Author: The Rose
Story Title: Revenge
Characters: Hercules/Iolaus
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Iolaus turns the tables on Hercules in this sequel to Fantasy.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex and bdsm.

These characters do not belong to me. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made. Hercules and Iolaus will be returned, safe and relatively untouched, when I'm through playing with them.

This story contains M/M sex with bondage

Summary: A sequel to Fantasy. Also, mostly dialog. Iolaus finally gets his revenge.

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The Rose

"You're in an interesting mood today."

"Am I?"

"Uh huh. Care to tell me what it's about?"

Fingertips, brushing lightly over a muscled arm. "Nope."

"I could make you tell me."

A giggle, the flash of mischievous blue eyes. "You'd have to catch me first."

A sudden arm grabbing at now-empty air.

"Missed!" The tone mocking.

"Not for long!"

The chase. Dodging, ducking. He's a damn agile little thing! "When I get my hands on you . . ."

"Promises, promises . . ."

A feign, a grab --- another clean miss. "Give it up. You know I'll win."

Another giggle. "Not today. Today I win!" Another dodge, lightening quick.

Firm mouth compressing into a thin line. "We'll see about that."

A quick pass, ducking under an arm, a swift boot to the backside. "Oh, I'm scared now!"

Turning the fall into a spin, legs sweeping out . . .

Avoiding the scissors maneuver by leaping over the legs and scampering to safety. "You'll have to do better than that."

"Oh, I plan to." A lunge, fingertips catching the edge of a tattered vest. "Gotcha!"

Squirming out of the vest, slipping out of reach. "Oh, yeah?"

A dangerous growl, deep in the throat. Determined stalking, now. "Oh, brother, are you ever going to get it!"

Dancing just out of reach. Those eyes, sparkling mischievously. The smile mocking. "What? You think you can take me?"

Still stalking, trying to run him out of room. "Watch me."

Shins, bumped against the bed. Turning the near fall into a tumble and roll across the firm mattress.

Strong fingers lock tight around an ankle. "You mean, like this?"

No! It's too soon! A kick. Trying to scramble forward as the free leg kicks again. Owww! Got to stop that kicking! A leap forward, landing across both legs. Pinning them down. "Now, you're mine!"

"No! Now, you're mine!"

Damn, he's good! And slippery! How in Tartarus did he end up on top? Elbows pinned under leather-clad knees. A weight, less than his own, firmly restraining hips. Smaller, strong hands pressing down on a broad chest. "Think you can keep me like this?"

Those eyes still dancing. A slight shrug. "Probably not. Not alone, anyway."

A chuckle. "What? Do you have reinforcements hiding under the bed?"

That delightful giggle. "No. Under the pillow."

One hand, pulled loose (or, was it released?) slides under, pulls out --- "So, this is what you've been working on all week."

"Uh huh."

The blue eyes, slightly mystified. A large hand, holding up silken scarves, soft ropes and narrow strips of buttery smooth suede. Challenging eyes lift to meet wickedly gleaming ones. "These will never hold me."

That grin flashing. "Want to bet?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"If they don't, I'm yours, to do with as you please."

An answering grin, dripping with confidence. "And if I lose?"

"That should be obvious."

Those maddeningly soft hands, splaying out across the chest, entwining in the mat of dark hair there. That mouth, leaning in closer, almost close enough to touch . . . "What if I just throw you off now and take you?"

"You could." Warm lips on a nipple. "If you're afraid to take my bet."


"Then, give me a few minutes. And, give me your hands."

Watching curiously as large hands are wrapped in silk, fingers folded against palms. Feeling the knots being tied around wrists. Mesmerized as thumbs are crossed and tied together with warm suede wound around and around. "What . . .?"


A rope threaded between the bound thumbs. Soft hands lifting the arms upward, pressing them down against the mattress. The feeling of the rope being stretched tight and tied off.

Again, the sparkling eyes, looking down into his. "Okay, hero. Get out of that."

How he loved a good challenge. Pity this wasn't one. A tug, a grimace, a surprised look shot up into those mocking eyes. "I'll dislocate my thumbs!"

There's that grin again. "Told you, didn't I?"

Hands, undressing him, sliding his pants down toward his ankles. A shift of weight as the smaller man got off the bed. "Yeah, well, there's no way this will work on my legs."

"I agree."

Cool air as pants and boots are stripped off and dropped to the floor. Still working at freeing his thumbs. Feeling his legs being stretched downward toward the foot of the bed. "Might as well give it up. As long as my legs are free I can still take you."

"Who says your legs will be free?"

Soft ropes being knotted around ankles. One leg being pulled to the side, then the other, widely spread. "You know this won't work!"


The bed tips again with his weight. Hands now, cupping his balls and the feel of --- leather?! "What are you doing?"

Blue eyes, half veiled by indecently long eyelashes, look up laughingly. "Relax. You'll see."

"Sure." A chuckle. "No rush. Enjoy your little game while it lasts." Soon as he's finished with his little experiment, I'll get my hands free. My teeth should make short work of those knots. And then he'll get his! That night in Theasia will seem like nothing compared to what I'm going to do to him now.

The leather loop snugged up gently around the base of the balls. The ropes threaded through the footboard and back up to the loop. "Deep breath, Hercules."

Playing along. What in Tartarus is he doing down there? Letting the breath out, relaxing into the sheets, biding his time. A tug. Something drawing tight on his scrotum. A gasp at the new sensation. Then hands, holding his legs still.

"Careful. Don't move yet."

More tugging, and the feel of Iolaus's hands doing something between his spread thighs.

"There. All done."

The blue eyes meeting his again, full of mischief and something else, harder to read. Victory? A chuckle. Dream on, my little friend.

"Now, try to move your legs. But very, very carefully."

A snicker. Hands still on his calves as if to prevent him from moving too fast. A leg drawn up, an answering tug --- a painful one --- on his balls. "OWWW! What have you done?!"

That maddening chuckle. "Take a look for yourself."

Hercules raises his head, follows the line of the ropes. Any attempt to free his legs will tighten the leather strap around his scrotum. And if he should try to jerk free --- Oh, Gods! He's got me!

Pleased with himself, Iolaus sits back on his heels between Hercules' spread legs. "Any questions?"

One thing for sure. I'll never let the little wise ass see me sweat! "A temporary problem only, I'm sure." Tugging at those bound thumbs again, tugging to the point of pain. "Okay, Iolaus," Hercules said in that intimidating tone of his, the one he reserved for special occasions when the blond hunter was getting out of line even more than usual. "This is very funny, but I want you to let me up now."

"Nope. It's payback time, pal."

"Payback? For what?"

"What do you mean, 'for what?' Did you forget that night in the Inn at Theasia?"

"But you said you wanted that! I was just fulfilling your fantasy!"

"Yeah. Except for one thing. I changed my mind, remember?"

"You mean, you chickened out."

A blush he couldn't suppress warmed Iolaus's face. "Maybe. Maybe I just decided I didn't want to do it as bad as I thought."

"But you ended up liking it!"

"You left me tied down all night!"

Hercules grinned, remembering. That beautiful body, spread-eagled and tied face up to the bed, his for the taking. And take it he did. Over and over and over . . . "Yeah. You're cute when you're helpless."

An answering grin. Strong fingers sliding up bare, muscular thighs, igniting little fires as they moved. "So are you."

"I'm not helpless!"

"Oh, yeah? Prove it!"

Hercules tugged at his thumbs, stopping only when the joints threatened to pull from their sockets. He tried to free his silk-bound fingers. If he could get his hands on that rope, he could snap it, and then he'd see who was the helpless one . . . <>If he doesn't quit giggling I'm going to wring that pretty little neck!

"What's the matter, hero? Can't get loose?"

That devilish grin, those maddening hands, stroking up and down the legs, but bypassing the one place that was now yearning to be touched. "I'll get you for this, you know. And that's a promise."

"And that's a promise," came the mocking echo.

I may have to kill him! Hercules made himself relax, or at least LOOK relaxed. Truth be told his heart was thumping away madly with --- was that FEAR? He wasn't afraid of Iolaus, after all. But of being helpless . . .? Maybe. "Okay. Fine," he said with false bravado. "Now that you think you have me, what next?"

"Oh, I have the day all planned out. And the night, too. And maybe even tomorrow." He swung off the bed and slowly divested himself of the rest of the clothing, dropping them in a pile on the floor next to his discarded vest. Then he crossed to a drawer and opened it, his back to Hercules.

One look at those creamy white cheeks made Hercules' cock come to full attention. He tried again to free his hands, but the leather binding tightened whenever he pulled on it. He wondered just where Iolaus had picked up that little trick. "You know, you'll have to teach me this thumb thing," he said conversationally as he watched Iolaus pull one object after another out of the drawer, keeping them hidden in front of him. "It'd be handy if I ever have to tie Autolycus up again. I'll bet even he couldn't get out of it."

"Probably not." Iolaus returned to the bed. The bottle of oil he carried Hercules recognized. But the other things . . . He forced himself not to shudder as Iolaus laid them out carefully on the mattress.

Hercules felt his mouth going dry. "My. You have been busy, haven't you?"

Iolaus grinned down at him, still holding one of the objects in his hand. It was polished wood, smooth as glass. Nearly eight inches long and at least two inches thick, its slightly curved shape was dully pointed at one end. With great care, Iolaus rubbed it with oil until it sparkled in the light. Then he laid it down and picked up another much like it, except this one was even more curved and even thicker. He rubbed this one with oil as well. "My, but I do good work, don't I?"

Hercules resisted the urge to swallow nervously, knowing Iolaus was watching him. His eyes followed the hand as this one, too, was laid back on the mattress. What Iolaus picked up then he couldn't tell, but soon the blond hunter was bending low over his chest. He pushed the shirt and undershirt out of the way, off to the sides so that the chest was completely uncovered, and began fumbling with one nipple.

"Ouch!" Hercules complained as the fingers were replaced by the cold bite of metal. He raised his head for a look. A small clamp gripped his nipple, pinching it painfully. Attached to it by a silken string was another just like it, that Iolaus was even now placing on his other nipple. "Come on, Iolaus. What do you think you're doing?"

That grin. "Oh, just a little torture," he said mildly. He tugged gently on the cord, and pain lanced through Hercules' chest, going straight to his groin. The grin above him widened as Iolaus felt the rigid cock thump against his own. "Oh, this is going to be fun," he crooned. "Maybe I'll even sing to you. Would you like that?"

Hercules groaned but kept his mouth shut. Anything he said now would be used against him and he knew it. Then he groaned again as oily fingers squeezed the base of his cock, traced a circle around his bound scrotum, then dipped lower between his butt cheeks. The tip of a finger was slowly inserted, then withdrawn, those eyes still laughing down at him. "You know I'll make you pay for this," he warned, narrowing his eyes dangerously.

Iolaus didn't seem impressed. He leaned over the chest, so low Hercules could feel his warm breath stirring the hairs on his chest, and began to unlace the heavy gauntlets.

"Why . . ." Hercules started to ask, then stopped, clamping his mouth shut.

Iolaus grinned down at him. "I like you better without them. It makes you seem --- more vulnerable." Then he was rising from the bed again, returning to the drawer.

What now? Hercules wondered, but he didn't voice it. The little ratbag was having way too much fun with this already. I won't let him get a rise out of me. Then he glanced down at his engorged member and retracted that statement.

Iolaus returned to the bed, holding four thick leather cuffs with ropes attached. He buckled one around Hercules' left wrist.

"What are those for? I'm already . . ."

Iolaus grinned that evil little grin of his and raised his eyebrows. "I think the word you're looking for is 'tied down'."

A shudder, caught and forced to stillness by force of will alone. He's not going to see me squirm!

The rope was threaded through the headboard and pulled tight, then tied to the cuff that had been buckled around his other wrist. "I don't want you to just BE helpless, Herc. I want you to FEEL helpless!"

Well, that was certainly happening as cuffs were buckled around his ankles, his legs being pulled further toward the corners of the bed, loosening the pressure on his scrotum, but not by much. A good reminder, just in case one was needed, not to try to break the ropes.

Damn! He really has got me! He felt sweat break out on his forehead, and wished he could get a hand free to wipe it before the smaller man saw it. He turned his face into his bound arm, but it was already too late as he heard that blasted giggle from just above him.

"Don't worry, Hercules. I won't hurt you." The grin widened, eyelashes dipping low over twinkling blue eyes. "Not too much, anyway." That finger again, sliding up inside him, wriggling like a speared fish. Soon, a second finger joined it, spreading and stretching the tight muscles. Then, the smaller of the two polished wooden objects was in his hand. "Let's see how you like this," he crooned, and he slid it slowly up into Herc's anus.

Hercules suppressed a moan, but just barely, as it filled him. As the last few inches disappeared into his body, the reason for it's curved shape became obvious. Fireworks exploded in Hercules' groin as it rubbed against his prostate.

"Ahhhh!" he exclaimed, arching up off the bed. A warning tug on his scrotum reminded him to be cautious, but then rational thought escaped him as Iolaus began to pump in and out with his new toy. Every shove set off more fireworks as that same spot was hit over and over again. Dimly, he became aware that Iolaus was straddling one of his thighs, his free hand holding the other one down, apparently afraid he'd injure himself in the throes of his passion. But he couldn't give the idea much thought as he felt himself reaching completion.

Then, suddenly, that terrible, wonderful pressure was withdrawn. Hercules lay there shaking, on the verge of release. I won't beg, he promised himself. He opened his eyes, scarcely aware that he'd closed them, to meet those eyes that laughed down at him.

"Payback's a bitch, isn't it?" Iolaus asked. He laid down that toy and picked up the bigger one. Hercules knew his eyes widened at the sight but he couldn't help it.

"That's --- too big," he said, trying to make his voice come out steady.

"Is it?" Cerulean blue eyes studied it, then it was lowered until it lay beside Hercules' fully engorged organ. "Nope. It's pretty much the same size you are. Just like I planned."

"It'll never --- go in."

That grin widened, and Hercules felt that shiver of fear again. "Sure it will. If I can take this size, I know you can, big guy. Watch."

Hercules tried not to tense up, carefully controlling his breathing, willing himself not to react as he felt the thing starting to penetrate. Pain ripped through him, and he would have bucked off the bed to escape it if Iolaus's weight and the thong around his scrotum would have allowed it. His eyes squeezed shut and he felt Iolaus stop pushing.

"Just relax, Herc." The voice was gentle now, most of the teasing tone gone. "I know that hurts, but it'll be worth it once you get used to it."

"I'll never --- get used to that," Hercules grunted out, hearing for himself the tightness in his voice.

"Yes, you will. Just relax and push out a little. We're halfway home."

He tried, pushing downward, as Iolaus began to push the rest of the length into him. But the pain just kept getting worse. He thrashed, hard, nearly unseating the blond hunter and nearly castrating himself.

"Easy, big guy!" he heard his friend cry as he threw his whole weight down onto Hercules' thighs. "Don't fight it! Just relax and breathe."

Gods, does it hurt Iolaus this much each time I . . .? A silken hand kneaded his inner thigh, sending little tremors of pleasure through him despite the pain. A mouth was lowered to the weeping head of his cock, slowly engulfing it in moist warmth.

"All right, just a little more to go, Herc," Iolaus said when he had lifted his head.

More? No! I can't take anymore! He wanted to scream it, but he didn't. Couldn't. If Iolaus could take this without complaint --- well, without too much complaint, anyway --- then, dammit, so could he!

The last little bit slid in easily, and Hercules bucked as his prostate was hit again. For the next few minutes he was lost in the pleasure of the moment, all pain forgotten, as Iolaus worked his magic and took him right to the edge of exploding once more.

And left him there.

I won't beg! He'll never make me beg! The wooden tool was withdrawn just enough that it no longer touched that sensitive spot inside him. And then the tip of a tongue flicked lightly, oh so lightly, over the tip of his cock. "AHHHHH!" Pain, in both nipples, as the silken cord was tugged, and hands that slowly trailed their way up and down his body, touching all the most sensitive spots.

All but one.

He may kill me but he won't make me beg!

"How's that feel, Herc?"

A swallow, to moisten a dry throat. "Ummm, fine . . ."

"Just fine? Then, I'll have to do better."

A warm body, stretching out full length beside his. That sweet, wonderful mouth, tasting of honey and tangy spices, engulfing his own. A tongue, thrusting in, tickling the roof of his mouth, and those hands --- those maddeningly quick, all-too-knowledgeable hands --- wandering up and down his arms and entwining in his hair and caressing his sides until he thought he would go mad with desire. The polished wood was still firmly in place, and Hercules found himself grinding his hips down into the mattress in an effort to push it in deeper, to find that special spot again. Above him, a soft giggle, the breath from it tickling his nose.


Another swallow. Don't weaken now, Hercules! "Yeah."

The weight on his chest lessens as Iolaus pushes up onto his hands. "My, my. Aren't we playing the tough one today? Let's see how you like this."

A knee pressing firmly up against his crotch, tightening the strap around his scrotum and pushing ever so slightly on the base of the polished wood. It starts to edge in further, tantalizingly close to the point of pleasure. A handful of hair, caught and held against one bound arm, restraining the head as a warm tongue dips into an ear. A puff of hot breath follows it, tingling as it evaporates the moisture left by the tongue. And then Iolaus's hand, encircling his swollen and aching shaft.

"Yes!" Hercules heard himself yell, feeling that release he had waited for to begin. But the hand clamped tight suddenly around the base, preventing it. Pain and desire shot through him at the same time, and he nearly screamed as he thrust himself up toward that golden soft body above him. His penis rubbed against the curly hair at Iolaus's groin, and he groaned, needing to be touched.

But Iolaus raised up, leaving his knee in place but taking the rest of his body out of reach. "Tell me what you want, Hercules."

He squeezed his eyes shut. Dammit, he just wants to hear me beg! NEVER!

"Come on, Herc." He could hear the self-satisfied grin on the blond hunter's face. "Just tell me. No. Better still. Beg me!"

Hercules tried to shake his head firmly, but Iolaus still had hold of his hair, and Hercules wasn't willing to lose any of it just to make a point. "I'm not going to beg, Iolaus."

"Oh, yeah?"

Hercules ground his teeth together as the knee was removed and replaced by Iolaus's hand. Warm fingers teased his balls, sliding in under the strap, and then the polished wood was moving again, with maddening slowness, in and out, in and out. But never in quite far enough, and out a little further each time, until finally it was withdrawn completely. He almost moaned outloud at the sudden feeling of emptiness, but stopped the sound in his throat.

Iolaus seemed to hear it anyway. "What do you want me to do, hero?" that honey sweet voice crooned near his ear, his warm breath sending a shiver of anticipation through the spread-eagled body.

Hercules bit his lip. Gods, he's having way too much fun with this! He tightened his mouth, his eyes still squeezed shut. He didn't dare look up. One look into those dancing, tantalizingly blue eyes would be his undoing. Iolaus was raining kisses down his chest now, one moist finger slowly circling his throbbing anus. It slid in, but not very far, and Hercules bucked from the sheer torment of it.

Again, that warm breath, this time just inches from where his cock twitched and throbbed with a life of its own. "Just tell me what you want, and I'll do it."

He's going to kill me! Hercules decided. He's going to torture me to death! And he's probably grinning down at me right now enjoying every second of it!

The tip of a tongue probed ever so lightly against the leaking head of his engorged member. A mouth closed around it, but all too briefly, and then it was gone. Cool air washed over the fresh moisture, and Hercules bucked again, feeling the last of his control slipping away. "Dammit, Iolaus!" he screamed, yanking against the ropes, barely feeling the pain as they nearly dislocated both his thumbs and jerked to dangerous tightness on his scrotum.

Iolaus's weight was across his thighs again, holding him down. "All you have to do is tell me what you want."

That wasn't such an unreasonable request was it? "Fuck me!" he heard himself yell, shoving his hips upward against that warm weight.

Fingers worked between his legs, and the constricting band around his balls disappeared. Silken hands glided under his hips, lifting them slightly, and then a delicious pressure filled him as Iolaus thrust up into him in one swift stroke. "Like this?" came the teasing reply.

Hercules forced his eyes open to meet the mocking blue ones, their own depths clouded by desire. "Gods, please . . ." he moaned. Begging wasn't so hard now, was it?

Iolaus leaned in a bit closer, pretending not to hear, his rigid cock still buried deep but not moving. "Say that again."


Iolaus grinned like a cat. "Gotcha, Herc," he murmured ever so softly. Taking pity on the man writhing beneath him, he began to move, driving in hard toward that pleasure spot, his hand wrapped around the shaft that thudded against his stomach with each thrust. Within seconds, both men had sagged, spent, with the force of their climaxes. Iolaus rolled to one side leisurely, his hand fondly stroking his partner's now limp member. "I knew I could make you beg, hero," he said softly into the ear against his cheek.

Now I really am going to have to kill him, Hercules told himself. As soon as he got his breath back, he was going to break the ropes holding his feet, then he'd throw his leg over that little blond tormentor and hold him down while he got his hands loose. And, then . . . and then . . . He grinned at the thought. He won't be able to sit down for a week when I'm through with him!

"You know I'll get my revenge," Hercules warned in a sultry tone, barely finding the breath for it. "As soon as I have the strength to get up from here."

Iolaus continued to finger the cock that was beginning to twitch to life once again. "Oh, I don't plan to give you any time to recover, big guy." He eased the loop of leather back over the demigod's scrotum before the other knew he was doing it, and came up on one elbow to meet his friend's eyes. "I'm not nearly through with you, yet."

NO!!! Hercules almost yelled. Instead, he tried to maintain some semblance of calm. "Come on, Iolaus. You won. I begged. Now, let me up."

It seemed like a perfectly reasonable request, but Iolaus was shaking his head, grinning down at the demigod. "Nope. I told you, Herc. I have the whole night planned." And when he sat up one of the polished wooden tools was in his hand. His grin widened and became, if it were possible, even more wicked. "Ready for round two?"

Hercules just groaned and closed his eyes again. But he was already plotting his own revenge . . .

The End

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