Author: Cyrene
Story Title: Rules
Characters: Ares & f (Nika), m/m (Tomaros/Zarek)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nika continues with her lessons. Sequel to The Path Not Taken.
This rating is for explicit m/f and m/m sex.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/female and male/male sexual relations.

This story follows The Path Not Taken, but can be read without it.

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by Cyrene

Part One

It was late afternoon and Nika was working in her field when Lekos came hurrying up to her. "You better hurry!" he gasped breathlessly. "Ares is at the temple and he is very angry that you're not there!"

Nika looked at the old soldier with alarm, then looked at herself. "I can't go looking like this! Quick, run to my cottage. I have a clean dress on the shelf above my bed. Meet me by the stream. I must clean up!" Nika ran off and left Lekos gaping after her. He had no choice but to do as she asked.

Nika dashed through the trees to the stream. Quickly dropping her clothes she jumped in. The cool water felt good after the hot field, but she had no time to enjoy it. She rinsed the dirt off and climbed out. She was drying with her worn clothes when Lekos came bursting out of the bushes. He stopped short and forced his eyes aside. He shakily held her dress toward her. He wasn't going to get caught ogling a priestess of Ares! Especially when Ares was in this mood. During his younger days he had witnessed the consequences suffered by some foolish enough to defy Ares. He wasn't going to be one of them.

Nika grabbed the dress and slipped it on. "Lekos! You took the wrong one! This one is too short! I was saving it to remake." Nika frowned with dismay. It only came to mid-thigh, instead of her knees.

"Well how was I supposed to know? There were two and I just grabbed the nearest one!" He was indignant.

"Never mind! It's too late now. I have to go like this." Nika was fastening her sandals. "When did he arrive and why is he so angry?"

Lekos sneaked a peek and saw she was dressed. Looking at her he hissed, "He just arrived and he is angry because his priestess in not in his temple! I told you your place was there and not working a field like a common laborer! How does that look to others?"

Nika finished and stood up. "I don't have time for this! Please take my things and leave them at the cottage." She rushed off through the trees to pick up the path to the temple.

Ares was sitting on his throne tapping his fingers on the armrest. He was in a foul mood. It was only a week ago that this temple had been dedicated. It was also that night that Ares had first laid with Nika. It had been quite pleasurable and he had returned as soon as he could expecting to find her waiting for him. He was not pleased to find she was off in some field. That old fool Lekos was supposed to make sure she knew her duties as his priestess.

He heard a commotion in the outer room and then she rushed breathless into his presence. He gave her a cold look. Then raised an eyebrow as he took in her legs. She was beautiful. He forced his eyes back to her face before he was distracted.

Nika hesitantly approached. He didn't seem as angry as he seemed cold and aloof. His gaze held no warmth and Nika felt tears welling in her eyes. It had been a whole week since he had been here and her longing to feel his arms around her nearly drove her crazy. The only relief she could find was working in her field until she was so tired she didn't have time to think about other things. Now he was angry with her. She didn't think she could bear it. She ran the last few steps to his throne and knelt at his feet. "Please don't be angry with me!" she pleaded. Without thinking, she leaned into his legs and rested her arms on his thighs, her hands very close to something else.

Ares swallowed a groan when she put her hands on him. Luckily his vest was hanging low enough to cover his response to her warmth. Biting his lip to keep his face stern, he drank in the sight of her pleading eyes. She was clearly distraught that she had displeased him, but her fear couldn't mask her hunger. He watched the flickering emotions cross her face. She was so refreshing -- young, innocent, naïve. Lies and deception were beyond her. She was still pleading with him when she laid her head in his lap and started running her hands along his legs. Ares knew he wouldn't be staying stern for long. He lifted her face to look at him. "Nika, why are you out in the fields instead of here in my temple?"

"I wanted to… I mean… I've missed you so much and I just couldn't stand waiting here by myself!" Nika searched his face for some sign of forgiveness. "Anyway," she added, "I have to tend my field or I won't have anything to store for the winter!"

"Nika! You are my priestess. I provide for you. You're supposed to take what you need from the offerings."

"But they are for you!" she protested.

"That's how it works. Take what you need and then some. What if I want to have guests here? What will you feed them?"

"I never thought about that," she admitted.

"Hasn't that old fool Lekos explained anything to you? I'm going to punish him!"

"NO! I mean please don't! He has been a big help to me! I wouldn't have done anything right if it weren't for him."

Ares studied her. Should he bring someone else here to train her? No. No, that would take away the unexpected and he found that stimulating. He forced his thoughts back to hear what she was saying.

"Please? It's my fault. He did tell me to stay at the temple, but I didn't listen."

"I'll let it pass this time."

Nika let out a sigh of relief. She was leaning back on her heels resting her hands on his knees. "Do you suppose…" she was smoothing imaginary wrinkles from his knee, "um, if I get some others to help work in the temple -- and someone to get me as soon as you arrive -- that I might still work a part of my field and stay in my cottage when you're not here?" she finished in a rush. She looked at him breathlessly, searching for any sign that she may have overstepped.

Ares looked at her through narrowed eyes. If he said no, he knew that she would obey him, but he didn't want her to be unhappy. "If you have everything taken care of here, and you have extra time, then you may do so. However, I better not enter this temple again and find no one to serve me!" He enjoyed watching the relief flooding her face. Another thought occurred to him. "Don't you find it lonely in your cottage?"

Nika looked thoughtful. "I suppose I'm more comfortable because I have many happy memories there."

"And you don't have any pleasant memories here?" he teased.

"I suppose I could sleep in the bath house," she grumbled. Of course he was referring to his last visit when they washed each other and then some.

Ares couldn't help laughing, his bad mood forgotten. "Well! Then I guess we'll have to make some more memories." He was still chuckling. "Shall we try my quarters next?"

Part Two

He took her hands and Nika stood up. Once again he admired her legs. "Isn't this dress shorter that you normally wear?"

Nika blushed and managed to mumble, "My other one was dirty." She didn't want to mention Lekos!

Ares dropped her left hand and lifted her skirt for a peek. "Ver-ry nice," he murmured appreciatively. Dropping her other hand, he ran his fingers up the front of her thigh. He chuckled as she gasped. "Maybe we'll just stay here." At a gesture of his hand, the door slammed and bolted. "Now," he said, "where was I?" He started to pull Nika onto his lap. "Wait." he said. He stood and unbuckled his sword leaning it against the throne. Then he undid his vest and slowly slid it from his shoulders. He tossed it to the side. All the time he stared at Nika's face. She had that hungry look but he also saw her wonder as she gazed at his body.

Nika stood rooted to the spot watching him. He was so handsome! She couldn't believe he wanted her. He could have anyone! His deeply muscled chest was covered with his dark hair and she longed to feel its softness against her body. She saw the very noticeable bulge in his pants and felt the blood rushing in her ears. Had she stopped breathing? Then he was sitting down, pulling her onto his lap. She leaned back against him, her legs straddling his. He wrapped his right arm around her and his hand found her breast as she turned her head to find his lips. His left hand was rubbing her thigh, finally slipping under her skirt. His playful fingers soon had her squirming and moaning.

Ares loved hearing her sounds of pleasure. He reached both hands up to slide her dress off her shoulders down to her waist. He cupped an exposed breast in each hand, squeezing and rubbing them. Then his fingers gently pinched and pulled at her nipples.

Nika was panting with pleasure, each touch sending a jolt through her. She was so wet she thought she would slip off his lap. She wouldn't last much longer. Ares was pushing her dress down. She lifted her hips so it could slide to the floor. She was glad he had locked the door!

Ares slid his hands down her sides and legs and back up the fronts of her thighs. She was squirming and begging and rubbing her sweet ass against his shaft. Each movement was sending a surge of pleasure coursing through him. He held her waist with his left arm and while his other hand rubbed its fingers along her slit and found her clitoris. She nearly jumped off his lap at the jolt of pleasure and started thrusting her hips. He backed off just before she came, and rubbed her thigh. When she caught her breath, he rubbed along her slit again, only this time he inserted his finger. He felt her frantically thrusting against his finger totally oblivious to anything but his touch. He reached up with his thumb, rubbing her clit. It wasn't long before he felt her muscles tighten around his finger as she finally found the release she craved.

Nika lay back against him drinking in his scent, totally spent. She heard him growling at her.

"Have you forgotten something?" He thrust his bulge into her back.

She grinned up at him, then slipped off his lap. She knelt at his feet and removed his boots. She rubbed her hands up his thighs to unlace his pants. He lifted slightly so she could slide them down. She tossed them aside with his boots. She smiled when she saw how ready he was. He was leaning back, his hands gripping the armrests. She moved between his legs and starting at his right knee, licked her way up his inner thigh.

Each lick was sending sparks through his body. Ares gripped the armrests to keep himself from pulling her up and plunging into her. He wanted to see what she would do. When she got a third of the way, she started on his other leg. She continued alternating legs, slowly creeping closer. She tugged on his legs and he slid down until he was sitting on the edge of the seat. She spread his legs wider and her tongue continued its happy journey. By the time she reached his testicles, he was ready to rip the armrests from the chair. She gently sucked each one, then continued licking -- downward!?! She was licking that sensitive patch between his scrotum and his anus, fast approaching the latter. Now he was squirming and moaning. Her tongue licked his opening, lightly licking and tickling. If he didn't stop her now, he was going to lose it! He grabbed her arms and pulled her on top of him. She opened her legs to straddle him and he pulled her down on his throbbing rod. He lifted her hips and pulled her back down. She understood and bracing herself on the armrests, she rode him. Ares held onto her hips matching her thrusts until he felt her reach her peak and he exploded into her.

Part Three

Nika leaned against Ares, both of them slowing returning from that pinnacle of pleasure. He was still inside her and she didn't want to move. She had her ear against his chest and she listened to his heartbeat slow. "That was some ride. Have you been practicing with someone else?"

Nika's head flew up in astonishment. He couldn't believe that she would… He laughed at the look on her face. He was only teasing her. She blushed and looked down. He stood up lifting her. "What?" Nika felt like a feather in his powerful arms. She put her arms around his neck and rested her head against him. Ares carried her through the archway behind the throne and through the door on the left to his quarters. He strode through the outer room to the bedroom. A large platform covered with soft furs and silky sheets dominated the center of the room. He laid her in the center and looked at her a moment before lying beside her. Propping himself on some pillows, he pulled her on top of him and kissed her face. He languidly kissed her eyes, nose, cheeks, and finally her mouth.

Ares slid his hands down her back and cupped her buttocks. Her legs were draped on either side of him exposing her mound, so his fingers found themselves slipping inside her once again. She moaned against his mouth and he thrust his tongue in, hungrily tasting her. He pulled his fingers out and slid her off of him. "I want you to finish what you started out there." Nika looked puzzled. "Finish what you started with your tongue."

Nika slowly smiled. When he had pulled her up so abruptly, she feared she had displeased him in some way. Now she knew he had enjoyed it! "Why don't you lay on your stomach?" He rolled over and stretched out. This time Nika started at his ankles licking along the insides and backs of his legs. She took her time. She wanted the pleasure to last! By the time she reached the top of his thighs, she could see he was breathing heavy. She smiled to herself. She enjoyed teasing him. She liked to hear his groans of pleasure. So far, he had been very controlled. She would soon fix that! She was lying between his legs and she pushed them open as far as she could. She nibbled his testicles making him squirm. Her hands were busy playing with his cheeks and now she gently spread them. She ran her tongue in lazy circles across the skin between his sack and anus.

Ares was totally relaxed and enjoying the lazy pace of her tongue inching up his legs. He looked forward to what was coming next. When she started nibbling his balls, he could feel himself getting hard. When her tongue moved on he couldn't help squirming. When she finally found his opening, he was ready to thrust into the bed. It felt so incredibly exquisite when she did it. He had done everything before with others, so it wasn't the novelty. He heard her moaning along with him. That was it! It was because she got herself so excited over pleasing him. She was writhing between his legs as she lapped at his hole. When he was getting close, he reached around and pulled her up beside him. "Now look what you've done!"

Nika followed his gaze to see his throbbing shaft straining forward. Nika started sliding down to take him in her mouth. She loved the tasted of him.

"Wait. Swing you feet up this way." She did as he instructed and he pulled her on top of him, her mound at his mouth. "That's much better!"

In this position, his shaft was waving in her face. She hungrily took it into her mouth and started sliding her lips up and down its length. Just then, she felt his tongue probing her crevice, lazily licking its length. He found her clitoris and oh so gently suckled it. Nika couldn't help thrusting into his mouth. He wrapped his arms tightly around her, holding her in place. In another moment she was going to reach her peak, so she started sucking furiously on his rod. Just as she started bucking out of control, she tasted his warm seed fill her mouth. She greedily sucked it down, not wanting to lose any.

Nika lay in his arms content. "I'm glad we built this temple, but I think we should have made more rooms. We only have the outer room and mine left to try."

Ares laughed. "Yes, Tomaros did a good job. Maybe I'll bring him back for an addition," he chuckled.

"Is he still in Telekas of has he returned to his family?" Nika inquired.

"He's still in Telekas and he's not the marrying kind. He has different preferences."

"I don't understand. What do you mean?"

"Ahh, time for another lesson. Nika, not everyone finds pleasure the same way. Tomaros happens to prefer his second-in-command." Ares made a pass with his hand and she could see Tomaros shimmering on the air in front of her. He was speaking and pouring two goblets of wine. His muscular chest glimmered in the firelight. As he turned and walked toward his bed, she could see he was only wearing a loincloth wrapped around his waist. His second-in-command, Zarek, was on the bed propped on the pillows. He too only had a loincloth. Tomaros sat on the bed and handed a goblet to Zarek. They were amused about something and laughed uproariously between sips of wine. When they finished, Tomaros took the cups back to the table. On the way back to bed he discarded his loincloth. Zarek looked on appreciatively. Nika saw his strong muscular legs and buttocks as he laid on top of Zarek and kissed him. She felt embarrassed watching. She liked Tomaros, but she couldn't stop looking.

Tomaros slid off Zarek and was running his hand up under his loincloth. She knew Zarek was groaning. Tomaros pulled the cloth off and wrapped his fingers around Zarek's pulsing shaft. As Tomaros played with him, Zarek started writhing and reaching for Tomaros. Tomaros let go of Zarek, who swung his feet around so he could place his rod at Tomaros' lips. He then took Tomaros into his own mouth. As they licked and sucked, they played with each other's buttocks. Nika saw them both stiffen as they filled each other's mouths, then they were in each other's arms, whispering.

Nika turned to look at Ares, her mouth still agape. "They did what we did!" she said with amazement. "I never thought…"

"Oh, they haven't finished yet," he said knowingly. "Watch and learn," he added slyly. Nika felt a vague apprehension but he just looked at her innocently. Nika turned back to watch.

Tomaros was walking back to the bed holding a small jar. He sat down and offered the open jar to Zarek, who dipped his fingers into the contents. Tomaros put the jar down on the floor and leaned back on the pillows. Ares answered her unspoken question. "It's perfumed oil." Zarek was stroking Tomaros with the oil, covering his stiffening penis with it. Tomaros was clearly enjoying Zarek's attentions. When he was hard, Zarek got on his hands and knees. Zarek opened his legs so Tomaros could position himself between them. Tomaros grasped Zarek around the waist and thrust into his anus.

Ares was enjoying Nika's wide-eyed stare as she watched Tomaros and Zarek. It was fun to see things through her eyes. She was so naïve. He shifted the angle of the picture slightly so she could see Tomaros reach around to fondle Zarek's throbbing shaft. When he felt Zarek spurting, Tomaros grasped Zarek's waist with both hands and pumped furiously. Tomaros was quickly spent and they fell into each other's arms. Ares waved a hand and the picture disappeared. "I can't believe… I never imagined… Are there a lot people like Tomaros and Zarek?" she finally asked.

Ares shrugged. "They aren't the only ones. Some prefer women, some prefer men, some like both. It's all a matter of personal preference."

"Is Tomaros attracted to you?"

Ares threw his head back and laughed. "I think that's enough for now! Come and take care of this."

Part Four

When Nika woke up, she was alone. She wished he would stay longer. As she got up, she remembered her clothes were in the throne room. "Great! I hope no one is in the temple," she mumbled to herself. As she entered the outer room of Ares' quarters, she saw her dress folded on a chair. Lekos must have been there. She quickly dressed and hurried to her cottage to get her longer dress. She noticed there were more offerings in the outer room. As soon as she ate, she would return and go through them. She'd also talk to Lekos about getting some help.

When she returned to the temple, she heard voices in the throne room. She entered to see a small group of soldiers standing. In the middle, two men were on their knees before Ares. He did not look pleased. He was leaning to one side, his right arm propped on the armrest, and he rested his chin on his fist. His eyes found Nika as she entered. With a glance he gestured her to his side. As she nervously approached, the men parted to let her through. She sat on the small stool that was on Ares' right. She looked at the two men and saw their fear. She turned her face slightly to look at Ares with apprehension.

"They defied me and drew their swords in the square," Ares said while glowering at the two. "Since you helped make the rules I'll let you choose the manner of their deaths." With this statement He turned to look at Nika. "Remember?"

Nika could barely breathe. When she suggested he make an example of anyone who drew weapons within the town and surrounding area, she said it because she thought it would make her idea of a neutral zone where armies could rest more appealing to him. She never thought anyone would be foolish enough to do it.

When Nika remained silent, Ares prompted her. "I'm trying to decide between dragging them behind chariots or having them drawn and quartered. Which do you prefer?"

Nika looked at the two men. They were speechless with fear. "Do you have to kill them to make an example?" Nika turned to Ares, pleading with her eyes but at the same time terrified of his reaction. When Ares just raised his eyebrows at her, she pushed on. "Can't you just mark them in some way? A living example would be a constant reminder instead of one that people might forget." She looked at him hopefully. Ares didn't respond immediately, but appeared to be considering it. When he finally spoke, Nika gave a slight start.

"What will you give me for their lives?"

Nika's mind was frantically racing. What could she give him? Baffled, she said, "I already belong to you. I don't have anything else to give you." She felt close to tears.

Ares looked thoughtful, then he chuckled. He leaned toward her and whispered something. Nika's eyes grew wide and she gulped. Ares chuckled again and said, "Do we have a deal?"

Nika looked a bit nervous and glanced at the two men. Their eyes were begging her to accept whatever conditions Ares demanded. She turned back to Ares and nodded.

"Good! Now, how shall I mark them? Maybe I'll take their sword hands."

Nika had placed her hand on Ares arm to steady herself. Now she squeezed it in alarm, the pressure conveying her opinion that it seemed too harsh.

Without missing a beat, Ares modified his sentence. "No, I'll just take two fingers from each. Let them choose which ones they want to forfeit."

Nika didn't dare push the issue further. She knew from his tone that this was his final decision. The lead soldier stepped forward and drew his sword. Ares glanced at Nika and straightened in alarm. She looked like she was about to loose her breakfast all over his boots.

"Koren!" he barked at the soldier. "Take this out to the square. What good is an example if no one sees it?" Ares stood. He looked down at Nika. "I'll be back at sundown for my payment." Then he vanished.

After the group bustled out of the temple, Nika rested her head on the armrest waiting for her stomach to settle. When all was quiet, she stood and went out the back of the temple. She needed to be alone for a while. She entered the woods and followed a path leading to a small meadow. She was grateful Ares had spared the two men. She really didn't want to be responsible for their deaths. As she walked she reflected on this god she served. She had seen flashes of how cruel he could be, but he had always treated her kindly. Ares had kept his word and was even affectionate towards her. Of course she looked forward to laying with him, but this was more than that. He seemed to care for her on a little deeper level. She knew he lay with many others, after all, he was a god and he had many priestesses. At the same time, she still feared him and had no doubt he would punish her if she really angered him. Nika decided that despite her fears, she missed him when he was gone and only felt truly whole when he was there.

Suddenly, she was at the meadow. She had been thinking so hard she had walked without really seeing where she was going. She sat down, leaning against a rock, feeling the warmth of the sun. It was so peaceful.

Nika awoke with a start. The shadows were lengthening and before long it would be sundown! She hurried back to the temple and was happy to find Lekos there. "Lekos, Ares said I could get some servants for the temple. Can you see to it? There should be at least one person here at all times." She ignored his frown. Nika was afraid to broach the next topic, but she had to know. "Were you in the square earlier today?" She hoped she sounded casual.

"I was there, as you should have been!" Lekos snapped. "They got off easy." He glared at her, somehow sensing it was all her doing.

"Where are they now?" Nika could picture them stumbling through the woods trailing blood and being devoured by wolves.

"They are back in their respective camps. Losing two fingers is hardly an excuse for leaving an army! When I was younger…"

Nika interrupted him. "Lekos, I'm sorry, but Ares is returning at sundown. Please see that there is wine in his room. I am going to the bath house." She made a quick exit before he could say anything else. Nika knew Lekos didn't approve of her behavior, but this was who she was. She didn't choose to serve Ares, he chose her. She just didn't have that blood lust that Lekos felt was necessary in a priestess of Ares. Nika sank into the warm water and blushed when she thought of the last time she bathed with Ares. When her thoughts moved forward to sundown, she felt a stab of fear in her stomach. She tried to calm herself with the knowledge that Ares would be gentle with her and hopefully it wouldn't hurt too much. No matter. The important thing was she saved two people and it was worth the price.

Nika was in her room brushing her hair. Ares seemed to like it down so she left it loose. She was wearing the floor-length robe she wore at the temple dedication. It was the nicest thing she had to wear. Finally, as the sun was about to leave the sky, she took a small bottle down from a shelf. Someone had left it as an offering and she kept it for a temple decoration because it was pretty. She took it with her and went to Ares' room. She was pouring two goblets of wine when she heard him.

"I'm glad you're not going to keep me waiting again," he remarked dryly.

Nika felt a flush of embarrassment remembering yesterday afternoon. She turned to bring him his wine. Ares was reclining on his bed wearing only a loincloth. Nika's breath caught in her throat. He was so handsome! Nika knew she would never behold a more beautiful sight than this perfect body of the God of War. Nika suddenly felt very warm.

Ares eyed her with amusement. He knew very well his affect on her and enjoyed watching her futile struggles to keep her feelings in check. "Why, Nika, you're very overdressed for the occasion." Ares gave a dismissive gesture and Nika was standing there in a brief loincloth holding the two goblets of wine.

Nika almost dropped the goblets when she felt herself suddenly naked except for a brief cloth that barely covered anything. Ares was laughing at her. "You may as well dress the part," he teased. Nika flushed again remembering their voyeurism of Tomaros and Zarek. She sat on the edge of the bed and offered Ares his wine.

As he took the cup, Ares brushed his fingers against hers and smiled at her quick intake of breath. "Drink up! It'll help you relax," he ordered. "You seem a bit tense," he added casually. Ares knew she was nervous and couldn't help teasing her. She looked very appetizing with her firm breasts rapidly rising and falling, and her dark curls peeking out from beneath the skimpy cloth. Ares knew his own loincloth was not hiding his excitement.

He drained his cup and handed it to Nika. "Did you bring it?" he queried. Nika nodded and took the cups back to the table. She came back with the bottle she had brought from her room. Ares had shed his loincloth and was more than ready for her. She drank in his beauty with hungry eyes. He reached forward and pulled the cloth from her hips. He then pulled her to him for a passionate kiss that left her wanting more. He laid back against the pillows and chuckled, "I'm ready!" Nika unstoppered the bottle and poured some oil into her hand. She put the bottle on a small table next to the bed and rubbed her hands together. She knelt beside him and grasped his shaft with both hands slowly stroking and rubbing on the oil. He was looking at her with smoldering eyes, which excited her but also created a knot of fear in her. She knew how he would take her.

Ares could sense Nika's fear and it only excited him more. He enjoyed his powers over mortals and that he could do as he pleased whenever he wanted. He enjoyed the knowledge that even though she feared him, at the same time Nika wanted him and would do anything to please him. When his shaft was well oiled he pulled Nika on top of himself before she took him over the edge with her busy hands. He held her face and kissed her slowly and deeply. She had her fingers tangled in his hair and was trying to rub herself against his shaft. He rolled over and was now on top of Nika. He trailed hot kisses down her neck to her nipple. He nibbled on her nipple then suckled it while his fingers played with the other one. She was writhing and moaning in her throat, her fingers now clutching his hair. He slid off to the side of her and slid his fingers over her stomach to her mound of curls. She arched her back slightly, rising to meet his fingers. He played in her slit, stopping when he felt her moisture. Nika groaned with frustration.

Nika opened her eyes and saw Ares now kneeling beside her. "So you are going to keep me waiting, aren't you?" His voice was husky with desire. Nika was so consumed with her own pleasure that she had forgotten her fear. It now returned with a jolt and her throat felt dry. She turned over and shakily pushed herself onto her hands and knees. She parted her legs when she felt his knee against the back of her calves. She shivered slightly as he positioned himself behind her. He leaned on her back and wrapped his strong arms around her. "Are you ready to please me?" he whispered into her ear. The warmth of his breath made her shiver again. "I am yours to command," she managed to utter.

Ares was very happy with her and he didn't want to cause her any unnecessary pain. He slid his fingers down to her slit and played with her, rubbing her clitoris and sliding his fingers in and out of her. When she was moaning and pushing her ass into him, he rubbed some oil from his shaft onto a finger of his other hand and played with her anus while he continued to stimulate her.

Nika felt a finger probing her rectal opening and sliding in. It caused a momentary discomfort, but she was so close to coming, she didn't care. She was aware of the finger sliding out and felt the tip of his penis at her opening. Just then she was caught in the wave of her orgasm. As she bucked and spasmed she felt the pain of his entry. She groaned through the aftershocks of her own pleasure as he slammed into her buttocks.

Ares was dimly aware of Nika's cries, a mixture of pain and pleasure. He was being overcome by his own feelings of pleasure. Her ass was so tight! Each time he slid outward he could feel her muscles pulling him back, begging him to fill her. He couldn't help pumping harder and faster, pounding into her. Nika's sounds were now groans of pain. He was hurting her. He again touched his fingers to her clitoris and soon had her matching his thrusts. When he felt her come, he let himself loose control and he released his seed into her depths.

They lay next to each other, Nika's head on his shoulder. Nika felt complete lying next to him basking in the afterglow of pleasure, but this time she was also feeling a bit of discomfort. She was hurting from his entry and rough ride. Still, he seemed to have taken such pleasure from it that Nika knew it was worth the pain.

Ares held her tight, feeling pleasantly spent. When he put his fingers under Nika's chin and tilted her head to face him, he could see the discomfort in her eyes. He lightly ran his fingers down her back to her buttocks. She flinched slightly, but made no move to stop him. He slid his finger between her cheeks and touched her opening. Instantly the pain slackened. It was not gone entirely but greatly eased. She looked at him wonderingly. "There has to be some pain," he explained. "After all, you're repaying a debt."

"Have I really repaid you? You have been so good to me. How can I ever repay you for all you have done?"

She was looking at him with such gratitude and adoration that Ares felt himself hardening again. "You could take care of this for me." He glanced down.

Nika smiled. She didn't have to look to know what was waiting for her. She pulled herself up and straddled him, impaling herself on his ready member. She braced her arms on his chest as she slid herself up and down on his shaft. This was much better! She closed her eyes and concentrated on the gathering storm in her loins.

Ares gave a snort of laughter. Nika was so happy riding him that she was actually purring. Her eyes opened when she heard him and she gave him a puzzled look. "It's nothing, keep going!" he grinned at her.

Nika didn't know what was funny but she really didn't care right now. The intense pleasure was building quickly especially now that Ares was rubbing her clitoris on each downward thrust. It felt so good! Any residual pain was forgotten as she picked up the pace.

Ares was enjoying the view of Nika's breasts bouncing and jiggling as she slid up and down. He liked seeing his shaft sliding into her sheath. The thought that she would do anything to please him gave him another surge of pleasure. Oh, there was so much more he wanted to teach her! He looked forward to it. He sensed her approaching orgasm and stopped rubbing her. He grasped her waist and stopped her movement. She uttered an involuntary gasp of disappointment. No, he was going to make her wait a bit longer. He wanted to hear her begging him for release. He rolled over so she was beneath him once again. His own breathing was as ragged as hers, but he kept his hips still. He lightly licked her nipples and it wasn't many heartbeats before she was begging him for more.

"Please," she whimpered. She tried to thrust her breast into his mouth but he held her down.

"What do you want, Nika?" His voice was a hoarse whisper, raw with passion.

"Please, touch me, rub me, ride me!" she begged. "Please don't make me wait! Please, I want you!"

Ares leaned down and covered her mouth with his own as he plunged his tongue into her. He let her rub her nipples against his chest, but kept her hips pinned under his own. He left her mouth and licked and nibbled her ear. She was quickly begging again. Finally, Ares couldn't wait any longer and he began thrusting. Nika wrapped her arms and legs around him trying to pull him deeper inside her. He reached down and fingered her clit. At the first touch, Nika was bucking and he could feel her juices pouring from her as she spasmed around his shaft. Ares groaned as he felt his seed spurting from him. That felt sooo good.

Once again Nika lay in his arms, content.

Part Five

Nika wasn't sure how long she slept, but she woke to Ares' probing fingers. Moonlight was streaming through the window and she could see her lover and her master quite clearly. He looked good in sunlight, firelight, moonlight.

"Are you just going to lay there like a piece of wood?" he complained. Nika put her arms above her head and stretched herself. She was smiling at him, mischief in her eyes.

"You don't happen to have a feather, do you?" she asked innocently. Ares eyed her cautiously as he produced one with a slight gesture. She took it and pushed him down on his back. She trailed the feather lightly across his chest, teasing his nipples in passing.

Ares forced himself to be still while Nika straddled his thighs lightly tracing his chest and arms with the feather. It tickled but was pleasing at the same time. Ares knew if he disclosed any sensitive spots Nika would be relentless. Suddenly, she was looking at him through narrowed eyes. Nika leaned forward resting her hands on either side of his chest and brought her face right up to his. She didn't say anything, just glared at him. "Is there a problem?" He tried to sound sincere, but couldn't hide the laughter in his voice.

"So that's how you want to play it, is it?" she stated. "Fine. I'll just make sure I don't miss an inch!" With that, she straddled his thighs again, but now she faced away from him. She leaned forward on her left hand to reach his feet with the feather in her right. Nika made sure he had a good view of her nether regions. She peeked at him through her legs and saw that her little show was having its desired effect.

Ares was thoroughly enjoying the view. Nika was done tickling his toes and was working on his inner thighs. He was finding it harder to hold still. Ares noticed the moonlight was not progressing across the room but stayed centered on the bed. Artemis must be getting quite an eye full. Maybe she would learn something. He'd be glad to teach her if she ever decided to warm up. Nika had slid herself up and was now straddling his chest, her mound tantalizingly close. He closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. When she reached his balls, he squirmed. When she lightly dusted his shaft and the tip of his penis, he couldn't hold still anymore. He grabbed her waist and pulled her to his mouth.

As soon as Ares grabbed her and started licking, Nika also started licking. She teased the tip, licking and kissing it before taking him fully into her mouth. She let him slide out of her mouth and blew on the moisture she left. She sucked him back into her mouth and slid her lips up and down his hardness. She knew he was getting close when he gave a thrust into her mouth.

Ares wanted to bury his whole face in her. He had spread her lips apart with his thumbs so he could cover her whole core with each lap. Her juices were flowing and soaking into his mustache and beard. He enjoyed the taste of her. He slipped a finger into her hole and after only a few strokes felt her trembling and humping against his mouth. When she was finished, he let his seed fly, holding her head as he thrust into her mouth. He felt her sucking the last drops from him. He idly noticed Artemis was still watching. Well, the show wasn't over yet. Nika slid off of him and crawled up beside him and into his arms. This one did like to cuddle. He stroked her hair and waited for their hearts to slow. "You do realize it's my turn now?" he threw out. He smiled when he heard her sharp intake of breath.

Nika lifted her head and looked at him with trepidation. He arched his eyebrows as he flicked his wrist producing a much larger and fluffier feather than he had given her. She started to back away but suddenly her wrists and ankles were caught. Soft ropes were pulling her arms and legs in different directions until she was tied spread-eagle on the bed. She could barely move. Ares just leaned on his elbow watching in amusement. Nika knew she would be pleading and begging him for release before he was done with her, but she was determined to hold out as long as possible. She would be just as smug as he. She saw him glancing at the window and suddenly noticed how bright the room was staying for a longer time than usual. Ares didn't seem concerned, so Nika dismissed the thought. She had more immediate things to worry about!

"Are you comfortable?" He didn't wait for her answer. "Good. Shall we begin?" Now he straddled her hips and started at her left wrist. He slowly dragged the feather down her inner arm and across her armpit to her breast. He paused there lightly waving the feather back and forth. Nika's eyes widened and she gasped. "Is everything all right?" he asked feigning concern. Again he didn't wait for a response, or more likely a retort, and repeated the feather's path down the same arm.

Nika couldn't help straining against the ropes. She wasn't overly ticklish, but it was obvious that Ares was an expert at the feather game. He knew how to elicit the maximum response. It felt delicious but was torture at the same time. She would be begging before he even finished with her upper body. The feather was only traversing her other arm when the first moan escaped. She couldn't help it, it felt so good. When another moan followed, she knew she was lost, so she just gave in. She was writhing and pulling against her bonds as her nipples strained to meet the feather.

Ares smiled. He knew Nika was stubborn and was desperately trying not to respond. She wasn't doing too well. He wondered where she got the idea of using a feather. She had led a pretty sheltered life. He would ask her later. Right now he was thoroughly enjoying this. He slid down her body and knelt between her legs allowing him access to her abdomen and mound. Nika was staring at him through wide eyes filled with anticipation and apprehension. He dragged the feather across her stomach causing a sharp intake of breath. "Time for another moan," he chucked to himself as he tickled the tops of her inner thighs. He was rewarded with her sweet sound as she strained to raise her hips from the bed. Ares glanced at her feet and a wicked grin spread over his face.

Nika lifted her head in alarm. What was he going to do? He tickled her toes, then drew the feather across the bottom of her foot. What Ares didn't know was that Nika's feet were not really ticklish. When he didn't get the expected response, he looked so disappointed that Nika let a snort of laughter escape. She had tried desperately not to laugh, but it was too late and now she was in for it. Ares gave her an "is that so?" look and eyed her inner leg. He smiled when she cringed.

Ares switched the tip of the feather back and forth as it crept up her leg. Nika was gasping and as he approached her mound, started pleading. He tickled her opening, then spread her lips with his one hand while his other attacked her nub with the feather. Ares quickly swished the feather back and forth. Nika was moaning nonstop and straining against her bonds. He knew she would come soon. He stopped a moment to let her beg while he grabbed a pillow to put under her hips.

Nika had never felt more vulnerable. She was totally exposed and could barely move. With her hips raised, she felt even more exposed. Ares was settled back between her legs, picking up the feather to renew his assault. From the look in his eyes, Nika knew he wouldn't make her wait much longer. The delicious tickling started again and before long she was lifted to that peak of pleasure. She felt like she was gushing, her orgasm was so intense. Suddenly, Ares was plunging into her, filling her very being. His tongue pushed into her mouth as he took her in two openings.

She knew he was very excited by the way he pounded into her. It was not languid and gentle, but frenzied. She desperately wanted her hands and legs free so she could try to pull him even deeper. She felt him stiffen and could feel his hot juice filling her. Ares laid on her a moment panting, then rolled off. She felt her hands and feet suddenly free and she turned into his waiting arms.

"How did you know about the feather game?" he asked her when they had both rested.

Nika tried to be nonchalant. "I overheard some soldiers talking in the tavern. They didn't see me and they had been drinking. Once one started boasting, they all had exploits to tell."

"Oh, and what else did you hear?" he asked her, eyebrows raised.

"Oh, nothing," she said a little too quickly.

Ares smiled. Let her have her secrets. He knew he'd find out soon enough. Artemis had finally seen enough and moved on, leaving the room in darkness. Ares cradled Nika against him absently stroking her hair. He heard her rhythmic breathing and knew she had fallen asleep. He suppressed a chuckle when he thought how he must have exhausted her. He was feeling very warm and comfortable right now with her body against him. Maybe he would stay the night this time. He closed his eyes to doze, picturing her happiness when she woke in the morning to find him still there.

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