Author: Kelly
Story Title: Stranger in a Strange World: Challenge
Characters: AU Joxer/AU Cupid
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Set in the alternate universe, Cupid teaches the disobedient Joxer a lesson.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex and bdsm.

I don't own the characters, they belong to Renaissance Pictures. No one is making money off this, we're just having fun and relieving all that nasty pent-up sexual tension.

Slash fiction ahead! NC-17. It's consensual, but it's rough.

This story was a response to an alternate universe challenge on the Joxerotica mailing list.

You can find more stories by Kelly at The Joxerotica Archives, at Ksmithares, and at her own site Court of Slashqueen.

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Stranger in a Strange World: Challenge
by Kelly

Joxer clasped Iolaus' hand in farewell, and then turned back to the fighting. Ares, God of Love, was still sashaying around the room helping the rebels after he and Aphrodite had chased Xena off. Before he could engage, rough hands grabbed him from behind and carried him to another part of the castle.

Joxer was thrown on the Sovereign's bed, and belted across the face. "You fool. I warned you NOT to go ahead with your plan!" The God of War stood over Joxer, watching the blood trickle from the corner of Joxer's mouth.

"What was I supposed to do? Sit by and watch the destruction of my world? I don't think so."

"What you were supposed to do is LISTEN to your god when he tells you that your plan is doomed to fail!" Cupid's hard eyes glittered as his hands twitched by his sides.

"You didn't tell us that we would fail! You only told us that it wasn't the TIME to fight the Sovereign!"

"And you didn't listen!" Cupid reached to belt Joxer again, but the mortal caught the god's fist as it came towards his face.

"Ah ah ah. Once was enough, lover." Joxer's eyes glittered back at Cupid's as his tongue snaked out to lick the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Cupid growled, seeing the pink tip covered in blood, and shoved Joxer down on the bed, gluing his mouth to the mortal's, taking the blood-covered tongue into his mouth and laving each drop of coppery fluid from it.

Joxer's hands found the clasps of Cupid's vest and shoved it down, releasing ebony wings that unfurled to shadow them both.

Cupid's mouth feasted on the slow trickle of blood from Joxer's lip as the mortal finished undressing Cupid, then himself.

Not moving his mouth from Joxer's, Cupid willed his cock coated with oil, and forced the mortal's thighs apart, settling briefly before sheathing himself in one stroke.

Joxer's teeth closed on Cupid's tongue still in his mouth as the cock penetrated him so roughly. Cupid hissed, and moved his hands to squeeze the mortal's tender nipples until the teeth released his tongue.

As Cupid's hands twisted sensitive flesh, his cock drove brutally into Joxer's ass, rocking both their bodies and forcing grunts from his mortal lover's throat.

When Joxer's thrusting hips met Cupid's, the god closed his hand around the mortal's throbbing shaft and milked it, pumping it with deliberate strokes. Joxer's orgasm covered Cupid, splattering onto his dark wings. Cupid's burned Joxer as fire seemed to rocket through his body.

"You WILL obey me next time, LOVER," Cupid said, sneering the word. "Or I won't be nearly so easy on you."

"What about my men?" Joxer was concerned for them.

"They'll win...for now. up to you." Cupid vanished in a bright flash of blue light while Joxer laughed.

"Don't count on my obedience, Cupid. I don't obey a god who betrays his own family."

"Obey me...or die."


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