Author: lucath
Story Title: Firelight
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

The characters belong to MCA/Universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of female/female sexual relations.

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by lucath

Gabrielle looked across at Xena, who was tearing at a large chunk of chicken with relish - a welcome change from the endless diet of fish, even for Xena. Xena was preoccupied with her plans for the next day and Gabrielle saw how her sky blue eyes glowed with zest and fervour even when she was exhausted. The muscles over Xena's chiselled cheek and jawbones clenched with the force of the bites of her strong brilliant, white teeth and the firelight glinted in her jet black hair.

Gabrielle picked up a her mug of ale and took a sip then she stood up and stepped across to Xena and placed it between her glossy lips. The taller girl took several large gulps and Gabrielle wiped her mouth with gentle fingertips, slowly, caressing the contours of Xena's expressive mouth and fine chin. Her tongue traced those perfect contours and tasted the ale on them.

Gabrielle stared down into Xena's eyes as her hands slid down over the long neck and sculptured shoulders, pushing the straps of her short leather garment down over her arms. Xena stood, enabling Gabrielle to unlace the bodice and let it fall to the ground under its own weight. Xena stood six feet tall, almost towering over Gabby, and the young blonde girl hardly had to bend at all to lick the round contours of Xena's beautiful breasts, nibbling gently at the dark nipples as she felt Xena's hands unlacing her bodice and belt in turn.

Gabby's clothes fell to the floor and the full rosy tipped breasts nestled softly against Xena's slim waist and belly. Although Gabrielle was smaller than Xena, she was muscular, with a hard belly with golden tuft of hair on the mound between her legs. She felt Xena's hands gently inserting themselves between her thighs, feeling the heat and wetness already, as their lips met in a deep soft kiss.

Their tongues touched and probed deep into their mouths, and they sank down onto their knees. Although Xena was strong and powerful, naked she appeared slender and more fragile, with elegant limbs, perfectly formed. She loved to watch the sunlight and firelight sparkle on the golden down of Gabby's skin, and she loved the feel of Gabby's heavenly breasts in her hands.

Gabrielle's hands moved to Xena's darkly furred pussy, and felt her intake of breath as she began to squeeze and rub her clitoris. Xena leaned back on to the ground pulling Gabrielle down beside her, their bodies and mouths locked together and forced themselves even tighter. They dined insatiably on each others' salty, oyster-like vulvas and strawberry tongues. Rolling back and forth with their arms and legs entwined, as their orgasms came and went almost until dawn.


As the sun started to shine through the trees Xena awoke and placed soft kisses all over Gabrielle's lovely sleeping features, tasting the salty juices of her own body still on the girl's lips. Gabby moaned with her little waking up moan that always delighted Xena - she wanted to hear it every day for the rest of her life.

The girl put her hands over her eyes to shield them from the light - Argo was close by as usual and Xena boosted Gabby onto his back and sprung up behind her. Slowly the naked women rode the horse bareback down through the trees onto the sands and through the surf. This was their favourite place to wake up, the salty spray dusting their downy skin with a fine silvery mist.

Gabby leaned her head back against Xena's shoulder, where it fitted exactly and closed her eyes. Xena folded her arms tighter around her lover and her heart glowed with tenderness for the girl who had placed her whole life and soul in her hands. They breathed deeply the warm smell of their skin and hair as it blew gently around their faces, the dark and fair skins entangled as one.

© 1998

The End

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