Author: Tim Wellman
Story Title: Blonde on Black
Characters: Callisto & Joxer
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Callisto has escaped and is busy raiding villages when her warriors discover Joxer camped nearby.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

The characters belong to MCA/Universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story takes place between 'Callisto' and 'Return of Callisto'... so, she's mortal here. This story also assumes she escaped at least once between the episodes. This is based on Tasha's requirements for a story request on the heteroxena mailing list. Thanks Tasha... it was tough working in everything, but I did it :-)

Extreme sexual situations ahead... this story can safely be rated XXX, with very explicit heterosexual sex scenes. So, run away if you're afraid :-)

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Blonde on Black
by Tim Wellman

Callisto swaggered back into camp, her blonde hair glowing in the soft yellow light of the moon, her eyes sparkling from the firelight. She bent over and tossed another log on the fire, then held her hands to the flame. As she mused on the evenings events, several of her men came back into camp, bloodied from another raid on another small village. "Is everyone dead?" she said calmly, not looking up from the fire.

"Yes, Callisto," someone said.

She didn't keep track of names, she didn't even know them. She had simply gathered the most ruthless murders she could find on short notice; her real army was still imprisoned. "Good. Tomorrow, we ride. I want to get a few of my men before finding Xena."

The men quickly scattered to their own sections of the camp; no one trusted anyone else, but banding together had made them all very wealthy in only a few raids.

Callisto tended her fire, poking a stick into the flames, stirring the embers which she watched rise into the night sky as red stars extinguishing themselves. She smiled, easily amused by the thought dying. She shivered as the wind blew across her body, then squatted closer to the fire, the warmth burning her legs as she took a deep breath. Without emotion, she reached beneath her skirt, and pushed her hand past the waistband of her leathers, finding her moist pussy as another shiver hit her. She slowly rubbed her clit, then slipped a finger into her opening, still without emotion, she pushed her hand tightly against her body and began to rub. "Yes, what is it," she said.

The warrior who had approached stood watching. "I... we heard of a man, perhaps two, who are camped nearby." He watched as Callisto's hand continued to rub. "Should we check them out? We can hear them laughing over on the next hill."

"By all means," Callisto said with a smile, her cat-like voice barely above a whisper. She paused for a moment. "Well? Are you going to just stand there watching me fuck myself, or go do your job?"

"Sorry, Callisto," the warrior said. "Right away."

The blonde never took her eyes from the fire as her breath quickened and she began to rock against her hand. "Oh... ummmm..." Her juices covered her hand as she came, drenching her leathers with her wetness, and she closed her eyes for a moment. Then suddenly her expression changed, her eyes opened, and she withdrew her hand from inside her leathers. Absentmindedly, she began to lick her hand, sucking each finger dry. She frowned and sighed, then poked the fire some more.


"So then, the woman says, 'Damn the 12 inches, I want the whole foot!'" Joxer burst out laughing as he told the punchline of his joke.

The centaur smiled as he lifted another cup of honeyed mead to his lips. "Tell me Joxer, do you really think we can sell this mead in the village?"

"Trust me, will ya?" Joxer said. "I've delivered 4 other kegs, and they've rewarded me very handsomely. And what a stroke of genius this time. I should be partners with centaurs more often. It's a lot less strain on my back." He took off his helmet and tossed it to the ground of their small campsite, nothing more than a small fire that kept going out, and a bedroll. "Anyway, tomorrow, my friend, we'll be enjoying the village nightlife... there's this place there... a whole harem of belly dancers... and they dance on their backs as well as their bellies, if you catch my drift." He winked.

"Yes, well, I'm partial to four-legged females, myself, but it will be good to relax for a few days before returning home," the centaur said.

"I envy you... I have no home to return to..." Just as Joxer finished the sentence, several of Callisto's men came crashing into camp. He pulled his clumsy sword, but was greatly outnumbered. The centaur was unarmed, and three warriors were approaching him. "Run, my friend, go!" Joxer yelled. "You can outrun them!"

"I can't leave you here alone!"

"Go! Now!" Joxer yelled.

The centaur looked over the situation again, just as a sword swung for his throat. He jumped back, then turned and quickly ran, as several men ran after him.

Another sword swung at Joxer's chest, which he blocked with his own. He looked at his blade in amazement, wondering why he wasn't dead.

"Oh, a warrior, are you?" the man said.

"Hey, a keg of mead!" another man said.

"Hey, don't touch that!" Joxer said, then backed down when the warrior turned back to face him. "I mean, help yourself!"

"Better drink it here, boys, you know how Callisto feels about this stuff."

"Ca...Callisto?" Joxer stuttered.

"Yea, heard of her?" The other warriors were riffling through the camp, but found nothing of value except the keg of mead.

"Oh, well, sure," Joxer said, regaining some confidence. "Callisto and I go way back, why she personally handed me a dagger once to kill a young girl for her."

The warrior looked him over for a second, then stepped back into a more relaxed stance. "Well, seems you'll have a happy reunion, then," he said as he landed a strong fist to Joxer's jaw, sending him to the ground with a thud.


"And why didn't you just kill him?" Callisto said to the line of men who had just reported back.

"He said he knew you."

"He did, did he?" Callisto chuckled. "A friend?" She bent over the fire and pulled out a stick, the tip glowing red with flames and stared as the flames danced in the breeze as she walked to the man who had spoken. "I have no friends," she hissed, then stuck the flame to the man's arm. He yelled out in pain, but quickly regained his composure. "Now, next time, no one survives, right?"

"Right," the man whispered.

"Right?" she yelled, looking at all the men.

They all mumbled the word.

"OK, where is my dear old friend?"

"We put him in the supply tent."


Joxer tugged against the ropes that had him tied in a sitting position to the large tree that held the tent up. "OK, this could be a problem." He tried to think. "Alone, tied up, a dozen warriors, Callisto..."

"Ha!" Callisto burst out laughing as she saw Joxer. "You!"

"Callisto!?!?... I.. well..." Joxer just shrugged.

"So, how have you been?" she said in a soft, pleasant voice.

"I've been... fine, thanks," Joxer said. He was really getting confused. He raised his eyebrows and darted his eyes around the tent. "How have you been?"

"Aren't you just a dear for asking," she said. "I've been just wonderful, thank you."

Joxer nodded. "That's... good." He looked around. "Nice tent."

Callisto walked among the various treasures her men had captured: chests of dinars, weapons, vases and art, barrels of food. "Fifteen barrels of sturgeon caviar... can you believe that?"

"Got any crackers?"

Callisto reached behind one of the barrels and pulled out a coiled whip. "Nope, sorry, fresh out of crackers, I'm afraid."

Joxer swallowed hard as he saw the whip. He nervously watched as she uncoiled it and trailed it along the ground. "Oh, well, I can't eat caviar without crackers... gives me gas."

Callisto walked to Joxer and bent over. She grabbed his chin with her thin fingers and pulled his head up. "Are you scared?" Joxer nodded and frowned. She let go of his chin, then quickly pulled her dagger. Joxer gasped. "I like fear." She cut away the leather of Joxer's armor and tossed it aside with a clang. "That's got to be the weirdest armor I've ever seen." She smiled, then pulled the shirt out of his pants and ran the dagger up the front, exposing his chest, then lightly traced the tip of the dagger through the hair on his chest. "That's better." She stood up and walked behind Joxer, then dropped to her knees and cut through the ropes that had him bound.

Joxer felt his hands break free, then steadied himself for the worst... but nothing happened. He tried to glance behind him as he rubbed some feeling back into his wrists. "So, what about those Trojans, huh?"

The blonde stood up, and walked around Joxer and knelt in front of him and frowned. "You know, I have moments when I'm a sweet person." She quickly wrapped and tied the whip around his wrists. "But this isn't one of them." She jumped up, then pulled Joxer to his feet and lodged the handle of the whip snugly between two barrels.

"You know, by now, my men should have this place surrounded," Joxer said. "Dozens of men... no, more like hundreds. So, if you want to call this off, I'll have them go easy on you."

"You know, you're not such a bad guy, Jaxer."

"It's Joxer."

"Yea, whatever. In fact, you're a lot different from the others. Oh, you're as pathetic as they are, but you're open about it."

"Well, I do try to..."

"Shut up!"

He pressed his lips together and looked away.

Callisto stepped closer and patted his cheek.

Joxer pulled against his restrains, but the whip had him solidly secured.

She frowned and stepped even closer until her breasts rubbed against his arm. She cocked her head and maneuvered her legs so she could get her fingers into the leg opening of her leathers and ran them across her moist lips, coating them in her juices. She brought her fingers to her mouth, sucking one of them, then touched the other fingers to Joxer's lips, forcing them into his mouth. "See, I told you I was sweet."

Joxer was suddenly confused; he was certain he was about to die, but could think of a lot of worse ways to go. The taste of Callisto's pussy immediately gave him an erection, still the wild look in her eyes, her erratic behavior....

Callisto sheathed her dagger, and smiled. "You like that?"

Joxer mumbled, still licking her fingers. She pulled them out of his mouth then stepped back and with her thumbs, reached beneath her skirt and pulled down her leather undergarment and stepped out of it. She lifted the leather straps of her skirt, revealing the light blonde mound of straight, thin hair. "Want another taste?" she said.

Joxer nodded wildly.

Callisto giggled, then wiped her fingers across her cunt, and stuck them back in Joxer's mouth.

He eagerly sucked them clean again, feeling his hard cock jerk against his trousers with each taste.

Callisto backed away and walked to the other side of the tent where she opened a little chest. When she turned back, she was holding a large ivory phallus, polished smooth, with a carved design running crossways down the shaft. "You know, I bet I can make you cum without touching you." She sat down on a barrel and faced Joxer. She spread her legs wide, and propped her heels up on two other barrels. "Got a good view?"

Joxer nodded, his eyes open wide.

"Good." She gently stroked the edges of her cunt, slightly opening her lips a little more each time, until she was pulled completely open. She began to rub the head of the phallus over her stiffening nub, then ran it lengthwise across her swelling lips.

Joxer stared, watching every move. She obviously wanted a captive audience, and he had lost all desire to flee.

Callisto brought the phallus to her lips and sucked at the tip, rolling her tongue over the larger head, licking her juices. She smiled and licked her lips, then quickly dropped her hand, and pushed the large phallus deeply into her opening with a gasp. She sat open-mouthed, sucking in air as she increased her speed, fucking herself roughly, wildly, her large breasts bouncing inside her leather top as her movements became more animated.

As the sound of the phallus slipping through the blonde's juices increased, Joxer could take no more. He felt his dick jerk, and felt himself cum in his pants, spurting several times, his hot cum running down his leg.

Callisto watched Joxer's crotch as the wetness spread, and with a low groan, almost in anger, she allowed herself to cum, her juices flowing freely from her stretched opening, running down the crack of her ass. She released a shaky sigh, then pulled the phallus out. "Told you," she said in her familiar cat-like voice.

She hopped off the barrels and walked to Joxer who was trying to control his breathing. But it was no use; Callisto ran the phallus over his lips, and he was immediately aroused again. As he reached out with his tongue, Callisto pulled the ivory away and tossed it aside. "No!"


"Easy boy," she cooed. She dropped to her knees in front of him and with a hard tug on his trousers, yanked them down around his knees. Without saying a word, she grabbed his half-hard, cum-soaked cock with her thin fingers, and began to squeeze and pull, as if milking it. She opened her eyes wide as Joxer immediately responded, his cock stiffening in her soft hand. "My, my, you are a big boy," she said with a chuckle. She slowly moved closer, then allowed her tongue to gently touch the tip and began to lick off the cum still remaining. She smacked her lips, then sucked the head of his dick into her mouth and began jacking him off, her hand moving in time as she used her other hand to finger herself. She made loud sucking noises, drawing air around his penis, sucking harder, tasting the pre-cum running onto her tongue, then with a few more jerks, Joxer shot his cum into her eager mouth. She felt it splash against the back of her throat, almost choking her and she swallowed quickly, sucking down what she could, allowing the rest to dribble from her mouth and run down her chin.

She backed away with a smile, running her tongue around her lips, some cum still trailing down both corners of her mouth. She wiped off her chin with the back of her hand. "Ummm, you're sweet too."

Joxer was now ready to die. He didn't care. He looked at the beautiful woman still kneeling in front of him, her face messy, her blonde mound exposed and reddened. What was death to him... he was already in the Elysian fields.

Callisto sat there for a moment and undid her boots, then stood up and silently walked to the barrels and grabbed the handle of the whip. "Let's take a little trip, shall we?"

Joxer shrugged, unable to speak. He pulled up his pants as best he could.

Callisto shortened the whip, and then led him from the tent, through the camp, and out into the forest.

This was it, he thought. He tried to remember any good thing that had happened to him in his entire life, but nothing compared to what had just happened. Callisto stopped, and Joxer steadied himself for the worst, but instead, she just pointed to a small pool of water, steaming in the midnight chill, obviously used as a bath for several days. Various clothes were draped over the ground around the natural hotsprings, and there were bottles of various oils and perfumes, and even a bar of soap. He frowned and tried to understand what was happening, but Callisto quickly undid the whip, and his hands were free.

"Get undressed," the blonde said. Without emotion, she peeled the black leather top off her body, her large white breasts falling free of the rough covering, and then slid it past her stomach and together with her skirt, she slid it down her legs until she stepped out of them, and stood completely nude before Joxer.

He pulled what was left of his shirt off and sat down on a rock and removed his boots. Standing up, he slid his pants down and stepped out of them. "Listen, I know you're going to kill me soon, so while I have the chance, I want to thank you."

"Just shut up and get in the water!" Callisto pointed and Joxer obeyed.

He inched his way into the steaming hot pool, stepping down the natural slope of the rock, until he could sit down, waist deep.

Callisto stepped into the water, and straddled Joxer, then bent down, allowing her breasts to fall in his face. "Suck!" she commanded.

Joxer shrugged and held her breasts in his hands as his lips sucked in a soft nipple. He felt it immediately stiffen, and he suckled it gently, tugging with his lips, circling with his tongue.

The blonde reached into the water and found his stiff cock waiting and she carefully eased herself down on it, forcing his dick into her pussy, until her thighs were sitting against both sides of his legs, her ass just barely out of the water. As she pulled back, Joxer let go of the nipple and slid deeper into the pool, until the water reached Callisto's breasts. She put her hands on his shoulders and began rocking back and forth, raising herself up, the dropping back down. Joxer was in heaven, feeling the muscles of her pussy grip his cock, then release, over and over, her breasts bouncing against his chest, her long hair tickling his face and shoulders. He held onto her waist as she rode him, following the rise and fall, thrusting upward to meet her body.

"Cum in me, Joxer," Callisto whispered in his ear, and he obeyed, exploding once more, feeling her become slicker inside, then feeling her body tense as her breathing became ragged and she softly moaned in her own orgasm.

She collapsed on him for a moment, then quietly stood up and stepped out of the pool. Joxer sat still. "Is it all right if I get dressed before you kill me?"

Callisto nodded. "Go ahead." She watched as he climbed out of the pool and quickly walked to his pants and pulled them on, the pulled on his boots. "It's not that I hate you, you understand." She bend over her leathers and pulled her sword out of it's sheath and stepped toward Joxer. "It's not fun... it's just necessary." Joxer stood up and faced her as she raised her sword into the air. "Good-bye, Joxer..."

As she began her downward swing, the centaur came crashing through the woods and with his chest, rammed Callisto and knocked her down. "Get on, quick!"

Joxer jumped onto his friend's back, and before Callisto could stand, they were off into the woods at full gallop. In minutes they were miles away and it was safe enough to slow the pace.

"So, what the heck went on back there?" the centaur asked as Joxer climbed down and began to walk.

"Well, I'm not exactly sure," he said in a shaky voice. "But you know something? No one I ever tell this story to is ever going to believe it."


Callisto smiled to herself as she pulled on her leathers. "Oh well, easy come, easy go." She pushed her blonde hair back. "We'll meet again, Joxer, I'm sure of that, my darling."

The End

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