Author: Killian
Title: As the Dart Flies
Characters: Xena/f (Killian), Xena/Gabrielle, Xena/Gabrielle/f (Killian)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Uber mary-sue. Killian receives punishment from Xena for neglecting her duties.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex and bdsm.

The characters of Xena and Gabrielle belong to MCA/Universal, Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sex and bdsm. Do not read the story if these subjects disturb you.

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_____ *** _____

As the Dart Flies
by Killian
© 2001

Part 1

Friday Night at the SinTrade Inn...

The crowd in the Main Hall of the Inn was restless and edgy.  It had been a long week, and the Sinner's were ready for some action.

Alamedic held Court at the dart board, regaling folks of the more difficult service duties of her Military work. She played on a team with Frost, who preferred silence with her Ale.

The Two Warrior were kicking Klancy, and DA's Warrior backside all over the dart area.  This had been a grudge match, with Klancy and DA reigning supreme in the last 6 matches played.  The current score was 10 to 4, but the team of Klancy and DA had been down before and come back to surprise their opponents. 

Most of the Inn was transfixed with watching the match between Warriors.  Dory and stacia and Alison and twi were still up in their rooms, but the rest of the Sinners had popcorn in hand and were choosing up sides to root for.

Killian had started taking side bets.  Not a lass to miss out on any cash generating opportunity, Killian gladly took the coin from her K/kindred.  At present, she had just taken a sizable sum from Lady Alethia, who was sure DA and Klancy would pull off a burst, any time now.

Killian sat with savay, jhari, qublah, dj and Sarah, giggling at Alamedic's story, and swooning over all of the Powerful Warrior's nearby.  Killian had been serving up drinks to the Sinners, but forgot as she got caught up in the bet casting.  She didn't think anyone would notice, or care much, since all were so involved with the match.

Someone did notice though, and noticed and noticed.  The Tall Dark and Thirsty One sat brooding in the corner of the Inn, tapping her fingers on the wood repeatedly.  Gabrielle knew that tap, and had tried to distract the Warrior by asking if 'she' could go get the drinks.

"No."  Xena drawled low, "that girl is on duty, not you.  I had to be away from you for the last two nights while you helped her out with her chores."  Xena propped her foot up on the table and leaned back.  "I will not let you take up her slack one more night.  I think our little Killian has been a bit too distracted of late, and it is time she got a little lesson in doing what she is told."

Gabrielle swallowed as she saw the telling narrowing of Xena's eyes. No sense in trying to talk the Warrior out of this, she thought.  But, if Xena does what i think she is gonna do, then Killian is gonna need someone to take up her shift anyway.  I hope dj doesn't mind being tapped.  or Sarah.  sigh, poor Killian.

"Killian, come here!"  Xena's tone of voice quieted the rowdy crowd.

Killian swallowed, and the bag of coins she was holding dropped to the ground, spilling its contents all over the floor.  Killian looked around her at all her family.  All eyes were on her, most with looks of fear, or regret.

"Tonight, Killian."

Killian dropped her eyes to the floor and made her way to stand in front of Xena.

"Look at my table Killian. What do you see?"

Killian slid her upper lip into her mouth and began to nervously chew it as she took this test. She knew she was bound to fail it, considering Xena's dark mood.

"Um, I see two ale mugs, and two plates of food, with silverware."

"That's right, Killian. Two empty plates of food, and two very empty mugs of ale.  Do you know how long the mugs have been empty, Killian?"

Killian found her boots to be very interesting.  "No Xena."

"I didn't think so. 2 candlemarks, Killian. Do you know why that is, lass?"

Gabrielle was holding her breath, knowing that this painful interrogation could go on all night if the Warrior saw fit to really humiliate the girl.

"Because i didn't serve you?"

"Right, lass. Did I not speak to you about this just last night? Look at me, Killian."

Killian closed her eyes, and lifted her head. It took all the strength she possessed to open her eyes and look into those piercing blue ones.

"Xena, I......"  Killian started to cry softly, and it closed up her throat.

"Unh, unh, Killian. Crying is not going to make things easier for you.  Not tonight.  Not with me.  You knew you had duties, and even after you were spoken too, you ignored those duties.  Is that not correct, Killian?"

"Xena, I-"

"No! Killian, I asked you a question. I expect it to be answered."

Killian took a step back, almost losing her balance at Xena's anger.  Gabrielle reached out to steady the girl, drawing her own glare from her lover.  After a minute, Killian settled herself again, and again looked up into those eyes that reminded her so much of Caitlin.

"Yes, Xena, you spoke to me, and Gabrielle helped me. I guess I lost track of time tonight..."  her answer trailed off.

"Killian, why do you think that happened. Why did you lose track of your duties?"

"I... I don't know, Xena."

"Oh, I think you do know, lass."

"I do?"

"Gabrielle."  Gabrielle looked at Killian with apology as she got up from the table, and walked to where Killian had been sitting in the dart match crowd.  Everyone had stopped doing anything, and were now paying rapt attention to Gabrielle, Killian, and the Dark Warrior.

Gabrielle picked up the pouch of coins and the short writing scroll from the floor, returning with them to Xena's table.

Killian closed her eyes and cringed.

Xena took the items and looked at Killian.

"Open your eyes, Killian."

Killian slowly opened her eyes, not believing that the Warrior could get even more stern, but she somehow had.

"Were you the only one capable of taking bets, lass?"

Killian looked over helplessly at the crowd.


"No, what? Killian."

"No, Xena. There were plenty of people to take bets. I just..."

Killian hung her head in defeat.

"-just got caught up.  Right, Killian?"


"Okay, now that we are clear, I am going to help you remember to 'not' get caught up with distractions when you have duties to perform.

"Thank you, Xena."

Xena's mouth curved into that familiar sort of smile/sneer.

"At least you have not forgotten your manners.  That may bode well for you, lass.  Now, go to Dory's toy closet, and pick the paddle you know you deserve for your misbehavior."

Killian swallowed again, and felt her feet as two blocks of clay.

"Now," Xena barked, which unstuck Killian's feet completely, and got her moving to do what Xena asked. The lass' stomach kept doing flip flops as she crossed to the Toy closet. 

_____ *** _____

Part 2

 (dj wrote:)
 "Ten drachma says it'll be 20 cracks of stinging swats...the very wet kind!"  The young woman couldn't help but enjoy the ribbing, along with great anticipation for what was to come.  Her squirtly sister was definitely in prime form!

(Sarah wrote:)
I'll take that bet.  Xena seems pretty pissed off at the moment.  At least 25 swats.


(Killian here)

"hey! Can i have a piece of that acti-  OOf!"

Killian felt a firm body pressing her into the toy closet wall.

"Killian, what are you doing?"

"Um, what you told me Xena.  Um... I"

"Get the paddle, keep your sweet mouth shut, and get your ass back to me right now. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes, Xena."

"Don't make me tell you again."

"No, I won't. I promise."

Out of the corner of her eye, Killian could see the bets were going up fast.

_____ *** _____

Part 3

Killian opened the closet and let out a breath.  She could feel all the eyes of the Inn on her as she took stock of the 9 assorted paddles Dory had crafted and hung on the inside of the door.

Killian knew she should not go for too heavy of a paddle.  This angered Xena even more than if she were to choose too light of one. Killian remembered back to a day Gabrielle had disobeyed the Warrior in a full bar.  Later, Gabrielle told her she had thought Xena would have wanted a heavier paddle, to show her dominance over Gabrielle.  But the blond bard had been very wrong in her assumptions, as she found out when Xena dragged her back to the paddle rack, by the hair, and made her choose better.  Then Xena had proceeded to give her twice the punishment she had originally planned.  No, Killian thought,  It is best to take my time, and choose perfectly for this.

Killian chose a 12inch smooth cherry wood paddle, with no frills, and no holes.  Killian glanced at the Dark Warrior out of the corner of her eye.  Sure enough, Xena had her discipline face on, but she noticed no narrowing of Xena's eyes, so she figured she had chosen well.

"Sarah,"  Xena commanded, as Killian crossed back to her table. 

Sarah jumped up from her front row seat out of shock, and quickly found herself crossing the room to do Xena's bidding.  The rest of the Inn patrons had arranged themselves in chairs, passing coin and popcorn around, and  were doing their best to not distract the Warrior from what they knew to be a very gifted art form she was about to embark on.

"Sarah, clear off this table."  The sexy lass knew this was not the time to flirt with the Warrior. Maybe later, she thought, as she went about the business of wiping the table clean.

Killian had gotten back to the table now, and handed the paddle to Xena.

"Strip.  And be quick about it." 

Killian took this as a big clue to not put on a show at this time.  It was hard for the lass, knowing as she did, that she had a rapt audience.  One look at Xena's frown, and Killian stripped as quickly as she could without tripping over herself.

Xena tapped on the table. 

"Bend over, hands flat on the table above your head."

"Yes, Xena."  Killian moved into place as Xena stood up, and Gabrielle moved down where she could hold Killian's hand.  The Dark Warrior pursed her lips at Gabrielle, but allowed the contact.


Killian gripped Gabrielle's hand, but otherwise did not move.


Silence hung in the room, as everyone focused on the rippling muscles of Xena's arm as she swung to meet sensitive and sensual flesh.




The sweat beaded on Killian's lip as she bit into it, trying to keep her position.



Killian was panting now.  Gabrielle hazarded a look at her lover. Xena raised her eyebrow in response.



Tears began seeping out of Killian's eyes, but the lass made only a small grunt, and otherwise remained still.


Xena put the paddle down on the bench, as she looked upon Killian's very worked over backside.

"Stand up, Killian."

"Yes, Xena."

Killian stood up and bowed her head before the Warrior.

"I am not through with you by a long shot.  You know that."

"Yes, Xena, I know."

Xena lifted Killian to sit up on the table. The lass cried out when her ass connected with the table.

"Killian," Xena's voice was low.

"Sorry, Xena, I will have better control."

"You better, lass, or I will not hesitate to give you more."

"Yes, Xena."

"Slide back up the table, and put your hands over your head."

"Yes, Xena."

The tall Warrior reached for the shackles hanging above the table.

_____ *** _____

Part 4, Conclusion

Gabrielle took a hold of Killian's wrists and shackled them in the sheepskin cuffs at the top of the table. The blonde bard looked up at the Warrior to let her know that Killian was chained in.

Xena slid Killian towards her on the table, placing the lass' ass about mid table. The focused Warrior lifted Killian's right leg straight up, spreading it to the right, then shackling it into place. Xena then took Killian's left leg, lifted it up and out into shackles.

Killian hung like a large V with her back flat on the table, and her butt ready for more attention.

Xena didn't take long to oblige, as she picked up the paddle and smacked it hard against her own hand a couple of times, seeming to Killian that the Warrior was judging just how hard the next smacks would be.

Xena stood to the right of Killian, paddle in hand, as Gabrielle held her hand at the top of the table.

"Look at me, Killian." Xena's eyes had that impossibly compelling look in them, that Killian could not look away from if she was being torn limb from limb.

"I am going to give you ten good licks now, Killian. You are going to keep your eyes focused on me, and me alone. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, Xena." Killian's mouth had gone dry.

"And Killian."

"Yes? Xena?"

"You are going to thank me after each and every one."

Jolts shot through Killian's center, as she couldn't help but close her eyes to the overwhelming sensations. Xena knew exactly how to play her, and it humbled her deeply to be caught up in this position. She felt utterly vulnerable, and Xena was going to make her show that to the entire Inn.


"Yes, Xena. I hear you, and I will obey."

Gabrielle slid her hand into Killian's chained one. Killian grasped it tightly as she watched Xena's arm swing high up into an arc, and descend swiftly.


Killian cringed, closing her eyes briefly.

"Killian. Look at me."

"Yes, Xena." Killian opened her eyes, and with effort, squeezed air through her lips.

"One. Thank you, Xena."


Piercing Blue eyes willed deep brown, to stay open and focused.

"Two. Thank you, Xena"


"Three. Thank you, Xena."





The ritual was repeated each time Killian took a blow. Blows which were getting increasingly harder with each stroke of Xena's powerful arm. Still Xena did not let up, nor let Killian's eyes break away from hers for even one stroke.

The excitement of Killian's sex was on full display for all to see. The lass was spread wide, with her essence dripping generously now, and pooling on the table.


"Eight. Thank you, Xena." Killian was covered in a sheen of sweat that matched the heat being generated by the whole Inn, as all the patrons sat in rapt fascination.


"Unh!" Killian responded to the intensity of Xena's strike.

"Killian." Xena's voice had taken on the sultry purr she was known for when very highly aroused.

"Eight. Thank you, Xena!" Killian's breathing came in short labored bursts.

"No, Killian, that was nine."

"It was? But, Xena, I-"


"Ohhhhhh, ummm... TEN! Ten. Ten..."


"Um, thank you, Xena. Thank you for my punishment."

Killian looked at Xena with the full heat the Dark Warriors punishment had generated. The lass wanted her bad, and Xena knew it.

Xena kept her eyes locked on Killian.


Gabrielle squeezed Killian's hand as she let go of it, and crossed to stand close to the Warrior.

Xena turned, and took Gabrielle into a tight hold, kissing her deeply, and soundly.

Killian whimpered.

"Strip, Gabrielle."

Xena sat with the paddle in her lap, eyes fixed on Gabrielle's lithe form in front of her.

On the jukebox, a slow erotic Greek guitar tune played out, as Gabrielle began a slow and sensual strip for her Warrior.

Her hands slid up the sides of her body, as her hips undulated to the music. She undid her top, and let it fall to the floor. A tambourine punctuated the sensual rhythm of the guitar. Hands, skilled at self pleasure caressed full and erect breasts, pinching, and offering, to a hungry Warrior.

The room was captivated by Gabrielle's slow dance, as the worldly sub slid an erect nipple between the open lips of her Warrior. Xena's hands went up to Gabrielle's waist, pulling her close. She sucked, and nipped at the taut nipple, and slowly removed the skirt of the sub.

Gabrielle threw her head back in ecstasy, as Xena's mouth conquered the other breast.

Xena stood, sliding up Gabrielle's naked form as she did so. Ending up again capturing luscious full lips, laying claim to them as her own.

Killian tried not to breathe, hoping not to disturb the spell. It appeared to the bound lass that no one in the Inn was currently breathing.

Xena shifted Gabrielle, bending her over the table, so, when fully stretched out, her butt was a fine target for Xena, and her lips were able to lap the dew from Killian's flower.


A low grunt from Gabrielle, as the paddle lightly caressed her ass, prompting her tongue into Killian's folds.


Gabrielle's hands went up to grab a hold of Killian's heated ass, in order to dive in with gusto.

Killian's head was swimming. The sound of the paddle connecting to Gabrielle as her agile tongue danced inside, made Killian nearly come unglued.


"Control, Killian."

"Xena, I don't know if I can..."


"Yes, you can, Killian. And you will, or I will whip you into the middle of next week. Which is it, lass?"


"Oh, Goddess! I will have control. Control."

"Good, lass. You may not cum until I tell you to. NOT until I tell you to. Do you hear me, Killian?"


Gabrielle's tongue was relentless, digging deep into Killian's center, eliciting helpless yips, and grunts from the bound lass.

"Yessssss, Xena. I hear you."

Xena put down the paddle, undid herself and pulled out her length.

She inserted herself easily into the swollen and wet center of her lifemate.

Gabrielle moaned a deep guttural moan as Xena began fucking her fast and furious.

The blonde bard took Xena's cue and began sucking on Killian's nub as she continued her deep tongue thrusts into the bound and aching lass.

Killian dropped her head, bit her tongue, and closed her eyes trying to keep from exploding into orgasm. She focused on what Xena would do to her if she failed. This was just enough to keep Killian's resolve strong.

Xena took hold of Gabrielle's hips, and entered her with abandon, tossing her hair back with the sensual freedom she allowed herself to feel.

Gabrielle went over first, screaming into Killian, as her hands added new imprints on the girls marked ass.

Xena came next, with a growl that turned into a chuckle, as she caught sight of the consternation on Killian's face.

"Now, Killian."

Finally, the lass let go with a scream of her own.

"SWEET GAIA!" The bound lass bellowed, as Gabrielle kept up her assault.

In the end all three of them would go over three more times each, one pulling the other, until exhaustion took the two subs over.

After a time, Xena and Gabrielle pulled themselves together, and released Killian from her bonds. The Warrior and the bard took the smaller lass into their arms and held her there for a long time.

The Sinner's took this as a cue that the festivities were over.

Dark Angel was the first to get back to the dart board, hitting the bull's-eye dead center, eliciting groans from all those who had bets riding on Alamedic, and Dory.

All was well this night in the Sin Trade Inn.

_____ *** _____

The End

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