Author: Tim Wellman
Story Title: Victim of the Game
Characters: Callisto & Ares, Callisto/Hope, Ares & Hope
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Callisto seeks the one thing she desires: oblivion... but Hope and Ares have other ideas.
This rating is for explicit m/f and f/f sex and bdsm.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story involves graphic and explicit heterosexual and lesbian sex scenes... plus, Callisto gets badly mistreated. If any or all of this bothers you, or you are not of legal age to read adult stories, please leave now.

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Victim of the Game
by Tim Wellman

"Callisto, I told you... I'll deal with you when I'm ready, and not before," Hope growled. She turned to Ares and smiled. "Now, where were we?"

Callisto chuckled. "Well, my dear, that's just not good enough!" She formed a small fireball in the palm of her hand. "Kill me NOW!!!"

"Oh, you're really starting to annoy me," Ares said. He stepped toward Callisto and formed a small fireball of his own.

"Stop it! The both of you!" Hope yelled, forcing the gods to extinguish their flames. "If I didn't need your help, I'd leave you to beat each other to a pulp." She stroked Ares' back. "But you are both a part of my father's plan for the moment."

Callisto pouted and twirled her hair with her fingers. "Well, it had better happen soon!"

"I promised you... I won't go back on that," Hope said. "You know, Ares and I were just going to enjoy a 'special' moment..."

"Yea, I need to get some air," Callisto hissed.

Hope turned and strolled through the temple. "No, I think you should join us."

"Forget it, I'm not fucking that crazy bitch," Ares snarled.

"Don't worry, I'd rather fuck a bag full of weasels than you," Callisto cooed.

"No, no, this is what my father wants," Hope said, spinning around. "A complete blending of spirits, male and female." She rubbed her hands together. "And you don't want to disobey my father, do you?"

Ares frowned. "This is what Dahak wants?"

"Yea, close enough," Hope said with an evil grin.

"Can't you just kill me now?" Callisto whined.

"No, no," Hope said. "You want me to help you... well, you can do this one more thing for me, first."

Callisto thought over all of her options; she had been in worse situations, asked to give more... and if it brought her closer to oblivion.... "This, and then you kill me, right?"

"Look, I think you're just making this stuff up," Ares said. "But if blondie is game, so am I." He smiled. "Never let it be said that I didn't offer my sword to the service of Dahak."

"Sword? Hah!" Callisto said. "It probably wouldn't even make a decent sized handle, if I remember correctly."

"OK, enough, you two," Hope said. "Get fucking."

"Just like that?" Ares asked. "Where do you come in?"

"Oh, I'll join you... after I watch for a while," Hope said with a smile. "I'm just a kid, remember. I have to learn..." she said in mock child's voice.

"So, I guess I should... what?" Callisto said, tugging at her skirt. "Take this off?" She shrugged, then without emotion, dropped the skirt around her ankles and stepped out of it. She stood, leather top, gauntlets, boots, and nothing else. "Now what?" She looked at Hope, whose eyes were locked on her blonde mound, glistening with sweat. She followed Hope's gaze downward, then brushed her fingers through the silky hair, knocking the droplets of moisture away. "What?"

Hope shook her head quickly, returning her thoughts to the mission at hand. "Oh... OK, well, Ares, darling, I'm no expert, but it's going to be impossible for you to do anything with your pants on, right?"

Ares shrugged, watching as Callisto casually strolled around the temple, seemingly completely disinterested in the fact that she was nude from the waist down. "Yea, I guess so," he said. Still watching Callisto's ass, he sat down on a rock and pulled off his boots.

"You know, this sex stuff isn't what it's cracked up to be," Callisto said. "It never did much for me."

"Well, my dear, you seemed to enjoy yourself the last time we did it," Ares said. He stood up, then undid his pants. He smiled, as he watched Callisto turn away, again. Behind her back, he motioned to Hope, who stepped close to him as he whispered in her ear.

She smiled as he spoke and raised her eyebrows in approval. "OK, Callisto, now I need you here," she said, quickly stepping away from Ares.

Callisto turned, still disinterested. "Whatever, let's just get on with it." She walked over to Hope. "Where?"

Hope pointed to a large rock. "Lean over that."

Callisto looked at her, questioning. "Aren't you being a bit dramatic?"

"Do it!" Hope shot back, pointing again to the rock.

Callisto bit her lip, then shrugged. "Let's just get it over with," she said. She dropped her hands down on the rock, and laid her body against it, her ass sticking up in the air, waist high to Ares. She looked around behind her, but couldn't see them. "Nice view?"

Ares smiled, feeling his cock harden. He pushed his tight leather pants down and his huge cock sprung out, fully erect, as he stepped out of his pants. "A very nice view," he said. He grabbed his cock, and jacked it a couple of times.

Hope looked down at the large dick, her mouth watering with anticipation, and pushed Ares' hand away. Wrapping her hand around it, she squeezed, then slowly stroked him.

Ares looked at her with a smile. "At your service."

"Hey, I hate to break up the party, but I'm not terribly comfortable, here," Callisto said in a bored voice. Suddenly, Hope's hand slammed against Callisto's ass so hard Callisto cried out involuntarily. "Fuck! What the hell are you doing!" *SLAP!* Another sharp slap crossed her ass, forcing her forward, the rough rock pressing against her stomach. It was true that no mortal could hurt her, but another god apparently could.

"Shut up!" Hope yelled. "You'll do what I want!" *SLAP!*

Callisto grunted out, taking the full force of Hope's hand against her ass. "Shit!"

Ares chuckled, watching as Callisto's ass glowed red with the imprint of Hope's hand. "Getting wet yet, Blondie?"

"Fuck you, Ares!" she screamed, as Hope's hand made another attack. Her eyes welled up with tears as another slap left it's mark... as much from being humiliated as from the shooting pain. She was a god, being used like a common whore. She wondered if what she wanted from Hope was worth it, wondered where else she could find help... and wondered how to keep her juices from flowing down her inner thighs. Ares had remembered her weakness... and together, he and Hope were apparently going to exploit it to the end. *SLAP!* "Oh, gods!" she cried out, but this time, in pleasure. "Please!"

Hope leaned around and whispered in Callisto's ear. "Want another?"

"Please, punish me," Callisto moaned, barely above a whisper, then cried out again as Hope obeyed again and again.

With another hit, Callisto fell forward, moaning loudly through her open cries. Hope walked away and smiled at Ares. "Fuck her."

Ares stepped closer and ran his hands over Callisto's red ass, bruised, whelps raised from Hope's fingers, then without saying a word, rammed his cock into her cunt.

Callisto grunted loudly, taking his full length, roughly, stretching her tight hole as he thrust into her, his hips slapping against her ass. "Shit!" she breathed, starting to move backwards to meet each plunge, rocking against the rough stone, scratching her flesh as he continued to pound into her, roughly, uncaringly. "Oh, gods..."

Ares grabbed her hips and rode her, concentrating, watching as his cock slide in and out of her cunt, smiling as each movement brought involuntary moans from his prey.

Hope simply watched for a moment, learning, taking in the site, then put her arms around Ares and kissed him deeply, taking his tongue into her mouth as he continued to fuck Callisto. She looked down, closely, staring at the scene before her, then trailed her finger over Callisto's puckered ass hole. She cocked her head as the sensitive flesh twitched to her touch. She tried to push her finger into the opening, but couldn't, so she moved her finger down to her pussy and coated her finger in the blonde's slick juices, then tried again, this time easing her finger into Callisto's ass.

Callisto moaned louder, the finger fucking her ass as Ares continued pounding into her cunt. She felt as Hope wiggled her finger, playing like a child with a new toy, felt as each knuckle slipped in and out of her tight hole. She was being completely used, abused... and she couldn't find the strength to stop them.

Hope leaned forward. "You find that pleasurable? My finger in your ass?"

Callisto looked at her with nothing but lust in her eyes. "Yes!" She screamed between deep, ragged breaths.

Hope moved closer, smelling Callisto's musty hair, then with her free hand, roughly turned the blonde's face up and kissed her deeply, intertwining their tongues. "Hum...," Hope said, standing back up. "So odd... I'm getting wet between my legs." She slipped her hand under her skirt, and into the hem of her undergarment, finding her wet slit. "Very odd." She pulled out her hand and tasted it. Then she held her fingers to Callisto's lips and watched as she lapped at the sweet nectar, licking her fingers clean.

Ares' face grimaced, and he yelled out as he shot his cum inside Callisto's cunt, over and over, gushing out, filling her hole with his jism.

Hope quickly yanked her finger from Callisto's ass, then watched as she bucked her hips into Ares, receiving all he could give her.

As she felt Hope yank out her finger, Callisto came in torrents, mixing her juices with Ares' cum, pouring out of her cunt as freely as water as Ares pulled out his dick.

Completely spent, she lay momentarily against the rock, her cunt oozing the mixture, her thighs drenched, her complete existence used by Ares and Hope. And there was silence. As she began to regather her senses, she eased her abused body from the rock, and on shaky legs, stood up and looked around, eyes red and swollen, hair matted with sweat, sticking to her face. "Now, I've done what you wanted. Kill me."

There was no answer. Instead, Hope was on her knees in front of Ares, licking his cock, sucking off the cum and Callisto's juices.

"Be a good girl and go away," Ares said, instantly flicking a fireball at Callisto which caught her offguard and knocked her off her feet.

She formed a fireball of her own. "You bastard!"

"Callisto!" Hope yelled, still holding Ares' dick. She turned and faced the blonde, and Callisto took another attack, this one throwing her several feet across the temple, slamming her against the wall.

"But you promised," Callisto said, sadly. "You promised." She crawled over and grabbed her skirt and pulled it back on.

"You stupid whore, get out of here!" Ares said with a laugh.

Hope went back to sucking his cock, feeling it grow in her hands.

Callisto frowned, then slowly walked out of the temple. Another plan had failed; again, she had been used, then discarded. "The story of my life," she thought. The bright light hurt her eyes as she walked along, cursing the world, cursing herself, her existence. She saw Xena and Gabrielle in the distance, and picked up her pace... perhaps there, she could find... a friend?

The End

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