuckled softly. "Gabrielle, what would I do without you. There is never a dull moment when you're involved. All right, let's see."

Gabrielle waited anxiously as her heart soared at the compliment, unconsciously moving her hands to rest on the strong smooth thighs that seemed to burn her legs where ever they touched. Hmmm, so hard on the inside, yet such soft skin on the outside.

"Well, what do you think about when you touch yourself?" She looked down to her thighs. Gabrielle was softly caressing her. Does she realized what she's doing to me?

Gabrielle breathed a sigh of relief. Boy, that had really been tough. "Uh, well, I..don't know, I guess I'm usually worried you're going to catch me at it or something. I guess I get too caught up in that to really think about anything else."

"Hmmmm, I think that may be the problem. You don't let yourself relax enough to let your body experience pleasure." Meanwhile thinking how desperately *she* was trying to control her own body's current storm.

Gabrielle turned around, eyes temporarily locking on to Xena's. "Really, that's all it is?"

Xena stayed quiet and nodded slightly, not trusting herself to say anything.

The fair haired girl turned back around away from Xena. "You know, you could be right. I don't think about anything pleasurable, just end up concentrating on not getting caught."

Xena laughed softly. In a teasing voice, she said. "Want me to leave so you can test it out?" Actually wishing she could stay.

"Uh well, ...could you...uh stay and ..... help me?" She asked shyly in a tiny voice. She knew she was pushing her luck tonight.

By the gods, what was she saying? Had she read her mind? "How?" She said, just barely above a whisper. She might be the 'former' Warrior Princess, but she didn't know how much more of this she could take.

Gabrielle didn't say a word feeling confident the tree in front of her was no longer an issue. She tilted her head back, exposing a delicious neck and closed her eyes. "Show me what you do to yourself, Xena. Please me the way you please yourself." She whispered.

Xena almost choked as Gabrielle's words registered. And her body! She looked so sensual, leaning back against her with her eyes closed, her neck fully exposed to her. Taking Gabrielle's hand, she lifted it up to the bard's face, one finger slowly outlining her jaw, her lips, slowly getting mesmerized by the beauty that was Gabrielle. She followed the trail down her neck, smiling as goose bumps erupted. She continued on down 'til they reached the laces on the green top and the warrior rested both their hands there. Grabbing Gabrielle's other hand, she again took a delicate finger and caressed her way along a smooth muscled arm, 'til she brought it up on the other side of the laces, using all four hands to firmly grasp the bard's breasts and squeeze.

Gabrielle arched her back, pressing her chest harder into her own hands though she knew they were really the warrior's hands as she felt Xena squeeze harder. She surprised herself with the loud moan that escaped her. Her body felt like it was floating. Nothing had ever felt this good.

Xena moaned herself as Gabrielle's sound penetrated right through to her loins, her body responding in kind, sensations that had been denied too long, surfacing. "Gabrielle." She gasped as she felt Gabrielle's hands, still underneath hers, begin to unlace the short top. She looked on, anxiously waiting for her eyes to be rewarded as the prize finally emerged from their confinement. Not wasting another moment, she encouraged the tiny hands to caress them, fondle them, pinching and pulling on the light colored nipples, fervently wishing it could be her own hands and lips doing the touching, sucking, and worshipping. Keeping one hand on Gabrielle's breast, she continue on southward with the other one, down the smooth expanse of soft supple skin, sensing rippling muscles underneath their fingertips.

Gabrielle's now constant moaning rumbled right through to her body and her trembles and shakes sent electric shocks that seemed to intensify every second as warrior and bard moved against and with each other. Their bodies having created a rhythm together that their minds had not even acknowledged.

The warrior kept trailing their hands further down 'till she reached the edge of the amazon skirt. Restraining the urge of just ripping off the garment, she felt Gabrielle lift her body without a moments hesitation, as if sensing the warrior's barely controlled lust.

The passion building was beginning to overwhelm Gabrielle's senses. The rough handling of her breast and the hand that had left a trail of ecstasy in its path were pushing her to boundaries she had never known could exist. It didn't matter that it was her own hand doing the touching, Xena was at the center of that existence.

Xena roughly lifted the edge of the skirt the second Gabrielle's bottom lifted. Gabrielle's excitement reached her nose. Gods, she smelled so divine! Reaching for her undergarment, she was delightfully surprised when she found none. Xena let go of the hand that had been playing with Gabrielle's breast and reached around for her own underwear and ripped them off. Still holding the small hand, her right hand moved quickly to cup Gabrielle, wishing she could feel the wetness, forcing the firm bottom into her own mound, rubbing herself against the bare skin, quickly spreading her own wetness. Gabrielle's scream of pleasure was pure music to her heart, and a feeding to her wild passions. Xena finally reached up and pulled Gabrielle's head further back and sank her teeth into the soft skin of her neck, body still grinding against the bard.

Gabrielle's mind reeled at the ecstasy she was floating in. However, feeling Xena bite hard into her skin was more than her mind and body could take. She let loose a roar full of absolute desire and pleasure. "Xena! I need to feel you." Gabrielle said in a voice thickened by lust. Not waiting for an answer, she shrugged Xena's hands off of hers. It now was now her turn to guide Xena where she needed her the most.

Xena nearly lost her mind at the wetness she found and at the urgency she felt as Gabrielle forced her hand harder and harder into her.

"Xena, please, make me come!" She choked out, barely able to speak.

Hand still entwined in fair hair, she turned the bard's head to her and latched on to the sweetest lips she's ever known. She helplessly lost herself in the battle of lips and tongues, as a small hand pressed her head harder. However, she quickly remembered her mission. Leaning Gabrielle further back towards her, her fingers finally found home. Gabrielle's scream of pleasure was muffled by her mouth, still firmly holding on to the exquisite softness. The more vocal she got, the more Xena got lost in her passion. Gabrielle's grunts were in time with her thrusts, scattered with an occasional exclamation of 'Xena', and 'by the gods' mixed in. Xena felt like she was in a fevered delirium. Then suddenly, she felt time slowing down, her heart barely beating, as she felt Gabrielle tighten around her hand, pulling her hair almost painfully hard, body stiffening as she climaxed. Xena's body relished the little shakes of the tiny body held against her, as the waves of pleasure played themselves out on the bard being held firmly within her grasp, her hand feeling every pulse, every throb, becoming completely drenched.

Both sat panting, trying to regain their breaths, arms still holding.

"Xena?" A long ragged pause.

"Yeah?" Came the husky response.

"We should have had this conversation a long time ago."

Xena gently nuzzled her hair. "I think you should have asked me that question a long time ago." They cuddled a little bit more, unwilling to let go of each other just yet.

"Come on, my inquisitive one." Xena lifted her in a big swoop. She grinned as Gabrielle yelled in surprise which ended in giggles. "I think it's bedtime for bards full of questions."

"I don't know, Xena." She said seductively. "I'd kinda like to show you how much I've learned."

"Did I say bedtime? Excuse me, I meant to say show time."

Gabrielle gave out a musical laugh and proceeded to show one warrior what a quick study she was.

The End

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