Author: MB
Story Title: A Taste of Punishment
Characters: Joxer/Jett, Joxer/m (Laikus), Ares/m (Laikus), (Ares/Joxer, Ares & Discord)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A slave needs to be punished and Jett convinces Joxer to wield the whip. But all is not what it appears to be. Part of the Brotherly Love series.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex, bdsm and incest.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/male sexual relations, bdsm and incest. Please skip the story if these subjects disturb you.

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A Taste of Punishment
by MB
March 2000

Jett silently climbed the dark staircase, the bustling sounds of the household fading as he ascended. The bedrooms were abandoned at this time of day and in the eerie stillness he could hear soft noises coming from his own chamber. He listened for a moment, then slowly pushed open the door, the heavy wood moving silently on its well-oiled hinges.

The young, dark haired slave who had recently begun attending him knelt with his back to the door, carefully sifting through the contents of a trunk. What was his name? Oh yes, Laikus. He was one of about a dozen new slaves their father had brought back from his last battle. Jett mentally shook his head at the boy's foolishness. If he wanted to snoop around, he had much to learn about not getting caught. Jett folded his arms and watched, waiting to see how long it would take for Laikus to realize he wasn't alone.

There was a startled exclamation from the boy as he tentatively lifted a whip from the trunk, holding it with a finger and thumb, as if it might bite him; Jett smirked. Suddenly heavy footsteps could be heard on the stairs. Joxer coming to look for him, probably. Well, the game was up now. He watched the boy jump up and turn toward the door when he heard the footsteps, saw his face go white with fear when he realized Jett was standing there, watching him.

"Jett, what are you doing? I've been waiting for you..." Joxer's voice trailed off as he came up beside his brother, taking in the tableau in the bedroom. "What's going on?" he asked, his eyes moving from his brother to the terrified face of the slave.

"I have to take care of a little problem before we go, Jox." Jett nodded at the trembling boy.

The slave was almost in tears, his dark eyes huge in his pale face. "I wasn't stealing..."

"I know. You were just being nosy." Jett said coldly.

Joxer moved close to Jett's side. "What happened?" he asked softly.

"I caught him rummaging through my things."

Joxer's eyebrows approached his hairline. "What are you gonna do?" he asked.

Jett shrugged, never taking his eyes from the boy. "Take him to Pyrios, I guess."

At the mention of the man delegated to oversee the household slaves, the boy fell to his knees. "Oh no - please, no..." he begged, his voice barely audible.

Joxer grimaced and turned toward Jett. "If you turn him over to Pyrios, he'll beat the hide off his back. Don't you think that's a bit much?"

Jett finally turned to look at Joxer. "What do you want me to do?" he asked impassively.

"Well," Joxer hesitated and his face flushed. He unconsciously leaned closer to his twin and lowered his voice. "Can't you punish him?"

Jett stared for a moment, then his lips slowly curved into a smile. He leaned close, his hot breath making Joxer shiver. "Yeah, I can do that." Jett paused and licked Joxer's ear. "You wanna watch?"

He pulled back to see Joxer's reaction, smiling at his brother's lustful look. He leaned close again. "You wanna help?"

Joxer's eyes went huge. "Uhm, I don't know..."

Jett stepped closer. "Oh, but I do," he whispered, his lips moving against Joxer's. He pulled back to look at his twin, smiling sweetly. "C'mon, Jox. I wanna watch you."

Joxer bit his lip and glanced at the boy, then met his twin's heated gaze. "Okay," he breathed.

Jett smiled and softly drew his thumb across Joxer's lower lip. "Such a good brother," he murmured. He turned and walked over to the trunk, pulling out the whip and glancing at Laikus with a raised eyebrow. The boy met his eyes with a look of abject horror and Jett laughed silently, dropping the whip back inside and pulling out a heavy, leather strap. He returned to Joxer's side and handed it to him with a little smile. "Don't think to spare him by going easy, Jox. If you don't do it right, I'll just do it again myself when you're through." Jett's voice was quiet, but he knew the boy heard.

Joxer nodded absently, gazing at the strap and gently caressing it with his fingertips. He closed his eyes and lifted it to his nose, inhaling the scent of the leather. Finally he looked up at Laikus. "Lie down on the bed."

"Take your clothes off first," Jett added. The boy obeyed, pulling at the cloth with visibly shaking fingers, his face turning red. Joxer pushed the door closed and locked it, pocketing the key.

Jett crawled on to the bed next to the slave and pulled his arms straight out in front of him, holding his wrists in one hand. "Keep your hands where they are, keep still and don't make a sound. Do you understand?" Laikus whimpered and nodded, shivering. Jett sat back and smiled, looking up at his twin. "Okay, Jox."

Joxer hesitated for just a moment, meeting Jett's burning eyes. Then, he looked down at the shaking boy, his smooth white skin glowing in the golden afternoon light, and aimed the strap at the plump, rounded buttocks. Laikus jerked and cried out as the strap landed, squirming and inching farther and farther away from Joxer with each successive blow.

Jett sighed. No self-discipline at all. He supposed that if the boy had ever been whipped before he'd probably been tied up or something. He raised a hand and Joxer paused. Jett grabbed Laikus' wrists again and bent close. "I told you to be still and quiet, didn't I?" he asked quietly.

The boy lifted his tear-stained face to Jett. "I'm sorry - I'm sorry," he gasped between heaving breaths.

He kept his grip tight on the boy's wrists and leaned very close. "Don't make me tell you again," Jett whispered, his eyes glittering.

Laikus dropped his face between his arms, sobbing quietly. Jett slid his hand down to the boy's waist and leaned forward, balancing his weight over the small body, then looked up at Joxer and nodded for him to continue.

Laikus writhed beneath him, his cries muffled by the bedcovers, but Jett ignored him, his attention focused on Joxer. His twin was flushed, eyes bright, and he was biting his lip as he applied the strap.

Jett felt a stab of disappointment when Joxer stopped, staring at the boy with a dazed expression. For a few moments the only sounds were Laikus' soft crying and the distant shrieks of children playing in the courtyard.

"I think he's had enough, Jett," Joxer whispered. "He won't disturb your things again - will you?" he continued a little louder.

"No," the boy gasped, his breath hitching. "Never - I promise."

Jett released Laikus' wrists and ran his palms over the criss-crossed, reddened strips that covered the boy's buttocks. Joxer stepped closer. "Beautiful, Jox," Jett said with a sweet smile at his twin. "You did a beautiful job."

Joxer dropped the strap and sat down on the bed, hesitantly touching a red cheek. "So hot," he whispered, turning to look deep into Jett's eyes.

Joxer's excitement was a palpable thing and Jett soaked it up, curling his hand behind Joxer's neck and gently pulling his brother toward him, drawing him into a hungry kiss. After endless moments they separated and looked down at the boy.

"Roll over," Jett said.

Laikus squirmed between the two bodies close on either side and slowly turned on his back. His tear-stained face was flushed and he kept his eyes downcast, awkwardly trying to cover his groin with his hands. Joxer's eyes widened when he saw the erection the boy's hands couldn't quite hide.

"Have you learned your lesson?" Jett asked silkily. Laikus nodded frantically. Joxer's eyes flicked between his brother's face and the slave's trembling hands.

"Do you wish now that I had turned you over to Pyrios?" Jett asked in the same smooth, sultry voice.

"No," Laikus said shakily.

"Move your hands," Jett whispered.

The boy closed his eyes and whimpered softly, but obeyed, revealing his erection. Joxer's eyes were glued to the glistening drop of pre-come that oozed from the tip.

"Touch yourself," Jett said quietly.

Laikus' eyes flew open, his expression a mixture of fear and arousal. Jett then looked at Joxer, who continued to stare down with rapt intensity. Without looking away from his twin, Jett spoke to the boy. "Right here, now." Laikus hesitated, his eyes moving uncertainly between the brothers, then he slowly wrapped his hand around his cock and began to stroke himself. "That's right," Jett crooned. "Just as if you were all alone."

The boy closed his eyes and began to move his hand faster. Joxer slowly licked his lips, mesmerized. Jett leaned over Laikus' body to nibble and kiss at Joxer's ear, flicking lightly with his tongue and smiling at the shivery response. Joxer continued to watch as if in a trance, breathing hard, and he jerked when the boy cried out his completion. Milky jets of semen spurted over Laikus' abdomen and his cries softened to moans as his orgasm faded. Finally he lay still, his hand loosely holding his softening penis.

Jett looked down at the young slave and laughed softly. "Go, Laikus. Let this be a reminder to you to mind your own business."

The boy flushed again as he slid out from between them and retrieved his clothes, hastily arranging them in a semblance of order. Joxer silently held out the key and Laikus took it with a shaking hand. As he unlocked the door he turned back briefly. The twins sat on the bed watching him, identical expressions on identical faces. Laikus deferentially lowered his eyes and left the room, closing the door quietly behind him.

Jett jumped up, swiftly crossed to the door and locked it, then turned back to Joxer with blazing eyes and a manic grin. "That was fun, wasn't it Jox?"

"We were supposed to be punishing him," Joxer said hoarsely.

"We did." Jett said with a smirk. He walked back over to the bed and looked pointedly at Joxer's erection. "And you liked it, didn't you?"

Joxer flushed and nodded guiltily. Jett grinned at his admission and began to strip. Joxer watched for a moment, his eyes dark with lust, then quickly removed his own clothes. "Do you think he'll tell anyone?" Joxer finally asked.

"Not if he knows what's good for him." Jett's eyes sparkled wickedly as he lay down on the bed, his body in precisely the position the young slave had been earlier. He reached for his own erection, stroking it just as Laikus had done.

Joxer slowly shook his head, lips twitching. "You're bad, Jett. Really, really bad."

"Yeah," Jett breathed, grinning unrepentantly. "And you're really, really good, Jox. Such a good brother."

Joxer slid his palm along Jett's thigh, covering his twin's hand with his own. "That's what you always say," he whispered.


"Did you have fun?"

"Oh yeah. You should have seen me -- I was so naive, so innocent..." Laikus grinned impishly at the God of War, stripping off his clothes and seductively wiggling his tender pink buttocks.

Ares smirked and squeezed a cheek with his broad, rough hand. "Jett did a good job."

Laikus laughed mischievously and looked up at Ares through long, dark lashes. "Not Jett..." Ares raised an eyebrow. "Joxer." The boy laughed out loud at Ares' expression. "What? Didn't think your sweet little follower had it in him?" Laikus pressed close to Ares, rubbing against his cock through his leathers and unbuckling his scabbard with nimble fingers.

"Did he fuck you, too?" Ares growled. He squeezed the hot flesh beneath his hands and Laikus moaned.

"No-pity." The boy smirked up at the god, tossing his sword onto the nearby bed. "You should have watched, Ares. You could watch right now, it's not too late. I'm sure they're still going at it - you know how insatiable boys are at that age." He emphasized his words with another thrust of his hard cock.

"Shut up." Ares' voice was dark with warning.

"Oh right, I forgot, you don't want to see your boy doing it with anyone but you," Laikus goaded. "How long are you gonna wait?"

"You'd better watch yourself, or I'll whip your ass and it'll be more than just red," Ares snarled.

"Promises, promises. Come on, Ares." Laikus smiled alluringly and threw himself down on the bed, assuming the position he'd been in when Joxer had whipped him. "Don't you wanna see how he felt? He liked it, I know he did."

As Ares stood looking down at the boy a leather strap materialized in his hand. He looked at it for a moment, then brought it down hard against the boy's buttocks. Laikus moaned and jerked against the bed. "Do you think he wanted to fuck me, Ares?" he gasped.

Ares hit him again and again, watching angry red stripes bloom over the tantalizing pink cheeks, the slender body jerking and writhing under the strap. Oh yes, he was sure Joxer had wanted to fuck him.

"Do you want to fuck me, Ares?"

Ares' voice was thick with lust. "What happened next?"

"They told me to turn over." Laikus then turned over as he had in Jett's bedroom, protectively covering his groin, keeping tearful eyes downcast. "They told me to touch myself," he whispered. He closed his eyes and began to stroke his cock.

Ares was mesmerized, his mouth going dry.

Laikus looked at him through narrowed eyes. "He sat here," the boy said softly, patting the bed at his side. Ares moved to sit where Joxer had. "And they watched..."

Laikus began to stroke himself faster and faster and Ares watched, rapt, imagining the scene from Joxer's perspective. His cock throbbed urgently as Laikus cried out, his seed spurting over his body again, this time for War's pleasure. Laikus' breathing finally slowed and he met Ares' intense dark eyes, idly dragging his fingertips through the semen on his chest.

"What do you think, Ares?" Laikus asked in a soft, taunting voice. "Would he have taken me like this, or turned me over so he could see his handiwork?"

With a small flex of power Ares was naked and he gathered the boy's seed in his cupped hand, slowly smoothing it over his own cock. "Turn over," he growled.

Laikus smirked and turned over, raising his plump, red rear temptingly. He gasped as War's large, rough hands grasped the tender flesh, pulling him open. "Raise up on your knees," Ares ordered. Laikus complied, raising his ass up and lowering his head and shoulders to the bed. He moaned softly as Ares pressed against his entrance, then his breath left him in a soft whuff as his hips were yanked back, impaling him on Ares' cock.

"I don't think your boy would be that rough," Laikus gasped.

"Just shut up," Ares muttered, pulling back and again thrusting hard into the hot, tight channel. He leaned forward, putting a hand under Laikus' sticky chest and pulling the boy up tight against his body as he sat back on his heels, bearing the weight easily. Laikus leaned his head back against Ares' shoulder, his legs splayed over the powerful thighs, knees barely touching the bed.

Laikus gasped softly as callused fingers found his nipples, pinching and rolling them. "Oh, yeah," he breathed, covering Ares' hands with his own, arching his chest against the hard fingers. He gasped again as War rocked his hips, thrusting deep into him.

Ares chuckled breathlessly in his ear. "You like it rough."

Laikus shivered at the hot breath tickling his sensitive skin. "Yesss."

Ares moved his hands to the boy's hips, lifting the small body then pulling it down to meet his savage thrusts. Laikus continued to pinch at his nipples with one hand, while he let the other fall to stroke his cock. Ares' thrusts grew wilder and his breathing more labored, and he knew he was driving Laikus to the edge again. He clasped the slight form tight against him as the boy's body shuddered in yet another climax. Ares came almost immediately after, biting down on Laikus' shoulder and groaning his pleasure against the hot, sweaty skin.

They remained like that, still for a moment, trembling from the intensity of their orgasms. Then Laikus gingerly raised himself off Ares' cock with a sigh and let his boneless body drop face first onto the bed. Ares laughed, lying down beside him and gently stroking his back.

"That was wonderful," the boy mumbled.

"Yes," Ares said softly. "It always is with you."

Laikus lifted his head and smiled, dark eyes dancing in acknowledgement of the tender words. He slowly crawled over to drape his body over Ares', nestling his head on the strong shoulder. Ares continued to idly stroke the boy's back, frowning as he lifted a hand to the short, curly hair.

"Change back," he grumbled. "You spend so much time disguised as other people I forget what you look like."

"You just wanna play with my hair," came the sleepy voice.

Ares felt the surge of power flow through the body lying on top of him and he sighed contentedly as long, silky hair spilled over his chest. He slowly pulled his fingers through it, lifting a handful to his nose to smell it, but whatever fragrance it may have had was overpowered by the scent of sex that clung to them both.

Ares turned on his side, rolling the goddess off him and capturing her lips in a slow, languid kiss. "I wanna play with you," he purred when they finally separated.

"Mmmm, yes," she said, without opening her eyes. "But first we sleep."

Ares tightened his arms round his sister's slender form, drawing her warm body close.

"Okay, Eris," he whispered. "But after we sleep I'm gonna fuck you senseless."

She smiled and cuddled closer.

The end

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