Author: Joe Murphy
Story Title: On Cloud Nine
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Gabrielle catch a ride on Helios' chariot, and Helios catches a good show.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex with a male watching.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sexual relations.

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On Cloud Nine
By Joe Murphy

Xena reached into the brush and pulled the branches away from her view again. "Any moment now," she thought to herself, smiling. She jumped a little as she felt a familiar, impatient hand reach around her waist. Pulling her own hand back, she took the wandering fingers and interlaced them in her own.

"Is he here yet?" she heard a voice ask behind her.

"Not yet." Xena replied as she looked back over her shoulder. She barely made out her lover's face in the darkness, but could feel the energy emanating from her as if it were tangible.

"I hope he gets here soon, I'm really getting horny."

Xena chuckled lightly, then snapped her head towards an unnatural sound. Surprised at herself, she could feel her pulse quickening. "It's him, let's go."

Letting go of her bard's fingers, Xena stood and stepped clear of the bush they hid behind for the last hour, and began walking carefully towards the mouth of the cave they had been spying. The sound of hoofbeats and chariot wheels were now clear and loud. Xena stopped, and waited off to the side of the tunnel, her frustrated companion behind her, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet.

"Oh, gods," Xena said, turning to her companion, "Gabrielle, I forgot the bag."

Without a word, the REDHEADED storyteller (and she is definitely, despite what the writers of the show call her, a storyteller) turned and ran back to the bush, returning a few seconds later with a large bag thrown over her shoulder.

Xena let her gaze lift from her lover and began to get into position. Jogging out into the path that emerged from the mouth of the cave, she drew her sword and readied herself.

Helios' chariot surprised her as it emerged from the face of the rock. Helios apparently gotten himself a new chariot. Xena had never seen a rig that large before. Taking a quick sigh, she tightened her muscles and stood her ground, pushing back the growing images of being trampled under the horses' feet without the sun god even noticing.

She smiled inwardly as she watched the horses rear back, grinding the great chariot to a halt only a few feet in front of her.

"Get out of the way, Xena," she heard a voice boom from somewhere behind the horses. Sheathing her sword, she walked around to the side of the chariot, to stand beside an all too eager Gabrielle.

"Hello, Helios," the warrior smirked. Looking up at the sun god, her breath caught. They really didn't age a bit, did they? She let her eyes examine him slowly from the top of his golden blonde hair, down over the handsome face, and partially exposed chest and stomach. "And Ares thinks he's so hot," Xena mused to herself.

"Xena, it's nice to see you again, but I'm a little busy right now. In fact, you're making me late."

"Sorry," the warrior lied, "I just want to ask a little favor of you, for old time's sake?"

"And what would that be," the god asked, suspicion etching his voice.

"Let us hitch a ride with you for a bit."

"Please!" Gabrielle added.

"What?" the god stuttered.

"My friend and I want to have a picnic up there, and we need to hitch a ride." The god looked up, thinking, and then lowered his gaze back to Xena, shaking his head slowly. "I don't think that would be a good idea."

An anguished cry came from Gabrielle, startling Xena and Helios, and nearly spooking the horses.

"Helios," Gabrielle said frantically as she waved him down. Xena watched the god lowered his ear down to the bard, "if you let us ride, I'll. . ." and Xena watched as her lover whispered in Helios' ear.

Suddenly, the sun god stood back up straight. "Ok, get on board," he said, and they were off. (Well, getting there. I mean, they're going to get... Ugh, just keep reading.)

Xena stood behind the god, holding onto the rail and looking over the side of the chariot to the earth below. She squeezed the arm that was wrapped around her stomach. "It was going to happen," Xena thought to herself, and smiled with the realization.

After about an hour, Helios turned to the warrior princess. "Want to drive them for awhile?"

Xena grinned. "No thanks," she replied, "I'm just going to enjoy the view and take it easy.

"Suit yourself."

Helios turned his gaze back to his work and sighed. Though he hated to admit it, he liked having passengers break up the monotony that met him most days. He could feel the vibrations in the boards beneath his feet as the women moved from one side of the chariot to the other, laughing and pointing at the sights below.

Minutes later, he heard a moan behind him, and Helios felt his skin begin to grow flush as he realized what was happening. Since there was no ground, the horses didn't make any noise as they ran, and this made his vast chariot much, much quieter than most. "Oh, great!" he thought to himself. He struggled ferociously with the bizarre male desire to watch two "real" lesbians fuck like they do in Cupid's private play collections, but curiosity got the better of him. Looking up ahead, and not seeing any obstacles in their path, he chanced a look over his shoulder.

He saw Xena and Gabrielle in profile. The warrior had her back against the side of the chariot, her head pitched back and her eyes closed. Helios' eyes traveled down her tall, muscular body to see Gabrielle kneeling in front of her, her head under Xena's leather skirt and her hands gripping the outsides of Xena's thighs. Helios watched intently as Xena lifted her leg over Gabrielle's shoulder to give the bard better access, and, consequently, blocking his view even further. As Xena let out another moan, Helios turned his eyes away and back to work. Closing his eyes, he tried to will down the erection that was building in response to the warrior princess' sounds.

Xena's groans grew louder, and Helios became more aroused. He nearly jumped when he felt a hand brush the back of his calf lightly. Looking over his shoulder, he looked down at a grinning Gabrielle, who was looking right back up at him as her arm rose and fell in short, fast motions beneath Xena's skirt. The bard winked at the god as she returned her mouth to the job at hand.

Helios looked away, saw what the women were looking for, and quickly called over his shoulder, "Xena, Gabrielle, they're coming up!"

Gabrielle pulled her mouth away from Xena's clit with a loud slurp. "Great, I'm almost done," the bard replied. Helios glanced back again to see Gabrielle's mouth torturing Xena's pussy as her hands held the leathers up and out of the way. Xena came with a shriek, and Helios nearly jumped as the woman shuddered and bucked slightly, pushing her mound harder against the bard's mouth.

Helios turned away from the spectacle and looked ahead to see if a large one was close. He turned as he felt the bard's hand touch his shoulder. Gabrielle was smiling up at him, her mouth and cheeks still wet. Taking one of Helios' hands, she guided the god to take both reigns in one hand. He watched Gabrielle curiously as the bard took his free hand and lead it to her face. Wiping some of the juice onto his fingers, she pushed his hand up and back, shoving his fingers into his mouth.

"Do we have anything to drink?" the bard asked.

Still stunned, the sun god handed her a wineskin that hung near his left leg. The bard took a mouthful of the wine. Helios took the skin back as the bard looked back at her lover with a smile.

"That was a little rude, wasn't it?" the warrior teased.

"I don't think he minded," Gabrielle replied as she looked back up at the god, "did you, baby?"

Helios looked back to the now covered warrior, his feelings evident in the smile on his face. The warrior smiled back and scooped up their bag, pulling Gabrielle to the side of the chariot.

"You'll pick us up again tomorrow, right Helios?" Xena asked.

"As long as you put on another show," the god laughed.

"Deal," Xena said. She turned her eyes back over the side of the chariot, as she took Gabrielle's hand in her own.

"See that big one?" the warrior asked.

The bard nodded.

"Ok, on the count of three. One. . . two. . . two and a half. . . two and three quarters. . ."

"Three!" the bard cried and jumped, pulling Xena with her. The two cheered as they fell. Looking down, the ruffled white top of a cloud came closer and closer.

"Now!" Xena yelled as she let go of her bard's hand. She tucked her knees to her chest and hugged them against her body. Ducking her head down and to the side, she watched Gabrielle mimic her motions. Then the bard was gone from her sight as the warrior sank into the giant pillow. She laughed out loud as she felt her descent slow, and she rose back up, slowly. She finally settled back at the top, her body slightly sunk into the softness. Carefully opening her eyes, she looked over to the sound of Gabrielle's hysterical giggling.

The bard was laying on her back, spread eagle. One hand was up, covering her face. Xena looked hungrily at the rippled abs that kept bouncing up and down as the bard tried to control her laughter.

"Xena," the bard finally managed, "this is incredible!"

"Told you," Xena said. Leaving the bag where it was, she began to crawl over to where Gabrielle lay. "I told you they weren't made of water," she teased as she lay on her left side alongside the bard.

"Well, where there's cloud's there's rain, so it made sense to me," the bard replied, defending herself.

"Yeah, like us all coming from the oceans, or the earth being a giant ball, or..."

"Hey!" the bard interrupted, "Keep that up, and see if you get any toni.. . mmphfl. . ."

The bard stopped and sank into the kiss. Xena scooted closer, feeling the bard's body along the length of hers. Slowly, she let a hand slide up the side of the bard's thigh, up her rib cage, and settle on her breast. Xena could feel the bard moan softly against her mouth.

Xena pulled away, keeping her lips only a few centimeter's from her lover's. "Oh, no you don't, love. Not after working me up like that on the ride here."

She felt the rush of air on her lips as the bard let out a little laugh, "did you like that?"

"Yes, I did," Xena replied as she slipped her hand off Gabrielle's sports bra, and began to brush the backs of her fingers down the bard's stomach. Xena grinned as she felt the bard shiver at her touch, and she bounced her lips back down to peck at her lover's, pulling away before the bard could respond.

"Close your eyes," Xena commanded. Gabrielle obeyed. "Good, now, don't move."

Xena slid the tip of her tongue out of her mouth, and gently traced a trail just below the bard's lower lip as her hand kept traveling south. Xena could feel the skirt, and quickly reached way down, taking the hem and lifting up, getting it out of her way. Sliding her hand between the bard's legs, she pushed up on one leg, which Gabrielle obediently lifted, and then began to lightly scratch the inside of her lover's lower thigh with the tips of her finger nails.

A smile crept up on the bard's lips as Xena's hand began to climb up the inside of her leg. Xena nibbled her jaw, and worked her way to her ear, she feasted on very, very slowly. The bard rolled her body over into Xena's, and gasped as her nipples rubbed against her lover's breasts. Even through her top, the sensation sent a wave of warmth between he legs that she hoped her warrior could feel.

Xena's hand finally reached Gabrielle's shamelessly uncovered mound. She slid her middle finger between the bard's folds, wetting it as she rubbed the finger in tight little circles, changing direction every so often. She felt her lover's body stiffen at the touch.

"You like that?" Xena whispered in her ear.

"Yes," came the hoarse reply. Xena could feel the woman begin to rock her hips back and forth against her finger.

"Do you like me, Gabrielle?"

"Huh?" the bard asked, confused.

"I said, do you like me?"

"Xena," Gabrielle replied, her whispers turning breathy, "I love you."

"Good. I love you, too, Gabrielle," and with that, Xena pulled her finger away slightly, adding her forefinger to it, and pushed them into her lover. She was rewarded by a loud gasp as the bard inhaled sharply. Gabrielle's hand reached out, and took Xena's leathers by the cleavage, and the bard clung to the warrior as Xena began to pump her fingers in and out, letting her palm rub back and forth against her lover's clit.

Gabrielle's breathing grew more and more labored as the minutes rolled by. Xena could tell by her moans that she was near, so the warrior began to trace her tongue along the pulse in her lover's neck. She could feel the pounding of Gabrielle's heart speed up. Just as she felt the bard approach the cliff, she lowered her face into the bard's skin and opened her mouth wide, biting down firmly on the bard's neck.

Gabrielle suddenly grew silent, rigid. The orgasm took her breath as spasm after spasm racked through her body. Xena waited, patiently, as she felt the bard relax. She heard her lover's breath come back in a gasp as the redhead sank away, till she lay back on the cloud, flush, grinning.

Xena pulled her fingers out from between her lover's legs and brought them up to Gabrielle's lips. Gabrielle kissed the hand, taking it in her own, and lead it back to Xena, who slipped a glistening finger into her mouth. Smiling, the warrior, pulled the finger from her mouth with a pop and looked down at her recuperating bard.

"You ok?"

The bard looked up at her with slight astonishment in her eyes. "You have to ask? I feel fantastic."

Xena grinned. "I'm glad. I'm going to go get our things."

Helios found the two the next morning still asleep in each other's arms, their clothes were strewn along their campsite. Most of the supplies never made it out of the bag. They put on another quick show shortly after they boarded the sun god's chariot and spent most of the rest of the ride asleep.

The End

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