Author: Katelin B.
Story Title: Queen's Orders
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Gabrielle uses her power as Queen of the Amazons to get exactly what she wants. PWP.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

Don't own 'em.... wish I did...... those lucky people at USA Studios....

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sexual relations.

*sigh* I know everyone is wondering where the rest of What Happen's Now? is......... but I'm working on it!! *G* So you get this for now. *G*

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Queen's Orders
by Katelin B.

Xena walked slowly back to the training yard for the fourth time that evening, grumbling to herself with frustration. The day had not gone well from the start. She had been jolted out of sleep well before dawn because of a security alarm that had turned out to be nothing more than a deer mistaken for an intruder by one of the younger warriors. Just as she was returning, Gabrielle had been called away to deal with something... and so on through the day. It seemed that once one of them was free, the other was needed somewhere. And they hadn't seen each other all day.

Xena caught sight of Solari and stormed up to her, ready to hit the roof. "All right," she snapped, "What is it this time??" She was fully prepared to toss her into a manure pile if it was another question about her drill techniques.

She quickly responded that there were seven warriors that were patiently waiting for their daily hand to hand battle instruction. Xena sighed in frustration and spun on her heel, storming onto the field without a word. She had promised to train them every day while she and Gabrielle were staying in the village, but she didn't want to worry about that right now. All she wanted to do was touch her soulmate. Kiss her and make love to her all night, but there were so many things that were keeping them apart. She raised her head from the dirt she was studying and reminded herself yet again to get them back on the road as soon as possible..

Suddenly, Xena was jolted from her thoughts by a curt voice. "Xena," the guard's stern voice echoed in her ears, "Her Majesty, Queen Gabrielle has commanded your presence. Immediately." Xena blinked. Gabrielle never ordered her to do anything. But the guard didn't sound happy. Actually, she sounded angry. At her.

Wondering what she could have done wrong, Xena turned away from her, still waiting class, and began a quick walk to the royal hut. As she approached, Xena saw Ephiny standing guard at the door, watching her. Her expression was neutral and she didn't make a move to talk to her, so Xena ignored her.

Stopping outside the door, she knocked and waited for the call to enter. It came and Xena opened the door, stepping inside. She closed the door behind her and looked at her love, standing in the middle of the room, a stern expression on her face. Xena took a step forward. "Gabrielle, what's wrong?" she asked, truly concerned.

The frown on Gabrielle's face disappeared quickly, replaced by a slow grin that spread to a huge smile. "I missed you," she shrugged, trying to look calm and relaxed, "This was the only way I could think of to spend some time with you."

Xena smiled. "Oh, you wanted to spend some time with me," she said softly, relaxing, "And what would you like to do, now that I'm here?" A sly grin spread across her face, knowing what Gabrielle's response would be.

Gabrielle didn't respond, but stepped forward, making Xena step back instinctively. She did it again, and again, until they were near the wall of the cabin, and suddenly, Gabrielle grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing her against the wall. Xena had never seen her bard this inflamed, and squeaked in surprise before all sound was cut off by Gabrielle's lips covering hers. She fell into the kiss quickly, wrapping her arms around the fierce little Queen.

Gabrielle unwrapped the warrior's arms from her, and held them against the wall, imprisoning her as they kissed passionately. Xena moaned into Gabrielle's mouth, pushing her hips forward, grinding them against her love. "God I missed you," she gasped into Gabrielle's mouth, fighting back to gain control of the kiss.

Gabrielle gasped and shifted Xena's hands just barely over her head to hold them pinned with one hand and ran her free hand down Xena's body, gently squeezing her breasts and trailing lower still to cup her mound firmly through her leather breeches. "I love you," she answered simply. She shuddered at Xena's groan and leaned in to straddle one of the warrior's thighs, rocking against it.

Xena struggled briefly, wanting to touch her but Gabrielle wouldn't let go, and the dark woman had no desire to hurt her lover. The Queen's free hand wormed its way inside Xena's breeches traveling down to feel her wet center, two fingers gently working their way inside her heat. Gabrielle groaned at the sensations around her fingers and rocked herself faster on Xena's thigh.

Xena cried out, thrusting her hips forward, whimpering into Gabrielle's mouth as they kissed. "Oh, God..... yessssss," she murmured, nibbling on Gabrielle's lower lip. She groaned again as Gabrielle worked her hand faster, thrusting more forcefully. Her hips moved faster, keeping in time with Xena, and she felt a warm itch beginning in the pit of her stomach.

Xena's eyes slid closed as she listened to the whimpers and moans coming from both of them, and felt the fullness of Gabrielle's fingers inside her. "Please," she moaned, feeling the pleasure building with each thrust, "Please, Gabrielle."

"Please what, Xena?" the little bard whispered, her voice thick with desire for the warrior woman, "Tell me what you want." Gabrielle barely moved her hand inside Xena, silently communicating that the dark haired beauty would have to speak her desire before she could have it. It was a little game she played to get Xena to let down some of the emotional barriers that still remained, even after more than two summers of traveling together.

After several moments of silence, broken only by ragged moaning from both women, the little bard decided to encourage the warrior a little. "Tell me, Xena," she hissed, driving her fingers deep inside her wet cavern in one strong thrust.

"Oh, Gods!" Xena cried at the action, arching her hips forward, trying to increase the pressure. She whimpered when Gabrielle's hand stilled for the second time, and finally, her control was broken. "Gods Gabrielle!" she cried, loud enough that the bard was sure at least Ephiny had heard, right outside the door, "Faster, please! Harder!"

Gabrielle moved faster at the sound of Xena's voice, pounding her fingers in and out with as much force as she dared, feeling her own pleasure rise with the increasing wetness under her touch and the escalating cries coming from Xena. Suddenly, the chasm was beneath her and she pressed herself harder against the warrior's smoothly muscled leg, rocking as fast as possible.

One final effort and she fell off the ledge, releasing Xena's wrists to hold her tightly, as she cried out into her mouth. Xena felt her arms fall and immediately wrapped them around Gabrielle, her lover's release triggering her own. She bucked frantically against Gabrielle, shouting her name hoarsely. "GABRIELLE!!!"

The sensations faded after several moments, and their knees buckled, both women sliding into a crumpled heap on the floor, still holding each other tightly. "I love you," Xena gasped, trying to get her breath back, "Always, my bard."

Gabrielle squeezed her tighter, tears coming to her eyes. "I love you too, Xena. Always," she whispered before kissing her softly. The two women held each other for several minutes, until the uncomfortable position, and a soft knock on the door forced them to move. Xena readjusted her leathers and straightened her hair, as Gabrielle fixed her own clothes. When Gabrielle called out for whoever was there to enter, both looked as though nothing has happened.

They turned as one as Ephiny walked in and regarded them both with a strange expression. Xena raised an eyebrow, her expression neutral, and she turned to face Gabrielle. The Queen addressed Xena first. "Xena," she said, her expression the stern tone it had been before, "We will continue this discussion later."

Xena swallowed a smile and nodded briskly before turning on her heel and leaving the hut. She didn't notice Ephiny's amused look at her back, and didn't stop walking until she out of sight from prying eyes. Only then did she let the smile cross her face. "Later indeed," she murmured to herself and chuckled slightly, before forcing herself back into stern warrior mode to deal with the students waiting for her on the practice field.


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