Author: XMP
Story Title: Fantasizing Can Be Fun
Characters: Xena & Joxer, Gabrielle & Joxer, Xena/Gabrielle & Joxer
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Xena and Gabrielle realize what they've been missing.
This rating is for explicit m/f and m/f/f sex.

Joxer, Xena and Gabrielle all belong to Renaissance Pictures and no insult nor copyright infraction is intended with this offering. The situations described are the result of my own imagination and my wizard's suggestions.

This is NC-17. Sexual situations, m/f.

My wizard liked this fantasy when I described it, I hope you all do too.

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Fantasizing Can Be Fun

by XMP

Xena looked around the small room that she and Gabrielle were to share in the hostel. Quickly she checked for entrances and egresses, points of weakness from where an attack could occur or a retreat effected. In passing she noticed the small, empty knothole in the wall, but dismissed it as a source of danger. Finally satisfied that the room would do, she began removing her weapons, placing her chakram carefully near the bed where she could easily reach it if needed.

Checking over her breast-armour, wondering if she needed to have some of the links reforged, she heard a familiar voice nearby speaking a name that always drew her attention. Cocking her head, she listened.

"Oh, Gabrielle," she heard Joxer sigh. "You were so beautiful today, when you twirled your staff and knocked those bandits out. It was all I could do to contain myself. Your hair was glistening in the sun. No, it was outshining the sun, putting it to shame. And the expression on your face, your eyes twinkling like two stars dropped from heaven because their brilliance put all the others to shame."

Perplexed, Xena cast about the room, trying to determine from where the sounds emanated. Finally, her attention focussed on the dismissed knothole. Quietly approaching, she put her eye to the hole. Very clearly, in the next room, she could see the bed, with Gabrielle's pink negligee tossed casually on top. A moment of anger flared. So, that's what was taking her so long. THAT was the business she had to take care of. Well! Then Joxer stepped into view.

Xena's eyes grew wide with appreciation for the wannabe warrior was wearing nothing but a huge erection, and carrying a small rectangle in his hand. Placing it carefully on a nearby table, angling it so that he could easily see it, he sat down, a look of affable sadness on his face.

Shaking his head, pressing his lips together, he addressed the rectangle, the picture, Xena realized. "But I can't tell you how I feel about you. Even if you weren't so much involved with Xena. Every time I get near you, my tongue ties into knots and my words get so garbled, I end up sounding like an idiot. And I know that's what you think I am anyway. If only I could show you somehow, show you that I am worthy of you." He sighed, lounging back against the wall. "But this is the only way I'll ever have you," he concluded, picking up the bit of silkiness and wrapping it around his cock. Closing his eyes, a small smile on his face, he began to slowly stroke it up and down the shaft.

Xena watched, feeling a sense of sorrow at the waste of such a magnificent monument. She was suddenly, painfully aware of just how long it had been since the last time she'd had a man between her legs. And then, she thought ironically, he'd been nowhere near as powerfully built. As she felt the heat increasing, her eyebrows raised, and a speculative smile grew over her face. Leaving the knothole, she went to the door, and approached the next one down.

"Oooh, Joxer." Xena's husky croon snapped Joxer's eyes wide open, out of the pleasant reverie in which Gabrielle was covering him with kisses. Jumping up, grabbing the nightie to cover his nakedness, he stammered nervously.

"Ummm, Xena, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you knock. Umm, if you wait a moment, I'll get into something ... ah, more decent, and then ... well, then I'll be right with you. Ok?" Moving with a feline grace toward him, her eyes soft and far away, Xena reached up and started undoing the fastenings of her leather tunic.

"No, Joxer," she purred, removing the under-armour, dropping it onto the floor. "I want to be right with you now, not in a few moments." Her chemise followed the tunic onto the floor. Joxer looked at her junoesque, godlike form, revealed in all its majesty and closed his eyes, gulping deeply. Reaching down, Xena grabbed the scrap of pink frothiness and tossed it behind her. "I know I'm not Gabrielle, Joxer," she said in her husky, low voice, "But I'm here." Kneeling before him, she began to lick his cock, her fingers caressing his balls.

"Ah, Xena, do you feel alright?" Joxer asked worriedly. This wasn't the Xena he knew.

Looking up at him, her mouth full, the warrior princess didn't answer at first. Then, she slipped the immense erection out of her mouth and replied, "No, I'm not all right, Joxer. But you can take care of that." Reaching up, she pushed him onto the bed, and leapt up, straddling him. With a swift motion, she impaled herself on his shaft and began to ride him. Bewildered by her strange behavior, Joxer could feel himself softening. Xena could feel it too. She stopped and looked at him, her eyes filled with loss.

"Joxer, am I so unattractive that you don't want to make love to me," she cried. Joxer found himself shaking his head.

"No, no Xena, but this isn't a good position for me. Let's try it the other way. Please." Eagerly, Xena got off him, and, when he stood up, lay down on the bed. Looking down at her, her eyes bright with desire, her nipples crinkling, and her nether lips flushed, Joxer felt his power over her and his cock dipped, increased in size. Climbing on top, he reached for those incredible breasts, squeezing them gently before taking one nipple into his mouth, rolling the other between his fingers.

Xena began to moan softly as he nipped and licked and bit his way down her body, ending at her cunt. Thrusting his tongue in he licked the juices flowing from her heated center. Worrying the tiny, engorged clit, he felt her bucking body and heard her plead with him, "Now Joxer. Take me now. I need you."

With a low chuckle of victory, he positioned himself carefully, the head of his prick barely inside her warm and wet pussy. "You want this?" he teased.

"Oh, yes, yes Joxer. Push it into me. Please, I need you." She put her hands up to his waist, trying to pull him down, to give her what she so desperately required.

Gabrielle entered the room she and Xena were to use and looked around curiously. She had thought that Xena would be here; the other woman had indicated that she wanted to take a nap. Noticing the armour, the weapons piled neatly in one corner, her puzzlement grew. Xena would never leave without those. A low, pleading cry caught her attention, continuing. To Gabrielle's horror, it sounded like Xena, but she'd never heard Xena begging like this, never.

Finally seeing the knothole, she put her eye to it. Now she was truly horrified to see her friend, Xena the Warrior Princess, writhing and crying out underneath JOXER! Not sure what was going on, but wanting to save her very best friend from a fate worse than death, Gabrielle grabbed up her staff and ran to the next room.

Grabbing Joxer roughly around the waist, she pulled him off of Xena and swung around, holding her stick at ready, to defend her helpless friend from his depraved appetites. To her surprise, the attack came from behind her.

With a low, animal growl of rage, Xena pulled her around and down, pinning her to the bed and snarling angrily at her. Immediately, her face gentled as Joxer again mounted her from behind and began to pump into her cunt. Frantically, desperately, she pounded back against him, finally yelling out in a crescendoing cry of orgasmic explosion.

Trapped beneath the passion of the two of them, Gabrielle could do nothing but watch. She'd seen Xena coming before, but never with this intensity. The depth of their coupling was contagious and she found herself warming with it, writhing, attempting to get some degree of self stimulation. The end came all too soon for her as Xena collapsed on top of her. Gabrielle pushed her body up against her friend's, trying to join in.

Joxer noticed Gabrielle's little movements, and a slow, satisfied smile appeared. He pushed Xena's lethargic form over and, with one swift movement, pulled Gabbie's skirt off, while she lifted her nether body to help him. As she spread her legs, he plunged inside her, trying to slow himself down, trying to make it last.

But the excitement of being inside Gabrielle, of taking her, combined with the stimulation of bringing the warrior woman to collapse was too much even for Joxer, and after a few strokes, he cried out loudly and spent himself into Gabrielle's bucking body. For a few moments, he lay there, while she tried to bring herself release on his rapidly shrinking cock. It was with a cry of disappointment from her, when he finally pulled himself out.

With a small shake of the head, he shrugged his shoulders looking down at the blonde dipping her fingers in and out of herself. Sighing softly, he said, "Sorry, Gabrielle. Maybe next time." Xena chuckled beside them.

"Only after me, Gabbie, only after me."

The End

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