Author: Beverly Collins-LaCroix
Story Title: The Chosen One
Characters: Gabrielle & Ares
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What really happened between Gabrielle and Ares in 'Succession.'
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

The characters do not belong to me, and this is not for profit, just enjoyment.

This story contains explicit male/female content.

This takes place at the beginning of the episode 'Succession.'

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The Chosen One
by Beverly Collins-LaCroix

Ares had watched Gabrielle, and listened to her complaints and understood how she felt. He had been watching her sometime now.

"It's tough to be underestimated and misunderstood, isn't it?" Ares asked, startling the girl at the well.

"What do you want, Ares?" Gabrielle asked, in no mood to play word games with the God of War.

"You," the formidable wargod answered.

"I don't have time for your riddles, Ares," Gabrielle retorted.

"Who said anything about riddles, Gabrielle," Ares replied, and before she could answer she found herself swooped up in the powerful arms of the wargod, and they shimmered out of sight.


Materializing in the sitting room of Ares' private apartment in the Halls of War, Ares held onto Gabrielle until she regained her sense of balance. He waited for the struggle he knew that was forthcoming, waited with anticipation, wanting to feel her body moving against his, her fighting, the intensity of her anger directed at him. The prospect of it shot through his being like a battle cry from a battle field glorifying his name. To him, her anger, her fight, her rejection of him was a love call to him. And he had fought his need for her since before Dahak, and then that fiasco in Rome. If that idiot Caesar thought he would allow Gabrielle's mortal life to be ended on a cross because of some vendetta he had with Xena, Caesar did not understand the God of War. He had lead that weakling Eli to Gabrielle to bring her back to him, and he had. Now, he had her, he wasn't going to let somebody who wanted Xena on a trophy belt put her through any more. No. No, that wasn't going to be allowed, Gabrielle was his Chosen One, and had his protection, and his protection reached far and wide, and woe unto to the one who laid a hand on one hair of her beautiful head.

Broken out of his reverie, it occurred to him Gabrielle wasn't fighting him, quite the opposite, with her back against his chest, she had leaned against him. She was still, and he could tell from her heartbeat she was at peace and contented.

"Gabrielle, no recriminations?" he taunted.

"No, Ares," she said softly. Gabrielle figured out a long time ago it would be useless to fight Ares. Every time she had been close to him, she never fought him, his sensuality was too much a part of him. His touch burned her with desire, and any movement on her part made her need for him worse, because he would hold her closer and tighter, so the best thing for her to do was just to stay still and ride it out, and eventually he would let her go.

When she had owed him a debt, and he had grabbed her outside his temple to collect, it had been very, very hard not to give in to his hot burning touch, and beg him to take her then and there. She had been so hot at that point, she wanted to offer herself as his sacrifice, fall to her knees, and worship him in any way he desired. She would lose all reason around him, her voice would change, she couldn't control it. And she figured out he fed on her tension and anger, and it only made it worse for her.

"Ares, what do you want, and why did you bring me here?" Gabrielle asked calmly.

Her calm was disconcerting to Ares, he had not expected it, and wasn't sure how to answer her or how to react, so he decided the truth would be the best.

"I want you, Gabrielle, and fucking you in Demeter's temple seemed sacrilegious," Ares said in a husky voice, thick with desire.

"Oh well, I'm glad you kept your head about you. I would most likely have been a public display, writhing and moaning like someone gone mad while you hid behind your godly veil of invisibility." Gabrielle said, still calm, almost monotone. In all reality the picture of him fucking her in public was making her very hot, and she was very wet between her legs.

He could smell her desire, he wanted to taste it, drink her inside him until they were one, merged together for an eternity.

"What do you want, little girl?" Ares whispered in her ear.

"I want you to stop using me to get to Xena," Gabrielle replied in the same voice.

"Is that what you think this is, Queen Gabrielle?" Ares said, taken aback, although he supposed he shouldn't be. He had done it often enough with more than just Gabrielle.

"What else could it be?" Gabrielle queried the wargod. Neither one of them had moved, he was still holding her from behind, she was leaned into him.

"Would you like for me to show you? Now, answer my question, what do you want from me?" Ares asked her heavily, whispering in her ear. He was holding her in a tight embrace. She couldn't have moved if she tried, his arm was on her breast. Now it hurt, but it shot a thrill through her, and she moaned. He didn't miss it. He was so aroused by this he wanted to rape her, but that wasn't his style unless he knew they wanted to be forced, then he had no difficulty. He liked force, and he liked to play rough. But he had to know that his opponent would eventually be begging him for more, and he knew Gabrielle would be begging him in a few minutes if he could wait.

"Answer me, Gabrielle! What do you want?" Ares said in a voice that had turned cold and hard.

"I want you, Ares. Every time I'm around you, I want you to do everything sexual I can think about. I want you in me. I want you to fuck me hard until I scream your name. I want to climax with you, and feel the power of us. I want to kiss you all over your beautiful divine body. Everywhere, slowly. I want you to sob for me, beg me, like I want to do every time I'm around you. I want you to burn for me in your blood, and in your soul the way I burn for you. I want to take your godly cock in my mouth and suck you, and drink the ambrosia of your seed until you have to physically move me away. I want you to kiss me in the most private of places, until I'm so open and so wet that you slide your cock in me and we become one, as lightening answering the call of thunder, moving in a rhythm until you know I've been loved like no one has ever been loved before, and then we climax as one.

"Then I want to give you a long, luxurious bath, and I want to clean you with my tongue like a wild animal, like a panther, which is what your are to me. A beautiful rare untamable panther. Then I want you to clean me slowly and as if you care for how I feel. Then when you're through I want you to dry me, pick me up in your arms and take me to your bed, and fall asleep with me. I want to watch you sleep, if gods sleep.

"Now, are you satisfied, I told you what I want from you. Will you take me back now?"

Her voice still hadn't changed from the same quiet monotone as earlier. She heard the sharp intake of his breath, felt his erection pushing into her from behind, then she felt his fingers on her nipples, slowly moving, pinching, pulling, it was driving her crazy.

"Is that what you truly want, Gabrielle?" Ares asked her with no intention of letting her go, never stopping his caressing of her breasts, and nipples. He could feel her hips gyrating against his hard cock, and knew he had her. But she wouldn't say so, this was one decision he would take out of her hands and place it in the hands of her god.

"Yes, Ares, I think it would be best." Gabrielle answered him, this time her voice was thick with desire for him.

"Not a chance, little girl," Ares said laughing, as Gabrielle felt her knees buckle from the intensity of his burning desire for her, and she finally gave in to her intense need for him.


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