Author: Clay10
Story Title: Paybacks Aren't Such a Bitch
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xena and Gabrielle relieve some pent-up sexual frustrations. Gives new meaning to the phrase 'tree-hugger.'
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

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Legal Stuff: We all know the drill...Xena, Gabrielle and Argo belong to MCA and Renaissance Pictures and I'm not making a penny.

Sex: Well, actually, that's pretty much all there is (been single a while, it's got to go somewhere). There's some pretty explicit lovin' going on between two women so, if you're under 18 - scoot. If this sort of thing bothers you or is illegal where you live - you have my deepest sympathy.

Violence: Nope

All that said and done...hope you like my first attempt at putting my dirty thoughts on paper.

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Paybacks Aren't Such a Bitch
by Clay10

The warrior and bard had been travelling for the better part of the day, after leaving Micenea just after sunrise. Having been there for over a week's time, they were itching to be on the move again. Gabrielle had come to fulfill her role as queen and represent Amazon interests at the gathering. Xena had been asked to come to represent a friend's interests regarding border disputes and hunting rights. With both women there on official business they were required to act "officially" around one another and let anyone know the true nature of their relationship. This meant separate quarters, only a rare moment or two alone with each other, no spoken endearments and certainly no hanky panky. To do so would jeopardize the talks and neither woman could risk it.

The unfortunate situation however, made for a very frustrated Amazon queen and warrior princess. They had to make do with the occasional touch, whispered promises of things to come and some searing glances across crowded rooms. Those small acts of rebellion only provided temporary relief and increased the ache each felt for the other. Making matters worse, the talks dragged on as representatives ranted and raved and nit-picked their way through the countless meetings and official dinners. On not too few occasions, Xena contemplated pulling out her chakram and ending a particularly long tirade. Her old way of life did have its advantages.

So this morning, the conference finally over, they both jumped up to get on the road and get out of town. It was assumed, by both travelers that they would make camp early and finally find some relief in each other. But Gabrielle had no idea just what was coming her way. Unknown to her, Xena had made a special purchase while in Micenea and was anxious to share it with the bard. Walking along with Argo in tow, a smile slowly slid its way across Xena's face as she watched the unsuspecting bard ahead of her.

Gabrielle felt Xena's eyes boring into her back. Actually, it felt more like they were concentrated somewhere a bit lower. She turned to face the warrior and an eyebrow raised in response to the lecherous grin she found there.


"What, what? I didn't say anything?" Xena responded innocently. The grin, still firmly in place.

"Mmhm…" Gabrielle muttered knowingly. She turned and continued walking; taking special care to add a little more sway to her hips. An adjustment the warrior appreciated greatly.

"Oh I am sooo happy that is finally over with." She began, "I cannot tell you Xena, how many times I pictured myself whacking some big windbag over the head. Guess it's a good thing we had to leave all weapons in our rooms. But you know what I mean? Gods, some of those people were just so frustrating!"

"Yeah…I think I have a pretty good idea."

"And all that posturing just made everything drag on forever. I've got to tell you Xena; I'm not too keen on the idea of us ever having to do that again. I mean, how long has it been since we had separate rooms? At first it was kind of neat, I admit. I kind of enjoyed teasing you." She looked back and smiled.

"I noticed. But remember what I said about paybacks, Gabrielle."

"Oh I remember." She turned forward again, "I'm counting on it, Warrior Princess."

The lecherous grin returned to Xena's face and she decided, right then and there, it was time to look for a good spot to set up camp.

It wasn't long before Xena found one. The sun was still pretty high in the sky, but she didn't care. Gabrielle didn't argue when she suggested they stop for the day. She only smiled. That small, knowing smile that always made Xena's stomach clench. How on earth had she managed to keep her hands off of the woman for so long?

It was time to stop for lunch anyway and they were both famished. Xena went into the woods in search of some small, woodland creature, while Gabrielle went off in search of wood for the fire.

When Gabrielle returned with an armload of firewood she didn't see Xena. That was a little odd. 'Must be slim pickings today,' she thought. Gods, she hoped Xena caught something substantial – a rabbit maybe. She was starved. She was just setting the wood down when she heard Xena calling her name.


She looked around and quickly located the direction of Xena's voice. Xena called again.


She was in the woods, but not far away. 'What on earth,' she wondered as she followed the sound into the woods.


She looked but saw no signs of Xena. Crouching down she scanned the woods, wondering if she should have brought her staff. Had this been a trick?


No sooner was the word out of her mouth than she heard the all-familiar war cry of her companion coming down from behind her. 'Dammit, she was up in the trees.'

"Xena, what are you –"

Before she could finish her question, Xena's arms were wrapped around her from behind; pulling the smaller woman up against her breastplate and making Gabrielle stand on tiptoe.

"It's ok Gabrielle. It's me," came the throaty voice breathed in her ear.

A shiver shot through Gabrielle as her body registered the sexual timber in Xena's voice. The hair on the back of her neck rose as Xena's breath grazed her ear.

"I've been waiting for you."

"In the trees?" Gabrielle's voice cracked despite her efforts to keep her voice as nonchalant as possible.

"You know I like the element of surprise my little bard. And, I believe, we have the issue of paybacks to attend to."

'Oh my.' Xena, apparently, was feeling inventive and who was she to argue? Gabrielle didn't know just what Xena had in store for her; that was part of the excitement at times like these. Whatever it was, she knew it would be good and she could feel herself growing damp with anticipation.

"I have something for you."

With that Xena shifted her hips up while lowering the bard slightly and the phallus that had been between Gabrielle's legs unnoticed now touched the young girl's breeches. Xena heard the bard's quick intake of breath and slowly moved it back and forth against the girl, letting her feel the length of it rubbing against her.

"Oh gods…" Gabrielle breathed as her head fell back against the warrior's shoulder, her hands reaching back and grabbing Xena's hips.

Xena saw the opening of Gabrielle's neck and lowered her lips to the taunt flesh. Letting her tongue play along the collarbone, she slowly kissed and licked her way up Gabrielle's neck while maintaining the steady movement between Gabrielle's legs. She nuzzled into the golden hair and breathed in the scent of her lover. She closed her eyes as the overwhelming feelings of love and desire for this woman flushed through her.

"Mmmm…" Gabrielle moaned as she moved her hips against the warrior.

"I take it you like that?" Xena responded.

A small, some would say dirty, laugh erupted from the bard. "Oh yeah…I like it alright."

With that, Xena relaxed her grip on the bard but kept her hands on Gabrielle's arms to keep her from turning around. She leaned in to whisper in the girl's ear again.

"Now, I need you to do as I say. Don't turn to face me, just walk straight ahead until you get to that tree there. When you get there, I want you to take off your britches for me and hold on to the tree in front of you. Remember no turning around. Do you understand?

Gabrielle shook her head and Xena let her hands fall from Gabrielle's arms. Gabrielle walked straight ahead about 15 paces and stopped in front of the tree. Xena watched as she slowly reached under her skirt to pull down her breeches and was able to catch a quick glimpse of the beautiful girl's strong thighs and bottom before the skirt fell back over them. When Gabrielle had removed her undergarments she steadied her feet and leaned over to put her hands on the tree.

"Is this what you want Xena?" Gabrielle asked, her voice sounding ever so slightly shy.

Xena slowly approached the bent girl and took in the sight of her. Strong shoulders. The soft curve of her back. The honey-gold hair. She was a vision.

"You are exactly what I want…"

Gabrielle closed her eyes as she heard the love and passion in Xena's voice. She had yet to see Xena's face and, for reasons she couldn't explain, this seemed to increase her excitement all the more.

"Spread your legs for me"

Gabrielle did as she was told and Xena lowered herself down. She sat on the ground just behind the girl and leaned backwards until her head was under the bard's skirt and her mouth only inches away from the girl's sex. Xena smiled as she saw how wet the little bard already was. She could feel the heat coming off of her. She licked her lips in anticipation and a groan formed deep in her throat.

Gabrielle had kept her eyes closed and could sense Xena moving behind her, but wasn't sure what she was doing. She felt her skirt move and braced herself to feel Xena's hand on her, but it didn't come. It took a moment, but she soon realized Xena's face was under her skirt and Xena's mouth was breathing against her sex. She heard Xena's moan and a small moan pushed out of her in response. She looked down between her legs where she could see Xena's arms and part of her back, but her skirt concealed the rest of the warrior. She held her breath, waiting for Xena to act.

Xena turned her head and lightly ran her tongue along the inside of one thigh and felt the bard jump above her. Making herself take her time, Xena kissed and sucked, feeling the hard muscles tensing and relaxing beneath her mouth. Gabrielle's hips began to move slowly above her. Xena turned to the other thigh and ran her tongue along the crease of the bard's thigh and her sex. She heard the bard's sharp intake of breath and Gabrielle's body instinctively tried to move her center over the pleasing tongue, but Xena quickly moved her mouth back down the girl's thigh. She heard Gabrielle's whimper above her and she smiled against the soft skin. She reveled in the taste of Gabrielle's skin and the heat of her as she lavished attention on the bard's legs.

As incredible as Xena's mouth felt on her thighs, Gabrielle was feeling more and more in need of direct contact. Her center was throbbing and she had tried to capture Xena's mouth, but the warrior was too fast. Apparently, the woman was trying to drive her crazy. She held tightly to the tree in front of her; her knuckles turning white whenever Xena's mouth moved near her center. Her eyes closed tightly and her head fell back to face the sky, "Xena…"she struggled to get the words out. "Xena…please…please…"

The need in her lover's voice sent a surge through Xena's body and she fought the urge to ravish the bard with her tongue. Instead, she tilted her head back and lifted her mouth to her. She pushed her tongue past the blonde covering of hair and between the bard's wet lips. Starting at the bottom, she ran her tongue, barely inside, lightly up to the spot where Gabrielle was most sensitive. Gabrielle jumped and a small cry came out as Xena brushed against the sensitive spot.

"So sweet…" Xena murmured as she tasted the bard on her tongue.

She started again in the deepest part of the bard and ran her tongue up the seam, this time allowing it to penetrate farther. The bard responded by pushing out her hips, giving Xena even better access. After lingering over the length of Gabrielle's sex, Xena again focused her attention on the deeper part of her bard's center and pushed her whole mouth against Gabrielle's opening, burying her face in the wet folds. Her tongue playing and pushing against the bard. Stroking her. Engulfing her. Xena pushed her tongue up into the bard as far as she could and the bard's insides grabbed at the welcome intrusion.

Gabrielle thought for sure she would simply fall down when she felt Xena's tongue enter her, but she held tight to the tree and instead ground her hips down onto the hot mouth beneath her. The warrior's tongue began to slide in and out of her at an insanely slow pace and with each push in, Xena's mouth covered her sex and Xena's hungry moans vibrated through her. She felt like she was being devoured by that mouth as she was repeatedly impaled on the stiff tongue. It was so hot between her legs. So wet. With the combination of her excitement and Xena's wet, hot mouth, she wasn't surprised to feel trickles of moisture running down her thighs. She felt Xena's tongue withdraw from her and her mouth slowly suck and lick its way to her sensitive spot. Then everything stopped. All was quite except for her own ragged breathing, but she could feel Xena breathing against her. So close.

Xena sat back for just a moment. She knew what Gabrielle wanted and she would give it to her…all in good time. She decided to first let her feel it coming. A few moments of anticipation were good for a girl. She could hear Gabrielle's shallow breaths and knew she would be begging for her touch again any moment now. Gabrielle whimpered and moved her sex above her and Xena decided not to wait for Gabrielle's begging. Instead she flicked out her tongue and grazed the top of the girl's nub. She grinned wildly when she heard the bard yelp in surprise and then attacked the sensitive spot with a vengeance. She sucked it deep into her mouth and let her tongue roll hard against it. Back and forth. A low growl forming deep in her throat as she suckled her bard.

"Oh gods!"

Gabrielle cried out and her body lurched forward. Xena reached for her leg and helped steady her.

Gabrielle's eyes shot open as she felt the most sensitive part of her body being sucked wildly and deeply into Xena's mouth. It was almost too much and her body fell forward. She felt a strong hand wrap around her lower thigh and help steady her…as well as hold her in place for the passionate assault on her sex. Gabrielle's head dropped down between her shoulders. She could see that Xena was moving underneath her, but couldn't see what she was doing. She could, however, feel everything the warrior's mouth was doing to her. That mouth was relentless. Never breaking away. Never slowing down. She could hear the sucking, the soft grunts and moans coming from beneath her skirt, just as she felt them vibrating against her. Her legs were beginning to quiver wildly. She tried to stop them, but couldn't. She felt Xena's hand rubbing up and down the back of her leg. Calmly rubbing from her bottom down to her calves. It was as if Xena was trying to calm a skittish horse. Calming it. Soothing it…soothing her. Her breath was being forced in and out of her as she held the tree, white knuckled, and fast moans pushed themselves out with each ragged breath. She was getting close.

Xena knew Gabrielle was close to her release. Her small frame was shaking above her. Her moans were constant and rising in pitch. Xena tried to help still her, running her hand slowly up and down the length of her. She continued to hold the bard's nub in her mouth, but now began to rapidly beat her tongue across it as she sucked. She heard Gabrielle cry out and felt her body begin to pull away. Xena knew it felt like too much to the bard, but knew that she could take it, so she held fast, not letting the bard escape her mouth.

"Oh…gods…. Xena…I, I…. can't….please…"

With that, Xena pushed two fingers deep into the bard and curled them in against her.

Gabrielle swore she saw stars. It had become too much. Xena's tongue on her was too much. She needed a moment to breathe. But Xena had only changed the movement of her tongue against her and the feelings had become even more intense, rawer. Her body had instinctively tried to move away, but Xena kept her fiercely inside her mouth. Then, suddenly she felt the long, strong fingers pushing deep inside her. Filling her. She cried out, feeling herself beginning to release.

Gabrielle shook above Xena. Her body grabbed and squeezed Xena's fingers as she shuddered and tensed with her climax. Xena heard her cries. Heard Gabrielle call out her name and some other words she couldn't quite make out. Xena rode out the waves with her. Slowly moving her fingers in and out of the bard, the sweet juices coating her hand. She pressed her tongue hard against the girl's sensitive spot as Gabrielle rocked her hips back and forth across her mouth, lost in the waves of her release. Eventually, Gabrielle's movements slowed and finally stopped. There was only the heaving of her chest and the slow movement of her hips as Xena slowly pulled her fingers out of the girl and replaced them with her tongue, drinking the liquid that had pooled there. She placed gentle kisses against the ravaged area and ran her tongue up the bard's trembling thighs; licking up the rivulets of moisture.

Sounds erupted from Gabrielle as she rode out the relentless waves of her release. She held the tree in front of her for dear life as wave after wave swept through her. Xena still held her tightly in her mouth and Gabrielle could feel her whole body trembling and pulsing around the fingers moving in and out of her. Her hips moved of their own accord and as the waves slowed, she rocked herself over her lover's mouth. With a whimper, she made one last slow pass over Xena's pressing tongue and fell forward. She leaned her head against the tree as she tried to catch her breath and slow down her racing heartbeat. 'Gods Xena sure…she was really...gods….', she couldn't think straight. Xena's fingers slowly withdrew and her tongue was moving gently against her. Soon, she felt Xena moving out from under her skirt and behind her again. Xena's strong hands were on her immediately, gently rubbing her back, her shoulders and neck and wrapping around to rub her stomach.

Xena looked down at the girl now struggling to calm her breathing. The sweat glistened on her back and Xena reached out to touch her. She let both of her hands run all over Gabrielle, administering strong, but gentle caresses. Her skin felt so soft, so warm beneath her hands. She wanted to give the bard a few moments to recuperate, but she was by no means finished with her. After luxuriating in the feel of Gabrielle, Xena finally directed her hands to the girl's stomach and up onto the swell of her breasts. She caressed her through her small top and heard the quick intake of breath as she lightly squeezed the area of her nipples.

Gabrielle was enjoying the feel of the sure hands on her. She was pleased to feel the hands glide up onto her breasts, which until now had gone unattended, but was surprised when she felt those hands squeeze her nipples through her shirt. Her nipples hardened immediately in response, but Gabrielle wasn't sure she was up for round two yet. She dropped her arms and started to turn around and face the warrior.

"Xena…I don't think –"


Strong hands grabbed her arms and put them directly back on the tree. Xena's armor pressed against her back as the warrior leaned over her and, putting her lips to her ear, whispered, "I'm not done with you yet." With that, she felt Xena's hips move and the soft, firm object press against her backside. She pulled her head back against Xena as her breath caught in her chest. She tried to turn her head and see her lover, but Xena stayed just out of sight.

"I want to kiss you."

"All in good time. I promise."

The bard groaned at Xena's refusal, but didn't resort to begging. Xena released her hold on Gabrielle's arms, feeling sure the bard would hold them there, and ran her hands back to the girl's breasts. Maintaining full contact along the back of Gabrielle, she began unlacing the top.

"Now…where were we?" she whispered teasingly, as her fingers began working the laces through their eyelets.

"I'm afraid I've neglected a very important…" she pulled out the last of the laces -

"very soft and beautiful…" she cupped the sweet flesh in her hands -

"very sensitive…" she pinched the already hardened nipples between her thumbs and forefingers -

"...part of my sweetest little bard."

Xena's voice like this, teasing and deep, filled with barely restrained passion, always made Gabrielle's knees week. Then she felt her top fall open and Xena's hands on her. When those hands squeezed her nipples, Gabrielle felt the heat shoot straight from those two points, to between her legs. She had thought she couldn't go on, but she was quickly regaining faith in her capabilities. She luxuriated in the feel of those hands on her. Xena knew just how to touch her.

Xena kneaded the warm flesh in her hands, reveling in the fullness of them.

"So soft."

She breathed in deeply when she felt how hard the bard's nipples were as she barely glided over them with the palms of her hands. Gabrielle had let her head fall forward and was moaning softly in response to Xena's explorations. Xena loved how sensitive her bard was. How responsive and open to her she was.

"Xena…"Gabrielle breathed.

Her name was spoken so softly. So sweetly. But the sound sent a trail of fire through Xena and she squeezed the bard's breasts harder in her hands and was rewarded with a long moan from the girl beneath her. She took the nipples between her fingers again as she slowly ground her hips against the girl's bottom. Gabrielle moaned again, this time louder and from somewhere deeper inside of her, and ground back against the warriors moving hips.

Gabrielle's body instinctively responded when she felt the warrior move against her. The phallus was pressed tight against her bottom and her sex, and she felt it brush against the top of one thigh and then the other, as Xena rotated her hips against her. She was still plenty wet from earlier activities, but she could feel the wetness between her legs growing with each rotation of Xena's hips and with each pinch of her nipples.

Xena was finding it hard to control her urge to take the girl right then and there, but she knew she had to take it slow. The phallus was a little larger than the ones they had used previously and she didn't want to hurt the bard. Xena's right hand ran up Gabrielle's thigh and slowly lifted the bard's skirt…exposing her. Her hand roamed across Gabrielle's bottom, caressing and kneading the flesh, while the other hand continued to do the same to Gabrielle's breasts. Her fingers dipped down between the girl's legs and into her sex, feeling the incredible heat there.

"So wet. Is that all for me my little bard?" Xena asked.

Gabrielle's head was hanging low and lolling back and forth, her breath coming in raspy, uneven bursts. She couldn't get the words to form in her head. Xena's long fingers were stroking her, her fingertips leisurely exploring the intimate folds of her and it was making it very hard to concentrate.

"Hmmm?" Xena inquired.

"Yes…all for you." She finally pushed out. "Xena…"

Gabrielle had said her name almost, as if it were a question, but Xena knew better. Gabrielle's voice was full of desire, of need, for her. She pushed two fingers into the bard and Gabrielle groaned and pushed herself back onto those fingers. Grinding onto them and getting them as deep as she could.

"Patience…patience little one," Xena whispered as she began her thorough exploration of the bard.

Xena's teasing words were like liquid in Gabrielle's ear and she whimpered in response to the feeling of Xena's' strong fingers moving slowly in and out of her. She pushed herself back to meet each of Xena's thrusts, trying to get those long fingers in her as deep as she could. They felt so good; moving inside of her, but at the same time, only seemed to increase her ache for more. Xena soon got the idea and Gabrielle felt another finger enter her with the next thrust. Xena was pushing in and out of her at a maddeningly slow pace and Gabrielle fought the urge to buck against her. She could feel Xena twisting and opening her fingers inside of her. Opening her more and more.

Xena felt Gabrielle's muscles stretch and relax around her three fingers easily. The bard was so wet and opening to her quickly. She withdrew her fingers so that only the tips remained inside, and then slowly pushed in with all four fingers. A low moan worked its way out of Gabrielle's chest. Xena sucked a trembling breath through her teeth and closed her eyes with the feeling of Gabrielle's body sucking her in. She stretched out her fingers and let them explore the inside of her bard. She wanted to make sure Gabrielle was ready. The bard continued to press back and meet Xena's thrusts and rotated her hips as Xena ground into her, helping the warrior reach even deeper.

"You feel so good on my hand. So wet. So soft. Do you want more?"

Gabrielle shook her head vigorously and Xena straightened, as she slowly removed her fingers from the bard. She broke all contact save her left hand, now wrapped around Gabrielle's hip. With her right hand, Xena held the base of her phallus and guided it between the folds of Gabrielle's sex. She pushed with her hips, running the length of it back and forth against the girl, coating it with her juices. She rubbed it again and again between the bard's wet lips.

"Is this what you want?"

Gabrielle again shook her head as her hips also moved up and down, rubbing her sex against the object. Once Xena felt it was wet enough, she held the phallus tight and ran the tip up until it pressed against the bard's opening. Pushing slightly forward, she let Gabrielle anticipate what was coming.

Gabrielle was relishing the feel of the shaft running the length of her. She moved back against it. When she felt the head running along her seam and stop at her opening, she held her breath. She couldn't stop the sway of her hips as she felt the pressure of the tip against her opening and closed her eyes when she felt her lips spreading as Xena slowly pushed forward; the tip pushing just inside of her.

Xena's eyes wandered from where the phallus was held in her hand, down the smooth leather shaft and to where it disappeared into wet, blond curls. Gabrielle was slowly moving herself against the tip inside of her. Xena knew Gabrielle was ready for this, and wanted to get on with it with gusto. Gabrielle was adventurous by nature and often threw herself into things, but Xena knew she had to start slow to not risk hurting the smaller woman. Once Gabrielle was comfortable with it inside her, Xena would make sure her bard was not disappointed. She had no intention of taking it slow and easy, but at first…

She held tightly to Gabrielle as she began to push her hips forward. A low growl sounded deep in her throat as she watched the bard's lips spread and the shaft begin to disappear inside the small opening.

Gabrielle was thankful to feel Xena begin to push inside of her. She wanted to feel her warrior fill her, take her. She realized the phallus was bigger than those used before and her muscles strained as the object gently demanded entry, inch by inch. Gabrielle didn't move. She held still as it moved deeper and deeper inside of her.

"Relax…relax….relax," Xena kept whispering, again and again. "Let me in."

Xena watched carefully for signs of pain as she steadily pushed into the bard. Her hand had left the base of the phallus and was now caressing Gabrielle's back. She could feel how tight the girl was, but the muscles slowly relaxed around the shaft and allowed her to push in farther.

Every time Gabrielle swore Xena must be all the way inside her, she filled even more. Xena had never been so deep. 'Xena is inside me' she thought as another moan began working its way out of her chest. Then she felt the leather straps of Xena's battle skirt pressing against her bottom…the warrior was completely inside her. She felt Xena lean down over her again, covering her back with her weight. Xena's mouth against her ear.

"Gods…I'm so deep …do you feel me…inside you Gabrielle?" Xena's asked, her voice trembling and low.

Xena's excitement was overwhelming. Watching the shaft slowly disappear inside her bard had almost sent her over the edge. Now that embedded shaft held her hips fast to the girl. It was as if the phallus was an extension of her body, she could almost feel herself deep inside Gabrielle. She let her body cover the smaller one beneath her and held her body still, letting Gabrielle's body acclimate to the shaft inside her. Xena would wait until Gabrielle let her know she was ready.

Gabrielle could feel her muscles pulsing and squeezing the leather inside her. She focused on relaxing. It did feel incredible having Xena inside her, but her body needed a moment to adjust. Besides, this alone felt amazing. Her belly felt like it was on fire. Xena was so deep.

"Do you feel me?" Xena asked again as she leaned in farther and let her tongue explore Gabrielle's neck.

"Yes…" Gabrielle breathed as she lifted her head to allow Xena better access.

Gabrielle groaned out her pleasure as Xena's mouth continued to work on her and her hips began to slowly move against Xena, moving the phallus inside of her. She was ready.

"Do you want me to take you again my little bard?"


Xena remained laid across the bard, her mouth at her ear, but began to slowly move her hips back and forth, barely moving herself in and out of Gabrielle.

"Like this?"

"Gods…," Gabrielle whispered, shuddering at the new sensation, hands gripping the tree.

"Good," Xena replied, "because I want that very much."

Gabrielle felt her body react instantly to Xena moving in and out of her. Her muscles were trying to clench the shaft inside her as it withdrew and then sucking it back in as Xena again pushed forward. The feelings of suction and fullness were overwhelming. Her body was trembling from so much sensation. One of Xena's arms was wrapped firmly around her waist, but the other had slid up her stomach and was now massaging her breasts. This was getting to be too good.

"Do you like that my little bard?" Xena's warm breath dripped into Gabrielle's ear, and she only had enough wits about her to shake her head.

Xena was pleased. It wasn't often the bard was at a loss for words. She continued moving gently within the bard. One arm pinning Gabrielle's body up against her while the other was enjoying the feel of Gabrielle's breasts. With each little twist…each little tug of her nipples, Xena could feel Gabrielle respond with the movement of her hips. Gabrielle had begun to circle her hips and press back into her. Xena let her hips press fully against Gabrielle and began grinding back against her. Gabrielle groaned in appreciation as their two bodies moved slowly together.

"You are sooo beautiful…" Xena whispered.

"Mmm…" Gabrielle groaned in response as she nuzzled her ear against the warrior's mouth.

"I love the way you sound," Xena said as she let her tongue trail along the bard's ear. "I love the way you let me love you."

Gabrielle felt completely enveloped by the warrior…inside and out. She felt Xena begin again to move the phallus out of her and then back in again. And then again. And again. Each time Xena pulled out a little farther, until Gabrielle was feeling the full length of it moving in and out of her. This was it…she was going to die from the pure pleasure of it all.

Xena kept increasing the length of her strokes until just the tip remained inside the bard. She would then steadily push in, until her hips pressed against Gabrielle's bottom. With each withdrawal, Xena heard Gabrielle's gasps and then the low, quavering moans when she filled her again. Xena's own excitement had been growing by leaps and bounds…she was finding it harder and harder to hold back, and she began increasing the speed of her thrusts with Gabrielle pushing back, matching her strokes.

Gabrielle could hear Xena's ragged breathing in her ear and knew her warrior princess was barely keeping herself in check.

"Do you want more Gabrielle?"


A smile crept across Xena's face. She could see most of Gabrielle's profile. Her eyes clamped shut, mouth barely open. Lost in the sensations. Her hair, damp against her face.

"I thought so…."

Xena straightened up behind Gabrielle and held the bard's hips securely in her strong hands.


"Yes please…yes." Gabrielle was practically begging.

With that, Xena bucked forward and buried the phallus deep within the bard.

Gabrielle cried out as she felt the shaft slam into her, and quickly pull out, only to be thrust deep inside her once more. Xena quickly established a rhythm and it was fast and deep. Gabrielle's mind was a blur. All she felt was the stroking between her legs and deep within her. What Xena was doing to her. She felt the leather straps of Xena's battle skirt slapping against her bare bottom and thighs with each thrust. The thought of Xena taking her this way, in her full battle armor only excited the bard more. As the thrusts became more insistent, Gabrielle was forced to put her hands in front of her on the tree to keep from being thrown forward.

Xena let herself go and her hips pumped the phallus wildly in and out of her bard. She held Gabrielle's hips tightly and rocked her back and forth to match her own rhythm. Her ears were filled with the sounds of their lovemaking…Gabrielle's moans pushing out with each thrust, the wet sound of the phallus moving in and out of her and the slapping of her battle skirt meeting the back of Gabrielle's sweat-covered thighs. Xena closed her eyes and relished the feel of the phallus pumping in and out of her lover and the feel of her own hips moving fluidly back and forth. She let herself get lost in the sensations and sounds, her body on fire.

Gabrielle had closed her eyes as well and was letting herself be taken over by all of the sensations. As if she had a choice in the matter. She held tightly to the tree in front of her. If it were not for Xena holding her hips, her body would have been thrown forward with the first thrust. The feelings of Xena pushing in and out of her consumed her entire being…that's all there was…in the entire world.

"Oh gods, oh…gods," Gabrielle cried out again and again.

Xena continued her rhythm inside the bard as she leaned forward and placed her left hand on the tree above Gabrielle's head. Reaching around the bard, she pressed the ball of her right hand between Gabrielle's legs, and pushed hard against the spot where the girl was most sensitive; pinning Gabrielle between her body and her hand.


With each thrust, Xena ground the bard's sex back and forth over that hand, now covered with Gabrielle's wetness.

"My sweet Gabrielle…," Xena whispered as she continued her assault on the smaller woman gasping and moaning beneath her.

Gabrielle had been lost in the sensations of the warrior inside her when she felt the sudden, insistent pressure on her. She couldn't contain the scream that shot out from her throat. The feeling was so intense; it was a good thing Xena was holding her up. As Xena was pumping in and out of her, her sex was being crushed against that hand.

"Yes…yes…yes…," Xena whispered again and again.

"Yes, Xena…yes…gods…" Gabrielle replied in turn through clenched teeth. Eyes slammed shut.

It wasn't long before Gabrielle felt the first waves rippling through her. She felt her body clamp down on the leather moving inside her. The air forcing in and out of her lungs as the waves pulsed through her body and she heard sounds rising out of her that she barely recognize as her own. Xena's voice was in her ear, encouraging her.

"Let go…yes…yes…let go…"

It was all a blur of sensation. She let Xena guide her as her body trembled and her mind exploded. Finally, one last big wave of release pulsed through her.

Xena held her trembling lover tightly against her; feeling the last of the spasms coursing through the smaller body. She waited until Gabrielle had stilled before gently sliding herself out of the bard. Gabrielle shivered and released a small gasp as the shaft moved out of her. Xena's own excitement was overpowering and she felt the need to step away from the bard for a moment. Her body wanted to take what it needed from the bard in order to achieve release, but Xena didn't want to go there. She also knew that she needed to give Gabrielle an opportunity to be in control, as hard as that may be. So Xena helped steady Gabrielle on her feet then stepped back from her.

Gabrielle slowly turned to face her warrior. Xena's eyes were dark with a wild, primal need as they stared back at her. She could feel the energy pulsing out of Xena and she allowed herself a moment to let her eyes take in all of her warrior. She was magnificent. Eyes smoldering. Raven black hair clinging to the moisture of her face and shoulders. Her breastplate rising and falling with the heavy, rapid breaths of intense arousal. Gabrielle's eyes continued down the length of Xena's torso and finally to where her battle skirt hung on her hips; a glistening phallus pushing out between the straps of leather. Gabrielle shivered at the thought of where that phallus had been only moments ago and what it had been doing to her. It was time to give back to the warrior that had given her so much and she knew it wouldn't take much to send a very excited Xena over the edge. She could sense the battle the warrior's mind was waging with her body for control and that Xena was determined to let Gabrielle have the control now. Slowly Gabrielle approached her warrior.

"My warrior…," she whispered as she stepped forward and reached up her hand to caress Xena's cheek.

Gabrielle's low voice sent shivers coursing through Xena. The desire in her lover's eyes was almost enough to send her over the edge right then and there, but she held her breath and held her ground. Xena kept the bard's gaze, as the young woman moved her hand down to softly brush delicate fingers over Xena's sensitive lips. Xena's eyes fluttered shut and her head fell back with a shuddering breath at the delicate touch. She couldn't stop her trembling. Gabrielle's hand wrapped around the back of Xena's head and pulled her down until her mouth was only a breath away from Gabrielle's own. Torture. Gabrielle held her there. Lips almost touching.

"Gabrielle…please…," Xena pleaded.

"Patience…patience…," Gabrielle whispered in response.

Gabrielle's breath tickled Xena's lips as she spoke and a shiver ran through her. The great warrior princess whimpered.

A small smile played across Gabrielle's lips as she administered the same torture the warrior had used against her so well. But the look in Xena's eyes was so desperate she couldn't hold out. Besides, she was aching to kiss the warrior herself.

"My sweet warrior…," Gabrielle whispered again as she pressed her lips against Xena's and softly began staking her claim on the warrior's mouth. Xena couldn't stop the deep moan that pushed out of her at the first touch of Gabrielle's tongue.

Xena was taunt and trembling with her excitement; like a bow string pulled ready, and Gabrielle wanted to hold her in that exquisite torture for a few moments longer. She lightly traced Xena's bottom lip with her tongue then held it with her teeth…biting down just enough to let her feel it. Another moan from the warrior princess. A small, satisfied smile from the Amazon bard. Her tongue began to slowly explore Xena's mouth and was immediately allowed entry. She could taste herself on Xena's tongue and this time she moaned into Xena as she felt a twinge between her legs.

"Gods…you taste like me…," she groaned.

Xena stopped the momentary lapse of contact it took for Gabrielle to speak those few enflaming words by tangling her hands in Gabrielle's hair and pressing her open mouth hard against the bard's. Gabrielle responded in kind and the two locked in a passionate embrace. Their tongues wrestling and caressing in each other's mouth and each swallowing the moans and breaths of the other. Xena's body was beginning to shake hard and her knees were growing watery when she felt the explosion between her legs. She cried out as her head reflexively tried to fly back, but Gabrielle's hand held her firmly in place, leaving Xena's screams nowhere to go but Gabrielle's open and welcoming mouth.

Gabrielle was relishing the kisses…more like one great, big, long kiss really, but could feel Xena's body beginning to shake even harder. She needed to release her warrior. While her left hand stayed firmly in place behind Xena's head, the other trailed down her lover's body until it reached the protruding phallus. She ran her fingers up the still-damp, leather shaft and, with one quick movement, wrapped her hand around the base and pushed it hard against the unsuspecting warrior. Xena's reaction was proof enough that she had hit her intended target. She held Xena's mouth on hers, swallowing the moans and cries that coincided with the rhythm she was creating under her warrior's battle skirt. Xena was shaking uncontrollably now and fighting to catch her breath as Gabrielle ground the base of the phallus hard against her. It wasn't long before she felt Xena's body growing stiff with the beginnings of her climax.

Xena was rising fast. The pressure against her swollen sex was hard and insistent and her body was no match for it. Her knees were wobbly and the thought passed through her head that she might fall to the ground. Her only other thought being that she didn't care. She opened her eyes and finally focused on Gabrielle's arm flexing and tensing as it worked on her. That sight was the last thing she remembered before a hot spasm shot from where Gabrielle pushed against her, up her spine and though her entire body, finally to come out of her mouth in the form of a scream. Gabrielle still held her tight and continued the pressure between her legs. Smaller spasms came, one after the other and Xena's body pulsed as each one ran it's course.

"Yes…yes…it's ok…I've got you…it's ok…" Gabrielle whispered again and again.

Xena felt Gabrielle's whispers forming against her own lips. All she could manage to do was gasp and groan and shake against the bard.

Gabrielle held tight to her warrior as she shook and cried out; riding out her release. She felt Xena begin to buckle at the knees and go to the ground and Gabrielle provided as much support as possible as they slowly sank to their knees; their lips never coming more than a sliver apart. She finally left Xena's mouth and let her lips brush over Xena's neck. As Xena's trembling began to subside, Gabrielle released her grip on the phallus and wrapped both arms around her lover and soon felt Xena's arms return the embrace.

The two lovers remained entwined on the forest floor. Neither wanted to break the contact or end the moment. Besides, Xena wasn't sure she could stand yet anyway. Her body felt like jelly. Warm, tingly jelly. Gabrielle lingered over her ear, "Wow…that was really…something."


"Remind me to tease you mercilessly more often. I like what it does to you."

Xena pulled back and lifted her brow. "Yeah?"

"Oh yeah…" Gabrielle responded. A huge grin on her face. She leaned in a gently kissed her warrior. "I suppose we should go back to camp. I just remembered how hungry I am."

"Argo's probably worried sick. She hates it when I run off and don't tell her where I'm going."

"Don't think I don't hear about it."

Gabrielle started to stand up, but Xena held her back for a moment, her face serious.

"You do know I think you are the most incredible creature on the earth don't you?"

Gabrielle smiled and touched the tip of Xena's nose with her finger, "You, Warrior Princess, are a very smart woman." Standing, she extended her hand to Xena, "and right back at ya."

The End

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