Author: Catriona
Story Title: A Night with the God of War
Characters: Ares/f (Catriona)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Catriona is abducted from earth by Ares. She is taken to his stronghold on Mt. Olympus. They have lots of fabulous sex. ;) Mary-Sue.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex and mild bdsm.

The character of Ares belongs to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and was used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/female sexual relations and mild bdsm.

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A Night with the God of War
By Catriona

Cat is cleaning up with the other attendants in the Athenian baths at the end of the evening. As they finish sweeping, a deep, husky, unbelievably male voice sounds from out of nowhere.

Shocked, the women turn around to see what creature could sound that powerful, that sexy, that BAD? They see before them a male, 6'4", with dark curly hair, and vast, powerful brown eyes. His beard is groomed to run along his cheekbones before joining with a goatee on his chin. They tear their eyes away from that gorgeous visage to follow the black leather that covered him from neck to (gulp) toes down his buff body. His vest was open to the waist to reveal a mass of dark curly hair over his incredibly toned torso, and it looks like someone poured ALL OF HIM into those black leather pants.

Several women take one look at him and faint. He laughs at this, a sound that vibrates deep within the goils. His long curls shake, and deep dimples appear from beneath his beard.

"I am Ares, god of War," he says to the dumbstruck goils. Those who meet his powerful gaze feel flushed by the momentary contact with those deep brown eyes.

"What are you doing here?" asks Cat, who seems to be the first one to break through his spell, and steps forward from the crowd. "This is a place of peace."

His head swivels to see her, and he pins her to the spot with a mere glance. "I can be anywhere I want, sugar. And I just got a sudden URGE to be somewhere else," (Several other women pass out at the mention of the word "urge" because those pants weren't hiding anything) "with YOU!"

He lunges forward and grabs Cat in his massive arms. The assembled goils are horrified as he, with no effort, swings Cat over his shoulder in a fireman's hold, and vanishes in a flash of light.

Cat is blinded momentarily by the light. As her vision clears, she sees an upside down room. As Ares returns her to her feet, the image changes and she realises that she is in a bedroom. She looks around quickly for a way to escape, which makes Ares laugh.

"Don't even bother, mortal," he chuckles. "You're in my stronghold on Mt. Olympus, and even if you could get by all my guards, there is no way back to your world, save with me."

Sensing only one chance to attack, Cat moves in to use her self-defence training as offence. As she whips up her hand to heel-palm his nose, Ares grabs her hand mid-swing, spins her around and throws her on to the bed.

"Excellent!" he exclaims, chuckling again. "I like it when they're feisty. I love the challenge, if that is even what it can be called. Just remember, if I wanted to, I could take you, right here, right now."

He lifts her effortlessly from the bed and forces his mouth on hers. As soon as she can, she wrenches her mouth away. He tosses her back on to the bed and walks away, chuckling. He turns as he reaches the door, with a gaze that immobilises her where she landed.

"Servants will arrive presently to prepare you for your, audience," he smiles at his choice of words, "with the god of war. But don't make me have to fight too hard, because I always get what I want." The door slams shut behind him.

Cat looks around her prison, stunned by the events of the last 10 minutes. The bedroom was darkly luxurious, with a bath in one corner. The bed was adorned with a coverlet of velvet, blood red, of course, as were the walls and windows. The wood was all dark cherry, and the light filtering through the windows bathed the room in a bloody hue. "Someone's a little fixated," thinks Cat as the door opens and three leather clad slave women enter the room.

Cat says nothing, and resists not at all as the women undress her and lead her to the bath. They soap her hair and body, dry her then massage scented oil into her skin and hair. She begins to relax under their ministrations, being brought to as a leather slave collar clamps around her neck. She begins to struggle, but the slave women quickly subdue her with nervous glances towards the door, and hurriedly finish dressing her in a leather lace up vest and gladiator skirt. They lead her back to the bed and beckon her to lie down upon it.

Cat is alternately afraid and incredibly aroused by the whole situation. Ares was such a powerful presence. He stirred a want within her she never imagined she had. She looked to his return with fear and a longing so strong; her whole body ached with desire. Her hands ran over her oiled flesh as she thought of him. They caressed her thighs as she thought about the strength in the hands that grabbed her, and moved to the wetness between them as she replayed their earlier kiss. It was in this position that Ares saw her when he silently re-entered the room.

"Getting ready for me?" he asks, gesturing to the position of her hands. She pulls them quickly away and closes her legs protectively. His laugh echoes around the room, his cheeks dimpling, dark eyes dancing. "Don't stop on my account. I'm more than happy to watch. No? Well then I will have to participate."

He moves towards the bed, removing his vest to reveal a hard, muscular chest covered in dark, curly hair. Cat can't help but stare at the bulge that is now apparent in his tight, leather pants.

He climbs on to the bed and forcefully pulls her toward him. Their mouths meet in a crushing kiss. His tongue delves so deeply into her mouth that she has trouble breathing. She resists, and his mouth presses harder, almost bruising her lips with his. He pulls away abruptly, leaving her panting.

With an ironic smile on his face, he tears the leather vest his slaves had just dressed her in from her torso, revealing her breasts rising and falling with her heavy breathing. His mouth finds the hollow of her throat and his tongue dances along her collarbone. His hands roam down her body to fondle her breasts roughly. Pinching her nipples, flicking them until they're rock hard. She arches her back towards him unconsciously. His mouth traces a rough path down her chest to clamp over her breast, teasing with his tongue, then biting, a little too hard onto her nipple.

Forcing her back onto the bed with one massive arm, he undoes his pants with the other and peels them away. Cat feels his naked skin against hers. His hair, coarse against her oil-softened flesh. She struggles against the weight of his body as she feels his hard cock pressing between her legs. He slides his free hand down to move the strips of leather of her skirt away and part her thighs. He finds her soaking wet and begins to stroke her erect clitoris. A moan escapes her lips, which Ares conversely silences with his mouth and encourages with his probing hand. She opens her legs wider and grinds her pelvis up into his hand, seeking increasing pressure on her clit.

The pleasure is excruciating as he strums her faster and faster. She breaks her mouth free from his, and buries her head into his shoulder, smelling the unmistakable maleness about him. His scent is mesmerising.

Distracted by his hand, she is surprised by his cock entering her willing pussy. He thrusts hard into her, leaving her gasping. Cat sinks her teeth into his shoulder as he begins to fuck her. Startled by her ferocity, he opens his eyes, boring into her soul with the deep brown jewels, until he crushes his mouth back against hers while he rides her.

She is almost whimpering with pleasure when he returns his hand to her clit while thrusting into her. She raises her hips to slam against him, meeting every stroke, and scoring his back with her fingernails. She wraps her legs around his back to pull him deeper into her, almost screaming as his fingers bring her to a shattering climax. Ares intensifies the pounding he's giving her pussy as the orgasm courses through her body, and quickly adds his moans of ecstasy to her own.

They lay panting and spent. A tangle of two bodies, drenched in sweat and sex. They kiss again; gentler at first, then increasing as she feels his cock again growing hard against her. Cat looks at him, startled, and Ares smiles smugly.

"I am a god," is all he says as he takes her a second time.

The End

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