Author: Jess
Story Title: Rebirth
Characters: Hades/Borias
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ares discovers that Hades has a new lover. Work in progress.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/male sexual relations.

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by Jess

Hades strolled through the Underworld, resplendent in his black leather and violet cape rippling behind him. A slight breeze blew about him, pulling the cape out to its full length. The souls of dead warriors pouring into his domain kept him unusually busy Ares had started another war. But with his beloved Persephone gone, Hades appreciated the work.

Truth be told, all the extra work didn't account for his cheerful mood. But THAT reason would have to wait until later.

Hades moved through the dimly lit caverns of Tartarus. This part of the Underworld remained in perpetual twilight. The only illumination came from numerous torches within the caverns, and from Phlegethon, the River of Fire. All around, the sounds echoed, reverberating off the stone walls. More souls entered, and the wailing of eternal suffering was heard. Growls from Cerberus, the three headed guardian to the gates of the Underworld, could be heard as well.

"Hades!" a voice called out reaching him just as Hades crossed through the large iron gates at the entrance of the palace. Made by Hephaestus, they had intricate and two finely detailed black rams in the center that split in half as the gates were opened. A wedding present from his nephew, and a wonderful display of the Fire God's talent, Hades rubbed the centerpiece fondly before quickly turning around.

There, slowly emerging from the shadows of the nearest cavern stood Hades' other reason for being so cheerful. "What do you want?" the god asked bluntly. He'd known immediately who it was, but such familiarity outside of his chambers would be ill-advised. Hades backtracked to meet his companion halfway.


Borias, even in death, retained a zest for life and an air of confidence, so different from the other warlords who found their way to his realm. Hades hadn't noticed Borias when he'd first arrived, so many years ago. That didn't come until after Borias had been cornered by several of the other warlords and mercenaries he and Xena had defeated in the past.

Although they couldn't kill him, the group took sadistic delight in doing their worst to him. Borias was a formidable opponent and fought several of them off, but was no match for their numbers. They had left him beaten, bloody, stabbed, and unconscious, and his ears rang with threats of more to come. Borias could do nothing but wait for his now ageless body to heal, and that is when Hades had found him.

Hades loved Persephone deeply, yet he'd found something more in his friendship with the warlord. The end of Borias' mortal life was truly tragic betrayed and murdered shortly after the birth of his son, and in the prime of his life. A life, granted, that was filled with violence, bloodshed and warfare.

Borias had been understandably wary of the god during that initial meeting. Hades nonetheless came to his aide, taking him to his own chambers, and allowing him to recuperate. After the initial attack, Borias never had trouble with the group again. Hades found those responsible, and despite their pleas of mercy, sentenced them to the fiery depths in the River of Fire.

Now, Hades and Borias stood face to face, the god awaiting an answer. "Well?" he inquired.

His emotions masked behind his resolve, Borias' voice was barely audible in the rather noisy cavern as Rhadamanthus sentenced more souls to limbo in the Asphodel Plains. "You've been busy," he finally answered, as if that summed up everything. His green eyes pierced Hades' own. "And I've missed you," he said, just before pressing his lips against Hades'.

The god tensed up at the initial contact, surprised at the spontaneity of the act. The force pushed Hades back into the iron gates causing Borias' body to crash headlong into the god's. Hades could feel Borias' already hard cock pressed against his own hip.

Borias intensified the kiss forcing his tongue into Hades' mouth and seeking out the other's tongue. Once found, both began a dueling ritual and vying for the same ending. Borias reached up and laced his hands through Hades' short, dark, hair and pulled him closer. A moan erupted but neither knew whether it was one, or both of them.

Hades knew he was faced with a losing battle, one he wasn't even sure he wanted to fight, so the immortal gave into the feelings. Reached up, he grabbed the warlord's long, ebony-colored hair and pulled him close. Hades knew that he didn't want to be discovered out in the cavern, and so, with a wave of his hand, transported the two into the palace and into his bedchamber.

As they materialized, Hades pulled away and pushed Borias with a thud onto the purple, satin-covered bed. Both mortal and god had unquenched passion in their eyes. "Why . . . did you . . . stop?" questioned Borias, gasping for air.

Also struggling for breath, Hades answered quickly. "I thought it would be better if we were alone." Not one to waste any time, Hades waved his hand and in a flash of brilliant light, both he and Borias were relieved of their clothing. Borias leaned back on the bed, the purple color vibrant against his flushed, bronze skin. He took in the incredible site of Hades standing before him, the god's skin equally flushed.

"By the Gods, you are magnificent," Borias stated. The god didn't say anything, only acted. He quickly climbed onto the bed beside Borias and this time it was HE who captured Borias' mouth in a punishing kiss. The rough whiskers of Borias' beard and mustache erotically caressed Hades' face. The warlord didn't struggle, but wrapped his arms around Hades' waist, welcoming the hot skin onto his own. Soon, both of their tongues waged war with the other.

One of Hades' hands slowly traveled down the planes of Borias' chest, his fingers capturing Borias' nipple and pinching it with the slightest of pressure. Borias gasped into Hades' mouth, wanting more. Hades' other hand was tangled in Borias' hair, caressing it.

Hades' hand continued on its journey, caressing Borias' hip and inner thigh and finally reaching his straining cock. Borias arched into Hades' hand as the god began to manipulate the mortal's cock. Hades' own cock was equally as hard and in need of release.

Finally Hades released Borias' mouth and began trailing kisses, starting with his neck. He nipped and licked the visible vein down the side of his throat and moved to the dip of his collarbone. All the while, Hades never ceased stroking Borias' cock, the head of which was now covered in pre-cum, slicking up Hades' hand and fingers as well.

As he moved down Borias' chest, Hades suddenly stopped and released Borias' cock, causing the mortal to groan his disappointment. But his disappointment soon became approval as Hades dipped his tongue into his navel, sending electric sensations to every end of his body. The breathing of both men was becoming ragged, and filled the chamber.


A flash of bluish-white electricity illuminated the dark cavern. When it had subsided and the cavern returned to its original dim state, Ares, God of War stood outside the iron gates of Hades' palace. Dressed all in black and with black curls, he was nearly invisible in the dark. Nearly except for his flash of white teeth when he leered, or the shine of his deceptive eyes.

"Enough games, Hades," he muttered to himself. He stalked through the iron gates, disappearing in a flash, only to reappear outside Hades' inner chamber. Ares had a bone to pick with Hades about requisitioning many of his greatest warriors to Tartarus.

**I'll just have to "convince" Hades that he should leave my warriors alone** he thought. **I'm the God of War. How can I do my job if there's no one to fight the battles?** Ares paused outside the door and familiar sounds reached his ears. "I guess Persephone decided to stay a little longer this year," he commented to no one in particular. Not inclined to remain and be witness to Hades and Persephone's lovemaking, Ares turned to leave. That is until, he heard a distinctively male voice that was NOT Hades'. His curiosity piqued, Ares made himself invisible, even to Hades, and proceeded into the bedchamber.

The sight which welcomed him was surprising, but not a shocking one. In the middle of Hades' large bed, was Hades, and he was in the throws of what looked to be very heated and passionate sex. Ares didn't recognize the man whom he was with, but Ares could tell that it wasn't just a mindless romp. Whoever this mortal (he could sense it wasn't another god) was, he was something special to his uncle.

Hades thrust harder into Borias who arched his back almost completely off of the bed. The god rested on his forearms as his hands gripped the mortal's long hair, now drenched with sweat and plastered to his forehead. Borias' own hands were raking the god's back, leaving numerous red welts that crisscrossed over his flesh. Their bodies were both covered in a slick sheen of sweat, sliding against one another as Hades moved faster and faster within Borias, who thrust his hips upwards to counter every motion the other man made.

Hades could sense that Borias was nearing his end, and he knew that he couldn't hold on must longer, despite his immortal endurance. He dipped his head and pressed his bruised and swollen lips to Borias' yet again.

Borias let go as his balls tightened then suddenly he was shooting cum all over his chest . . . and all over Hades. As he tightly gripped Hades' back, Borias' knuckles turned white from so much strain.

"God . . . oh . . . . Hades . . . . Yes!!!" Borias pulled his lips away from Hades' and shouted as he came, his body tensing beneath that of the god.

Hades continued to pound into Borias, whose body tensed around the god's cock. It was only a few more thrusts by the god before he, too, came, releasing his immortal seed deep within his warlord lover.

"Ah . . . . Ah . . . . Ohhhh . . . . Yes, oh god!!!" Hades screamed, his back arching as he rode Borias to completion. The god collapsed onto the mortal before moving to his side and wrapping him in his arms. Both breathed raggedly as their bodies relaxed from the tensed-up state, in which they'd remained for so long.

It was a few minutes before either one could manage to speak coherently. "Gods, that was incredible," stammered Borias.

"That, was wonderful," responded the god.

Both men had their arms wrapped around one another, as they lie tangled among the purple sheets.

"If you're not careful, this friendship could turn into something far more than we expected, Borias."

At the sound of the mysterious mortal's name, a wicked, feral grin spread across Ares' face. **So, Hades has new lover, who just happens to be Xena's old lover** he thought. He quickly left the room, and the two lovers, undetected. Ares proceeded out of the gates of Tartarus feeling much better than when he came down.

And he had a beautifully devious plan forming in his mind.


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