Author: MB
Story Title: Fruit of the Vine
Characters: Joxer/Autolycus/Jett
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Autolycus shares an evening with the twins and has too much wine with dinner. Strange things happen.... Part of the Brotherly Love series.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex, bdsm and incest.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/male sexual relations, bdsm and incest. Please skip the story if these subjects disturb you.

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Fruit of the Vine
by MB
June 2000

Autolycus stiffened as he heard movement in the nearby trees, followed by the unmistakable sound of hoofbeats. Someone on horseback was approaching his secluded camp, probably drawn by the fire he'd built. He stood and quickly pulled his knife from its sheath, silently cursing the murky twilight that made it so hard to see. As he peered in the direction of the sound, a tall, dark horse appeared, bearing a rider dressed in black.

The horse moved closer and his stomach clenched when he realized that the rider was Jett. Aside from the grudge that Joxer's crazy, killer brother personally held against him, Autolycus could easily name a score of people who would happily hire the King of Assassins to kill the King of Thieves. He looked around warily, prepared for anything, seeking the best route for escape.

"Hey, Auto!" the man called as he dismounted. "Boy, am I glad to see you. Do you mind if we join you here tonight? We've got some good wine and hopefully soon," he looked meaningfully over his shoulder, "we'll have some fresh rabbit or something we can cook for dinner. We'll need water for the wine though, it's really strong." He stopped talking and looked across the fire expectantly, idly stroking the horse's neck. "Auto?"

That sounded like - Joxer. Autolycus stared, debating the best response.

"Auto?" The man repeated, looking confused. "What's wrong with you?"

It couldn't be Joxer, Autolycus thought in disbelief. Joxer didn't have a horse, and he wore that ridiculous hat and silly, ill-fitting armor. This had to be Jett, for not only was he riding, he was wearing only a heavy leather vest over a plain linen shirt and pants. "Joxer?" he asked suspiciously. "Where's your armor?"

"Oh, that. Well, it's a long story." Joxer shrugged, then smiled engagingly. "So can we? Share your campsite, I mean?"

"Okay -- well, sure you can stay here, I guess," Autolycus said reluctantly, then quickly clarified, "er, just for the night though, right?" He had big plans and didn't need Joxer tagging along attracting attention.

"Yeah." Joxer nodded. "We've got to get an early start tomorrow.

Actually, the idea of fresh meat and wine with dinner was awfully enticing. One didn't get a lot of creature comforts camping in the woods like this. Autolycus nodded, then Joxer's words finally registered.

"We?" he asked in alarm. "Are you traveling with Xena and Gabrielle?" He really had no interest in listening to one of Gabrielle's endless stories, and besides, those goody-two-shoes could really put a kink in his plans.

"No, my brother," Joxer said. "He'll catch up in a while. He's hunting for dinner."

"Are you kidding? Jett..." Autolycus looked around in a panic. "He's with you? I thought he was in prison. He probably wants to kill me!"

He's not in prison anymore; he got released when he saved the warden's life," Joxer said, smiling. "And why would he want to kill you? He's the one who sent me ahead to look for you."

"Yeah, to kill me!"

"To share your camp, Auto." Joxer shook his head and turned his attention to unsaddling his horse.

"Oh, well then." Autolycus fingered his moustache. Maybe he had overreacted a bit. After all, it wasn't his fault Jett had been sent to prison; that was all Xena's doing. Autolycus eyed the long-legged bay mare, then again assessed Joxer's changed appearance. He seemed to be doing a good deal better for himself now that he was traveling with his brother. Autolycus sighed in resignation, deciding that a night spent with Joxer and Jett would be worth it if he got a good dinner. Besides, Jett surely wouldn't kill him with Joxer as a chaperone. Would he?


It had been a really good evening. Autolycus' initial apprehension had faded after it became obvious that Jett wasn't out to do him any harm. The brothers had provided fresh meat and wine as promised, and now his belly was full from a good dinner, his head was buzzing pleasantly from the alcohol, and, surprisingly enough, he was thoroughly enjoying the company.

"So, how did you save the warden's life?" he asked Jett, suddenly remembering Joxer's earlier comment.

Jett shrugged modestly. "He got into an argument with someone he shouldn't have, and I convinced the guy not to kill him."

When it became obvious that Jett was not going to elaborate, Autolycus turned to Joxer, who was quietly staring into the fire, and got the distinct feeling that he was missing something. "Say, have I ever told you guys about the time I got caught in one of Apollo's temples?" he asked, trying to break the silence.

Autolycus spoke carefully to avoid slurring his words. He realized he was getting pretty soused, probably because he kept forgetting how strong the wine was and kept trying to drink it without watering it first. He'd forgotten so frequently that Joxer had finally taken to leaning over and pouring water in his cup every time he reached for the wineskin.

Joxer pulled his gaze away from the fire. "No, what happened?" he asked.

"Well, I thought I was a goner for sure. See, I'd been in the temple, just looking around you understand. Anyway, all of a sudden this hot little priestess sees me and gets me into a wicked stranglehold. Well, before I could blink she had me tied up tighter than a drumskin." Autolycus paused, grinning, and took a swallow of wine. "Then, she said she was going to spank me!" Autolycus was gratified by Joxer's sudden blush and Jett's bark of laughter. "That was one wild night, let me tell you!"

Jett grinned wickedly from across the fire, the flames eerily reflected in his eyes. "I once knew a guy who got off on being tied up and whipped."

Joxer sputtered and coughed, spraying a mouthful of wine into the fire. Auto leaned over and gave him a whack between the shoulder blades, looking on in concern until he was sure Joxer was okay. He frowned at Jett, who sat and laughed at his twin, seemingly quite unconcerned that he could be choking to death.

"Uhm... I have to go take care of some business," Joxer said eventually, glaring at Jett as he climbed to his feet and headed into the woods.

"Yeah, me too." Autolycus awkwardly rose from beside the fire. "Say, I bet I can make mine go farther than yours," he called after Joxer.

Jett followed, grabbing Autolycus' elbow and steadying him when he tripped over a large root. He finally got his feet back under him and approached Joxer's side, opening his pants and freeing his cock. Autolycus sighed with relief; he hadn't realized he needed to go so badly. He and Joxer stood side by side, urine noisily splashing on the fallen leaves. Autolycus moved his cock, making a figure eight on the ground with his stream, then playfully aimed it to cross Joxer's. Jett leaned against the trunk of a nearby tree and watched intently, but made no move to join in.

"So, Jox," Autolycus leaned over to whisper in Joxer's ear and lost his balance, his stream dipping alarmingly, threatening to wet his pants and shoes. He managed to regain his equilibrium and continued, "Uhm, you sure seemed nervous back there, pal. It wasn't my little spanking story, was it?"

Joxer shook his head, refusing to make eye contact as he shook the last droplets of urine off his cock.

"Joxer likes those kinds of stories," Jett said, laughing.

Autolycus leaned even closer. "Has that ever happened to you?" he teased, certain that sexual games of that sort were outside Joxer's experience.

Joxer hesitated for a long moment, then nodded. Autolycus swayed dizzily, feeling a heat in his groin. He looked down at his cock, which was beginning to stiffen in his hand, choking off the dwindling stream.

"I bet you'd like one right now, wouldn't you, Jox?" Jett asked, his voice low and husky, and disturbingly close. Jett had moved away from the tree and now stood close behind Joxer and Autolycus, resting his arms over their shoulders. "Do you want to whip him, Autolycus?" It took a few moments for the words themselves to sink into Autolycus' befuddled brain, and when they did, he gaped in astonishment. Jett circled around to Joxer's other side, paying no attention to Autolycus; he was staring at his brother with a predatory gleam in his eyes. Autolycus couldn't see the expression on Joxer's face, but it made Jett smile, a very scary little smile.

Jett lightly grasped Joxer's wrist, pulling him forward and Joxer stumbled into his twin's arms as Jett leaned back against the tree. Autolycus stood motionless and stared as Jett lazily pulled Joxer's belt off and held it out, then he automatically stepped forward to take it, the movement making him realize that he was still holding his cock. He started to fasten his pants, but Jett shook his head. "Leave it," he said softly as Autolycus took the thick, leather belt.

Autolycus looked at Joxer, trying to ascertain his feelings about the surreal turn of events, but his face was turned away, hidden against Jett's shoulder. Then Jett was pushing Joxer's pants down, revealing his pale buttocks and the tops of his thighs. Joxer shivered, but he didn't resist or object, and Autolycus fuzzily decided that if Joxer was okay with it, then so was he.

"How many?" he asked, his voice sounding strange and choked in his own ears.

"I'll tell you when to stop."

Autolycus nodded and stepped closer to the two men, close enough to lightly touch the cool, pale flesh he was about to hit. He was aware of the chill night air on his exposed erection, and was slightly amazed at how hard he was, given that he was obviously drunk as a skunk. He swayed slightly and fought the urge to giggle at the insanity of the situation.

"Do it," Jett said, his voice betraying an edge of impatience.

The desire to laugh abruptly fled, leaving Autolycus both scared and incredibly aroused. He hefted the belt and swung, jumping in surprise as it cracked loudly against Joxer's ass. He stared in awe for a moment at the dark stripe that appeared on the pale flesh, then hit him again. And again. And again. Autolycus tried to do it lightly, not wanting to hurt Joxer, who was moaning softly now, and wriggling helplessly in his brother's grasp, but Jett had other ideas.

"Harder and faster, Autolycus," he ordered softly.

Autolycus paused, glancing guiltily at Joxer, but one look at Jett's dangerous expression convinced him. With a quick, silent apology to Joxer, he obeyed. To his shame he found his cock growing impossibly harder as Joxer's struggles increased, his moans turning to harsh muffled cries. Jett held him tightly, pushing his shirt up his back, exposing the expanse of skin to the night air, murmuring unintelligibly into his ear. Then he thrust one hand into Joxer's hair, pulling his head back and kissing him full on the mouth as he lifted the other in a silent signal for Autolycus to stop.

Autolycus stood in shock for a moment, staring in horrified fascination then, unable to stop himself, he stepped even closer, his mouth going dry as he watched identical lips and tongues sliding together in a slow, erotic kiss. Joxer's body shook with little tremors and his face was damp with sweat and tears. Autolycus' cock twitched and he unconsciously took it in his hand, stroking himself with a slow, pulling motion.

After an eternity Jett lazily turned his face to Autolycus while Joxer returned his to its hiding place against his brother's shoulder. Autolycus stared into the crazed dark eyes and wondered why he had gotten so very close; he could smell Jett's warm, wine-scented breath.

"You want him, don't you, Autolycus?" Jett asked softly.

His hand was pushed away from his cock and Autolycus moaned as Jett grasped him with slippery fingers, working his length with firm, sure strokes. He tore his eyes away from Jett's face and looked down at his cock, now glistening wetly in the moonlight, then watched dizzily as Jett slid his hands around Joxer's hips to cup his flaming buttocks enticingly.

"C'mon, Autolycus," Jett whispered. "What are you waiting for?"

As if in a dream, Autolycus moved behind Joxer and ran his hands over the hot, swollen flesh. Joxer flinched at his touch, but instead of stopping Autolycus, it made him hotter and he spread the cheeks open, pressing his cockhead against the tight entrance. He sighed in anticipation. It had been years since he'd been with a man like this, and most women didn't like it this way.

"Do it, Autolycus," Jett whispered huskily.

Joxer's pants hampered Autolycus' attempts to spread his legs very far, but Autolycus was too impatient to waste much time on trying to get them out of the way; he just pushed in as best he could, forcing himself past the tight ring of muscle. He gasped at the feelings of heat and tightness. He continued pushing, forcing himself in until he was fully sheathed, the tender flesh of Joxer's buttocks hot against his groin. He paused for a blissful moment, lowering his head to Joxer's sweaty shoulder, just basking in the incredible sensation. So hot, so slick.

The musky scent of male sex was heavy in the air. He opened his eyes and saw Jett's hand. The hand that had greased his cock. Slick. Autolycus whimpered as it finally registered that it was semen Jett had rubbed on his cock. He slowly lifted his head and began to move, trying to go slow, be gentle, not wanting to hurt Joxer any more than he already had, but sensation overwhelmed him, and soon he was thrusting as hard as he could. He clutched Joxer's shoulders in a bruising grip, rising on tiptoe in his efforts to get deeper and deeper.

In spite of his drunken state, Autolycus was racing toward climax, the delicious tingle in his groin spreading down his legs and up his spine. Joxer gave a strangled cry and bucked against him and it was just so incredibly good. Autolycus came, hard, wave after wave of pleasure coursing through his body, then he slowly collapsed against Joxer's back and the world went black.


"Hey Auto, did you sleep well?" Joxer asked sunnily.

"Damn, Joxer, you don't need to yell," Autolycus said, squinting against the harsh morning light and wincing at the pain in his head. Joxer? What was Joxer doing here? He groaned as he remembered; Joxer and Jett and dinner and lots and lots of wine. Strong wine.

Joxer came around and crouched next to him. "Bit too much to drink?" he asked sympathetically.

More than a bit, Autolycus thought to himself, desperately trying to remember what he had been doing last night before he passed out. He felt a sick lurch in his already tender stomach at the memory of going into the woods to take a piss... Oh gods. He stared in horror at Joxer, wondering how he could even look at him after what Autolycus had done. He buried his aching head in his hands and groaned. "Jox," he mumbled, "I don't know what to say. I'm so sorry."

"I was afraid you were gonna be hurting today," Joxer laughed. "You passed out cold and we had to carry you over here. Drink this -- it's wine." Joxer held out a cup. "Go on, it'll make you feel better. Now what are you so sorry for?"

Autolycus' voice was a pained whisper. "Last night, I -- I never should have done those things -- I hurt you..."

Joxer interrupted him with a laugh. "You didn't hurt me, Auto."

Autolycus felt sick with shame. "Can you ever forgive me for..." he trailed off, unable to bring himself to say the words out loud. "I remember it all."

"I think you must have had a nightmare," Joxer said soothingly. "Look at me, Auto - do I look hurt?" Joxer smiled and pressed the cup into Autolycus' hand. Joxer did seem perfectly fine.

"But I remember." Autolycus frowned with confusion as he took the cup and drank the well-diluted wine greedily. He was parched and Joxer was right; a little hair of the dog was exactly what was called for here. Obviously he'd gotten rip-roaring drunk and passed out. He hurt everywhere, even his cock, and he reeked of sex. He surreptitiously adjusted his pants and found the crotch to be damp. Could it really have just been some incredibly intense wet dream? Surely Joxer wouldn't be speaking to him if he really had... He shook his head at the thought, then groaned as the movement brought on a wave of pain.

He glanced up over the edge of the cup and cringed as he noted Jett standing across from the remains of the fire, loosely holding the reins of the horses and inspecting his fingernails with an air of boredom. Would Jett really have let him do those things -- told him to do those things to Joxer?

"We've got to get going," Jett said. "C'mon, Jox."

"You gonna be all right?" Joxer asked.

"Yeah, yeah." Autolycus weakly waved his hand and managed a shaky smile. "Go on, I'll be fine."

"Okay then. You take care, Auto, and thanks for everything," Joxer said.

Joxer didn't seem to be angry with either him or Jett, and he certainly didn't walk like someone who'd been... Autolycus frowned slightly as he watched the twins. They stood close together for a moment, talking softly, and his mind flashed to a moonlit scene, the two wrapped in each other's arms, sharing a hot, passionate kiss. It was so vivid and clear. He continued to frown in bemusement as they mounted their horses and slowly left the clearing, Joxer turning for a final wave before they disappeared into the trees.

"Auto," he said with a sigh as he sagged miserably back down onto his bedroll, "you gotta lay off the wine."

The end

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