Author: Jheran McAlister
Story Title: All's Fair in Love and War
Characters: Joxer/Autolycus, Ares/Joxer, Ares/Autolycus
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ares needs a mortal's love--Joxer's, to be precise. But what if Joxer only wants to be with Autolycus? Work in progress.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex.

The characters belong to MCA/Universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This is NC-17. Sexual situations, m/m.

I'm so stuck with the FAA that I'm trying to get the juices flowing again with this one. Enjoy.

I'm answering another challenge, this time the one about throwing the Joxer/Autolycus and Joxer/Ares couples together into one story. I'm trying not to make this a PWP, but if it turns out that way, I'm really sorry. Pairing: Joxer/Autolycus/Ares (?!) Sorry, this is rather slashy. Any character mentioned in this story, with the exception of Alister, isn't mine (but I wish they were). I'm just gonna borrow them for a story before giving them back. I hope no one at Renaissance minds...

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All's Fair in Love and War
by Jheran McAlister

Part 1

The water felt so good to Joxer's hot skin, sliding off of it in rivulets back into the gently flowing river. It had been a long day yesterday and he was thankful that he could finally get some rest from all of the running he had had to do the day before. But rather than dwell on the momentous day, he let all of the tension go as he dunked himself silently into the soothing water. Standing up again after a few seconds, he could feel Autolycus behind him, the strong hands caressing his shoulders, and then the nimble fingers running themselves down his back almost tickling him. When they came to rest on his narrow hips, he smiled and stepped back a little, letting the heat of his tall, dark-haired lover inflame him.

"Mmmm... you're awake," he said in a low voice.

"And so are you. Trying to catch fish with your bare hands again?" His eyes twinkled merrily as he left his hands rest on the lanky swordsman's hips.

He turned around, seeing the dark brown eyes afire with lust and the black hair that felt like silk to his fingers. "I almost got one..." He bristled a little but sighed when the master thief nibbled on his neck gently and then pulled back. The young man claimed his lips for a moment, reveling in the ticklish feeling of his mustache and goatee always gave him. "But I guess we'll have to make do with each other for breakfast."

"Don't tempt me, Jox." Autolycus' eyes turned a darker shade of brown as he moved quickly to take his lips. Opening his mouth under the slightest bit of pressure, Joxer could taste the thief's spicy tongue as it invaded his mouth and explored its surroundings sensually. So that's how ya wanna play it, huh? Joxer thought to himself as he pushed his own tongue into Autolycus' mouth. Two can play at that game.

The tongue-wrestling went on for quite a while as she watched them. Neither knew she was there, or that they were being watched. She looked like a lanky fifteen-year-old or so, with thin, silver hair that reached her shoulders and eyes that constantly changed color. She wore the plain clothing of a wanderer, but wore an elaborate, though ordinary leather pendant with an unintelligible word scrawled deep in the material.

With a satisfied little smirk, she settled more comfortably in the tree, shaking a branch or two with a thought to cause little pink apple blossoms to descend gently over the pair below. Joxer, m'boy, you definitely deserve it, she thought to herself.

Thinking back to the many run-ins the young man had had with Aphrodite, she winced a little as she ran through them quietly, absently noting that the two that were necking below her were getting hot and heavy with their little excursions.

She caught a heady whiff of roses, and sighed, looking down from her high perch to the new arrival. Aphrodite, what in Tartarus are YOU doing here? she wondered absently as she swung down from the branch and landed on the ground with a thud the two lovers easily ignored. Aphrodite yelped and spun around.

"Yow! Like, don't you teleport like normal gods?" Aphrodite asked.

"Let's agree that I'm not normal, and you tell me what in Tartarus you're doing here, hmmm?" she suggested venomously. She didn't like the Goddess of Love, particularly after all the times she ripped Joxer's heart to pieces.

"Chill, Ali. I'm just enjoying the scenery," Aphrodite replied airily. This little girl may be a god, but she was just a foundling who stole some ambrosia from one of Zeus' temples.

"That's rather obvious, Aph. I meant, what are you planning on doing?"

"My big bro Ares needs to learn that if he doesn't fall in love, he's gonna be dead. And I'll need Joxie here to do it."

"Ohhh, no you don't." The foundling goddess shook her head emphatically. "You're not going to screw this up." Alister pointed at the two men, totally oblivious to the conversation the two deities were having, and right now Joxer had been dunked underwater and had started sucking on Autolycus' cock. "I've worked too hard to find someone that would care about him."

"Him?" Aphrodite's expression turned mischievous. "You mean Joxie."

"Duh, I mean Joxer, you-" She flared, but stopped herself before she insulted the older goddess. "Yes, I mean Joxer. You've hurt him too many times, and I think he deserves to be happy. Autolycus has given him that happiness and more. Are you going to rip them apart just so that you can teach Ares a lesson?" She knew she was good at getting to people, and it appeared that the gods weren't much different than the mortals she had encountered.

"Look, I don't know anyone else geeky enough for Dark and Deadly to be embarrassed over when he realizes he was under one of my spells. Anyway, the Fates mentioned something about Joxer being Ares' 'one true love' or something." She shrugged. Alister looked doubtful, but knew that if the Fates said something, the gods ignored them at their own peril.

"The Fates?"

The blonde goddess nodded. "The gods found out a way for them to survive against Dahak's power, and that's love. So, they're getting together and finding their true loves-"

"Which is making you tremendously powerful," Alister cut in with a dark frown.

"It won't last for long though," Aphrodite said wistfully. "But anyway, Ares thinks that he can use all of the other gods finding their true loves' as a way to his advantage. I gotta stop that, or it'll make me look bad."

Alister looked like she seriously doubted it, but said nothing.

"Well, I went to the Fates and asked them who Ar's true love would be, and they said it was lover-boy over there." The beautiful goddess pointed absently to Joxer, who was laying on the side of the riverbank where Autolycus had dragged him, wearing a raging erection that the master thief was sucking like it was hard candy.

"You've got to be kidding."

"Nope, sweets. Honest to the gods. Now, I gotta use Joxie over there to get Ar to wake up and smell the nectar 'cuz if he doesn't get him soon, he's gonna be destroyed." What worried Alister more than Aphrodite's message wrecking her plans was the fact that Aph was serious.

"And the world needs War, whether any of us like it or not." The foundling goddess sighed. "But I don't want you hurting Joxer. That leaves us at a stand still." Thinking it over a second, Alister sighed again. "I'll be willing to make a compromise."

"All right. Whatcha want for Joxie over there?" Aphrodite pointed at the young man who had just recovered from his orgasm and was necking Autolycus. Again.

"Joxer goes to Ares, and they have their love thing so that Dahak doesn't roast him, but Joxer returns to Autolycus as soon as Ares learns his lesson. How long until Dahak shows up?"

"Dunno." Aphrodite shrugged. "We have to wait until Dahak makes the first move, or else there'd be some major holes in the fam tree." The Goddess of Love's eyebrow rose.

"That could take years!" Alister protested. "I don't want Autolycus hurt either. These two are supposed to be a set." It sometimes took a bit of emphasis on some words for the air-headed goddess to get the point.

"I heard that." Aphrodite frowned delicately.

"Sorry, Aph," the foundling apologized absently. "I just don't want these two separated."

"And I want Jox and Arry together." The Goddess of Love kept frowning until she brightened considerably.

"What are you thinking?" Alister's voice was flat with suspicion.

"Why not make a threesome?"

"What?" was the flat response.

"Make all three of them an item." Aph giggled. "That way you can still have Joxie and Auto, and I can have my Jox and Ar pair."

"You've got to be kidding."

"You like repeating yourself, doncha, sweetie? And, no, I'm not kidding."

"Joxer and Autolycus would never go for it."

Aphrodite looked amazed. "Who cares if they go for it or not? Sure, it'll make the job easier, but a good ol' love spell would do it too."

Alister, on the other hand, looked shocked. "Aph, mortals aren't our little toys!"

"Oh," Aphrodite said like she just remembered something about her fellow goddess. "Right. You were a mortal before you were a goddess. Keep forgetting."

Alister stamped her foot. "Gods, Aph! Can you be anymore cruel?! Mortals are thinking, living beings. We don't control them; we just mess around with their lives once or twice!"

"Puh-lease. You wanna try to convince these two to screw Ar together? Be my guest. When they object, you better come crawling back to me on your knees, begging for me to put a love spell on them."

Alister sneered at her derisively. "What-ever."

"Fine. I'm gonna catch some killer waves at Naxos so just stop by the temple there to beg me. 'K?"

The foundling rolled her eyes as the Goddess of Love disappeared in a flurry of rose petals and golden sparks. Oh, this is great, Alister whined to herself. This is just PERFECT. Looking at the two of them, who were now sleeping, with Autolycus molding himself into Joxer's back, holding the pale warrior close to him with a bronze arm. She walked over and knelt beside the two, thoughts running through her mind at a feverish rate.

"Hmmm... how to get you three together..." Alister considered just throwing Joxer into Ares' arms. No, that would just be Tartarus just waiting to happen. Flat out telling them, and have them mull it over? Maybe... but don't bet on immediate cooperation. Going to Ares first? Test the waters? See what he thought? That was about the most sensible thing she could come up with.

Sighing, she passed a hand over their heads gently, and dressed them with a snap of her fingers. At least they'll be dressed for company. She looked doubtful, remembering the horny session of screwing she had witnessed earlier. Then again, it's only a matter of time before they're not...


Blinking herself to a dark, gloomy temple, she looked around a little nervously. She hadn't really met the god of war before, and she thought it was justifiable that if you were dealing with a being that could draw and quarter you with his bare hands, and you had to suggest to them a topic they'd never touch with a ten foot pole, you'd be worried too.

"Uhhh... Ares?" Her voice squeaked a little, and she winced as the high pitch seemed to drift hopelessly through the temple. "I need to talk with you, but of course, if this is a bad time and all, I'll just be leav-"

"What is it?" The deep voice sounded threatening and, even though her hormones weren't developed yet, downright sexy. He sounded curious, but in a pissed sort of way.

"We-l-l-l-l, can I see you?" She was greatly daring with that one. Two steps away from foundling shish-ka-bob, and she wanted to see his face. It was a nice last request though.

The God of War flashed into view with a bluish-white spark, stepping forward and crossing his big, muscular arms as he stared down at Alister with something that could be seen as impatient amusement. But then, with Ares, you can never really tell.

"All right. You know what's going on with Dahak right?"

"The gods will be saved because someone loves them." He sounded very sarcastic. Ouch. This is gonna be painful... Alister whined silently.

"Yeah, you could say that." She rubbed the back of her neck, her fast brain refusing to go anything but an incoherent, break-neck speed. "Aren't you a little concerned that you're gonna be toast as soon as Dahak gets here? I mean, you don't seem to have a true love or anything-"

She stopped herself, her eyes wide. Desperately, she slapped on a smile that a rabbit would wear when he was trying to talk a wolf out of eating him. Unsuccessfully.

Ares didn't seem to be doing anything but staring at her, and that was seriously getting uncomfortable. "You came here...for that?" His voice sounded very dangerous.

Oh, SHIT! I'm gonna DIE!

"Why would you care?"

"L-l-l-look, Ares, I mean- well," she stammered quickly. Her brain was refusing to bring up anything. "Where would the world be... without War?" Her laugh came out as a nervous titter, her eyes catching his slow movements. Oh, go-o-o-o-ds! I don't wanna die!

"That's true." Ares slowly blinked, staring at her with blazing brown eyes. "But why are you here? I could've figured that out myself. Now, if you'd like to live, leave me."

Realizing what he was planning, something just blew up in Alister's head, igniting anger quicker than she had ever felt before in her whole life. "Ares, you can't be serious!" Her eyes narrowed, but her fear was growing very faint before her towering fury. He thinks he can screw the gods TWICE? I don' think so.

"You think Dahak's gonna welcome ya back with open arms?!" she shouted incredulously. "PLEASE! You may have impregnated it's daughter, but as far as it's concerned, you are a lying sack of shit, and you're prolly the first on his list that he's gonna wipe out. If you were really thinking, and not allowing some delusion to take over, you'd be finding your true love if you hadn't already found them!" She could feel herself seething. "If we don't have your sorry ass after Dahak's banished again, we're gonna be up shit creek!"

Staring at him for a second, the wheels clicking slower in her mind, she started again. "Besides, it's a proven fact that War is a part of every civilization. If we don't have you, then we'll have to make another god be you." She wore a decidedly vicious smirk. "How would you like it if we got Cupid to take your place? Or how about Aphrodite, Goddess of War?"

She took a deep breath, and pressed on. Kiddo, you may be toast, but remember why you're here. "Now, if you want to live, find me and we'll talk. I might have just the person in mind for ya." Alister could see that she punched maybe one too many of Ares' buttons when his eyes flared and his face grew darker than the color black.


As Ares took one step closer to her, "murder" just written ALL over his face, Alister yelped, disappearing in a flash.

Ares stood there, angry as all Tartarus. How dare the little foundling?! She deserved to be killed for her impertinence! But, of course, the little girl was also a goddess, so that wasn't possible. Not unless he wanted to be mortal, which is something he definitely didn't want. But there was something nagging at him, something warning him. What if the little snot-nosed brat was right?

Pacing around his temple, he began to mull it over. It was true that Dahak wouldn't take him under his wing again. He knew the dark force wasn't particularly pleased that it's demon-spawn had gotten killed because of his child. He didn't like it, but it seemed that his only other choice was to find his true love.

The God of War snorted. That was impossible. All of his followers either loved the bloodlust and power he gave to them, or feared him so much that love couldn't have possibly entered the picture. None of the other gods cared about him, and those that did were ones who had already chosen true loves.

He despised the little ambrosia-made goddess, but he knew that the scrawny girl was about as clever as Hermes. If he could avoid going to his bubble-headed sister and admitting defeat, he had to take what the foundling could offer him. Dammit.


Ares teleported to Alister's side with a flash, but she didn't bother to look down at him. She was sitting in a tree, cradled in its branches, watching as the sun shimmered off the waters of a beautiful lake. Ares never really cared much for scenery; and when he did, it was because it had a strategic position. What bothered Ares was that it glowed with serenity and peace.

"So, you thought about it?" She didn't even look down at him, her dark brown eyes intent on the lake, drawing strength and confidence from it.

"Yes, I thought about it. Who were you thinking of?"

"Actually," she hopped down from the high branches, landing quietly on the ground, facing the deadly god, "he wasn't my idea. I consulted the Fates, and they say he's the one who can give you true love."

Ares grunted. The Fates worked in mysterious ways, especially in ways that the gods never understood. The girl's eyes, now a pale blue, looked doubtful.

"So, who is he?"

"You might know 'im. Joxer of Corinth."

"What?" Ares' expression turned from grudging admittance to incredulous anger. "Joxer?"

"Well, that's what they told me, and they said his name out right, not some little riddle for me to figure out."

Ares was quiet for a minute. "Joxer?"

"I'm positive that's what they said, Ares." Alister looked at him, her young face serious.

Ares' left eyebrow lifted, and he actually seemed to take the offer seriously. The foundling cleared her throat uncomfortably. "Ummm... there's a bit of a problem though."

"What is it?"

"He's already in love with someone else." Her voice squeaked. Ares really didn't like having his chain jerked around by a child, especially this one. He was about to consider killing Joxer's lover, but decided against it.

"You want me to chain you to the Chair of Oblivion?" He glowered at her, asking the question in a dangerous tone. This kid had better not be messing around with him, or else he was going to kill her. Or, at least, something close to that effect.

"Hey, no need to make threats." Alister threw up her hands in a defensive stance. "I'm sure that if Joxer loved you before he fell in love with that outrageous thief, he'll still harbor feelings for ya."

Ares' eyebrow rose, not believing her. Outrageous thief, hmmm?

"Hey, I've seen it happen to hundreds of people. They fall in love with one person, fall in love with a second person, but their heart still wants to know if the first person would've wanted them." After a pause to think, Alister continued, "I could talk to him if you want. See how he feels about the whole thing."

Ares remained silent. Why do I have a feeling that's not a good sign? After a few moments of silence between the two deities, the war god spoke. "Fine. Talk to him. I'm sure you can handle the details."

Alister nodded, a little smile on her lips. "Thanks, Ares."

Ares disappeared back to one of his temples in a flash of blue-white light. I seriously doubt that he harbored any feelings for me in the first place, but I...have to try. The thought was disconcerting. Try? To win a mortal's love? He shook his head. If that little wench can actually pull it off, I won't have to go to Aphrodite for help. A pause. She'd better pull it off.


Part 2

Alister flashed into the top of a tall tree, looking downwards to see the two she needed to talk to. Hmmm... Maybe I should just talk to Joxer about the whole thing, and he can tell Auto when he needs to. And, it'll be a great opportunity to prove they care about each other.

She spied the thief and warrior-minstrel walking side by side, just talking to each other about things that popped into Joxer's mind. With relief, Alister saw that the two were wearing the outfits she had thought up for them; a simple but alluring outfit for Joxer, and the outfit Autolycus wore when he had first met the young man trying to stop Jett from killing Cleopatra. She smiled, but she still needed for them to be separated. I've gotta feelin' if I tell them, Auto's going to absolutely freak out. But, then again, it could work...

Well, there was only one way to really tell, and so she jumped from the tree and plowed on down the road towards the pair. "Hey, guys! Wait up!"

Joxer turned around at the sound of the voice and looked surprised when he saw who was calling them. "Alister!"

"Jox!" She smiled genuinely and ran full tilt, throwing herself into the lanky young man's arms. Kissing the tip of his nose, the goddess grinned wolfishly at the musician. "And how's m'favorite mortal?"

"Can't complain. Aphrodite hasn't been using me for any of her spells, so that's a good thing."

At the mention of the goddess of love, Alister looked a little uncomfortable, squirming around a bit before Joxer relinquished her. "Ali, what's wrong?" His honest face looked so concerned that the foundling had wished she had never agreed to Aphrodite's threesome request.

Autolycus had been looking at the young girl with interest, seeing how she practically flew into his lover's arms and seemed to emanate a sense of peace. Alister caught his gaze and turned to him with enthusiasm, hoping that she could change the subject. This is gonna be harder than I thought... she admitted glumly. "So, who's the stud?"

"Ali, this is Autolycus."

"The King of Thieves?" she cut in before he could introduce her. "I must say I'm honored to make your acquaintance. Then again, it won't be long before you start in with my temples." Her genial smile made the half-serious statement sound like a light remark, but the thief caught it.

"Temples? You've got to be kidding. A little girl like you..." His broad smile froze a little at Joxer's serious face.

"This girl, Auto, is Alister," he said pointedly, turning to her. "Have you decided on an area of profession?"

"Wanderers, I guess." She shrugged in response. "Either them or lovers. Seems to me like Aph's been neglecting people only if they ask for her help."

"What are you two talking about?" The thief looked at the two who seemed to be caught up in their own private joke.

"Alister's a goddess. We've crossed paths once or twice, and one time she stole some ambrosia from a temple to Zeus."

"Uhhh!" Alister looked hurt. "I didn't steal it! I merely borrowed it for a while. Aren't you in the business of borrowing, 'Toly?"

"'Toly?" Autolycus protested mildly.

"Yer name's too long, and he already has a pet name for ya, so I just came up with my own. You should be thankful." The mischievous grin on her face, however, indicated that she was kidding around. "So, you guys a pair, or what?"

Joxer blushed beet red while Auto frowned a little. "Isn't this a little open for us to be talking about this sort of thing?" Auto mentioned mildly. Besides, I do have a reputation to protect.

"Ahh, that you do, my good cutpurse." Alister smiled, reading his thoughts. Snapping her fingers, the two men suddenly found themselves sitting on logs around a fire with the goddess between them. They both turned to her with questioning looks. "This glade's never used, so we're pretty safe." She shrugged. After a second or so, she grinned and rubbed her hands together in delight. "Now, you guys together or what?"

"I guess you could say that," Joxer managed.

"Good. All the necking I see you two doing isn't just a battle of egos. That's a relief."

Autolycus took a turn at looking surprised, but he didn't flush. "Hey, you could at least give us some privacy once in a while!"

"Normally when you two are past the necking, I have to be elsewhere, so I don't get to see the fireworks."

"Fireworks?" Joxer looked confused.

"Later," Alister dismissed it. "So everything's on the up and up?"

"It's pretty good." Joxer nodded. "We haven't run across any gods, so that's good."

"Ahem." Alister cleared her throat audibly, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, sorry, Ali," Joxer apologized.

"Have you seen Aphrodite around?" Autolycus suddenly asked, getting the foundling off-guard. He had noticed how she looked almost guilty when Joxer had mentioned her. This should be interesting.

"Yeah," she answered carefully, her eyes, now a suspicious-tinted grey, on his. "I've seen her once or twice. Did you defile one of her temples or somethin'?"

"No, just curious." Auto kept watching her. "She planning on anything like love spells?" She better not hurt Joxer... not again.

Alister was quiet as she read his mind. "It's a little complicated."

"Really?" Joxer piped in, curious. "How complicated is it?"

She turned back to her brown-eyed friend, her face looking really unhappy. I can't just lie to him. He's helped me out before, and it wouldn't be fair to him to make him decide whether Autolycus needed to hear it or not... I just hope I'm doing the right thing.

"There's something brewing in Olympus, and it involves the mortals. At least, partially."

Two pairs of dark brown eyes grew curious almost immediately, both men leaning forward unconsciously. "Really? How?" Joxer asked quickly.

"You remember Dahak, Jox?"

"Dahak..." Joxer nodded solemnly. Visions of Gabrielle's death kept flashing themselves in front of his eyes. Shuddering involuntarily, he moved closer to Auto. "Yeah. What's happening?"

"The gods have figured out that Dahak's planning a major strike at them. More powerful than Hope even."

Autolycus turned to Joxer, who stared at Alister with wide eyes. "Hope?"

"Gabrielle's daughter. I'll explain later," Joxer whispered quickly, much to his love's irritation. "What's this 'major strike' going to be?"

"We're not sure what form it's gonna take, but all we know is that it can kill hundreds of gods, and the only way to prevent that from happening is true love."

"What can we do to help?" Joxer offered immediately. Alister smiled a little. You haven't changed, my friend. But the question is, when I tell you how, would you be so willing to do it? Glancing quickly at the thief, the foundling saw that he was thinking about something. As she pushed a little past his mental barriers, she could see suspicion. Ohhh, that's not good...

"Well, lemme finish first. The Fates have the best first-hand knowledge of who the true love of a certain god is. At least the crone, anyway. Whoever they say is the one for whichever god is the one who can save them from total destruction. For some reason, mortals are going to be absolutely unaffected by this, so our true loves can be mortals."

"And where is this headed?" Autolycus' voice sounded very suspicious now. Suspicious and ...a little bit of everything, much to the goddess' surprise.

"I'm getting there, sheesh." Alister frowned a little at him. "Everyone so far has found their true love, with the exception of two of us: myself, and Ares."

Quickly perusing the mind of the King of Thieves, she threw up her hands to stop him. "I never found my true love, and I don't expect too before the Dark One's coming. So, I'll be out of the picture, but Ares, however, isn't going to be as easy to replace."

Autolycus was confused now; she had thrown him off a little when she had so easily admitted that she was going to be cosmic dust when this Dahak came. Joxer sat beside him, just as confused as he was, but let Alister finish.

"Well, Aph went to the Fates and asked them the name of the one who could save Ares."

Autolycus noticed with a pang of fear that Alister was looking very uncomfortable, and her eyes, now as molten silver as her hair, were full of guilt. "Yeah? Who is it?" he pressed. The more she squirmed, the less he was probably not going to like it.

You have no idea, thief, Alister answered him quietly. She opened her mouth to say the name, but found herself speechless. She tried a few more times, but then gave up.

"Who is it?" Joxer whispered anxiously. Not Auto... no... Oh, gods, don't do this to me... not again...

Alister weakly pointed at ... him. Joxer.

"WHAT?!" Auto leapt to his feet, staring at her incredulously. "You-you're lying!" he sputtered.

Alister frowned, bounding to her feet as well to face the thief on level ground. Though 'level ground' meant that he was looking down at her, still a good foot taller than she. "They said it was him! I have no reason to lie here! Whether the world likes it or not, we need a God of War! And Joxer is supposed to be his savior, so Joxer has to fall in love with him, or else the mortals afterwards aren't going to have a chance to fight back against oppressors! Either that, or they'll be too busy hacking themselves to pieces to care!"

She could see a retort on Autolycus' lips. This isn't getting me anywhere. Time for them to figure out how to deal with it. I'm getting sick of being yelled at, and I'm sick of having to deal with this. "Look, before you blow up in my face again, how about I leave so that you have an opportunity to chill out, okay?" Without waiting for a response, Alister disappeared in a flash of greenish-white light.

Alister reappeared at an old cottage that she had created in the middle of the woods a while back, using it as a temporary temple since nobody had really taken notice of her yet. By the gods, she'd be surprised if anyone did know she was a goddess. What was really bothering her was their faces. Autolycus was mad enough to kill someone while Joxer seemed... pensive. Was I that close to the mark when I said he may still love Ares? She sighed. Those two are about to go straight to Tartarus in a hand basket.

Checking in on them, Alister sighed. There were times when she hated being right.


Part 3

Alister disappeared in a flash of greenish-white light, leaving the two lovers alone by the campfire. Autolycus was still steaming, while Joxer sat in astonishment and bewilderment, staring into the fire. The thief looked down at Joxer, still angry at the whole situation that was brewing.

"I can't believe this..." Auto muttered furiously. "Who does she think she is, anyway?"

Joxer shrugged, looking pensive. "Well, she is a goddess..."

"I know that, Jox. I just can't believe that she's your friend. Friends don't hand out ultimatums at their whim. Friends don't force apart two people in love just so that someone that neither of them cares about can live."

"She was really upset, Auto." Joxer's voice was very quiet. "Maybe she doesn't like it anymore than we do."

"I doubt that," Auto muttered viciously, returning to his troubled thoughts. "...and Ares, no less..." He shook his head, looking at his pale minstrel. "I can't just send you off to the God of War! Who knows what he's planning on doing to you!"

"But do we have a choice, Auto?" Joxer looked at him, his dark brown eyes serious. "You heard Alister; if we don't have a God of War, people could be killing each other, or they'd give up to someone powerful without a fight. Auto, we may not like it, but we have to save Ares. And if that means that I have to fall in love with him... so be it."

Autolycus stared into Joxer's eyes, seeing the fear forming. "C'mere," he said quietly, gathering the lanky swordsman into his arms. Joxer slid into his laps and wrapped his wiry arms around his neck, kissing the thief tenderly on the lips.

"Jox, I just..." Auto began slowly, wrapping his arms around Joxer's waist and looking into his soulful eyes. Joxer stopped him with a light finger pressing gently on his lips.

"Shhh... I know." The innocent, dark brown eyes started to glisten, and a small tear left an eye and etched itself down his pale cheek. With a bronzed, gentle finger, the King of Thieves wiped it away, leaning forward to claim Joxer's lips with his. The kiss was tender at first, and Autolycus poured into it all of the love he could muster, then he opened his lover's lips with slight pressure and explored his mouth with a spicy tongue.

Urging Joxer to lean back, Auto intensified the kiss, his hands touching and caressing his skin passionately. Every touch was treasured, every caress was remembered. He could feel Joxer's hands entangle themselves in his black hair, firmly keeping the master thief in place as he kissed him desperately. From the way Autolycus was kissing him back, Joxer knew he didn't need to use his hands, but it felt like if he let go, his love would disappear into thin air.

I love you so much, Auto, Joxer's desperate lips told the thief as they continued the heartfelt kiss.

Joxer could feel everything; Auto's hands carefully removing his white shirt, the firmness of the thief's chest when he peeled away the brown shirt with the white sleeves. They both stopped when they were shirtless, caresses and gentle hands massaging each other, more to reassure than to inflame.

Autolycus knew, deep down, that this would end, and that making love to him this way would only make their parting more painful. But for some reason, he couldn't help himself. He had to taste Joxer's lips just one more time, had to feel his wiry body underneath his, had to smell the pine-smelling soap that he had used to wash Joxer's hair that morning. He knew that Joxer would try to hide his fear, but the thief could feel it every time they kissed.

Feeling Autolycus' firm lips pressed against his, Joxer drew strength from the feel of those lips, accepting him, loving him, making him whole. In his mind's eye, he could see the thief's devilish smile, his bronzed body glimmering in the light of an early sunrise. Feeling tears threatening to snake down his face, Joxer kissed his love with increased fervor, trying to banish away the pain before it could ruin this one last night.

Releasing his love, the King of Thieves sat straddled over Joxer's waist, stroking his cheek gently. The look of total devotion and love in Joxer's eyes was enough to create a giant lump in the thief's throat. He pushed the pesky lock out of Joxer's face, the one that made him look so adorable. Of course, it slunk back into its place after a minute or so, but all Autolycus could see was his dark brown eyes.

"Auto..." Joxer whispered to him sincerely. "I love you."

Autolycus nodded. "I know. I... love you, too."

There was a moment of silence as heartfelt gazes were exchanged and bodies were caressed. Auto soon got off of Joxer, laying on his side and facing towards the fire. Absently, he pushed the lock away again and looked into his eyes.


"Hmmm?" His eyebrows rose.

"Can you just hold me tonight?"

"Of course." Auto wrapped a strong arm around Joxer, pulling him gently into their usual sleeping position, with Joxer in front of him and the two pressed against each other for warmth.

Joxer felt warm in Autolycus' embrace, like he had always felt. His muscular arm around him felt comforting, driving away any demons of the soul with love. For a moment, it felt as if the world went away, and all that was left was Auto's strong embrace.

Please, let me have this one night, Joxer begged silently of the gods, looking at the stars in the sky. Do anything you want with me after that, but please... let me have this one night. A single tear crept down his face, landing on the ground. Snuggling closer to Autolycus with a sigh, Joxer allowed himself to drift off.

Alister shook her head as she watched the two of them cuddling. She was past the storm of tears, but her eyes were red and she sniffed loudly, wiping her nose on the sleeve of her tunic. Passing her long-fingered hand over their heads, Alister blessed them with peaceful dreams as she stepped back.

"I'm sorry, Joxer," the foundling whispered, fading away. "Please forgive me."


Part 4

Joxer opened his eyes and saw that he was in a dark room, the only light coming from the dark blue-curtained windows. He was laying a large, soft bed, and there seemed to be little else in the room. He was wearing his outfit from yesterday, minus the boots, and he felt very refreshed. Realizing that he wasn't with Autolycus, he sat up in the bed and looked around.

The room was rather plain, and it didn't have much except for an ornate looking chest of drawers and a nightstand or two that held candelabras, their black candles tall and unused. Is this where Ares sleeps? The clumsy fighter wondered absently as he got off of the comfortable bed and stretched. Well, I'm not chained up. That's something, at least. He found his boots on the rug, next to the chest of drawers, and pulled them on. Trying the only door in the room, it opened easily, revealing a rustic living room with a fireplace, a table and chairs for eating, and a large easychair that looked comfortable.

I wonder where he is? Joxer thought to himself as he stoked up a fire using a pile of firewood that he hadn't seen before. "Probably has some war to oversee."

"Well, I guess it could be that," a familiar voice spoke from behind him, causing him to jump a little. Whipping around to see the intruder, he looked into dark green eyes, framed by silver hair.

"Alister." He kept his voice neutral.

"Mmmm..." the goddess grunted moodily. "You okay?"

Joxer looked at her steadily for a few minutes. "No, I'm not. Where am I?"

"Mountain retreat of Ares." The girl shrugged. "He normally comes here when he needs to relax."

"What are you doing here?"

"I just came to apologize for everything." She sighed. "I'm doing a fairly shitty job of it, considering that you're not with Autolycus right now."

Flashes of the thief passed his vision quickly, and Joxer could feel his head pounding. "Yeah, you are."

"I also came to talk." She sat down on the rug in front of the fireplace, her silver hair glowing a ruddy color. The foundling looked up at Joxer, and patted the floor next to her. He sat obediently, glaring a little at her.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Everything that's happened so far, I guess." Alister shrugged. "I mean, about Autolycus and Aphrodite and Ares." Joxer looked stern, but continued to listen without comment. "I've always thought of you like an older brother, and when Aph started casting all those spells and hurting your feelings, I wanted to put a stop to it."

Alister paused before continuing, trying to think of what to say that wouldn't hurt the young man further. "And I saw Autolycus. Sure, he wasn't my first choice, but it seemed like it could work. I didn't know about the 'true love' stuff until recently."

"Wait a minute," Joxer interrupted with a flat voice. "You're saying that me and Autolycus were together because you felt sorry for me?"

"Whoa, Joxer. Hold on a sec. I wanted to stop Aph from using you, that's one, and two, I didn't put any kind of spell on either of you. I merely provided times for you two to bump into each other and become friends. It was your decision, and 'Toly's, that you became lovers."

Joxer mulled it over, frowning at the foundling goddess as he did so.

"Jox, I have no reason to lie to you," Alister answered his unspoken question truthfully. Standing up slowly, she looked down into Joxer's eyes. "Oh, and Autolycus asked me to give you a message."

"Auto? What did he say?"

Pounding herself once in the sternum, she cleared her throat. "Well, Jox." When she spoke, her voice sounded exactly like the King of Thieves. "I love you, and I've asked Alister to make sure you're okay. If Ares has a heart at all, just show him the love that you've shown to me, and he should be the luckiest god alive." Alister accomplished a masterful imitation of the outrageous thief's devilish smile, and leaned forward.

Capturing his lips, Alister concentrated on the King of Thieves and connected the two through her lips. For a brief moment, Joxer could feel Autolycus' firm lips again, pressing against his in a gentle kiss. After a second or so, Alister pulled away, satisfied. Coughing twice, she pounded her sternum again and smiled. "That was 'Toly's message. I'll come by and check on ya in a while."

Alister stood back a little, waving before disappearing in a greenish-white flash. Looking at the spot where Alister had been standing, Joxer blinked once or twice before standing. Looking out a window, the young man saw that it was lightly snowing, a haze of white visible in the distance. He was pretty sure it would be freezing, so he decided to stay by the fire and warm himself a bit before venturing out. There was something about this place that made Joxer want to explore everything, leave no stone unturned, what have you, and it was pretty strong.

The chill seemed to permeate the wood of the rustic house itself until the young mortal could feel his limbs beginning to stiffen. Going back into the bedroom, he stripped the comforter off of the bed and took it into the living room. He wrapped himself up in it and sat before the fireplace, huddling in the warm fur and feeling the fire's heat drift over his face in waves. For a retreat of the God of War, it's certainly peaceful around here.

Ares watched this mortal, his reactions to him ranging from amusement to curiosity. He could hear Joxer's emotions very clearly; his amazement and curiosity outweighing his fear and feeling of loneliness. This is to be my true love? Probing a little deeper, the god of war was almost blinded by the young man's purity. He may have wanted to kill in the past, but he never managed to do anyone in, a fact that amazed the dark god. A blood-innocent?

Joxer heard a footstep behind him; soft, like it wasn't meant to be heard. Quickly abandoning his coverlet, the clumsy swordsman stood and wheeled around to face the intruder. I may not be welcome here, but by the gods, I'll stop anyone who tries to break in-- He stopped when he saw that the 'intruder' was none other than Ares himself.

"Ares." Joxer swallowed nervously. "Uhh... hi."

The God of War examined Joxer quietly, much to the mortal's growing anxiety, and smiled a little. "Joxer." He nodded a little, noticing that he was shaking from the cold. "Cold?"

"Yeah." Not wanting to sound weak, he quickly added, "A little."

"Sit down." Joxer complied quickly with the request, not wanting to anger the god. Ares joined him on the floor, absently wrapping the black comforter back around the shivering mortal. Catching the stray thought of obedience from Joxer, Ares turned from the fire to the pale face, now flickering a combination of gold, red, and shadow. "It's all very strange to you, isn't it?"

The question caught Joxer off-guard. "What do you mean?" He turned to the god, noticing how the shadows created by the flames made his eyes look black and the curls that framed the impossibly handsome face even darker.

"You already have a life of your own and then the little foundling comes along and says that you have to be my paramour, or else I'll be destroyed."

"Foundling?" Joxer repeated, puzzled. "You mean Alister?"

"Of course I mean her. There's no god, born of the Olympians or made by ambrosia, who has no memory of their parents or where they come from. Only that scrawny, little wench."

"Oh." Joxer hadn't known that. He had always assumed that she had run away from home, like he did when he was her age.

"She told me you were in love with someone." Ares looked at him steadily as his face flushed.

"Well, I... was... once." Joxer chose his words carefully, trying to shove all thoughts of the handsome thief from his mind as he concentrated on Ares.

"Was once?" Ares asked innocently.

"Well, now, I kinda have to love you, don't I?" Joxer answered a little reluctantly. "So, my past love shouldn't mean anything now."

Hmm... That's true. "And what do you think of what's happening to you now?"

"It feels like an arranged marriage or something, only instead of it being a marriage of convenience, where either person can cheat on the other, we have to really love each other." Joxer's face grew thoughtful as he considered it further.

"What was their name?" Ares' dark eyes bore into his.

"Does it matter?" Joxer looked surprised by the question.

"Let's just say I'm curious. What was their name?"

"He was ...Autolycus." As he said it, Joxer couldn't help but have a feeling that he had somehow betrayed him.

Ares looked mildly surprised. Autolycus, hmmm? He noticed Joxer shivering a little underneath the coverlet. "Still cold?"

"Yeah." Joxer rubbed his hands over his arms to warm them. "Is it always this cold around here?"

"It's the middle of winter, Joxer. That, and we're pretty high off the ground." Ares looked at him with his dark eyes again, making Joxer a little self-conscious as the god gazed him. If he was able to keep that thief occupied, let's see if he has what it takes. "But I know a way to get you warmed up."

Joxer stared straight back at him, his fear showing a little in his eyes. "More like hotter than Hades I take it?"

"You could say that." Ares leaned forward slowly, not wanting to alarm the mortal. Rather than alarm him, Joxer brought up his chin and kissed him. As their lips touched, Joxer felt a strong heat emanating from the god's lips, as if the skin was merely a thin covering, and fire was barely contained within them. He felt the lips press against his, opening his mouth. Allowing the hot, spicy tongue of the god of war into his mouth, Joxer slid his tongue along the length and explored the fiery mouth locked to his.

Tongues slipped and slid together in an intimate dance while Joxer's unsure hands explored the god's body. He felt hard, like the young warrior had suspected, but the god of war also felt hotter than a raging fire. His hands caressed the furry chest underneath the black leather vest that fit him like a second skin. Soon, he could feel Ares release him, leaving him gasping for breath.

"You're pretty good." Ares claimed his lips again before Joxer could reply. The kiss was harsher now, probing and delicious as Joxer returned it with a long-forgotten lust. Already, his crotch was getting tighter in his pants, just waiting to cum. He had loved the god once, but since finding Autolycus, he had put it in the back of his mind. Mmm...Auto...? He threw his energy into the kiss, trying to forget about the charming rogue with each touch he gave to the dark god.

Ares pushed him back gently until he could feel the comforter underneath him, and then made their clothes disappear with a thought. Joxer's mind jumpstarted when he realized what his erection was pressing against.

"Oh, no you don't." Ares' voice was a seductive purr. "First, you have to prove yourself to me."

Somewhere in Joxer's feverish mind, he could've sworn he sounded like Autolycus... NO! You're with Ares! Think 'Ares'! Claiming the god's lips, the lanky young man flipped them slowly until he was on top, and started kissing him, traveling over to his ear and kissing underneath of it. He heard the god of war groan, and satisfied, left a trail of teasing kisses down his neck.

His lips seemed to have gotten bored with Ares' neck, and he moved to his chest, nibbling and kissing the fur until he got to the raging erection.

Ares sensed where the mortal was and asked with a sly smile. "You think you can handle that?"

Joxer licked his lips in anticipation. "Just watch me." He started lapping at the god's balls and traveled his way up the hard skin, the majestic cock standing tall. Nibbling once or twice gently enough to tease him, the lanky swordsman licked slowly at the head, savoring the pre-cum as if it were honey. He absently heard the god's groans, causing him to smile a little. It was a trick that had worked before, and it still had its charm. Taking the head in his mouth, Joxer sucked down on it like it was candy, pushing his tongue into the weeping slit.

"Oh, FUCK... yessssss..." Ares hissed, bucking into Joxer's hot mouth. This mortal's good... No wonder he can't fight worth a damn.

Joxer kept sucking, tickling the hard intruder in his mouth with his quick tongue. The god's groans were getting louder, he noted with satisfaction, and he relaxed his throat muscles. Inching his way down the hard cock, Joxer licked more of it in his mouth until he reached the base, the thick member now down his throat. Swallowing deeply, he heard Ares moan louder. It was two or three more swallows before Ares came in white hot jets. Joxer pulled back fast enough to taste the last few drops before they slid down his throat. Wait... Joxer's old passion for the dark god reawakening. He licked the softening dick still in his mouth, caressing it. Just one more time...

Quickly, Ares grabbed Joxer by his hair and pulled him forward, claiming his lips in a breath-stealing kiss. When Ares let go of his lips, Joxer's head was spinning in circles and his crotch was screaming for release.

"You're good," Ares whispered, his voice coarse from desire. "Now that you've proved your worth..." He left it trail off suggestively as his strong, perfect hands massaged Joxer's body enticingly. He easily flipped the mortal on his back and started biting his neck, his soft, fiery lips soothing the skin. His hand was still on Joxer's erection, efficiently fondling it. More... oh, gods, please... more... Joxer's befuddled mind struggled as Ares kissed down his chest and stomach, reaching his reddening cock.

Ares looked at the cock in admiration, slyly trailing a finger up and down its length, causing Joxer to jump in surprise.

"Ohhh... please, Ares..." Joxer moaned, his lips struggling to form the words.

"Please what?" Ares asked coyly. Joxer felt the callused finger drag its way down, causing him to groan again.

"Suck... ohhh... me... pleeeeeease..."

The mortal was about to lose it, Ares smiled. "Oh, what was that? I couldn't hear you."

"Suck me pleeease!" Joxer shouted when he felt a fiery tongue lick at the head teasingly.

Ares smirked, then returned his attention to the cock. Lapping at the head for a moment, he deep-throated the now purple erection, sucking on it until Joxer screamed and his cum shot into the god's mouth. Swallowing it easily, Ares released the softening member, looking up to see that Joxer was fighting to stay awake.

The god stood slowly and picked up Joxer, noticing how the mortal's arms automatically wrapped around his neck and lay his head against his chest. Taking him into the bedroom, Ares placed him carefully on the bed and covered him with warm blankets with a thought. With another thought, he was dressed again in his leather outfit and looking over Joxer's pale face peeking out from under the covers. His eyes were closed in serene sleep, and his face looked calm.

Ares had heard his whirling thoughts throughout their lovemaking, and he had seen Autolycus' face run by Joxer's vision many times. Even now, the King of Thieves was in the young warrior's dreams, mixed with visions of himself.

With these visions of the charming thief, Ares began to get a little curious. He was able to steal away Joxer's heart so well that he can't think of anyone else but him... Ares mused to himself. But does he love him in return?

Thinking it over, Ares smiled a little, disappearing in a bluish-white flash.


Part 5

Gabrielle looked over at Autolycus curiously, questions running through her mind as she got out a fresh scroll. They had been together for a few weeks or so, ever since Xena had left her to help out in a border dispute near Amphipolis. Even though the bard normally liked having him around, considering the fact that he was charming and had a good heart, Gabrielle wasn't sure what to make of his quiet demeanor.

Finding her quill, she was about to write down her latest adventure with the rogue, but she stopped. "Autolycus?"

"What?" The King of Thieves looked up from his thoughtful gaze into the flames to look her in the eye. Something must've happened, Gabrielle thought to herself. This has to be the first time I've ever seen him depressed. The young bard could see a subtle change in the daredevil brown eyes, tempering them with a sort of melancholy that would've been romantic if it wasn't tangible.

"You haven't been acting like yourself lately. What's wrong?"

"It's complicated."

"Not unless you take the time to explain it," Gabrielle quipped, much to Autolycus' growing irritation.

"Look, I just lost someone I cared about," he snapped. "And right now, I don't want to talk about it."

The bard looked surprised at his rebuke and lapsed into an uncomfortable silence, turning her attention back to her scroll. Who did he lose? Why? Her mind began to ask questions, but she shook her head. He's lost someone close to him. You can't just ask him about that. She started writing, the quill scratching its way across the scroll, leaving inky trails that created words, and soon would create images.

Joxer... Autolycus' mind echoed over and over again. I miss you so much. I can't even sleep without you near me. Without your warmth and love. If only there was some way I could see you, hold you in my arms just one more time... He sighed slowly. Auto, stop doing this to yourself. He's with Ares now. There's nothing even you can do about it.

The moments seemed to stretch into hours of their own accord, and soon the sound of the quill against the paper stopped, and he absently heard Xena's friend say, "Good night."

Fat chance, was the quick reply. "G'night," he answered back, stoking the fire a bit with a long stick he found nearby.

Gabrielle crawled under her sleeping furs, looking at the master thief once before closing her eyes. He looked horrible. She couldn't even begin to guess when he had last slept, from the bags under his eyes, and he looked a little pale. His hair was brushed, true, but it looked like a quick run-through instead of the usual meticulous effort the thief normally made to make himself look irresistible.

His clothes were a little rumpled, not at all like the Autolycus she knew, and he hadn't eaten in days. Sighing once, the bard turned over and closed her eyes, hoping the thief would be able to recover. She knew from personal experience that losing a loved one was hard, though the bard was a little surprised that Autolycus was now going through the same thing.

Autolycus stared into the blaze, seeing the fire curl and pop into a fiery version of his love; the warm eyes now dark red, set in a pale yellow face. The apparition continued to look at him with love in his eyes until the thief blinked a few times and lay down moodily, deliberately turning away from the fire. He tried to close his eyes and even his breathing, but he kept reaching for the body that was always there. He won't be there now. Get over it.

His eyes snapped open at the sudden thought. He had always kept hope with him that Joxer would be able to return, but he had never admitted that there was the possibility that he would never come back to him. Rolling onto his back, Autolycus sighed, forcing his eyes closed.

"Having a rough night, Auto?" A delicate hand crept through the opening and massaged his chest deliciously.

Joxer...?! The King of Thieves bolt upright, his eyes wide as he looked straight into passionate, brown eyes.

"Joxer?" His voice was barely a whisper. It can't be...

Joxer smiled, claiming the bewildered thief's lips and kissing them, sucking in his bottom lip and teasing it with his tongue. Releasing him, the pale hands dove into Auto's green tunic, rubbing the firm chest. Joxer closed his eyes in rapture.

"Mmm... your chest feels so hot... But, I bet somewhere else that feels hotter..." With a mischievous grin, the lanky swordsman attacked his throat with enticing kisses while one of his hands crept down to his crotch, squeezing playfully. Auto's eyes rolled back as he groaned in pleasure.

Ohhh... Joxer... keep going... Auto's thoughts were beginning to blur together as Joxer crept down his chest, kissing and nibbling his way down to the master thief's raging erection. Wait a minute... Joxer?! His hand grabbed Joxer firmly, pulling the delightful lips from his skin so that he could see him.

"Joxer, why are you here?" His voice was rough with desire, but his eyes were serious.

Joxer blinked once, the smile slipping away. "I wanted to be with you, Auto. I love you." He took Autolycus' lips again, but the thief's hand in his hair pulled him back before he could succumb to his spell.

"I'm serious, Jox."

"So am I." Since Autolycus didn't want him to kiss him, Joxer touched his rough cheek, stroking the stubble gently as he looked in his eyes.

"Jox, what about Ares? If he doesn't have your love, he'll die." And I thought losing you hurt...

"Auto, how can he even love someone? All he uses me for is just something to screw when he's bored." Joxer's eyes were full of so much pain that Autolycus gently wrapped his arms around the lanky young man as he crawled into his lap and started to cry. Each sob went straight to the thief's heart, and he stroked his mussed brown hair slowly, whispering quiet reassurances. Soon, Autolycus held a quiet Joxer cradled in his arms.


"Yeah, Auto?" The answer was so soft that he barely heard it.

"Try to love him. If he doesn't see who you really are, then he's a fool."

"But--" Joxer pushed himself away to look into Autolycus' dark brown eyes. His hand reached up and stroked his cheek gently, causing the thief to shiver.

"Jox, forget about me." Autolycus told him firmly. Others would've thought that the thief could read minds, but it was only because he knew Joxer so well. "We need a god of war. You said it yourself." He ran a finger gently down the pale warrior's nose. "If you can't love him because he's hurt you, then love him because we'll need him. Once you can return, Ares might finally see what he's missed all this time."

Joxer didn't move for a while, but his eyes blinked open. He really loves him... He leaned forward and claimed the master thief's lips passionately, catching Autolycus by surprise. After a second of shock, the colorful rogue started to resist under his lips, his crotch tightening when he felt a tongue lick around his mouth. Fighting futilely against the lips that he had wanted for so long, Auto began to return the kiss with equal need and passion.

The familiar lips massaged his with the kind of ease that comes from delectable experience. Autolycus pressed forward, wanting to trace his tongue along well remembered curves and planes, entangling his fingers in the silken tresses. Yet, there was a new smell to his love; it was very faint, but Autolycus' nose picked it up almost immediately. It smelled almost like... death?

Suddenly, his lover's tongue started to shift, changing around in sensations of hot and cold. The missed lips grew fuller, latching onto his more firmly, scaring the thief with their power. So hot were those lips that Auto was surprised his lips didn't start burning yet.

Tightening his grip on the silken tresses that had now morphed into long, tight curls, Autolycus pulled the head back to release his lips. The face before him was perfect, for lack of a better term, with near-black eyes and a regal face framed by ebony curls. The face now looked at him with a smirk, and even though the rogue had never met this face before, he could tell right away who it belonged to.

"Ares..." He had to admit that he wasn't surprised. First, the Fates give Joxer to this animal, and now he taunts me with the one thing I can't have. "This is pretty low, even for you."

"I was merely curious, mortal. And I don't have to answer to you." He shrugged. "Still, that was a good kiss." The god took the thief's lips briefly, reveling in the heat that was emanating from the mortal's cock.

Autolycus stared into the war god's eyes. "How's Joxer?"

Ares stared at him for a moment before speaking. "Pining for you. He's good at pretending, and I know a part of him actually does love me, but he keeps thinking of you." His voice was an odd mix of curiosity and anger.

I knew it. He's gonna kill me.

"No, I can't do that." Ares answered his unspoken thoughts. "Then it'd be impossible to win his true love."

"So you're checking out the competition." It was more a statement than a question.

"You could say that." The god of war took his lips again, this kiss lasting longer than the first one had. While Ares explored his mouth, Autolycus couldn't help but think how ironic the situation was. The Fates had given his lover to the god of war, and now, here he was, tasting the spicy tongue of Ares himself.

Not bothering to break off the kiss, Ares made their clothes disappear with a thought, causing Autolycus to groan with the delicious friction of skin against skin. And he should, because I am the God of War.

Releasing the mortal, Ares looked down at the soft, black hair and dark brown eyes. Seeing the petulance in his eyes, his near-black eyes narrowed. This mortal didn't know where he was supposed to stand in his life, and now he thinks he's better than a god?

He had to be beaten, reduced, defeated. He was a damn mortal, nothing more. If he thought too much of himself, it was now the war god's responsibility to show him where he belonged. And that was underneath of him, begging for forgiveness.

Slowly, Ares raised Autolycus' legs until they were over the dark god's shoulders. Gritting his teeth from the pain, the thief's eyes blazed as he claimed the god's lips as his.

You're not getting away from it that easily, thief. Ares thought as he harshly kissed Auto, releasing him. Smiling wickedly, the god of war slid the head of his massive cock up against the master rogue's tight hole and pushed in with a hard thrust.

"Ahhhh!!!" Autolycus threw back his head with a shout of pain.

Without caring whether or not the King of Thieves was unharmed, Ares started to thrust inside of him, his enormous dick almost causing Auto's tight hole to burst.

"Damn... you're hot," Ares grunted, thrusting harder and eliciting another shout from Autolycus. "You're so fucking hot."

With the thief gasping for air, the dark god started pounding into him, hitting his prostate with every thrust. The eyes, squeezed shut from the pain, snapped open in dazed pleasure.

"Yes!" Autolycus shouted when the large rod hit his pleasure spot. "Yes!"

Ares picked up the pace, reaming into the thief more vigorously. As the god of war's pleasure mounted, the King of Thieves could feel the penis ramming into him start to grow bigger, thicker...

"YES!" Autolycus screamed one last time, coming against the god's muscled abdomen in white-hot spurts of passion.

Feeling the muscles around his dick clenching around him, Ares shouted in triumph as he fired his cum into the thief, collapsing in momentary exhaustion. They lay there for what felt like hours, neither moving, the only sounds that interrupted the silence was the roar of the campfire and their harsh breathing. After resting, Ares picked up his head and looked down at the thief, lust still burning in his eyes.

"Later," the thief heard before he was kissed passionately. In his trademark bluish-white flash, Ares left Auto alone at the campsite, wondering if he had really been screwed by the god of war. These days, Autolycus couldn't tell what was reality and what was fantasy.

To be continued...

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