Author: GingerQ
Story Title: Sara's Gift
Characters: Ares & f (Sara)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ares spends a final night with a loyal priestess. Mary-Sue
This rating is for explicit m/f sex and mild bdsm.

The story is mine, as are the characters of Sara, Rhianna, and Carla. The character of Ares, God of War, belongs to Renaissance Pictures and Studios USA and no copyright infringements were meant. No money is being made from this story. It is strictly for enjoyment purposes.

The following story contains graphic scenes of consensual sex between a man and a woman. If you consider this to be offensive, are underage, or it is illegal where you are viewing it, please do not read any further. For those of you still interested, I would consider rating this NC-17 at minimum.

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Sara's Gift
By GingerQ
© 2000 by JKS, Torrance, CA

The healer walked out of Sara's bedchambers, quietly closing the door behind him. Two of the temple priestesses were patiently awaiting word in the hallway, just outside the room.

"Is she going to be all right?" one girl asked the healer.

"I'm afraid not, my child. It is her time to go. Hades will come for her sometime during the night. It will be a peaceful passing," he assured the two heavyhearted women. "I've done what I can to make her comfortable," he told them before walking away.

Rhianna and Carla looked at each other, trying to hold back the overwhelming feeling of loss that was beginning to settle in their hearts. Sara was like a mother to both of them. She had been serving Ares for almost sixty years now. No one could even imagine the temple without Sara being a part of it. Now she was leaving them, what were they to do?

"We should inform our Lord, Carla. Let's go and summons him."

"Yes, you're right! He should know immediately," she agreed.


Sara had probably one of the best views of the temple's beautiful gardens from her window. She noticed two of her sisters, Rhianna and Carla, enter the gardens, calling for the Master to show himself. She heard a tinge of urgency in their voices and wondered what possibly could be so important that they found it necessary to summons Ares, the Master of the temple, to make himself present. It was probably another one of their petty arguments. Not too long ago she would have intervened before it became necessary for Ares to show himself. The girls were always fighting amongst themselves, usually over who received more attention from the God of War when he was in house. Sara shook her head.

"It will never change," she said aloud in a weak voice. Her thoughts drifted. She knew Hades would be coming for her soon.

Ares appeared in a flash of blue and white light in front of the two priestesses. Sara sighed heavily as she gazed at the scene in the garden. All she could see was Ares was caressing Rhianna's cheek, unaware that he was trying to console the crying young woman as she told him of Sara's inevitable fate.

Sara couldn't hear them, and even if she could, she would not have taken note of it, for she could not tear her eyes from Ares. Even at the ripe age of 72 years old, she still loved him as much as she had when she first came to him.

It had been such a long time since he had lain with her, more than twenty years now, and she missed him deeply. As she became older, his visits with her became fewer and fewer. Even in her later years, he would tell her he'd come visit her bedchambers later, but then he would become preoccupied with one or more of the younger priestesses in his service and forget about her. Nonetheless, Sara understood. He was a fantastic lover, and she felt lucky to have been visited by him far longer than any other priestesses under his service. Still, she couldn't help but feel a little envious of the youth her sisters possessed. But it never changed the love she had in her heart for the God.

Sara turned her head away from the window and closed her eyes. She was so tired now. Her heart was heavy with sadness and anticipation. She did not want to leave, unsure of the destination Hades would take her to. She had a good life serving the God of War. He had been kind and generous to her throughout all of her years. She had never given him a reason to be on the receiving end of his wrath.

She had been a faithful servant, and over the years, Ares had promoted her to a more important status within the temple. She had taken to her responsibilities without hesitation or question, and Ares had never doubted her servitude. On many nights he had rewarded her accordingly. He had been her only lover in life and he taught her everything sensual and womanly that she was. He molded her perfectly for his pleasure. . . and hers!

Sara thought back to the first day she came to the temple. An orphan of only 13 years old, she had run away from the home of her uncle, who used to beat her badly. She had ended up sleeping on the temple stairs one night, trying to shelter herself from a bad storm. The head priest found her the next morning, shivering, hungry, and weak. He took her inside and had the priestesses tend to her while he approached Ares as to what he should do with the youngster.

"Did you ask her why she was seeking refuge on my doorstep?" he asked with little concern.

"No, my Lord. She was half dead when I found her. The girls are taking care of her as we speak. She was starved and weak, sickness was sure to find her next," the priest assessed.

"Once she is feeling better, bring her to me. I will decide after speaking with her."

"As you wish, my Lord." The priest bowed to Ares and left the room.

A week later, Sara stood in front of the God of War, who was sitting in his massive throne, studying something in a mirror that sat off to the side. She was shaking with fear, wide eyed, slightly rocking back and forth from foot to foot. He looked HUGE and POWERFUL to little Sara. Dressed entirely in black, with large, muscle bulging arms, he hadn't even looked at her yet, and she had been standing there forever, it seemed.

Finally, he turned and addressed her. She looked into those rich brown eyes of his and her mouth fell open. 'He's handsome - for an older man, that is,' she thought. Sara fell in love with him that very day. The way her heart fluttered at that moment, was still the same way it responded when she looked into his eyes today.

"So, you are the young child who ended up on my doorstep, yes?"

Sara melted. That voice of his - so powerful and demanding. She knew right then and there that she would do anything that voice commanded her to do.
"Well, child? Don't you speak?" Ares said as he stood up and walked towards her.

"Oh . . .ah, . . . yes, my Lord. I am the one, yes."

Ares circled around little Sara, checking her for potential servitude. He stopped directly in front of her. He towered over Sara, being twice her height, at minimum. She couldn't bring herself to look at him; she was just a peasant girl - a runaway, with nothing to offer the God in thanks for his kindness in helping her. She felt unworthy being in his presence.

Ares felt her embarrassment and reached down, taking her chin in his large hand and tilted her head up to look at him.

"Do you not have a home of your own, child?" he asked softly.

"No . . .yes . . .well, no."

"Which is it?" he demanded to know.

Sara felt his eyes piercing through her emotional defenses, the wall she had built up to shield herself from the horrors her uncle had bestowed upon her over the past few years since her parents had died. His gaze flowed through her like a cup of hot tea invades the body on an icy night. It warmed her heart and she knew she never wanted to go back to the world outside of the temple doors.

"I ran away from my uncle. I was sent to live with him since my parents died."

Ares released her chin and walked back to his throne and sat down. He listened intently as Sara told him how she ended up on his doorstep, remaining expressionless the entire time.

"I'm sorry, Lord, but I have nothing to offer you in return for the help you have allowed your servants to provide me." Sara was kneeling before the God, now, her head down as a show of respect.

Ares remained silent for some time before speaking again.

"Get up, child." She rose and looked at him. "You may work in my temple as payment for your debt. You may take room in one of the empty servants' quarters."

"Thank you, Lord. I will gladly serve you. But, if I stay in your temple, won't I be acquiring further debt with you for room and board?"

"Yes, you will," he said with a slight grin of knowing.

Sara tried to hide the smile that came to her face when she realized what he was offering her. She was not yet of age to legally commit herself to the service of a God, but if she owed him a debt and agreed to work as payment, then nobody could argue the situation.

"It looks like you might be here for a while . . ." he paused, realizing he did not know her name yet. "What is you name, little one?"

"Sara!" she bubbled with a joyful smile.

"Sara. A pretty name for a pretty little girl. Well, Sara, you should find things at my temple much more to your liking than you did at your uncle's place." He smiled gently at her, and then turned his attentions back to the mirror he was looking in when she arrived. When he realized she had not moved yet, he waved his hand and told he she was dismissed. She had been in his service ever since.


At the age of 17, Sara committed her life in servitude to the God of War. There had been a brief ceremony, attended only by those she would soon call her brothers and sisters, and her new Lord and Master, Ares.

Ares was quite pleased she had decided to stay and make herself an official priestess of his temple. She had developed into quite a voluptuous young woman over the past four years, and he desired a taste of her sweet, virgin nectar. Now that she was his priestess, he could do just that.

Sara wanted nothing more than to please the God. She had fallen for him since she first laid eyes on him. She knew he would never take her at such a young age, unless she had committed herself to him, which she would have done long ago, but had to wait until she was of age. On the very day of her 17th year, the same day she entered his service, she gave herself to him freely. He took everything she offered to him - her virginity, her heart, and her love.

Over the years, Ares and Sara had spent many playful nights together. She even held the position of being his favorite priestess for quite a number of years. He had taught her pleasures beyond her wildest imagination. And she knew exactly how to please her God. It remained that way until around her 40th year. Then her younger sisters started to receive more attention from the God. He would still visit Sara, but just not as often. Sara hated the fact that her Lord was losing interest in her. But what did she expect? He was immortal, and she was not. It could not be any other way. By her 50th year, he had stopped visiting her altogether. Deep inside, it hurt, but she refused to let it affect her love for Ares or change the way she was with her sisters. Still, sometimes, she would yearn for her Master's attention.


After he had returned from talking with Hades in the underworld, Ares materialized outside of Sara's bedchambers and lightly knocked on the door before entering. He had sadness in his eyes and his face was filled with compassion. He hated when Hades would take one of his priestesses from him. And he knew that soon, he would come to take Sara, as well.

Sara! No one had ever served him longer. Fifty-nine years total. That was nearly her entire mortal life. She was just an adolescent when he met her, and now she lay near death before him. He reached out and gently touched her face, remembering all the years they had between them. She had always been loyal. He could not think of one time where she had displeased him in any way.

Women like Sara were as precious as Ambrosia. He found himself wishing he had spent more time with her in her later years. There was not one woman in his current service, which had as honorable a heart as his dear, sweet, Sara.

"Sara," he whispered. "Sara, are you still with us?" She was lying so still, with her eyes closed, he almost thought Hades had already come and gone. Then she slowly opened her eyes, and with much effort, smiled largely at her Lord.

"Ares! You came!" she said hoarsely. There was genuine surprise in her eyes.

"You thought I wouldn't be here for you, Sara? You know me better than that, my sweet priestess."

Sara reached up and took hold of Ares' hand, holding it against her cheek. She leaned her head into his touch, closed her eyes and sighed contentedly.

"Thank you, Lord. Thank you for allowing me to serve you all these years. And for providing me with everything I have ever needed in life." Her voice became a bit stronger sounding. She opened her eyes again. They were filled with tears. Tears of joy, tears of love, tear of sorrow and of fear.

"Don't cry, my sweet. Please."

"But, Ares, I'm scared," she admitted, squeezing his hand a little.

"Oh Sara!" He leaned down and kissed her forehead. "There is nothing to be afraid of. There is a place for you in the Elysian Fields. You will be reunited with your parents. Hades, himself, has assured this."

"But I will miss you, my Lord."

"I doubt if you will even remember me, Sara. You don't miss the people you have left behind in life when you are in the Elysian Fields."

Sara smiled at him, shaking her head as if she knew something he did not.

Ares raised an eyebrow at her. His forehead wrinkled and he captured her with his possessive, dark eyes.

"Do you know something that I do not?" he asked her.

"I will never forget you, my Lord. I could not. It is impossible," she said confidently.

"Is that so?" he teased.

"Yes it is!" She tried to sit up but was too weak. Ares helped her to a more comfortable position. He continued teasing her, happy that he was still able to make her smile, even as she stare death in the face.

"Why is that, Sara?"

"Because, my Lord, my body is not just a servant to your temple, but my heart has also been servant to you. It has been yours from the first day I met you. And on my day of official entry into your temple, I gave myself freely to you, everything I was, and you accepted. I have never loved anyone but you, my Lord, and I will always be your humble servant. I don't believe that someone, who has filled my heart so completely, for so long, could be forgotten so easily in the afterlife. I will remember you, Ares, I know I will."

Ares was touched by Sara's words. He suddenly found that he was angry with Hades. She was dying and the God of War could do nothing about it. It was just her time. Not even Hades could do anything to change her fate. He felt the presence of his uncle coming up from the underworld and Ares reached out with his mind to talk to Hades.

"Hades! Wait, please."

"Ares, you know I have no choice in this. It is time for Sara to leave."

"I understand that, Uncle. I am just asking that you wait a little while longer before taking her from me. Please? I want one evening with her, dear Uncle. I know you can manage that, right?"

"Ares! You're not trying to cheat fate, are you?"

"No! I swear. Just one evening. It would mean a lot to both Sara and myself."

"All right, nephew, you have until midnight. Then I return for her without delay."

"Thank you, Hades."

Ares stood over Sara and told her to close her eyes.

"I have a little going away present for you, Sara. Are you ready?"

"Yes, my Lord!" she replied with curiosity.

Ares leaned down and placed a long kiss on her lips. Sara felt his warmth move through her body. It seemed to be changing her. The pain in her arthritic joints was gone, she had no backache and was no longer feeling tired.

"Keep your eyes closed, Sara," she heard him tell her. "Now, before you open your eyes, you need to know that this is only for tonight. I have not healed you. You will not stay like this - for it is forbidden for the Gods to do such a favor as this. But for one night, you will be as you were at your best. Open your eyes, now, Sara."

Sara opened her eyes and realized she felt different. She looked at the skin on her usually pruned hands and it was tight and supple. She was a young woman again! She jumped up and out of the bed, dancing around the room with a huge smile on her face. She could not hold back her excitement.

"Oh Ares! What did you do? I feel fantastic!" She was looking at herself in the full-length mirror. Checking out her front, then her rear, and then her face. She was as pretty as she used to be. Beauty and youth were bestowed upon her once again. Then, in the mirrors reflection, she noticed the way Ares was eyeing her - desirably.

"Just remember, Sara, it's only for one night. A night I plan to never forget, my sweet and loyal priestess."

Sara's heart fluttered, just like it had when she first looked into his eyes at the young age of 13. She knew that this appearance of youth was only part of what he planned on giving her. She slid the shoulders of her bed-dress off and allowed the garment to fall to the ground. She gasped at the sight of herself. He breasts were so firm, and her stomach was flat again. She had a perfect heart shaped rear end again.

"Wow! Look at me," she whispered in awe.

"I am!" Ares commented seductively as he walked up behind her, his own clothes disappearing in the process.

He wrapped his arms around Sara and nuzzled her neck. She moaned and reached up to play with his hair. She watched his face in the mirror as he became aroused while he ran his hands over the handiwork of her new body. So passionate, she thought. What a gift he was giving her. There was nothing she wanted more than to be able to show her love to him once more, before leaving this world, and he made it possible for that to happen. She thought she loved him before, but in that moment, she found even more love in her heart for the Lord of her life.

Ares turned her around to face him. He cupped her pretty face in his hand and kissed her deeply.

"You had always served me well, Sara. But tonight, my love, I will serve you!" He kissed her again with more desire than she could ever remember feeling before. She nearly collapsed when her knees gave way, but he continued to hold her tightly to his body, kissing her with conviction.

"Oh Gods," she breathed as his lips moved across a cheek to her neck. He kissed up to an ear, and hotly whispered words of passion to her as he swept her off her feet and moved over to the bed. She had slipped her arms around his neck, thinking to herself that he seemed so much bigger than she remembered.

She refused to release her hold on him as he laid her down on the mattress, causing him to lie atop of her. He complied easily for he wanted to please her, to make her happy once more. To hear her scream his name in ecstasy again. She deserved at least that much for all the years she had given to him. He ground his hips against hers while letting his hands move freely over the sides of her curvaceous shape. He remembered her body well. She had provided many, many nights of pleasure for the War God and touching her again was like slipping into his leathers pants. Comfortable, soft, perfectly fitted to his body. He realized how much he missed having a familiar body, a familiar face, next to him.

So many women had come into his service over the years. More and more all the time. And receiving service from them was part of the package. But it seamed like he had a new face every night there were so many now. The concept of having a favorite had long since left him. He never saw any of his priestess enough times to form a favorite.

But Sara held a special place with Ares. She was once a favorite to him, and as he caressed her body and his lips found a familiar nipple, he remembered how nice it was to have a regular lover. Someone he knew, someone who knew him. He would relish these last hours with Sara now, for when she left him, she would take with her a part of the War God, that no one was likely to see again.

Ares' lips examined every part of Sara's body, leaving the skin tingling with forgotten sensations everywhere he touched. Sara had willingly submitted herself to him, allowing him to please her, as he requested.

But there had never been any lack of pleasure for her when she was with him before. He was always a fabulous lover, causing her to cum as many as ten or twelve times in a passionate night of lovemaking.

He had tried nearly every sexual idea he could think of with Sara. Blindfolds, multiple positions, multiple people, inside, outside, with and without an audience. He used toys and gadgets on her, and then would have her use them on him. Sex with Ares was never dull, and never the same. She remembered the time he tied her up in a hanging position, where he could swing her around to suck him or swing her back around to fuck her. She was completely helpless, unable to move a single body part. She had never been so excited in all her life. She was so hot and wet for him that he made her come at least a dozen times that night, maybe more.

Sara's body began to writhe under his ministrations and her mind became flooded with passionate memories. She was drowning in overwhelming ecstasy. He finally moved his attentions to her "lower" body and was making himself comfortable at her feet. He looked into her eyes and spoke softly to her.

"Oh Sara, I have missed you. I really wish you had not let me drift from you. We used to have so much fun together!" he winked, smiling a wicked grin.

"But, my Lord, I am but only one servant to you. You have many and each one offering something of themselves to you. They should be so lucky to know you as I have, Master, but never will. Yet, you are Lord, and Master, and should never be denied of what is already yours. It is your right as their God to take it, possess it, use it as you see fit."

How totally unselfish of her, he thought as he listened to her words. It only shows me the depth of her love for me. To still be able to love me without prejudges or resentment. Knowing that I have and will again make love to thousands of women.

"You never were a typical mortal, Sara, were you?" He was making a statement more than asking a question.

She looked questionably at him through half shut eyes and shrugged. The anxiety of release was building rapidly just knowing his head was so close to her nether region. Before returning to her body, he materialized a goblet of wine and handed it to her, then another for himself. The wine was special wine from Dynodes, and was made to add to the pleasures of sex, enhancing it as well as prolonging it.

He gulped down his wine and tossed the cup to the side, and without hesitation, lapped his tongue into Sara's aching and drenched mound. At his first touch, she screamed and jerked, spilling the wine she still held all over her chest. The feel of the cold liquid added to the entire sensation of what her body was feeling and she came immediately.

Ares couldn't hold back a slight chuckle as he realized the little effort it had taken before she was already spilling her juices for him. I guess it has been awhile for her, he thought as he moved lower to collect what she had so thoughtfully expelled for his pleasure.

Ares loved the taste of a woman's cunt. Any woman. There was something about the way a woman's pussy tasted that enflamed the deepest desires inside of him. Once he had a taste of a woman, he was like an addict. Unable to stop until he consumed her, until he could get his sexual fix. And so it was with Sara, too. Ares began a ritual of ecstasy with his tongue on Sara's womanhood. She twisted and turned, shuttered and shook, screaming his name out the entire time.

"Ooow, AAARRRREEESSSSSSS!" By the time Ares finished, she had wriggled to the edge of the bed and was casually hanging off the side, her head nearly touching the wooden floor below her. Her face was completely flushed and her titties were swollen by her own hands pinching them. Ares grabbed her arm and pulled her back on the bed. Her hair was all a toss and she looked like she was wild and free.

She looked so hot, and Ares' dick throbbed to be inside her. He loved to see that wild look on her. He could barely keep himself from jumping on top of her and ramming his rock hard cock into her wet pussy, but he found the strength to contain his need. This was her night and he was here to serve her, not the other way around. He knew eventually he would get what he wanted. There was no need to rush.

Sara felt like she had been born again. Her passion for him burned so hot inside of her body she felt she was losing control. She growled as she got to her hands and knees and pushed Ares on his back, not caring much if he wanted to lie down or not. She was on a mission to suck that gorgeous cock of his now, and there was nothing that could deter her from reaching her goal.

Her desire to have it in her mouth was so strong that she couldn't stop, even if her Lord commanded it of her. She had let the control go, and was acting upon pure, raw, sexual desire.

Ares was taken by surprise at the animalistic passion in her face, but never once thought about stopping her. It excited him just as much. His sweet little priestess was really a savage sexual beast in a white robe. He had only wished he discovered it sooner.

She attacked his hard chest, assaulting each nipple with lashes of her tongue, or vice-griped teeth. Ares moaned in pleasure.

"Oh, yes, Sara. Yes, YES!"

It fueled Sara's passion to hear his cries. It always had. She knew she was doing it right if she could hear auditory confirmation. She continued to follow the dark trail of hair that let to his straining cock. Her lips teased the hair around the hard shaft as she expelled her hot breath on it. She grabbed the base and began stroking him. Slowly at first, then a little faster, until his balls began to harden. Before he reached his peak, she stopped abruptly and paused to watch the expression on his handsome face change.

She smiled wickedly at him, not at all looking like her normal self, and laughed an evil kind of laugh. So this is what it's like to be in control, she thought. He stared back at her with wide, dark eyes, waiting for her to make a move - any move. The need to release was killing him.

"What do you want from me, Sara?" he finally asked, not able to take it any longer.

"I want you to tell me to suck you. Urge me on until you cum. Will you? Will you talk me through it, my Lord?" She had hold of his large cock again, eyeing it seductively and licking her lips. She was in rare form tonight. So totally nasty and erotic, he loved it.

"As you desire, my dear. Now, get down there and wrap those hot, sassy lips around my cock. Ooohhhh, yeah, Sara. That's a good girl. Suck me, baby. That's right. Suck me. Oooohhh. That feels soooo good, babe. Oh, I love how your tongue moves inside your mouth. The way you run it over my cock and swirl it around the head. Oh, oh, oh. You found that sensitive piece of skin. Yeah! Flick your tongue over it . . . j j just tt . . . l l like . . .tt th thhat. Ooowwww SARA! Please, baby, take it all in. Take my entire cock in your mouth. AHHH. Fuck, you CAN do it. Oh Gods. I'm gonna cum any minute. Suck it, baby, suck your God's cock so I can shoot my hot cum on you. SSuuccckkk mmeeeee."

With one hand, Ares grabbed Sara's hair and pulled her off of his dick, while he grabbed the base of his meat with the other hand. He shot his load on Sara's face and chest, causing her to get off at the same time while she fingered herself.

Just watching her made Ares hard again instantly. She was lying between his legs with her chest heaving from the heavy breathing of an orgasm. His cum was dripping down her neck and she had the biggest smile he had ever seen her wear.

"Gods, that was so good!" She managed to say between gasps.

Ares reached for Sara and pulled her to him. They kissed hungrily for a long time, allowing her ample time to recover for what was next. He could hear Hades whispering to him that there wasn't much time left. Ares pushed him from his mind. He wanted nothing to distract him right now.

Slowly, he rolled over on top of her and allowed his cock to rest in the nook of her pussy, lightly thrusting his hips so it would rub against her clit. He could feel her desire building again. Her kisses became more urgent. She bit his lip more than she kissed it, now. Driving her wild with need for him.

He raised his head and looked at her seductively in the eyes, stroking her soft, wispy hair.

"Tell me, Sara, how may I pleasure you?"

The sound of his voice made her melt. She couldn't believe this was actually happening again. It had been so very, very long since she felt his arms around her. Ares wiggled his hips, his hard cock rubbing her clit again, sending waves of lustful desire through her body. She reached up and grabbed his hair with both hands and pulled him into a hot and passionate kiss, not letting go of his hair. Then she pulled him back again and studied his face at close distance.

"I want to feel you inside of me, my Lord. Fill me up completely. Take me as only you can. Please, now, my Lord. Do it now, I feel my time is near. I think I hear Hades calling me."

He quickly got up, and flipped her over, raising her to hands and knees by sliding his arm under her and lifting her up. He crawled between her spread legs and entered her with a hard slam.

"OH Yes, Ares. Give me all that you've got," she cried as she rocked back to meet his thrusts. Ares pumped her slick pussy until the lips were swollen and slightly hung outside her hole. He gave her perfect ass a few "love slaps" as he brought her to the pinnacle of emotion.

"Oh Gods, Aaaahhhh. ARES!" The sound of her voice, the pleasure he was giving her, caused his own eruption and he, too, cried out her name in ecstasy. He collapsed on top of her and neither moved for a few moments. They were trying to catch their breath. He rolled off of her and rested beside her on his back. Sara gazed at him lovingly, completely sated.

"Sara, you are a fantastic lover, and a wonderful woman. It is I, that should thank you, for blessing my temple with your presence," he whispered to her with a voice of silk.

Ares was already feeling the loss of her, as it sank in that he would never see her again after tonight. But before he allowed himself to feel anything more, he grabbed her again and pulled her on top of him, straddling her legs over his chest.

"Do you think you've got one more in there?" he asked her, his cock already becoming hard again.

She felt him pushing the massive muscle against her rear end and wriggled against it, smiling.

"I think I can handle one more round," she replied wickedly. "But, I want to fuck YOU this time. I want to do something we have never done." Ares saw that raw animalistic look glaze over her eyes again. He couldn't wait to find out what she had in mind. He thought they had already done everything sexually possible at one time or another. But Sara knew there was one thing they had not done.

"I need some oil," she said, opening her palm. Ares smiled wickedly, for he knew instantly, what she was thinking. A small vile of sweet, thick oil appeared in her hands. She asked him to pore it over her rear and then she took it from him and coated his ever-hardening cock.

Slowly, she began to ease his thick cock into her ass. At first, it didn't seem like much, but as she rested more and more of her weight down on him, it began to stretch into her opening. Her eyes widened and pain crossed her face. Ares took control at that point, by grabbing hold of her hips and slowly pushing her down on him.

"Just relax, baby. Once I get inside, it's gonna feel real good!" he cooed. She looked at him as if she didn't really believe him and then suddenly, he impaled her further on to his swelling cock and it slipped past the painful point.

"OOOWWWWCCCCHHHH!" she yelled. Her face had scrunched up and she was digging her fingernails into his arms. Ares stopped and remained entirely still while Sara adjusted to the large cock buried in her ass.

After a minute, her face began to relax and her body soon followed. With slow, gentle movements, Ares began to fuck her ass. Within moments, the look of uncomfortable agony turned into wild ecstasy and she became hotter than ever.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Yeah! Oh my God, Ares. This feels sooooo good." She was wriggling and her tight ass convulsed around his large shaft. He felt her pussy juices poring from her onto his body and he reached down and flicked her swollen clit. She screamed out, coming harder than she ever had before, throwing her head back in a fit of passion and sheer lust for the erotic sensation.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH." She collapsed on top of him, as he shot his load, and then slipped out of her without effort.

Still hard and filled with desire, he rolled her over and entered her pussy, pumping hard into her juicy hole. He made her cum two more times before he finally came once more and plopped down next to her, totally exhausted.

She managed to pull herself close enough to rest her head on his chest. They were both drenched in sweat and out of breath.

He softly stroked her hair and rubbed her back. When he was able to compose himself again, he whispered to her.

"That was awesome, huh?"

"Umm, humm."

There was more silence. Then she mustered all the strength she had left and raised her head to look at him.

"I'm so very tired, now, Ares. So tired. I wish I could stay in your arms forever." She rested her head down again.

He hugged her tighter. "Me too, my love." More silence.


"Yes, love?"

"Hades is here. I can see him now."

"I know, my love. It's alright."

And with her very last breath of life, she managed to whisper to him. "I love you!" And then she was gone.

Ares stayed there holding Sara's lifeless body for a long time before he got up and adjusted her on the bed. She looked her real age again, but she looked happy and contented. Ares kissed her forehead before covering her with the sheet.

As he left the room, a single tear ran down his cheek.


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