Author: Amazon
Story Title: The Reckoning: Part Three
Characters: Xena/Callisto, Xena/Gabrielle, (Xena/f), (Callisto/f)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Callisto has some unusual plans for her captive. Work in progress
This rating is for explicit f/f sex and bdsm.

The characters in this story are the property of MCA/Universal/Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures. This is not for profit and is not intended to infringe anyone's copyright. It's just a bit of fun.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sexual relations and some references to BDSM.

Amazon recommends you might want to start from The Reckoning: Part One and Part Two.

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The Reckoning: Part Three
By Amazon

"Your love, Callisto? What have I done to deserve that from you?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all," Callisto replied in a flat, distracted voice. "That's just the way it is, Xena. I want you, and I will want you even when I'm burning in Tartarus. This is not some pitiful mortal love I'm talking about. My love for you transcends lifetimes."

"Tell that to Aphrodite," Xena growled. She was deeply disturbed by this exchange and she was growing more tired of her bondage by the moment. She wanted to pull herself up by the rope that tied her to the roof-beam, pivot around and deliver a killer double-footed kick to Callisto's head. But she was trapped while Gabrielle remained chained to the opposite wall with an armed guard right beside her. Her only hope was to talk to Callisto, somehow win her confidence then convince her to release her bard-love.

"Is my love, my desire, so hard to accept, Xena?" the insane warrior circled her captive and played with the point of her dagger. "It would be easier for you, wouldn't it, to face my hatred? You're used to that, I imagine. People's hatred and fear."

"What do you want from me?" Xena twisted her neck in an effort to engage her tormentor with direct eye contact.

"Mmm, we-ell, that depends. You see, I've been following you for so long. Now I've got you, it's almost too much. The prospect of living out my fantasies for real."

"Following me?"

"I went to see Meg, you know?"

Xena froze at the name of her cousin, the infamous brothel-keeper. She and Gabrielle had visited Meg just a few moons ago. They'd rented her best room and enjoyed the facilities that came with it. That conniving weasel hadn't let on about any suspicious visitors…

"I'd hire the basement dungeon," Callisto continued with her anecdote, "just like you used to in the old days, before you settled down to dreary monogamy with the Irritating One over there. Oh yes, I do my research. I keep my ears open in the taverns and, of course," Callisto looked over to Gabrielle's helpless form, incapacitated and spread-eagled against the wall, "the bards are a good source of a juicy tale or two.

"Meg herself is very discreet, but her employees are less so. I found out that you only ever chose the same woman, a gorgeous young redhead who you would take to the dungeon for the whole night until dawn. Now she would not say a word - no matter how many coins I put under her self-righteous nose."

Xena's kept her expression impassive, even as her heart pounded in her ears. She hoped she wasn't blushing. She sent a silent prayer of gratitude to the prostitute for keeping the Conqueror's secrets.

"So," Callisto continued, "I had to use my imagination." She crouched beside Xena and dragged a finger slowly over her cheek, lowering her voice to a seductive purr: "I went back there a few times. Your cousin would gladly take a small fortune from me, then I'd choose the same young wench and take her down to the basement. I'd always give her the full treatment. Y'know, tie her to a rack and whip her, penetrate her in every way I could dream up. Then I'd kiss and fondle her, fuck her oh-so-gently to climax."

A moan from the other side of the room caused both Callisto and Xena to look across to the bard securely chained to the wall. Even the guard standing next to her turned his head. Puzzled, Callisto frowned, then shook her head and turned back to Xena.

"And all the time I imagined it was me. That I was stretched out for you, Xena. I wanted you to take me like I was taking the young whore. See, I've never wanted anything less than to be your bitch, spread wide for you."

Xena swallowed and tried to keep her composure. "Release me and you can have it, Callisto." She attempted a wry smile. "Though you surprise me, I would have imagined the boot to be on the other foot."

"Do you imagine it, Xena? Do you wonder what I'd be into if I were alone with you?" Callisto asked eagerly. Without waiting for an answer, she continued: "You're right, with others, yes, I like to be in control. I like my women subservient and grateful for my attentions. But you Xena you turn me around. You make me switch. I want to be fucked and abused by you, for your pleasure alone. Then when you've taken what you want, you would be so gentle, so loving and kind to me, Xena. You would take me in your arms and promise to never leave me."

Xena felt her throat muscles tighten, making it difficult to swallow. She was experiencing an unfamiliar sensation. It took her a few moments to identify it. Fear.

"We would make love over and over again…" Callisto continued with her fantasy, "devouring each other. It would never end. Even in Tartarus, our bones would rub together 'til eternity wore us to a pile of dust…"

"Please, please, spare me the details…" Xena interrupted quickly, "I get the picture."

Callisto sat down on the floor in front of her prisoner and hugged her knees to her chest. Xena began to realize that the most disarming, even frightening, thing about Callisto was her honesty. The woman was completely guileless and that was what made her so dangerous.

Callisto smiled, almost sadly, then drew herself up to kneel opposite her dark-haired nemesis. She leaned close, almost touching, so close Xena could feel her blood rush. Something about her scent, her presence, was causing an involuntary response in the captive warrior. Xena ignored the cool dampness she felt against her thighs. She was used to her passions rising at inappropriate times. She could focus beyond them when necessary.

Callisto smiled her evil psychotic smile and without shifting her gaze from Xena's face, abruptly reached between the warrior's spread legs.

"Mmmm, yes. My word, you're wet! But I can make you wetter. Look at me Xena."

Warm floods of pleasure flowed from the warrior's center as Callisto began stoking one finger over the enlarged bud. She struggled to fix her blank expression on Callisto's face as the teasing finger probed between her wet folds. Slow, to the point of agony.

"You deserted me, Xena," she breathed.

"C-Callisto, I d-don't know what you're t-talking about." The warrior moaned in frustration at her weakness. She closed her eyes, turned her head away, tried to shut out the sensations that assailed her. She focused her thoughts on Gabrielle, her mistress, chained to the wall. She had to find a way to make Callisto set Gabrielle free.

"Shut up, Xena! Listen to me. Listen!" Callisto paused to lick Xena's ear. "All these years, all this time of tracking you, waiting for this moment. I saved something for you..."

To be continued...

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