Author: Lisa Jain Thompson
Story Title: Callisto: Insurrection
Characters: Callisto/Seven
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Crossover with ST:Voyager. After Xena stabs Callisto with the hind's blood dagger, Callisto inexplicably finds herself floating in space outside the Starship Voyager. The Captain transports her aboard and asks Seven to find out who she is.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex

The characters belong to MCA/Universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story includes explicit descriptions of female/female sexual situations.

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Callisto: Insurrection
Copyright L. J. Thompson
October 1998

                              Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
                              In the forests of the night,
                              What immortal hand or eye
                              Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

                              In what distant deeps or skies
                              Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
                              On what wings dare she aspire?
                              What the hand dare seize the fire?

                                                  William Blake

The gods lied: the universe was aflame. Everywhere Callisto looked the fire surrounded her. Bright white light blinded her eye as she struggled to unbind herself. What in Tartarus -- or rather where in Tartarus was she? If she was in Tartarus that is.

Shit. The hind's blood. Xena and her fucking hind's blooded dagger! One little smirk crosses my lips when that blonde little nuisance died and Xena goes courier on me. The last thing Xena wanted to do was kill me. She wanted me in her bed, if anything, like before, before she set fire to my village and she played me in the inn over ale. Fuck, I should be dead now.

I'm not.


Callisto continued to struggle in the flames. At least I am still enough of a god that the flames don't hurt.

In the far limb of infinite glare, Callisto noticed a less bright cloud of swirling gas and began moving in that direction. At least it looks different, I might as well go see.

As Callisto approached the rising mist, her existence exploded and carried her up? out? away from the flames into

Swirling gyrations

Curling twisting eddies

Surging whirlpools of escaping ....

Just escaping.

And then there were

Stars! Darkness!

I'm free at last. But where? I'm in ... the heavens, the star filled heavens. But where is the Earth and Olympus? Where is the god damn Auckland coastline that Xena is so fond of?

I don't think we are in Tartarus anymore, Gabrielle.

Callisto looked around. The sun was at her feet.

And a Starship was above her head.


"Captain Jainway, sensors report a human life form floating just off our bow between Voyager and the star."

"Where did it come from, Seven of Nine? Humanoids just don't suddenly appear in mid-orbit around a star. Where did it come from?"

"She, Captain, she just appeared. One moment there was empty space, the next a single human, floating between the stars without any sign of a transporter beam or a warp drive's signature."

"What does she appear to be doing there, Seven."

"She seems to be cursing, Captain, rather strenuously. Should I beam her aboard?"

"We can't very well leave her here, can we? Go meet her in the transporter room and find out everything you can about her."

"Yes Captain, I shall."


Seven of Nine assumed her place behind the console and activated the transporter. Whoever, or Whatever that was out there was giving the sensors some vary strange readings. Human, but something else, something more.

The transporter locked on the being, the characteristic hum rose in pitch as Seven adjusted it to keep the beam coherent. There! The image flickered. Seven fine tuned. The image flickered again. Seven raised the energy levels and the beam coalesced and settled. A very blonde, leather clad woman appeared and stared at the Borg woman.

"Where the hell is Ares? And who the hell are you, his new toy?"

"I'm Seven of Nine. You are onboard the United Federation Starship Voyager."

Seven spoke into the communicator. "She is onboard, Captain. Outwardly she appears to be a normal human, albeit one with a fondness for leather."

"Ask her name then"

Seven turned to Callisto and started to ask "What ...." but was cut off.

"Callisto. I'm not deaf, my name is Callisto. This captain of yours, she is captain of this ... starship, you called it?"

"Yes. Now if you would follow me, we'd like to run a few medical tests on you to make sure you are all right. "

"I'm not sick, I'm dead --- and it's highly overrated if you must know. But the one thing I do know is that I don't need a healer."

"As you wish."

Callisto stepped down from the transporter platform and looked around.

"The gods have been busy since I have been away. I always thought that Ares would like something like this."

Seven smiled, a human trait she was learning.

"If you mean the gods of earth, they are very far away now. We are in the delta quadrant."

"Whatever. If you say this is the delta quadrant, fine by me. Xena always pretended we were in Greece. I have a better question, though."

"This IS the delta quadrant. What is your question?"

"What are you? You don't look like anything I've every seen, and I've seen most everything in the Xenaverse by now."

"I am Borg."

"That's it? You are Borg? You're going to tell me nothing else?"

"I am Borg. That should be sufficient. If you would follow me to your room now."


The door shut behind them, sealing Seven and Callisto inside the room.

"This is the replicator. It can produce any food you would like."



Callisto paused and then smiled. "I would like some ambrosia then, a whole bowl if it can."

"Computer. A bowl of ambrosia."

Seven took the bowl from the replicator and handed it to Callisto who hesitated and then ate a piece.

It WAS ambrosia. Callisto turned back to Seven and pointed towards her uniform. "Underneath all that, do you still look like that?"

"I don't understand what you mean."

"I mean, babe, if you take off that stretchy stuff that is molded to you skin, do they still stick out like that?"

"Stick out?"

"Your breasts, babe, are they really that big and firm? I mean, come on doll, they really are more than a handful. You put Xena to shame."

Seven glanced down at her breasts, frowned, and then glared at Callisto. "Do yours really look like that after you take that leather costume off? There seems to be lot of pushing and swelling going on as far as I can see. Computer project an image of Callisto without the leather costume, taking in consideration her age, gravity, and standard curve probability."

Laughing, Callisto responded: "You don't have to do that, computer, whoever you are. There are easier ways for Seven to see my naked body." Callisto turned to Seven and smiled wickedly "Better ways too. I'll show you mine, if you show me yours, darlin'."

"I am not your darlin'."

"Not yet a least, but something tells me you wouldn't object. Is there a hot tub in this room? I'm partial to hot tubs ever since the night Xena and I ...." A sigh escaped Callisto's lips. "That was a long time ago and, if what you told me is true, on a planet far, far away. "

"What is a hot tub?"

Callisto giggled. "A place where warriors rested their tired bodies. Can this computer of yours make me a hot tub."

"Yes. I told you it could replicate anything."

"Ok, then, Computer ...," Callisto paused, "This is like talking to the gods and asking favors. Anyway, Computer, make me hot tub and put it over in that corner."

The computer's voice responded: "Working. A hot tub will materialize in 17.63 seconds."

Callisto's eyes widened. "Filled with hot water?"

"Make that 18.45 seconds."

Seven startled as Callisto took her hand. "What are you doing."

"Trust me." Callisto pulled Seven close and kissed her softly on the lips. "You like that don't you?"

"I'm not sure what you mean, like."

"No, of course you don't, Darlin', you're Borg, whatever that is. Help me off with this leather."

Seven helped Callisto off with her leather, freeing her toned muscled body. The imprint of the leathers embrace could be seen clearly on her flesh.

"Your clothes mark your body. Why do you wear them, Callisto?"

"I like the way I look in them. I look good in them, don't tell me you haven't noticed"

"You look good without them, and they smell."

"I'll smell better after I'm in the hot tub. I bet your clothes leave marks on your skin too, babe. They'd almost have to as tight as they are."

"I do not believe so."

"I do not believe so. Take them off, darlin', it's the only way you're going to prove that to me. Besides, I want to see how badly you flop without that wonder garment to mold you into shape!"

"I do not flop."

"Sure. That's what we all say." Callisto ran her hands over her body and shivered. "It feels good to be free of that costume. Take it off, babe, I want to see you flop."

"I do n..." Seven shrugged, and slipped out of her uniform. "Satisfied?"

Callisto grinned. "Not nearly. Come closer so I can have a better look."

As Seven drew near, Callisto reached out, pulled her closer, and then kissed her again, her tongue slipping between Seven's lips. Seven's body tensed, then relaxed as Callisto whispered in her ear, "I thought you would like that."

Callisto's hand slid down the Borg's naked thigh and felt for the growing wetness between Seven's legs. Seven shuddered as a single finger entered her, causing a hungry smile to cross to Callisto's face.

"You may not look a normal woman, Seven, but you certainly react like one." Callisto kissed Seven again, biting her lip as a second finger slipped in. "And you certainly have the scent of one, darlin. Come with me. I want to put you in touch with your humanity." Callisto, her fingers still deep within, slid into the hot tub.

"But ... ," Seven hesitated, fighting the desire that was swelling inside her.

Callisto smiled, putting a hand to Seven's mouth.

"Hush darlin', I said, 'Come with me.' Now. I know you want to. Don't fight it darlin', resistance is futile."

At that, Seven surrendered, gliding into the warm steaming water beside Callisto, pausing only as her breath caught to whisper almost inaudibly, "Computer, dim lights."

And the lights were dimmed and the voyage continued.

The End.

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