Author: Minerva
Story Title: Just a Little Ditty
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Uber. Gabrielle comes home from a business trip and Xena shows her how much she was missed.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

While this can be considered an uber story, there is still a close resemblance of the characters Xena and Gabrielle—their names are even used. These are not my creations, they belong to Rob T. and Universal/MCA Studios. I am just borrowing them for a while. However, this story is the property of Minerva.

This story is of an alternative nature. It includes graphic consensual sex between two women. There is also mild use of strong language, so if this offends you please look elsewhere :) Bows in thanks.

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Just a Little Ditty
by Minerva
© 1999 by Minerva

I walked quickly down the corridor glad to be home; glad to be back with her. It was a long trip with phone calls that left me aching and weak, but I was home now needing her wanting her. I entered the apartment. It was dark but my skin crackled with awareness. She's up to something, and it was then that I heard the husky voice, dripping with sensuality.

"You will do what I say when I say it."

That is when I noticed the inky blackness of her hair glinting almost blue in the moonlight, and sizzling clear blue eyes snapping through the dark murkiness.

"Sit here," she said.

I shivered in anticipation as her perfume tantalizingly mixed with the scent of her body beckoned me to touch, but I held myself in check because I knew I was about to wish I could die from pleasure. I dropped my bags and sat in the chair she had posted in the middle of the room. She stood defiantly in front of me and I could almost see the smirk on her face. She leaned over to light several candles on the conveniently placed table. As she did so, her hair fell and caressed my face. I inhaled and silently moaned at its scent.

She chuckled and said, "Already? We haven't even started yet."

I heard click and the sensual drag of Paula Cole's "Feelin love" permeated the room. The candles provided sufficient illumination. I now saw her where I only could smell her before. Her lips were blood red, and she licked them hungrily as if about to devour. I could see the smirk now, and I saw her body start to sway to the beat of the music.

I licked my own dry lips and whispered, "Oh god what are you doing?"

She did a standing straddle over my lap and swayed her leather covered hips in my face. With each sway the skirt rose higher and higher giving me a view of strong, hard, yet soft thighs. I whimpered with the need to touch them; to run my hands over the silky inside and the satiny outside. I bit my lip in consternation trying to maintain control, and I looked up to see her eyes blazing into mine. Her hands encircled her head and ran themselves through long black tresses. Looking further down, her nipples stood erect, straining the silk material of her white shirt. I heard her gasp as the silk rubbed back and forth, back and forth over her nipples with each movement of her body. My heart raced with a delicious pounding in my ear; my hands sweat and itch to touch; my mouth salivated to tongue her nipple through the silky material.

With a deep moan I leaned my head in, and parted my mouth to suck it in to taste it, opening my mouth wider to suck in as much as possible. I suddenly felt her hands tangle in my hair. She gently pulled my head back and wagged her finger in my face.

"Ah, no no Gabrielle. What I say remember?"

A harsh whimper was torn from my throat, that quickly turned into a moan as she leaned and traced my lips with her tongue. "Patience." she said. She leaned back and began to gyrate once more to the beat of the music. Her hips thrusting and pumping centimeters from my face. The only thing I could do was stare at the creamy thighs as they are more and more exposed. Suddenly she switched tactics and her hands slowly move up over her silk covered breasts. She cupped them in her hands, and gasped squeezing rhythmically to the music. She took the hyper erect nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed and pulled. They seemed to become impossible bigger, fuller, and delectable looking. I moaned loudly at the display and longed to cross my legs to alleviate some of the building pressure between them. All points south were throbbing hypnotically and it seemed not coincidentally with the music. She slowly began to unbutton the shirt exposing more skin more of the delicious view of her breasts, and then there they were before me tanned to a rich brown like the rest of her.

The brown nipples stood out like some ripe, delicious and exotic fruit. I was salivating, and as if she sensed my need, she grabbed my by the back on the neck and pulled me into the valley between her breasts. I couldn't take it. It was too hot; I was too wet: and she smelled like pure sex. My hand traveled down between my own legs, tearing at my panties (thanking the gods for making me wear a skirt today) trying to get inside to the wet and thick creaminess I knew awaited because of her. Whimpering had become my vocabulary with the secondary language being moaning. I turned my head slightly and took a nipple into my mouth. She cried out loudly making me shake to the core. I traced around it with my tongue, watching it become impossibly more erect

She watched me through passion filled eyes as it slowly disappeared into the warm, moist cavern of my mouth. "Fuck," she said, "you have the sexiest mouth. I love it on me."

By this time my hand had found its mark and I sighed audibly as my fingers came in contact with wetness. She smiled knowingly and somehow jerked my hand away from my flaming center. "Xenaaaaa," I begged.

With a challenge in her eyes she said, "No cheating, I'll do that for you when I think it's time! Put your hands here and keep them here."

She positioned my hands on either side of the chair. Her nipple escaped from my mouth and I howled in protest and emptiness. She smirked sexily and slowly lowered herself to her knees parting my legs further apart on the way down. She grabbed me by the hips and pulled me till I was teetering on the edge of the chair. Somehow I realized that the song must be on continuous play because it started again. My god all this had happened in the span of 4 minutes!!! All thoughts scattered when I heard a rip and felt air caressing my wet inner thighs and soppy center.

"MMMMMM god, Gabrielle you're so wet", she said, and all I could do was resort to my second language and moan.

She lifted her head up, and looked me in the eye. She inserted two long fingers into her mouth and began to suck, and watched helplessly amazed as the fingers and the hand disappeared under my skirt. I could not see anything but oh fuck could I feel. I could feel those two fingers on either side of my clit, slightly applying pressure. My hips bucked and jerked wildly with a mind of their own.

"Ungh, fuck me!! I said.

She chuckled, chuckled dammit, and lovingly slid her fingers down and down until they were circling my opening. They slid home; my vision blurred; and I heard us both moan in unison. She was inside me; feeling me pulse all around her. She kept the two fingers unbelievably still, while my hips ground around them. Then just as suddenly as she entered me, she left. I cried out in frustration and almost died , died when I watched her lick her fingers dry. She sucked each digit lovingly lapping the creaminess from her fingernails and in between.

"Mmmm, so good, so sweet I need more."

She lowered her head once more. Oh my god, I could feel her tongue lapping at my opening, drinking of the flow that poured from there. Catching me totally off guard she speared her tongue inside my opening. I screamed; locked my thighs around her; thrust into her face; and pulled at her hair. The wet slurping sounds seemed so loud I could hear them above the music. Feelin love...indeed.

Her tongue speared out and back in unbelievably deeper, and her thumb pressed against my throbbing clit. My head thrashed back and forth in ecstasy. My whole center was alive and throbbing it seemed. She twirled her tongue over sensitive lips until she got to my clit where her mouth became a suction. She took it between her lips and began to suck as well as flick it with her busy tongue. I could hear and feel her moaning and humming in pleasure between my thighs. Each moan sent an additional spark from my center throughout my sweating body.

I knew screaming for me was not far behind. I wanted it to last but my body was on overload, going at her pace. I got closer with each suck with each flick of her tongue. My hips were moving on their own, bucking and straining off the chair. She slid two fingers home, deep and curled them raking it over the soft flesh inside. She plunged them in and out in a rhythm that was ever increasing until I could hear her hand pounding in and out sopping wet flesh.

So close, I could feel the orgasm come from far away, starting in the center and radiating outward. She took my clit gently between her teeth and began to flick it hard with the tip of her tongue. My breathing stopped and all I could do was feel....feel her silky hair caressing my inner thighs; her hot tongue branding my clit; her fingers pressing against trembling inner walls; and feel my orgasm tear through me like fire on paper.

My body rose off the chair and thrashed and trembled uncontrollably. I could hear my heart and blood gushing and thudding in my ear as well as a scream so primal it sounded of a tortured animal. She continued applying pressure to my clit and softly moving inside me drawing it out until my body stopped clutching and throbbing, barely on the brink of consciousness.

She slowly removed her fingers and lips which started off a new set of tremors. No speech was possible--whimpering was all and my body was limp with pulsing aftershocks. I looked at her as she began to stand her eyes blazing and her chest heaving with excitement her eyes flashing with passion.

"We are not finished," she whispered, and I watched as she removed the rest of her clothes and reached to remove my shirt also.

Finally able to speak I said, "Oh yess, more."

She took the fingers that were deep inside me that were now pleasantly coated and outlined my lips with them. Leaning over she covered my mouth, sucking and biting my lower lip, and tracing her tongue over my wet lips.

"Mmm, do you have any idea how good you taste? How much you turn me on? How wet you make me?" she said.

"Show me,"
I whispered.

She whimpered, and hiked one long leg up on the chair, giving me an intense view of swollen, slick lips. I laid my head back on the chair and watched her, feeling my heart beat accelerate again and my stomach twist. Her soft hands caressed her neck and trailed down slowly until they got to her breasts. She palmed both breasts and pressed them together, rubbing her hard nipples with flat palms. She began pulling and pinching them making them more elongated and more erect. My mouth watered. I moaned and longed to have my mouth on her delicious skin. I tried to rise up, but she forcefully pushed me back down.

"NO, this is for you --watch."

She went back to playing with her breast, and in empathy my nipples hardened. As I watched her, I began to touch my own swollen, ripe breasts. I wanted so much to close my eyes at the sensation, but our eyes remained planted on each other. The moment was as electric as it was erotic. Forget the music, all I could hear now was our own increased breathing. We rolled, pulled, and pinched our own nipples until even the air made them tingle. I peered down and god she was so wet. It was coating her thighs, and I licked my lips wanting so much to taste her. I couldn't believe how wet I had gotten again from watching her.

I look back up and see her eyes blazing back at me as her hands moved down caressing her stomach. She moved her leg further up the chair, and her legs came further apart, releasing the fragrance of her arousal.

I closed my eyes briefly and breathed in, loving the smell of it. Her hands moved slowly down to their goal. She slowly caressed the outside of her mound, and dipped her fingers in lightly. She moaned and her hips bucked forward. I whimper in response. She quickly removed her fingers and brought them to my mouth. I grab her wrist and suck the wetness off, running my tongue thoroughly over her digits. We moaned in unison, when she began to slowly move her fingers in and out of my mouth, tracing them over my tongue my inner cheeks, my gums. She closed her eyes briefly and reluctantly removed her fingers.

She moved them back between her legs. With that hand she parts her swollen lips, and I could see her swollen clit peeking from its hood. She is so wet that her lips glistened. She brought the other hand around and parts the wet lips, giving me a birdseye view of what I longed to see. She looked down at me and said, "Watch." I whimpered and my eyes were trained to her moving hand, knowing what is coming and eager to see it. She placed two fingers softly on the hood of her sensitive clit and started to rub slowly. With the contact she groaned deep in her throat, and my hips jerked in response. I sneak a peek upwards and saw her head thrown back in ecstasy, and I moved my line of vision back down to what was beckoning me. She rubbed in slow circles and with each rub her clit seems to get bigger, and she seemed to get wetter. I could feel my own wetness covering my thighs and longed to press my legs together to release some of the pressure.

It was then that she pulled the hood back and started caressing her bare, hard, slick clit, and my body went on overdrive. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion, I instinctively moved my own hand between my legs. When I finally touched my mound, I cried out in relief, but kept my eyes glued to her ministrations. I heard her, the whimpering that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and my clit jump. God she was so wet and just seeing it was making me wetter making me hotter. She was rubbing faster now and in empathy I was also. The room was filled with our whimpers and moans corresponding with the music. The moment was electric both of us rubbing frantically trying to reach the pinnacle of pleasure, watching each others hands, watching each others eyes.

She whispered, "You like watching me don't you, like watching me fuck myself?" I only whimpered more, but she continued talking. "Answer me!! you like watching it don't you?"

I was able to squeeze out.

"Gabrielle," she said, "will you rub harder for me?"

"Fuck yess,"
I replied.

A few minutes later she says "Will you rub faster for me?"

"OH yea baby god,"
I rasped out. There we were rubbing our clits in unison, harder, faster, wetter.

"Gabrielle?" she said a few minutes later in a strained voice, "will you come for me?"

"Oh god,"
I screamed as wave after wave of orgasm forced itself through my body at her command. With every wave I felt my clit jump in happiness, and faraway I heard her cry out, and watched her body shake as she fell into my lap exhausted with her hips bucking, and her wet, sensitive mound rubbing against my stomach. Speaking was impossible for we just sat there holding each other. I rubbed her sweaty back and murmured to her as my body continued to quake.

Slowly, gradually our breathing slowed, and she whispered close to me ear, "Love you. Welcome home." I just smiled and kissed her sweaty cheek as the song began to replay itself once more.

The End

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