Author: Amazon
Story Title: The Reckoning: Part One
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Xena & m (villager)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Gabrielle are heroes...with a twist. Work in progress
This rating is for explicit f/f and m/f sex and bdsm.

The characters in this story are the property of MCA/Universal. This is not for profit and is not intended to infringe anyone's copyright. It's just a bit of fun.

This story contains explicit scenes of consensual sex between adult women (wouldn't ya know?), a little bit of hetero stuff and bdsm.

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The Reckoning: Part One
By Amazon

"Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi!!" The warrior was in full voice, enjoying the heat of battle and the bloodlust raging in her veins. A head taller than her assailants, she was stronger, faster and more determined than the three marauders who came at her from all sides. Slashing into the arm of one with her sword she kicked another away with her boot, giving her time to raise her weapon for another strike.

But in that instant, incredibly, her momentum was lost, just fleetingly, but it was enough. A rough edge snagged in her victim's shattered bone perhaps? It was unthinkable that she hadn't withdrawn the blade straight. But that moment's fumble gave the third man the opportunity he needed. Xena felt pain seer up through her arm as her free hand was pinned against the stable wall behind her, impaled on the villain's dagger.

She wasted no time crying out. Grasping her sword more firmly, she lashed out before the man could unsheathe a second weapon. Shocked at his temporary victory over the warrior princess, he was too slow to press his advantage and lost his forearm for his error.

But the warrior's problem hadn't gone unnoticed by the others in his gang. Abandoning their task of raiding and burning the village and its inhabitants, they raced towards her two or three at a time. But two or three were manageable for Xena, even with only one arm free. If they had taken a moment to organize, to come at her all at once, she might've been in trouble.

So, it was with surprise that she realized one of the villagers had set aside his own safety to leap to her defense. Ducking under her arm and with his back to the obvious danger, the man tugged at the dagger and grunting with the effort, released her bleeding hand. It was only with a decapitating swing of her sword that Xena managed to prevent one of the raiders from simply plunging his dagger into the back of the foolhardy, would-be hero.

Both arms free now, she pushed her rescuer to the floor and leapt forward to meet her enemies. They, picking up on her renewed sense of outrage, thought better of it and fled in all directions.

As always when Xena lost the chance to finish a fight to her satisfaction, she was deeply disappointed.

"Damn them to Tartarus!" she cursed as she watched the scrambling figures retreat.

Remembering her rescuer, she looked down at the young man struggling to his feet and slapped him on the back almost sending him to the floor again. "Hey soldier, that was a pretty brave thing you did there."

"Oh - oh it was nothing," said the man straightening up to face her. "I'm no soldier but I could see you couldn't get your hand free. It was the least I could do when you've risked your life to save us from those bastards."

She smiled down at him, and sheathed her sword. "Just remember, never turn your back on your enemy like that, soldier. You could've been villager-kebab at any moment."

"OK, I'll remember that, but I think I'd rather return to the simple life behind a plough."

Xena looked around at the burning village. A few raiders were being rounded up by her men, but otherwise the battle was more or less over. She smiled to herself and turned back to the villager.

"Well, thank you for what you did anyway. Now... to show my appreciation.... how would you like a blow job?"

The man looked up at her sharply, not trusting his ears. "P-p-pardon?"

"A blow job." She looked down at him imperiously. "D'you want one or not?"

"Er, well," the young man glanced nervously around him in case there was someone else she might really be addressing. "Well, er, yeh, if-if you like."

"OK, good. Let's see it then." She gestured impatiently at his crotch.

"What here, right now?" exclaimed the man in shock.

"Yeh, why not? The battle's almost over. Now come on, I haven't got all day." The warrior princess dropped to her knees and looked up at the villager expectantly.

The man was overcome with embarrassment but daren't not comply with the warrior-woman's wishes. He fumbled with his clothing until she was able to take his - not insubstantial - cock in her mouth and start sucking greedily like a skilled Alexandrian whore.


Meanwhile, across the muddy courtyard of the village, a young, blonde woman was attending to the head wound of one of Xena's men.

"Hey, look up at me, I need to see whether you're concussed. How many fingers am I holding up?"

"Er, three. I'm definitely concussed though. Yes, definitely hallucinating." The man looked perturbed and was shaking his head.

Puzzled, Gabrielle peered into the man's eyes and involuntarily looked over her shoulder to see what he might be focusing on in the middle distance.

"Oh... Xena!" she exclaimed in exasperation under her breath.

She turned quickly back to her patient. "There you go, I've bandaged that up for you. Now take it easy for the rest of the day, you might be a bit dizzy."

"Yes, yes," muttered the man, shaking his head again. "I think I'll go and have a lie down."


The warrior princess was pleased and amused with herself as she crossed the muddy field, whistling an Amphipolian tune under her breath. "Hey, Dagnine," she called to one of her lieutenants. "Get that fire put out will you?"

"Yes, Xena!"

"Hi, baby." She flopped down at the feet of Gabrielle who was just finishing with a nasty cut across a young soldier's eye. "Look, I've hurt my hand."

"Off you go now, and try to keep that bandage over your eye clean for a few days."

"Yes, maam."

"You astound me," said Gabrielle sternly, turning to her warrior-lover and taking a close look at the wounded hand.

"What?" replied Xena looking up at her in wide-eyed, innocence.

"I saw you sucking that man's cock. What do you think you're doing, in the middle of a battle?"

"Oh that," she said flatly. "Well, the fight was pretty much over and he made a clumsy attempt to save my life so I thought I should show my gratitude."

Gabrielle grabbed Xena by the chin and made her look into her eyes. "You never fail to take my breath away do you know that?"

"I thought you said I could suck some cock when I wanted to?" she said sulkily but unable to suppress a grin.

"Only if I was allowed to watch, you know that."

"Well, I was only over there..."

"I was busy attending to your men, can I point out?"

"Oh yeh, sorry."

She kept quiet while Gabrielle began dressing her hand.


"Ooh, that's nasty, it's gone right through. Can you still move all your fingers?"

Xena wriggled and flexed them suggestively.

"Yeh, seem to"

"Well, you're lucky, you could've ripped a tendon."

"Well, you're lucky it's my left not my right hand."

"You needn't think you're getting so much as a kiss from me 'til you've washed your mouth out."

"Yes, mistress," replied Xena, her head bowed in contrition. She looked up imploringly into her lover's face and whispered, almost nervously: "Are you going to punish me later for being a dirty whore?"

Gabrielle melted as she looked into her lover's sparkling azure eyes that still, even after all these months, never failed to startle her. "I'm going to punish you for not doing it in front of me, that's what," she said softly.

Xena grinned her wolfish grin and Gabrielle felt a wave of pleasure wash over her - from the tightness in her stomach to the hairs on the back of her neck.

"Xena!" Her lieutenant, interrupting them, strode over to make his report.

"Yes, Dagnine" said Xena, standing up and regaining her naturally authoritative manner.

"We've rounded up what's left of the enemy and executed them. The fire's out and the villagers are busy gathering their pitiful belongings."

"Good, good. If you've finished the men can divide the raiders' possessions and take a few days off. We'll regroup in Athens, I'll find you at the Hydra's Head Inn."

"Right, ma'am." The soldier hesitated.

"Was there something else, Dagnine?"

"Well, erm, the men..." he took a deep breath. "The men asked me to tell you, to-to let you know that..."


He took another breath. "Well, we'd like you to know that our weapons are always at your disposal ma'am. Y'know, erm, whenever you feel you might need to make use of, of, a real soldier's tool, well you know we're here to serve you."

"Thank you Dagnine, I know that. But I don't think I'll be needing any more weapons today thanks."

"Oh. Are you sure?"

"Quite sure."

"OK then." Dagnine turned sharply away toward Xena's men, meeting their inquiring looks with a disappointed shrug.

"You see what you've done," hissed Gabrielle. "Now your soldiers are jealous. They're going to hunt down that boy and feed his bollox to their horses."

"No they won't. They know better than to risk making me angry," said Xena. "Anyway it does no harm for them to think they might, one day, be in with a chance."

"You think that makes them more loyal?"

"I've got to offer them something - after all, I can't pay them from the spoils of raided villages any more."


Wasting no daylight hours hanging around the liberated village, the two women rode out on the road to Athens as the warm sun passed overhead. Gabrielle sat in her favored spot - in front of the warrior, enjoying the security of her strong arm across her stomach, the familiar, soft swell of Xena's breasts suggested by the hard curves of armour pressing against her back. "Do you think we could find somewhere to stop and make camp?" she asked.

"I was counting on it. We can detour through the hills to the north. There are caves up there. In case, you know, you wanted to take a nap."

"In case I wanted to tie you to a rock and flog the last breath out of you, you mean?"

"Yes mistress." Xena replied in a quiet voice full of respect for the young blonde she let dominate and humiliate her at her pleasure. "That's what I thought you might need to do.."


They found a suitable clearing near some caves set in high rocky cliffs. Gabrielle was content to sit back and watch her lover in silence as she built a fire - her camp fires always lit first time - to cook the food the villagers had given them.

Gabrielle felt a warm, familiar pulsing start between her legs as she watched Xena crouched in front of the fire turning the meat. Her physical presence was awesome. Her power as natural, elegant and brutal as a beast of the forest. Gabrielle ran her gaze over her lover's long thighs visible between the leather straps of her skirt which fell either side. She imagined what payment she might demand from her woman for her earlier misbehavior.

Xena seemed unperturbed by her companion's scrutiny, neither intimidated nor flattered. Eventually she decided the food was cooked and brought an offering over to her mistress.

Gabrielle took what she wanted. "Now, go and sit the other side of the fire. You're a bad girl and you're not allowed to sit next to me."

"Yes Gabrielle."

Xena obediently moved away. Gabrielle watched the warrior eat, sitting on her haunches, gnawing on each bone with strong white teeth, stripping it of flesh in moments. Xena looked up from time to time, lowering her eyes if she caught her mistress's disapproving gaze. Gabrielle wondered how any man could trust those wolf-teeth with his cock.

When they had both eaten enough meat Gabrielle ordered her princess to take their furs and a length of rope up the cliff to a suitable cave.


Gabrielle looked down at her kneeling, naked lover from her seat on top of a sandstone rock. Hitching her skirt further up around her waist and spreading her legs slightly wider, she gave Xena a clear view of the blonde-curled pussy just inches from her face. Xena's arms strained against the rope that bound her wrists behind her back, as she tried to lean closer without losing her balance and falling against the rock. She wasn't permitted to speak or to touch, only to feel the heat of her lover's sex. The scent was unmistakable and so tempting right under her nose.

"Animal!" Gabrielle thought as she watched Xena's nostrils flare. Testing her lover to the limit, she moved her hand over her cunt, pushing her two fingers inside and, finding herself silky wet, withdrew and put them in her mouth, sucking absent-mindedly.

Xena cocked her head to one side in an effort to get closer and Gabrielle watched the muscular movement of her lover's throat as she swallowed and ran her tongue over her dry lips.

"Please, Gabrielle."


"I want to lick your pussy, please let me. I'll be a good girl. I'll do whatever you want me to do."

Without warning Gabrielle leaned forward and slapped Xena across her face, making her to fall to the floor. Her slave struggled quickly back onto her knees.

"Sorry, mistress."

With her lover's affection now completely withdrawn, Xena started to yearn for any small sign of tenderness. A simple smile, a kiss on her brow would be enough now to send her into ecstasy, like the blood flowing back into a nipple that had been pinched too long. But she knew the truth. She knew that maybe soon - or maybe after a long, agonizing wait - she would impaled on Gabrielle's fist again. She'd be screaming and crying for release while her lover, true to form, would deny her, pounding deep into her, only slowing when she sensed that her warrior's writhing body could not take any more pleasure.

At last Gabrielle invited her to suck on her pussy. Xena set eagerly to work, lapping firmly between Gabrielle's swollen lips, dipping her tongue tentatively into her hole, unsure if she was about to get a slap around her head for her trouble.

Gabrielle let pleasure sweep through her body like a forest fire. She leaned back against the wall of the cave as she listened to her lover's moans - a primitive sound somewhere between a growl and a whimper coming up from between her legs.

"That's a good girl, Xena. Oh yes, I like that. You suck my pussy you fucking bitch.. I want to feel your tongue. C'mon, that's right, lap me like a dog."

Xena was intoxicated with the taste and smell of cunt. So much so that, at first, she didn't hear the sound of voices outside.

"Wait, what's that?" She pulled up from her lover's pussy and looked over her shoulder.

Now they could both hear men's voices calling her name.

"Xena, Xena where are you? We need your help."

Down by the camp-fire three men were calling up at the cliffs. "She can't have gone far. The fire's only just been put out and her horse is just over there grazing."

"Why can't she hear us? She must be on the other side of these cliffs."

"Hades' teeth!" Xena stood up and motioned for Gabrielle to untie her. Her previous subservience evaporated in a torrent of Amphipolian curses. "I just don't believe it. How much is it to ask the Gods for one single fucking afternoon of peace?"

Gabrielle, feeling her fury, kept quiet as Xena threw on her leather slip and stormed to the mouth of the cave.

"Yes, what do you want?"

The men looked up startled. None of them had ever seen the infamous warrior princess with their own eyes before, but this beautiful, feminine goddess in a short leather dress was not what any of them expected.

"Are - are you Xena, the warrior princess?"

"What if I am? Who wants to know?" The princess took no trouble to hide her impatience.

"We're from the village just over the hill," said one of the men. "'We've been warned that a gang of robber bandits is on its way and plans to slaughter every one of us. We went to our neighbors for help this morning and they said you'd just left after defeating another gang of thieves."

"It seems every villain in Greece is on my patch today," muttered Xena.


"Can't it wait til tomorrow?"

Shocked, the men looked at each other then back at the vision in leather. "Well, er, no, not really. They might strike at any moment. They may be there already."

"Right, fine! Just saddle up my horse would you, while I get dressed."

"What's happening?" asked Gabrielle from inside the cave.

Xena turned back inside. "Oh, you know, Village... Attack... Rescue... Hero-time!"

I don't believe it," Gabrielle sighed and started gathering up their furs from the cave floor.

"Look, you could stay here if you like and I'll come back for you," Xena suggested.

"No way, this might be dangerous. You mustn't get complacent. And what would I do here on my own anyway? Rub my clit to distraction?"


Leaving the three men behind on their horse-drawn cart, the women galloped ahead, Gabrielle this time clinging on to her lover's waist from behind. Xena urged Argo onward as they flew along the path leading to the threatened village, driven as much by the urgency between her legs as by her concern to rescue yet more villagers.

It was disconcerting having to reverse roles so many times in one day. From terrifying warrior to submissive slave, and now back in her fighting armour again. Xena had to shake off her slave-girl persona and win respect and confidence, not only from Gabrielle but from the unknown foes she was about to meet.

Maybe that's what distracted her, caught her unprepared, vulnerable to one of the oldest tricks in the game. Rounding a sharp bend in the path at full gallop, Xena had less than a fraction of a second to notice the wire stretched taut across the road at neck height. Not enough time to avoid hitting it, only just enough to grab it with one hand and throw Gabrielle from the horse with the other.

Gabrielle hit the ground with a scream and rolled into the ditch at the side of the path. Cursing as the thin cable cut into her hand, Xena leaned backwards in her saddle just in time as the wire shot over her just inches from her body. She pulled Argo to a halt, turning the horse around sharply and scouring the surrounding forest left and right for whoever laid this trap.

Still dazed, Gabrielle painfully picked herself out of the ditch. "What happened? Why did you throw me off like that?" There was a definite note of reproach in her voice.

"Gabrielle, get back in that ditch and stay there!" The blonde responded instantly to the authority in her lover's voice. Time enough for questions later, just do what you're told Gabrielle.

Xena was frantic. Why couldn't she see her attacker? Couldn't see, hear or smell a damn thing.

Then, whoosh! What was that? It came from up in the trees... "Ahhoww!" Xena put her hand to her neck in pain and pulled out the dart. "What the fu ..." With a thump she slid unconscious from her horse to the stony ground below.


"Magnificent, isn't she?"

Callisto gripped the chain holding Gabrielle's wrists behind her back, turning her roughly to observe her unconscious lover.

Xena's head hung limply, her predicament illuminated by a skylight above her at the center of the dark room. Her arms were pulled up over her head, tied at the wrists by a rope hung over the wooden roof beam. The rope was pulled tight so she was at full stretch, knees apart on the stone floor, ankles tied together behind her. She was naked except for a leather collar around her neck, and the blue beam of daylight from the ceiling traced over every muscle in her arms, shoulders, chest and thighs like a lover's tongue.

"So-oo strong.. Even when she's out cold you can fe-eeel the power in that body." Callisto purred in Gabrielle's ear, "Is she rough with you, my dear? Does she beat you before she gets her way? You can tell me, poor darling. I'm here to help you get away from this brute."

"Callisto, why don't you just fuck off out of her life? You've made your point. She's sorry for what happened at Cirra, but she can't change anything now. It's over, so why don't you just let it go - oww!?"

Gabrielle punctuated her last sentence with a sharp cry as Callisto twisted her arms upwards behind her back.

"Such language for a little farm girl! Y'know when I first saw you I was really quite disappointed in Xena. I'd imagined she would have a formidable Amazon lover, a centurion perhaps or a ruthless warlord. Instead there was this little girl who looked like she hadn't even started bleeding yet. Who would have thought, the great warrior princess, a cradle-snatcher?"

"Arrgh!" Gabrielle tried to twist herself out of the painful position Callisto held her in.

"But look at you now! Almost fully grown and quite a woman. Beautiful firm breasts - they seem to have grown a little more each time I see you. And I understand Xena has a weakness for blondes..."

"Her only weakness is in her head for not killing you before when she had the chance!" Gabrielle retorted with difficulty as her leather-clad captor dragged across the room and secured her chains to a metal ring set in the wall.

"Now, stand over here and behave or I'll have to gag you." Callisto strode away from Gabrielle to the center of the room so she could observe her other prisoner more closely. "It's about time that poison wore off. It's strong enough to put a horse to sleep so she should come round soon - although with a bit of a headache I expect." She leaned over the limp form. "Come on Xeeenaah, I'm bored with your companion. Wake up!"

Standing up suddenly, the blonde warrior aimed a kick at Xena's taut stomach and was rewarded with a groan. Pulling her head up by her hair, Callisto looked into her face and to her surprise, clear, blue eyes returned her gaze.

"Ah, you're with us, good."

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